Local News Archives for 2015-08

Aboriginal Communities in Manitoba are Invited to be Part of a Comprehensive Health Program.




Healthier Together Mobile Screening and Education for Aboriginal Peoples in Manitoba is a new program that will work to improve the health of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people by sending free mobile screening clinics to all areas of the province.  The Kidney Foundations Val Dunphy explains they are taking their free screening clinics across the country and will be testing for diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney functionality, cholesterol and it take about 15 minutes for people to go through the screening clinic.  She says they’ll have registered nurses as well as registered pharmacists who can provide some advice on changes you might want to make in your lifestyle and so forth.


Dunphy adds the results will help them provide a program that helps Aboriginal communities get better access to health services and health education workshops within their own communities.  Interested communities can apply at www.healthiertogethermb.ca by September 18th.



You Can Enjoy the Sun in February.



 You’re invited to be part of the CFAR Travel Club as they head for Jamaica in February.  Station Manager Dianne Russell encourages you to book your seat now.  She says they have about eight people who have spoken for seats and the deadline is November 1st so there’s a bit of time but they are moving quickly.  She says this is the first time going to Jamaica so they’re pretty excited as it can sometimes be a higher price but they definitely got a great rate because of the group they do and they just found out there’s a children’s rate as well for kids 12 and under.


For those interested in the trip that begins February 20th for one or two weeks information packages are available at CFAR at 316 Green Street or online at www.flinflononline.com and to book a seat call Nicole at Swan Valley Travel.



Interest Continues to Grow in a Relay.



 Preparations are well underway for the third Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life being held at the Creighton ball diamond the night of September 12th.  Committee Chair Margot Grey reports they have 16 teams registered so far and there’s still time to get more teams.  She says they prefer you to register before but they will take walk on registrations.  She adds they had a bank night and it was absolutely marvelous with teams bringing in just over 20 thousand dollars from their fund raising so they’re working extremely hard.


Anyone still interested in registering a team can go online at www.relayforlife.ca or call Margot at 687-3163 or Jen at 271-1865.

A 17 Week Long Strike is Over.



 Members of the International Association of Machinists Local 1848 have voted to accept a new three year agreement with Hudbay.  Union President Rene Beauchamp reports that after 17 weeks on strike the members of the Machinists Union have accepted the offer by Hudbay 71 percent in favor.


Beauchamp would not comment on the contract itself until after the weekend.  He says the Company will start calling people back to work on Monday and have 21 days to call all the workers back.


The contract was negotiated with the aid of a Federal Conciliator and ends the strike by the Machinists Union that started on May 2nd.  Their concerns at that time included the lengthy grievance procedures, contracting out by Hudbay and rates of pay they felt were well below industry standards.  All other unions at Hudbay had earlier negotiated new three year contracts.


A Video and Voting Will Improve a Beach.



Snow Lake has won a contest offering 25 thousand dollars towards a community’s local project. Manitobaville had communities enter videos that showcased their project.  Mayor Kim Stephen says the winnings will to towards beach enhancements.  She explains they’ll put in a couple more pieces of splash park equipment there, they need a new dock, they need a new swing set and they are in desperate need of a beach house.  She says they can’t do it all at one time but if they start and work their way up every year they can allocate money and make their beach because it is the heart of the community in the summer time.


  Stephen says it was very exciting when she learned they had won.  She thanks everyone in the north who voted for them.


Its Back to School in Creighton Tuesday.




Students from Creighton Community School are getting ready to go back to school next week.  Principal Jason Straile says it’ll be a busy opening day.  He says it’ll be the regular set up on Tuesday, September 1st where all their students will be in for the day with regular classes.  He adds first thing in the morning they will have an orientation for their new students and orientation for all the classes to get to know what’s going on in the school, the new systems that are going on, introductions and a couple of assemblies to discuss the new staff members and things like that.


  Straile suggest you check out their website www.creightonschool.ca for more information or you can call the school at 306-688-5138.


You Are Free to Fish in Saskatchewan This Weekend.



 Saskatchewan’s Environment Minister Herb Cox has announced a second free fishing weekend tomorrow and Sunday.  He says due to extreme wildfire conditions earlier this summer they are offering a second free fishing weekend adding whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler everyone deserves the opportunity to experience fishing at one of the beautiful lakes in the province.


Although licences are not required during the free fishing weekend for Saskatchewan residents or visitors all other fishing regulations remain in effect including possession limits.  Free fishing does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of province must purchase a licence.


For more information on fishing in Saskatchewan including catch limits you can see the 2015 Angler’s Guide available at ministry offices or online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

A Lengthy Strike Could Be Over.



In a joint statement Hudbay and the International Association of Machinists Local 1848 report that with the assistance of a Federal Mediator they have reached a tentative three year agreement covering approximately 180 employees in the Flin Flon and Snow Lake areas which could end a 17 week strike.  The tentative agreement is being unanimously recommended by the union negotiation team and details will be provided to their membership for review and ratification.  Membership meetings are being held tomorrow at 11 am at the Snow Lake Center and at 4 pm at the Flin Flon Steel Center.



New Students Can Get Familiar with High School.



 Hapnot Collegiate student council will be helping grade nine students prepare for their first year in the Collegiate.  Principal Brent Bedford says the student council has put together a student orientation which is set for Thursday, September 3rd and the students are asked to come at 11 o’clock until about 1:30 and lunch is included in there.  He adds they will welcome the students and show them around so it’s an enjoyable first day of classes when they show up on September 9th.


Other students returning to Hapnot can drop into the school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week to arrange any timetable changes and payment of school fees.  Any students needing more information can call the collegiate at 204-687-7506.  The first day of school at the Collegiate is Wednesday September 9th starting at 8:45 am.

A Summer Program For Children Wraps Up Tomorrow.


Summer in the Parks is completing their summer of activities for children five to nine years old.  Supervisor Erin Hall says it was a successful summer and they’ll wrap it up tomorrow afternoon.  She says the turnout of campers this year was great and they all really seemed to enjoy the weekly themes.  She adds they will be having a talent show where the kids will be showcasing acts such as singing, dancing and piano playing and that will be taking place tomorrow afternoon in the Community Hall auditorium at 3 pm and they hope that everyone’s family and friends can make it out.


Summer in the Parks is sponsored every summer by Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Flin Flon Arts Council and Flin Flon School Division.

A Major Main Street Business is Planning to Move.



The Manger of the North of 53 Consumers Co-op Store Tom Therien says they are in the process of entering into an agreement with the City to purchase the Armories property on 10A highway next to Twin Motors.  He says as everyone knows and they’ve been saying for the last few years is that the existing location where they are in downtown Flin Flon is too small for their needs, they can’t expand anywhere inside the building to fit the vast changing array of products available to the general public in the food industry nor do they have an adequate sized parking lot to handle the amount of customers they currently have as well.


Therien says the process will take some time as they will be conducting feasibility studies to see among other things if they can afford it which he feels is not an issue.  He says they will have to take down buildings and level the lot before proceeding in the spring.  He concludes they feel they have passed their first major hurdle by finding an adequate sized property to meet their needs.


Recycling Support is Requested From Denare Beach and Lake Area Residents.



 The Recycling Center is once again asking everyone living outside of Flin Flon and Creighton to contribute to the cost of processing recyclables in our community.  Administrator Deb Odegaard says the Center is dependent on these fees to support the operations of the Center explaining the recycling fee is paid by the City of Flin Flon and the Town of Creighton on behalf of their citizens but they haven’t been able to do that with Denare Beach and people living at the lakes.  She says Denare Beach has decided not to contribute this year and they’re having ongoing discussions with how this can happen for people living at the lakes so that’s why they’re asking these residents to pay individually and that way they can ensure that everyone who has access to the recycling program helps share the costs.


   The fee is calculated at $11.40 for each person living in a household.  Fees can be dropped off at the Center at 9 Timber Lane or mailed to Box 392, Flin Flon R8A 1N1.  Denare Beach and lake area residents contributed 775 dollars last year.

A Mining Company Continues to Invest West of Flin Flon.



Foran Mining Corporation has announced its financial results for the three month period ended June 30th.  The Company recorded a net loss of just over 416 thousand dollars compared to a net loss of just over 361 thousand dollars for the three month period ended June 30th, 2014.  As of June 30h the Company has a total of 1.8 million dollars in cash and cash equivalents down from 4.1 million on December 31st.


Foran is a copper zinc exploration and development company with projects in the Flin Flon mining belt.  McIlvenna Bay, Foran’s flagship deposit, is located in east central Saskatchewan 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon and is reported to be one of the largest undeveloped VMS deposits in Canada.  Last November Foran announced a positive preliminary economic assessment for McIlvenna Bay.

You Can Have Lunch and Learn More About Manitoba Hydro Tomorrow.



Manitoba Hydro’s Flin Flon district office is holding their 11th annual customer appreciation barbeque tomorrow.  A Hydro rep reports although Louis the Lightening Bug cannot make it this year they’re still going to have their northern Manitoba reps on hand, they’ll have their trucks, the bucket truck, the digger, they’re going to serve hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks and there’ll be free give aways for the kids.


The appreciation barbeque runs from 11 to 1:30 tomorrow at the Flin Flon office at 178 Wright Avenue.

Volunteers Can Help Make Flin Flon Greener.



The Green Project is looking for community volunteers to come out to spread limestone tomorrow evening to promote growth in the Flin Flon area.  Coordinator Dave Price says this continues this year’s earlier greening.  He says most of the work gets done by the school kids during the school year and in June they had 700 plus kids out but there’s one particular new area that he’d like to get done this season.  He says basically it’s just to give people an opportunity to be part of the Green Project explaining it involves hauling pails of limestone over the rocks so people need to wear good sturdy footwear and some gloves and bring some drink because it’s heavy work.


  Anyone interested in helping out at their Linda area tomorrow evening can meet at 7 at the parking area at the north end of First Avenue.  You can find out more about their project at their website www.greenproject.ca.



You Can Be Part of Cancer Awareness.



The third Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is coming up in the Flin Flon Creighton area September 12th.  One way you can support the Relay is by purchasing a luminary.  Committee Chair Margot Grey explains a luminary is a bag with a candle in it that is lit at dusk during the Relay.  She says it lights the track at night so it’s a symbol of the path they have taken and people can buy the luminaries and can write a personal message on them so that people walking by it can see all the messages and it’’s quite a moving ceremony.


You can purchase a luminary if you’re on a team by contacting your team captain or you can call Margot at 204-687-3163.


Your Batteries Are Joining Millions of Others Being Recycled.



Call2Recycle Incorporated reports thanks to consumers, retailers and municipalities 2.6 million kilograms or 5.7 million pounds of batteries were kept out of U.S. and Canadian landfills and recycled so far this year.  In Flin Flon the Recycling Center collects and sends batteries to Call2Recycle. Administrator Deb Odegaard says they have been very pleased with how it’s been going.  She says they shipped 267 kilograms this year which is 587 pounds and usually they’re sending out a couple of boxes a month so it’s working very well for them.


Odegaard adds offices that use a lot of batteries have their own boxes and there is a collection box at City Hall.  Last year Call2Recycle reached a milestone of 100 million pounds in total collected from the U.S. and Canada since launching in 1996.

It is Time to Prepare for Hunting Season.



Novice and seasoned hunters are encouraged to prepare themselves for the upcoming hunting season.  No matter how experienced a hunter is Tim Cameron from Manitoba Conservation says step one should be a review of the Manitoba Hunting Guide. He says anyone new to hunting should go with somebody who knows what they’re doing explaining a lot of parents teach their kids how to hunt and teach them the ethics plus the rules and regulations, they take the hunters safety course and the hunter education course so they understand the laws and they also learn about the animals themselves and how to track them.  Cameron also says you can get involved in your local game and fish association or Ducks Unlimited or that type of thing or be around people that like to hunt and that way you learn a lot from their experiences.


The Manitoba Hunting Guide is available anywhere that sells hunting licences, at any Manitoba Conservation office or online.


Do You Remember the Little Red School House?



The Little Red School House was open for many years in Denare Beach closing in the early 90’s when it only had a kindergarten class.  It was moved over to the museum in 1996 and a community survey has shown there’s interest in having it restored.  Committee member Mary Wright says they will be looking for grants, they will be looking at fund raising, they need money to get the building to the point where people can actually go into it.  She says the other thing they’re looking for is any photographs, stories, memorabilia, anything from the school house and stories from people who attended it.  She adds they’re looking for little write ups and maybe they’ll also record some people.


Anyone willing to serve on the committee or to offer financial support or information can contact Mary at 306-362-2191 or the recreation office at 362-2050.

A Mineral Property in Flin Flon is Showing Improving Results.



Alexandria Mineral Corporation has completed a new National Instrument Mineral Resource estimate at its gold rich Hudvam copper-gold-zinc-silver project in the Flin Flon Snow Lake district, increasing the resources by up to 18 percent.  They report with a gold grade of 3.62 grams per ton in the indicated resources and 2.89 grams per ton in the inferred resources, Hudvam falls into a class of notable and large gold rich volcanic massive sulphide deposits which are characteristic of the Snow Lake Flin Flon district.


Alexandria Minerals obtained the Hudvam VMS deposit located in Flin Flon and the WIM project in Snow Lake when it acquired Murgor Resources in March.  Their report in May provided updated resources for the WIM deposit which showed a 64 percent and 40 percent increase in tonnage respectively of inferred and indicated resources.

The Federal Election is Underway in Flin Flon.



NDP candidate Niki Ashton officially launched the Flin Flon part of her re-election campaign for Churchill Keewatinook Aski constituency yesterday.  Standing in front of the Post Office with members of the striking Machinists Union, postal workers and supporters she said an NDP government would ensure the continuation of postal service and door to door mail delivery and would bring in legislation to ensure fair treatment and protection for workers.  She said under Mr. Harper’s government values that we hold dear, institutions we hold dear, things that for us are fundamentally Canadian have been and continue to be attacked.  She added that’s what they’re here to put forward today, a vision for Canada, an alternative vision, a vision that brings change and the ability to protect what we hold near and dear to all of us and our communities.


Ashton also said they would ensure long term sustainable funding for Friendship Centers noting the work done by the local Center.


The Zoo Has Had Another Successful Summer.



The final day at the Joe Brain Children’s Petting Zoo is Sunday after another busy summer.  Recreation Director Caitlin Bailey says the zoo was a busy place over the summer. She says they had a lot of animals come this year and they’re now going to head back to their farms and they’re all from The Pas and surrounding areas so they’re not traveling too far. She adds they had a lot of people through their doors this summer which is great to see as they’ve had slower summers in the past so it was nice to see the zoo revived.


The zoo will open for another season in May.

An Exploration Program is underway near Reed Mine.



 VMS Ventures has initiated diamond drilling on selected target areas proximate to the Reed Mine between Flin Flon and Snow Lake.  They say over 4 thousand meters of drilling has been budgeted for the program which is designed to test seven target areas located approximately 300 meters to 2.3 kilometers from the current Reed Mine workings.


Drill holes will test targets identified by the technical team of joint venture partner Hudbay.  Initial targets were generated through a review of archived exploration data sets and historical drilling and geophysical surveys. These targets were then re-evaluated using more recent electromagnetic geophysical surveys integrated with geochemical and geological data.


VMS Ventures will act as the operator for this exploration program and will be working in close co-operation with joint venture partner Hudbay.


A Busy Summer Winds Up in Creighton.




The Creighton spray pool windup is being held tomorrow afternoon.  Recreation Director Chana Senyk says they have activities planned to help children celebrate the wind up.  She says they’re getting together at 1 o’clock Friday until 3 with some face painting and games for the kids and the summer students will be cooking up hot dogs for everyone.  She says it’s a free event and everyone is welcome.


  Senyk adds the summer went well and was quite busy so it was a great season at the pool.


There Will be Fireworks in Denare Beach tomorrow.



 The Canada Day fireworks display in Denare Beach was cancelled due to a fire ban in place so they are holding an end of summer fireworks display tomorrow night.  Their new Recreation Director Jody Lyle says they have a lot planned along with the fireworks. She says they have a beach volley ball tournament at 6 pm followed by a concert featuring local performers at 7 and the fireworks will take place at 10. She adds they’re going to have glow sticks for sale as well as having the concession at the Sand Castle open with hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks.


  Lyle invites residents of Flin Flon and Creighton to come out and join them.  For more information you can call the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.


City Council Says Thanks.




 At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council approved the formation of a Community Well Being Reserve Fund Committee to deal with the 250 thousand dollar grant to the city by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization towards the city’s well being.  Councilor Colleen McKee says they were surprised and are very grateful they were willing to donate to our city as a participating community involved in Creighton’s interest in hosting a nuclear waste storage facility.  The Organization study showed limited potential for finding a suitable site in the Creighton area.


The city is no longer interested in purchasing the Northern Bus Lines Garage. Mayor Cal Huntley says the city won’t be moving forward with the purchase of the garage but have an agreement with Northern Bus Lines to continue to operate the bus service for the city for one year.  This agreement will be reviewed if Northern Bus Lines manages to sell their building or when the year is up.


A Complaint is Being Reviewed.



 Three women pepper sprayed at Denare Beach last week have complained about the treatment they received at Flin Flon General Hospital. They state when they arrived at the hospital they were denied entry.  When an RCMP officer arrived he entered the hospital and then came out to help the women wash out their eyes.  The women then had to change out of their clothes into gowns on the ramp with one later allowed to enter the hospital for treatment while the other two went home.


The Northern Health Regions Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey says their protocol when someone is sprayed with a substance like pepper spray is to prevent the substance from spreading through the hospital so they are treated outside the hospital. She says the affected area is flushed with water for 15 minutes, affected clothing is removed and the affected area is washed with soap and water. She adds when a complaint is received it is dealt with through an internal process adding they have already met with the families involved.


Motorists are Reminded to Drive Safe Around Emergency Vehicles.



Manitoba RCMP report people are still failing to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.  In September last year the traffic act was amended to state drivers on either side of an undivided highway who pass emergency vehicles and other designated vehicles that are stopped with their beacons flashing must proceed with caution and pass only when safe to do so.  All drivers must slow to 40 kilometers per hour when the posted maximum speed limit is below 80 and to 60 kilometers per hour when the posted maximum speed is over 80.


The RCMP survey found while the majority of vehicles moved over or changed lanes over 90 percent of motorists failed to slow down, an action punishable by a 300 dollar fine and 2 demerits.  They remind you that beyond being a law this amendment is to ensure the safety of emergency vehicles, tow trucks, road side assistance vehicles and vehicles operated by government enforcement officers.


City Council is Looking for Your Input.



At last nights Flin Flon City Council meeting Council agreed to donate 600 dollars in kind towards the Flin Flon Minor Hockey Association program for the 2015-16 season.  They agreed to donate 7500 dollars to the Flin Flon Bombers towards ice rental for the coming season.  They will also allow a gift in kind donation to the Flin Flon Arts Council to cover two days of Community Hall rental for their Culture Days being held in September and the Kinsmen and Kinettes for two days of use of the Community Hall for their convention. Finance Chair Colleen McKee says these are organizations that contribute to the community.


This led Councilor McKee to explain Council will be taking a close look at what services in the community they can continue to provide.  She says with tough financial times they cannot continue to subsidize everything and they are trying to find a way to get input from members of the community on what they feel is important. Mayor Cal Huntley added if in the future services ever have to be cut community input would give them the confidence to make the decisions they have to with the funding they have available.

A Comedy Show Will Support Cancer Research.



The Running Cancer Outta Town Relay For Life Team is presenting the Boob Tour Saturday night.  The teams Virginia Leifso says three comedians from the Tour are coming to town.  She says the Boob Tour is a group of comedians that go around to places in the U.S. and Canada to work with different cancer groups such as Relay of Life or support groups in different areas to fund raise in order to work towards their ultimate goal of finding a cure for cancer.


Money raised will go to the local Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life coming up in September.  Tickets are 30 dollars at the Orange Toad on Main Street, call Virginia at 204-687-8129 or 271-0372 or find them on Facebook under The Boob Tour Comedy Show.  The Show will be at the Creighton Community Hall at 7:30 Saturday night.


Via Rail Delays Will Be Fewer.



 A recent string of Via Rail delays between Winnipeg and Churchill has travelers frustrated.  Their General Manager of Regional Services Michael Woelcke says they’ve been caused by what’s called slow order.  He explains at this time of year when the frost has come completely out of the ground the track infrastructure, the base below the track, gets soft and so Hudson Bay Railway and Omni Tracks who owns the rails have to go out and make repairs to the tracks to stabilize it and until they do they put what’s called a slow order which means a train has to go very slow over a particular area from a safety point of view.


  Woelcke says they don’t expect to see many more delays as the weather cools and repairs are done.

RCMP are Asking for Information Following a Fire in Sandy Bay.



At 1:44 Saturday morning Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan RCMP responded to a structure fire at the airport in Sandy Bay.  They found a building belonging to Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure completely destroyed by fire.  The fire damaged the exterior of a second building belonging to SaskPower.  The RCMP suspect arson and continue to investigate.


Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Sandy Bay RCMP at 306-754-4600 or you can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.



A Flin Flon Couple Has More Money for their Vacation.



  Reginald and Olive Hillier have always joked about winning the lottery.  In the June 13th Lotto 6/49 draw the joke became reality when they won 44,641 dollars.


Manitoba Lotteries reports Reginald bought their winning Lotto 6/49 ticket at the Gateway.  When he went to check the ticket he couldn’t believe what the clerk told him commenting that’s a big number.  The couple is looking forward to putting their winnings in the bank and using some for the vacation they already had planned.


It Was a Successful Fund Raiser.



The 16th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run took place Saturday.  One of the Organizers Kel Brown says they had a successful ride from Flin Flon to Wanless and back and the Poker Run raised a lot of money. He says there were 32 to 36 bikes and they raised a thousand dollars for the bursary and first prize was a thousand dollars which went to Ralph Affolter and the last prize went to Karen Yeo at 250 dollars.


Brown adds they also donated 500 dollars to the local SPCA.


A Lot of Drivers are Speeding in Flin Flon.



The Citizens on Patrol Program has been monitoring speeds around the community with MPI’s SpeedCheck sign for just over a week.  Their Chairperson Sinclair James reports they have monitored traffic on four occasions checking 490 vehicles with 100 exceeding the speed limit.  He says they were at the north end of Green Street where the most concern was and the average over the two days at that location was 26 to 27 percent of the drivers being over the posted speed limit.  He says two other locations were monitored on Green Street at Willis Avenue and on Highway 10A across from Twin Motors and both of those locations revealed an average of 16 to 17 percent of the drivers exceeding the speed limit.


  James adds some people speed up when they see the sign with the fastest 83 kilometers per hour and their vehicle information was passed on to the RCMP.  The SpeedWatch program will continue at a variety of locations around the community until October.

A Long Time Volunteer Was Honored at the Museum Yesterday.



 As part of Flinty’s birthday party Tom Morrison was inducted onto the Flin Flon Station Musuem Wall Of Honor yesterday afternoon.  The Museum Board Vice-President Tom Heine says Morrison is a long time member of their Board highly responsible for obtaining the Hudbay equipment on display.  He says Morrison has been involved in the Legion executive, he was a leader for the cubs and beavers groups, he was involved with the Sea Cadets and the Forest Navy League Cadets for about 32 years, he’s been involved in the Trout Festival, the Vocational Training Center, Flin Flon Creighton Bingo Association, Flinty Committee, the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation and the COPPS program.


  Morrison joins 19 other people who have been named to the Wall of Honor in the past.  Morrison was unable to attend so his son Jeff represented him at the ceremony.



You Can be Part of the Fight Against Cancer.



 The Relay for Life is coming up September 12th.  The Committee’s Margot Grey says they are down from the last event’s 23 teams.  She says they have 16 teams and would like a few more adding if anyone else would like to form a team and just haven’t got around to doing it there’s two ways you can do it.  You can contact Relay for Life at www.relayforlife.ca and fill it in online or you can contact Jen Meikle at 204-271-1865 and she’d be happy to guide you through the way of registering.


The Flin Flon and Area third Relay For Life takes place from 6 the night of September 12th to 6 the next morning with participants collecting pledges and walking at the Creighton Ball Diamond raising money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society.  The 2013 Relay raised over 98 thousand dollars.

It Was a Community Gathering on Green Street Friday.

102.9 CFAR held a community barbeque in front of our studios at 316 Green Street Friday afternoon.  Manager Dianne Russell says it was a great celebration with the whole staff out there working really hard.  She says they had a good time together and it’s kind of nice to do something for the community like that.  Russell adds a lot of the area people and people from work came by for lunch and they gave away over 300 hamburgers and hot dogs and they also raised some money for the Relay for Life Chad’s Crusaders team and it was just over 210 dollars.


There was a draw for a Winnipeg Blue Bomber autographed football and that was won by Logan Simon and a hotel stay in Winnipeg was won by Paulette Watton.


There Will Be Fun and Learning for Children at Denare Beach.



The Amisk Lake Church at Denare Beach is hosting a 5 Day Club next week for children 5 to 13 years old.  Organizer Patsi Genaille says it will run from 1 to 2 Monday to Friday afternoons.  She says all the children are welcome to Denare Beach to the Amisk Lake Church where they will have bible time, crafts and bible lessons in their program.


You can register by showing up at the Church at 1 each afternoon.  For information you can call Patsi at 204-271-3645.


Children are Enjoying Summer Reading Programs.



 The Flin Flon Public Library is holding their TD Summer Reading Camp next week.  Administrator Cindy McLean says all their reading camps this summer have been successful. She says next weeks camps are all full but you can call the Library at 687-3397 as they have a waiting list and they can put you on that.  She adds they are going to be wrapping it up on Friday, August 21st with a movie day and a community barbeque and that’s open for all the children to come and that will be happening from 1 to 4.


Mclean adds they have been booked to capacity for all their summer reading camps so far.  They run until the end of August.

Final Preparations are Underway for a Birthday Celebration.



The Flinty Committee is ready to go with Flinty’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they have a lot of fun planned as well as their famous food including beef on a bun, hot dogs and the Rotary are going to provide their delicious home fires.  She says they will have a fish pond for the kids with a nominal fee of 25 cents, there’ll be face painting, nail painting, the teddy bear clinic and the Revitalization Corporation will have some dinosaur races and games.                                            


  Burke adds they could still use some help in setting up and running the day.  If you can help out call Greenstone at 204-687-6967.  The party runs from 1 to 4 Sunday afternoon at the Flin Flon Station Museum.

The Hapnot Welding Program is Upgrading.



Manitoba Jobs and the Economy Minister Kevin Chief announced to community representatives at the Flin Flon Friendship Center yesterday Hapnot Collegiate students will develop new skills in the trades thanks to a new investment in welding equipment.  He says it will help the school develop an accredited welding program adding the amount is 37 thousand dollars for facility upgrades with an emphasis on the air filtration base for welding and some upgrades for some of the tools that the young people use to have more state of the art kinds of facilities and tools when it comes to the opportunities that are involved in welding.


School Superintendent Blaine Veitch says the investment gives their students a head start in building important skills that will help them access good jobs when they graduate.


The announcement was followed by a discussion with the Minister on the First Jobs Strategy, developing job skills, getting information out on training programs available and encouraging women to get into trades.

There is a Fun Week Planned for Kids.



The Pentacostal Church is holding a 5 Day Club Vacation Bible School next week.  One of the organizers Denise Roy says the theme is 180 degrees with Jesus and there’s going to be games, bible stories, crafts and snacks for the kids 5 to 13 so it’ll be a lot of fun.  She says they have a missionary coming up with the 5 Day Club and he’ll be the one who will be teaching.


The Vacation Bible School runs Monday to Friday next week from 10 to 12. There’s no cost and you can register Monday morning starting at 9 at the Church.


The Community is Invited to a Barbeque Tomorrow.



102.9 CFAR will hold a barbeque in front of their studios at 316 Green Street at lunch time tomorrow.  Manager Dianne Russell says it will feature hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and prizes.  She explains the radio station likes to take an opportunity to do something for the community and they are going to do a community support barbeque and each year they choose a different charity to support.  She says this year Relay For Life is coming up so they’re going to support the Chad’s Crusaders team by taking a silver collection and give people a nice free barbeque.  Russell adds they have a lot of giveaways including a Blue Bomber football signed by the team that will be given away that day.


The barbeque runs from 12 to 2 tomorrow afternoon.

More Trades Training is Available Here in the North.




The new Northern Construction Trades Training program is currently providing apprenticeship training to residents from northern and remote communities.  Manitoba Jobs and Economy Minister Kevin Chief says the program is a joint venture between the province, Manitoba Hydro and several industry and training partners.  He says right now there’s 29 but up to 32 people can get into the program, adding it’s an investment of anywhere from 30 to 50 thousand dollars a person that’s in the program and its spaced over five years.  Chief says it’s a rigorous program with a lot of it in the field so you’re actually on site with on the job training but there is an academic component, there’s an upgrading component and an essential skills component so it can be upgrading anything from their math or some other things they need to learn.


  Participants are provided training in high demand trades such as millwright, industrial electrician and industrial mechanic.


All Drivers Are Invited to be Part of a Poker Run.



 The 16th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run will be held Saturday afternoon.  One of the organizers Kel Brown says all bikes, trucks and cars are welcome.  He says the leave the Gateway at noon and ride down to Wanless with various checkpoints on the way back.  He adds they’re leaving Wanless at one and when they get back they’ll draw the last hand and then figure out who the winner is and it’s been a thousand dollars while the low hand usually gets around 2 to 3 hundred dollars.


Ghost hands are available at Pharmasave, Eddies or at the Gateway before they leave Saturday.  Proceeds go to the Steve Ewing Memorial Bursary and poker hand winners.  For information call Kel at 204-687-0102 or email kelvinbrown@sasktel.net.



Bluegrass is Coming to Flin Flon.




Johnny’s Social Club will be hosting the Osmond-Davis Band from Winnipeg tomorrow night.  One of the organizers Tim Spencer says this is a bluegrass band playing supercharged country.  He says they know Tim Osmond well as he’s the Artistic Director of Home Roots but he’s sort of Manitoba’s foremost bluegrass expert and he says this is the best band he’s ever played with.  Spencer adds they’re a five piece group with a banjo, dobro, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass so its going to be a big sound.


The band is featured tomorrow night at 7 at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street.  Tickets are available at the Orange Toad.


Strike Issues Have Still Not Been Settled.



 The International Association of Machinists Local 1848’s President Rene Beauchamp says a meeting with Hudbay and a conciliation officer was held last night.  He reports as requested by Hudbay’s Rob Winton they removed the extra money off the table.  He says the Company refused to discuss their language issues, a grievance procedure and contracting out adding there are no further meetings scheduled, they are currently at an impasse.


A general membership meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon at 4 in the Steel Center.


The Machinists Union has been on strike at Hudbay since the beginning of May.

Should Your Car be on the Road?



 Car Proof Research has collected data that shows close to 100 thousand vehicles on the road in Manitoba have open safety recalls.  They report since early 2014 more than 10 million Canadian vehicles have been affected by manufacture recalls.  Out of approximately 800 thousand vehicles registered in Manitoba CarProof estimates one in ten cars on the road in Manitoba has been deemed unsafe to drive by the vehicle manufacturer.


As a provider of the most comprehensive car listing report on the market CarProof says they will help consumers uncover the most up to date information on their vehicle through a free report for the next few months.  To access the report visit www.carproof.com.


A Drill Program is Starting Near Flin Flon.

 Callinex Mines has started its phase two drilling campaign near Flin Flon.  The campaign is planned to include five holes totaling approximately 25 hundred meters between the company’s Pine Bay and Flin Flon projects.  Callinex states the purpose of the campaign is to discover high-grade copper and zinc rich massive sulfide mineralization within close proximity to Hudbay’s Triple Seven Mine.


The Company plans to test several newly identified geophysical targets located at depth and along strike of the Sourdough deposit at the Pine Bay Project.  They report they have identified significant exploration potential between Hudbay’s past producing Centennial Mine located approximately 2 kilometers to the southwest and the Sourdough deposit.


Depending on the results from drilling at the Sourdough deposit Callinex has outlined additional targets between the Pine Bay and Flin Flon projects that are accessible this summer.

Cancer Survivors are Urged to Register For a Special Event.



The Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is coming up on September 12th.  The Committee’s Shelly Etienne says they would like survivors to register to be part of the walk.  She says the Cancer Society defines a survivor as anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer and is still living whether they’ve just been diagnosed, are going through treatment or have completed treatment and are in remission.  She adds to register you can go online to Relay For Life Flin Flon and register as a survivor or if you have trouble doing that you can give her a call at 687-6646 and she will help you through it.


The survivors take part in a luncheon and followed by the Survivor Victory Lap which is the first lap of the Relay, they are joined by caregivers for the second lap and then all the teams entered join in.


You Can Help With a Birthday Celebration.



The Flinty Committee is preparing to celebrate Flinty’s 53rd birthday Sunday at the Station Museum.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they can use some help.  She says the biggest job is the set up as they have two teepees that they set up and probably half a dozen other screen tents and the stand for distribution of the beef on a bun and then after four tearing it down.  She says during the day they can use some help on the grounds with organizing a couple of games and serving the beef on a bun.


Burke adds the event is growing and more people are attending so they need more volunteers.  If you can help call the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967 or stop by the museum on Sunday.


Its Time to Register for the Creighton Copper Fair.



The Creighton Copper Fair will be held at the Sportex September 18th and 19th.  Assistant Recreation Director Crystal Banting says you can enter in twelve categories including sketching, painting, photography, pottery and sculpture, wood and metal work, textiles, traditional cultured arts, glass and jewelry, knitting, crocheting, needle work, recycling and there’s two youth categories from 11 to 17 years and 10 and under.


The deadline to register is Friday.


  Copper Fair registration forms can be picked up at the Creighton Recreation office, the Town office or find them on Facebook.  For more information you can call Crystal at 306-688-3538.


Do You Know Someone With an Interesting Story?



 The Flin Flon Public Library is looking for people to be part of their Human Books feature during Culture Days in late September.  Administrator Cindy McLean says they want people with an interesting story to tell. She explains human books don’t have to give any kind of a presentation, they don’t have to stand up in front of a crowd, people just mingle with their wine and cheese and converse with individuals who are placed throughout the library.  She says it’s a really nice evening with wine and cheese, they decorate it really lovely and this year they are hoping to have a musical presentation combined with it.


  If you know of someone with an interesting story contact the library at 204-687-3397.

A Summer Program for Kids is in its Second Month.




Flin Flon Parks and Recreation’s Summer in the Parks program has completed its first month and Supervisor Erin Hall says its been a full month of fun for both the kids and counselors.  She says they are participating in animal week in which they got to visit all their friends at the SPCA yesterday and the kids were really excited about that.  She says their registration is still open for the final three weeks and they want to let everyone know that there’s a drop-in fee of 20 dollars so if your child feels like attending camp for just one day to see what it’s like that would be great.


Summer in the Parks runs until August 28th on Monday to Friday afternoons from 12 to 5 for children 5 to 9 years old.  For information call the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542.


It Will be a Great Evening of Entertainment.



Another in a series of fund raising events for the Flin Flon Community Choir is being held tomorrow night.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says they’ll feature a variety of talent at a show they call Wood n’ Wire.  She says they have John Bettger, Kevin Imrie, Collette McKeen and Debbie Rowe and they’re going to be accompanied by Mark Kolt, Brent Lethbridge and Craig Bancroft.


  Wood n’ Wire begins at 7 tomorrow night at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street. Tickets are available for 15 dollars at the Orange Toad or by calling the Arts Council office at 204-687-5974.





You Will Be Reminded to Slow Down on City Streets.




After residents complained about motorists speeding coming off the Perimeter Highway down Green Street as well as in other areas the Citizens on Patrol Program decided to do something about it.  They have borrowed the SpeedCheck sign from the Manitoba Public Insurance SpeedWatch Program.  As they set it up last evening their chairperson Sinclair James explained it’s to educate drivers by notifying them they are exceeding the speed limit or maybe going below the speed limit.  He says the sign will flash if they’re exceeding the speed limit set on it and on most streets its 50 kilometers an hour and if they’re going 51 it will flash and if they’re going 60 it will flash even faster so it will bring awareness that people are watching out in school zones and things like that.


The portable SpeedCheck sign will be placed on various streets throughout the city until October monitored by members of COPPS who cannot issue tickets but will record the number of vehicles and their speed.

Tax Notices Will Soon be in the Mail.



 At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council reported they gave final reading to their 2015 budget at a special meeting and tax notices will be going out this week or next.  Budget approval was delayed as Council waited for approval from the Municipal Board of their application for a four year extension of the Special Services Levy brought in last year.  The levy to cover police and fire services will be 598 dollars this year rising by up to three percent a year for the next three years.


The Fire Chiefs report for July was received indicating seven fire calls during the month.


Councilor Tim Babcock reported he was part of a fund raiser for Slow Pitch that raised ten thousand dollars that will be put into upgrades at Centoba Park.


And the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA wrote to Council asking to partner with the city in regards to licencing the dogs they have up for adoption and serving as an outlet for licencing dogs in our community.  The letter was referred to the Protection Services Committee.


Your Art Work Can Support the Norva Center.



 You’re invited to be part of a Square Foot fundraiser being held by the Northern Visual Arts Center from September 22nd to October 4th.  Summer student Meagan Dupas explains anyone can enter the exhibit and auction.  She says you come visit the Norva Center, pay 25 dollars and they give you a blank canvas.  She adds the canvases are 12 by 12 inches and all you have to do is take it home, get creative, throw paint on the canvas, sketch on it, try and stretch a photograph over it, but once you’re happy bring it back to the Center, then all of the transformed canvases will get hung and displayed and it will make a unique installation for the exhibit.


The art works will be auctioned off on October 4th as a fundraiser to support the Norva Center.  You can get more information at the Center on Green Street or visit their website www.norvacentre.com.

Your Kids Can Still Have Summer Fun at Denare Beach.




Denare Beach Recreation continues to offer Summer Fun at the Beach Day Camps this week and next.  Camp Leader Katlynn Schaitel says the kids have been enjoying the activities and learning new crafts.  She says they’re doing a Disney theme this week and they’re really enjoying that with some of them learning new characters from Disney and they’re learning lots of cool stuff as they progress through the season with the day camp.


Schaitel adds next week is their final week with a Hollywood theme including making stars, being famous and movies with popcorn.  You can still register for the camp or get more information by calling the Sand Castle at 306-362-2150 or the Recreation Office at 362-2050.



Aboriginal People Must Make Their Vote Count.



 Congress of Aboriginal People Vice-Chief Ron Swain is urging Aboriginal People to participate in the federal election in any way they can.  He says those who have time can volunteer on a campaign, those with a little money can donate and everyone should at least turn out to vote.


  Swain suggested one issue people should examine is which party reflects the best partner for Aboriginal people noting a commitment to the nation to nation relationship, respectful and meaningful dialogue about implementing treaties and section 35 rights and implementing recommendations from reports like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.             


Vice-Chief Swain adds with over 1.4 million Aboriginal people in the country the political power of an organized and unified voting block could not be overlooked.  Information on voting can be found on their website www.capyouthvote.org.


A Water Service Project Has Received Financial Support.



Although as of last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting they hadn’t been officially notified the Federal and Manitoba Governments have announced the city will receive funding from the New Building Canada Plan’s Small Communities Fund.  The funding is to be used to replace heating plant number three that distributes drinking water and provides heating for waterline freezing protection as well as lift station number 16. The release states both the heating plant and lift station provide services to approximately 141 homes and 94 businesses in the downtown area.  The total estimated cost of the project is five million dollars with total eligible costs 3.96 million cost shared a third each by the Federal, Provincial and local governments.

A Pledge Ride on the Weekend Was a Success.



Organizer Paulette Wotton says the third annual Breast Cancer Pledge Ride North held on Sunday from Flin Flon to Gyles Park and back to raise money and awareness for breast cancer was a success.  She says they had 39 bikes take part with a total of 52 participants and fund raising was awesome.  She reports with the pledges that were turned in there was just over 55 hundred dollars plus the proceeds from the bike draw will all go to Cancer Care Manitoba.


Wotton reports the rider from furthest away came from Beausejour, Manitoba, the youngest was 8 years old, the oldest 65 and the winner of the 2015 vintage Indian motorcycle was Bill Mollard of St. Andrews, Manitoba.



A New Committee Will Assist the Health Region.



The Northern Health Region is looking to serve the needs of the aboriginal population better.  Their Vice President Joy Tetlock says they have formed a committee to fill that role and they’ll advise the Board of Directors on matters affecting the health and human resources of the aboriginal population within our region.  She says the committee membership is comprised of both Board members and also public citizens adding the public citizens and names of key organizations or stakeholders were identified by the Boards of Directors.


Tetlock says the committee will offer advice to the board as well as the CEO on initiatives and research that relates to the health status of the aboriginal population.

Plans Are Well Underway for a Big Birthday Party.



The Flinty Committee will be celebrating Flinty’s birthday party on August 16th.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they will feature an afternoon of free food and special events with some new ideas this year.  She explains they’re food will include beef on a bun, hot dogs and this year they’re adding snow cones so that will be an attraction for the kids.  She says there’ll be some games and the Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation will be adding in a new event with dinosaurs and dinosaur racing and they’re going to increase the geocaching to a little bigger event and hopefully more adults will participate.


The party runs from 1 to 4 Sunday, August 16th at the Flin Flon Station Museum.



Exploration Continues at a Mine Near Snow Lake.




In a review of their Manitoba operations Hudbay reported year to date ore processed was 9 percent higher than the same period last year as a result of increased production from the Lalor and Reed mines near Snow Lake.  Hudbay President David Garofalo says their exploration program continues in the Lalor copper gold zone.  He says the assay results from the remaining seven drill holes continue to confirm a high grade thick core down the middle of the main zone with decreasing grade and thickness towards the contacts as well as separate hanging wall and footwall mineralization.  He says the phase two exploration ramp extension to the north is progressing well and is expected to be completed by the end of August which will allow the 8500 meter drill program to start in September.


Garofalo adds increased production at Lalor was partially offset by lower production at the Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon in the second quarter.



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