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A Flin Flon Man has Been Returned to Nigeria.

Festus Odua crossed the border at Emerson, Manitoba into Canada in April 2017 with other refugees.  He married Rikki Petersen last January, their daughter was born in August and they were living in FlinFlon when Rikki says he got notice he had to return to Nigeria as they had waited for information that didn’t arrive until November.  She explains what they did is they took some legal advice that maybe wasn’t the best route to go and they believed that they were safe to wait to put in their spousal sponsorship until they received their daughter’s birth certificate and now in hindsight there’s been an error made in Festus’s case that caused them to speed up the removal of him.

               Rikki says she now has to start over and file a new spousal sponsorship application to prove she can support him for three years even though he was working here when he got notice to leave.



They Lit Candles to Remember.

People joined the Womens Resource Center at Pioneer Square Friday evening for the annual Candle Light Vigil.  Center Board Member Mark Lucas told them the event remembers victims of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 when a young man killed 14 young women because of their gender and violence against women continues. He said we see the effects of their deaths and of violence against women on members of our community, on other women, on families and on children and this has to stop.  Women are still unsafe in their homes, communities and workplaces and they deserve better. Let us never forget that many women continue to live and die in the shadow of violence.  As the December 6th massacre truly demonstrates violence against women is closely linked to issues of equality.  These women can no longer speak for themselves so it is those of us that go on living who must speak for them and to change the world we live in.


Lucas stated we all need to work to end violence against women as every day women must have what they need to live without fear, without violence and with choice, so let’s work together here in Flin Flon to make it happen.


Members of the RCMP Are Watching Your Driving Habits.

The annual Manitoba RCMP Selective Traffic Enforcement Program runs through this month. All RCMP detachments and Traffic Services Units are participating with the focus once again on the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers and other high risk driving behaviors.


They report last year almost 12 thousand vehicles were checked across the province during 262 check stops that resulted in 105 people charged with criminal code impaired driving offences and 30 roadside suspensions.  Five people lost their lives in traffic related collisions.


The Officer in Charge of “D” Division Traffic Services says they are doing their part by raising public awareness about road safety and conducting traffic enforcement programs now the driving public have to do their part by adjusting their driving habits to make Manitoba roads safer.


You Can Take a Teddy Bear to the Bomber Game.

Tomorrow night Northland Ford will be sponsoring their 7th annual Teddy Bear Toss at the Flin Flon Bomber Game at the Whitney Forum. Sales Consultant Nikki Corke explains the Teddy bears will go to the Friendship Centre Christmas Gift Program and how it works is when the Bombers score their first goal of the game everyone will toss their Teddy bears on the ice and they will be collected and donated and it’s at the Bomber game this Saturday, December 7th.


Corke adds if you don’t have a Teddy Bear to bring they’ll have drop off boxes at the entrances for other toys that can’t be tossed on the ice as well as a drop off box at Northland Ford.


There Is a Program to Make Sure Children Get a Gift.

The 25th annual Christmas Gift Program is well underway at the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre.  It’s designed to enable parents or guardians to give their children a gift at Christmas when circumstances prevent them from doing so.  The Centre’s Katie Kawerski says any family in Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage and Sherridon who is in need can register now to pick up gifts.  She explains the registration dates started on December 2nd and the program will run from the 16th to the 20th so if you have a child between the ages of birth and 17 years you come down and you bring your health card and you can register your child.  She adds you get a date that you can come down so the person that registered comes and they pick out a gift or gifts for their children and they get to wrap it right at the Friendship Centre so the kids don’t see the gifts.


They also welcome donations for the gift program at the Friendship Centre at 57 Church Street or you can take part in the Toy Drive at the Red Apple store tomorrow.  For more information you can call Virginia at 204-687-3900.


This is National Safe Driving Week.

Distracted driving is the theme for this year’s awareness program. The CEO of the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba Grant Wainikka explains what constitutes distracted driving stating the most notable change they’ve seen over the last several years has been of course texting or communicating with your device while driving and this has now become almost on par with impaired driving as far as serious accidents that are caused on the road.  However he says distracted driving can mean putting on your makeup or it could mean fidgeting with your radio, with the consul on your car, even conversing with people in your vehicle as statistics show that as you grow the number of people in your vehicle especially at some ages that the chances of an accident are higher.


Wainikka adds as more people began owning smart devices the rate of accidents caused by distracted driving has skyrocketed over the decade.


The City of Flin Flon is Streamlining Communications.

The City of Flin Flon has launched a series of new digital services designed to engage the public in effective two-way communication.   The new website features a modern interface which is very easy to navigate with quick access to important information. Residents will now be able to easily keep up with council activity by accessing council meetings minutes and agendas instantly online. The new website also features a tourism microsite designed to provide tourists and residents with information on attractions, accommodations, and local events.


 The City has also introduced a smartphone app and a new Connect Service.  Mayor Cal Huntley explains these are a great way to engage with community members providing up to date timely information. The app provides direct online access for the reporting of community issues and to register for leisure activities. He says the Connect service communicates directly with each community member who registers with notifications of street closures or other emergency and non-emergency public notices and updates.


The Flin Flon App is free and available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. Residents interested in signing up for the Connect Service can register directly online through the City website, or by filling out a form available at City Hall.

Ministers Reacted Well to Meetings With Flin Flon City Council.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday night Mayor Cal Huntley reported he and Council representatives attended the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual meeting in Brandon last week.  He said it was a very positive meeting with the Premier and all the cabinet ministers attending.  He said every minister or deputy minister they wanted to see was made available, their comments were well received and they expect to see some activity around their requests.  Huntley noted they continued to lobby for funding for the new Aqua Centre as well as issues related to our outlying areas, the need for a base tax and Manitoba Housing opportunities.


At Tuesday’s meeting they also accepted the Fire Chiefs report for November indicating four incidents during the month.  They included a false alarm, a fuel tank leaking after a semi-trailer overturned in the ditch beside highway ten near the airport, a kitchen fire on Hudson Street and assistance to the ambulance service.


And they approved the appointment of Judy Pettersen as a member of the Public Library Board while thanking current Library Administrator Courtney Campbell for her service as she leaves Flin Flon and they opened applications for a new Administrator

You Are Invited to Light a Candle Tomorrow.

The Womens Resource Center is holding its annual Candle Light Vigil tomorrow evening. The Center’s Laurie Sealey invites everyone to take part as December 6th is designated as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against all Women.  She says this day is a remembrance for the young women who lost their lives at Ecole Polytechnique but it also reminds all of us violence can strike at any time so together we can form a strong alliance, we need to stand united to help deliver the message to end violence against women and girls.  She adds together we need to use our own collective voices to say enough is enough and work together to end violence against women.


Candles will be available at Pioneer Square with the Vigil starting at 5:15 tomorrow evening. If you can’t attend you can listen to 102.9 CFAR at 5:15 to hear their message.


The Need for Obstetric Services Continues to be an Issue.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon Council heard from co-chairs of the We Want Birth Committee Kirsten Fritch and Jan Unrau to mark the one year anniversary of the closing of obstetric services at the General Hospital.  They reported they had about 40 people at their anniversary march and they are still waiting for some answers about the service.  They continue to contact government ministers and are studying the blueprint for health care released on Friday and are hoping the government plan to reduce much of the health travel to Winnipeg and the note that pre-natal care is an ongoing need in the north could lead to the return of quality obstetric services here. They also noted they are aware of  issues such as recruitment and the low level of births here but obstetricians can deal with other women’s health issues that aren’t provided for here.  Unrua suggested having a midwifery position opened here would be a good start to providing services for expectant mothers.  Fritch mentioned the next step is collecting stories and conducting an online survey on the difficulties mothers who are travelling to give birth outside of Flin Flon are experiencing to back up the need for obstetric services here.

Local Actors Hit the Stage This Weekend.

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is presenting their fall production of Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Friday and Saturday nights.  Director Leslie Fernandes says she is really excited about this production.  She adds she’s never really seen Ham Sandwich do anything like this before noting they have amazing lights, amazing sets, they have some great battles and sword fighting and the most amazing costumes she has ever seen so she really hopes that people get those tickets, bring your kids, bring your families, it’s going to be a fabulous show.


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will be performed Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


More Information is Needed on a Health Plan.

The Manitoba Government introduced a blue print for the next step in a comprehensive overhaul of health care in the province on Friday.  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says the plan is sketchy on details for the north.  He explains everything to do with the north is left really vague that something will happen at some point in time.  He adds the part about having regional hubs might be interesting depending if they decide Thompson is going to be the regional hub for the north and that kind of leaves the rest of the north out of luck so we haven’t seen enough of the details to say it’s good for the north and what we’ve seen from this government so fat is really what can we do to reduce costs not provide better service.


Lindsey adds it does talk about increased use of Telehealth which has been talked about in the north but it can’t replace having doctors that people build a relationship with and have a family doctor.


Input Continues on an economic Development Plan This Week.

The FDC Economic Development Commission in partnership with Community Futures Greenstone is conducting an Economic Development Transition Project.  Following meetings and workshops with the three local Councils and local businesses, sessions are being held seeking public input from Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach.  At last night’s public meeting Colleen Bond from EDCD Consulting explained they are looking for community ideas on short and long term economic development.  She said once they’ve collected all of that data they combine it with the other research that they have done with regards to the demographics on the area, current trends in economic development, best practices in other communities, and then along with the input they receive this week they will start to develop and indentify common themes and from there develop specific strategies for moving forward with economic development.


Consultations continue this week with community stakeholders with a list of meetings available at www.flinflononline.com and click on city of Flin Flon notice board with a link to their community survey on the Town of Creighton website.


People Enjoyed Supper and Auctions to Support a Special Program.

The Freedom Outreach Program based at Denare Beach held a fundraising event of art, food and entertainment November 22nd.  The program’s Kandie Lagore says it was a great evening due to a lot of support.  She says they had so much art work donated from local artists and artists who don’t live here, they had so many volunteers, so many people came and they had some amazing music by our local musicians so it was a lot of work but a lot of fun and they didn’t do it all by themselves.


Lagore adds they raised 6373 dollars thanking all the people who supported them with the reaction being you’ve got to do this again so they will next year around the same time.


People Got Home Safely on the Weekend.

Operation Red Nose had a successful first weekend of taking vehicles and their owners home safely in the Flin Flon area. Rotary Club committee chair Ted Hewitt says it went well.  He reports they provided 27 rides which was slightly more than last year with volunteers from the Border Explorers Snowmobile Club and the Rotary Club of Flin Flon.  He adds even though Operation Red Nose is offered as a free service those receiving the service were very generous with their donations.  He notes they are seeking volunteers for Saturday December 21st and New Years Eve and volunteers can pick up applications locally at the Credit Union and once completed they need to be taken to the local RCMP detachment with two pieces of ID.


Hewitt adds funds collected are used to support children’s activities with a preference for organized sports.


Operation Red Nose runs every Friday and Saturday night up to and including December 20th and 21st as well as New Years Eve.  For more information you can call Ted at 204-687-7450.


The Greenstone Office is On the Move.

Community Futures Greenstone is moving from their current location at 35 Main Street above Pharmasave to the administrative offices in the former Co-op building on Main Street.  General Manager Becky Cianflone says the most exciting thing about the new location is they will be fully accessible as including people of all abilities is a key principle for their organization.  She adds it will also affect their services as with this space they’re going to have heir women’s project The Hub, their maker space will be located with them as well as their youth entrepreneurship project LYNK, so they’re hoping to create a little hub of entrepreneurial activity where they have people coming in to discuss their ideas and access resources and they think it’s going to make a big difference in the community.


The present Greenstone office will be closed this coming Friday and the following Monday to move all the equipment and furniture and will open next Tuesday at the new location with an open house planned in early 2020 so you can visit the new space and learn about all of the services provided.


Drill Programs Continue to Show Good Results Near Snow Lake.

Rockcliff Metals has announced new drill core assay results have extended high grade mineralization at the Rail Deposit near Snow Lake.  President and CEO Alistair Ross says drill results to date have extended high grade copper mineralization below the existing Rail Deposit to 500 meters vertical adding with two drills operating around the clock and a total of 15 thousand meters now budgeted they look forward to determining the limits of this extensive copper bearing system.


Rockcliff also reports high grade assay results from initial drill holes completed on their Talbot property near Snow Lake with 6 percent copper equivalent across 18.33 meters including 10.4 percent across 4.8 meters. Ross comments their first assays from this drill program have confirmed additional mineralization outside and above the Talbot deposit adding the fact that one drill hole is the highest grade mineralization encountered nearest to surface to date is extremely encouraging.  He notes the 100 thousand meter drill program in the Snow Lake area is fully underway.


Niki Ashton Will Address Critical Issues in Our Region When Parliament Resumes.

Churchill Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton reports it’s a priority for her to speak out on behalf of our region and address the critical issues that we continue to face once parliament resumes. She explains in communities across our region she would say health care is a big issue and so is housing and the need to be able to protect and create good jobs in our region.  She says these are three areas that are important for her to hit the ground running on and she’s certainly keen to bring attention to these issues starting now and into the new year.

In order to solve ongoing issues such as boil water advisories and the housing crisis in Northern communities Ashton believes that sustained federal investment for infrastructure, water treatment plants, and housing is what’s needed to solve these problems.  Ashton has been named the new critic for both Public Ownership and Transport in the NDP shadow cabinet as well as deputy critic for women and gender.


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