Local News Archives for 2016-03

The Liberal Party is Promoting Training for Prospectors.



Flin Flon Liberal Candidate Leslie Beck says the answer to Northern Manitoba’s lack of new deposit prospects is having prospectors on the ground.  She says Indigenous people know the land they live on and are in the best position to find new deposits at the grassroots level.  She explains she would really be an advocate for settling land claims then working with Indigenous People because they are the boots on the ground looking for those prospecting opportunities, training, getting into the geology part of it, junior mining so that then the larger mining companies can come in and economically grow their industry.


Beck adds training Indigenous People in prospecting techniques and connecting them with the existing natural resources is key to finding new deposits adding supporting the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy as a partner is also key.


You Can Learn How to Update Your Work Skills.



The Employment Links Development Center is beginning a new session on EWIN or Entry to Work in the North Program April 11th.  The Center’s Barb Link explains they offer life skills, upgrades in your essential skills such as numeracy, reading and communications, computer work, thinking skills, working with others and they do certificate programs such as first aid and WHMIS, CPR and safe foods as well as a six week job placement.


Link says you can come into their office at 51 Main Street for an information session Monday morning at 9:30 and for further information you can call them at 204-687-8791.


Are Our Roads the Worst in Manitoba?



CAA Manitoba is once again asking you to help identify roads in dire need of attention with its 5th annual Worst Roads Campaign.  Their Public and Media Relations Specialist Erika Miller says this is their annual state of the streets address and it’s really an opportunity for Manitobans to voice their concerns and demonstrate their infrastructure priorities ahead of the provincial election.  She says they do the campaign every year because infrastructure impacts everyone every day and they really want to know what Manitobans care about in their communities and what the governments should be doing to improve their infrastructure for them.

              Miller adds CAA Manitoba has been working closely with municipalities and the province to ensure roads nominated each year are on government’s priority lists.  She says over 56 hundred votes have been cast so far for more than 560 roads in the province.  You can vote on their website www.caamanitoba.com/WorstRoads.

An Information Session on Dementia is Coming Up Next Week.


 The Primary Health Care Center is hosting the final in a series of telehealth seminars presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  The Society’s Program Director Norma Kirkby says they are part of Telehealth Family Education for Those Experiencing Dementia.  She says the last session in April will be about Caregivers and Resilience and for that session it will be her leading a discussion about the need for caregiver self care.  She says her plan is to have a family care provider come on the telehealth link with her to talk about her experiences about first caring for her mother and now for her husband and what she found was necessary to do that well and stay well personally as she cared for each of those individuals.

              The seminar is being held Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8 at the Primary Health Care Center.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or email outreach@alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699 and use the reference code Flin Flon.

They May be Out of School But They Can Keep Busy.



As spring break week continues a lot of activities are still underway at the Norva Centre.  Two days of classes have been completed but they continue today with jewelry making for ages 10 and up from 10 to 12 this morning and batik day one for ages 10 and up from 2 to 4 this afternoon.  Tomorrow from 10 to 12 they have tie dye for ages 8 and up and from 2 to 4 ceramic painting for ages 5 and up.  And on Friday they have collage for ages 8 and up from 10 to 12 and batik day two for ages 10 and up from 2 to 4.


For information on the classes, costs and to register you can drop in to the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street, call them at 687-4237 or visit their website at www.norvacentre.com.


Purple Day Was A Success.



 Purple Day was celebrated in Flin Flon and Creighton Schools.  Local Epilepsy Alliance Ambassador Melissa Danis says it’s held to raise awareness about epilepsy and to remind those living with seizures that they are not alone. She says on the 23rd McIsaac School did an assembly where she and her two kids did a presentation on epilepsy and basic first aid giving the kids a once over on what it is and gave away a lot of prizes and had lots of fun.  She adds on the 23rd as well Ruth Betts gave away over 200 bracelets plus prizes, t-shirts and did an awareness presentation and Hapnot did stuff all week long with Daniel Dillon running the crew of about ten kids and they’ve been doing some factoids and general awareness.  Creighton Community School she adds on March 16th did an assembly with some prizes and presentations.


World Purple Day was celebrated on Saturday.


The NDP is Committed to Supporting the Mining Industry.



 NDP Leader Greg Selinger announced in Flin Flon last week that a re-elected NDP government will boost incentives for mineral exploration.  He says the Mineral Exploration Assistance Program will go from 40 to 50 percent in terms of support so it reduces the risk for people getting out there a doing exploration as we have to prospect to make sure we have a future.  He says the second part of that is geological survey work and they’re going to do more of that and the third part is to improve investment in mining so you can process more product in Manitoba including product from outside of Manitoba.


Selinger adds they will also make sure companies open up more exploration on undeveloped leases, will work with indigenous people on land use planning and will rebuild the northern highway network to keep growing the economy.  Liberal leader Rana Bokhari and PC Leader Brian Pallister have also recently visited Flin Flon.

Information on Wellness Will Be Available Friday.



 The Women’s Resource Center is holding a Women’s Wellness Fair Friday.  The Center’s Courtney Gieg says it’s called Vulvapalooza.  She explains Flin Flon Yoga is doing a free drop in yoga session, Zenergee Wellness is doing a free drop in Tabata session, they’re going to have a photo booth, there’s going to be Tarot readings, a bake sale, door prizes, all kinds of fun stuff for everybody in the community, mostly women but everybody is welcome.


The Wellness Fair will run from one to four Friday at the Flin Flon Community Hall.

Good Friday Supper

The local Knights of Columbus are sponsoring  their 5th annual Good Friday Fish Fry. It will take place at ST.Anne's Hall at 4:30PM. Father Paul Bringelson let's us know what is on the menu.


"We will serve some really good Pickerel, deep fried of course and some nice French Fries, a nice Cole Slaw and Angel Food Cake topped with Strawberries. You can't beat that on Good Friday."


All are welcome. Cost is $15.00 for adults, children 6 and under eat free. The event has sold out in tear's past, so make sure you get your ticket by calling ST.Anne's at 204-687-3312.

World Purple Day

You are encouraged to wear purple tomorrow to show your support for a worldwide event. Melissa Danis from the local epilepsy group talks about what this day symbolizes and how you can get involved.


“ Purple Day is a an awareness effort to spread the word about epilepsy and seizure disorders to give people a general idea of what it is and how it affects people day to day. In Flin Flon and Creighton all the schools are participating, so Ruth Betts, Hapnot and Mc Isaac will be taking part tomorrow, Creighton did theirs last week. Everybody is wearing purple and we will be doing assemblies and announcements, little factoids and give the kids a better understanding of what epilepsy is and how it affects our community as a whole.”


 This is the second year the event has taken place in Flin Flon and  the actual worldwide event will take place Saturday, but local schools will be participating tomorrow. Danis would like to thank all the local sponsors for their support including the Epilepsy and Seizure Association of Manitoba, Creighton Pizza, Urban Tot, Mugsy’s, Pharmasave and 102.9 CFAR. You are encouraged to stop by Urban Tot for your chance to win a Purple Day Gift Basket.

Local NDP Candidate Touts Steady Growth

With the provincial election underway, New Democrat candidate Tom Lindsay is urging voters to consider the NDP's consistency on issues such as taxes and services. Lindsey says " Nobody likes to pay more taxes, but everybody likes the benefit of more taxes. If the (Progressive) Conservatives get in, you bet they are going to cut taxes .But with those cuts in taxes come cuts in services"


Lindsey is also advocating a Northern Food Security program that stresses locally produced food.

Pettersen To Run As An Independant

MLA Clarence Pettersen made his final remarks of the session to the legislative assembley on Tuesday. Pettersen has made headlines right across the province about the understanding that fellow New Democrats Theresa Oswald and Steve Ashton had to oust Premier Greg Selinger last year.


Pettersen who supported Oswald- believe's that Ashton broke that understanding that lead to Selinger staying in power. Pettersen also talked about the overtake in this constituency that lead to Tom Lidsay winning this riding.


Pettersen announced today he will run in the upcoming Provincial election as an independant.


" I am announcing today that I am running as an independant, I am very proud of that and I know it is going to be tough but my mojo is back and I am ready to go. I love this community and constituency  and I have given everything for it and I feel I have more to give. The next 4 years are going to be really big years."


The Manitoba Provincial election takes place April the 19th.

Flinty Fishing Derby Coming Up

The Flin Flon Rotary Club will be hosting the second annual Flinty Fish Derby on Lake Athapap, over on Sally’s Beach, Sunday April the 10th.


The Rotary Club’s Tim Smith says things are starting to come together and explains how you can sign up.

“ We are continuing with early bird sales til this Saturday, you will pay a little extra but that will allow you on the ice a half hour early before anybody else to pick your own hole. Ice conditions are great, we are looking at between 25 to 26 inches in the area we have. Even though it has been a mild winter, we still have more than enough ice to have the derby.”


There will be over $100,000 worth of prizes and all the proceeds will stay in town for local projects. You can purchase tickets for both the Bill Bannock in the Pas and the Flinty  Fishing Derby online at: flintyfishderby.com or pick them up at either Kleen All location and Pete’s Pro Tackle and Michael’s Corner Store in The Pas.

A Fishing Derby has Been Cancelled.


Our mild spring like weather is causing unsafe ice conditions.


 We told you earlier about the Polar Bear Dare being postponed to May 1st because of unsafe ice conditions on Beaver Lake. Another event the annual Frontier Collegiate Campus Fishing Derby planned for Sunday has been cancelled due to unsafe ice conditions on Neso Lake on number ten highway.  The derby was to be the sixth annual event held to raise funds for programs at the Collegiate in Cranberry Portage.

An Award Winning Film Can Be Seen Thursday.


 As part of their Films Up North series the Central Canada Film Group is presenting the film Brooklyn Thursday night.  The group’s Collin Davis says everyone should see this film that has been nominated for three Oscars including best picture.  He explains movies about people coming to a new land are not uncommon but their upcoming viewing of the Toronto Film Festival film Brooklyn promises a different look at the genre. Davis says an Irish immigrant played by Sur-sha Ronen lands in 1950’s Brooklyn where she has arrived to build a new life for herself.  She quickly falls into a romance with a local boy but when a family matter requires her to return to Ireland she is torn between family and the new life that she has already established for herself.


 Brooklyn will be shown Thursday night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Davis notes because this is a presentation from the Toronto International Film Festival admission is ten dollars.

Your Early Swim Has Been Postponed.

2015 Polar Bear Dare


The Flin Flon Trout Festival Committee has postponed this year’s Polar Bear Dare.  The Committee’s Annette Banach says it will not be held this coming weekend.  She says because of the weather they’re not 100 percent confident with the ice conditions. She says what they’re going to do is tentatively postpone it until May 1st when they’re expecting the shoreline to be clear and they will do a run in Polar Bear Dare.  She says the advantage of having a run in is that children will be able to participate if their parents are there.


Banach adds you can still pick up registration forms and collect pledges to support the Trout Festival.  Forms are at the Gateway, Orange Toad, CFAR, Di’s Confectionary and the Reminder.

Wood n Wire Gets Salty Saturday.



Another in the series of Wood n Wire concerts will take place Saturday.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says this one will be different as its called Salty Songs-Unusual Fodder for Unsavory Souls which is a little bit out of the norm so it’ll be for the 18 plus crowd, it’s going to be pure fun and they’re going to be including dinner as well.  She adds it’s going to be the kind of material which she thinks is going to be hilarious.


Doors will open at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street Saturday at 6:30 with tickets available at the Orange Toad.


Partnerships Will Be a Liberal Government Priority.


 While speaking in Flin Flon Saturday Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari said top down government has not worked and it’s time to form partnerships.  She said if elected a partnership will be formed in sharing one percent of PST revenue with municipalities like Flin Flon on a per capita basis so that municipalities can have the ability to plan for the future, there’s consistency there and they know that if there is an emergency or if the need to get something dome for their own communities because she absolutely believes that municipalities know what the people want, they have that funding available to them.


Bokhari added economic development and diversity will be a priority in Flin Flon in partnership with stakeholders in the community.  She added she will listen to and act on concerns raised by MLA’s and the people in the province and will form partnerships as well in developing a comprehensive plan for the north.

There Are Plans to Expand a Northern Foods Program.


 Flin Flon Constituency NDP candidate Tom Lindsey has announced a re-elected NDP government will ramp up investments in northern food security initiatives.  He explains what it is is an increase in the funding so that more things can take place.  He says there’s a number of projects that are in the works already including the 80 communities that have started doing different things such as gardening, small green houses, livestock and poultry projects that are on the way so it’s just going to expand that and allow more communities to participate in the program.


Linsdsey adds the initiative will make sure northern Manitoba families have better access to nutritious and affordable food and more local economic opportunities.  He says all Manitobans should have access to healthy food no matter where they live.


You Can Help the Choir Celebrate.


This year is the Flin Flon Community Choir’s 20th anniversary.  Director Crystal Kolt says they are going to tie the celebration into the choir’s trip to New York in June with a concert May 29th and they’re super excited that the Maestro Jonathan Griffith is coming from New York to Flin Flon to both work with the choristers and also he’ll be conducting their choir during the local concert.  She says she would like to welcome former choristers to come back and check out the choir if they’d like to and if they want to just come to support them at the concert please come and they will sing to them.


  Commenting on the 20 years of the choir Kolt says we’ve done a lot together and we’ve come a long way.

You Can Still be Added to the Voters List.



Door to Door enumeration for the Manitoba election is complete but voters who weren’t home when the enumerator called can still have their names added to the voters list. 


Elections Manitoba advises a revision period has now begun to add, remove or correct names on the voters list until April 7th.  Voters who have not been enumerated or did not receive an enumeration record can contact their returning office and may also go to the returning office to make any changes or additions.  You must bring one piece of government issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or two other documents with your name. Returning offices will be open daily from 8 to 8 except Sunday when they are open from noon to 6.  The Flin Flon returning office is in the Ukrainian Catholic Church at 2 Hiawatha Avenue across from Ruth Betts School and their number is 204-687-1240.


It is Festival Time in Snow Lake.


 The 27th annual Snow Lake Winter Whoot Festival runs tomorrow through Sunday.  One of the organizers Kim Stephen says they have a few new ideas this year.  She says they have Chris Without a Hat coming from Winnipeg for their entertainment for their Saturday night.  She says a local person suggested they have a bannock contest so they will have one Sunday morning and they’re also going to try floor curling this year which is something new that the community along with the curling club has purchased and it’s sitting at the school so they thought if they entice the kids to come and try it it would get used more.


Stephen adds they will also have the usual events including the freezie hunt, human curling, scavenger hunt, a supper, penny parade and a walking derby.  For information you can call 204-358-9743.


Two Special Films Will be Shown Friday.


 As part of their Films You Might Have Missed series the Central Canada Film Group is presenting The Grand Budapest Hotel Friday.  The group’s Collin Davis says they are excited to be showing this film.  He says it is about the wild adventures of Monsieur Gustave, the legendary and flamboyant concierge at the famous Grand Budapest Hotel and Zero Moustafa the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.  The film by Wes Anderson is very visually stylistic and a treat to watch as we witness the misadventures of the heroes in this blockbuster comedy.


Davis adds for those who arrive when the doors open they will have a special showing of the National Film Board classic short Paddle to the Sea which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.


The film is free and is being shown at 7:30 Friday night at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre with the doors open at 7.  There will be snacks available and free coffee afterwards.

The Flin Flon School Board Received an Update on Anti-Bullying Programs.


Carrie Alexander and Paige Bachuk, Counselors from Ecole McIsaac School and students Cassidy Alexander and Niki Keramydas reported on What We Know About Bullying.  The school formed the anti-bullying committee three years ago facing a few challenges with the model to get students K to 8 educated on what bullying is and what it isn’t. All staff were in favor of the Raising Respect Program although it wasn’t offered in a bilingual curriculum.  This has led to success throughout the entire school and students are encouraged to set a positive example daily through the Caught You Caring initiative.  Students are recognized for being kind and have an opportunity at winning monthly prizes.  The presentation concluded with a short video and the statement that the Board and community should be aware of the hard work the school is doing to put an end to bullying.


  In other news Brandon Kolt has been chosen to receive the Region Four Student Citizenship Award.  He will be one of six finalists to be considered for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities George Harbottle Memorial Award. Brandon will be attending the Celebration of Success event later this month in Winnipeg.


A Pelican Narrows Man Has Been Charged with Murder.


 22 year old Dale Morin of Pelican Narrows was arrested Friday for the homicide of 21 year old Cecil Dorion also of Pelican Narrows.  This relates to a stabbing at a residence in Pelican Narrow on February 12th.


Morin has been charged with second degree murder and made his first court appearance on Monday in Prince Albert Provincial Court. His matters were adjourned to Arpil 19th in Pelican Narrows Provincial Court.



A Copper Zinc Discovery Has Been Confirmed.


 Callinex Mines has announced assay results have confirmed a high grade copper and zinc rich VMS discovery at the Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers east Hudbay’s Triple Seven Mine and processing facility.  The discovery intersected 3.3 meters of 3.2 percent copper and 5.9 meters of 2.2 percent zinc and is located 450 meters east of the historic Pine Bay deposit and mine shaft. They plan to conduct additional drilling to intersect mineralization over an approximate 200 meter strike length during the current winter drilling campaign.


Callinex President Max Porterfield says with the additional planned drilling they have the potential to identify high grade copper and zinc mineralization along a strike length that is consistent with historic mines in the camp. He added they are looking forward to additional drilling at their Pine Bay East discovery along with assay results from a recently completed hole to follow up on the Sourdough discovery from their summer campaign.


The Red Cross Continues to Look For Volunteers.



The Canadian Red Cross Manitoba Disaster Management Manager Cailin Hodder told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday their role is to help vulnerable people.  She says to do that they are looking to expand their Disaster Management Teams across Manitoba and the north.  Hodder says they have 270 volunteers in the program including 48 in the north with 9 of those in the Flin Flon area but they are looking for 5 to 10 more here to respond to disasters including home fires. She explains they currently are in the process of building their team in Flin Flon and they hope that it will be finalized with a 24-7 on call schedule and their entire tool kit to respond to any house fire by October of this year.  She adds that team is about half way there and they have a little bit more training and a little bit more recruitment to push in order to build their team.


Anyone interested can contact their local Community Outreach Coordinator Bev Erickson at 795-5964, email MB.volunteer@redcross.ca or visit their website www.redcross.ca/manitoba.

There is a Change in a Ride Supporting Breast Cancer Research.



Preparations are underway for the 4th annual Breast Cancer Pledge Ride North.  One of the organizers Paulette Adolphe says this year they will be holding it the week before the usual August long weekend.  She says it will be held on Saturday, July 23rd so as not to take up the long weekend.  Adolphe also says they have tickets available now for their annual raffle.  She says they are raffling a 2016 Indian Chief Classic motorcycle which is sponsored by Discovery Motor Sports in Saskatoon where they purchased it from but all the money raised with the draw will be going to Cancer Care Manitoba again this year.


Tickets can be purchased at VA Services below the Co-op store, from committee members, at various businesses around town or you can call Paulette at 271-2928 or Lisa Rogers at the Northern Health Region.


The Deadline to Apply For Grants is a Week Away.


The Northern Neighbors Foundation is still accepting application for grants until next Tuesday.  The Foundation’s Dave Kendall says they have around 80 thousand dollars available adding applications are accepted from registered charities in the region which includes Flin Flon, Denare Beach, Creighton, Sherridon, Snow Lake and Cranberry Portage.  He says there is a way for others to apply as well.  He explains if you’re not a registered charity you can go and talk to the city of Flin Flon and if it’s something that would benefit Flin Flon you can ask them to be your host but then you would do the application under the city and they would get the funds and turn them over to you for completion of your project.


To apply for a grant you can contact the Northern Neighbors foundation through Dave or Betty Kendall at 687-4453, Jane Robillard at 681-3046 or there are information packages at the Flin Flon Public Library.

A Flin Flon Man Will Do Jail Time.


 Mitchell Whitbread was found guilty of manslaughter in November.  This was related to the stabbing death of John Kelli Eyres of Flin Flon in May of 2012.  At his sentencing hearing in The Pas this afternoon Whitbread was sentenced to five years in custody, a lifetime mandatory weapons prohibition and a primary DNA order of the court which authorizes the taking of bodily substances for DNA analysis.

The Deadline is Close for Local Artists to Enter an Annual Art Show.


The 40th annual Northern Juried Art Show is being held in The Pas April 7th to 9th.  It’s open to Manitoba residents north of 53 as well as artists from Creighton and Denare Beach.  The Committee’s Elma Dean says the categories include oil painting, acrylic painting, water color painting, drawing and print making, digital art which includes photography, three dimensional art including jewelry and stained glass, another three dimensional that includes stone, wood, clay and metal, as well as fiber arts and two youth categories one for 9 to 12 and the other is 13 to 19 and their special award category is art work that depicts the theme Call of the North.


  The entry deadline is March 18th with forms available at the Norva Center on Green Street or visit their website at www.thepasartscouncil.ca.  Art work must be dropped off at the Norva Center by March 21st to be shipped to The Pas.

Your Kids Can Help Name Future Police Dogs.


The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name thirteen German Shepherd puppies born at the Police Dog Service Training Centre.  Sergeant Eric Stebenne says the rules are simple. He says they’re asking for names that start with the letter J, the names have to have nine letters or less, one or two syllables and the contestants have to be 14 years of age or younger.


  For information on how to enter by mail or online go to your favorite internet search engine and type in RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre or police dogs.ca and follow the links. Sergeant Stebenne adds as of last week they already had over ten thousand entries. The deadline is March 22nd.


It Was a Weekend of Festival Fun.


 The Annual Bust the Winter Blues Festival resulted in a busy weekend.  Committee member Channa Senyk says a lot of people came out to the family events Saturday and Sunday.  She explains the Rotary Wheel was packed with probably 200 people out there and a good time was had by all.  She says the pancake breakfast was wonderful with about 150 people served breakfast by the Rotarians, probably one of the best turnouts they’ve had for the breakfast.  She adds the Mardi-Gras family dance had about 150 to 200 people and the fishing derby had around 90 people fishing on Phantom Lake.


 Senyk says the nice weather over the weekend resulted in a good turnout and participation in their events.

Family Events are a Large Part of a Weekend Festival.


 The Bust the Winter Blues Festival runs this weekend.  One of the organizers Channa Senyk says families can be busy all weekend starting at the Rotary Wheel at one o’clock tomorrow where they have free hot dogs, marshmallow roast and hot chocolate as well as the horse sleigh rides and toonie parade.  She says starting at 1:15 they have the snow shoe races sponsored by the local Lions Club, snow golf, smooshing and the famous maple sugar shack.  Saturday night they have the Mardi-Gras fun night at the Creighton Community Hall from 7 to 9 with music, dancing and a toonie parade and Sunday wraps up the weekend with a family fishing tournament on Phantom Lake with registration at 11:30 and fishing beginning at 12 to 2.


The Festival is brought to you by Creighton Recreation, Flin Flon Recreation and the Flin Flon Friendship Center.

The Songs of the East are Coming to Flin Flon.


 The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting the Fortunate Ones next Saturday, March 12th.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says it’s a duo and their style is folk and pop and they come from Newfoundland so they have that sound that we all love that comes from that part of Canada.  She adds they’re also a Juno nominated team for this year so we are very lucky and excited to have them come to Flin Flon to perform for us.


The Fortunate Ones will perform next Saturday at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


Saskatchewan Ice Shacks Have to go This Month.


 The Ministry of Environment reminds you that ice fishing season closes in northern Saskatchewan on April 15th.  That means all fishing shelters in areas north of highway 16 must be removed by March 31st.  They note each spring a number of ice fishing shelters are abandoned and these can pose a danger to boaters, water skiers and others enjoying the summer lakes as well as causing environmental hazards when pieces wash up on shore.  All litter must also be removed when the shelters are taken off the ice.


If shelters are not removed owners can be prosecuted and the structure and contents may be confiscated and removed by the ministry.  As an example they report in 2014 a Saskatoon man was fined 28 hundred dollars for leaving an unmarked ice fishing shelter on the ice covered waters of Blackstrap Lake and for littering.

You Can Celebrate International Womens Day All Week.


The Women’s Resource Center is holding International Women’s Week next week. The Center’s Barb Hopkinson says they have events planned under the theme Celebrating and Honoring Women.  She says Monday is parent child healthy body night, Tuesday is zumba at the Catholic Church, Wednesday is women on the home front and how women shaped the war, Thursday is a cooking demonstration with Joanna with beading at 6:30 with Jeremiah at the Friendship Center and the conclusion to the week is creative connections at Norva and Johnny’s Social Club.

              Hopkinson adds everyone is welcome and all events are free.  More details on locations and times can be heard on CFAR, in the Reminder, on the Women’s Resource Center Facebook page or call the Center at 681-3105.


A Lot of Students Will Be Part of a Band Weekend.


 Local students are taking part in the annual Parkland-Nor-man Honor Band in Dauphin this weekend.  Band instructor Kim Jones says it includes students from Flin Flon, Creighton, The Pas, Thompson, Swan River and Dauphin areas who take part in a three day festival where they play music and rehearse new music with new directors.  She says they have about 13 hours of playing throughout the weekend with sectional rehearsals with specialists on their instrument and then full group rehearsals with special master teacher conductors from the province.  She says it’s a great weekend where students learn a ton.


  Jones adds 48 students from grades 7 to 12 from Flin Flon and Creighton Schools are attending which is the most they have ever had going to Honor Band.  It wraps up with a large concert on Saturday.

An Annual Family Ski Event is Coming Up on Sunday.


The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their 41st annual Val and Ivor Hedman Centaloppet Sunday afternoon.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s a community event for all ages.  He says the trails are in great shape and it’s been pretty mild so they would like to see a hundred plus skiers out there which hasn’t happened since the old days in the 80s but they had 81 last year so they definitely want to see everybody out there.  He says it’s an easy ski around the valley with lots of prizes at the Chalet.


Price adds they have skiers taking part ranging in age from six to those in their 70’s.  He says there’s no entry fee but they would like you to register at the Chalet basement between 1 and 1:30 with the event starting at 2 and if you like you can continue a trend that started last year by wearing a costume.

Flin Flon City Council Heard Good News on Local Area Exploration.


 Copper Reef President Steve Masson spoke to Council noting in four and a half years Reed and Triple Seven Mines will be running out of ore and we’ll be faced with the prospect of no mines.  He says Copper Reef and Callinex are the only companies still exploring in the area and Callinex has a small discovery at their Pine Bay property but Copper Reef has a property at Albert’s Lake just north of there with a 700 meter long near surface anomaly which is very significant and looks a lot like the Trout Lake Mine when it was discovered.  Masson adds they have a big target that is on strike and runs in the area of previous mines and has been told anomalies don’t come any better than this.  He says they will start drilling later this week and concluded the important thing is a discovery this large is enough to reverse the momentum in this city.


In other business Mayor Cal Huntley says he will wear a Bomber Jersey at all meetings until the Bombers finish playing which he hopes is a long way down the road as they have a team that can go the distance.


Sharing Will be the Focus of a Womens Circle.


 The Women’s Resource Center will be hosting an Open Women’s Circle starting Tuesday night that was postponed last month.  The Center’s Barb Hopkinson who will be holding the Circle along with Dianne Halberg from Creighton Mental Health says it’s titled Start Where We Are.  She says together they will share the stories and messages they internalized to help form them as women.  She adds they will share, laugh and learn about their truths that no longer serve them and will release those messages that no longer bring them to their highest good and will reconcile a positive, whole and good self-image.


Hopkinson says the sessions will be held twice a month starting Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30.  To register or for more information call Barb at the Center at 204-681-3105.

You Can Test Your Knowledge Friday Night.



The Flin Flon Kinette Club is holding their annual Trivia Night Friday.  The Club’s Marlene Gogal says it’s their tenth year for the event and they’re offering their regular trivia which is four rounds of trivia with teams of up to six with a cumulative score winning first, second and third prizes.  She says they also have an elimination draw for a trip for two to Winnipeg with flight and accommodations.  Gogal adds for this year which is their tenth anniversary they will have a single trivia event which is an individual event that people can opt to enter and the winner will receive two jets tickets.


The night begins at 6:30 with trivia starting at 7:30 followed by a social in the R.H. Channing Auditorium.  Tickets for Trivia Night are 20 dollars or 10 dollars for the social only and are available at the Orange Toad and the Gas Bar.


Manitobans Have Said No to New Municipal Tax Powers.


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says Manitobans are opposed to the idea being presented by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to give municipalities new taxing powers. Their Director of Provincial Affairs Elliot Sims says six in ten Manitobans are against the idea and they are urging municipalities to get their operating expenses under control and are approaching the province.  He says they want the provincial government to know that small business owners and it would appear Manitobans believe that municipalities are getting a significant amount of money already and that they need to spend it better before the provincial government considers giving additional resources to municipalities.


Their poll found 62 percent of Manitobans and 81 percent of businesses oppose new tax powers for municipalities.

Northern Students Continue to Test Their Skills.


 Part two of a Northern Skills Competition is taking place in Thompson on Thursday.  Alexandra Beasse  says students from Swan River Valley north to Churchill had a successful competition in The Pas last week. She says it went very well with over 40 competitors from across the north and the students competed against their peers with lots of medals handed out and a good time was had by all.  She adds the second part of the Skills Competition is taking place this Thursday in Thompson and the competitions are in the areas of culinary arts, hair dressing, job safety, public speaking and job search.

              Beasse says the second competition is being held at University College of the North in Thompson starting at 10 Thursday morning with the public invited to attend.


Our Young Scientists Work Will be on Display Tomorrow.


A School Division wide Science Fair is being held tomorrow.  Ruth Betts grade seven teacher Kari Laborde explains set up will be the night before and then their students are getting judged during the day and they have community viewing from 4 to 6:30 and awards after that.  She adds this year they have a total of 140 projects that range from grade one to grade eight.


The Science Fair is being held in the Flin Flon Community Hall tomorrow.


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