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A New Case of COVID-19 Has Been Reported in Southern Manitoba With Six in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Pubic Health officials reported one new case of COVID-19 this afternoon.  This case is a woman in her 20s from the Winnipeg Health Region.  The total number of reported cases in the province is 325 with no individuals in hospital, 18 cases are active and 300 have recovered.


With Canada Day being celebrated tomorrow you are reminded to continue to practice social distancing and follow public health guidelines for gatherings whether at home, the cottage or camping.


Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports six new cases of COVID-19 with three in the Far North, two in the North and one in the South.  Total cases reported now stands at 785 with 88 considered active and 684 people have recovered.


Beginning Monday in Saskatchewan indoor pools, indoor rinks, indoor sports and activities and the performing arts will be able to re-open.  The seating capacity for restaurants and licensed establishments will also increase to a level that allows staff and customers to maintain two metres of physical distancing.  On Thursday the 9th casinos and bingo halls will be able to re-open.  Find more information at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.


Highlights of the Year Were Presented at theThe Flin Flon Credit Union 79th Annual General Meeting Last Wednesday Night.

The Credit Union reported total asset growth of 4.23% to end the year at $60.2 million and continued growth in their wealth management business of 14% to bring their total mutual fund assets under management to $14.6 million. Net income fell in 2019 due to a combination of higher expenses, lower commission revenues and a continued focus on buffering against potential credit losses due to changes in the local economics expected in 2022.

 Directors Frank Fieber, Tina Tait and Dawn Hlady were returned to the Board by acclamation rejoining members Darren Grant, Don Scott, Rod Gourlay and Lorna Quinn.

Highlights of 2019 included the delivery of a new Strategic Plan, engagement of members through local focus group meetings to find out how they may best meet their needs in the future, introducing the first employee survey, beginning a Volunteer Reward Program for staff and announcing the development of the $10,000 Community Enrichment Program to fund economic development programs through small grants.

Copies of the summary financial statements are available for download from the Flin Flon Credit Union website at www.ffcu.ca.


The CEO and founder of Canada's child advocacy group says she welcomes the senate introducing a bill to establish a Commissioner of Children and Youth in the country.

Sara Austin with Children First Canada says the idea of a children’s commissioner is not new, and that the bill has been long overdue as over 60 countries around the world have instated one.  She explains the Children’s Commission could actually play an important role in helping to move the needle by having somebody who’s independent from political influence so regardless of who the government of the day is there will always be somebody leading the charge for the wellbeing of kids, somebody who can do investigations, visit places where children are cared for and supported whether it be schools or hospitals even detention centers but also to really play the role of bringing   the federal government together with the provinces and territories to create a national plan of action and to really move the needle in an urgent way and begin to see some real traction and movement of the indicators that are leaving our kids behind.


Austin says contrary to popular belief, Canada is currently ranked 25th out of 41 wealthy nations when it comes to being a world-leading country for kids.


COVID-19 Numbers Continue to go up in Southern Manitoba and The Far North in Saskatchewan,

Manitoba Public Health officials reported this afternoon four cases of COVID-19 were identified on Saturday, none on Sunday and two today.  That brings the total number reported in the province to 324.  Saturday’s cases were two men in their 30’s and one in his 40’s from the Winnipeg Health Region and one man in his 30s from the Southern Health Region and today’s are a woman in her 20s and a man in his 30s both from the Winnipeg Health Region with most related to travel or close contacts of previously identified cases.  No individuals are in hospital, 17 cases are active and 300 have recovered.



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reported six new cases on Saturday, one on Sunday and one today all in the Far North. The total number of cases reported in the Far North has risen to 324 while the provincial total is at 779.  87 cases are considered active, 679 people have recovered and five individuals are in hospital.


You Can Still Join Creighton in Celebrating Canada Day.

Creighton Recreation Director Channa Senyk says the Canada Day celebration will be quite different this year.  She explains due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions Canada Day 2020 is being brought to you virtually and they have entertainment by local artists and ending the video with a fireworks video from last year.  She adds you can go to the Town of Creighton website at www.townofcreighton.ca or the Creighton, Recreation and Tourism Facebook page.


The celebration on those sites will be available starting Wednesday and will remain active for a time afterwards.

Grants are Available to Support Community Projects.

The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation is accepting applications for funding from its small grants program.  The Corporation’s Laurence Gillespie explains the small grants program is open to community groups that are working on a project but need some support.  He says the maximum grants are up to five thousand dollars but requests to fund lower than that are not a problem, it’s a matter of submitting an application to their office and they will mail those out to you immediately if anyone wants to apply.  He points out they are currently waiting for final confirmation from the province on when the funding will flow as they’ve indicated it will flow but there may be come time involved in actually getting the cash in hand.


For further information or to apply call 204-687-6972 or email ffnrc@mymts.net.


Students were Honored for Their Hard Work and Accomplishments Over the Past School Year.

Diplomas were presented to 50 graduates of Hapnot Collegiate individually with family and friends present Thursday and Friday along with 60 bursaries, awards and scholarships.


The largest award the Hudbay W.A. Green Bursary for highest average for 35 hundred dollars a year for up to four years was presented to Tara Whitbread who also received the Governor General Bronze medal for highest academic standing as well as a CUPE 228, Legion Ladies Auxiliary, CUPE Local 8600 and Flin Flon Pride Bursary and the Fench Immersion Scholarship..  The Sparling Trophy for the student who contributes the most to school life while still maintaining a good academic standing went to Sarah Factor who also received the     Honorable F.L. Bud Jobin Memorial, Victor Hook Memorial and Flin Flon Lions Club Bursaries.


A Complete list of awards presented can be found below this story.




Travel is Allowed to Northern Manitoba as COVID-19 Numbers Remain Low While More Cases are Reported in Southern Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public Health Officials reported two new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon.  They are a man in his 30s travel related and a woman in her 50 in close contact with a previously identified case both from the Winnipeg Region.  That brings the provincial total to 318, no individuals are in hospital, 11 cases are active and 300 individuals have recovered.


They also advise new public health orders have been issued including removing restriction on travel to northern Manitoba and remote communities although anyone travelling to northern Manitoba should continue to respect restrictions that have been put in place by local communities and First Nations.  To review orders go to www.manitoba.ca/covid19/soe.html.


Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports 13 new cases of COVID-19 with ten in the South, two in the North and one in the Far North.  That brings the total number of cases reported to 772.  105 cases are considered active, 654 people have recovered and nine are in hospital.


Diplomas and Bursaries Were Awarded Yesterday.

Five graduates from Many Faces Education Centre in Flin Flon were visited yesterday and awarded their diplomas and fourteen bursaries.


The Governor General Bronze Medal was presented to Caelan Mckenna who also received the Flin Flon School Division Bursary and a Many Faces Alumni Bursary. Alexis Chung – Saunders received the Art Wahlenberg Memorial and the Flin Flon Lions Club Bursary along with a UCN Scholarship.  Peter Campbell received the Flin Flon Motorcycle Association, Many Faces Alumni, MLA Tom Lindsey and the Founders Bursaries, Kelsey Ratt the Health Auxiliary and Many Faces Alumni Bursaries and Juliet Stenbeck the Women’s Resource Centre Bursary.


A Grant and Student Hiring were Discussed at the Creighton Council Meeting.

The Town of Creighton Council met earlier this week to discuss the latest community information.  It was reported the Town had received correspondence from the Government of Saskatchewan regarding the Northern Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant.  The grant is received annually and Creighton received 1,252,017 dollars which is slightly higher this year as the government wants to ensure its municipalities have the resources in place during these uncertain times.


Colleen Stallard with Recreation and Culture made a motion to hire four students for parks and maintenance duties this summer and two students as spray pool supervisors and the motion passed.  She also made a motion to allow Tamaras Treats to rent the Sportex concession for July, August and September which also passed.



Visiting Hours Have Been Updated at Northern Health Region Hospitals.



The Northern Health Region will be expanding visiting hours at their hospitals including the Flin Flon General Hospital effective Monday. They report visiting hours will now be from 1 to 7 pm seven days a week.  They advise patients will only be allowed one pre-identified visitor and those visitors must maintain social distancing while in the facility and all visitors will be screened prior to entry to any Northern Health Region facility.


  For up to date information on Region policies you can visit their website at www.northernhealthregion.com.



With Low Numbers of COVID-19 in Manitoba Plans are Developing for Back to School.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported this afternoon one new case of COVID-19 in the Southern Health Region.  The number of active cases is 15 so with the numbers remaining low Education Minister Kelvin Goetrzen says there are plans for back to school September 8th including for those anxious about going back.  He explains where there are children who are immune compromised or there are other things that are happening in their families they’re looking to have some sort of provisions for them.  He says some of them might be centralized within the department itself whether that’s providing course material distributed throughout the education system recognizing it might be difficult for teachers clearly to do both on a significant basis but there will be some of that where there will be some at home learning because there will be more kids who are staying home because they are feeling sick or because they have an underlying health condition.


Final confirmation on the plan will be provided by August 1st.  The complete plan can be viewed at www.manitoba.ca/covid19/restoring/safeschools.html and you can provide feedback at www.engagemb.ca.


Callinex is Optimistic After Drilling in Known Mine Horizons in the Flin Flon Mining District.

Callinex Mines has announced the results from its 2019-20 drilling campaign at its Pine Bay Project located 16 kilometers from processing facilities in Flin Flon.  The campaign encompassed just under six thousand meters of diamond drilling to test eight target areas. A variety of test surveys had identified highly conductive anomalies off hole from sulphide stringers that include copper, zinc, gold and silver mineralization.  These anomalies were interpreted to occur within the Centennial mine horizon which hosts the past Centennial Mine and the Sourdough VMS deposit located 7.5 kilometers and 4 kilometers to the south.


Callinex President and CEO Max Porterfield stated they are eager to drill test these newly identified anomalies as soon as possible adding they are optimistic based on the geologic location, size and conductivity that these anomalies have the potential to represent Flin Flon’s next discovery.



Future Plans and Retirements Were Part of the School Board Meeting.

The Flin Flon School Division Board of Trustees held their final meeting of the current school year this week.


Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported on the Division’s recent survey regarding reopening plans for September.  Staff are scheduled to return on September 2nd while students are back on September 8th.  The calendar on the Division’s website will be updated and new information will be posted on their Facebook pages as it becomes available regarding the 2020-21 school year.


Board Chair Murray Skeavington congratulated Sandy Kowell, Monique Rainville, Denise Davis and Suzanne Westhaver on their retirement from the Division thanking them for their years of service and making the student’s learning experience more rewarding. 


Board Chair Skeavington and Superintendent Ballantyne both took the opportunity to thank parents and students, the support staff, the Division office staff, the teaching staff, the Trustees and all of the staff who helped with food hampers with Allison and the Food Bank during these trying times.


With summer officially started, the Canadian Red Cross is urging Manitobans to be prepared for tornados, regardless of where you live.

The head of emergency management in Manitoba, Alison Everitt explains while tornados typically occur in the southern parts of the province, extreme wind events do take place in the north, and adds tornados are increasing in frequency.


She adds it’s important for people to know how to prepare for tornados, especially as the province re-opens and northerners head down south.


 Everitt explains what the signs are that a tornado is approaching.  She says often there’s large hail coming down, the sky looks a little bit different, so it could look really dark but it could also be kind of green or orangey grey, then low rotating funnel cloud shapes in the sky and then a lot of noise.


Everitt stresses the importance of having an emergency kit ready for any disaster, with supplies like water, non perishable food, and a first aid kit that will last you and your family up to 72 hours.


A New Case Of COVID-19 Has Been Reported in Winnipeg With Four in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health officials advise one new case of COVID-19 has been identified.  This case is a man in his 30s in the Winnipeg region.  This brings the total number of reported cases to 315, no individuals are in hospital, 15 cases are considered active and 293 individuals have recovered.


Canada Day is next week and you are reminded to continue practicing physical distancing and follow public health guidelines for gatherings whether at home, the cottage or camping.



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports four new cases of COVID-19 with two in the Far North, one each in the North and South Regions bringing the total reported cases to 757 and one resident tested positive out of province.  101 cases are considered active, 643 people have recovered and five are in hospital.


Saskatchewan Health reports there were almost 370 thousand virtual care physician services between March 13th and June 15th.

The First Grant in a Small Grants Program Has Been Awarded.

The Flin Flon Credit Union started a small grants program in the spring.  Manager Kory Eastman states it’s intended for community groups or individuals who may be looking at trying to promote some sort of initiative or bring some economic development into the area.  He announced the first recipient of the Community Enhancement Program grant was the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce.  He says the Chamber has a Business Relations Committee that has been struck this year as they’re working to help local businesses reach out to the surrounding communities which they believe is important to the region and helps promote a better understanding and improving service for all so they fully support the efforts of this group with a 15 hundred dollar grant.


Eastman adds there are two intakes for applications a year with the second being October 1st with 85 hundred dollars available for maximum grants of 25 hundred dollars for each approved project.

Hudbay has Advanced an Appeal of the Rosemont Court Decision.

Hudbay Minerals has filed their initial brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in relation to the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona’s decision of July 2019.  That decision revoked the U.S. Forest Service’s issuance of the Final Record of Decision for the Rosemont project in Arizona.  The filing of the brief follows the U.S. Federal Government’s initial brief which was filed last week. The briefs explain how both believe the District Court misinterpreted federal mining laws and Forest Service regulations as they apply to Rosemont.  They assert the current law broadly authorizes mining related activities such as ore processing and tailing storage to be conducted on open Forest Lands.


Hudbay President Peter Kukielski notes they believe based on arguments filed by Hudbay and the government that the appellate court will reverse the District Court’s decision allowing them to move forward with constructing and operating the Rosemont Project.


Hudbay anticipates a final decision in the appeal process in late 2021.

The Manitoba Government is Encouraging People to Go To Work.

Premier Brain Pallister has announced the Manitoba Job Restart Program.  He explains it will provide direct payments of up to two thousand dollars to qualified Manitobans to help them safely return to work.  He says in order to be eligible participants have to stop collecting the CERB, instead they will collect the Manitoba Restart benefit.  He points out tens of thousands of Manitobans could benefit from this program adding it will be fully funded by the Manitoba government and it does not require any contribution from employers at all.


Applications will be available starting Friday and will be accepted until July 31st with information available at the Support for Business section of the Manitoba Government website.

No New Cases of COVID-19 were Reported in Manitoba as Saskatchewan Numbers go up as Phase Four Continues.

Manitoba Public Health officials reported this afternoon no new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba.  The total number of reported cases stays at 314, no individuals are in hospital, 14 cases are active and 293 individuals have recovered.


Saskatchewan reports 11 new cases with ten in the Far North region.  Nine cases that have been attributed to Saskatchewan will no longer be included in the total count as their residence is outside the province so the total is now at 753.  98 cases are considered active and 642 people have recovered.


Saskatchewan moves into the second part of Phase 4 Re-Open Saskatchewan next week. As of Monday libraries, museums, galleries, movie theatres and live theatres will be able to re-open and starting this Friday parks and campgrounds are open to 100 percent capacity for overnight stays and limited term campsites.  The most up to date information on re-open plans can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.

One New Case of COVID-19 Has Been Reported in Manitoba While Saskatchewan Reported a Large Increase Over the Weekend.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 Numbers yesterday afternoon.  He reports there’s one new case bringing the total number of cases to 314, this case is a male in his 40’s from Southern Health with the investigation ongoing but it is related to travel by a truck driver, no individuals are hospitalized and there’s no one in ICU, 293 individuals are listed as recovered and there are 14 active cases.

              Roussin noted two new cases were reported on Saturday both in the Winnipeg Region.

              The government is looking at allowing some indoor visits at Personal Care Homes where conditions permit starting today. These will only be for designated family caregivers and visitors will be screened on arrival, must practice social distancing and must wear a non-surgical mask.


              Meanwhile Saskatchewan reported a large increase in COVID-19 cases over the weekend with 11 on Saturday with seven in the Far North and 20 reported on Sunday with 18 connected to an outbreak in the South Region and 2 in the Far North.  Yesterday they reported five new cases with four of them in the Far North.  The provincial total is now 751, 95 are considered active, 643 have recovered and three are in hospital.


Due to COVID-19 Precautions Canada Day Celebrations Have Been Cancelled at Denare Beach.

Recreation Director Mel Durette says they are still planning a fishing derby and are holding a Decorate Your Home Canada Day Contest.  She explains it can be your balcony or your door step, your driveway, whatever you want just decorate it like Canada Day and they’ll be driving around June 30th and you can let them know at the Village if you want to participate in it and they’ll come and check it out and the winner will be announced July 1st.  She adds they have a Walleye Fishing Derby that was supposed to be June 25th to July 2nd but they got a phone call that they have to postpone it so they’ll let everybody know when you can fish.  She notes it’ll be on Amisk Lake, catch and release, take a picture, send it and first prize is 500 dollars.


For information on either of these events you can call the Denare Beach Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.

Manitoba Has a Plan to Allow More Visits to Personal Care Homes and Plans are Developing for Back to School.

Manitoba Health Minister Cameron Friesen has announced all season outdoor shelters are planned for Personal Care Homes to allow for safe visits.  He says theses shelters will be outside but they will be close enough to the Personal Care Home, they will operate year round and they will be accessible, protected from the elements, easily cleanable and provide a space for a connection, for a quality engagement between a resident and a caregiver and a resident and a loved one.


You can submit your feedback on the conceptual designs for these shelters by going to www.engagemb.ca.  Construction is expected to begin in August. 


The government will also be requesting proposals for safety and capital upgrades to personal care homes.


Meanwhile Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen has announced students will return to school September 8th with teachers returning on September 2nd to prepare for the school year.

A Quantity of Alcohol was Seized in Pelican Narrows.

On Saturday Pelican Narrows RCMP received information that a vehicle will be travelling to Pelican Narrows with a large amount of alcohol for resale in the community.

The Pelican Narrows Community Safety Officers advised the RCMP that the vehicle had gone through the CheckStop at Pelican Narrows and was currently driving through town.

The RCMP located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The lone driver and registered owner, was advised she was under investigation for bootlegging and consented to have the vehicle searched stating she had a couple of cases of beer.

A search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of 32 60oz bottles of hard liquor and 164 cans of beer.

The driver has been charged with sell or offer to sell, display or keep beverage alcohol.

She  is scheduled to appear in court on October 6in Pelican Narrows.              

A Walk to Raise Suicide Awareness is Being Held in Pelican Narrows Wednesday.

The first annual Suicide Awareness Smudge Walk in Pelican Narrows is being hosted by the Walking Out of Darkness Project.  Organizer Veronique McCallum says there’s not much being done and what is being done isn’t working so a different strategy is needed.  She explains she lost her daughter to suicide last year, she was suffering from depression for a while before that and she was high risk and they never treated her in any way, they just classified her as a high risk then they couldn’t do anything because she took her life a few days after that and it was devastating.  She adds she thought she has to do something to help other youth that are in that position that feel that darkness and that worthlessness and she’s like to offer them a little bit of hope.


McCallum says the walk in Pelican Narrows starts at 2 o’clock at the ski hill with information cards, hope kits and support bracelets and ribbons available.  Another walk is being planned for Deschambault where there was a recent youth suicide.

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon Has a New President.

At their meeting Thursday night President LaVerne Hinzman turned the presidency of the Rotary Club over to Jane Robillard.  She says it certainly is a different year this year for their Rotary Club.  She reports they haven’t been meeting regularly but have met a couple of times and they have some plans and their focus is going to be on rehabbing their Rotary Court housing, they can’t do the pancake breakfast but they will be doing their Dream Draw trips in the fall and they’ll have lots more information on that in the future.


Robillard will serve a one year term as President until June 30th, 2021.

The Thompson Winter Weather Testing Committee is continuing to work on bringing the electric vehicle testing industry up to northern Manitoba.

Volker Beckmann, the chair of the committee, explains they are in the planning and fundraising stages of the initiative.


Beckmann says the current goal is to build a testing centre for manufacturers.  He explains they had two companies interested last year in coming and they met with them in Austin, Texas and invited them to do cold weather testing in Thompson.  He notes they were also interested in coming in March but in both these cases they lost the business because they didn’t have a test track where these companies need precision controlled road surfaces to do their testing and that’s part of their long term goals to create a world class test center in Thompson as opposed to what they’ve been doing for the last 30 years in using frozen roads and lakes which works sometimes but it doesn’t work on other times.


Beckmann adds at this point, the committee is looking at hiring a consulting company to figure out what a test track in the Thompson area would require, which companies would be interested in testing their products in Thompson, and who would invest in the track.


One New COVID-19 Case in Manitoba While Eight are Reported in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Public Health official reported one new case of COVID-19 this afternoon.  That brings the total number of reported cases in the province to 309.  No individuals are in hospital, there are nine active cases and 293 individuals have recovered.


Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports eight new cases bringing the provincial total to 716.  Seven of the new cases were in the Far North and one in the Saskatoon region.  67 cases are considered active and 636 individuals have recovered.


  Saskatchewan also reported students from kindergarten to grade 12 will be able to return to classes September 1st.  The guidelines include sending anyone home if they have symptoms of COVID-19, there will be increased sanitation, hand sanitizer will be available and there are protocols on what can be brought into and out of schools.

Cranberry Portage RCMP Have Laid Charges Following a Kidnapping Investigation.

On Tuesday Flin Flon RCMP received a report that a 20 year old man from Gimli had been kidnapped at a fishing camp on Kisseynew Lake.  The RCMP report the man was with two other men when three people in a vehicle stopped and two got out asking for firearms and then assaulted and threatened one of the campers with a knife, stole one of their rifles and cell phones before grabbing the 20 year old and forcing him into his own vehicle. Officers from Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and Creighton patrolled and located the vehicle on highway 10.  They pursued the vehicle which failed to stop after running over two spike belts ending up in a residential area in Flin Flon.  The kidnapped man was found unharmed.  A man from Denare Beach, a man from Flin Flon and a woman from Denare Beach face numerous charges related to kidnapping, firearms and robbery


Over 40 Thousand Dollars in Scholarships Are Being Presented to Students.

Creighton Community School is presenting diplomas and scholarships to students through yesterday and today.  The top award was the Hudbay scholarship for two thousand dollars a year for four years to Lauren Fox. The Fred and Pearl Schwaga Memorial Scholarship for 2 thousand dollars each to JC Wasyliuk and Abbey Werbecki and the Raymond Daneliuk Memorial Trades Bursary for 25 hundred dollars to Shannon Williamson. Creighton Community School scholarships worth one thousand dollars each went to Lauren Fox, Bree Patterson and Shannon Williamson for Academics, Bree Patterson Aboriginal, Lauren Fox Arts and Athletics and Shannon Williamson Medical, Trades and Technology and the Bev McCrimmon Memorial Citizenship scholarship.


2020 Scholarship Recipients

  • Denare Beach Community Trust - $125.00
    • Evan Madarash
    • Abbey Werbicki


  • School Community Council Attendance Bursary - $200.00
    • Ashley Andersen
    • Brandt Moore


  • Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre Art Wahlenberg Memorial Bursary - $250.00
    • Bree Patterson


  • Rotary Club Harry Yee Scholarship - $250.00
    • Abbey Werbicki


  • Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Bursary - $250.00
    • Austyn Davis


  • Northern Village of Denare Beach Bursary - $300.00
    • Evan Madarash
    • Abbey Werbicki


  • Flin Flon Motorcycle Club Bursary - $350.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • Creighton Community School Staff Bursary - $400.00
    • Abbey Werbicki


  • Rotary Club King George VI Bursary - $450.00
    • Ashley Andersen


  • CADAC Bursary (Sponsored by Kendall & Pandya) - $500.00
    • Talia Slater


  • CUPE Local 228 Bursary - $500.00
    • Austyn Davis


  • Flin Flon Health Auxiliary Bursary - $500.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers Local #1848 Bursary - $500.00
    • Bree Patterson
    • Shannon Williamson


  • Flin Flon Kinette Club Bursary - $500.00
    • Sarah Gardiner


  • Legion Local Branch #73 Bursary - $500.00
    • Ashley Andersen
    • Bree Patterson


  • Legion Ladies Auxiliary Bursary - $500.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • Mark Perkins Memorial Bursary - $500.00
    • Derek Koivisto
    • Brandt Moore
    • Talia Slater


  • North Star Rebekah Lodge #31 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Bursary - $500.00
    • Evan Madarash


  • Flin Flon Lions Club Bursary - $600.00
    • Lauren Fox


  • Creighton Furniture Bursary - $750.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #1405 Bursary - $750.00
    • Ethan Hydamaka
    • Tristan Kolenosky
    • Brandt Moore


  • United Steelworkers Local 7106 Bob Imrie Memorial Bursary - $750.00
    • Bree Patterson


  • Flin Flon Pride Committee Bursary - $1,000.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • North of 53 Consumers Co-op Bursary - $1,000.00
    • Sarah Gardiner


  • Town of Creighton Bursary - $1,000.00
    • Brianna Alexander
    • Ashley Andersen


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Aboriginal Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Bree Patterson


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Academic Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Lauren Fox
    • Bree Patterson
    • Shannon Williamson


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Arts Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Lauren Fox


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Athletic Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Lauren Fox


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Bev McCrimmon Memorial Citizenship Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Medical Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • CCS Foundation Awards – Trades & Technology Scholarship - $1,000.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • Fred & Pearl Shwaga Memorial Scholarship - $2,000.00
    • JC Wasyliuk
    • Abbey Werbicki


  • Raymond Daneliuk Memorial Trades Bursary - $2,500.00
    • Shannon Williamson


  • HUDBAY Scholarship - $2,000.00 x 4 years
    • Lauren Fox

You Can Help Form a Back to School Plan.

Planning is underway for what the next school year will look like for students, staff and families.


Manitoba Education in consultation with education partners is developing a re-entry framework to guide schools in their planning guided by the advice of Manitoba’s Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.  As well in collaboration with the Manitoba Teacher’s Society an online survey of teachers was conducted in early June with the results pending.  They are now seeking input from families and students in the development of their plan.  The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and individual responses will be kept confidential.


The link to the survey can be found at







The Manitoba Government has Launched a New Hiring Program to Get More People Back to Work This Summer.

Premier Brian Pallister has announced the new Manitoba Back to Work This Summer initiative.  He says employers can apply to receive funding for up to five employees hired or rehired.  He explains the program will cover 50 percent of total wages paid from now to August 30th to a maximum of 5 thousand dollars per worker and 25 thousand per business.  He notes they’re providing this subsidy support to small businesses so they can help them create jobs and re-open the economy but most importantly so they can help their employees return to work or they can help others who are looking for jobs find that work.


The application form will be available next week with a deadline of August 30th.  Businesses can learn more about this and other government programs at www.manitoba.ca/supportforbusiness.


Two New Cases of COVID-19 Have Been Reported in Southern Manitoba With 15 New Cases in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 number this afternoon.  He reported there are two new cases bringing the total number of cases to 308, no individuals are hospitalized and there’s no one in ICU, 293 individuals are listed as recovered and there are eight active cases.  He notes these two new cases were household contacts and the initial case was related to travel outside Canada.

              Roussin adds these new cases were reported in Winnipeg and this is an extremely low risk situation.



Saskatchewan reports 15 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the provincial total to 708 with 14 of the new cases in the South region connected to an outbreak in two Hutterite communities in the Rural Municipality of Maple Creek. These are being investigated for connection to interprovincial travel to Alberta as well as travel in the area. Of the provincial total 59 cases are considered active and 636 have recovered.


Help is Available if You Need a Birth Certificate.

An identification clinic is being held on Tuesday June 30th.  Committee member Colleen Tower explains the Everyone Deserves a Home Community Committee and the Lords Bounty Food Bank will be holding the clinic with support from the Flin Flon Rotary Club.  She says the clinic will be by appointment only and it’s for those who need financial support to pay for the application fee for a birth certificate as well as those who might need help navigating the application process.  She notes they know that without a birth certificate accessing services that many people take for granted becomes much more difficult.  We need ID to access health care, employment, get a bank account, to vote and even to access a roof over our heads.  Tower adds they also knew for some the cost of the application is a huge barrier.  She says their group also considered many people would benefit from support to navigate the complex application form so the clinic seemed like the way to go.


Appointments can be made by calling the Food Bank at 204-687-7262 or stop in there at 2 Hiawatha Avenue on Tuesday or Wednesday morning.


Manitoba is Moving Forward with Opening Services.

With two new cases and only six active cases of COVID-19 in the province Premier Brian Pallister says Phase Three of Restore Safe Services will go ahead Sunday.  He outlined some changes from the original draft plan including removing the maximum capacity of 300 people at any site provided the gathering can be physically divided into sub-groups of 50 or fewer or 100 or fewer outdoors to a maximum of 30 percent of usual capacity, allowing people from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut and people living in northwestern Ontario west of Terrace Bay to visit Manitoba without having to self isolate for 14 days and ensuring those travelling to northern Manitoba continue to respect any restrictions that have been put in place there.


Detailed information on Phase Three can be found at www.manitoba.ca/restoringsafeservices.



Meanwhile as Saskatchewan moves forward with their Re-open Saskatchewan plan nine new cases of COVID-19 were reported with seven in the Far North Region. Details on their plan can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.


Aquatic invasive species are organisms not native to an area or region.

These species have a negative impact on the region and usually live in or around the water and once introduced to an area are impossible to eradicate.  

Candace Parks is an Aquatic Invasive Species specialist with Agriculture and Resource Development for the Province of Manitoba explains how far zebra mussels have spread over the years in Manitoba waterways.  She says zebra mussels are now found in Manitoba in the Red River, in Lake Winnipeg, in Cedar Lake just west of Grand Rapids and then in the end of September or October last year they announced that the mussels are now in the Nelson River up to the Limestone Generating Station.

Besides their negative impact on the ecosystem, aquatic invasive species have an economic impact as well.  For example, there is a cost to communities to remove zebra mussels from infrastructure such as drinking water intake systems and to clean up shorelines.

Two People Were Injured in an Accident on Third Avenue.

Flin Flon RCMP report there was a two vehicle collision at the bottom of Third Avenue hill last evening.  It appears a mechanical malfunction resulted in one vehicle rear ending another.


Two people were taken to hospital with injuries.




Diplomas Will Be Presented to Creighton School Grads.

Creighton Community School will be recognizing the Graduation Class of 2020 tomorrow and Friday.  Principal Patty Korchinski explains the province has allowed them to open an individual Grad for their students so beginning Thursday morning each grad and ten of their family members will be able to come into the school for 30 minutes to receive their diploma and any scholarships they’ve earned and then they’ll be given the remainder of that time to take pictures in a couple of photo booths they’ve got set up for them.  She added that will run Thursday at 10 until about 3 o’clock and then the rest of the grads will do the same thing on Friday until about 3:30.


Creighton Community School has 21 grads this year.


Flinty Will be Looking Good for Future Visitors.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council agreed to support a Flinty statue upgrade.  They approved the support and a partnership with the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce for the Flinty Statue Restoration Project to a maximum of 10 thousand dollars.  The Chamber hopes to get the project which includes some structural work started by the end of June.  They have already been able to find grants for 20 thousand of the estimated 30 thousand dollar budget and are fundraising for any unexpected costs.


Council also agreed to apply to the Saskatchewan government for a grant of just over 29 thousand dollars so the upgrade of the South Hudson playground can proceed.  The total cost is 65 thousand dollars with another grant and the city recreation budget sharing in the cost as well.


Council received the Fire Chiefs report for May indicating ten calls during the month with a total loss of 660 thousand dollars including a home and a fuel truck destroyed by separate fires.


And Mayor Cal Huntley congratulated all the upcoming grads and the creative process going on to acknowledge them including lawn signs, banners, parade and other events.

While the name may be different they're continuing to provide services and programs to individuals who have disabilities.

The organization formerly known as the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities now goes by the name Manitoba Possible.


Rayleen Rudnicki, the supervisor for the Northern Regional Office in Thompson explains the new name Manitoba Possible captures the value and aspirations that have underpinned their now 70 years of breaking down barriers for and with Manitobans with disabilities.  She says they wanted to renew their commitment to working together with all of their stakeholders to eliminate barriers to full and equal participation for everyone in our society.  She notes Manitoba Possible emerged from a branding work as exemplifying this renewed commitment.


Rudnicki says the programs and services offered by Manitoba Possible have not changed, but the way they’re currently delivered is different due to the ongoing pandemic.


To learn more about Manitoba Possible and the services they offer, check out their website at Manitoba Possible DOT CA.


Manitoba and Saskatchewan Invest in Support Programs as COVID-19 Numbers Remain Low.

Manitoba Public Health officials reported this afternoon there are no new cases of COVID-19.  The total number of reported cases remains at 304, no individuals are in hospital, there are five active cases and 292 individuals have recovered.


The Manitoba government has partnered with community based organizations to deliver nutritious food and family friendly recipes to about six thousand children in pilot sites across the province supported by new online resources on nutrition and meal preparation. It will be delivered in Winnipeg, Brandon, Cross Lake and by the Bayline Regional Round Table.



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reported one new case in the Saskatoon region.  The provincial total is now 684 with 40 considered active, 631 individuals have recovered and two are receiving inpatient care with one in intensive care.


Saskatchewan is investing more than 80 million dollars in long term care facilities across the province including a new facility in La Ronge as well as 82 priority renewal projects in 51 long term care facilities across the province.


Rockcliff Continues a Drill Program With Support From their First Nations Partner.

Rockcliff  Metals Corporation has started an initial three thousand meter drill program on its Tower Property about 126 kilometers south of Wabowden in the Flin Flon Snow Lake Greenstone belt.  President Alistair Ross says the key objective is to establish the extent of the newly discovered extension to the south and west of the main deposit.  He had praise for their partners in the project the Norway House Cree Nation. He explained they’ve have very productive talks with Chief Anderson and Council there and many supporting members of the band that take on various roles around environment and safety and health and so on.  He says they were very supportive in getting their application in front of the government, very supportive in the services and supplies that they provided in the first drilling that occurred in early 2019-20 and they look forward to continuing that.


Cree Nation Chief Larson Anderson notes they will continue to provide camp facilities as well as services such as cooks for camp meals, food provisions and fuel as part of their future of developing themselves as a full partner for socially and environmentally responsible mining companies.


The Red Cross has teamed up with the Federal Government to offer the Preventing Disease Transmission Training and Equipment Program.

Shawn Feely, vice-president for the Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba and Nunavut explains it’s a program that provides training on how to properly use personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and how to take them off properly but also to set up their office a little bit differently when they’re working with their clients to prevent disease transmission.

The program is free of charge and the organizations who are approved will also receive free personal protective equipment for their staff for up to two months.


Organizations are encouraged to go to Red Cross dot ca to apply before July 7.


New Cases of COVID-19 Were Reported in Manitoba as the State of Emergency is Extended and a Large Jump was Reported in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin noted there two reported cases on Saturday and one each on Friday and Sunday and announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon.  He reported there are no new cases, the total number of cases remains at 304, no individuals are in hospital, 292 individuals are listed as recovered and there are five active cases.  He added on Friday there was a female in her 30s who was travelling from Ontario and was self isolating at the time, on Saturday two males in their 30s and Sunday a male in his 20s and all three were household contacts with a previous case and all were in the Winnipeg region.


The Manitoba government has extended the province wide state of emergency for a period of 30 days to continue to protect the health and safety of all Manitobans and reduce the spread of COVID-19.



Meanwhile after reporting one new case each Saturday and Sunday Saskatchewan reported 18 new cases with 13 in the Far North most connected to a wake and funeral on June 11th.  That brings the provincial total to 683, 41 are considered active and 629 individuals have recovered. Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab warns large gatherings increase the risk of transmission so everyone should continue to take precautions including physical distancing.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation has Distributed just over 91 Thousand Dollars to 15 Local Area Projects.

Some of the larger grants included 15 thousand dollars each to Norman Community Services for upgrading the home’s main bathroom and Rotary Court Senior Housing for heating and air quality improvement and just over ten thousand to the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank for bathroom reno and garden project.  Others went to Legion Seniors Housing to repair the second floor entrance, Kiddie Korner Day Care to purchase and install a commercial dish washer, Joseph H Kerr School in Snow Lake to purchase a self watering indoor tower garden system, Ecole McIsaac School Lego Club, Flin Flon Guidance Nursery restocking arts and cleaning supplies, Creighton Kodiaks Football Club to purchase equipment and training aids, Denare Beach RecreationBoard to purchase an indoor curling starter kit, Inclusion Saskatchewan to host a motivational interviewing workshop, Northern Tykes Day Care to build a shade canopy, Flin Flon Friendship Centre to upgrade the computer monitors and install security cameras and the Snow Lake Senior Centre to purchase a new cooler.


The Northern Neighbors Foundation celebrates 25 years this year.



University College of the North has Been Awarded 970 Thousand Dollars to Train Front Line IT Technicians.

University College of the North is one of 30Future Skills Centre funded projects to proved essential solutions to support Canadians transitioning into new jobs or industries.  They will create a two year network computer technology program geared to providing entry level skills but coupled with social supports and flexible terms of study that better match family and community needs and work integrated learning with industry partners.


The aim is to overcome numerous barriers that block northerners from fully participating in the information and communications technology industries of Manitoba especially as these industries seek to expand into northern Manitoba and thereby address the issue common to many northern communities of jobs without people and people without jobs.


UCN’s Rob Penner says this sector is experiencing growth and requires a skilled workforce in Manitoba in general and northern Manitoba in particular so they want to give northerners a chance to gain these sorts of skills and enter this sector.


The provincial NDP say they're concerned about government's delays on local, northern infrastructure projects getting funding for construction season.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says as northern communities try to rebound from the pandemic, it’s critical that the government send and approve funding applications on crucial municipal projects in the north under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. He explains in northern Manitoba as opposed to the south our construction season is a whole lot shorter than it is down south so every month that the government delays in answering the funding question or approving a project it’s less time then to go to contract, go through with that whole process of vetting the contractor and everything else and they getting a project started and really this whole process was supposed to have been done a long time ago and yet here’s the town of Snow Lake in particular still waiting to hear if the project is going to get approved.


According to an article published in a Winnipeg newspaper, the federal government says it hasn’t received any applications for northern and rural projects.


Lindsey says there is still time for the province to submit these applications and get them green-lit adding the clock is ticking.


A New Case of COVID-19 Has Been Reported in Manitoba While the State of Emergency Has Been Extended in Saskatchewan.


Public health officials reported this afternoon one new case of COVID-19 has been identified in Manitoba.  No details on the case were released.  The total number of cases now stands at 301, no individuals are in hospital, there are five active cases and 289 individuals have recovered.



Saskatchewan reports three new cases bringing the provincial total to 663 with one new case in the Saskatoon Region, one in the Far North and one in the south region.  23 cases are considered active and 627 individuals have recovered.

              The provincial state of emergency in Saskatchewan has been extended to June 24.  Public health orders remain in effect including restrictions on gathering sizes that are not worship services or graduations as noted in the Re-open Saskatchewan plan. All other public and private gathering sizes remain at 15 people indoors and 30 outdoors while maintaining a two meter physical separation both indoors and outdoors.


You Can Connect with Summer Camp From Home.

Due to the COVID-19 situation Simon House Bible Camp has suspended all on site programs for the summer.  Camp Director Darrell Janzen advises they have been working hard on a program so kids can still connect with each other and staff from their homes.  He explains they’ll log into their computers and see what the day’s activities are noting some of them will be live interaction video conference types, some will be different videos of content that’s available for them there and other things might be tasks that they’re assigned to do throughout the day so they’re still trying to find that nice balance between the excessive use of screen time that we are all experiencing in these days and also being able to get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise and still connect with each other.


For more information or to register for the eCamp visit www.simonhouse.ca.


You Can Fish in Manitoba Without a License This Weekend.

Summer Family Fishing Weekend takes place in Manitoba Saturday and Sunday.  On these days anglers may fish without a license throughout the province and keep to a conservation license limit of fish.


You are reminded all other angling regulations still apply over the weekend including regulations for individual waters.  A federal angling license is still required to fish in national parks. For more information on all provincial fishing regulations refer to the 2020 Manitoba Anglers Guide at www.manitobafisheries.com.


 Families are also encouraged to explore one of the provinces provincial parks this weekend.  From today through Sunday provincial park permits are not required for visitors.


You are also reminded to continue to be Covid Careful while enjoying the outdoors.

Flin Flon RCMP are Investigating an Assault and Forcible Confinement.

At 1:50 the afternoon of June 2nd they received a report of a 20 year old female having been assaulted and forcibly confined at a local residence.  Investigation determined the victim was in a residence on Hill Street when an argument occurred resulting in the victim being assaulted and locked in one of the bedrooms.  She was later released suffering non-life threatening injuries.


 A 29 year old Flin Flon resident and a 26 year old from Pukatwagan have been charged with aggravated assault and forcible confinement and remanded into custody while a 35 year old from Flin Flon was released to appear in Flin Flon Provincial court July 14th facing the same charges.

              Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com.


There are No News Cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba as New Testing Comes to the North.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon. He reports there are no new cases so the total number remains at 300, no individuals are hospitalized, 286 individuals have recovered and there are seven active cases.


The Public Health Agency of Canada and the Manitoba First Nations Pandemic Response Coordination Team in partnership with the First Nations Inuit Health Branch have deployed four GeneXpert machines to be used by health care providers in Thompson, The Pas, Norway House Cree Nation and Peguis First Nation to supplement COVID-19 testing already being conducted.  The machine can provide test results in as little as an hour and will be used to quickly confirm the presence of the virus in those patients who may require support to self-isolate.  Only three people in northern Manitoba have tested positive for COVID-19.


Saskatchewan is increasing the size of gatherings allowed for church services and graduation ceremonies.

The government says up to 150 people or one-third the capacity of a building, whichever is less, can attend church services, including weddings and funerals.

The province says outdoor graduations can be held with a maximum 30 graduates per class and an overall attendance of 150 people.

The previous limit was 15 people indoors and 30 people outdoors.

Health officials have reported two new cases of COVID-19, bringing the province's total to 660.

Of those, 21 cases are active. (CP)

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has Release a Draft Plan for Restoring Services.

Pallister says they hope to move forward with phase three June 21st but it’s up to Manitobans.  He lists some proposals in the draft plan including increasing gathering sizes to up to 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors, increasing capacity and developing guidelines for faith based and other cultural gatherings, easing border restrictions to allow residents of western Canada and northwest Ontario to enter Manitoba without the need to self isolate for 14 days, resuming regular licensed capacity for child care centers, increasing capacity for day camps from 24 children to 50, increasing indoor occupancy levels for community and seniors centers and clubs and removing occupancy limits for retail businesses while ensuring members of the public are reasonably separated.


Pallister adds they are asking for Manitobans input on the proposals for phase three at www.engagemb.ca.


The Flin Flon Trout Festival Fishing Derby Kicks Off Tomorrow.

Committee Chair Dave Osika says it’s a walleye derby this year with fishing in Trout Lake, Kississing, Cranberry Lakes and Athapap and all in between.  He notes tickets are 30 dollars at the Gateway, Gas Bar, Rubi’s Outdoors and Lloydy’s starting tomorrow and they’ve included a youth event so when people go and buy their tickets if someone is 16 and under they’ll click off the youth box and they’ll pay ten dollars and they’re in their own prize pool.  He adds for the adults the top five prizes are 1500, 1000, 750, 500 and 250 and for the kids event they set up a prize for 500, 300 and 200 and then there’s various door prizes for everyone kids and adults that they will draw for.


Prizes will be announced July 1st on CFAR.  Complete details are available online at www.flinflontroutfestival.com.


A Capital Plan and A School Opening Plan Were Part of the School Board Meeting.

The Flin Flon School Board met virtually earlier this week to discuss the latest school business.  Three motions were passed including the Board approving a five year capital plan for 2020-21 to 2025-26 and the plan to be submitted prior to June 15th.  Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported her meetings with the province and Manitoba Superintendents Association have slowed down to once a week.  The custodial and maintenance staff  who were laid off have been recalled and are diligently cleaning and sanitizing while students and staff are in the buildings.  The schools have worked very hard developing a reopening plan which has gone well.  She thanked the staff for their hard work and dedication through the past year more so during these uncertain times.


On behalf of the Board Chair Murray Skeavington thanked Hapnot and Many faces for their work on making grad possible this year with congratulations to the class of 2020.

Some Restriction Have Been Lifted for Visiting Patients.

The Northern Health Region has begun visitor access for inpatients.  Specially designated visitor or support persons determined ahead of time can visit Monday to Friday from 1 to 4 pm. Visitor access may be expanded to weekends and statutory holidays at a later date.



The Region advises they are following the recommended provincial guidelines and all visitors must comply with infection prevention and control measures including hand hygiene and physical distancing at all times.  It is also strongly encouraged for visitors to wear a non-medical mask when in their facility.


For more information go to their website www.northernhealthregion.com and click on expanded hospital visitor access.

Manitoba's Justice Minister announced the province will be providing two-point-eight million dollars to Thompson to build a sobering centre to address public intoxication.

Cliff Cullen explains the sobering centre will offer an alternative to police and hospital-based responses. He says the primary objective of the Thompson Sobering Centre is to provide a 24-7 safe and secure environment where non-violent publically intoxicated individuals can stay while the effects of the drugs and or alcohol wear off.  He adds it will be a facility that provides short term recovery from intoxication and a safe site where individuals are medically cleared and monitored throughout their stay by onsite personnel.


Cullen adds sobering centres across the country have proven to decrease the number of people who are publically intoxicated.


A press release from the province states that in 2019, there were over two thousand police detentions in Thompson under The Intoxicated Persons Detention Act.


Reported COVID-19 Cases in Manitoba are Holding at 300 while Saskatchewan again Has Two New Cases.

Public Health Officials reported this afternoon there were no new cases of Covid-19 in Manitoba.  The total number of cases is 300, no individuals are in hospital, there are eight active cases and 285 individuals have recovered.  For up to date information on COVID-19 in Manitoba visit www.manitoba.ca/covid19.



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports two new cases both in the south of the province.  That brings the provincial total to 658 cases, 21 are considered active, 624 individuals have recovered and there is one person in intensive care in Saskatoon.  For complete information on COVID-19 go to www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19.



Diplomas Will Be Delivered to Grads.

Flin Flons Many Faces Education Centre will be holding a different type of graduation this year.  Principal Marc Lucas says they’ll visit the grads.  He explains they’re going to do a caravan of staff driving from grad home to grad home taking as many pictures as they can at each stop and putting together a book for them all at the end of it and still get them their diplomas, bursaries, scholarships and everything like that but it’s a little bit different than they’ve done it in years past for sure.


Lucas adds they will have 6 to 7 grads on their list this year.

Further Support is Coming For Manitoba Non-profits and Charities to Hire Students.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has announced better support for charities and non-profits who have hired a student.  He says the new non-profit summer student incentive is in addition to the previously announced summer student wage subsidy program. He explains charities and non-profit organizations will be eligible to receive six thousand additional dollars in financial assistance if they have hired at least one summer student under the summer student wage subsidy program.  He says the online portal will be live on Tuesday June 16th and non-profits and charities have to show evidence of a summer student being hired and payment will be processed very soon thereafter.  Pallister adds the first three thousand will be paid on confirmation of the first student being employed with the remaining three thousand paid at the end of the summer employment.


Under the previously announced wage subsidy program non-profits are eligible to receive up to 25 thousand dollars in support to hire five summer students.


A Transport Company that Serves Communities in Our Area is Supporting Local Community Services.

Manitoulin Transport has opened a new terminal building in The Pas at 36 Industrial Road in a move from Halcrow Avenue.  Company President Jeff King says this new terminal demonstrates Manitoulin’s commitment to The Pas and surrounding areas and to Canada’s smaller communities in general.  He adds they will continue to expand their offerings to smaller communities noting The Pas, Snow Lake, Flin Flon and Creighton are all serviced overnight from Winnipeg and Brandon.


King added as a gesture of commitment to the community and in keeping with its practice of giving back Manitoulin Transport will be donating funds to Oscar’s Place Homeless Shelter in The Pas, Snow Lake Family Resource Centre and the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank in Flin Flon.


No News Cases of COVID -19 in Manitoba with Two in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health officials reported no new cases for another day.  The total number of cases remains at 300, no individuals are in hospital, there are eight active cases, 285 individuals have now recovered and the number of deaths remains at seven.    



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports two new cases with one in the Saskatoon region and one in the Far North Region.  That brings the provincial total to 656 and the Far North total to 261. From the provincial total 19 cases are considered active, 264 individuals have recovered, there are 13 deaths related to COVID-19 and one person is in intensive care.



The Saskatchewan government says students will be returning to regular classes in the province this fall.

Saskatchewan schools were closed indefinitely March 20 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Education Minister Gordon Wyant says that in-classroom learning for students from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 will resume Sept. 1, depending on local school division calendars.

Public health guidelines will be distributed to school divisions as early as next week to ensure schools are safe for students and staff.

Flin Flon Area Residents Gathered Yesterday to Demand Justice.

They gathered at Pioneer Square yesterday afternoon joining others around the world to speak out on black lives matter as well as demanding justice for the unjustice.  Organizer Cassandra Porteous explains their message is to bring justice to the unjustice on Black lives matter and Indigenous lives matter and missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirited because a lot of people around the world don’t realize what is actually going around and all the police brutality and the unfairness in the systemic racism and the oppression these people have gone through just because of the color of their skin.  She adds she just wants to bring awareness that it’s happening here in Flin Flon with racism and the oppression and everywhere else so she thinks if we stand up as a big enough group and if enough of us stand together around the world something will change.


Around 75 people attended the protest that ran from noon to three at Pioneer Square.

There Will Be Several Changes But Hapnot Graduation Plans are Moving Forward.

Plans are well underway for Hapnot Collegiate Grad 2020.  Principal Steve Lytwyn says the grads will have their car and float parade Wednesday June 24th at 11 am covering more streets that usual to allow for social distancing and at 7 pm they will hold a reverse grand march where grads will dress in their tuxes and dresses and social distance in front of the Collegiate down Green Street so people can drive by and support the grads.  He says they will then hold individual diploma presentations Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th and the way that works is the grads are booking appointments so the grad is able to come into the Hapnot gym and they’re allowed to bring up to 19 family, friends and guests.  He notes they’ll come in, they’ll pick up their diplomas and any awards if they’re eligible to do so and then they’ll have an opportunity to do some photos in the school.


Lytwyn adds when public health rules allow they will hold a safe grad with a formal gathering of all grads earlier that evening.


COVID-19 Numbers are Again Holding in Manitoba While the Number of Deaths Has Gone Up in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon.  He reported there are no new cases so the total number remains at 300, no individuals are in hospital or intensive care, there are nine active cases and 284 individuals have recovered.  He added as the province gradually re-opens we have to remember the virus is still around and we must continue to follow recommendations such as physical distancing, self isolation, washing our hands and not touching our face.



Meanwhile Saskatchewan reports four new cases of COVID-19 with three in Saskatoon and one in the Far North Region.  Two residents of the Far North Region who tested positive have died.  One individual was in their 60s and the second was in their 70s and that brings the total number of deaths in the province to 13.  The total number of cases reported in the province stands at 654 with 17 considered active and 624 individuals have recovered.  Phase three of Re-open Saskatchewan is underway with complete information on the plan available online at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.


Summer in The Parks is Getting Underway.

As we reported earlier Summer in the Parks gets underway tomorrow running from 12 to 5 weekdays based at the Rotary Wheel until August 21st.  Assistant Supervisor Nevada Shirran says planning and registrations have gone well noting they have their entire space at the Rotary Wheel set up and almost all their spots are filled.  She says they have a bunch of different outdoor activities and crafts planned, all of their themed weeks are going according to plan so far and they have a lot of different beach trips planned also.


Shirran adds Summer in the Parks is open to ages 5 to 10 with four year olds if they are going to kindergarten in the fall or turning 5 this year.  You can register at City Hall at 90 dollars a week, 600 for the whole summer, 20 dollars daily with limited spots and 4 drop ins are allowed each day.


While campgrounds are open this summer Manitoba Parks says people still need to adhere to physical distancing measures when using them.

Elisabeth Ostrop explains if you’re going camping with people outside of your household it’s important to be aware of how well they’ve been following the measures put in place.  She advises it’s all about knowing how your friends and family socialize so as a general rule they want people to think about how they’re interacting with their friends and neighbors so if at home they’re sticking with their household and not socializing beyond that then that’s probably how they approach camping as well.  She adds if incidents stay low and Manitoba is successful in flattening the curve then hopefully we can have everything return to normal.


Ostrop reminds campers to practice physical distancing while in the park in general, such as the trails, washroom and shower buildings, playgrounds, beaches, and green spaces.


She also recommends people bring their own toilet paper and hand sanitizer in addition to the supplies they would normally bring just so they’re prepared.


The Only COVID -19 Reports Over the Weekend Showed One New Case in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Public Health did not issue COVID-19 reports over the weekend.  On Friday the total number of cases reported reached 300 with 2 new cases resulting in nine active cases.



Saskatchewan reported one new case on Saturday that was in the Far North Region and none on Sunday bringing the provincial total to 650.  16 are considered active, 12 more people have recovered bringing that total to 623 and there is one person in intensive care in Saskatoon.  Saskatchewan continues to move forward with its re-open plan tomorror with the latest information available online at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.




Reported Cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba Have Reached 300 with One New Case in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon.  He reported there are two new cases taking the total to 300, 284 individuals are listed as recovered and there are nine active cases.


Roussin adds numbers continue to be favorable but it is not a return to normal as we are not done with this virus so precautions such as self isolation, physical distancing and hand washing continue to be important.


Hospitals across the province are preparing to ease restrictions on visitors noting the new guidelines are specifically for patients who are admitted to inpatient beds and do not apply to outpatients or to personal care homes where outdoor visits are taking place.



Saskatchewan reports one new case of COVID-19 in the Far North bringing the provinces total to 649, 27 cases are considered active, 611 people have recovered and one person is in hospital.  Saskatchewan RCMP report they received 35 calls last week related to COVID-19 including 20 complaints of large gatherings of over ten people.  No charges were laid.

You Can Visit the Museum Starting Monday.

Flin Flon Station Museum Board Chair Tom Heine says they will open their doors starting Monday.  He says it will be a reduced schedule because of COVID-19 and they expect everybody to follow the rules laid out by Manitoba Health but they will be opening starting Monday from 2 to 6.  He notes it’s giving them an opportunity to kind of re-jig the museum in that they’re working on their cataloging system and their inventory control so that’s the main function of the student they hired this year.


Heine adds the Museum will be open from 2 to 6 Monday to Friday with admission of 4 dollars for adults, 10 for a family and seniors and children will be half price.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada has joined with the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association to highlight the problem of invasive plant species in the province.

Rebekah Neufeld, the acting science manager for the conservancy in Manitoba, explains keeping these invasive species in check is important. Together, the organizations have identified 5 species that are particularly harmful.  They are leafy spurge, spotted knapweed, red bartsia, common tansy and scentless chamomile. She explains these species are among the most significant threats to our biodiversity and they can also have direct economic impacts by affecting land use for agricultural production for example.  She adds they can also affect our waterways and our wetlands so preventing that spread and keeping those areas free of those species is really critical.

Neufeld encourages everyone to check their backyards and gardens for any of these plants and to contact the conservancy through the inaturalist (eye-naturalist) app so they can map the locations where the plants have spread. For more information on invasive plants, go to nature conservancy dot ca.     


COVID-19 Numbers Continue to Hold in Manitoba With One More Case in Saskatchewan.

Public Health Officials reported this afternoon there are no new cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba.  The total number of cases remains at 298, no individuals are in hospital, there are seven active cases and 284 individuals have recovered.


Public Health also advises when the weather heats up and people venture out to beaches and parks visitors are reminded to know their limits and to supervise and keep children within arm’s reach at all times.  Standard physical distancing practices should be followed including two meters or six feet of separation from other beach users outside your family group and four meters or 12 feet of separation between each group’s towels or blankets on the beach to allow for foot traffic to and from the water.


              Saskatchewan reports one new case of COVID-19 in the Saskatoon region bringing the provincial total to 648.  29 cases are considered active, six more people have recovered for a total of 608 and there are currently two people in hospital both in intensive care.  Starting Monday some restrictions are being lifted including travel within the north and on businesses, gyms and fitness facilities, houses of worship and restaurants and licensed establishments.  Complete details on the re-open plan can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/re-open.

Premier Brian Pallister Says the Government Continues to Work for Manitobans.

Pallister was asked why the legislature is not holding regular sittings. He noted they have met more than nine other legislatures, Parliament is not holding normal sittings and they are normally on a break at this time of year.  He says he doesn’t think the argument works very well that they’re doing anything but being accountable as they’re facing a pandemic, they’re doing that effectively thanks to Manitobans, but the government’s done a lot of things right and they’re going to continue to learn through this process.  He notes they’ve now got to focus on getting our province back and that means getting our economy back safely and that’s where their target is going to be for the next few weeks.


Pallister added Manitobans have done a good job so far through this pandemic and should continue to do so as we can beat this thing together.


NDP MP Niki Ashton has Called for the Federal Government to Support Inland Fisheries.

While questioning ministers in parliament this week Ashton pointed out this pandemic has hit local businesses hard.  She explained import markets for our fish have dried up and this is devastating for our inland fishery.  She says the season opened last week and fisheries are desperate for support adding for Indigenous fishers fishing sustains their community, it is their way of life so will the government work with the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation and inland fishers to develop and facilitate the delivery of an emergency package that works for them and find ways to redirect product to domestic markets including communities facing food insecurity now.


Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan replied they recognize how hard the pandemic hit the fisheries sector.  She noted the harvesters benefit is available, EI benefits will be based on the previous season and they continue to look at ways to address challenges faced by the Freshwater Fisheries Marketing Corporation.



Saskatchewan Reports One New COVID-19 Case as Long Term Care Visitations Open.

Saskatchewan Health reports one new case of COVID-19 from the Far North Region.  This brings the provincial total to 647, 34 are considered active, 602 people have recovered and two people are in hospital both in intensive care.


Beginning immediately the Saskatchewan Health Authority is expanding criteria for compassionate reasons related to visitation restrictions for long term care homes and patients in intensive care in hospital. If long term care resident’s needs can’t be met without the help of family two designated relatives or support people can visit but only one at a time and for intensive or critical care patients in hospital and those in palliative care visits will be allowed by two family members.


For up to date information on this part of the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan go to www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19  and click on public health measures and health care facilities.


One COVID-19 Case was Reported in Manitoba as Hospital Visit Restrictions are Easing.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon.  He reported one new case of COVID-19 for a total of 298, there are 282 individuals that are listed as recovered and there are 9 active cases.  He noted today’s case and the previous three cases are all linked to a cluster  associated with temporary foreign workers in the Southern Health Region.

              Roussin adds they followed recommended procedures so there is no risk to the public.

              Hospitals and health centers will begin allowing expanded visitor access for inpatients.  The gradual easing of visitor restrictions will occur at individual sites across the province beginning as early as Friday.  These changes allow patients to see loved ones in person while measures remain in place to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19 in heath facilities.  You can find a link to more information on visitations in this story at www.flinflononline.com.






LINK:  https://news.gov.mb.ca/news/?archive=&item=48384.

Garage Sales Can Go Back on Your Agenda.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council reversed an earlier decision on banning garage and yard sales in the community.  At the time they were concerned about COVID-19 with groups of people gathering and money changing hands.  With changes in public health orders now in effect they passed a resolution noting garage and yard sales now fall within the health parameters for outdoor gatherings so the ban will be lifted and allowed in the City of Flin Flon.


They referred to committee of the whole council a copy of a letter to Northern Housing Operations regarding the vacant Manitoba Housing complex on Hemlock Drive noting this building has been vacant since September 2012 and is beyond savable for residency and should be torn down as it’s an open invitation for trouble.


The city agreed to share the cost of Flowers on Main Street with the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation and Hudbay Minerals in the amount of 4650 dollars shared three ways.


They also approved a Municipal Funding Application to the Parents of the 2020 Grads in the amount of 25 hundred dollars for grad picture banners and agreed to have the Public Works Department hang the banners.              Council will leave Zoom meetings and return to in person meetings back at City Hall for June 16th.


Funding is Available to Front Line Workers.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has announced the government will be distributing 120 million dollars to recognize the risks taken by front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says the program in collaboration with the federal government will provide a one time payment to eligible low income front line workers who made less than 25 hundred dollars a month since the pandemic started.  He explains this one time payment is available for all income tested workers who put in part time or full time hours since the state of emergency started on March 20th until May 29th as well as those who would have worked but had to follow public health orders to self isolate.


Eligible public and private sector positions include the areas of health care, social services, justice, transportation and essential retail, food and beverage services. A full list can be found at www.manitoba.ca/covid19 with applications being accepted starting today until June 18th.

Plans are Developing for a Trout Festival Parade and Fishing Derby.


With changes in regulations for group gatherings the Flin Flon Trout Festival is going ahead with the July 1st parade. Vice-President Sheena Reed says it will be their usual parade route under the theme celebrating our essential workers and graduates with spectators physical distancing.  She explains under the new regulations no crowds outside of more than 50 so they’re going to make sure people are spread out. She says there’s no cost to enter, there’ll be the usual prizes for commercial and non-commercial and they’re hoping to get a good turnout of cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, quads, golf carts, anything you want to enter.


An entry form will soon be available on their website www.flinflontroutfestival.com.  Reed adds they are also planning a walleye fishing derby so people can fish from shore if they wish running from June 12th to 28th with entry forms at the Gateway, Gas Bar, Rubi’s Outdoors and Lloydy’s with complete details on the Festival website.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey is Demanding Action on Paid Sick Leave Benefits.

In the Legislature last week Lindsey raised the issue of paid sick leave proposed to the provinces by the federal government. He stated paid sick leave provisions are governed by provincial legislation noting on this side of the house we are ready to debate legislation that would ensure these benefits for Manitobans now not sometime after a fall sitting.  He added we should be on with this business now to ensure that Manitobans have paid sick days when the need them asking will the Pallister government ensure paid sick leave is enacted before the legislature recess.


Premier Brian Pallister didn’t make that commitment but noted government members have shown their solidarity with working people, frontline workers and vulnerable people across the province by taking a voluntary pay cut while not one member of the other side has done that.


There are Again No New Cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba With Only One in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced the latest COVID-19 numbers this afternoon.  He reported there are no new cases so the total number of cases remains at 295, there are no cases in hospital or ICU, 278 individuals are listed as recovered and there are ten active cases.


Roussin also reported two cases listed last week related to truck drivers travelling into the United States and on the weekend another travel related case was in a temporary foreign worker but they all took the proper steps so spreading of the virus is unlikely.



Saskatchewan reports one new case of COVID-19 in the Regina region but the total remains at 646 as a previous case reported as positive was retested and found to be negative. 47 cases are considered active, six more people have recovered bringing the provincial total to 588 and four people are in hospital with two in intensive care.


Saskatchewan RCMP report they received 62 calls related to COVID-19 last week with 13 complaints of large gatherings over ten people. No one was charged.


The Animals Are Waiting For Your Visit.

The Joe Brain Petting Zoo was open over the weekend to start their 23rd season.  Recreation Programmer Cait Bailey says you can find all sorts of farm animals as they have calves, pigs, goats, lambs, sheep, chickens, geese and some other birds coming along as well and they might also have some interesting creatures from other places that might make their way throughout the summer.


Bailey adds the Zoo located on Green Street is open daily from 11 to 7 until the end of August.


There are Three New Members of the Northern Health Region Board.

Manitoba Health Minister Cameron Friesen has announced new appointments and reappointments to the boards of five regional health authorities.  New appointments made to the Northern Regional Health Authority Board include Linda Markus of The Pas, Dianne Russell of Flin Flon and Kelly Bindle of Thompson.  Reappointments to the Board are Angela Enright of Snow Lake and Mary Head of The Pas OCN.


The Boards of regional health authorities are responsible for directing the management and affairs of the region to ensure the delivery and administration of health services.  Friesen notes regional boards are crucial to ensuring the provision of safe, quality care and guide how we move forward to ensure consistent, reliable health services across the province.



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