Local News Archives for 2022-11

Appointments Were a Large Part of Last Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.

At their meeting Council approved the appointment of Brooke White as the Regional Economic Development Coordinator for Flin Flon Creighton Denare Beach..  This will include her responsibilities as Regional Tourism Officer. Council approved the appointment of Coucillors Alison Dallas-Funk, Bill Hanson and Heather Richardson as members of the Community Development Corporation and the appointment of Councillor Steve Lytwyn and the City Media Coordinator Thomas Duncan as members of the Flin Flon Reconciliation Team.  They approved their list of Standing Committees for 2022 to 2026 as presented at their last meeting.  That includes Councillor Steve Lytwyn as Deputy Mayor from November 2022 to June 2023, Councillor Alison Dallas-Funk as Chair of the Finance and Administration Services Committee, Councillor Heather Richardson as Chair of the Social Community and Recreation Services Committee and Councillor Bill Hanson as Chair of theEngineering Services Committee.


The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation’s Laurence Gillespie advised Council that they are working on developing a Community Mobilization Committee to bring Social Workers, service providers and the RCMP together to help people who have a situation arising that needs to be handled by more than one organization.  Mayor George Fontaine said he will appoint a Councillor to sit on the Committee with both Councillors Dallas-Funk and Eagle expressing interest.

You Can Enjoy the Start to the Holiday Season With the Community Choir.

The Flin Flon Community Choir is presenting Tidings of Joy on Saturday.  Choir Director Crystal Kolt says since their last in person Christmas concert was in 2019 the choir is excited to again be singing for the community…..


“This year we’re featuring a Winnipeg Brass Quartet which is sure the ultimate Christmas feeling I feel and so we’re essentially having four very talented musicians coming from Winnipeg to be part of the concert as well with a few solos it’s going to be a very Christmassy Christmas concert and so we’re looking forward to everybody to come and you can get tickets at the Uptown Emporium or online through Showpass at www.flinflonartscouncil.ca.”


The concert takes place Saturday evening starting at 7:30 in the RH Channing Auditorium in the Flin Flon Community Hall.

The City of Flin Flon Invites You to Celebrate the Start of the Christmas Season.

Flin Flon’s Christmas tree will be officially lit for the holiday season tomorrow evening.  Recreation Programmer Kelcey Andersen invites you to attend the celebration at Pioneer Square….


“It’s on Thursday the 1st at 5 so at 5 we’ll get the tree lit up, we’ll have a special guest coming we’ll have Santa Claus.  As well there will be free treat bags and hot chocolate for everyone who attends.”


To again celebrate the Christmas season the annual Santa Claus parade will be held next Tuesday at 6 along with the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Main Street Committee Family Christmas on Main Street from 4 to 6.

Its Time to Celebrate Christmas by Entering a Parade.

The Flin Flon The Pas U15 Hockey Team is encouraging anyone interested to take part in the Annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights next Tuesday December 6th. The Team’s Greg Kritzer says it is easy to join the parade…..


“You need to fill out a form and you can either get that form in hard copy from the Gateway or you can email myself at grkritzer@gmail.com and once you fill out that form we’ll have you on the list and you’ve just got to get yourself some decorations and put them on your vehicle. The big thing is its dark so you don’t have to worry about all the decorative stuff, get yourself some lights, play music and just be festive.”


The Parade will form up at 5:30 the evening of December 6th at the Whitney Forum parking lot and at 6 it will proceed up Church Street past the hospital and personal care home and then down Main Street.

              While you’re waiting for the parade you can join the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Main Street Committee in celebrating Family Christmas on Main Street with events from 4 to 6.

A Drill Program Is Set to Get Underway Near Snow Lake Friday.

Foremost Lithium announced it received a work permit from the Mining Permit Office of the Manitoba Government.  It has finalized plans to begin a 24 hole thee thousand meter diamond drill program on its Jean Lake Lithium Project located near Snow Lake.  The Company has signed a drill contract with BRL Drilling.  Air support, core storage and preparation facilities in Snow Lake will be provided by Gogal Air Services, drill pads will be cut by Moss Line Cutting of Snow Lake and field technical support will be provided by Golden Frost Exploration of Oak Bank Manitoba.


Vice-President of Exploration for Foremost Mark Fedikow says they are anxious to have the drills turning on Jean Lake to test their integrated targets consisting of the high grade B 1 and B 2 pegmatite dikes and UAV or drone defined linear magnetic trends with coincident lithium soil geochemical anomalies. Two rock samples from B 1 assayed 3.89 and 5.17 percent Lithium Oxide.  He adds their field crews have mobilized to the Jean Lake property where they are finalizing drill plans and drill site set ups.


They Came to Stand Against Violence.

A large group of supporters joined the Women’s Resource Centre for Take Back the Night in Pioneer Square Friday evening.  The group left Pioneer Square and marched down Main Street, Angel Avenue, Hapnot Street and back to Pioneer Square where the Centre’s Madison McIntyre told them Take Back the Night is an event designed to bring visibility and exposure to the impact of violence in women’s lives……


“Violence against women does not just impact one individual, it impacts an entire community.  We are gathered here today because we all have one thing in common and that one thing we have in common is we believe.  We believe in a world where violence against women and children does not exist and we are willing to fight for it.  Accepting violence against women is not an option and we will not allow for it to continue.  We are not just here to claim one night we are here to claim every night.  Most importantly we are here to demand change.”


The group paused to remember six local area women who lost their lives to gender based and domestic violence.

Its Time to Register Your Youngest Students for School.

Flin Flon School Division is again taking registrations for their Kindervention program that begins in January.  Administrative Assistant Kathryn Church explains they are providing information for parents ….


“The Flin Flon School Division will be holding parent information sessions on December 6th at 2 pm in person at the Division office which is at 9 Terrace Avenue or at 6:30 pm which will be a virtual session and the virtual link is on our website.  The Kindervention program is for students that are born in 2018 and any interested parents can attend the information session or they can call the Division office or the School in their catchment and we will be taking registrations until December 22nd, 2022.”


For more information and to find the virtual meeting link visit the School Division website at www.ffsd.mb.ca.

Your Response to the Bells Will Support Local Assistance Programs.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign is underway in Flin Flon.  Lieutenant Kelsie Burford says the kettles raise money to support their programs…..


“The Christmas Kettles money stays here in Flin Flon.  It all goes to us so it goes to helping in the community whether that’s to our lunch program that we do twice a week on Monday and Friday wherein we’re able to provide lunches for those who need it or it goes towards our Christmas campaign wherein we are able to give Christmas Hampers to those families who are truly in need this time of year.”


The Kettles will be at a various locations around the community Thursday, Friday and Saturday until December 17th and then the week of December 19th to 24th.  They are in need of people to ring bells at the kettles so if you can give them an hour of your time call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812 and if they’re not available leave a message and they will return your call.

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon Hosted a Visit by Their District Governor Wednesday Night.

Fred Wright is from Kenora Ontario and is responsible for District 5550 which includes Northwest Ontario, all of Manitoba and most of Saskatchewan.  He explained COVID hit Rotary a bit for membership but they’ve got a lot of good things happening in the District and they need to capitalize on that and make sure they tell everyone in the community about Rotary.  He noted the Flin Flon Club…..


“This is a strong Club one of the stronger ones in the District and they do a lot of really good work in the community and I think the big thing for Flin Flon like other Clubs is to do more visible work with our youth because if we do more visible work with our youth the parents of the youth will see what’s going on and like some of the Clubs and I’m sure it’s going to happen here the parents end up joining Rotary and having fun with us.”


 Rotary’s highest honor the Paul Harris Fellow Award for outstanding club and community service was presented to community member Dianne Russell.


Discussion on Reports and Correspondence Was Part of the Creighton Council Meeting.

At their meeting earlier this week the Town of Creighton reported receiving correspondence regarding a request from owners of commercial zoned lots on Roche Street to be rezoned to industrial,  This request has been forwarded to the Environmental Development Committee for further discussion.  Council also has received information from the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center regarding their community outreach services.  Also received was a report from ATAP Community and Water System regarding circuit rider training from October.  Mayor Burce Fidler stated he had a good look at the report and said it’s all very good and the crew is keeping on top of things along with their training. 


Council is encouraging residents to submit their letters of concern regarding last month’s public safety meeting.  They have received some but Mayor Fidler stated the more they receive the better.

A Variety of Vendors Will Be at a Craft Sale Saturday.

 The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Centre is holding their Cranberry Christmas Arts and Craft Sale Saturday.  The Centre’s Debbie McLauchlan says they have between 40 and 45 vendors with a variety of items…..


“Knitting, sewing, weaving, a variety of different jewelry, several custom made crafts, personalized products, Christmas creations, a few different vendors selling skin care and bath products, teas, lotions, tinctures.  We have Shelly Rudd with her pottery, we have stained and fused glass, painting, beading, native crafts and dream catchers, local wild rice, gluten free baking, we’ll have some wreaths, boreal forest products and as well we’ll have Tupperware, Scentsy, Norwick and Sunset Gourmet and Syd McKay is coming from The Pas with his custom knives.”


 There will also be organizations with memberships and ticket sales and a penny parade.  The sale is open Saturday from 9:30 to 3 in Frontier Collegiate and Cranberry Portage Elementary School gyms with canteens available at both locations.


New Trustees, Committees and School Updates Were Part of the School Board Meeting.

At their meeting this past Tuesday the Flin Flon School Board passed a motion appointing Tyler Kittle and Jed Reeves as Trustees for the four year term ending in October 2026. Trustees also did the Joint Committee selections.  A motion to approve the committees as selected will follow at their next scheduled meeting on the 14th of December.  The Board also passed a motion to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the advance notice of gratuity between the Flin Flon School Division and the Flin Flon Teachers Association which expires March 10th 2023.


At Ecole McIsaac School the first individual education plan meetings take place November 30th and December 1st.  During those two days parents/caregivers are welcomed to meet the School teaching team to discuss and collaborate on the progress of their child’s individual programming.  These meetings take place three times throughout the year, one for each term.   At Many Faces they have 75 registered students in addition to 27 in the Adult Learning Centre with more registrations still coming in the next quarter.


Applications Are Now Being Taken for Christmas Hampers.

The Salvation Army in Flin Flon is accepting applications for Christmas Hampers this week. Lieutenant Kelsie Burford says they are being accepted by phone…..


“We take applications of people typically that are on social assistance, old age pension, have potentially lost their job, are on employment insurance and they can call in and as long as they have proof of ID and as long as they have proof of income we can sign them up and register them for our Christmas Hampers this week.’            


Applications for Hampers are being accepted by calling 204-687-7812 today through Friday from 10 AM to 12 and 1 to 3.


You Are Invited to Support Women at a Walk Friday Afternoon.

The Women’s Resource Centre invites everyone to take part in Take Back the Night Friday.  Executive Director Laurie Sealey asks you to join them at an event to protest the fear that women have in walking the streets at night…..


.” It’s just designed to bring visibility and exposure to the impact of sexual violence in women’s lives. Statistics show that it is an increasing problem and over 80 percent of sex crime victims are women.  One in four North American women will be sexually assaulted during their life time, that being 25 percent which makes sexual assault the most common and serious crime. On average every six days a woman is killed by her intimate partner.  As survivors we are demanding lives free from sexual violence, murder, living in poverty and the violence that is directed towards women and children. This event is for anyone with a chance to come together in unity to take back the night.”


The Walk begins at 5:15 Friday afternoon at Pioneer Square when they will walk down Main Street, Angel Avenue and Hapnot Street back to Pioneer Square.

You Can Be Involved in the Ongoing Development of the Museum.

Flin Flon City Council recently passed a bylaw to establish a Museum Board of Directors for the Flin Flon Station Museum.  They are now accepting applications from people interested in serving on the Board.  Applications are being accepted by the City on or before 4 pm on Monday.  They advise a short submission stating personal interest in the letter will be helpful along with contact information.


Letters can be mailed to City of Flin Flon, 20 First Avenue, Flin Flon, R8A 0T7 or drop them off at City Hall.

Area Resident Were Generous With Their Shoe Boxes.

Operation Christmas Child has wrapped up in the Flin Flon Area.  The Alliance Church is the coordinator and Pastor Reg Friesen reports they had a goal of 100 but collected 70 boxes but are planning for a better year next year….


“I just talked with a friend yesterday and she says a lot of folks collect items throughout the year, they look for things throughout the year, bargains on toys and other things, buying things in bulk like toothbrushes, supplies, books and crayons, all of the items that really help make these gift boxes exciting for the kids and then they’re ready to pack multiple boxes next fall so that’s actually a pretty good idea I think.”


In thanking those who donated Friesen noted the boxes were picked up and taken to The Pas where they were sent to Calgary to be shipped to children where there is war, natural disasters and famine.  Since 1993 more than 198 million children in more than 170 countries and territories have received an Operation Christmas Child shoe box.

Manitoba Possible Recently Launched an Online Tool That Helps Pair People Looking for Homecare and Respite Services With a Support Worker.

Provincial Services Director Lindsey Cooke says the organization has been working with MyCare to bring Care Possible to the province to grow care giving capacity especially in rural and remote communities.


Cooke adds people looking for work as a support worker don’t require specialized skills or certification.....


“We’re looking for kind caring people that want to do really rewarding work in their community so it’s great if you’ve got some experience maybe caring for loved ones or caring for children, supporting persons with disabilities but that’s not a prerequisite.  If you’re someone that thinks this might be a good career path for you we’d really welcome those workers to our platform.”


Cooke states background checks are in place for support workers to ensure safety and trust on the platform. Visit care possible DOT ca to learn more.


A Local Greenstone Board Member has Earned a Provincial Award.

Board Member for Community Futures Greenstone Ken Pawlachuk has been awarded the Community Futures Manitoba Volunteerism Award for 2022-2023.

The CF Volunteer Award has been established as a means of recognizing at the local and provincial levels the volunteers who are critical to the Community Futures Program.


In presenting the award Greenstone Chair Cal Huntley stated Ken is a familiar volunteer throughout a number of organizations so it’s no surprise that CF Manitoba has chosen him for this distinction. He added Ken is

certainly a passionate ambassador for this community and for the Community Futures program. A release explains upon his retirement from HBM&S Pawlachuk was seeking a new challenge and successfully campaigned for a seat on City Council. Ken was appointed to the Greenstone Board by the City of  Flin Flon in2015. A reliable and committed Board Member Ken brought his passion for the arts and tourism to the Greenstone Board table and was instrumental in advocating for projects like The Uptown Imporium, Snowmobile Tourism Project and The Water & The Wild Place Branding initiative.

Greenstone Manager Becky Cianflone says Ken has been a steady leader through a variety of challenges and transitions for our organization and we are grateful for his contribution.

A Series of Community Engagement Sessions Will Be Taking Place Across the North.

The General Manager of the Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation Andrew Forward encourages you to learn more about their twenty year Forestry Management Plan….


“Some people may be familiar with the two year Forest Management Operating Plans, we’ve been doing those every two years for a long time. We host the information sessions about what operations are occurring on the landscape in the immediate term but this is different.  It is more strategic in nature, its long term.  The operating plans are derived from this 20 year Forest Management Plan so it’s not just a plan about wood, it’s a plan about the forest and the things that are related, it’s also about all the resource users, it’s about the stakeholders and rights holders.”


The Community Engagement Session for this area including Cranberry Portage, Bakers Narrows and Sherridon will be held Thursday night at 7 in the Rotary Room at the Flin Flon Public Library. You’re invited to attend to share your concerns and values with NFMC staff, ask questions and provide feedback to help shape forestry plans for your area. If you can’t attend a virtual session will be held Tuesday night at 7.  Email nfmc@niso.ca for the link.


The Manitoba Government has Opened Applications for their Youth Advisory Council on Climate.

The government is inviting youth from across the province to apply to the next cohort of the Youth Advisory Council on the Climate and Green Plan.  Applications are open to youth who are between 15 and 29 years of age on January 1st, 2023, represent the diversity of Manitoba, are knowledgeable about issues related to the Made in Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, demonstrate a proven interest in environmental issues and community engagement, are able to engage in respectful open discussion and be tolerant of conflicting view points and are not employed by the Manitoba government.


The Advisory Youth Council was first established in 2019 and the two past cohorts provided critical forward thinking input into several key strategies and recommendations on Manitoba youth’s perspective on climate change.


For information on the Made in Manitoba Climate and Green Plan and to apply for the Youth Advisory Council visit https://manitoba.ca/climateandgreenplan/yac.html by midnight November 30th.


The Liberals Have Been Accused of Failing to Effectively Tackle the Climate Crisis Putting Lives at risk.

In the House of Commons Wednesday Member of Parliament Niki Ashton called on the liberals to take the climate crisis seriously noting Canada is a failure when it comes to tackling the climate crisis. 

“Here at home, First Nations like Peguis, Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, St Therese and others who are impacted disproportionately by climate change are already paying the price of Liberal inaction. Yesterday’s Auditor General exposed the Liberals’ failures. Some support for evacuations - nothing for mitigation, adaptation and frankly survival: 112 communities, including in my riding, without the supports they need to stay safe. 
And then there are Canada’s abject failures on the world stage. 
Canada is the only country in the G7 that hasn’t lowered their emissions since the signing of the Paris Accords. 
This Liberal government gives over $14 billion a year to their friends in Big Oil and even builds them pipelines.”


Ashton concluded the climate crisis is already having a major impact in Canada. First Nations and people across Canada can’t afford more greenwashing. We need action now. Our future depends on it.


A Drone Magnetic Survey has been Completed on Lithium Properties near Snow Lake.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology Limited has recently completed a UAV or drone assisted high resolution airborne magnetic survey on its Lithium Lane Properties near Snow Lake.  Foremost contracted EarthEx Geophysical Solutions from Selkirk, Manitoba which flew over the entire 43 thousand acre land package.  They report the UAV system’s resolution has provided excellent litho-structural detail over all of Foremost’s Lithium Lane Properties and has generated detailed 3D models of the magnetic resources on the properties. The resolution of the survey allows targeting of bedrock structure which may host lithium pegmatite deposits which when coupled with 3D products from inversion of magnetic survey data provides an excellent source of information for Foremost Lithium to define drill targets on their property based on their magnetic signatures including both magnetic and non-magnetic targets.


EarthEx President Daniel Card says the high quality of the magnetic data collected could play a central role in Foremost’s exploration efforts.


Be Ice Aware This Winter.

With the arrival of snow and colder temperatures the Water Security Agency is reminding you to ensure that ice is thick enough to safely walk, drive or snowmobile on.

The Agency reports ice thickness can be deceptive and unpredictable at times. It doesn’t freeze at a uniform thickness and its strength can vary considerably from one area to another. 

To be sure, check the ice thickness before you travel on it. As a guideline, you need at least 10 cm of ice to walk on, 20 cm to drive a snowmobile or ATV on, 30 cm to drive a car or light truck on, and more than 30 cm to support a heavy truck. 

Thickness is just one consideration when evaluating ice safety. Clear, hard ice is the only ice recommended for travel. 

Ice should be re-evaluated on every date visited even if it was safe on a previous date. The date that ice becomes safe at a site varies from year-over-year requiring the verification of the thickness each year as opposed to relying on past experiences.

Also avoid ice that looks slushy, has thawed then froze again, is near moving water, is layered caused by sudden temperature changes or has structures on it such as pressure ridge.

Plans Are Being Developed to Improve The Empty Lots on Main Street.

On behalf of the Main Street Sculpture Project Task Force Dianne Russell made a presentation to Flin Flon City Council at their meeting Tuesday night on Main Street Revitalization.  She explained on May of 2021 the City was gifted with five animal sculptures through an estate to display in the community.  The decision of where to home them was discussed among a committee of local businesses and community members with the vacant lots on Main Street being the most popular due to the visibility and large impact of the vacant lots. Russell noted the goals are to create culturally appropriate themes and designs for the vacant lots by engaging populations through community survey with pre-determined options, enabling Indigenous group members to spearhead Indigenous themes and options, designs by artists chosen through community engagement and selections and utilizing the Water and the Wild branding.  They would provide an experience on Main Street by providing stories, beautiful sculptures and space for performers, workshops and pop up restaurants while providing light in unlit locations. Council received the report as information including the request for 150 thousand dollars over three years to fund the project along with various grants available to the committee.


The date for City Council’s next meeting has been changed from December 6th to November 29th.

Tom Lindsey Was Not Impressed with the Manitoba Throne Speech.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says the speech made a lot of promises but was short on any actual activity to carry out or fulfill promises.  He says it did mention the mining industry….


“Well I guess it’s good news that they plan to hire back people to work in the Mines Branch, my question is what happened to all the people that used to work there, is it like every other government department where they got rid of people, didn’t bother hiring when people retired so they are just trying to fix what they broke.  Hopefully some money that they talked about for mining will actually help the industry progress.  I mean there’s a lot of exploration taking place right now hopefully we’ll see something come of that.”


Lindsey adds they talked about changes and all the people they’re going to hire with health care but never said anything about restarting hospitals in the north or about actually staffing ambulances so people don’t have to drive themselves to hospitals from Flin Flon to The Pas or Thompson.

Part of Film History Hits the Hapnot Cinema Tomorrow Night.

The Central Canada Film Group’s Colin Davis says they are presenting two 1920’s films Friday night at the Hapnot Cinema….


“Charlie Chaplin was a genius and this Friday at the Hapnot Theatre we’re watching his masterpiece The Kid from 1921 and if you’ve never seen this classic before then you should consider coming by and watching this beautifully restored work of art and we wouldn’t be showing it if it wasn’t entertaining and then after a short intermission we’ll be showing the Harold Lloyd comedy classic Safety Last. Harold Lloyd was one of the great physical comedians of the 1920s and he did all of his own stunts. This is a laugh out loud classic so why don’t you plan on coming by and joining in the fun.”


Davis adds doors open at 7 pm with the films starting at 7:30, snacks are available, there’s a special pre-show for early birds and as always admission is free.

Plans are to Re-open the Library Next Month.

The Flin Flon Public Library was closed earlier this month due to concerns over structural issues.  City Council reported on November 4th there is an indication of possible structural issues and Council is erring on the side of caution for the safety of the employees and the public.  They now report after an engineering assessment the Library is required to undergo repairs and is tentatively scheduled to re-open on or before December 13th.

A Local Foundation is Asking For Your Support This Week.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation is encouraging residents of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage and area to make a gift this week.  President Jane Robillard explains the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge runs until Sunday…..


“This week each gift that’s made to the Northern Neighbors Foundation of say five dollars is then matched by both the Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba government to make that seven dollars so it’s an increase in funds, it’s only for this week until November 20th. You can go online to Endow Manitoba and search out the Northern Neighbors Foundation and make your donation that way.”


 Robillard adds you can also make your donation locally by mailing a cheque to the Northern Neighbors Foundation Box 802 Flin Flon or by calling her at 204-687-6488 or Shylo at 687-0848.  She notes it goes into their community foundation fund, its stays there and all interest comes back to them and those are the community grants they give out each year.


People Enjoyed Supper and Auctions to Support a Special Program.

The Freedom Outreach Program based at Denare Beach held a fundraising dinner and auctions November 4th.  The program’s Kandi Lagore says it was a great evening due to a lot of support….


“The total raised was about 12 thousand dollars.  Our art donors helped us raise 28 hundred dollars and there were amazing art pieces there and the desserts auction raised 18 hundred dollars so all in all it was a great event.  Of course this will help us continue our programs to men who want to break free of addictions as well as when we get our community office up and running to help more people get into other programs as well so we really appreciate it and thanks so much again.”


Lagore adds it was a great success due to all who supported them including their sponsors, their volunteers, the art donors, dessert makers, those who attended and Raphael Saray for doing the auctions.



A Doctor With over 40 Years of Service to Our Community is Retiring Later This Month.

Dr. Krishan Sethi has notified his patients that with mixed emotions and a very heavy heart he has decided to close his family medical practice as of November 30th.  He notes many attempts to find a replacement for his practice to continue to care for his patients have unfortunately been unsuccessful. 


Sethi explains he is working to enter into an agreement with the Northern Health Region to have your health records transferred to their care.  The transfer will occur on December 12th. He adds the region will not disclose your information without your consent or as permitted by law.  You may access your information by calling the Flin Flon Clinic at 204-681-3051 or 681- 3053.  An administrative fee may be applied by the Health Region.  They will retain your records for ten years at which time they will be destroyed by secure and confidential shredding.


Sethi concludes over the past 43 years he has been entrusted by several people to take care of generations of your families which has been a rewarding experience.


The Shelves have been Refilled at the Food Bank.

 Northland Ford in Flin Flon has wrapped up their annual Scare Hunger campaign to collect non-perishable food items for the Lords Bounty Food Bank.  Their Marketing and Events Coordinator Mike Slipp says it was a very successful event due to the support of our communities……


“The Creighton Kodiaks, Flin Flon Bombers, Creighton School, Ruth Betts, McIsaac and Hapnot all kicked in and of course the general public really helped us out.  We got enough food the Food Banks Alison Dallas-Funk said for approximately ten months, not quite as much as last year but with food prices we couldn’t be more happier and it was a great effort by everybody.”


The Scare Hunger Campaign ran through October.


You Can Expect a Test Alert on Your Television, Radio and Compatible Wireless Devices Wednesday Afternoon.

A test of Alert Ready, Canada’s National Public Alerting System will take place Wednesday afternoon at 1:55 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The respective emergency management organizations will issue one test message over television, radio and compatible LTE wireless devices.  They note testing of the Alert Ready system provides the opportunity to increase public awareness about the system and spark emergency preparedness conversations so that Canadians can be ready and prepared in the event of an actual emergency and to validate the effectiveness and reliability of the system to ensure it operates in the event of an actual emergency.


Alert Ready was developed in collaboration with federal, provincial and territorial government agencies, Pelmorex, the broadcasting industry and wireless service providers. They add given the importance of warning Canadians of imminent threat to safety of life and property Canadians do not have the option to opt out of this essential life saving service.  So far this year the Alert Ready System had delivered more than 800 public alert messages to Canadians.  To learn more visit www.alertready.ca and follow them on Twitter.

Ham Sandwich Production To Get You In Xmas Spirit

The local Ham Sandwich theatre  group is ready to get you into the Christmas spirit with their holiday production of Doublewide Texas Christmas coming up later in November.


Director Dianne Therien tells us what it is all about:  


" It is about a new town in Texas that only has 10 residents and they find out they are being double crossed with their incorporation papers. They have been pushed aside and not allowed to participate in the brand new battle of the manger or nativity smack down  as it is referred to in the play. It is quite hilarious and there is a lot of comedy for all audiences to enjoy."


Therien says the cast and crew have been working very hard on this production since September and have put together a show that all audiences can enjoy. The show will take place November the 25th and 26th at the FF Community Hall at 7:30.


Tickets can be picked up at the Uptown Emporium, online at flinflonartscouncil.ca or at the door.

School Board Meeting












Rotary Dream Draws

The Flin Flon Rotary Club is gearing up for one of their biggest fundraisers of the year, with the return of the Dream Draws tomorrow night.


Rotarian Dean Grove stopped by the CFAR studio earlier today and says they have a fun night planned:


“ If you haven’t got your ticket yet , I would be hitting up Kleen All or maybe some of the Rotarians have them. There are only 600 tickets being printed so you have a good chance at one of the big prizes. The ticket also gets you into the social for the Usual Suspects, tomorrow night at the FF Community Hall. Doors open at 8 with the first draw at 9."


 There will be 11 draws total with over $35,000.00 in value. The night will also include a Social which will start at 9 at the Flin Flon Community Hall.

Remembrance Service On Friday

This Friday is Remembrance day and the Royal CDN Legion Local Branch 73 will be hosting their annual Remembrance day service at the Flin Flon Community Hall.


Due to no Covid restrictions the Legion is going back to their regular service that they have hosted for many decades. President Bob Penner tells us what the agenda will look like.


" We are back in the Community Hall for our service which will start approximately at 10:50, we will have our 2 minutes of silence at 11. If you are taking part in the parade be at the Legion by 9:15. The parade route will be down Hapnot street , all the way to Fourth Ave, turn left on Hill Street going north past the Cenotaph on to the Community Hall."


Terry Smith is back as the MC, Father Paul as well as  Mark and Kelsie from the Salvation Army  will be the guest speakers and  Mark Colt will play  the organ. The Legion is also requesting that everyone turn off their cell phones during the service.


The service will start at 10:45 and wrap up at approximately noon with a march back to the Legion and raising of the flag. The service will be broadcast on 102.9 CFAR and flinflononline.com.

The Closing of the Triple Seven Mine Brought Down the Financial Picture for Hudbay.

Hudbay President Peter Kukielski reports he characterizes their third quarter results as a period of strong performance in their Peru operations and a period of transition in their Manitoba operations after the closing of the Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon in June 2022…


”Our consolidated copper production in the third quarter was 24.5 thousand tonnes a five percent decrease compared to the second quarter due to the closure of Triple Seven but partially offset by higher copper grades in Peru.  Consolidated gold production was 55.2 thousand ounces a nine percent decrease due to the closure of Triple Seven and slightly lower gold grades in Peru but partially offset by significantly higher grades a Lalor and higher recoveries in Snow Lake and Peru. Consolidated zinc production was 9.8 thousand tonnes lower than the prior quarter due to Triple Seven closure and one off production interruptions in Snow Lake during the quarter.”


            Kukielski adds they anticipate stronger performance in the fourth quarter and have reaffirmed their 2022 production guidance for all metals.

RCMP Calls for Service in Northern Manitoba Were Down Eight Percent in September over September Last Year.

RCMP report during September 2022 Manitoba North District reported decreases in all occurrences except for crimes against property over September 2021. Common police activities decreased from 955 to 740 with people reported missing down from 220 to 144, breach of the peace down from 426 to 317 and suspicious persons, vehicle, property up from 70 to 77. Crimes against person decreased from 980 to 882 with the largest decrease occurring in sexual offences down from 60 to 33 followed by forcible confinement down from 11 to 8.  Crimes against property increased overall from 1232 to 1360 with break and enters the highest increase from 66 to 103 followed by fraud up from 20 to 27 with theft under five thousand dollars down from 123 to 118.  And drug enforcement was down overall from 60 to 42 and all sub-categories either decreased or had no change including possession down from 13 to 8 and trafficking down from 40 to 33.

Decommissioning of Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon Was Completed in the Third Quarter.

In their third quarter financial report Hudbay President Peter Kukielski gave an update on their Flin Flon closures……


“After 18 years of steady production at Triple Seven in Flin Flon the final reserves were depleted in June and the mine was decommissioned in early August.  The Flin Flon mill was safely placed on long term care and maintenance during the third quarter, Closure activities in Flin Flon including the Zinc Plant was substantially completed in the third quarter with most of our employees and equipment of value transitioned to Snow Lake operations to support Lalor’s ramp up to 53 hundred tonnes per day in early 2023.  This was a key focus area for the Snow Lake operation during the quarter as the integration of the Flin Flon employees and equipment will allow us to ultimately transition away from the use of contractors.”


         Kukielski also reported Manitoba operations in the quarter produced over 40 thousand ounces of gold, almost 10 thousand tonnes of zinc, approximately 2 thousand tonnes of copper and 153 thousand ounces of silver. He also reported full year production of all metals in Manitoba is on track to meet guidance ranges for 2022.

Having an Emergency Kit For Your Vehicle is a Must All Year Round, But Especially So in the Winter.

CAA Manitoba spokesperson Nadia Matos says in addition to flashlights, first aid kits, jumper cables, and water and food that won’t spoil, having a shovel, winter clothing and footwear, ice scrapers and a snow brush can be crucial items whether you’re driving in the city or making a long trip on the highway.......


“On top of the emergency kit if you can plan your route as much as possible so that is thinking about what am I going to be doing today, am I going to be driving in the city and just staying within city limits or am going to be doing some long distance travelling and so if you plan your route and let someone know what your route is that’s going to be crucial as well to stay safe. So if you say to your partner I’m going to the city for a few hours, I’ll connect with you on my way back then your partner will know to look for you.  So in case the weather turns you’re doing your due diligence and you’re connecting with people and letting them know when you’re coming home so everybody can return home safe.”


For more information on winterizing your vehicle go to the CAA website and click on magazine.

Things Are Looking Good at the Flin Flon Tailings Site.

Hudbay Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Andre Lauzon reports the Flin Flon Tailings drilling indicates higher grades than expected…..


“This facility holds in excess of 100 million tonnes of tailings that have been deposited over the span of 90 years.  The results from recent drilling indicated higher zinc, copper and silver grades than reported from out historical mill records and we also confirmed an historical gold grade.  Driven by these results we plan to complete metallurgical test work on the Flin Flon tails to assess metallurgical recoveries.  Our Anderson tails facility in Snow Lake also contains significant amounts of gold deposited over many years.  Given our enhanced gold processing in Snow Lake we intend to evaluate a similar opportunity to reprocess the Anderson tailings.”


Hudbay is also in the process of planning a winter drill program the test the down dip gold and copper extensions of the Lalor deposit in Snow Lake in 2023 which is the first time the company has completed step out drilling in the deeper zones at Lalor since 2009.


Local Non-Profits can Increase Their Governance and Fundraising and Marketing Skills.

Community Futures Greenstone and the Flin Flon Creighton SPCA are asking local groups to register for Build a Better Non-Profit.  Greenstone Manager Becky Cianflone explains….


“One of the things I’ve been hearing from a lot of local groups is that there’s new volunteers, there’s new leaders moving into positions with different organizations and so we really wanted to help support community groups that are really the lifeblood of our organizations so on Saturday November 19th we’re bringing in facilitators from Volunteer Manitoba and the morning part of the event is going to be all about roles and responsibilities and the fundamentals that organizations need to be aware of so they can operate effectively and efficiently.” 


Build a Better Non-Profit takes place Saturday November 19th from 8 to 4 in Flin Flon City Hall Council Chambers.  To register at ten dollars a person call the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967 or email admin@cfgreenstone.com.

New COVID Cases Are Back on the Rise in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 411 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the week of October 23rd to 29th an increase from 362 in the previous week.  The Winnipeg region had the highest number of new cases at 216 with the Northern health region again reporting the lowest number at 16 up from 13 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests was on average 328 people tested per day an increase from 297 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 28.7 percent an increase from 24 percent.  There were 116 hospital admissions an increase from 100 with 7 ICU admissions down from 16 in the previous week.

You Can Join the Recycling Centre in Celebrating 30 Years.

The Flin Flon and District Environment Council has been operating the Recycling Centre for 30 years.  Administrator Deb Odegaard invites you to celebrate with them…..


“We have two events, they’re both come and go.  Friday at the Recycling Centre from 2 to 5 we have staff appreciation and an open house. People can come and see what happens there and on Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 at Johnny’s Social Club again it’s like an open house with cupcakes and music and memories and people can come by.  There’s a door prize of 100 dollars and a thousand calories.  It’s all free just come and help us celebrate.”


If you need more information you can call the Recycling Centre at 204-687-6169 or visit their Facebook page.

You Can Help Bring Mary Poppins to the Stage.

The Flin Flon Community Choir is presenting Mary Poppins in May.  The Choir’s Crystal Kolt says they are holding auditions this Sunday and Monday noting there are a lot of characters in the show….


“There’s Mary and Bert and children and the mother and father and family and the Nanny and there’s a lot of other characters as well so anybody interested in being part of the production can call the Flin Flon Arts Council office or you can call Crystal Kolt or you can email flinflonartscouncil@gmail.com and you’ll find out everything you need to know about the audition and you’ll be getting little sides which are little sections of the musical to rehearse.”


Auditions take place Sunday and Monday at the Flin Flon Arts Council Office.  Mary Poppins will be performed May 5th to 7th.

The Newly Elected City Council Held Their First Meeting Last Night.

At last night’s Flin Flon Council Meeting George Fontaine was sworn in as Mayor. That was followed by the swearing in of the new Council made up of Steve Lytwyn, Alison Dallas-Funk, Mike Slipp, Judy Eagle, Heather Richardson and Bill Hanson the only member of the past Council to seek re-election.


Being the first meeting only six days after the election it was a short agenda.  Council received a request for information on Flin Flin from Logan a grade 12 student at Souris Regional School in Souris, Prince Edward Island that he could use in a presentation to his class as part of their research into towns and cities in Canada. He had heard about the mine shaft and was really interested in the one hundred stairs. The City will respond and send pins for the whole class.


Council authorized Manitoba Hydro to install two hydro poles with LED lights on Emery Drive of Channing subdivision.  The lighting had been requested by residents in the area.



At the end of the meeting Fontaine explained to those attending they’ve been having discussions and hoping to get business done and hear from the people so we will try to do our best to keep things as open as possible so we’ll always find a point at which someone can ask questions.


You Can Shop for Crafts and Christmas Gifts in Creighton Saturday.

The Women’s Resource Centre is holding their annual Christmas Craft and Home Show on Saturday.  Their Executive Director Laurie Sealey says it supports the Women’s Safe Haven…..


“We have many vendors this year, some new ones, we’ve got preserves, engraving, Tina’s Resin Works, jewelry, Christmas arrangements, all kinds of good Christmas ideas.  We’ve got some of our regulars the Friendship Centre, Eileen Jessup with her Mary Kaye and a lot of new ones and it seems to be a full house and it’s going to be very exciting.”


Sealey adds there will also be door raffles, a Tooney parade, a silver collection and coffee and snacks available.            

The Christmas Craft and Home Show runs from 10 to 4 Saturday in the Creighton Community Hall.

There is a String of Pearls Along the Boardwalk.

The Flinty Boardwalk Committee has installed new lights along the Flinty Boardwalk.  The Committee’s Dave Price says they were fortunate earlier in the year to be able to round up funding to replace the old lights with LEDs…….


“We got funds from the Manitoba Building Sustainable Communities Fund, we got a generous donation from the Company here Hudbay, from the Rotarians and also from the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation so we gave Beech Electric the go ahead to do the job and the reaction so far has been very positive, they are very pretty.  One of our members said it reminded him of a string of pearls shining off the lake.”


Price adds they will give nocturnal wanderers a brighter and more even illumination than the old yellow lights and will also draw significantly less hydro power.


The Hall Will Be Full of Christmas Shopping Opportunities.

The Flin Flon Arts Council is holding their 42nd annual Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale Saturday.  Their Coordinator Crystal Kolt says they have all their features back this year….


“First of all we’re going to be having a full house of wonderful products and vendors.  Some people will recognize some new faces in the crowd which is going to be wonderful. We have Santa coming for Photos With Santa again so we’re super excited with that and also the Seniors are going to be offering their luncheon again so it’s going to be just a really fun Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale.  It’s going to be our 42nd annual and starting at 10 in the morning.”


The sale runs from 10 to 4 Saturday in the Flin Flon Community Hall.

Churchill-Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton is echoing the calls of Indigenous leadership for Ottawa to send urgent help to Red Sucker Lake First Nation.

This comes after a teenage boy committed suicide earlier this month resulting in the community declaring a state of emergency.


There have also been 17 suicide attempts and other deaths on the First Nation.


When asked by Ashton whether the Liberal government would step up to assist Red Sucker Lake, Indigenous Services Minister Patty Hajdu had this to say......


“We agree with the Member opposite that it is unacceptable to have such levels of disparity across this country for First Nations people.  That’s why we committed to closing the socio-economic gap by 2030, that’s why we doubled out efforts in investing in infrastructure and mental health and wellness and support for communities like Red Sucker Lake across this country will continue, Mr. Speaker, to do more with First Nations Partners because every child deserves a fair chance to succeed.”


Last week the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs called on the federal government to send in mental health counsellors and fund community programs to improve the lives of youth on reserve.



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