Local News Archives for 2014-11

You Can Share Breakfast With Santa

As part of the CADAC Festival of Trees this weekend a Breakfast With Santa will support the Creighton Community School class of 2015.  CADAC’s Laurel Mackie says you can enjoy a fun pancake breakfast tomorrow from 9 to 11 for five dollars and Lisa Kryschuk will be there taking Santa photos for five dollars.  She adds in the afternoon they have the Silver Bells Grad Tea and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some angel food cake and strawberries and its also a fund raiser for the grad class of 2015.


The tea runs from 1 to 3 tomorrow afternoon. These events are found at the Festival of Trees being held in the Creighton Community School gym tonight from 6 to 9:30 and tomorrow from 9 to 4. Mackie also reminds you tomorrow at the Festival will be your last chance to order from their cheesecake sale

Your Bell Ringing Will Support Christmas Hampers

The Salvation Army is looking for groups or individuals to help them with their Christmas Kettle Campaign.  Major Debbie Allen says they need a number of volunteers to operate this year’s campaign. She says the Kettles start today and they’re out today and Saturday and then the following weeks up to Christmas they’re out Thursday to Saturday except for Christmas week when they’ll be out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  She says their Saturdays are full but they still have a lot of vacant shifts on Thursdays and Fridays at the Co-op, Walmart and RBC.


If you can spend an hour with a kettle call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812.

Attending a Big Sale This Weekend Will Support Youth Programs.

The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Center is holding their annual Cranberry Christmas Arts, Crafts and More Sale tomorrow to support youth programming in the community.  The Center’s Debbie McLauchlan says they have 57 vendors with over 100 tables in two gymnasiums.  She says they’ve got jewelry, crafts, baking, knitting, stained glass, candle products, handmade knives, lots of Christmas crafts, there’s a book fair going on at the Elementary gym to raise money for the library in the Elementary School, quite a large variety of products.


The sale is open tomorrow from 9:30 to 3 in the Frontier Collegiate and Cranberry Portage Elementary School Gymnasiums with lunch available at both facilities.

Charges Have Been Laid Following a Firearms Incident

Just before 7 yesterday morning Flin Flon RCMP with the assistance of the Cranberry Portage and Creighton RCMP responded to a residence on Center Street in Flin Flon following a report of a firearm being discharged.  Police were able to apprehend a male suspect without incident.  Nobody was injured during the discharge of the firearm.


A 38 year old Flin Flon man is charged with careless use of a firearm, discharging a firearm while being reckless and unsafe storage of firearms.  He has been released from custody and will appear in Flin Flon Provincial Court at a later date.

Seniors Are Invited to Celebrate the Christmas Season Sunday

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is holding their Seniors Christmas party Sunday afternoon. Chairperson Bill Fulford says for the entertainment they’ll have most of the normal groups they have had in previous years and that will go from one to three.  He says they have the goodies, dainties and sandwiches with the Bombers available again this year which is one of the things the seniors always seem to enjoy as it’s good to see the young people involved as part of it so it looks like another good party coming up for the seniors this year.


Fulford invites all seniors and their spouses to attend the party Sunday starting at one in the Flin Flon Community Hall.

There Will be a Lot of Lights on Main Street Tomorrow Evening

The annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights is being held tomorrow evening sponsored by CFAR and the Reminder. 


CFAR Manager Dianne O’Brien says they have 10 entries so far, the parade starts right at six o’clock and they go down Main Street handing candy out to kids and she believes Santa Claus will be showing up. O’Brien adds it’s going to be really exciting to see but it’s funny because they often seem to have the coldest day of the year for the parade but they’ll be out there making this the festive season and helping you celebrate the kick off to Christmas.


If you would still like to enter the parade you can contact CFAR or the Reminder.


You Can Shop and Enjoy The Christmas Spirit This Weekend.

The CADAC Center Festival of Trees is being held tomorrow and Saturday.  Executive Director Laurel Mackie says the first thing you’ll see is the wonderful display of wreathes, center pieces and trees and they have 40 spectacular entries this year with some really creative stuff.  She says you’ll have an opportunity to vote on those to choose both the best in show and the people’s choice award to see if it’s different than their judge’s choices.


Mackie adds there will also be a craft show with local and out of town businesses and you can bring used winter clothing and blankets for kids and adults and item for the Food Bank with opportunities to support several local charities and projects.


The Festival of Trees runs tomorrow evening from 6 to 9:30 and Saturday from 9 to 4 in the Creighton Community School gym.

Callinan has an Agreement With Hudbay

Callinan Royalties has entered into a definitive agreement with Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company which marks the end to protracted litigation which Callinan initiated in early 2007.


The Settlement Agreement was structured to achieve four objectives including evolution of the 1988 six and two thirds percent net profits interest royalty to a more attractive four percent net smelter return royalty which reduces the areas of possible disagreement between the two parties over permitted deductions, establishment of a new three percent net smelter return on 31 square kilometers of surrounding Hudbay exploration ground which broadens Callinan’s area of exposure to prospective exploration Hudbay may pursue, allows for Hudbay to explore Callinan’s War Baby Claim One also known as Triple Seven Deeps which requires access from the existing Triple Seven mine and significant funding to properly explore and recognition of the need to settle ongoing litigation and for a co-operative and enduring relationship with Hudbay.

The Curling Rink in Willowvale is No More

The Willowpark Curling Rink came down today after a long history of curling in Flin Flon. Demolition began this morning with only a pile of rubble left early this afternoon. The rink had been officially opened in November of 1960. Work continues on the site today so you’re asked to use caution and follow the signs in the area.

The Yellow Brick Road Will be Traveled Tomorrow and Friday

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is ready to go with their production of the Wizard of Oz. Co- Director Leslie Fernandes says it’s really kind of based on the original book, not so much the movie that everyone’s familiar with and there’s a lot more back story to the tin man and the scarecrow and you get to see a little more of the back story of the Wizard as well.  She says there’s kind of an interesting character there that kind of has a little twist at the end so there’s definitely more to it that people may not have been familiar with from the movie so its really exciting to see it in a stage version.


Fernandes says a lot of work has gone into the production and a lot of children are involved.  The Wizard of Oz will be performed Thursday and Friday nights at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End.

Customers Are The Most Important Part of your Business

CFAR Manager Dianne O’Brien spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday on the importance of marketing.  She said the people you are responsible to as a business person are your customers.  She explained when you’re in marketing and in any sort of business if you can have the mindset of yourself, your employees and people around you to say what’s my name, who is by boss – my clients and my customers and who signs my pay cheque – my clients and my customers it changes the way you look at things, it changes the way you behave and relate to people on a daily basis because the truth is without clients or customers none of us are really in business.


O’Brien says the way you market your business depends on your attitude and mindset starting with the way your staff answer the phone and greet your customers.  She adds you have to determine what’s important to them, develop a marketing plan and make sure your message raises their awareness which is where people make decisions.

Our High Schools Continue to Work on Improving Student Performance

Last night Hapnot Collegiate and Many Faces Education Center Principal Brent Bedford and Vice-Principal Patty Korchinski presented this year’s school goals to the Flin Flon School Board.  Along with following the Division’s goals of improving numeracy and literacy Bedford said they are also focusing on four school specific goals.  Utilizing the Google app for education the schools look to increase technology usage with students by offering extra computer courses in the fall, through facebook, their website and the Hapnot Hype feature in the Reminder promote all good things happening at the schools and improving the resource department with four teachers recording attendance and what students are working on to help evaluate student progress.  With continued recycling and e-cycling efforts sustainable development was the fourth goal being improved for the current school year.


All schools will hold parent teacher interviews today with an early dismissal at 2:15.   

You Can See the Work of Local Photographers

Flin Flon’s photography club has been busy and you can see the results of their work on display at the Norva Center.  The Club’s Daniel Dillon says this is the second annual photography exhibit and there are about ten photographers who have displayed their work so there are about 30 images that are in the exhibition and some are for sale and some are not.  He says the display focuses around skills that the photography club has been working on like learning aperture, shutter speed and ISL and some photography rules as well as different ways of framing images.


 The exhibit will be at the Norva Center on Green Street this week through Sunday.  The Club will also have a display featuring behind the scenes at the Wizard of Oz that can be seen at the performance tomorrow and Friday nights.

Flin Flon RCMP are Looking for a Suspicious van

Shortly after 12 noon Monday Flin Flon RCMP responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle near the Fourth Avenue Bridge close to Ruth Betts School.  A man driving a white van approached an 11 year old girl walking home for lunch and asked if she wanted a ride.  The girl refused and the man drove away without further incident.


The man is described as Caucasian, approximately 40 years old with curly brown hair.  The van is described as being an old white passenger van with rust on the back.  It is also believed that there is some type of numbering above the back tire on the passenger side.  The licence plate is unknown.


Police continue to investigate the incident.  The RCMP are asking anyone with information to contact them at 204-687-1423 or contact Crime Stoppers.

You Can be Part of a Team That Gets People Home Safely

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is still looking for volunteers to help with Operation Red Nose through the Christmas season.  It’s a program to get partiers and their vehicles home safely.  Chairperson Ted Hewitt says they need volunteers for several jobs.  He explained they have teams of three and they need to put two people into each guests vehicle so there’ll be a driver and a navigator and then they have an escort vehicle so they need an operator of that so that makes the team of three.  He says once they drop off the guests and their vehicle at their destination the escort vehicle picks up the driver and navigator and they go for the next call.


Hewitt adds the easiest way to volunteer is go online at www.operationrednose.com, print a form and take it to the local RCMP office with two pieces of identification.


Flin Flon Was in the Throne Speech

Flin Flon MLA Clarence Pettersen says last weeks Throne Speech shows the Manitoba Government is going in the right direction.  He says it renewed commitments made to Flin Flon which was mentioned twice in the speech, one about number ten highway and finishing that and also the redoing of the emergency room at the General Hospital so he was happy with that adding its always nice to have anything in you constituency on the record.


Pettersen adds the Throne Speech referred to jobs, the economy and opportunities for youth and through employment we will have investment and opportunities for growth in the province.

Your Shoe Boxes Will Help Make Childrens Lives Better

Operation Christmas Child has wrapped up in the Flin Flon Creighton area.  It’s a program to collect shoe boxes filled with gifts and other items for needy children around the world.  Local Coordinator Heather Lowe says boxes were packed Sunday and shipped to Calgary to be distributed to sixteen countries.  She says it went extremely well this year with their numbers up again. They had a special project for the Ukraine and they had 73 boxes for that and their total number of boxes was 274.


Lowe adds they did better than last year when they collected 237 boxes.

You Are Invited to Support Women in a Walk Tomorrow Evening

The Women’s Resource Center invites everyone to be part of Take Back the Night. Executive Director Colleen Arnold says it’s an annual event that began and remains a form of protest against the violence women experience while walking in public at night.  She says the purpose is to raise community awareness of this violence in order to prevent it from happening.  Arnold says it has grown to not only include violence women face at night but rather the fear of violence in general.  She adds they chose November 25th as it is the International Day Against Violence Against Women and the first day of the international campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.


The walk begins at 5:15 tomorrow evening at Pioneer Square.  Walkers will go up Main Street to Angel Avenue and down Hapnot Street back to Pioneer Square.

There is a Service Designed With You in Mind

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon has named Father Paul Bringleson of St. Ann’s Parish as the Honorary Chairperson for Operation Red Nose this year.  Bringleson says the service is set up so you can celebrate the season and get you and your vehicle home safely.  He says he thinks it’s important for us as a community right now to recognize that we’re really not about ourselves it’s about living for others, being for others and providing for others needs.  He adds Operation Red Nose is a beautiful opportunity for that as we know that people like to celebrate, it’s a festive time of year and we know people like to gather and Operation Red Nose allows us to do that with the freedom of always being able to get home safely.


Operation Red Nose gets underway this Friday and Saturday and continues every Friday and Saturday in December as well as New Year’s Eve.  You can call them on those nights at 204-687-7331.

A Local Resident Has Received a Special Award

Tanya Benoit has received the 2014 MS Walk Impact Award. The award is for her involvement with the MS Society in raising awareness and understanding of MS in the community.  She also had a team of 22 people in this years MS Walk and raised just over 4 thousand dollars. Benoit says she always does a lot of fund raising and volunteer work just to help out different groups and she lives with MS. She adds she doesn’t go out for the awards and the accolades so she was very shocked and it took her a couple of hours to realize what it was.


The award was presented at an MS group meeting here in Flin Flon Wednesday night by Robin Searle from the MS Society’s Parkland Chapter.

A Program to Help You Have a Safe Holiday Season Benefits Local Sports

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon kicked off Operation Red Nose for another season at their meeting yesterday.  Co-Chair Ted Hewitt says the idea is to get people and their vehicles home safely when they’re out celebrating the Christmas season.  Operation Red Nose starts next Friday and Saturday and runs on all Fridays and Saturdays through December and New Years Eve.


While there is no charge for the service donations are accepted and the money goes towards youth sports programs in the community. Hewitt presented cheques to four groups yesterday from last years Operation Red Nose.  Flinty’s Gymnists received 3820 dollars for new equipment, the Flin Flon Ski Club 3500 for skate skis for kids, Minor Hockey 3100 dollars for training programs and the Soccer Club 800 dollars for new jerseys.

The Trout Festival Has a New President

Only six people met with the executive at the annual Flin Flon Trout Festival meeting last night but they managed to fill the top four executive positions.


President Tim Babcock spoke on the need to replace the entire executive who have been there for the past five years with people with new ideas and new energy with the present executive willing to be available as advisors.


Anita Bradt started the ball rolling agreeing to serve as President. Melissa Richard then agreed to be Vice-President, Lori Rogan agreed to stay on as Treasurer and Annette Last agreed to serve as interim Secretary until someone else steps forward. Last also said she has help this year with the parade committee and Rogan will look into getting the fishing derby running again


Rogan reported the Festival has just over 22 thousand dollars in the bank with a few bills still to be paid.  Babcock added revenue was down ten percent at the fish fry last year and expenses were higher mainly due to the new Jet Ski event that attracted a lot of attention but not as many sponsors as they had hoped for.

A Lot of Valuable Items Will Be Sold Tomorrow.

The Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is prepared for their Celebrity Silent Auction tomorrow from 12 to 4 at the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Organizer Kathy McCormick says they have a great variety of items including a coffee table book of Canada from the Prime Minister, a deer antler pen and canyon outback leather notebook from Premier Greg Selinger, a lot of Royal Albert bone china and collector plates, hockey jerseys and other sports items, a locally made quilt, art work and a lot more.


You can still book a table to sell your own items by calling Kathy at 204-687-6582 or include a consignment item in the auction by calling Stu Lloyd at 204-687-6905.

A Creighton School Student Received a Special Youth Award

As part of National Addictions Awareness Week a young person is recognized with the Healthy Youth Role Model Award sponsored by CADAC and the Community Youth Resource Center.  CADAC’s Tiffany Ealey says this year’s winner is Sebastian Morin.  She says he’s from Denare Beach and attends grade 12 at Creighton Community School adding he’s conscientious, respectful, very polite, gets good grades, is involved in extra-curricular activities, has a part time job and make healthy lifestyle choices that provide a good role model for others.


Morin receives a gift basket, a 50 dollar gift, a personal plaque and a plaque to hang in his school.


CADAC would also like to remind you they are in need of volunteers to help at the Festival of Trees November 28th and 29th.  If you can help out call them at 306-688-8291.

Applications are Being Taken for Christmas Hampers

The Salvation Army in Flin Flon will be accepting applications for Christmas Hampers.  Major Debbie Allen says anybody who lives in Denare Beach, Creighton or Flin Flon needs to come to the Salvation Army at 3 Hemlock Drive next week Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm and all they need to do is bring ID for every member of the family and just have a general idea of their expenses so they can be sure they qualify.                                             


If you need more information you can call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812.

You Can Start Preparing for the Ski Season

The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their annual open house Sunday.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s an opportunity to find out all about their programs and facilities and also to pay membership dues at a reduced rate and Fresh Air Experience will be in from Prince Albert with all their latest gear so a bit of Christmas shopping can be done there.  He says you can register the kids for the Jackrabbit, Bunny rabbit and other programs they have.


Price adds they have 28 kilometers of the best trails you’ll find anywhere.


The Ski Club open house runs from 11 to 4 Sunday at the Ski Chalet.

The Metis Federation is Expanding its Membership Opportunities

The delegates of the Manitoba Metis Federation Annual General Assembly have made an unprecedented decision and overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment authorizing the MMF to receive and process applications from Manitoba Metis Community citizens who live outside the province.


Claire Riddle who is responsible for the MMF Constitution and Citizenship says they had undertaken extensive consultations in regional assemblies throughout the province and their people repeated the same message that the Manitoba Metis Community is built on their identity, history, family, economic and other relationships. Riddle adds they said that current residence cannot prevent a relative such as a cousin, parent or sibling from joining their Metis Government.


President David Chartrand says now no matter where their Citizens live their right to join the MMF will be honored.

Council Members Responsibilities Have Been Set Up

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council set their standing committees for 2014 to 18. The chairs of the main committees are Finance Colleen McKee, Personnel and Labor Management Tim Babcock, Engineering Services Bill Hanson, Protective Services Ken Pawlachuk, Social and Community Services Karen MacKinnon and Traffic Commission Leslie Beck. Each Councillor also will serve an eight month term as Deputy Mayor starting with Tim Babcock from now until June 30th.


Mayor Cal Huntley reported Council has contacted Canada Post advising when community mail boxes come to the City they want to participate in deciding where they will be placed.


Council passed amendments to several bylaws increasing their powers of enforcement including an amendment to a bylaw requiring people to trim trees and hedges if they are obstructing a sidewalk or roadway allowing them to bill property owners or add to their taxes the cost if they don’t follow an order to trim them and the city does the work. The change gives the city stronger options to collect money owed.

Flin Flon RCMP are Investigating a Robbery

Just before midnight last Friday RCMP responded to a report of a robbery at the Royal Hotel on Main Street.  A male suspect described as around 5 feet six inches tall wearing a hooded sweater and black bandana approached the front desk employee brandishing a weapon and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.  The victim was not injured and the incident was captured on video surveillance.  Police continue to investigate.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online to www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text TIPMAN plus your message to CRIMES.

An Award Winning Film is Coming to Flin Flon

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a Toronto International Film Festival winning film as part of the Films in the North series. The group’s Collin Davis says this is a very intriguing film called Ida (ee-dah) and it’s about a young novice nun in Poland in 1962 who was going through to take her final vows but the Mother Superior tells her that she should go and visit her aunt, her only living relative before she takes her vows and she does at the beginning of the film only to find out she’s actually Jewish and the resulting story is what she learns from her new identity.


The film will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.

The Trout Festival Needs Your Help

The Flin Flon Trout Festival annual general meeting is being held Thursday.  President Tim Babcock says next year’s festival cannot take place without new people.  He says they need to see more volunteers as the entire executive needs to be replaced.  He says after five years it’s time for them to pass the reins on to someone new.  Babcock adds if you aren’t comfortable stepping into an executive role you’re still encouraged to come out and share your ideas.


The meeting starts at 7 Thursday night in Flin Flon City Council chambers.

You Can Take A Break in Late January

The Flin Flon Arts Council is inviting you to join them on a trip to Winnipeg to attend a Manitoba Theatre Center production on January 31st.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says you will travel on a luxury bus and they’re going to the production of Cabaret and have the top seats in the house, they’re going to go shopping at Polo Park, people who want to go to the Human Rights Museum will go there, the bus will take you everywhere, they’re going to have dinner together and after the concert there’s a VIP reception for the group.


The bus leaves at 8 am Friday January 30th and returns on Sunday February 1st. The cost is 650 or 500 dollars depending on a single or double occupancy hotel room.  There are only 39 seats available so book as soon as possible by contacting the Arts Council office at 204-687-5974.

It Is Time to Bring in Your Filled Shoe Boxes

This is the week to turn in filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Local Coordinator Heather Lowe says they can be dropped off at Pharmasave on Main Street until Saturday morning and they are now in the lower level of the Lutheran Church so you can come Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 8, on Saturday from 1 to 5 and Sunday they will be showing a video at 7 in the evening and that will show the children receiving boxes from previous years.


Lowe says she has no boxes left but you can still donate items in a shoe box you have or a plastic container the size of a shoe box.  She says they will be delivered to countries where there is war, natural disasters and famine but this year there’s also a special appeal for children in the Ukraine.  If you want you box to go there label it and you can include winter wear such as mitts, toques and socks.

The Christmas Lights are on on Main Street

The Christmas season arrived on Main Street Friday evening with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square.  As they prepared for the lighting Mayor Cal Huntley welcomed everyone and noted apparently they had the best turnout they’ve had since they’ve had the tree there.  He said it’s a cold night but everybody is going to enjoy themselves wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.


The Square was packed with people for the lighting enjoying carols and hot chocolate.

The Energy of the Gumboot Dance Comes to Flin Flon

The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting Black Umfolosi Wednesday night.  Their Coordinator Crystal Kolt says the show mixes music and dance.  She says this is an internationally renowned group from Zimbabwe that dances and sings and they’re know for their gumboot dance and they’re from a mining community so we have that relationship with them.  She says if you’ve seen Memaza which we had here a couple of years ago this is as full of energy with beautiful harmonies.


Black Umfolosi will be featured Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End.

You Can Learn More About a Pre-kindergarten Program

Flin Flon School Division will again be running their Kindervention program starting in January.  Assistant Superintendent Dean Grove explains it prepares four year olds for school as it gives parents and students a chance to become familiar with the surroundings that they’ll be in as kindergarten students and gives them a chance to meet some of the staff and some of the local clinicians that offer extra support services that are needed for students.  He says they’ll be having information sessions on these coming up in each of the schools and they ask parents to go to the session at their local catchment area school.


The information meetings for parents are being held at Ruth Betts School tomorrow afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30 in the Child Parent Room and at McIsaac School Wednesday evening from 7 to 8 in the school library. If you have any questions contact one of the schools or call Dean at 204-681-3415.

You Can Remember With a Candle.

Flin Flon’s Anglican parish is again offering memory candles for the holiday season.  The committee’s Yvonne Fawcett explains this is the ninth year that the Memory Candles have been sold prior to the Christmas season. She says the purpose of the candles is to remember loved ones prior to the hustle and bustle of the season. She says candles can be placed in any of the cemeteries in the Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach area including the columbarium or you can take your candles home and light them whenever you want.


The candles in the cemeteries will be lit on Sunday, November 23rd weather permitting and Fawcett says the best time for viewing is at dusk.


The candles are ten dollars and are available at Nasselquists, Big Dipper, Candy Bar, Northern Rainbows End or call Yvonne at 204-687-7463

You Can Have Fun While Learning More About Addictions.

Next week is National Addictions Awareness Week and the local committee has several events planned.  The committee’s Tiffany Ealey says there’s a family fun skate at the Sprotex on Sunday from 3 to 5 and admission is free as long as you bring a food item for the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.  She adds the Bombers are going to be there and there will be mascots, door prizes and other things.  They’re also having a free swim on Friday the 21st at the Aqua Center from 6:30 to 8 and again free admission with a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.


They will also have placemats at local restaurants, the presentation of the Healthy Youth Role Model Award, displays around town, a contest on CFAR and a Kinettes movie night next Friday.


A Craft Sale Will Help You Shop for Christmas

The Creighton Community Center is holding a craft and home business sale tomorrow.  One of the organizers Dianna Goulet says they have everything from baking, jams, honey, bleached glass, unique jewelry, One Earth ethical products, home made chocolates, sewing, woodwork, knitting, Tupperware, Watkins, Epicure and stop in for a bowl of homemade soup, sausages and perogies or barbeque beef on a bun.


The sale is open tomorrow from 10 to 4 in the Creighton Community Hall.  They will also be collecting winter clothing including coats, mitts, toques, scarves and snow boots.


Guilty Charges Laid

A local school worker has pleaded guilty to sexual interference for having a relationship with a 13 year old student.


Kristina Richelle Lies who worked as a parent child coordinator at a school in Flin Flon entered the plea yesterday.


The Crown dropped two additional charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

Goals Have Been Set for the School Year

With the school year one quarter complete Ecole McIssac Principal Steve Lytwyn and Vice Principals Sylvie Dufour and George Trevor presented their goals last night to the Flin Flon School Board.


As in years past literacy and numeracy goals are high on the priority list as Lytwyn explained the strategic actions in place.  Trevor explained strategies in place to improve student attendance and participation in extra curricular activities while Dufour outlined this year’s plans for French Immersion students as they recently celebrated their 30th anniversary.


In other news Trustee Murray Skeavington will receive the Board’s support in the nomination for Region 4 Director.  He has served on the executive for the past two years and will be running for a third and final term.


The Board also approved Natalie Milligan’s French student travel request for permission to take students in grade 9 to 12 French Immersion on a school trip to Montreal and Ottawa in March 2016.

The Chamber is Set For Another Year

At their annual meeting yesterday members of the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce accepted their slate of officers.  Tom Therien goes into the second year of his two year term, Past President is Kory Eastman, President Elect Dianne O’Brien, Vice-Presidents Karen MacKinnon Laurel Mackie and Mary Dwernichuk, Treasurer Bunny Burke, Secretary Doug O’Brien and Directors Twyla Storey, Rob Winton, Dave Kendall, Cindy McLean, Randy Daneliuk and Laurence Gillispie.  There are two Director positions open and these will be offered to Creighton and Denare Beach.

The Christmas Season is Getting Underway on Main Street

Flin Flon’s Christmas tree will be officially lit up for the holiday season tomorrow evening.  Recreation Manager Mike Dubreuil says the Mayor and Council are inviting the general public to come out and participate in the tree lighting ceremony which is kind of the official kick off to the holiday season.  He says there will be hot chocolate available for everyone since its a little bit cold out there at this time of year and the community choir will be out doing some caroling.


The tree lighting takes place tomorrow evening starting at 6 in Pioneer Square on Main Street.

Membership is Still a Priority for the Chamber

At their annual meeting yesterday Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce President Tom Therien began the second year of his two year term.  Therein says they had success in preserving and increasing their membership over the past year and that has to continue.  He says they need to make sure everybody’s aware of what they do, not just the business community but everyone else in the community to understand what it is a Chamber of Commerce does, why its here, why you need one in your community and with that aspect they’re ready to go.


Therien adds they have a great executive to provide leadership and great members who engage them and make them focus on what really matters in our community.

Your Address Labels Can Help Children

The War Amps are conducting their annual address label campaign in Manitoba and across the country.  Their Public Affairs Officer Jamie Lund says funds raised by these address labels support their child amputee programs.  She says she grew up in the Child Amputee Program with the War Amps Champs program and she has benefited from the program since her birth.  She says they have provided her with artificial limbs and also emotional support so she’s able to lead a normal active and healthy life.


The War Amps receive no government grants so their programs are funded solely by public support of their key tag and address label services.  For information you can visit their website at www.waramps.ca.

You Can Have Your Cheesecake and Support Special Programs

The CADAC Center in Creighton is holding a cheesecakes fundraiser. The Center’s Tiffany Ealey explains they’re partnering with Double D’s Cheesecakes out of Winnipeg to raise some funds to continue their substance abuse prevention programs.  She says it features 28 flavors of cheesecake also available in variety packs, low sugar and it’s a very light tasting cheesecake, it can stay frozen for months and there’s no tax and no shipping.


Order forms have been dropped off at a variety of locations around town or you can go on Facebook or call the CADAC Center at 306-688-8291 and they will email you an order form.  The order deadline is November 29th at the Festival of Trees.

There Is a Need for Handivan Drivers

The Lions Handivan has been busy but Coordinator Rick Hurst says they need more drivers.  He says they’ve averaged 23 one way trips per day for the last two months and they cover approximately five to six hundred kilometers per week.  He adds he’d like to thank the drivers for the excellent job they’re doing but they’re now down to three active drivers and in desperate need of more so if you are interested you can call the Handivan at 204-271-1360 or Rick at 204-687-7649 and they’ll give you a call and make arrangements to show you what it involves.


The volunteer drivers have provided rides for 1640 people from March to Mid-October, 107 of them in wheelchairs.

There Is Help in Choosing a Career in Health

The Manitoba Office of Rural and Northern Health has launched a website as a new tool to assist First Nation and Aboriginal people in the province in deciding on a career in health. Their Administrative Director Wayne Heide says it links a lot of information including everything from what careers are available out there and how do you get from where you are whatever your situation is to pursuing that career so there’s information about health careers, funding your education, where do you take the training and other things we don’t normally think about with career development like what if you don’t have a drivers license, how do you do criminal record checks and all the supporting information you need to get organized to do what you want to do.


The website can be found at www.ManitobaAboriginalHealthCareers.ca. 

You Can Support a Local Foundation This Weekend

Endow Manitoba is holding a 24 hour giving challenge that will support the Flin Flon and area Northern Neighbors Foundation. The Foundation’s Dave Kendall says the challenge happens for 24 hours on Saturday and what you do is go to the website www.endowmanitoba.ca where you make a gift to the Winnipeg Foundation but you ask for it to be towards the Northern Neighbors Foundation in Flin Flon and district and the money goes into their account and the dollars that you donate are matched one to five by the Winnipeg Foundation up to two thousand dollars.


If you’d rather mail a cheque send it to Winnipeg Foundation, 1350 Lombard Place, Winnipeg, R3B 0X3.  The Foundation supports a wide range of local charitable projects with the interest earned from donations received and invested.

It Is Time to Kick Off the Christmas Season

CFAR and the Reminder are encouraging anyone interested to take part in the annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights to be held November 28th. CFAR Manager Dianne O’Brien reminds you now is the time to enter.  She says they’re looking for businesses, groups, anyone in the community who’s like to decorate a float.  She explains decorating a float in this parade is actually easier than it seems, you just get one of those converters and put lights all over your vehicle because it’s not a regular float it’s lighting up you vehicle for Christmas.


The parade will travel down Main Street and up Church Street starting at 6 Friday, November 28th.  You can register to be part of the parade by contacting CFAR or the Reminder.

An Auction Will Provide You With Valuable Items

The Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity will be holding a Celebrity Auction Saturday, November 22nd at the Flin Flon Commuity Hall from 12 to 4.  Organizer Kathy McCormick says they’ve received items from a lot of celebrities so they’ll have a great variety of items to be sold by silent auction from autographed sports jerseys including a Bomber jersey featuring signatures from performers at Craven Country Fest, art work, collector’s items, Royal Albert china, jewelry and a lot more.  She adds they will also take items on consignment to sell on your behalf or if you want to sell items yourself tables will be available for ten dollars.


You can book at table by calling Kathy at 204-687-6582 or include a consignment item in the auction sale by calling Stu Lloyd at 204-687-6905 before November 19th.

We Should Always Remember

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 in Flin Flon held their annual Remembrance banquet Saturday night.  Guest speaker Father Paul Bringleson noted it’s been 100 years since the start of the First World War and wondered what drove those men and women to go to war.  He said they had something that you and I sometimes forget about today, a passion for life and a passion to recognize when their neighbor did not have the dignity that they themselves enjoyed.  He said they were mindful of suffering, they were mindful of pain, they were mindful of a lack of justice that was taking place in the world and selflessly they gave of themselves to right that.


Bringleson added they gave the world a new chance to make something good of itself and that’s why we pause to remember.


Service pins were presented with the top award going to Jim Pico with 70 years.

Area Residents Will Pause to Remember Tomorrow Morning

Remembrance Day will get underway in Flin Flon tomorrow with the annual parade and service.  Poppy Committee co-chair for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 Bunny Burke encourages members and others to come to the Legion for the parade.  She asks that everyone muster at the Legion on Hapnot Street by 9:30 and the parade will form up around 10 and they’ll move out go down Hapnot Street and then past the Cenotaph and over to the Community Hall where the Remembrance Day service will be held.  She adds following the service people are invited back to the Legion where they’ll have hot dogs and drinks for the kids and a light lunch for the adults.


The service begins at 10:45 at the Community Hall broadcast on 102.9 CFAR.


This year’s Parade Marshall is Morley Naylor with Sergeant at Arms John Muench.

Lions Clubs Need More Members

The Flin Flon Lions Club hosted their District Governor Omer Champigny from the Oak Lake Lions Club Wednesday night. He spoke to the Club about the need for more members in Lions Clubs especially young people. He said membership continues to drop noting three clubs in the province are in the process of folding but they are working on developing a Club in Arborg.  He says there’s also a need for more women in Clubs noting the areas with the most women are Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico with 43.5 percent of the Lions being women.  He says the lowest is Europe with 20.7 percent and Canada is at 28.2 percent just ahead of the USA which stands at 28 percent so we still have a long way to go the catch up with these other geographical areas.


Champigny presented membership growth pins to Andy Wasylciw and Monica Lone for bringing new members into the Flin Flon Club.

You Can Learn Life Saving Techniques

On behalf of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Leslie Beck will be presenting CPR and AED or automated external defibrillator demonstrations next week.  Beck explains she’ll be at the rink with some of her CPR manikins as well as some trainer AEDs and will be demonstrating or introducing people to doing CPR as well as using an AED in the hopes that it might encourage them to take more training in it or at least be educated in how to use them when they do encounter an incident and they know how to access the AEDs at the local recreation facilities.


The demonstrations will take place for anyone interested at the Whitney Forum Wednesday from 7 to 9 and Saturday November 15th from 6 to 8. For more information on the demonstrations, how to obtain an AED or courses in CPR contact Leslie at 204-271-1923.

Your Dream Vacation Could Be Only a Ticket Away

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is again holding their dream draw for ten trips for two valued at just over 30 thousand dollar.  The Club’s Dave Kendall says they have ten packages with five seven night packages including Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas and Dominican Republic and five three night packages including Florida, Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix and Disneyland.


The draws are being held at the Flin Flon Community Hall Monday night with a dance with the Usual Suspects at 9 o’clock open to all ticket holders and a guest.  Tickets are still available at Kleen-all and Kendall Pandya.


Two early bird draws for one hundred dollars each have already been held won by Penny Beck and Rod and Jan Gourlay.


Lions Members Have Been Honored by their Club

The Flin Flon Lions Club held their annual awards night last night.


President Andy Wasylciw presented the Past President’s appreciation award to Roger Poirier who presented the Lion of the Year Award to Ken Mansell.  The highest award from Lions Clubs International the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award was presented to Monica Lone and a Hope Medal from the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario to Terry McLennan.  The club had earlier presented a Hope Medal to Melissa Walsyciw.  Judge Brian Stevenson Awards from the Lions Foundation of Canada were presented to Lions Partners in Service Kathy McCormick and Val Wasylciw.  Life memberships in the Lions Foundation of Canada were presented to newer members of the Club Joyce McLennan, John Kuzub and Debbie Kuzub.


Perfect attendance pins were presented with the highest 44 years to Andy Stewart and membership chevrons were presented to Andy Wasylciw for 10 years, Allen French for 15 and Ken Mansell for 25 years of membership.


Council Will Look at Community Mail Boxes

At the Flin Flon City Council meeting Tuesday night Blair Sapergia asked Council about the move by Canada Post to stop door to door delivery and install community mail boxes.  He said he knows of no where these community mail boxes will fit unless maybe on an empty lot. He mentioned the problem in other communities where the boxes are in use including traffic problems and garbage around the box locations.


Councilor Karen MacKinnon said at a recent meeting it was noted the city has no option on where the boxes go but are responsible for snow removal and garbage clean up.


Council agreed they don’t have a lot of options but will look at the issue including input on placement of the boxes.


In other business Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reported there were several reports of false alarms in the Fire Chiefs report for October and the Fire Chief now has the option of sending a bill to home owners for these calls which will hopefully reduce the number of false alarms.

A Special Prayer Celebration is Being Held Tomorrow

The Salvation Army and St. Ann’s Church are co-hosting the Fellowship of the Least Coin celebration tomorrow night.  Salvation Army Major Debbie Allen says it’s open to all churches and everyone interested.  She says it’s a service that is prepared by the Women’s Inter-Church Council and goes along with the World Day of Prayer that is held in March.  She adds all the churches get together and they are praying for peace, justice and reconciliation around the world.


The celebration takes place tomorrow night at the Salvation Army on Hemlock Drive starting at 7.

The New Council Officially Got Down to Work Last Night

Last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting began with the swearing in of the new Mayor Cal Huntley and his six Councilors.  All thanked the voters for electing them and look forward to the next four years. Mayor Huntley said there will be challenges but they will make it a productive four years.


Council approved the opening of a line of credit for one million dollars.  Councilor Colleen McKee said they are still on budget but this will allow them to pay bills from a very busy summer construction period.  Administrator Mark Kolt noted Hudbay payments make up a very large portion of their budget and the line of credit will help cover bills until their next payment is made.


In other business Councilor Karen MacKinnon invited everyone to attend the annual lighting of the City Christmas tree in Pioneer Square at 6 o’clock Friday, November 14th and Council agreed to start future meetings at 7:30 instead of 7:45.  

You Can See a Film You Should Have Seen

The Central Canada Film Group is starting a new season of movie presentations with the film O Brother Where Art Thou Friday night. The group’s Collin Davis says this film is from 2000 by the Coen brothers and it was a real hit back in 2000 and the theme that their going for this year is films that you may have missed and this was a great film that a lot of people saw but a lot of people didn’t see it and its too good a film to let go.  He says it’s about three escapees from a prison in the deep south who go on an adventure.


O Brother Where Art Thou will be shown Friday night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Admission is a donation at the door and drinks and snacks will be sold.  They plan to show a movie every month.

Events are Taking Place to Make You More Aware of Domestic Violence

This month is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month and the Women’s Resource Center’s Colleen Arnold says they have displays with information boards and purple ribbons around town and they’re focusing attention on the importance of taking an active role in identifying and dealing with abusive relationships.  She explains break the silence is a multi-year campaign aimed at men which encourages them to speak out against verbal and physical violence towards women.  She says the Flin Flon Bombers have teamed up with the Women’s Resource Center to tackle violence against women. Arnold says they help support and be role models in this campaign against domestic violence by stepping up and volunteering to help relay the message that this type of behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances and to be more than just a bystander.


Bomber videos supporting this campaign can be found Here


Arnold encourages you to wear a purple ribbon this month to show your support.


You Can Update Your Work Skills

The Employment Links Development Center is beginning a new session of EWIN or the Entry to Work in the North program Monday.  The Center’s Barb Link explains it offers life skills, upgrades in your essential skills such as numeracy, reading and communication, computer use, thinking skills, working with others, and they will do certificate programs such as first aid, CPR, WHMIS and safe foods as well as life skills and a six week job placement.


Link says you can come in to their office at 51 Main Street this week to do an intake and assessment and classes start on Monday.

A Group of Students Will Be on the Job Tomorrow

Flin Flon School Division Grade nine students are taking part in Take Our Kids to Work day tomorrow.  Hapnot Collegiate Counselor Sandra Garinger says around 55 students are going to work with their parents.  She says the idea was started by an organization called the Learning Partnership and it was designed as an opportunity for students to go out and get a chance to see what type of work is out there.  She says they see things at home but they don’t always know what’s going on in the other part of their parent’s lives so it’s a chance for them to go out and also get a chance to see what some options are for their future plans.


Garinger says those who don’t go out will do work in class related to career choices.


Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national program in its 20th year sponsored by the Learning Partnership.

A New Mine Continues Development

VMS Ventures reports progress continues at the Reed Mine located between Flin Flon and Snow Lake.  VMS owns 30 percent of the mine with Hudbay owning 70 percent and is the operator.


The grand opening of the mine was held September 16th and VMS Chief Operating Officer Neil Richardson said late last week the early stages of any operation can be challenging but so far Reed has come on stream close to their 2014 mining plan.  He says ore productions started at zone 30 which is the lowest copper grade zone in the mine but they continue to work alongside their joint venture partner Hudbay to develop the mine and work toward maintaining production levels and safety of their workforce.


During the third quarter of this year the Reed Mine produced just over 109 thousand tonnes of ore at a copper grade of 2.23 percent and zinc grade of 1.79 percent from a combination of ore development and longhole stope mining.

Creighton School Will Benefit From Funding

The Saskatchewan government is reallocating 4.6 million dollars in funding to support students and teachers in the classroom in response to what was learned through the Student First engagement process.  Of the total 3.5 million has been distributed to school divisions based on the Supports for Learning component of the funding formula.  Creighton Community School will receive just over 15 thousand dollars in reallocated funding.


School Divisions are being asked by the government to work directly with teachers to determine where the funding will best support their students such as hiring additional staff or investing in technology in the classroom.


School Divisions will be asked to report back to the ministry on how the reallocated funding is used.

Your Christmas Decorating Can Support an Annual Fund Raiser

The 8th annual Festival of Trees is being held in the Creighton School gym November 28th and 29th sponsored by the CADAC Center.  The Center’s Laurel Mackie says they are now looking for people to enter the Festival.  She says they’ve sent out their application forms for entries for decorating either a tree, wreath or center piece and the theme this year is the Sounds of Christmas so that can be anything from a Christmas carol to children laughing.  She notes their deadline to enter is November 12th and any business, agency, group or even individuals who have a hankering to decorate can enter the Festival.


Mackie adds they are compiling a waiting list for their craft show, they need volunteers to help with the Festival and you can donate used Christmas decorations all by calling the Center at 306-688-8291.

Hudbay is Moving Forward With New Mines

Hudbay has issued an update on its developmental activities and President David Garofalo says 2014 was a year of significant growth milestones for Hudbay.  He said earlier this year they achieved commercial production at the Reed Mine and now enjoy the benefits of full production.  He adds this quarter they achieved another milestone by reaching commercial production at the Lalor Mine on time and on budget and now they’re enjoying the benefits of the new production shaft operating in a steady state and the refurbished Snow Lake concentrator which now has the capacity of treating 27 hundred tonnes per day.  He notes the next major milestone at Lalor is completing the exploration ramp which they’ve already begun and is progressing well.


Garofalo says their next significant milestone is the Constancia copper project in Peru which is on track for first concentrate production during the fourth quarter of this year and commercial production in the second quarter of next year.


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