Local News Archives for 2023-03

Research is Taking Place on Developing Large Scale Green Hydrogen Production in Flin Flon.

Minnova Renewable Energy and the City of Flin Flon have entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding pursuant to which Minnova and the City aim to promote the valuation and possible future development of large-scale green hydrogen production based on renewable hydroelectric power.


Minnova will work with the City and other stakeholders to initiate studies to evaluate and address the challenges of large-scale green hydrogen production and distribution and the extended supply chain of conversion, storage and transport with the goal of providing actionable recommendations to governments and industry to take full advantage of local infrastructure.


Minnova completed a positive feasibility study on the restart of their PL Gold Mine 65 kilometers northeast of the City of Flin Flon and are familiar with the City’s infrastructure and commitment to innovation and rejuvenating its industrial base.


Mayor George Fontaine stated they are very pleased to work with Minnova in moving forward with green hydrogen production adding this is one of many initiatives they have underway that positions our city as an attractive option for green industries.


Hydrogen is used primarily for oil refining, ammonia production, methanol production and steel production.

The City of Flin Flon is the Only Municipality Outside of Winnipeg and Brandon to be Part of a Provincial Act To Protect Employees.

City Council recently voted to accept the provincial Public Interest Disclosure Act or Whistleblower Protection.  On CFAR’s City Beat the Vice-Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee Judy Eagle explained it protects City employees and staff….


“I’m just going to read a part of it.  It facilitates the disclosure and investigation of significant and serious matters in or relating to public service that are potentially unlawful, dangerous to the public or injurious to the public interest so if an employee needs to do this, they can do this, they don’t have to worry about administration disciplining them or firing them or playing favorites or anything like that if that was ever the case or ever could be the case, that’s over.  So it gives our staff a measure of confidence, a measure of its okay if they see something wrong, if they were to do that they can come forward.”


Eagle adds if you are interested in more information such as the rules and reporting process the policy and procedures of the Act can be found on the City of Flin Flon website.



Exploration is Again Underway at The Pine Bay Project.

Callinex Mines has started its 2023 drilling campaign at its Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers from Flin Flon. They report phase one of the fully funded campaign is budgeted for up to ten thousand meters of drilling that will focus on the Rainbow Deposit as well as follow up on the Alchemist discovery, the Odin target area and test other recently identified exploration targets.


Two rigs have started drilling to test Rainbow at depth.  Once initial drilling is completed at Rainbow two holes will be drilled to step out vertically above and below the Alchemist deposit with the assumption that Alchemist is a steeply dipping plunging system as similarly defined at the Rainbow.


The first phase of this exploration campaign is anticipated to take three and a half months followed by processing and assaying of drill core.  Upon completion of phase one a fully funded ten thousand meter phase two will commence this fall based on results.

New Angling Regulations Take Effect in Manitoba Saturday Including a One Day Angling Option.

Natural Resources Minister Greg Nesbitt encourages everyone to explore the province’s world class fisheries.  Walleye fishing season will be closed starting April 3rd but reopens in the northwest and north central fishing divisions on May 20th.


New angling licenses can be purchased online and at participating vendors starting April 1st.  Annual licenses will be valid starting May 1st and new one day angling licenses will be valid for chosen dates.  Anglers will now be able to carry angling licenses on an electronic device or as a printed copy and must be able to show proof of licensing upon request. Manitoba seniors, active military members and veterans who reside in Manitoba do not require an angling license but must show proof of age, residency and identification.


For more information on fishing regulations refer to the 2023 Manitoba Anglers Guide available online at www.manitobafisheries.com or in stores where licenses are sold and for information or to purchase an angling license visit www.manitobaelicensing.ca.


Are Our Roads the Worst in Manitoba?

CAA Manitoba is once again asking you to help identify roads in dire need of attention with its annual Worst Roads Campaign.  Their Communications Manager Elisha Dacey says they want to hear about our roads……..


“This isn’t so much to complain so much as it is to help lawmakers and those in charge kind of pinpoint those pain points so they know what roads are really top of mind for Manitobans so if there’s a road that you’re on frequently whether it’s by car, by bicycle, whether you’re walking and you notice that the road is always frustrating to deal with this is the campaign for you.”


Dacey adds CAA will compile a list of the ten worst roads in Manitoba along with the worst roads in regions across the province including the top five in the Flin Flon region and present the list to local and provincial officials to help inform future funding and planning decisions. Voting runs until April 11th and you can nominate our worst road online at www.caaworstroads.com


A Highway We Use to go South Will See Improvements.

The Manitoba government is investing more than 420 million dollars in vital transportation routes and infrastructure over the next five years to build stronger northern communities.  Included in that investment is over 100 million for Provincial Trunk Highway 6 including 40 million in projects such as twinning and passing lanes for the section of Highway 6 from Highway 101 to Grosse Isle.


They also plan to spend 98.3 million dollars on Provincial Road 283 for a new bridge at the Pasquia River and bituminous reconstruction from the Saskatchewan boundary to Highway 10 at The Pas.  They note once complete this section will support Manitoba’s heaviest allowable loads and will complete 39.7 kilometers of the trade and commerce grid.


Further north they will provide 74 million dollars for the development of a sustainable northern corridor through the Port of Churchill enabling the potential for the export of key resources such as liquefied natural gas.


Other improvements include roads and airport facilities in various northern communities.

Businesses and Local Councils are Encouraged to Take Part in a Survey.

Community Futures Greenstone will be gathering input from business owners and communities to identify what the opportunities and challenges for business development in the region are.  Their General Manager Becky Cianflone encourages everyone who wants to provide input to take part…..


“A lot has changed in the world in the last couple of years for sure between the pandemic, supply chain issues and inflationary concerns and so we really want to talk to the businesses in the region and find out what are their pain points, what are they looking for in terms of supports so that we can make sure that we are delivering on their needs and their challenges and being able to help them work through those things.”


Cianflone says the business survey will be open until April 6th and surveys will go out the local Councils in Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Sherridon, the RM of Kelsey for Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake.  Businesses can find a link to the survey on the Community Futures Greenstone Facebook page or in this story at www.flinflononline.com and Councils will be contacted through email.


              Link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GreenstoneBusiness.




Thompson the Top SledTown in Manitoba for the first time.

In the final round of the SledTown ShowDown for Manitoba Thompson topped Flin Flon in the voting.  Thompson received 65 percent or 7577 votes while Flin Flon received 35 percent or 4052 votes.  On behalf of Manitoba Thompson goes on to the western competition taking on Hudson Bay Saskatchewan while Swan Hills Alberta takes on Tumbler Ridge British Columbia to see who goes to the Championship round.


Flin Flon won the entire competition last year as well as in 2020 so you can vote until April 9th for Thompson in this round to keep the title of the best SledTown in northern Manitoba at www.snoriderswest.com.

You Can Learn About Programming at Northlands College.

Northlands College Campuses across northern Saskatchewan including Creighton are holding an open house on Thursday.  The Colleges Director of Learner Service Kristy Todd encourages people to come out….


“We have an open house happening at all our locations so at Buffalo Narrows, La Ronge and Creighton so we’re just issuing an invite to anyone interested to drop in and we’re going to have snacks and refreshments and people can come in for a tour of our facility and also talk to our staff about current programming and what Northland College has to offer.”


The open house at Northlands College campuses runs from 10 to 3 Thursday.  The Creighton campus is located at 120 King Street.


Northern Manitoba Member of Parliament Has Called for Action on a Crisis in First Nations Communities.

In question period last week MP Niki Ashton called on the Liberal government to deliver urgent help for First Nations in Manitoba….


"First Nations in our region are in crisis and the government is missing in action. In God's River, Gods Lake Narrows and Oxford House drugs are destroying the lives of people. In God's River the RCMP took up to two and a half days to respond to a serious incident. There is a housing crisis, a cost-of-living crisis and an unemployment crisis. First Nations leaders and members on the ground are clear: they have never seen it this bad. What will it take for the government to act on the humanitarian crisis that is destroying families and First Nations right now?"    


Minister of Indigenous Services Patty Hajdu noted she recently visited the community of Gods Lake and the member is right adding we have to move together to protect members of that community and all communities that are struggling.



The Chamber Discussed Upcoming Events at their General Meeting Wednesday Afternoon.

The Chamber was invited to a meeting on April 5th in Snow Lake hosted by snowmobile group SledMB53.  It will be a half day summit to discuss how to move forward with the northern tourism strategy created in 2018.  You can learn more at www.sledmb53.ca.


Kory Eastman reminded members about the Flin Flon Credit Union Community Enrichment Grants with applications open until April 1st.  They have 30 thousand dollars available for grants of 25 hundred dollars each to support community organizations.  You can find information and the application on their website www.ffcu.ca click on In Our Community and then on Community Programs on the left hand side of the page.


Dave Kendall reported the Co-op store will stop using plastic bags effective Earth Day April 22nd.


And the Chamber is planning for new maps of the Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach areas as the current supply has been used up.

The Government of Saskatchewan Has Officially Proclaimed This Week as Social Work Week Under TheTtheme Social Work is Essential.

Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky notes every day social workers help individuals and families experiencing difficulties in their lives. They provide supports and services to help their clients overcome complex challenges including substance misuse, intimate partner violence, mental health crises and intergenerational trauma. Across the province social workers can be found working in public or private practice, in community-based organizations and across the health and mental health, education, justice, disability and child welfare sectors. They may also be engaged in research, policy, planning or administration.

The Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers promotes and regulates the profession with more than 2500 social workers currently registered in the province. 

For more information on Social Work Week in Saskatchewan visit the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers' website at www.sasw.ca or the SASW Facebook page.

Innovation Will Move Our Community Forward.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce heard from the CEO of North Forge Joelle Foster at their meeting yesterday. Foster noted with mining no longer being part of the community you have to look at innovation as a different way of growing the community and then look at partnerships you can create outside of Flin Flon as well.  She says you don’t have to be tech savvy to start an innovative business….


“So we’ve worked with 263 companies in three years, 80 percent of them have no tech skills whatsoever. That’s where we come in.  That’s where we help to build the team, find the talent to build those apps, to build those platforms, to help them fabricate something like that.  65 percent of our entrepreneurs have no entrepreneurship background, again that’s where we come in.  We’re trying to help them build that so you can come right from ideation, just an idea, and then we will help you make sure you’ve defined your target market, that you do those customer interviews, fail fast if that’s what you need and then if you’ve got the customers then we can help you take it to the next level where you define the business model, you start building your financials, we’ve got experts around that, we’ll teach you how to pitch and then you’re okay I want to do this then you come into the incubator for a year or two.”


North Forge helps entrepreneurs solve problems and reduce the cost and risk of innovation.  Visit www.northforge.ca to learn more.


A New Tourism Officer and Buildings Were Part of the Creighton Council Meeting.

At their meeting earlier this week the Town of Creighton agreed to pass a motion to hire a Regional Tourism Officer.  A motion was also passed to rent the Sportex Lounge to the Christian Horizons Group for eighteen months at 12 hundred dollars per month.  Council received a letter from Canada Community Building Funds regarding this year’s installment of forty four thousand one hundred and fifty six dollars and ten cents. They have also received an invitation to attend the Northlands College open house which takes place March 30th.


The Council agreed to appoint Reg Churko from RC Inspection Services to oversee Town Building Inspector Willie Anaka while he performs inspections under a Class Two Commercial License during construction of the Saskatchewan Housing Home for Disabilities at 201 Collins Crescent.

Pool Costs Were Discussed at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Last Night.

Council was asked about the 17 million dollar cost of a new pool. Chief Administrative Officer Lyn Brown said the projected cost is 14.6 million. She explained there is about 8 million in government funds, they are putting in an application for another 3 million from a new grant program, they’re looking at about 2 million in fund raising and they have about 400 thousand dollars they’ve levied in taxes since 2020.  They have factored in a possible 20 percent increase in costs bringing it to 17.3 million.  She added they expect to get the additional 3 million but if they don’t they will have to debenture about 6 million dollars but property taxes will not change as a water debenture they are paying will be reduced at the end of 2024.  At the last meeting Council had with the contractor it was noted they plan to have preparations completed for ground breaking in the spring of 2024.

              In other business Council will review the proposed Bylaw to set the direction of traffic in the Ruth Betts School area based on feedback they have received including area residents concerned about access and parking.


And the April 4th Council meeting moves to the 11th due to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities meeting and the 18th to the 25th due to a Saskatchewan meeting.


Saskatchewan RCMP are Focusing on Impaired Driving Awareness This Week.

This is National Impaired Driving Prevention Week when police, government and community organizations work to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of impaired driving. The officer in charge of Saskatchewan RCMP Traffic Services Superintendent Grant St. Germaine states we know the tragic consequences of impaired driving are one hundred percent preventable but we continue to find impaired drivers on our roads.  In January and Februarys this year Saskatchewan RCMP and Combined Traffic Services officers arrested 138 drivers who submitted breath samples over the legal limit and charged them under the Criminal Code.  Some of the drivers were well over the legal limit of alcohol in their blood including twelve drivers at least three times over and two at least four times over the legal limit.


St. Germaine emphasizes everyone needs to take responsibility and ensure that they and those around them are not driving when they are impaired by alcohol or drugs.


Information is Being Posted to Encourage People to Come to Our Region.

A Regional Tourism Portal has been launched as a one stop shop for all things tourism for Flin Flon, Denare Beach and Creighton.  FDC Economic Development Officer Brooke White explains…..


“It’s a tourism data base for everything tourism related in Flin Fon, Creighton and Denare Beach. This portal has adventures to discover, festivals and events, trip inspiration, tour ideas and more.  You’ll also find exploratory maps which highlight the trails, beaches and lakes in the region so I encourage you to check it out and share it with anyone who may be visiting.”


You can link to the Regional Tourism Portal by scanning the QR code on the City of Flin Flon Facebook page or visit www.investfdc.ca/discover.


This is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Under the slogan “Cancer doesn’t wait why should you?” Colorectal Cancer Canada’s campaign reminds Canadians of the importance of getting screened because colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable.

 Their President Barry D. Stein notes colorectal cancer continues to claim far too many lives in Canada yet if caught early enough polyps can be removed before they become cancerous.  On average 68 men and women are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every day in Canada and each year it kills nearly ten thousand people in Canada making it the second deadliest cancer in men and third in women.


Stein adds studies show colorectal cancer is affecting younger people so as soon as a patient presents to his or her doctor some of the symptoms such as a sudden change in bowel habits, bloody stool, loss of appetite or anemia it is important to investigate the possibility of colorectal cancer so we can save more lives.

Several Projects in this Area Will Receive Funding From the Provincial Government.

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson has announced more than 400 community arts, culture and sports projects will share 50 million dollars in funding through the Manitoba First Fund to begin making improvements in their community.


Under the small capital program the Flin Flon Public Library will receive 70 thousand dollars for renovations and the Flin Flon Junior Bomber Hockey Club just under 24 thousand for press and viewing boxes and arena sound system updates and the Opasquia Trails in The Pas 25 thousand for Grace Lake Boardwalk trail signage development and installation.  Under Special Initiatives the Flin Flon Arts Council will receive 100 thousand for the ImagiNorthern Regional Creatives Development Program, the Northern Visual Arts Centre just under 25 thousand for a program enhancement plan and the Sam Waller Museum in The Pas 25 thousand for reconfiguration of exhibits and collections.  Under large capital the Town of Snow Lake will receive 343 thousand for Gordon M. Rupp curling rink roof replacement.


The NorVa Centre is The Place to be For Kids During Spring Break.

The NorVa Art Gallery and Studio is offering Spring Break Kids Classes starting Saturday and running through Thursday.  On Saturday they have Easter Bunny Flower Pots from 1:30 to 3 for ages 7 to 12 with 6 allowed if accompanied, Monday Wax Crumple and Dye Bears from 1 to 4 for ages 8 to 16, Tuesday from 1:30 to 4 Black Bear Clay for ages 7 to 10 with 5 and6 if accompanied, Wednesday from 10 to 12 Draw Your Own Character for ages 8 to 16 and Thursday Clay Tiles from 1:30 to 4 for ages 8 to 16.  There is a registration fee for each class. For more information on the classes visit the NorVa Centre or City of Flin Flon Facebook pages.  To register contact the NorVa Centre at 177 Green Street by calling 204-687-4237 or email norvacentre@gmail.com.

You Can Learn About a New Service That Wants to Come North.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Acting President Dianne Russell invites you to their general meeting Wednesday….


“It’s a general meeting that we will handle a little bit of quick business but we do have a guest speaker Joelle Foster from North Forge.  She’s from Winnipeg.  One of the lines they use is helping companies develop faster, cheaper and successfully, dare to do, so they’re part of a Start Up Canada network and she wants to tell people what she’s about which I think is going to be really great to hear and also how they want to expand into northern Manitoba.”


The meeting is being held Wednesday at 12 with a complementary lunch by Chicken Chef at the Greenstone-The Hub Entrepreneur Centre at 79 Main Street.  You’re asked to let them know you’re attending by emailing admin@cfgreenstone.com or flinflondistrictchamber@gmail.com by Monday.

Fraud Losses in Canada Have Reached Another Historic Level.

This is Fraud Prevention Month and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says they received fraud and cybercrime reports last year totaling 530 million dollar in victim losses.  This is nearly a 40 percent increase from 2021 but the Centre estimates only five to ten percent of people report fraud.


The RCMP’s Director General of the Anti-Fraud Centre Chris Lynam reports fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods to victimize Canadians.  He encourages everyone to take time to learn the signs of a scam or fraud, know how to report it and share this information with the people around you adding it could take just one conversation with a loved one to prevent them from falling victim to fraud. The top three most reported types of fraud last year were phishing, extortion and personal information scams all designed to get you to pay or give away sensitive information like your social insurance number, passwords or banking details.


Anyone who believes they have been contacted by a scammer, is aware of a scam or has become a victim is strongly encouraged to report it to authorities so they can warn others which may limit it from spreading.

Saskatchewan Ice Fishing Shelters Have to Go This Month.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment reminds anglers ice fishing season is winding down.  That means all ice fishing shelters north of highway 16 in the province must be removed by March 31st.


They urge you to plan to remove your ice shelter before it becomes unsafe noting spring weather can be unpredictable leading to unsafe ice conditions sometimes earlier than expected.  Owners must remove all structures and litter from the ice.  Shelters may not be left onshore and must be transported away.  They note abandoned ice shelters pose an unnecessary risk to everyone who enjoys the lakes in the summer since pieces of a shelter can cause injury and litter the shores.


They also remind you to be extremely cautious when travelling on ice adding slush, thermal cracks and pressure ridges are all indications of unsafe ice conditions.

Budget Issues Have Been Approved by the School Board.

At their meeting earlier this week the Flin Flon School Division Trustees passed two motions.  First they approved the 2023-24 budget and that it be forwarded to Manitoba Education Funding no later than March 31st this year.  Secondly they agreed to submit the 2023 Special Levy request to the City of Flin Flon no later than the deadline of March 15 of this year.


Around the Division Hapnot Students in grade nine and ten recently participated in the Health Behavior in School Aged Children Study initiated by Queens University.  At Many Faces the Jay’s Care ball team is sponsored again this year by the Toronto Blue Jays.  This year’s season gets underway March 24th with their new equipment and jerseys.  Dodgeball at Lunch this month will help start the training season for players and coaches.  Elementary report cards will be sent home on Monday the 20th with Family Teacher interviews held on the 22nd.


A Snowmobile Fundraiser Had Great Results on the Weekend.

Freedom Outreach Adult and Teen Challenge held a successful Sled for Eternity snowmobile ride at the Bakers Narrows Lodge on Sunday. The program’s Kandi Lagore reports they had a great turnout…..


“We had 55 registered riders, we had 80 who attended the banquet, the finale at Baker Narrows Lodge.  We raised a net of 75 thousand dollars so that is going to really help us with continuing with the community outreach office and the other work that we’re doing.  The name of the winner is Arnold Wiebe from southern Manitoba and he raised over 20 thousand dollars and so we had a bunch of people who raised a significant amount and we are thankful to all of our riders and all of the businesses and people who supported us.”


Arnold Wiebe received a 2022 Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat 9000 for collecting the most pledges.

This is a Week to Focus on Eye Care.

This is World Glaucoma Week to remind people of the importance of eye exams.  Glaucoma is commonly referred to as the silent thief of sight and is asymptomatic in most cases so by the time the condition is noticed the vision loss is irreversible.  Despite being asymptomatic a recent Specsavers survey conducted by Leger shows 71 percent of Canadians expect at least one early warning symptom of glaucoma.


Another survey showed that one in four Canadians who do not wear corrective glasses have not had an eye exam in over ten years and ten percent of this group have not had an eye exam at all in their lifetime.


Director of Optometry at Specsavers Naomi Barber explains regular visits to an optometrist and early detection through 3D eye scans are crucial for treatment and ongoing monitoring of glaucoma.  She adds many vision threatening eye conditions including glaucoma progress to advanced stages without symptoms while vision loss is preventable if caught early.


Its Down to Flin Flon And Thompson in the Manitoba Final.

In the third round of the SledTown ShowDown for Manitoba Flin Flon received 73 percent of the votes over The Pas with 27 percent and Thompson received 56 percent over Lac du Bonnet with 44 percent. Round three wrapped up Sunday.


In the final round for Manitoba’s top SledTown Flin Flon is up against Thompson.  This round runs until March 26th and you can vote for your favorite SledTown at www.snoriderswest.com.  The winner goes on to compete with the top SledTowns in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Flin Flon won the competition in 2020 and 2022 with Lac du Bonnet taking it in 2021.


A Lithium Exploration Project is Finding High Grade Ore Near Snow Lake.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology Limited has received phase two of its metallurgical report from XPS Expert Process Solutions on its Zoro Lithium Project near Snow Lake. Tests confirmed the final product is amenable to a flowsheet capable of producing both battery grade lithium products Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide.                                          


Foremost President Jason Barnard says phase two of their metallurgical program at Dyke One confirms the ability to produce a near six percent Lithium Oxide concentrate while maximizing lithium recovery with significant capital expenditure and operating expense savings.  He adds this was a critical milestone for our company which highlights the quality of our ore to prospective battery manufacturers and our strategic partners while our lithium is still in the ground.  He notes they recognize that the world is transitioning toward electrification with unprecedented speed and they are positioning their lithium projects to capitalize on these opportunities.

There Has Been a Big Jump in Funding Available for Community Grants.

The Flin Flon Credit Union is accepting applications for their Community Enrichment Small Grant Program.  General Manager Kory Eastman says they have increased the amount available….


“The amount we have in the grant is based on five percent of our net income so it looks like this year instead of 10 thousand like we’ve had the last couple of years we’ll have 30 thousand dollars we’ll be able to provide the community organizations.  The requirements for applying are on the Flin Flon Credit Union website at www.ffcu.ca as well as the application.  It’s a pretty quick process and we invite anyone who has a need for up to 25 hundred dollars for their program to put in an application.”


When you get to their website www.ffcu.ca click on In Our Community and then on Community Programs on the left hand side of the page. The deadline is April 1st.


Exploration Efforts are Ramping Up West of Flin Flon.

Foran Mining Corporation has announced assay results from two additional holes from their winter drill program at the new Tesla discovery.  It is located about 300 meters north of Foran’s McIlvenna Bay Deposit 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.  One highlight intercept includes 3.58 percent copper equivalent over 16.9 meters and 2.61 percent over 32.1 meters.


Executive Chairman and CEO Dan Myerson notes follow up drilling at Tesla continues to demonstrate the growing potential for scalable critical metal discoveries across their properties. He reports they are ramping up their exploration effort with a fourth drill rig to fully capitalize on these exciting initiatives with their regional program to commence in the summer and planned directional drilling at Tesla following spring break-up.  He added they believe this is just the tip of the iceberg across their vast canvas of targets.  It is anticipated drilling will continue until the end of March or as long as ice conditions permit.


The cause of the fire that broke out twice at the Burntwood Plaza in Thompson yesterday is still under investigation.

The fire started twice early yesterday morning at the Northern Health Region Wellness Connection Centre, which spread to surrounding businesses along the strip mall.


Crews from the City of Thompson, Paint Lake, and Vale fire departments were on site most of yesterday extinguishing the fire.


Residents were advised to stay away from the immediate area, and the downtown and Juniper area in general, due to smoke.


Vale’s health and safety personnel were on site monitoring air quality.


The NHR says the Wellness Connection Centre will be temporarily relocated to the Thompson Clinic.


Mineral Exploration Projects in Our Area are Receiving Funding.

The Manitoba government has provided 1.7 million dollars for the latest projects receiving support through the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund which is managed by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.  The MMDF provides funding to communities and businesses to advance mineral exploration projects.


The projects approved in this latest round of funding include Boreal Gold and Callinex Mines Flin Flon, Foremost Lithium Snow Lake and 55 North and Alamos Gold Lynn Lake.


Financial assistance from the fund can include onetime grants for activities that help advance new mining opportunities and outreach to First Nations for collaborative resource developments.


Economic Development Minister Jeff Wharton notes the government has committed to annual investment in the Mineral Development Fund of up to six percent of tax revenues from the Mining Tax Act which are collected on profit generated by mining businesses. Since its inception in 2020 it has approved 50 mineral exploration projects for a total of 7.7 million dollars in funding.

Local Students Can Be Part of a Provincial Student Advisory Council.

The Manitoba government is now accepting applications for the 2023-24 Student Advisory Council.  The Council was launched in March 2021 in response to recommendations from the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education.  Education Minister Wayne Ewasko invites all Manitoba students between the ages of 14 to 18 to apply for next year’s Council.


The Student Advisory Council reports directly to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning.  The role of the Council is to provide insights and advice on issues and topics that are current and emerging for kindergarten to grade 12 students.  Council members will serve a 12 month term beginning this August and may be considered for a second term.  The deadline to apply is March 31st.


For more information on the Council and how to apply find the link to their website in this story at www.flinflononline.com.






A Fire Has Severely Damaged a Strip Mall in Thompson.

Residents are being told to avoid the area around Selkirk Avenue in Thompson as the local fire department works to extinguish the blaze.


RCMP says they responded to the fire at a business at the strip mall on the street just before 2 a.m, and set up a perimeter around the area as Thompson Fire and EMS brought down the fire.


The fire started up again in the same location at 5 a.m.


Police say the fire doesn’t appear suspicious and the Office of the Fire Commissioner was notified.


The strip mall includes a storefront clinic operated by the Northern Health Region, a Shopper’s Drugmart, Royal Bank and Chicken Chef.


We Will Lose Parking on Church Street But Gain Some on Main Street as a Building Comes Down.

At a previous meeting Flin Flon City Council granted the Friendship Centre the parking lot property beside their building on Church Street to build transitional housing starting next June.  At Tuesday night’s meeting they were asked about the loss of parking on Church Street for those attending events at the Friendship Centre or in accessing Main Street. Both Mayor George Fontaine and Councillor Judy Eagle noted the desperate need for transitional housing needed more than parking spaces.  Using the Whitney Forum parking lot was mentioned and Mayor Fontaine reported some parking will be opening up on Hapnot Street soon and as well as on Main Street with the demolition of the long vacant Flin Flon Hotel building this summer. He said no one has shown any interest in the building for years and no one is going to pick up the building so a tender will be issued soon for its demolition.


In other business Council approved the appointment of Lyn Brown as Chief Administrative Officer for the City.  She had been serving as Interim CAO.


The Budget Doesn't Look Promising for the North.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says he doesn’t see a whole lot for the north in the Manitoba budget…..


“They did talk about some mining companies doing some investing and their other fund being doubled to 50 million dollars but really a lot of that investment in mining is the result of the times not necessarily as a result of anything the government has done.  What we didn’t see was any mention of improvements to health care facilities or people in the north.  I think that after seven years of watching them cut and not spend whatever it was that they said they were going to spend particularly on health care and infrastructure, they under spent those budgets for years, now all of a sudden they’re saying trust us, we’ll actually spend the money that we’ve forecast here.  I don’t think we can trust them to live up to anything that they’ve promised in this budget.”


This is the final Manitoba budget before the provincial election set for October 3rd.

Local Actors Hit The Stage This Weekend.

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is presenting their production of A Red Plaid Shirt tomorrow and Saturday nights.  Director Joe Buie says it’s a story based on retirement…..


“You’re going to see a cast of four people that are representing retired people that are kind of lost and they don’t know what direction they’re going in.  Actually the wives know where they’re going, their husbands are really lost and they kind of try to pull them back in and there’s a little bit of chaos throughout the whole play, a lot of comedy and a lot of touching moments too.”


A Red Plaid Shirt will be performed tomorrow and Saturday nights at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are available at the Uptown Emporium or online at www.flinflonartscouncil.ca.


The City of Flin Flon is Getting a New Pool.

At their meeting last night City Council advised the community that after much discussion a decision has been reached to continue to move forward with the construction of a new aqua centre.  They passed a resolution to continue to work with the firm of Ernst Hansch Construction Limited for the design of a new aqua centre facility and that the City fully support and engage with the Pool Fundraising Committee and the community at large to work towards the completion of a welcoming and accessible facility that will encourage participation, enhance community connectivity and physical and mental well-being. The new pool will be built at the location of the previous pool with cost just over 17 million dollars. Further planning on construction and any design changes from those presented at a past public meeting will take place when Council meets with the firm next week.


Still with water council passed on final reading a bylaw to establish monthly rates to be charged for water supplied and sewage services to all properties abutting or serviced by water and sewer in the City.  All unmetered services, metered services and water delivery will experience no increase this year but will save $5.06 due to the elimination of a deficit reduction rider for a previous utilities deficit that has been paid off.



Callinex is Fully Funded For Their Flin Flon Area Projects.

Callinex Mines has closed the previously announced brokered private placement offering for gross proceeds of approximately 9.4 million dollars including the partial exercise of the over-allotment.


President and CEO Max Porterfield explains the Company is now fully funded and focused on expanding the high grade copper, gold, silver and zinc rich Rainbow and Alchemist discoveries at their Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers east of Flin Flon.  He adds they are grateful for the support from new and existing shareholders in this financing which allows them to continue their mission of driving shareholder value through discovery.


The net proceeds of the sale of Units will be used for the Company’s ongoing exploration drilling program, working capital requirements and other general purposes.  The gross proceeds from the sale of flow through units will be used for exploration expenses on their Pine Bay project.


Mine Redevelopment is Going Ahead in Lynn Lake.

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has announced environmental mitigation measures proposed for the Lynn Lake Gold Project in northern Manitoba provide a sustainable path forward for the project to proceed.  The proposed open pit gold mine and new metal mill located near the Town of Lynn Lake was subject to robust federal review based on scientific evidence and Indigenous knowledge.  Alamos Gold will redevelop two previously operational mines in the area, the Gordon and MacLellan sites.  Once up and running the mine is expected to operate for 13 years supporting much needed economic development for the town and the region.  According to figures provided by the proponent the project will create up to 406 jobs during construction and 412 during its operation.


To ensure the Lynn Lake Gold Project moves forward in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment the decision statement issued by the Minister establishes 177 conditions the proponent must comply with during the life of the project including working with Indigenous People, fish and wildlife, environmental and water issues.

It Was a Busy Weekend for Skiers and Snowmobilers.



As part of the Bust the Winter Blues Festival the 48th annual Val and Ivor Hedman Centaloppet took place at the Flin Flon Ski Club.  71 people took part in the event.


The Centaloppet Cup was presented to the skier with the best corrected time based on age and gender to 5 year old Michael Dumenko.  The best actual finish time around the 3.4 kilometer loop for senior males 20 and over went to Callum Spencer at 12 minutes 16 seconds and for senior females Gabrielle Swan at 21 minutes 52 seconds. You can find a complete list of prize winners attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.


38 riders took part in the Border Explorers Snowmobile Poker Derby. The top three prizes went to ghost rider hands which were 750 dollars to Cory Slater, 500 to Greg Nixon, 300 to Michel Dupont and the fourth prize went to Tyler Morin at 200 dollars.  The 200 dollar 50-50 prize went to Debbie Wenger.


The weekend also included the Kinette Club’s Trivia Night as well as plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages.


48th Annual Val & Ivor Hedman Centaloppet 

at Flin Flon Ski Club  ~  Sunday March 5, 2023


Prize Winners


Centaloppet Cup Winner – Corrected Time:   Michael Dumenko - age 5  


Second place – Corrected Time:  Luke Unrau – age 6 


Third Place – Corrected Time:  Matthew Unrau – age 7   


Top Finishers – Actual Time:


Senior Male (20+):  Callum Spencer  (12 minutes, 16 seconds) 

Senior Female (20+):  Gabrielle Swan  (21:52)

Junior Men (15-19):  (No entries)   

Junior Women (15-19):  Maia Bellisle  (26:10) 

Boys (11-14):  Deakon Anaka  (14:16) 

Girls (11-14):  Ariana Bellisle  (21:28)

Boys (under 10):  Matthew Unrau  (21:25)  

Girls (under 10):  Charlotte Unrau  (14:12)


Youngest Skier:  Rory McCulloch  (aged 5) 


Youngest Participants:  Mae Campbell  (9 months)


Oldest Skier:  Larry Fancy 


Largest Family:  The Unraus (x5)


Happiest Face:  Elizabeth Whitbread   


Best Dressed Adult:  Deanie Olsen


Best Dressed Junior:  Lucy Dumenko:  


Most Persevering:  Jakob Kozar 


Most Colourful:  Shaylene Dumenko

A Gold Property Portfolio is Expanding in Northeast Saskatchewan.

SKRR Exploration recently announced it has completed the earn in requirements to hold a 75 percent interest in the Olson property and an undivided 100 percent interest in the Cathro property from Eagle Plains Resources.  The Olson Project area covers just over 11 thousand hectares located within the Trans Hudson Corridor 20 kilometers northwest of Deschambault Lake and 80 kilometers south of SSR Mining’s Seabee Gold Operation.  The Cathro Project covers just over 3 thousand hectares located approximately 50 kilometers northeast of La Ronge.


SKRR President and CEO Sherman Dahl stated the completion of both Project option exercise requirements demonstrates their long term commitment to precious metals in the under explored but highly mineralized province of Saskatchewan.


The Olson project area overlies regionally sheared highly strained meta-volcanic and intrusive rocks which are considered to be prospective for orogenic gold mineralization while the Cathro Project covers a suite of La Ronge Greenstone Belt volcanic rocks known to host structurally controlled gold mineralization.

The Northern Health Region Has a New CEO.

Northern Regional Health Authority Board Chair Cal Huntley has announced the appointment of Raj Sewda as the Region’s new Chief Executive Officer replacing Helga Bryant who is retiring.  The appointment by the Board of Directors is effective April 1st.


Huntley stated we believe Mr. Sewda has the right combination of experience, education and management skills to provide great benefit to the Region as we move forward adding our national search yielded a number of high quality candidates and we are pleased Raj has accepted the challenge of leading the Region into the future.


A release states Sewda is a Registered Nurse with wide and diverse leadership and managerial experience in Ontario most recently employed as a Clinical Partner at Sienna Senior Living providing support to Long Term Care Communities across Ontario and British Columbia.


Huntley added on behalf of all our citizens the Board again thanks retiring CEO Helga Bryant for her years of faithful, dedicated and valued service to the people of northern Manitoba.


Students are Busy in Flin Flon Schools.

At their meeting last week the Flin Flon School Division Trustees reported receiving the most current updates from all schools in the Division.  Some highlights include from Ecole McIsaac School grade ones learning about maps, community landmarks and Canada’s official language.  At Ruth Betts Kindervention is up and running every other week, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Students at Hapnot continue with semester two studying mathematics, English language arts, social and natural sciences.  Many Faces would like to thank Keely Patterson who provides AFM counseling services for the students every Tuesday.  Keely also created and has donated a ribbon skirt and bag for the Manitoba School Board raffle at their 59th annual general meeting this month in Winnipeg.


You Can Still Get Assistance in Buying a Home in Flin Flon.

On CFARs City Beat Wednesday afternoon City Council’s Vice-Chair of the Social, Community and Recreation Services Committee Mike Slipp outlined the Flin Flon Home Buyers Assistance Program. He explained if you are a first time home buyer or haven’t owned a home in three years or more you may quality for this Home Buyers Assistance Program.  He noted the program is structured to subsidize the down payment of mortgages by way of a forgivable loan to be obtained by eligible home buyers….


“You can get a forgivable loan for a down payment for up to eight percent of the purchase price of a home or eight percent of rehabilitation of a home if the value is under 100 thousand dollars.  You can purchase a detached house up to a value of 200 thousand dollars and take advantage of this or purchase a vacant or derelict building for rehabilitation for residential use too.”


You can find more information and apply by going to City Hall or visit the City of Flin Flon website and click on government and you can send any questions you have to info@flinflon.ca.


Your Children Can Help Name Future Police Dogs.

The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name thirteen German Shepherd puppies that will be born at the Police Dog Service Training Center this year.  The rules are simple. Only kids between the ages of 4 to 14 years old may enter, contestants can suggest only one name, the name must start with the letter “S”,  the name must be one or two syllables and must have no more than nine letters, contestants must live in Canada and entries must be received online by March 16th. Kids should always get their parents or guardians permission before submitting personal information such as their name and phone number to any website.


The thirteen children whose puppy names are selected will each receive a laminated 8 by 10 inch photo of the puppy they named, a plush dog called Justice and an RCMP water bottle.  For information on how to enter online go to your favorite search engine and type in Name the Puppy Contest 2023.  Although there can be only 13 winners the names not selected for the contest will be considered for other puppies born during the year.


You Can Support the Expansion of Addictions Support Programs.

The Freedom Outreach Adult Teen Challenge continues to invite snowmobilers to fund raise and take part in the Sled For Eternity Flin Flon snowmobile ride March 11th at Bakers Narrows Lodge.  The program’s Kandi Lagore says the fund raising will support their programs……


“The whole purpose behind this is to bring hope and healing to people who are struggling with addiction, whether that is people who are caught in addictions themselves or for the family and friends of the person struggling with their addictions and so we just want to be a light in the community and help people out and this is a way that people can get involved and say I care.”


You can register to ride up to the 11th, raise funds through pledges and enter to win a variety of prizes including the grand prize of a 2022 Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat 9000 snowmobile awarded to the rider with the highest fund raising total.  For more information visit teenchallenge.tc/events/sled.

Grant Money is Coming to Creighton.

SLGA Minister Lori Carr has announced the Saskatchewan government is providing approximately 1.5 million dollars to groups and organizations that raise money through charitable gaming activities.  It comes from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority charitable grant program.  Through the grants Creighton will receive just over 13 thousand dollars with 9866 dollars going to Creighton Community Centre Incorporated and 3217 to Creighton Northern Growing Abilities Incorporated.


The charitable gaming grant program provides grants equal to 25 percent of the net revenues raised through charitable gaming activities such as licensed bingos, raffles, breakopen tickets and other events.  Groups don’t have to apply for the grant as charitable gaming reports submitted by the groups are used by the Authority to calculate the grants which are paid out each quarter.

A Popular Family Ski Event is Back This Weekend.

The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their 48th annual Val and Ivor Hedman Centaloppet Sunday afternoon.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s great to be back after the two year COVID break…..


“This is a great family and friends fun event.  It’s an easy 3.4 kilometer loop around the valley.  It’s starting at 2 o’clock and everybody is welcome, lots of prizes.  We do ask people to show up to register at the Chalet between 1 and 1:30 and the start will be at 2 o’clock on the Beaver Pond.  If you need more information you can call Dave at 687-8653 and also check out our website www.flinflonskiclub.com.  We hope we’ll see a whole lot of you out there.”


Price notes in 2020 they had 84 participants so what they’d really like would be to top the one hundred mark something they haven’t seen since the glory days back in the 1980s.  He adds they have an excellent snow base and a huge amount of work has been done by their trail crews so make sure you bring family and friends and see if they can break a record.


A Weekend of Events Will Help You Celebrate Winter.

The Bust the Winter Blues Festival is coming up Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Flin Flon Recreation Director Caitlin Bailey says they are looking to get outside again with families noting the family fun events Saturday afternoon at the Creighton Sportex.  She highlights some of the other events taking place…..


“We have events taking place at NorVa, we have things put on by the Flin Flon Kinette Club with Trivia Night coming back on Friday and we have the Flin Flon Bomber game taking place that weekend as well as the PBCN Selects game on the Saturday.  We’ve got outdoor soccer with the Phantom Lake Soccer Club, a free Family Dance and fireworks.  We also have the Centaloppet taking place, the 48th annual Val and Ivor Hedman through the Flin Flon Ski Club on Sunday and we have a free Snowy Sunday Snowshoe event with T&D Amisk Camp as well as the Border Explorers Frozen Aces Snowmobile Poker Derby on the Sunday as well.”


A complete list of events can be found on the Flin Flon and Creighton Recreation Facebook pages and in today’s Reminder.


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