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A Time For Reflection and Prayer Begins Sunday.

The Flin Flon Creighton Ministerial has announced the return of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  The Groups Harry Hobbs explains they will be having a face to face service at St. Ann’s at 7 o’clock on the 16th of January and after that people will be able to watch services on Facebook by going to the Flin Flon Week of Prayer page on Facebook and details will be there on when they will be posted.  He says there’ll actually be eight different services from different churches so they hope everybody can take part noting it’s a little bit different from other years as because of COVID they can’t do face to face for all of them all the times but he hopes people will enjoy them and be part of this important week.


Hobbs urges you to check their Facebook page for daily updates.

At the Flin Flon School Board Meeting Tuesday Night Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne Issued a Report on Remote Learning.

Ballantyne stated they understand remote learning is not optimal for most families and children, putting a strain on families.  She said they have to be prepared that this may happen due to staffing shortages as COVID moves through our community. Schools are moving to level Orange in the Pandemic Response System effective January 17th and this will mean that students may be spread out to different spaces with different teachers to allow maximum distance between students.  This means some programming options may be affected to allow those staff members to move into classrooms with students. She adds extracurricular activities will continue but may have some modifications.


Ballantyne also notes Manitoba Public Health is recommending three layer cloth masks be worn by students which can be two layers of cloth and a filter adding schools will continue to provide masks for students who do not have them.


Hospital Numbers Increase in Manitoba While Health Orders are Extended in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 1478 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 47.2 percent.  Of the new cases 816 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 268 in Northern health where there are 1593 active cases with 44 of those in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 105,406 confirmed cases in the province 35,048 are active, 68,029 people have recovered and 454 are in hospital with 46 in intensive care. Students will return to in school learning on Monday.


Saskatchewan’s current health orders will be extended to February 28th including mandatory masking in all indoor public spaces and proof of vaccination or negative test to enter some venues or businesses.  The current public health orders can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid-19.


They reported 1084 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 1057. Of the 95,174 confirmed cases 8706 are active, 85,507 people have recovered and 121 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reported six new cases bringing the number of active cases to 17.

Button Batteries Pose Life Threatening Dangers to Young Children.

If a young child in your family received a gift with button batteries or you have household products containing them you should be aware of the dangers.  The Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting and Prevention Program warns if swallowed they can become lodged in a child’s throat.  The child’s saliva instantly triggers an electric current causing a chemical reaction that can burn through the esophagus, the wind pipe and the main artery which can take as little as two hours.  Depleted or dead batteries can still carry enough charge to cause serious injuries and death.


They advise new or used batteries should always be stored out of site and reach of children, check that button battery compartments are secure and not easy to open, place a piece of tape on either side before disposing of them, always supervise children when playing with products containing button batteries and never store them near food or medicine as even adults, particularly seniors have confused them with pills or food and have been injured.


January is Alzheimers Awareness Month

 Alzheimer’s Society Manitoba is encouraging those impacted by dementia to reach out to them for support.


Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease where several changes occur such as brain cells shrinking or disappearing overtime.


This in turn leads to less brain tissue and effects how the brain functions.


Regional Manager Liz McLeod shares the prevalence of Alzheimer’s in Manitoba.  She explains there’s over 23 thousand diagnosed now and we know that number is going up as the largest part of our population, that is the baby boomers, as they age they become at higher risk for developing dementia so the more people you have in the higher age ranges the more dementia diagnoses you’re going to get.


This year’s campaign is “Community Changes Everything”, which involves sharing stories from people living with dementia who’ve received support from the organization and encourage those who haven’t to seek out their programs and resources.

Manitoba Reports Over Two Thousand New Cases While Saskatchewan Tops One Thousand.

Manitoba public health reported 2012 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 48.1 percent.  Of the new cases 1280 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 259 in Northern health which has 1388 active cases with 44 of them in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 103,935 confirmed cases in the province 33,617 are active, 68,892 people have recovered and 418 are in hospital with 42 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 1027 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 980.  Of the total 94,080 confirmed cases 8229 are active, 84, 890 people have recovered and 121 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reported two new cases for a total of 11 active cases.  As of January 11th 84 percent of residents 12 years and older and 77 percent of residents five years and older have been vaccinated.

It Was Another Successful Year of Recycling.

The year end totals are in for last year at the Flin Flon Recycling Centre.  Administrator Deb Odegaard says 2021 was a very successful year for recycling.  She explains they did 564 tonnes of print and packaging material, cardboard, aluminum cans out of the Recycling Centre which is 26 tonnes more than last year although 20 tonnes of that was shredded paper as a lot of local offices are cleaning up.  She added they did just over one tonne of batteries, three shipments of paint from the Recycling Centre, four shipments of hazardous waste from the landfill and just under 20 tonnes of ewaste.


For information on recycling you can contact the Recycling Centre at 204-687-6169 or visit their website www.flinflonrecycling.org.

Charges Have Been Laid Following a Stabbing in Pelican Narrows.

Shortly after 8 am January 1st Pelican Narrows RCMP responded to a report of a stabbing and shooting in the community.  Two injured men were taken to hospital in Saskatoon and have since been released.


Staff Sergeant Rod Rudnisky reports they executed search warrants at two residences in the community and seized a total of 13 firearms.


As a result of the investigation a man and three youth from Pelican Narrows are facing firearms and assault charges.  They have been released for a court appearance on April 5th in Pelican Narrows Provincial Court.

Confirmed Cases Have Topped 101 Thousand in Manitoba and Approach 93 Thousand in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 2383 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 49 percent.  Of the new cases 1484 are in the Winnipeg region where over 21 thousand cases are active with much lower numbers in other regions including 150 in Northern health where there are 1174 active cases with 49 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 101,933 confirmed cases 31,618 are active, 68,888 people have recovered and 378 are in hospital with 39 in intensive care. They also report the backlog of COVID-19 tests awaiting processing has been cleared.


Saskatchewan reported 1069 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 871.  Of the total 92,940 confirmed cases 7750 are active, 84,229 people have recovered and 119 are in hospital a jump from 105 on Friday.  Far Northeast Two reports no new cases with the number of active cases holding at nine.

A Company is Moving Forward With Mine Development West of Flin Flon.

Foran Mining Corporation has announced the appointment of David K. Bernier as Chief Operating Officer effective immediately.  Executive Chair and CEO Dan Myerson says Bernier has over 25 years of deep operational experience gained from a series of progressively senior roles across mine design, project development and production management at various operations in Canada.  He notes since joining Foran as Project Director in April 2021 Dave has been instrumental in advancing the McIlvenna Bay project 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.


Bernier adds with development and permitting milestones and an exciting near mine exploration plan it is a fantastic time to be exploring and developing a mine in one of the best mining jurisdictions and he is eager to execute their strategy to build McIlvenna Bay and a centralized processing facility to help transform the Hanson Lake District into the next prolific mining camp in Canada.


Aggressive Drivers are a Concern in Our Country.

A recent poll by the Canadian Automobile Association shows Canadians see aggressive driving as a serious threat to their safety on the road.  This rivals impaired and distracted driving.


Their Vice-President of Public Affairs Ian Jack reports more than 90 percent say forms of aggressive driving such as drivers running red lights and speeding are a threat to their safety on the road.  More than 90 percent also say a leading cause of distraction is people using their phone while driving which is also a serious threat although they admitted to having done at least one distracting activity while driving.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs was also seen as a top threat and the survey also revealed the vast majority of Canadians said it is important to have alternative travelling arrangements after consuming alcohol or cannabis.


Jack adds they urge everyone to make safe decisions, plan ahead and keep your focus on the road.

Manitoba extends restrictions another three weeks as COVID numbers continue to rise

The Manitoba government is extending its current COVID-19 restrictions for three more weeks as the Omicron variant continues to spread.

The rules limit movie theatres, museums, professional sports arenas and many other venues to 50 per cent capacity or 250 people, whichever is lower, and everyone must be vaccinated.

There are also limits on gatherings in private homes - five guests if anyone is unvaccinated and 10 if everyone is immunized.

The orders were set to expire Tuesday, but will remain in place until Feb. 1.

The announcement came as the province announced another sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

There are 297 people with COVID-19 in hospitals, an increase of more than 10 per cent in one day.

Hospital Numbers Continue to Go Up in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 3265 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 44.4 percent.  Of the new cases 2168 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 170 in Northern health where there are 856 active cases.   The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage Sherridon district is holding at 30 active cases. Of the total 94,850 confirmed cases 24,595 are active, 68,847 people have recovered and 297 are in hospital with 34 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 1170 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 659.  Of the total 89,821 confirmed cases 6254 are active, 82,606 people have recovered and 105 are in hospital up five from Thursday.  Far Northeast Two reported two new cases bringing the number of active cases to six.


Your Input is Needed on Provincial Park Improvement Priorities.

As part of its commitment to improve the quality and sustainability of provincial parks the Manitoba government is inviting citizens to share their opinions about needed improvements and priority areas in an online survey. Conservation Minister Sarah Guillemard explained the government has created a 20 million dollar Provincial Parks Endowment Fund to support projects.  Priority categories include  development and maintenance of trails, boardwalks and associated infrastructure, public use facilities such as shelters, day use sites, playground equipment, docks and launches, park road maintenance and campground enhancements.


The engagement plan seeks input from all provincial park visitors and users including day use visitors, overnight campers, cottagers and commercial businesses operating within provincial parks.  The public will have the opportunity to provide suggestions on specific park projects they would like to see funded and the province plans to host annual meetings with park stakeholders.


The public engagement questionnaire is available at https://engagemb.ca.




Funding is Available to Hire Young People for Summer Jobs.

Canada Summer Jobs is a program under the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.  It aims to provide services to help all young Canadians develop skills and gain paid work experience to successfully transition into the labor market. The program provides wage subsidies to employers from non-profit organizations, the public sector and private sector organizations with 50 or fewer full time employees to create quality summer work experience for young people aged 15 to 30 years.  Jobs will need to be full time with a minimum of 30 hours a week and duration of at least six weeks with jobs starting between April 25th and July 24th and ending by September 3rd. 


The deadline to apply is January 25th and the easiest way to find more information is to Google Canada Summer Jobs 2022 and click on funding Canada Summer Jobs overview.  The program aims to create up to 100 thousand full time summer job opportunities for young people.


Hospital Numbers are Up in Manitoba but Down in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 2548 new cases of Covid -19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 43.5 percent.  Of the new cases 1503 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 157 in Northern health where there are 694 active cases. The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district reports 30 active cases.   Of the total 91,587 identified cases in the province 21,277 are active, 68,902 people have recovered and 263 are in hospital up from 252 Wednesday with 33 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan reported 913 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 597.  Of the total 88,638 identified cases 5235 are active, 82,442 people have recovered and 100 are in hospital down six from Wednesday.  Far Northeast Two reports one new case bringing the total active to four.

A Lithium Exploration Company Working Near Snow Lake has Changed its Name.

Far Resources has announced it will be changing the Company’s name to Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology Limited.  President Scott Taylor explains they officially retired the Company’s old name and direction and re-launched with a new name, brand and website www.foremostlithium.com with a strategic focus on lithium exploration.  He notes the company intends to take advantage of the battery metals market and is committed to being a leading supplier of battery grade lithium hydroxide.


Taylor adds they have over 16 thousand combined acres between their Jean Lake and Zoro Lithium Projects located in Snow Lake, Manitoba and their Hidden Lake Lithium Project in the Northwest Territories which are primed for exploration and they are anxious to advance their exploration program to define more drill targets and more resource tonnage.

There are New Cases in Our Northern Area.

Manitoba public health reported 1790 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 40.3 percent.  Of the new cases 1320 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 84 in Northern health where 621 cases are active.  The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district reports 27 active cases.  Of the total 89,050 identified cases in the province 18,844 are active of which almost13 thousand in Winnipeg, 68,804 people have recovered and 252 are in hospital with 30 in intensive care. At this time approximately 6800 tests are awaiting processing.


Saskatchewan health reports 537 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 549.  Of the total 87,708 identified cases 4446 are active, 82,302 people have recovered and 106 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports three new cases which are the only cases reported to be active.

Saskatchewan Students Will Stay In School.

Saskatchewan Education Minister Dustin Duncan has announced the government has decided to have students return to the classroom this week unlike other provinces. He explains he can’t speak to the specifics that are going on in each of those individual provinces in terms of perhaps their case numbers or hospitalization numbers but what they do know in Saskatchewan is that they have a great availability of rapid tests that have been deployed all across the province, probably the greatest extent anywhere in the country and they know that certainly their hospitalization levels are lower than they have been for quite some time now and they know that in person education is important.


Duncan adds they likely will have higher case counts in the coming days and that may cause disruptions in the classroom but that’s going to be the reality whether or not they extend the holiday.  In case of an outbreak in a school which is defined as three or more cases in a class or cohort of students public health will continue to investigate and may advise further mitigation measures for either the class or the entire school. 


The City of Flin Flon Has Received its Annual Recycling Funding Payment Notice.

At their Zoom meeting last night City Council received a notice from Multi-Stewardship Manitoba. It advised the City will receive just over 124,600 dollars paid on a quarterly basis in four equal payments. This amount represents 313 tonnes of recycled material at a rate of 382 dollars per tonne.  It also includes the Northern Allowance of 40 dollars per tonne but does not include the portion owed from newspaper stewards.


Council received a letter advising them Nisokapawino Forestry management in The Pas is undertaking development of an updated 20 year plan that will set a sustainable management direction from 2025 to 2044.  As part of that development they will keep all communities and resource users up to date with information throughout the process and provide opportunities to answer questions and gather feedback. They will be organizing information sessions in our community.


Council approved the purchase of an Airport grader at a cost just under 398 thousand dollars with federal funding assistance and an Airport friction tester at a cost of just over 6 thousand dollars.


Council also renewed the contract with Ted Elliott of Skjold Property Inspections Limited for provision of building standards and general by-law enforcement.

The Deadline is Approaching for Grant Applications for Youth Summer Employment Programs.

Grant applications are being accepted for the Urban and Hometown Green Team program which allows organizations to hire youth between the ages and 15 and 29 for summer jobs across Manitoba. Youth are hired to work on community projects between May 1st and September 30th.  Eligible recipients include non-profit organizations in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba and municipal governments in rural Manitoba.


This year’s funding prioritizes full time employment opportunities for youth, projects that support COVID-19 response and recovery efforts and projects that respond to community need and partnerships.  The grant covers 100 percent of wage costs plus 250 dollars per position for non-profit organizations. Municipal governments receive 50 percent of wage costs and 125 dollars per position on a cost shared bases.


The deadline for applications is January 17th with information on applications found online at www.manitobago.ca.


New Case Counts Remain High in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan Numbers are Going Up.

Manitoba public health reported 1757 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 39.5 percent.  Of the new cases 1350 are in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 60 in Northern health where the number of active cases is at 572.  The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district reports 26 active cases.  Of the total 87,263 identified cases 17,076 are active, 68,787 people have recovered and 32 are in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 1954 new cases since Friday bringing the seven day average of new cases to 515.  326 of the new cases were reported today. They note the number of new cases is likely low because they are limiting lab tests to those who are severely ill or vulnerable. Of the total 87,167 confirmed cases 4062 are active, 82,145 people have recovered and 95 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports no new cases and no cases are active.


Manitoba Students Will Learn Remotely For a Week.

The government is shifting to a one week remote learning period for most Manitoba students after the holiday break.   Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Jazz Atwal says this is to ensure schools can implement enhanced measures for in person learning.  He explains education is very important from a public health perspective and they’re doing what they can to mitigate COVID-19 issues in school settings.  He says they’re going to continue to work on that and strive for that and get those kids back in the classroom and this measure is just an interim step in a phased in approach to make sure they can mitigate as much as possible the impact of COVID19 following the holidays to ensure that kids are able to partake in that important activity of being in school.


Effective January 10th a phased in approach will be applied to allow students of critical service workers in kindergarten to grade six and all high risk students and students with special learning needs in kindergarten to grade 12 attend school if no alternate care is available.  Current plans have all other students return to in person learning on January 17th.

A Lot of Children Received Gifts With Your Help.

The Christmas Gift Program run by the Flin Flon Friendship Center went well again this year.  The program allows parents to give their children a gift at Christmas when circumstances prevent them from doing so.  The Center’s Program Events Coordinator Lisa Rosvold says donations and gift pick up went well.  She gave a big thank you to everyone for the generous donations noting they had 117 parents register and they were able to put a smile on 403 children and teen faces.  She added your support means a lot to families that access this program so once again thank you to our wonderful community that made sure these kids had a gift under the tree.


This was the 27th year for the Christmas Gift Program.


The Manitoba Government has Made Changes to the Self Isolation Public Health Order.

Health Minister Audrey Gordon says the change was made to adapt to the prevalence of rapid antigen tests and to help address the surge in COIVD-19 cases caused by the Omicron variant.


The changes which came into effect Saturday include requiring all people who have tested positive for COVID-19 to isolate including those who completed a rapid antigen test, changing isolation requirements to five days from ten days since the date of the test for fully vaccinated people who are not showing any symptoms, requiring people who have only isolated for five days to wear a medical grade mask while in a public setting for five days immediately following their self isolation and requiring isolation for people who have tested positive who are not fully vaccinated for ten days after their test as long as their symptoms are improving and they do not have a fever.


Gordon adds these changes will help ensure everyone who should self isolate does regardless of how they tested and will reduce the strain on the health system workforce as well as other key sectors as more workers report they have contracted COVID-19.

Second Degree Murder Charges Have Been Laid Following Shootings in Creighton and Flin Flon Over the Weekend.

Around 12:10 Saturday morning RCMP were advised someone had been shot outside the Community Hall in Creighton. RCMP from Creighton and Flin Flon found a 24 year old man from Cranberry Portage suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to hospital in stable condition. About an hour later they were advised of a shooting at a residence on Bellevue Avenue in Flin Flon where they found a 47 year old man from The Pas who was taken to hospital in stable condition and a 26 year old woman who was pronounced deceased.


A large scale search for the suspect identified as 18 year old Xander Tardiff of Flin Flin was launched with assistance from officers from the Emergency Response Team, Police Dog Services, Major Crimes Services, Forensic Identification Services, Air Services and a number of officers from nearby detachments.


Around 11:30 Saturday night they located Tardiff in the Aspen Grove area.  He has been charged with second degree murder along with other firearms related charges.  He has been remanded into custody and is to appear in The Pas provincial court tomorrow for Flin Flon related charges and in La Ronge provincial court for Creighton related charges.

Flin Flon RCMP Have Made an Arrest.

Just before midnght last night the RCMP reported Xander Tardiff had been taken into custody.

 Tardiff was wanted in connection to a shooting that occured in Creighton and a homicide that occurred in Flin Flon early Saturday morning.

No further details on the arrest have been released.


Flin Flon RCMP searching for armed and dangerous suspect

Manitoba RCMP are searching for Xander Tardiff, an 18-year-old male from Flin Flon in connection to a shooting that occurred in Creighton, SK, and a homicide that occurred in Flin Flon early this morning.

Xander Tardiff is approximately 6’, 180 lb, with black hair and brown eyes.

It is believed he may be in Flin Flon, Creighton, SK, or Denare Beach, SK.

He is considered armed and dangerous. If seen, call 911 immediately and do not approach.


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