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It Is Back to School in Creighton Next Week

Students from Creighton Community School are getting ready to go back to school and Principal Stacy Lair says it’ll start a busy month.  She says students are going to start back on Tuesday and the following week the kindergarten and pre-k students are going to start.  She adds they’ve canoe practice and outdoor activities starting on Tuesday for the grade nines, the annual back to school open house will be on the 16th and they’re excited that on the 18th at 4 pm at the Creighton soccer field they have their first Creighton Kodiaks football home opener game.


Lair suggests you check out their website for a list of events for the first month of school.

There Was a Lot of Interest in Area History

The Royal Northwest Mounted Police Post Museum in Creighton is closing for the summer today.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says they had a lot of interest from Ontario visitors as well as a few European travelers with interest in a new display.  She says new this year is their small room with a lot of mining artifacts.  She says they have a lot of minerals and miners lanterns and things like that and it has proven to be very interesting for people so it is one of the most popular hot spots for them this summer.


If you are still interested in visiting the Museum you can make arrangements by calling the Creighton Recreation Office at 306-688-3538.

You Can Celebrate Labor Day

The United Steelworkers Local 7106 will be holding their third annual Labor Day Celebration at Rotary Park on Monday.  Their President Tom Davie explains from noon to 2 o’clock they’ll be giving away free hot dogs and drinks and they’ll have some bouncy houses for the kids to play in.  He says it’s open to all of Flin Flon and surrounding communities to come out and have a hot dog and chat.


Davie adds there will be two draws for family passes to the Aqua Center.

Flin Flon Students Will Get Right Back to Work

It’s back to school in Flin Flon School Division next week.  Superintendent Blaine Veitch says they’re starting a little bit different this year as they are having classes start on the very first day so on Tuesday schools will be open for all students and staff starting at 9 o’clock.


Anyone needing more information can contact your school office or the Division office.

The Community Gathered on Green Street Yesterday

102.9 CFAR held a community barbeque in front of our studios at 316 Green Street at lunch time yesterday.  Manager Dianne O’Brien says we wanted to celebrate summer in our community, we wanted to celebrate we are now an FM station, we wanted to support a couple of  local charities one of them being the SPCA which is more local that the other but ALS always has some local ties so we did the ice bucket challenge with our three on air personalities and raised some money with Damian Ruckle and his friends to go towards the SPCA and we gave away a lot of free food and gifts.


Staff members Raphael Saray, Rob Hart and Dallas Clark took part in the ice bucket challenge and the Saskatchewan Roughriders autographed football went to Tom Fehr.

You Can Learn How to Prepare for a Disaster

The Manitoba Red Cross invites you to a disaster dining cook off tomorrow afternoon.


Local Red Cross rep Cherlyn Cain explains this event is a fun way to bring awareness to the need for everyone to be prepared for 72 hours in case of a disaster that affects our water and electrical supply.  She says she has teams lined up to do some basic cooking and they need to make a main dish and a dessert out of non-perishable ingredients and a one burner propane stove with a limited amount of water and their creations are presented to a panel of three judges who grade them on presentation, taste and creativity.


The competition gets underway at 1 tomorrow afternoon in the Walmart parking lot.

It Was a Busy Summer at the Museum in Denare Beach

The Northern Gateway Museum is closed for the season starting tomorrow.  The Museum’s Board Chair Penny Morisette says it was a great summer with people coming in to see the early history of the Amisk Lake area with a lot of interest in Discovery Day.  She says they had several participants probably a little more than usual and they’re looking forward to reopening again next year. She says their last day to be open is tomorrow for this season but if anybody would like to see the museum outside of the open hours they can make arrangements by contacting one of the board members.


Morisette adds they will have some new ideas for next summer including the results of research into how the name Denare Beach originated.

Community Board Members Can Receive Training

Community Futures Greenstone and Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation are sponsoring a training program for community board members.  The Corporations Laurence Gillespie explains its two sessions being conducted by Jason Dembo of Community Futures Winnipeg, one on the legal responsibilities of board members and the second on the financial management of non-profits.


The session is free with a charge for lunch and is being held in the Greenstone office above Pharmasave at 9 tomorrow morning.  They would prefer that you register by calling the Greenstone or Neighborhood Revitalization offices or you can just drop in.

A Summer Program for Children Wraps Up Friday

Summer in the Parks is completing a successful summer of activities for children five to nine years old.  Assistant Supervisor Taylor Davidson says it was a special summer.  She says the kids had a blast doing various activities within the community which included the SPCA, zumba, greening, the Aqua Center and visits to the police and fire departments.  She adds they are now cracking down and practicing for their annual end of camp talent show with all family and friends invited on Friday afternoon at 3 at the Elks Hall.


Summer in the Parks is sponsored every summer by Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Flin Flon Arts Council and Flin Flon School Division.

New Students Can Get Familiar With High School

Hapnot Collegiate is holding orientation for grade nine students Friday.  Student Council Advisor Natalie Milligan says the student council invites all grade nine students to the school from 11 to 1:30 where they’re going to get a tour around the school, ask any questions they’d like to ask some of the teachers as well as the student council and they’re going to get a preview of some of the clubs and teams that are available to them.  She says they are asking them to bring along their student fees to expedite things for the first day as well so they’re to bring the 45 dollars and they’re going to offer them lunch before they go as thanks for coming and welcome to the school.


Any students needing more information can call the collegiate at 204-687-7506.

Registrations Are Being Taken For a Variety of Classes

The Many Faces Education Center and Adult Learning Center is preparing for the start of classes on Tuesday.  Vice-Principal Patti Korchinski invites those interested out for registration and coffee.  She says on September 2nd they are having a registration where the students can drop in between 9 and 12. She says they can register for courses all year long and they’ll have coffee and some breakfast food and classes start that afternoon.


You are asked to bring your Manitoba health card when you register.


Many Faces is located at 115 Green Street behind Hapnot Collegiate. For more information you can call the school at 204-687-6354.

The End of Summer and School Board Elections Were Part of Last Nights Board Meeting

With less than a week left of summer vacation for student the Flin Flon School Board met last night ready for the year ahead.  Both Board Chair Murray Skeavington and Superintendent Blaine Veitch welcomed back students and staff with thanks to the maintenance, custodial and clerical staff for their preparation efforts.


Secretary Treasure Heather Fleming reported there are seven school trustee positions open for the period of November 2014 to November 2018.  Nomination forms can be picked up at city hall until September 16th at 4:30 pm.  Information packages are also available at city hall for members of the public interested in running for office.

The RCMP Are Asking What Is The Rush

As we head into the last long weekend of the summer the RCMP are reminding motorists you’re not alone on the highways, there are also plenty of RCMP officers on the roadways helping to ensure the safety of all who travel in our province.


They report last year just under 22 thousand people were charged for speed related infractions.  A ticket for traveling 20 kilometers per hour over the posted speed is 312 dollars and in a construction zone that fine increases to 573.  However they note a fine is not the biggest consequence you could face.  In rural Manitoba 48 percent of traffic fatalities involve either excessive speed or driving too fast for conditions which is approximately 44 people who die each year because of speed.


The RCMP say as police officers they do their best to ensure people are safe but they cannot slow your vehicle down so make the right choice, enjoy the summer and drive safely.

Training is Available in Financial Literacy

Community Futures Greenstone is offering train the trainer style workshops on Introduction to Financial Literacy in September.  Manger Bunny Burke says in the morning they are going to work with adult learners and in the afternoon it’ll be hands on activities doing some budgets, savings, investments, wants versus needs and they would encourage community leaders and elders, social workers, community mental health workers and others to participate in this.


The workshops will take place Tuesday, September 16th from 9:30 to 3:30 in the Cranberry Portage Legion Hall at a cost of 20 dollars.  You must register by September 11th by calling 204-687-6967 or email greencom@mts.net.


A Mining Company Agreement is Nearing Completion

Hudbay Minerals and Augusta Resources Corporation have entered into an agreement to effect an amalgamation as a result of which holders of common shares of Augusta will receive for their Augusta shares the same consideration as was paid by Hudbay for Augusta shares pursuant to Hudbay’s offer and Augusta will become an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Hudbay.


The Board of Directors has unanimously determined that the amalgamation is in the best interest of Augusta.  The amalgamation is conditional upon, among other things, approval by at least two thirds of the votes cast by Augusta shareholders present in person or represented by proxy at the special meeting of shareholders being held on September 19th.  The votes associated with the Augusta shares held by Hudbay and its subsidiaries with Hudbay intending to vote in favor of amalgamation will be sufficient to effect such approval.


Augusta is a base metals company focused on advancing the Rosemont Copper Project near Tucson, Arizona.

Ham Sandwich Theatre is Going Down the Yellow Brick Road

The group has announced they will be doing a well know show.  Leslie Fernandes explains they had some discussion about what they are going to do this year.  She says they wanted to keep it something the community is familiar with so they are doing the Wizard of Oz and with it being the 75th anniversary of that show they thought it was a good choice.


Auditions will be held at the Flin Flon Community Hall on September 10th at 7 p.m.  The Wizard of Oz hits the stage November 27th and 28th.


It Is Time to Register for Girl Guides

Flin Flon Girl Guides are looking for those who want to join their ranks.  25 year veteran of the Girl Guides Jackie Hritzuk says they’ll have units running for Sparks which are the 5 and 6 year olds, Brownies who are the 7 and 8 year olds, Guides are 9 to 11, Pathfinders are 12 to 14, Rangers are the 15 to 17 year olds and anyone that’s an adult 18 years or older and can register as an adult member.


Hritzuk encourages new members to register at girlguides.ca.  There is a 95 dollar fee and activities will begin in late September and the cookie sales fundraiser starts in mid-October.  They are also looking for adult volunteers.  Those interested can call 306-688-5860 or email guiderjackie@gmail.com.

There Will be Improvements in Some Northern Roads

The Manitoba government will invest over 870 thousand dollars of new infrastructure funding in key roads identified by northern Manitoba municipalities as needing repairs, improvements and upgrades.


In this area the city of Flin Flon will receive funding for .5 kilometers of Green Street and Oak Avenue road habilitation and sidewalk repairs.


The Town of Snow Lake will receive funding for .2 kilometers of Cedar Street, Poplar Street, Wekusko Street and Johnson Street road renewals.


Premier Greg Selinger noted northern roads are affected by extreme weather conditions and require more attention to maintain to link communities and ensure safe and smooth travel for local families, commercial vehicles and tourists.

The Hudbay Calinan Royalty Payments Continue

The latest interim quarterly royalty payment has been received by Calinan from Hudbay. The payments total two million two hundred forty-four thousand seven hundred ninety-nine dollars. This comes from the six and two thirds net profits royalty and the production royalty. In its most recent financial results Hudbay expects its ore production at its Flin Flon operations to be on par with its 2013 totals. Total payments in 2013 were just under eleven and half million dollars including interest.

Local Talent Will Be on Display This Weekend

A concert will taking place at Johnny’s Social Club. Singer Jen Mclean will perform jazz and blues favorites mainly from the 60s and 70s Also performing will be Debbie Rowe. They will be accompanied by musicians Mark Kolt, Sam Dufour-Jarvis, Tristan Simon and Shelly Rhyno. The event will be at 7 pm Sunday evening, 177 Green St. with a cost of ten dollars.

You Can Attend A Fiesta In Creighton

Creighton Recreation will be holding a family event tomorrow afternoon.


Channa Senyk says they will have lots of events planned, help from community partners, and will have hot dogs and juice.


Senyk adds that this is first full year that spray pool has been in operation  with repairs to its pipes and concrete structure.


The Spray pool wind up fiesta goes from 1-3pm Friday afternoon weather permitting. The pool will be closed for the summer after that.

Zoo Closing

The Joe Brain petting zoo is getting ready to shut down for another year and zoo supervisor Ria Rowe says it has been a good summer with some of the highlights being: school tours, birthday parties, hay day and a head start family play day. The animals will now go off to the Pas for the winter and the zoo will re-open in May weather permitting.

Hudbay Has Done A Cleanup

Phantom Lake Beach, the old campgrounds and upper tennis courts have been cleaned up courtesy of Hudbay. It was an emotional decision based on logic, as the area holds many memories for Hudbay, residents and ex-pats alike.


The area has been aging and with age comes redundancies. All of the playground, camping and tennis structures had surpassed their life expectancy and have been removed as part of the clean up.


Rob Winton says the general clean up started last Friday with most work to be completed this week.


Flin Flon City Council

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council listened to concerns  from Dennis Hydamaka, who would like to see a walkway put in outside the Co-op parking lot heading towards 5th avenue. Hydmaka mentioned when big trucks pull out of the parking lot there is not enough room for pedestrians to walk and is worried someone may get hit.


Dennis and Melody Borschewski also submitted a letter regarding traffic concerns around Channing beach.


Both these matters have been handed over to the traffic commission.


Councillor Pawlachuk reported that an agreement has been reached with the Flin Flon Firemen for a 4 year contract with a raise that is equivalent to all other city employees.

Manitoba Hydro Barbque

Manitoba Hydro will be hosting their 10th annual customer appreciation barbecue this Thursday. MB Hydro’s Sharon Ricard says they have a lot planned, including free hotdogs, hamburgers, cookies and drinks. Louie the lightning bug will be making a special appearance and so will the traveling museum which is always popular. There will also be reps from MB Hydro, free draws and plenty of give aways for the kids. Everything is free and it is Manitoba Hydro’s way of thanking the community.


The barbecue starts at 11 and runs till 1:30 at the Flin Flon office located at 178 Wright Avenue.

Wall Of Honor

A long time volunteer was honored at the station museum yesterday during Flinty’s birthday party. Lois Bunny Burke was inducted into the Flin Flon Station Museum’s wall of honor.


Flinty committee chair Dave Price says Burke has been a tremendous volunteer in the community for many years and their arn’t many organizations that she hasn’t been a part of:  “ She is a member of many committees and organizations around town here, and apparently when Bunny was 12 years old her father Jim Wilson recruited her to volunteer alongside him . She got the volunteer bug and has been involved with many groups and organizations ever since.”



The Flinty committee also handed out certificates of appreciation to: Calm Air, Bill Leefe, Yves Rowe, The Flin Flon Rotary Club, Reliance Services, Debbie McKenzie, Beech Electric and Dr. Sethi.

Ewing Results

The 15th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run took place this past  Saturday. Organizer Kel Brown was very happy with the turnout:


“It was an awesome day and I am happy to report that 44 bikes came out. I appreciate all the help, the two high hands was a tie between Rick Nickorson and Nick Summers who both had 132 points and took home $500.00 each. The low hand went to Roberta Stoltz who won $235.00 with 40 points.”


There was a meat draw at the end of the day which raised $ 537.00 which was donated to the local SPCA in the memory of Margie Pocket Young. The bursary brought in $1000.00.

A Mining Company Exploring in the Flin Flon Area Reports Improved Finances

Foran Mining has reported its financial results for the six month period ending June 30th.  The company recorded a net loss of just over 752 thousand dollars compared to a net loss of just over one million dollars for the six month period ended June 30th last year.  As of June 30th this year Foran has a treasury of 3.9 million dollars in cash and cash equivalents.


Foran Mining is a diversified exploration and development company with projects in the Flin Flon mining belt.  The Company’s flagship McIlvenna Bay Deposit is located in east central Saskatchewan, 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon and is described as one of the largest undeveloped volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits in Canada.

You Will Not be Asked for a Fishing Licence

Saskatchewan is holding its second free fishing weekend of the summer this Saturday and Sunday.  Everyone including visitors to the province will be free to fish on those days without having to buy a licence.


As a result of flood conditions people may not have had the opportunity to take advantage of the free fishing weekend in July so it was decided to hold another so everyone can enjoy a weekend of free fishing.


The free fishing weekend does not occur in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a licence.  All other fishing regulations apply including possession limits, reduced limits and closed areas on some lakes and rivers.  More information can be found in the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide available wherever fishing licences are sold or online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

There Are Job Opportunities for Young Workers

Manitoba’s minister responsible for child and youth opportunities Kevin Chief was in Flin Flon Friday as part of his provincial tour.  Chief says he’s visiting Youth Job Centers to see what’s happening across the province.  He says that happened when he visited the local Youth Employment Leader Lana Leclerc and two young guys came in who are part of the Odd Job Squad and making some money doing window washing.  He says they came in happy and told him about the great summer they’re having.  He says Lana was telling him about some of the great initiatives that are going on that are very unique to Flin Flon so it’s a great learning experience for him and he wants to continue as they are hoping as a government to continue the tradition of young people getting great summer work.


Chief says they want young people to access the services that are available to build some skills and have something to put on their resumes.

The Best in Northern Talent Will Entertain You Tonight

Opaskwayak Indian Days are happening now and that means it’s time to show off your talent. The talent portion of Indian Days takes place tonight. Glen Ranville, organizer for the talent contest says they have showcased a lot of great talent over the years. He says in the last couple of years they’ve brought it up quite a bit and the quality is there now so they get a good group of musicians.  He says before it was restricted to amateurs but now they’ve opened to professionals so even someone like Charlie Major could enter.


102.9 CFAR will be airing the talent show tonight from The Pas. Tune into listen to some local Artists from 7 o’clock until just after midnight. 

There is a New Service for Handicapped People

The new taxi service in the Flin Flon Creighton area is now offering a wheelchair van service.  Kwik Kab owner Sharon Robert explains it’s a seven passenger van that allows for the passenger captains chairs to be removed and they have tracking for one wheelchair.  She says it’s got a wheelchair ramp and they can put the wheelchair in and still have another five passengers.


Robert says if you need this service when you call ask for the wheelchair van and the rates are the same as for a regular cab.  She adds they offer 24 hour service and accept debit cards.  She says they are hoping their van service will compliment the service already being offered by the Lions Handivan.

Now is a Good Time for You to Nominate Someone for a Special Award

Creighton and Denare Beach area residents can join other Saskatchewan residents in nominating a volunteer from your community for the next round of Volunteer Medals which will be presented in 2015 when the honor celebrates its 20th anniversary.  The province’s Provincial Secretary Nadine Wilson explains any current or former long term resident of Saskatchewan who is a Canadian citizen is eligible for the volunteer medal.  She says nominations are accepted until October 18th and they would like the public to make note of that date.


Nomination forms are available on their web site www.ops.gov.sk.ca and click on volunteer medal. Since its inception in 1995 165 people have received the medal.

Several Events Will Highlight a Birthday Party on Sunday

The Flinty Committee is celebrating Flinty’s 52nd birthday party on Sunday.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they’ll have kid’s activities, free food including beef on a bun, hot dogs, cake, Rotary Club home fries along with other events.  She says they’re going to induct an individual into their Wall of Fame, there’ll be a geocaching event for those learning how to geocache more than the experienced cachers and then they want people to take a look at the new mural on the sea can as well as the new mining equipment that is on display.


The party runs from 1 to 4 Sunday afternoon at the Flin Flon Station Museum.

Kids Are Learning About Science and Engineering Next Week

The University of Manitoba is sponsoring a Kidnetic Energy Science and Engineering summer day camp in Flin Flon for students from 9 to 12 years old.  Communications Officer Amber Skrabek says they operate with different themes and this years themes are zoology and ecology on one day, they’ll also have a day dedicated to robotics, there will be a food science and nutrition day, an extreme engineering day as well as a sport science day so a lot of things for them to learn this year.


The Kidnetic Energy Camp runs all next week at Ruth Betts School.  It reached full registration in early July.  You can learn more about future camps at their website www.wisekidneticenergy.ca.

Over a Million Dollars Will Flow Into Two Northern Communities

The Manitoba government will fund four new infrastructure projects that will support the communities of Norway House and Cormorant.


In Norway House there will be 510 thousand dollars for heat trace replacement that will prevent the water and sewer lines from freezing and reduce maintenance costs, 224 thousand will purchase a snow plow and 247 thousand to expand the maintenance garage to house public works vehicles.


In Cormorant 475 thousand dollars will be used for the new Turner Drive subdivision water and sewer lines which will meet the needs for serviced lots in the community.


Speaking in The Pas yesterday Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson said

 these investments are good news for the north as they will provide communities with safe drinking water, clean and clear roads and will help the future development of these communities.

All Drivers Are Invited to be Part of a Poker Run

The 15th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run will be held Saturday afternoon. One of the organizers Kel Brown says all bikes, trucks and cars are welcome.  He says they leave from the Gateway Drive In at noon and make their way down to Wanless and leave there at 1 o’clock with various stops on the way back where you draw a hand and get a free hamburger at Brenda’s so it’s a good day.


Ghost hands are available at Pharmasave, Gateway and Eddies or from the riders and more information is available by called 306-688-4137.  Proceeds go to the Steve Ewing Memorial Bursary awarded to a Flin Flon or Creighton student.

Using Your Credit Card Increases Autopac Costs

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is urging Manitoba Public Insurance to save Manitoba drivers millions of dollars per year by stopping acceptance of credit cards for payment of auto insurance premiums.  Their Provincial Affairs Director Elliot Sims says over the past five years MPI has paid over 40 million dollars in credit card processing fees but there is a cheaper way.  He says by comparison debit cards which are the competing form of electronic payment has processing costs of a flat fee between 5 and 10 cents per transaction.  He says in MPI’s case it’s a difference between $5.77 per transaction on average to accept a credit card or 5 to 10 cents on average to accept a debit card.


Sims says all measures that can lower costs without impacting service levels must be explored and implemented.

The City is Warning Residents About False Alarms

A notice recently posted on the City of Flin Flon website from Fire Chief Jim Petrie advises due to a number of false alarms all costs to the Fire Department responding to residential alarm system false alarms will be charged to the homeowner. Petrie explains what that means is the individual didn’t dial into the company quick enough or the company didn’t answer and something fouled up. He says what happens is the city responds to these and has to pay for the truck and the fire fighters that respond and it costs approximately 500 to 1200 dollars every time this happens which is a substantial amount of money that we all pay for.


Petrie says if it is a false alarm they will probably be charged 500 dollars for the first time according to the city bylaw. He adds if an alarm is received and the homeowner is not home the fire department has to get in so they will enter the home locked or not to establish the cause of the alarm.

There Will be Better Cancer Care in the North

Health Minister Erin Selby has announced Cancer Patients and their Families in northern Manitoba will have enhanced health treatment and care when new cancer hubs open in The Pas and Thompson later this year. Community cancer program hub services will continue to be offered in Flin Flon and will link to these regional hub services.


The expanded services will include two full time nurse navigators who will work out of The Pas and Thompson. Additional services will be provided by a psychosocial oncology clinician, family physicians with a specialty in oncology, as well as a clerk and community liaison. It will cost around 770 thousand dollars annually for the front line staff to support cancer patients in the region.


Selby says the hubs will better coordinate care and offer some services close to home reducing costs for patients who might otherwise have to travel to Winnipeg to receive diagnosis and treatment.

You Can Support the Red Cross While Shopping

Starting yesterday Walmart Canada is holding a cross country campaign to raise much needed funds for Canadian Red Cross disaster preparedness and response activities. The fund development lead in Manitoba for the Red Cross Tansey Buike says the money raised is used in the community and it’s used when the Red Cross provides assistance for people who are affected by disasters and that could be when a whole community gets evacuated because of a forest fire or one family that has a house fire.  She says the money specifically goes towards providing essential items like food, shelter and emotional support, whatever is needed in that crucial first 72 hour period.


The campaign will run at Walmart stores until August 29th with associates giving customers the opportunity to make a donation with Walmart matching donations up to 2 thousand dollars per store.  The goal in Manitoba is 100 thousand dollars.

The Local Chamber of Commerce is Helping With a Northern Strategy

The President of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Chuck Davidson was in Flin Flon recently and met with executive members of the local Chamber.  Past President Kory Eastman says one of the main discussions was on a northern strategy.  He says the local Chamber has been participating in a sub-committee to develop a northern strategy to help focus efforts to develop and funnel investment into the north whether through government or private business.  He says Davidson spoke about his aspirations for the sub-committee and the document that will be produced and how its going to help bring the larger northern communities together as a united voice with a direction not driven from Winnipeg but coming from the northern communities.


Eastman adds the work on this strategy will continue into the new year with more visits and discussions.

You Can Help With a Birthday Celebration

The Flinty Committee is preparing to celebrate Flinty’s 52nd birthday Sunday at the Station Museum.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke sys they can use some help during the day.  She says they need some strong bodies to help them to set up the various tents and the teepees used by the participants at the birthday party and then they also need some volunteers to help with some face painting, nail painting and with the distribution of refreshments and cake.


If you can help call the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967 or stop by the museum on Sunday.

A Summer Program For Kids is in its Second Month

Flin Flon Parks and Recreation’s Summer in the Parks program has completed its first month and Assistant Supervisor Taylor Davidson says its been a full month with lots of action. She says the kids have enjoyed time spent at local parks as well as field trips to the SPCA, fire hall and police department but they’re not done yet because August has a lot in store for the kids dipping into their favorite water week and they can’t let anyone forget about the talent show the kids prepare all week for during the last week of camp.


Summer in the Parks runs until August 29th on Monday to Friday afternoons from 12 to 5 for children 5 to 9 years old.  For information call the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542.

Your Children Can Experience Reading Adventures

The Flin Flon Public Library is holding a TD Summer Reading Camp next week.  Administrator Cindy McLean says they have a full week of fun and reading activities for children around 5 to 10 years old.  She says its monster bubbles on Monday, Tuesday is Dr. Seuss day, Wednesday is walk the plank day with Tinkerbell and pirates, August 14th is Lucky Lego with Lego challenges and August 15th is Frozen Friday with movies.


McLean adds the camp will kick off with a barbeque open to the community Monday afternoon from 1 to 2 in the parking lot behind the library courtesy of the Co-op.  You can sign up for the Reading Camp at the Library or just drop in for the Camp that runs from 1 to 3:30 Monday to Friday next week.

The Deadline to Register for a Special Fall Event is Coming Up

Flin Flon Parks and Recreation is holding an event called Register Under One Roof September 12th and 13th.  Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey explains it’s about getting all the organizations in town together so parents have an opportunity to register their children in all of the upcoming activities all at once.  She says so far they have organizations such as the Flin Flon Arts Council, Flin Flon Skating Club and Minor Hockey.


There is no fee for this event but all interested groups and organizations must register by Thursday by calling the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542.

A Camp for Younger Children Continues This Month

The Flin Flon Friendship Center’s Camp Moochikun is running all summer from 9:30 to 4 Monday to Friday with a variety of activities for 5 to 9 year olds.  Camp Director Christina McKay says it’s going pretty smooth noting they have daily crafts and they go out almost every afternoon so the kids are loving it.  She says they will continue to keep going to the beach, try to go out in the community as much as possible and get some physical activity in there.


For information on the camp you can call the Friendship Center at 204-687-1314.

You Can Party in the Street

A Snow Lake street party is being held Saturday.  The Snow Lake Motor Inn’s Gerard Lamontagne says it’s a joint event between them and the Royal Canadian Legion.  He says they start early in the afternoon and the Legion runs their meat draw out on the street and then there’s 50-50 draws, entertainment is provided by a local band which usually starts around 7 running until around midnight.  He says around 5:30 they have a community supper with all the proceeds donated to charities around the town.


This is the third year the Snow Lake street party has been held.

Plans Are Well Underway for a Big Birthday Party

The Flinty Committee will be celebrating Flinty’s birthday party on August 17th.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they will feature an afternoon of free food and special events.  She says first of all they’re going to continue with their beef on a bun, hot dogs, home fries cooked up by the Rotary Club and refreshments and they’ll top the day off with a huge birthday cake.  She adds for entertainment and thing for people to do they will have games, their usual fish pond with lots of prizes and the Teddy Bear Clinic and they encourage the kids to bring their bears.


The party runs from 1 to 4 Sunday, August 17th at the Flin Flon Station Museum.

Flin Flon RCMP Have Kept Drugs Off the Street

Around 3 o’clock Monday afternoon Flin Flon RCMP members intercepted a quantity of marijuana during a vehicle stop.  A 2005 Chevrolet Equinox driven by a 43 year old Flin Flon man with a 20 year old female passenger from Winnipegosis was stopped by RCMP members on highway ten just outside of Flin Flon.  Investigation led to the discovery of approximately 8.5 pounds of marijuana.


The two were arrested for possession for the purpose of trafficking a controlled substance. The man was released on a recognizance for a future court date while the woman was released on a promise to appear for a future court date.


No other details are being released at this time as the investigation continues.

It Will Cost You More to Ride the Bus

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council approved an increase in local bus fares effective immediately.  Adult fares will go from $1.50 to 2 dollars and student and seniors fares from $1.25 to $1.50. Monthly passes remain the same price with adults at 40 dollars and students and seniors 33 dollars.


Council passed on first reading a bylaw amendment that allows business taxes that are in arrears to be added to other properties related to that business.  The amendment requires two more readings.


Council passed on final reading an amendment to the derelict and vacant buildings bylaw so if you have a derelict or vacant building and are in a situation where a permit is required and has not been obtained or where a fine has been imposed, the cost can be added to your taxes.

A Recycling Trailer is Popular

The Recycling Center has had a trailer parked in the Extra Foods parking lot since early June.  Administrator Deb Odegaard says it’s attracting a lot of recyclers. She says as people become aware that it’s there it’s being used more and more, adding they were emptying it about once a week but she thinks they’re going to have to do it twice a week.


The trailer was purchased by the city at a cost of about 85 hundred dollars. Odegaard says the idea came from board member Bob Lyons who had seen them in The Pas.  She says the board members really felt it would make it more convenient and therefore hopefully more people would recycle.


One of the recycling trucks is left in the parking lot when the trailer is taken to the Recycling Center to be emptied.

A Pledge Ride on the Weekend Was a Success

Organizer Paulette Wotton says the second annual Breast Cancer Pledge Ride North held Sunday from Flin Flon to Gyles Park and back was a success with about 40 bikes with a lot of money raised for breast cancer research especially by one participant.  She says they gave a presentation to the person who raised the most pledges for the Ride and their top pledge getter this year was Patty Stuckless who raised over 8 thousand dollars for the cause.


This is the second year Patty was the top pledge raiser raising 59 hundred dollars last year. The winning poker hand was held by Shelly Andres who had purchased a ghost hand.


Wotton says there are pledges still coming in but they expect the total raised will be around the same as last year at 20 thousand dollars.

RCMP Are Investigating a Fatal Main Street Accident

Shortly before 11:30 Sunday night Flin Flon RCMP along with emergency services were called to the scene of a motor vehicle quad collision. Initial investigation indicates that two males operating the quad were traveling northbound on Main Street when they struck a Ford Fusion eastbound on Third Avenue.


Both the 17 year old from Flin Flon and the 19 year old from Thompson were transported to hospital with serious undetermined injures. The 19 year old has since died as a result of his injuries. His name is not being released at this time. The RCMP report they were not wearing helmets.


The female driver of the vehicle was treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries while the passenger was not injured.


An RCMP Traffic Analyst is assisting with the investigation.

Money is Available For Projects Using Tires

Tire Stewardship Manitoba was in Flin Flon last week to promote their program of making sure every used tire in the province is collected and recycled. Their representative Derek Dagnon says as part of that program they have grants available to communities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and youth groups.  He explains once tires are not longer on the vehicle they’ve got to go somewhere and burning them in a landfill is definitely not the option they’re looking for. So he says with their community grant program communities are eligible for up to 20 thousand dollars towards programs in which they can use these recycled tire products in building projects across the community. He says that can be a running track at the local high school, matting for the hockey rink and blasting mats for the mine.


To learn more about the community grants or to apply for one go to their website www.tirestewardshipmb.ca.

Snow Lake Area Mine Development is Nearing Completion

In their second quarter 2014 financial statement Hudbay reports during the quarter they benefited from full production at the Reed Mine near Snow Lake. President David Garofalo also reports at the Lalor project near Snow Lake of the total mine construction budget of 441 million dollars they have invested approximately 404 million and entered into an additional 32 million.  He says they’ve completed the underground mine development as well as the new six thousand tonne per day capacity production shaft and mechanically commissioned it for hoisting as well as personnel transport.  Garofalo also noted the remaining committed funding is largely for the office, change house and surface exhaust fan installation. He also mentioned they expect the remaining surface construction to be completed this year and they’ve substantially completed the refurbishing of the Snow Lake concentrator which is now being commissioned to treat 27 hundred tonnes per day double its previous capacity.


Garofalo adds their Constancia copper project in Peru remains on track for first production late this year and commercial production in the second quarter of next year.

There Are Activities For Your Children This Weekend

The Alliance Church is holding their annual bible school Friday and Saturday. The Church’s Natasha Dubie says this year’s theme is Blast Off with a lot of activities for 5 to 12 year olds. She says this year they are going to be doing similar things to every year and that includes doing a bunch of games, snacks, dancing, singing and bible adventures and there’s going to be a project with purpose this year instead of a craft so they’re going to be doing something for the kids in our community.


The bible school runs Friday evening from 6 to 9 and Saturday from 10 to 1 with a celebration service and barbeque on Sunday.  You can register at the church tomorrow from 1 to 8 or call them at 204-687-8498.

Emergency Room Plans Are Moving Forward

The second in a series of open houses was held Wednesday to again receive public input on major renovations to the Flin Flon General Hospital emergency room.  Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says they now have the architects in place to put plans into space.  She says what they have is a number of models that have been sketched up that are possibilities that would fit on the footprint of the space and give them and the public some idea of what’s going to be close to what such as needing the trauma room right beside where the ambulances drop off so its just starting to get some shape.


Byrant adds the Northern Health Foundation tasked with raising the 2.2 million dollar community commitment to the 22 million dollar project is establishing its bylaws and acquiring charitable status but the amount is now below 2 million dollars because their housing properties and staff parking land will be a credit when they become part of the new parking lot.  The renovations are to start next year with completion in 2017.

Hudbay is Indicating a Start of Growth

Hudbay has released its second quarter 2014 financial results that indicated total revenue of 139.3 million dollars, 8.6 million higher than the same quarter last year primarily as a result of higher copper sales volumes and higher metal prices offset by lower zinc, gold and silver sales volumes.  President David Garofalo says during the second quarter they saw notable increases in their production, earnings and cash flow from the same period last year.  He says these increase are especially significant as they represent the beginning of their expected production, earnings and cash flow increases as they are on the verge of completing the mine building plan they laid out four years ago.


Garofalo adds second quarter ore production at their Manitoba business unit was 23 percent higher than the prior years second quarter as a result of higher volumes at Lalor and full quarter production at Reed, both near Snow Lake.

One Grant is Coming to the Creighton Area

More than 700 groups and organizations in Saskatchewan are benefiting from approximately 1.9 million dollars in charitable grants being provided by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Through this grant program the Border Explorers Snowmobile Club receives 3,635 dollars.


These quarterly grants are based on a percentage of net proceeds raised through licenced charitable gaming activities such as bingos, raffles, break open tickets and other events.  Groups that conduct licenced charitable gaming activities and events do not have to apply for the grants as the reports they submit on the events are used by the Authority to calculate the grants.


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