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Your Support Helped the Salvation Army Have a Successful Christmas Season.


Salvation Army Major Debbie Allen reports they again had a successful Christmas kettle and hamper program in the Flin Flon area.  She says their kettle campaign came in about 400 dollars over last year so they did 15,750 dollars which is very good.  She noted their donations by mail were down a bit but overall they raised over 22 thousand dollars for their Christmas hampers and their soup days program and other things they do in the community.


Major Allen adds they packed 160 hampers with five not picked up noting she may still hear from them or they got into a better situation and don’t need it.


There Are Stronger Consequences if You Drive Impaired in Saskatchewan.



Effective January 1st experienced drivers who are charged for the first time with having a blood alcohol content over .04 will have their vehicle seized for three days.  There will be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol for all drivers 21 and under and all new drivers, and ignition interlock laws will be the strongest in Canada with mandatory ignition interlock for drivers who register a blood alcohol content of .16 or greater or refuse to provide a breath sample. First offence is 2 years, second 5 years and third and subsequent offences 10 years.


New cell phone laws are also coming into effect to add to the current laws.  All drivers are prohibited from using hand held cell phones, experienced drivers can use hands free devices but new drivers can’t and if the cell phone is mounted on the dash, clipped to the visor or in a cradle it’s considered hands free and it’s ok for an experienced driver to use it, provided they can access the phone with one touch of a button or voice commands.


The ownership of the Port of Churchill and Hudson Bay rail line is about to change.


The process has begun to transfer the assets from OmniTrax Canada to a group of northern Manitoba First Nations, known as the Missinippi Rail Consortium.  A memorandum of understanding has been signed by the consortium and OmniTrax, which enables the new owners to negotiate with vendors ahead of the 2017 grain season, although the federal government must still approve the sale.  OmniTrax said in a statement, the sale of the rail line and port will promote economic development for northern Manitoban First Nations and guarantee the preservation of those assets for all of the communities serviced along the railway.

OmniTrax announced in July that the port was closing, about one in 10 Churchill residents worked at the port.

You Can Get a Ride Home New Years Eve.


Operation Red Nose was out last Friday night to get the Christmas weekend underway.  The Rotary Club’s Committee Chair Ted Hewitt says they had another successful night of getting people and their vehicles home safely.  He says they provided a total of 32 rides giving them a year to date total of 244 and this number is more than a hundred over last year at this time so they’re very happy with that.  He noted they had a total of 13 volunteers from throughout the community on this date.


Hewitt says they will be out again Saturday night which is New Years Eve and he expects it to be busy so they will need more volunteers.  If you can help out give Ted a call at 204-687-7450.


Hewitt added one of the volunteers lost one of their walkie talkies Friday night. It’s a Motorola radio with a sign on it Gene’s Rental Red Nose Flin Flon.  If found call Ted at 204-687-7450 and he will arrange to pick it up.


You Need Your Snopass.


With the snowmobile trails getting ready Snowmobilers of Manitoba want to remind you to get your Snopass.  The Snopass is an orange license plate that goes on the back of the machine that lets you on the trails in Manitoba according to their Executive Director Yvonne Rideout.  She explains it lets you on any snowmobile trail in Manitoba which is 12 thousand kilometers of trail and due to their reciprocity agreement with Saskatchewan you can also access their 10 thousand kilometers of trails.


A Snopass can be purchased at any MPI office for 150 dollars. There is a fine if a Conservation Officer or RCMP Officer is out patrolling the trails and sees no plate on the vehicle.



The People of Snow Lake Are Well Prepared.


A Manitoba Community Emergency Preparedness Award recognizing communities with programs meeting or exceeding standards will be presented to the Town of Snow Lake.  An award will also go to the City of Steinbach and the Rural Municipality of East St.Paul.


Preparedness includes detailed hazard and risk assessment, preparation and maintenance of emergency plans, public education programs, use of social media to communicate with the public and excellent emergency management and response training programs.  The Emergency Measures Act requires Manitoba Communities to have emergency preparedness programs. The awards are presented annually and include public recognition by the Manitoba government, a framed certificate and road signs stating “we are a Prepared Community” to be placed at the Municipality’s discretion.

The Saskatchewan Government Reminds You Gift Cards Are Not Allowed to Have an Expiry Date.


Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts during the holidays.  One of the most common questions the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority gets from consumers and retailers about gift cards is about expiry dates and they have sent out this message to consumers…


“Did you get a few gift cards this holiday season?  Make sure you get the value for your card.  Gift cards bought in Saskatchewan can’t have an expiry date.  Be sure to redeem your cards quickly.  If a retailer goes out of business you might be out of luck.”


They also note all fees must be paid up front and no additional monthly or usage fees are allowed after the fact. The Consumer Protection Division may be able to help consumers with gift card disputes by calling toll free 1-877-880-5550 or email consumerprotection@gov.sk.ca.


There Are Some Christmas Items That Cannot be Recycled.


It’s time to pack up your Christmas items.  The Flin Flon Recycling Center’s Administrator Deb Odegaard reminds you there are some items they can’t take.  She explains the main thing they can’t take is any Christmas wrap, tissue paper, bows and that kind of thing.  She says they also don’t do things like disposable dishes so if you use paper plates or plastic knives or that sort of thing they can’t recycle them and the other part is packaging from gifts where they can’t recycle the styrofoam or the plastic wrap and that kind of thing that comes often in packaging.


Odegaard reminds you the Recycling Center will be closed for New Year’s Day.


The Co-op is The Winner.

Dianne Russell and Tom Therien


The Flin Flon and Distict Chamber of Commerce has announced the winner of its Holiday Shine contest. People were invited to vote through social media for an establishment who is a member of the Chamber and who showed a spirit of giving, community initiative and/or creative holiday decorating.  President Dianne Russell presented first prize of lighted Christmas decorations and a certificate to Tom Therien, manager of the North of 53 Consumers Co-op.  She explained the Co-op has shown incredible spirit of giving and community initiative by supporting a large number of activities and projects around the community including sports, schools, arts, the SPCA. She adds they also participate in the Trout Festival, the Santa Claus parade, they’re fun, they’re creative, they like to say yes, they’re involved in our community and they want it to grow, it’s just a great business.


Honorable mentions went to Nasselquist Jewellers, Sharon’s Place, the Orange Toad and Newest Wrinkle. A name was drawn from those who voted and a one hundred dollar gift card from the Co-op and a prize from Manitoba Hydro were presented to Justin Morrell.

You Will Soon Need Numbers on Your House.

  City Hall Christmas Tree


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council gave first reading to a bylaw requiring people to put their address numbers on their homes.  This results from concerns expressed by the Fire Chief, RCMP and Medial staff having problems locating homes that are not numbered in an emergency.


Council also gave first reading to a bylaw to adopt the Manitoba Emergency Measures Act and approve the City of Flin Flon emergency plan.  They also will meet with Denare Beach and Creighton Councils to move forward in expanding a regional emergency plan.


Council approved the rezoning of the Armories property from educational institution to commercial to allow for the construction of the new Co-op store on the property.


Council received a letter from Sport Manitoba inviting them to consider bidding to host the 2020 Power Smart Manitoba Summer Games which was referred to the Social and Community Services Committee.


Council also wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

They Were Driving While Three Times Over the Blood Alcohol Limit.


The RCMP have released the results of the second week of their holiday checkstop program. From December 13th to 19th 2680 vehicles were checked across Manitoba during 52 checkstops.  22 people were charged with either impaired driving or drive over .08 with the highest blood alcohol reading reported .240 which is more than three times the legal limit with three individuals having readings that high.


Three people were charged with impaired driving by drugs, 5 were charged with refusing a breath demand, there were 15 alcohol or drug related administrative roadside suspensions, 773 other traffic related highway traffic act charges and 12 other criminal code driving offences including a number of prohibited drivers.


The checkstops continue through the holiday season.

The Recycling Centre Will Take a Bit of a Break.



Flin Flon’s Recycling Center will be taking some time off over the holidays.  Their Administrator Deb Odegaard explains the Centre will be closed on Sundays Christmas Day and New Years Day but they’re going to have someone at the Centre on Christmas Eve up until 2 o’clock and there will be someone in on Boxing Day for the rest of that week.


The Center’s regular hours are Monday to Friday from 8 to 4 and Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 3.  For more on recycling you can visit their website www.flinflonrecycling.org.


Sharing Costs and Expanding Our Tax Base Were Raised at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Last Night.

Bruce Reed (front) and Tom Heine


Tom Heine spoke to Council about his property being reassessed asking what Council is doing to expand the tax base.  Councilor Bill Hanson said they have looked at developing new lots but people are not interested in building.  Heine said there is an opportunity by amalgamating with the lake areas and Councilor Ken Pawlachuk said they have asked the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to lobby the government on the issue of amalgamation and services as they are the landlord for these areas.  Deputy Mayor Colleen McKee said Council is a hard working group and they are moving forward including with the new Regional Economic Development Officer.


Bruce Reed followed on taxes and water bills stating people are paying a variety of amounts for the water debenture for the same water and it’s wrong.  On schools he said tax payers are paying roughly 14,870 dollars per student while the provincial average is 12,180.  He said people should be concerned about how their tax dollars are being spent. He said police and fire services are now being shared equally and that should be done with the water debenture.  Deputy Mayor Colleen McKee replied they discuss these things frequently but don’t always have a resolution suggesting they should have members of the public on their committees so they have input.

RNC Has Repaid a Debt Related to Reed Mine.

  Mark Selby


RNC Minerals has repaid a Hudbay debt to provide early access to Reed Mine cash flow.  They have signed and closed a 6.5 million dollar U.S. secured copper repayment agreement and 5 million dollar copper purchase and working capital facility with Auramet International LLC.  The arrangements have been entered into with respect to RNC’s 30 percent share of the copper and other metals produced at the Reed Mine operated by Hudbay in the Flin Flon Snow Lake Region.


RNC President Mark Selby says the copper repayment agreement and working capital facility will allow RNC to quickly realize cash flow benefits from the current strong copper price environment.  He says the early repayment of the Hudbay loans will allow RNC the benefit of access to the Reed Mine cash flow from copper production beginning in January much sooner than the estimated third quarter of 2017 made when RNC acquired the 30 percent interest in Reed.


The Lights Were on in the Village.



Judging for the Village of Lights took place on Friday.  The judges toured Denare Beach Friday evening to judge the Christmas lights and displays that had been set up.  Recreation Director Jody Lyle says they had good participation with first prize going to Brad and Carol Gilmore, second to Cindy Pedwell and family and third place went to Bill and Laurie Wasyliuk.  She adds her judges also asked her to give acknowledgement to Werbickis, McBratneys and Wrights who also had very spectacular displays.


The event prizes of Canadian Tire gift cards valued at 100, 75 and 50 dollars were sponsored by the Village Council, Canaqua and Fieber Plumbing.


Operation Red Nose Continues to be Well Used.


Operation Red Nose had a 4th successful weekend of getting people and their vehicles home safely.  The Rotary Club’s committee chair Ted Hewitt says this past weekend was their best so far this year.  He says they provided a total of 71 rides giving them a year to date total of 212 and this total is almost 80 more rides than last year at this time so they were very happy with that.  He says they had a total of 34 volunteers from the Kinsmen, staff from Ruth Betts, staff from Hudbay plus some Rotarians and others from the community.


Operation Red Nose will only be available Friday night this weekend and Hewitt says they now have enough volunteers for that night but are still looking for volunteers for New Years Eve.  If you are interested you can call Ted at 204-687-7450.

A Unique Christmas Concert is Back This Year.


The Flin Flon Young Musicians will be performing their Christmas concert Thursday night.  Director Susan Fulford says it involves her students and some Coppertones alumni.  She says the concert is entitled Wonder and it’s really meant to wonder about the joy of the season that we’re in and also wonder about what is happening in our world, the reality of it and the students really capture beautifully that kind of tension in the music that they’re presenting.  She adds it’s just lovely so come out and enjoy it in the dark and just reflect without having to respond at all.


The concert will be held Thursday night at 7:30 in the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue. Admission is by donation with all the money going to educate girls in Africa.


You Can Give a Homecoming For Christmas.



Flin Flon will be holding a big homecoming celebration for Canada’s 150th birthday June 30th to July 2nd.  Committee Co-Chair Colleen McKee uses a familiar Christmas poem to remind you a sixty dollar homecoming ticket would make a great Christmas gift…..


              “Twas the night before Christmas and all through city hall

              Creatures were stirring and having a ball.

              They were counting the Homecoming registrations from near and far

              And hoping all got their tickets thus far

              When out on the roof top arose such a clatter

              They ran to the window to see what’s the matter

              It was old St. Nick chatting his same chatter

              As he disappeared into the night

              He said February 15th is the cut off date

              Get your tickets now before its too late.”



Homecoming tickets can be purchased online at www.picatic.com and search Flin Flon in the box at the top of the page or in person at Flin Flon City Hall.


Two Former Hudbay Managers Have New Appointments.



Rubicon Minerals Corporation reports it has strengthened its Board and Management Team.  Peter R. Jones will be appointed to the Rubicon Board of Directors and Michael A. Willet will join the management team as Director of Projects.


Their release states as the Chief Executive Officer of Hudbay Peter Jones orchestrated the company’s initial public offering and acquisition of Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting from Anglo American in 2004. He oversaw Hudbay’s emergence until 2008 and its turnaround when he rejoined in 2009.  Previously Jones was the CEO of HBM & S from 2002 to 2004 following years of senior management roles with the Company.


They also indicate Michael Willet spent several years in various senior mining and engineering roles for Hudbay including General Manager of its Snow Lake operations and Chief Mine Engineer of the Ruttan Mine.


Rubicon Minerals is an exploration stage company that owns the Phoenix Gold Project in the Red Lake gold district in northwestern Ontario.

Impaired Drivers are Still Out There.


Manitoba RCMP have released the stats from the first week of their Holiday Checkstop Program.  Up to December 12th 3774 vehicles were checked across Manitoba during 86 checkstops.  33 people were charged with a criminal code impaired driving offence all alcohol related.  The highest blood alcohol reading reported was .350.  Fourteen alcohol related and two drug related tiered administrative roadside suspensions were issued.  662 other traffic related highway traffic act charges were laid as well as 15 liquor and gaming control act offences and 8 other criminal code driving offences. The checkstop program continues through the holiday season.

The Santa Store Will Be Available to Students Next Week.



The Creighton School Community Council is running its annual Santa Store in the school starting Monday.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland says it gives the younger students a chance to do some Christmas shopping.  She says the Council collects donated articles such as ornaments, small kitchen items, jars and containers and the Santa Store opens for shopping December 19th, 20th and the morning of the 21st.  She adds all items are priced at 25 cents and are gift wrapped.  She notes the School Community Council would like to thank the volunteer gift wrappers and the community for their continued support.                                 


Donations can be dropped off at the school.


This is the 13th year for the Santa Store at Creighton School.

There Are Grants Available for Community Organizations.


Walmart Canada is having a giving blitz with one thousand grants of one thousand dollars totaling one million dollars to eligible Canadian non-profit organizations.  Community based non-profits including registered charities that support community engagement including hunger relief and government owned or controlled community centers, parks, schools, libraries and shelters are invited to apply for a Community Giving Grant on the Walmart corporate website www.walmartcanada.ca by Tuesday.  The eligibility criteria are listed on the website and Walmart encourages registered non-profit organizations to apply annually for their Community Giving Grant Program.  Since 2012 they have donated more that 6 million dollars through the program.


OCN Now Owns Land and Housing in the Big Eddy Settlement.


The Manitoba government has transferred the ownership of land in the Big Eddy settlement to the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.  That includes several homes previously owned and managed by Manitoba Housing.  Eleven houses, three duplexes and 14 vacant lots have been sold for a nominal amount.  The Manitoba government will provide 200 thousand dollars to OCN to address needed repairs at some of the properties while OCN will also be making additional investments to upgrade the properties.


Chief Christian Sinclair says ownership of land and housing in the Big Eddy Settlement will enable the Cree Nation of manage and upgrade the existing housing for OCN members who live there and they will continue to work toward the eventual designation of the land as reserve in fulfillment of their treaty entitlement agreement.


In 1999 the land in the Big Eddy settlement was identified by OCN as part of a treaty entitlement agreement.

Students Can Shop For Christmas at School Tomorrow.


The Ecole McIsaac School Parent Advisory Council is holding their Christmas Grotto for students tomorrow.  Teacher Lara Smith says it helps students buy something special for Christmas.  She explains the Grotto is a fun gift giving event where the boys and girls bring in two dollars and they can buy a couple of gifts for their family and they wrap them and hand them out to their families at Christmas time.  She says families are being asked to bring any donations they can make to the school and then on Friday the boys and girls can have an opportunity to go shopping.


Smith adds they would like any donations for the Christmas grotto dropped off at McIsaac School today.


A successful Christmas Grotto was held at Ruth Betts Community School on Tuesday.

Christmas Shopping and Celebrating Will Be The Focus on Main Street.


The Main Street Committee is presenting Moonlight Madness tomorrow night from 6 to 9.  The Committee’s Treasure Daneliuk says it’s a Main Street family night. She says there’s going to be a Caroler’s Lane beside the RBC Bank where they’ll have it closed off, the Kinsmen will have their shack set up to sell tickets and there’ll also be free hot chocolate compliments of the Victoria Inn and Rock City Diner will be offering two dollar pizza slices for everyone there.  She notes at the other end of the street in the old Sears building by Pharmasave they’re going to have Santa’s workshop on the go where parents can bring their little ones in to take a picture with Santa.


Daneliuk adds every business will also have some great sales for people to come out and get their Christmas shopping done.

You Have A Last Chance to Shop.



A last minute Christmas Craft and Home Business sale is being held tomorrow and Saturday. Organizer Rikki Petersen says there will be a great variety of items available including all sorts of home vendors, home made products, mitts, toques and many home businesses like Unique, T and D Outlandish Chocolates, Grandma’s Kitchen, there will be gift wrapping and hot food and drinks from OMG.  She adds they have over 30 tables booked so it should be a good event for anyone to come out and find their last minute Christmas gifts.


The sale is open from 4 to 8 tomorrow night and 10 to 4 Saturday in the building next to Pharmasave on Main Street.


You Can Give a Meaningful Gift This Year.


World Vision Canada is urging you to join others in Manitoba in giving a gift from their gift catalogue.  Their Regional Rep for Manitoba Chris Schroeder says gifts can range from livestock to clean water to school and medical supplies for families in developing countries noting he has visited a community that received six goats from Canadians who responded to their gift catalogue and those six goats became twelve becoming twenty-four supporting more families. He says they were able to use the natural droppings from the goats to increase the yield on their crops, purchase sewing machines so they can make their own clothes and he’s received word that the project he visited no longer needs World Vision because they’re self sustaining.


Last year 23 hundred people in Manitoba gave more that 421 thousand dollars worth of gifts from their catalogue with 33 of those in the northern region giving more that 9, 500 dollars.  You can learn more at www.worldvision.ca/gifts.


Its Time to Buy a Gift From the Angel Tree.


The Salvation Army has set up an Angel Tree in Walmart in Flin Flon to help collect toys for children. Major Debbie Allen explains on the tree you will find tags and you pick up a tag and go shop for a child.  She says the ages are listed on that tag and then you check off the age of the child, male or female and return it once its paid for to the service desk at Walmart and they will hold it for her to pick up.


Major Allen adds the toys will be distributed to children in Cranberry Portage and Sherridon as well as the Friendship Center’s gift program.  The Angel Tree will be in Walmart until December 22nd.

The Flin Flon School Board Held Their Last Meeting Until the New Year Monday Night.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported the Division will be sending a team consisting of Guidance Counselors and mental health workers from all the schools to the SAFE Schools Manitoba Conference being held in early February.  She also commented on the BSSAP Winter Feast event that was held this past Sunday at Many Faces saying she was honored to participate and everyone enjoyed the bounty of food as well as a visit from Santa.


In other school news the Parent Advisory Council and Canadian Parents for French Christmas party is taking place on Saturday at McIsaac School from 2 to 4 pm.  The last day of classes for the Division will be December 22nd resuming January 9th.  The public forums on shortening the lunch hour/school day will take place Wednesday, January 18th at Ruth Betts School at 7 pm and Thursday, January 19th at Ecole McIsaac School.


The Board of Trustees wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

There is an Increasing Interest in Getting Home Safely.


Operation Red Nose completed its third weekend of getting people and their vehicles home safely in the Flin Flon area.  The Rotary Club’s Committee Chair Ted Hewitt says it was their best weekend so far this year.  He reports between Friday and Saturday they provided a total of 69 rides which gives them a year to date total for the past three weekends of 141 which is about 50 more than what they did last year.  He says between Friday and Saturday they had a total of 28 volunteers from three different groups, the Women’s Resource Center, the United Steelworkers and some Rotarians.


Hewitt added so far this year they have received over two thousand dollars in donations that go to local youth activities and organized sports.  Operation Red Nose operates this coming Friday and Saturday and December 23rd and 31st.  Hewitt says they are still looking for volunteers to help out on the 23rd and New Years Eve.  You can volunteer by calling Ted at 204-687-7450.

The First Big Step Has Been Taken Towards the Performance of Grease.


The cast has been chosen for the Flin Flon Community Choir’s production of Grease.  Director Crystal Kolt says they had a good turnout for auditions and decisions have been made.  She says they have Joanna Dauk playing the role of Sandy, Craig Bancroft playing the role of Danny, Lane Laderoute as Kenickie and Natalie Milligan as Rizzo.  She adds there’s a lot of other people that are the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds and they have our new School Superintendent Constance McCleese as Mrs. Lynch.


Kolt says it’s going to be an amazing cast.  The Community Choir will perform Grease on May 5th, 6th and 7th.

Its Time to Light Up Your Homes in Denare Beach.



Residents of Denare Beach are again taking part in the Village of Lights by putting up Christmas lights.  Recreations Director Jody Lyle says this is the 8th year for the event and anyone who is living in Denare Beach is more than welcome to participate.  They make sure that their lights are on for December 16th which is their judging night and they will have someone going around to judge anyone who has their lights on that night.


The event prizes of Canadian Tire gift cards valued at 100, 75 and 50 dollars are sponsored this year by the Village Council, Canaqua and Fieber Plumbing.


Drilling Continues to Provide Good Results Near Flin Flon.


Satori Resources has released details on their drill program near Flin Flon.  They report diamond drilling has intersected two broad zones of high grade gold mineralization near existing underground development and historical stopes at the Tartan Lake Gold Project 12 kilometers northeast of Flin Flon.  Assay results show 10.88 grams per tonne gold over 13.1 meters and 9.99 grams per tonne over 11.2 meters.


Their President and CEO Will Ansley says these drill results demonstrate both the high grade nature of the deposit as well as the exploration potential of Tartan Lake. He says the two zones intersected appear wider than the original stopes mined between 1987 and 89 and are located about 20 meters below existing underground development which is a key strategic advantage for Satori.  The 2016 drill program began in late October and the drill remains on site to be remobilized in 2017.



Our Talented Band Students Will Be Performing Tomorrow Night.


The Hapnot Winter Band Concert is coming up tomorrow night.  Band Instructor Kim Jones says they’ll be featuring all the high school music ensembles.  She says there’s two jazz bands, the Hapnot High School choir as well as the two concert bands, the Grade nine band, the ten to twelve senior band and the Creighton School choir will be coming out to join the Hapnot choir for one song and the concert is featuring all sorts of music that the students have been working on throughout the fall semester.


The concert starts at 7 tomorrow night in the Hapnot Collegiate Gym with a silver collection being taken.


A Christmas Gift Program is Reaching the Giving Stage.


A lot of appointments have been booked and gifts are being picked up starting tomorrow in a Christmas gift program. The program run by the Flin Flon Friendship Center allows parents to give their children a gift at Christmas when circumstances prevent them from doing so.  The Center’s Events Coordinator Jeremiah Herrmann says donations went well especially with the toy toss with the Bombers and Northland Ford.  He says people will be coming to the lower level of the Friendship Center tomorrow until the 23rd to pick out a gift. He explains people that are registered with the gift program will come to their time slot because it does get a little busy in there for the first couple of days when the time slots are booked right from 9:30 in the morning to about 4:30 in the afternoon and they see anywhere from 25 to 28 people a day but they still have slots open towards the evening so you can still register.


You can register by calling Jeremiah at the Center at 204-687-3900.  This is the 23rd year for the gift program.

The Deadline is Approaching For You to Fill Out a Provincial Health Survey.


Consultations are underway for ideas and improvements to ensure the long term sustainability of Manitoba’s health care system.  Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen is reminding you of the opportunity to share your views before the survey closes on Wednesday.


The minister says spending on health care in Manitoba is more than six billion dollars each year which is more than 46 percent of the provincial budget and this level of spending is not sustainable in the long term.  He adds with costs like these they need to identify priorities and make responsible investments and he wants to hear directly from the people affected most about what they think is needed to make our health care system stronger.


To take the survey before Wednesday visit www.gov.mb.ca/health/haveyoursay.


A Craft Sale Tomorrow Will Help With Your Christmas Shopping.



The Jingle Bell Christmas Craft and Home Business Sale is coming up tomorrow in Denare Beach.  One of the organizers Crystal Banting says it’ll be a great place to shop as they have a little bit of everything from photographs to soap, makeup, baking, jewelry, woodworking and crocheting, definitely worth the drive out to Denare Beach where there’ll be something for everybody on your Christmas list.


The sale runs from 11 to 4 tomorrow at the Denareplex in Denare Beach.

The Search is on For Local Acting Talent.


The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is looking for five women for their spring production.  Director Diane Therien says they will perform the Dixie Swim Club which centers around five women whose friendship began when they were in college and the play spans about 33 years.  She says they’re looking for five strong women to come out and audition to fill these roles.  She says there’s Sheree with her perfect life, Dinah is the ultimate career woman, Lexie who likes to be married over and over and likes to stay young, Vernadette who is like the Charlie Brown character who constantly has the dark cloud hanging over her head and then they have sweet Jeri Neal.


Therien says they want all women interested in these roles to come out to the audition Wednesday night at 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  The Dixie Swim Club will be performed in March.


You Can Help Those in Need This Winter.

Patricia Gibson


The Flin Flon Friendship Center housing and homeless project is asking you to help them Build a Backpack. Housing Coordinator Patricia Gibson explains the Friendship Center is building backpacks for our homeless and those in need and they’re encouraging donations of used toques, mitts, scarves, blankets and backpacks and perhaps water bottles and granola bars.  She says the backpacks once filled will be distributed and handed out by various service providers to those in need.


Your donations can be dropped off at the Friendship Center on Church Street and you can call Patricia if you need more information at 204-687-3900.


Christmas is Coming to Creighton.


Two events are taking place in Creighton this weekend to help get you into the Christmas spirit.  Recreation Director Chana Senyk explains Friday evening at the Creighton Community Hall they have their family Christmas dance with a surprise visitor from 7 to 9 o’clock and it’s sponsored by the Town of Creighton, Saskatchewan Lotteries, the Creighton Community Club and Kids First North.  Then on Saturday they’re following up with a Christmas skate with the Bombers from 1 o’clock to 2:45 at the Creighton Sportex and they have free hot chocolate and treat bags for those in attendance.


Senyk adds admission into the Christmas Skate is free with a toy donation for the Friendship Center’s Christmas gift program.


An Annual Christmas Service Supports Flin Flons Food bank.



For the 12th year the local choir Borealis will hold a Service of Lessons and Carols for the Whole Community Sunday afternoon.  The choir’s Tim Spencer says the concert will support the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank while offering you music and readings. He says the service is a traditional service and it involves reading the stories from the bible leading up to the birth of Jesus and it sets the stage for Christmas and in between the readings they have carol singing some the congregation will sing along with and others the choir will sing by themselves.


The service will be held Sunday afternoon at 3:30 at the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue.  Admission is an offering of money or non-perishable food items for the Food Bank.


Some Recreation Fees are Going Up.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council approved the 2017 Recreation Fee Schedule allowing for a four percent increase except at the Tourist Bureau and Camp Whitney.  The schedule does not include the Whitney Forum which is done separately.


Council referred to the Traffic Commission a concern about the crosswalk in front of City Hall.  The letter asked for pedestrian signs to be installed to inform motorists of the crosswalk.  They also received the Fire Chiefs report for November indicating four fire calls during the month.


Council received an application for the conditional use of a property between South Hudson and McKeen Avenue by Fountain Tire.  Residents who attended the meeting raised concerns about noise.  Council presented a resolution spelling out the need to meet the noise bylaw and regulations for the storage of used tires.  The motion was tabled until Council can look further into requirements that have to be met and to make sure people in the neighborhood are notified.


And Mayor Cal Huntley encouraged people to check out the City’s new website and all the information it contains about the city, its bylaws and activities taking place.


You Can Learn More About Christmas Carols.


The Flin Flon Flutist Series is presenting a Classical Christmas next week. It will feature Mikylo Odut on the flute accompanied by Anna Harrison.  Odut says there’ll be well known classical carols and his concern is some people don’t really know where the carols that they sing year after year come from so his goal for this concert is to clarify and teach people the origins and composers of the Christmas carols in a concert setting and also playing non Christmas carols by the composers who wrote the Christmas carols.


The concert was set for December 12th and 14th but those dates have sold out so an additional concert will be held Friday the 16th at 7 at 421 Princess Boulevard.  To book a seat you can email musicalmo13@yahoo.ca or call 687-6868.

They Lit Candles to Remember.



The Flin Flon Bombers and others joined the Women’s Resource Center at Pioneer Square last evening for their annual Candle Light Vigil.  Social Work Student at the Center Amber Hillier told them the event remembers the victims of the Montreal Massacre of 1989. She explained in just under 20 minutes a young man killed 14 talented ambitious and courageous women because of their gender and injured 14 other people. She said to this day people still remember hearing about this tragic event through the media and felt the sudden shock that someone would murder these intelligent women based on their gender.  She noted all 14 of these women lost their lives before having the opportunity to pursue their dreams and fulfill their professional aspirations.


Hillier added the day marks the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and enforces the message that violence against women is not acceptable and its time to say enough is enough and take action to end violence against women and girls.

More People Called For Rides This Past Weekend.


Operation Red Nose had a successful second weekend in the Flin Flon area.  The Rotary Club’s Committee Chair Ted Hewitt says it was a great weekend. He says Operation Red Nose provided a total of 49 rides giving them a year to date total of 72 compared to only 42 last year so Red Nose is doing very well.  He says they had a total of 28 volunteers from the Flin Flon Ski Club, Creighton Community School and some Rotarians so the Rotary Club would like to thank all those who donated their time to this worthwhile endeavor.

              Operation Red Nose will again be available on Friday and Saturday nights this coming weekend and the following weekend as well as December 23rd and 31st. Hewitt adds they really need groups or individuals to volunteer to help out on December 23rd and New Years Eve.  You can volunteer by calling him at 204-687-7450.


Exploration is Planned at a High Grade Zinc Deposit.


Rockcliff Copper Corporation has purchased the MacBride property 45 kilometers north of Leaf Rapids, Manitoba.  They report the property contains the historical high grade MacBride zinc deposit located in a 6 kilometer long structural magnetic high corridor.  The deposit begins at surface and is being targeted for its open pit and underground potential.


President and CEO of Rockcliff Ken Lapierre says with the present worldwide zinc shortage and the recent corresponding sharp rise in zinc prices, high grade near surface zinc assets like the MacBride zinc deposit are very rare particularly in a stable, safe, mining friendly jurisdiction.  He adds this high grade zinc deposit is under explored and the mineralization remains open in all directions and has the potential to substantially grow in size with more drilling. An historical resource estimate shows just over 1.8 million tonnes grading 8.8 percent zinc, .30 percent copper, .10 grams per tonne gold and 4.5 grams per tonne silver.


You Can Celebrate Christmas With the Music of the Carpenters.


The Flin Flon Arts Council and Community Choir are featuring A Carpenter’s Christmas with Jennifer Hanson next week.  Community Choir Director Crystal Kolt says it’ll be one of those old fashioned Christmas concerts. She says they’re calling it a Carpenters Christmas Concert with Jennifer Hanson and the Flin Flon Community Choir because they’re featuring most of the songs from the Carpenters Christmas album which is going to be wonderful.  She says they’re going to have the Wood n’ Wire band up there performing as well with Jennifer and the choir and it’s going to be all those great songs that you want to hear this time of year.


The concert takes place Saturday, December 17th at 7:30 pm and Sunday the 18th at 2 pm in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street at 25 dollars for adults and 10 for youth.  They are also accepting donations for the Food Bank at the concert.


You Are Invited to Light a Candle Tomorrow.


The Women’s Resource Center is holding its annual candle light vigil tomorrow evening to mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.  A social work student at the Center Amber Hillier says the Women’s Resource Center invites everyone to attend the 27th annual Candle Light Vigil.  She says this event is in memory of the 14 young, talented and ambitious women who tragically lost their lives in the Montreal massacre.  She asks you to join them on this evening to commemorate these young women and help deliver the message that we stand together to end all violence against women and girls.


Candles will be available at Pioneer Square with the vigil starting at 5:15 tomorrow evening.  If you can’t attend you can listen to 102.9 CFAR to hear their message.


Your Address Labels Can Help Children.


The War Amps sent out their annual address labels in Manitoba and across the country last month.  Their Public Awareness Officer Jamie Lunn reminds you the funds raised by these address labels are a thank you for donating to the War Amps and helping many of their programs.  She says they have many programs for amputees across Canada and many programs for their child amputees as well as their CHAMPS program.  Lunn adds they are able to provide artificial limbs and emotional support to child amputees to help them fulfill and live an active life.


The War Amps receive no government grants so their programs are funded solely by public support of their key tag and address label services.  For information you can visit their website www.waramps.ca.


Drilling Has Expanded a Gold Zone.



Rockcliff Copper Corporation has reported additional drill hole assay results from its phase two drill program on the Talbot Property in the Snow Lake Mining Camp.  They report two drill holes have extended the strike length of the high grade gold rich Talbot copper deposit a total distance of 175 meters north of the historical drill holes.  The results include 7.1 meters grading 4.1 percent copper equivalent with 1.28 grams per tonne gold and 1.8 meters grading 7.8 percent copper equivalent with 3 grams per tonne gold.


Their President Ken Lapierre says the high grade gold rich Talbot copper deposit continues to exhibit impressive grades and they will continue to focus efforts on expansion of the present resource.


A Film You Should See is Coming Up Tonight.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a film tonight as part of their Films You Might Have Missed series.  The group’s Colin Davis says they’ll be showing Spy starring Melissa McCarthy.  He says McCarthy plays CIA analyst Susan Cooper who despite having solid field training has spent her entire career as a desk jockey.  Then suddenly she gets called into active action and that’s where the comedy starts in this fast paced action packed comedy.


Davis adds the film will be shown tonight in the Hapnot Theatre with the doors open at 7 with some pre-show extras and the movie starts at 7:30 with free admission.


You Can Shop For Christmas While Supporting the Aqua Center.



The Flin Flon Aqua Center Refurbishment Committee is holding a craft sale tonight and tomorrow.  One of the organizers Marsha Reeves says they have 17 vendors with a bit of everything from toys to baking, chocolate, make up, soaps, knitting, a whole really nice variety of things.  She says the building was donated by Scott and the Community Hall is lending them the tables and chairs so they have no expenses and each vendor is paying them for the tables so that goes directly to refurbishing the Aqua Center.


Reeves adds the committee is having a bake sale and penny parade, a quilt raffle and a raffle for a Flinty fish covered in 150 dollars in lottery tickets. The sale is in the old Sears building beside Pharmasave and runs tonight from 4 to 8 and tomorrow from 10 to 4.


A Workshop for Dads is Coming Up Tomorrow.



The Norman Regional Parent Child Coalition is sponsoring a workshop called My Dad Matters tomorrow.  The Coalitions Marian Paul says it will provide important information for Dads.  She explains the workshop is to help dads learn about their child’s development and the importance of being an active dad because dads do matter.  She adds there will be engaging activities where dads will learn cool stuff about being a dad and access different resources.  She says there will be snacks and a hearty lunch will be provided so she hopes to see you there.


The session runs from 9:30 to 3:30 tomorrow at the Coalition office at 78 Main Street and there’s no cost.  For more information you can call Marian at 271-3814.



Santa was in Town Last Night.

City of Flin Flon entry


The annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights was a success last night.  The nice weather and a dozen participants attracted a lot of people to the parade down Main Street.  Judges decided the best entry was from the City of Flin Flon with its lit up home, trailer and snowman.  They receive a six hundred dollar advertising package from the parade sponsors the Reminder and 102.9 CFAR. CFAR Manager Dianne Russell says it wasn't minus 30, they were very excited, they didn't even have their mitts on, there was a good turnout on the streets, the vehicles were all lit up, she thinks everyone was very happy and the great thing was Santa showed up.  They build a sleigh and he comes so it's great every year.




Flin Flon Will Be Represented in Northern Discussions.


Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce President Dianne Russell has been asked to be part of a Task Force.  Russell says the Northern Economic Development Strategy Task Force was recently announced by Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade Cliff Cullen.  She explains there is representation from across the north from this area, The Pas, Thompson, Snow Lake, Churchill and they’re all going to be getting together on a monthly basis for a period of months.  She says there will be a summit at one point and they’re looking at economic growth in the north including tourism but beyond tourism as well and the first meeting is coming up this month.


The Task Force will be chaired by Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President Chuck Davidson and Opaskwayak First Nation Chief Christian Sinclair.

Books and Santa Mail Are at the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library is featuring a children’s book sale and a Santa Writing Station as we prepare for Christmas.  Administrator Cindy McLean explains from now until December 23rd they are having their annual Christmas book sale and they have a huge collection of books and they do go fast so come on in and have a look to purchase any of these books for a child as a gift.  She adds they also have a Santa Writing Station so the children can come in and have fun decorating a card, address it to Santa and Santa will write back until December 5th and after that he’ll be too busy to write but they’ll still be forwarding all the letters to the North Pole.


You can also drop into the Library and join the Friends of the Library in purchasing a shelf in your name or as a gift to someone and a plaque in recognition will be placed on that shelf.

Students Were Honored With Special Awards Yesterday.

Lauren Fox, Aline Nasselquist, Hailey Bjarnason,Madeline Claveau, Kaylee Banting, Kiana Stevens



The successes of grade 7 to 12 students at Creighton Community School were recognized yesterday.  Northern Saskatchewan Student Achievement Awards were presented by Principal Jason Straile who explained the recognition comes from the government of Saskatchewan and are for last year’s achievements.  He says this unique program has inspired students to focus on their studies, to keep up attendance, to explore cultural traditions, to achieve high academic success and to become involved in their communities.  He adds this celebration is an opportunity to reflect on the tremendous success of the on-going achievements of the recipients.


The awards for grade seven were presented to Hailey Bjarnason and Madeline Claveau, for grade eight to Lauren Fox, grade nine Kiana Stevens, grade ten Aline Nasselquist, grade eleven Kaylee Banting and grade twelve Kelsey Farkus and Megan Nivon who are away attending university.  Healthy role model award certificates were presented to Kaylee and Tyler Banting.



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