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Exploration is Ramping Up In Snow Lake.

In their 2022 yearend report President Peter Kukielski reported Hudbay started a drill program last month with four drill rigs testing the down dip gold and copper extensions of the Lalor deposit…..


“This is the first time we have completed step out drilling in the deeper zones at Lalor since the initial discovery of the gold and copper zones in 2009 and 2010.  One additional drill rig is actively testing a target to the north of Lalor which is another prospective location next to the main Lalor ore body that is thought to be offset by post mineralization faulting.  The first phase of this program includes a total of 12 holes and over 20 thousand meters of drilling followed by a combination of surface and borehole electro-magnetic surveys.  Based on the results in the first phase program a follow up drill program is planned for the winter of 2024.”


Among the key objectives of this drilling is to have the potential to expand Snow Lake mineralization beyond the current 2.4 million ounces of reserves and 1.7 million ounces of resources.


Flin Flon and The Pas Are Facing Off in the SledTown ShowDown.

In the second round of the SledTown ShowDown for Manitoba Flin Flon received 87 percent of the votes over Swan Valley, The Pas received 74 percent over Gimli, Thompson 56 percent over Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Lac du Bonnet 58 percent over Snow Lake. Round two wrapped up Sunday.


In round three Flin Flon is up against The Pas and Thompson is up against Lac du Bonnet.  Round three runs until March 12th and you can vote for your favorite SledTown at www.snoriderswest.com.


Drilling in Tailings Showed Good Results in Flin Flon and Snow Lake.

In Hudbay’s year end 2022 report President Peter Kukielski updated information on drilling in their tailings facilities…..


“We also completed confirmatory exploration drilling at our Flin Flon tailings facility in 2022 which indicated higher grades than reported from our historical mill records.  This facility holds in excess of 100 million tonnes of tailings that have been deposited over the span of 90 years.  We plan to complete metallurgical test work on the Fin Flon tails to assess the metallurgical recovery.  Furthermore our Anderson tailings facility in Snow Lake contains significant amounts of gold deposited over many decades.  Given our enhanced gold processing capacity in Snow Lake we are in the early stages of evaluating a similar opportunity to reprocess the Anderson tailings as well.”


Kukielski also noted in the fourth quarter their Manitoba operations saw a six percent increase in Lalor’s ore production compared to the third quarter of 2022 and the Lalor mine continues to ramp up following the transition of Flin Flon employees to Snow Lake which also reduced the reliance on higher cost contractors.

It Was a Good Weekend For a Winter Festival.

The 44th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival had a busy and fun weekend. 


There were no fish caught in the Family Fishing Derby so draws were made with first going to Brandon Ireland, second Mark Rae, third Wes Majee and fourth Kadence Eyres.  The youngest boy was awarded to nine month old Lynx Dease, youngest girl one year old Karenda Linklater and oldest fisherman Dave Wasylciw.  Turkey curling was won by Chicken Ranch with Mark Rae, Yvette Rae, Tyson Rae and Brady Grant, second Ace Holes with Mike Quesnel, Josh Wiegers, Ben Chernick and Alanna Scott and third Chicken Choker Dale Holmgren, Debbie Knutson, Mike Durette and Rian Bayless. There were two teams in the hocky tournament. First went to the Dragons with Owen Durette, Leland Feuerstein, Lathan Gardiner and Blake Jesso with second to the Beach Boys Kaleb Lycan, Kwinton Lycan, Daniel Beaton and River Nawakayas.


The Festival opened with the Mushers Supper Friday evening along with a penny parade, children’s events, a cribbage tournament and trap setting races with Saturday starting out with a pancake breakfast with more children’s events, a hockey tournament, dog sled rides and a skating party wrapping up with the Snow Drags on Sunday.


This Month Has Been Focussed on Heart Disease and Stroke.

Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of premature death in Canadian women.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s annual report on women’s heart and brain health says while some progress has been made in taking women’s health more seriously there are still gaps that need to be addressed.


Winnipeg cardiologist Doctor Mahwash Saeed says heart disease and stroke symptoms tend to differ between men and women.......


“When we think about things like heart attacks we think about squeezing chest pain and that’s usually the symptoms that men present with. Women are more likely to experience discomfort in their neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or upper belly.  They can also sometimes come in with shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting.  Men can also present with these symptoms but women are more likely to.”


The report finds there are greater inequities that some women may face including socioeconomic status, ethnicity, location, disabilities, age, and weight.


A Small Fire and False Alarms Dominated the Eight Calls in the Fire Chiefs Report for January.

On January 1st they quickly extinguished a small fire that had rekindled in a building at Big Island Lake.

On the 8th they were called to an alarm on Kingsway.  The alarm had been accidently tripped.  They were called to the same address on the 14th where they found the owners were eliminating the alarm due to too many false alarms.  On the 25th an alarm was sounding at Walmart where workers had been testing the sprinkler system and set off the alarm.  On the 29th they received a call that a stove had shattered in a home on Wright Avenue and was now smelling odd. They found the stove top had shattered and cause shrapnel to launch in the area.  They ensured the safety of the home.  On the 29th they responded to a vehicle that had entered the ditch on highway ten and south Big Island.  After checking the scene they left it in control of the RCMP.  They were also called to assist EMS on two occasions.


During the month there was training for new recruits, self contained breathing apparatus training, smoke search and rescue training and helicopter landing protocols and procedures.


Alpha Invites You to Join Them Next Week.

The Alpha Course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church Tuesday evening.  One of the organizers Menno Giebrecht says Alpha has a lot to offer……


“Alpha is a series of video sessions focused on the big questions of life, faith and meaning and you can ask any questions you want, there’s no pressure, it’s an open and informal and honest space to explore life’s big questions like is their more to life than what we’re experience right now, why are we here and is there life after death and why are so many bad things happening in the world.  There are a lot of things that we can discuss and you can ask any questions you want and it’s very informal, you just watch a video and have a coffee break and then there’s a discussion time after.”


The ten week course runs on Tuesdays starting with the introduction session this coming Tuesday at 7 at the Alliance Church at 237 Green Street. To register or for more information you can call Menno at 204-687-6001 or email office.flinflonalliance@gmail.com.

Tenders and Grant Applications were Part of the Creighton Town Council Meeting.

At their meeting earlier this week the Town of Creighton agreed to pass the following motions to award the tender for professional audit services for the years 2023, 24, 25 to Baker Tilly on Main Street Flin Flon at a fee for the three years of 12,650 dollars plus GST each year and for the Northern Town of Creighton Development Inc for 2450 dollars plus GST per year.  Also to award the tender for cleaning and janitorial services for the Town Hall, Fire Hall and the Recreation Tourism building to Gloria Brown and Maureen Wilson for the term of January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2024 at a cost of 900 dollars per month. 


Council also approved the five year capital works plan for 2023 – 2027.  Council will also apply to the Northern Capital Grants Fund to purchase a new half ton truck for the Public Works Department and to purchase a second Columbarium for the Town. And lastly authorizing Creighton Library Board Chair Colleen Stallard and Secretary Paula Muench to sign the year-end financial statements for the year 2022 and grant application for 2023.

It Was Budget Night for the School Division.

The Flin Flon School Board presented their budget plan for the 2023-24 school year last night.  Revenue shows a total of just over 16.8 million dollars with expenses slightly higher showing a deficit of 5191 dollars which will be transferred from their surplus.  Under expenses 80 percent goes to payroll, 17.4 percent to supplies and services and 1.7 percent to fiscal.  The original funding from the province for the Division for 2022-23 was just over 10 million dollars but they are expecting a decrease in equalization for the current year and a revised estimated amount of just under 10 million dollars which is a decrease in funding of just under 117 thousand dollars.


Total student enrollment as of last September was 875 compared to 946 for September 30th, 2021 based on actual student count and reflects the non-attendance post COVID and the mine closing. Current enrollment is 880.


The municipal request from the city for 2023 is just over 5.1 million dollars up just over 103 thousand dollars with the province to provide a property tax offset grant in lieu of the allowed two percent increase to the special levy request.  The proposed mill rate is unknown due to ongoing negotiations with the City in regards to the distribution of the Hudbay grant in lieu.

Northern Tourist Attractions Have Received Federal Funding Support.

The Minister for Prairies Economic Development Canada Dan Vandal recently announced federal investments toward Manitoba tourism projects through the Tourism Relief Fund.  Included was funding of 99,999 dollars to Hill Valley Enterprises Limited Bakers Narrows Lodge to winterize 15 log cabins, construct an aurora pod for Northern Lights viewing, hire new staff to support marketing and the growing number of guests during the winter season.  Frontier North will receive similar funding to launch a zero carbon, silent touring experience in Churchill by incorporating a new electric powered Tundra Buggy into its fleet and Tourism Manitoba will receive just over 1.6 million dollars to focus on tourism development into key rural and northern destinations across the province. Other destinations receiving funding include Pinawa Unplugged, Elkhorn Ranch and Resort and the Manitoba Museum.


A release states Manitoba is home to world class tourism attractions year round however once winter arrives both residents and visitors alike embrace a season rich with events and activities that cannot be held at any other time of year.

A German Thriller Will Be Shown Tomorrow Night.

The Central Canada Film Group’s Tom Heine invites you to watch Yella tomorrow night at the Hapnot Theatre.  He says it’s involves a woman trying to escape her troubled past….


“You watch and you’re sort of a little bit puzzled throughout but at the end of course everything is revealed and it’s an excellent excellent movie.  We presented movies by the director before, Christian Petzold Barbara and Phoenix which I think the audience enjoyed and this is one of his earlier efforts and I can’t praise it enough.  It is an excellent movie.”


The doors open at 7 tomorrow night at the Hapnot Theatre and the feature starts at 7:30 with snacks available at the door and as always admission is free.



Buildings and Traffic Were Part of The Flin Flon City Council Meeting.

At their meeting last night City Council agreed to financially contribute 59 to 69 Church Street, the current parking lot property, valued at 55 thousand dollars to the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center for the development of transitional housing. An agreement spells out the conditions for both parties including the Friendship Centre starting construction by June 30th, 2024 with completion by June 30th, 2025.                                               


Council awarded to LDA Structural Engineers the contract for the total structural assessment of the Fire Hall, RCMP and Community Hall buildings as recommended by the Engineering Committee.


Council renewed their contract with Strelezki Mechanical Services for the operation of transit services in the City for 2023.


They also gave first reading to a bylaw to designate one way streets for traffic on Hiawatha Avenue between Terrace Avenue South and Hudson Street in an easterly direction, Hudson Street between Hiawatha Avenue and Ross Street in a southerly direction and the part of the lane north of Ross Street between Terrace Avenue South and Hudson Street in an easterly direction.  The bylaw requires two more readings before passing.



You Can Celebrate Winter at an Annual Festival This Weekend.

The 44th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival runs through this weekend.  Recreation Director Mel Durette lists some of the highlights…..


“We’ll start off the Festival on Friday at 5 o’clock with the Musher’s supper followed by kid’s events at 7 o’clock.  There’ll be crib, turkey curling, the penny parade starts and will run until Saturday.  Saturday will be the pancake breakfast, family fishing derby and kids under 11 will be free sponsored by T&D Amisk Cabins, bingo at 12 and there’ll be a dog sled team to come in.  Instead of the horses this year we have a dog sled team and that will be from 2 to 4 down at the Beaver Lake Day grounds so people can get a free ride on the dog sled.  Skating party, hockey tournament and then Sunday we end it with the Snow Drags at the Beaver Lake Day grounds.”


You can find a complete list of events by visiting the Denare Beach Recreation Board Facebook page.

The NDP Has Its Priorities Set for the Next Provincial Election.

While in Flin Flon last week with MLA Tom Lindsey Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew in addition to his priorities in the north we told you about last week said he thinks there are a lot of people who want a change in government in the province and they want to give you a provincial government you can be proud of again……

“and so focusing on health care particularly looking at the services that a community like Flin Flon has lost in the way of health care is really important and then we’ve got to focus on the economic issues, making sure that jobs are coming back to the north and making sure that life gets more affordable because I don’t think any of us can keep up with the inflation we’re seeing today so those will be the priorities for us.  You’re going to hear us talking a lot about health care focusing a lot on the cost of living.”

The next provincial election is set for October although Premier Heather Stefanson can call it sooner.


A Drilling Program West of Flin Flon Continues to Show Good Results.

Foran Mining Corporation has announced results from its winter drilling program at the new Tesla Discovery approximately 300 meters north of its McIlvenna Bay Deposit 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.  Highlight intercepts include 4.04 percent copper equivalent over 17.4 meters.


Foran’s Executive Chair and CEO Dan Myerson reports to date six holes drilled into Tesla have intersected significant base and precious metal sulphides. In total he notes these holes have tested only 300 meters of strike and 300 meters of the dip extent of the mineralized horizon which remains open in all directions.  He adds given the geophysical conductor extends 900 meters there is a significant amount of potential to identify large scale opportunities that can complement their existing McIlvenna Bay deposit.


Three drills are now located on the ice targeting expansion of the Tesla Zone and planning is underway for continued regional exploration during the summer on drill targets located both in proximity to McIlvenna Bay and on their Bigstone project 25 kilometers to the west.


The North is Going to be a Priority.

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew joined MLA Tom Lindsey in Flin Flon yesterday.  He says he sees the importance of the north in the province….


“How much of Manitoba’s economy over the years has been driven by mining, has been driven by Manitoba Hydro, by timber, by the other resource industries and by the people who live in the north and the answer is a ton and if we look ahead to the future of Manitoba a big chunk of our future economy is going to be reliant on us making sure that the mining industry can be successful.  We’re talking to the United States about critical minerals, we’re talking to potential export partners in Europe and the long and the short of it is there’s a ton of opportunity in the future but we have to invest in northern communities like Flin Flon so we’ll be able to ensure that when those opportunities do get developed we’ll be able to make sure the jobs and the opportunities benefit people at home”


Kinew adds if we want people to stay or come to the north we need services such as health care especially in having the staff needed to provide the service for the whole region with Flin Flon as a regional hub that includes the nearby Saskatchewan communities.


A Returned Flin Flonner Has Opened Her Family Practice Here This Week.

Dr. Caitlyn Davidson Meyer began seeing booked patients at the Flin Flon Community Clinic Monday.  She says it’s been exciting to open up, seeing a lot of familiar faces and they’ve been very busy.  She says she wants to see the clinic grow…..


“The goal of the clinic is just to service the community and surrounding communities with general family medicine care providing that long term patient relationship for all ages through all stages of life and the goal is to grow over time.  Currently it’s just myself a single physician but hopefully we can attract some other physicians and make like a wellness centre for the community.”


The Clinic at 31 Church Street is still accepting new patients at 204-687-7571.  Clinic hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 5 and Thursday from 10 to 3:30 with walk ins Thursday from 3:30 to 7.

The City of Flin Flon Has Hired a Recreation Director.

On CFARs City Beat yesterday afternoon City Councils Chair of the Social, Community and Recreation Committee Heather Richardson announced Caitlin Bailey will be the City’s Recreation Director…..


“Cait will be a great asset.  She has many skills including a Bachelors of Recreation Management and Community Development.  She has seven years of previous experience working with the Recreation Department as Rec Programmer and Administrator for the City of Flin Flon. Cait has been working with us casually in terms since December helping us figure out the rest of this year and what we expect from her role going forward so I’m excited to welcome her to the Recreation Director position and look forward to the positive changes and new ideas that she’s going to bring forward.”


 Bailey will officially take on the Recreation Director duties full time on Tuesday.


Applications are Open for Canada Post Community Foundation Grants.

The Canada Post Community Foundation is now accepting grant applications for 2023.  Canadian charities, schools and community organizations that provide programming for children and youth up to age 21 can apply for the grants which range in value up to 25 thousand dollars.  Up to four 50 thousand dollar Signature Grants are also available including the Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Grant introduced last year.


Applications will be accepted from all communities across the country with a focus on local grassroots initiatives such as literacy and language programs, youth outreach services, programs supporting Indigenous youth, gender diversity programs, arts and recreation projects and many others.


The deadline to submit an application is March 9th through the Community Foundation website at canadapost.ca/community.  Grant recipients will be announced in August. Since 2012 the Foundation has granted 12.3 million dollars to more than 11 hundred community projects nationwide.

You Can Help Flin Flon Stay in the Race for Top SledTown.

Round Two of the SledTown ShowDown is underway. Round One wrapped up Sunday with Flin Flon receiving 91 percent of the vote over Russell and Area. The Pas, Thompson and Snow Lake in this part of the province were also successful in their first round.  Round Two is underway with Flin Flon up against Swan Valley, The Pas against Gimli, Thompson against Duck Mountain Provincial Park and Snow Lake against Lac du Bonnet.


You can vote for your favorite SledTown at www.snoriderswest.com until Round Two closes on February 26th.

Manitoba has AnnouncedTheir Free Winter Family Fishing Weekend.

Manitobans will be able to try their luck ice fishing at many of the provinces lakes and rivers during this year’s Winter Family Fishing Weekend.  From Friday through Monday anglers may fish without a license throughout the province except in national parks where a federal angling license is still required.  Anglers may retain up to a conservation license limit of fish although regular limits apply for those who already have a regular angling license. All other angling regulations apply during the weekend.


Anglers are encouraged to check ice conditions before travelling onto the ice and it’s important to let someone know where you are fishing and wear appropriate clothing.


For information on all provincial fishing regulations refer to the Manitoba Angler’s Guide at www.manitobafisheries.com.  Families are also reminded to enjoy free admission to provincial parks this month.


People Interested in Manitoba History Can Receive a Special Award.

The Manitoba Historical Society is accepting nominations for the Lieutenant Governor’s Historical Award.  The Society’s Gordon Goldsborough says nominations are open to anyone who has done work in promoting the history of their community with a couple of changes this year….


“This year the Lieutenant Governor urges us to focus on people who are doing this as a result of genuine interest in it, therefore people who are doing it as their job will not be considered.  The other change is there are many young people out there doing wonderful work as well so this year of the five awards that are to be made two of them are reserved for what we call Emerging Historians and what that means is that the person is mid-thirties or under doing good work in the community as a volunteer.”


Previous recipients have included Flin Flonners Don Peake and Gerry Clark who received this award in 2018 for their work in preserving and promoting the history of Flin Flon.

Nomination forms are available on the websites of the Manitoba Historical Society www.mhs.mb.ca or the Lieutenant Governor at www.manitobalg.ca.  The deadline is March 3rd and the application must include a detailed description of the work the person has done and at least three letters of support for the nomination.

You Can Enjoy Fishing in Saskatchewan This Family Day Weekend.

Saskatchewan’s winter free fishing weekend runs Saturday through Monday.  Saskatchewan residents and visitors can fish without a license on any of the province’s public waters that have an open sport fishing season. You’re reminded to put safety first when going out on the ice.  Tell someone where you’ll be fishing and when you plan to return and dress for the weather. Be aware of ice thickness with a minimum of 10 centimeters of good ice required for walking and 30 centimeters for light vehicle travel.  All other fishing regulations remain in effect for the free fishing weekend including possession limits and reduced limits on certain water bodies.  As well free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of province must have a valid Saskatchewan angling license.


More information can be found by downloading the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide or online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.


Employers, Students and Community Members Can Benefit From a Career Job Fair.

The Northern Manitoba Sector Council in collaboration with Frontier Collegiate and Mathias Colomb Cree Nation is holding a career job fair in Cranberry Portage Wednesday. The Northern Manitoba Sector Council is a not for profit corporation representing the region’s major employers in the mining, forestry, energy, health and transportation sectors. The Sector’s Alison Akert explains there are a lot of opportunities available…..


“Currently we have 21 tables booked and they vary from employers to different organizations so anywhere from the mining sector to the RCMP are going to be on sight and many of the organizations are hiring and recruiting.”            

Akert adds you can also learn about training opportunities, career counseling, job search support, resume and job application preparation and referral for training and locally available services.


The career job fair is open from 1 to 7 Wednesday at the Frontier Collegiate Campus Northern Trade Training Centre in Cranberry Portage.


A recently-established housing coalition says Ottawa needs to work with Indigenous partners to address the gap in housing for many off-reserve Indigenous households.

Margaret Pfoh, the CEO of the Aboriginal Housing Management Association says the National Indigenous Collaborative Housing Incorporated was formed late last year following a lack of specific and sufficient housing support for over 80 per cent of Indigenous households living off-reserve.


Pfoh says over six billion dollars needs to be invested in addressing housing concerns for those most vulnerable in the upcoming federal budget including people living in northern and remote communities.....


“We understand that there are distinct differences in housing needs and housing crises in rural and northern communities where they have infrastructure issues, where they have resource issues, all of the supply chain issues, all of the economic impact issues that we are all experiencing.  Those are exacerbated for communities that are located in northern and rural areas and then the systemic racism between the actual urban environment is that much more exacerbated when Indigenous people need to go and find housing in the urban and northern communities.”


The federal government has currently allocated 300 million dollars to address Indigenous housing and homelessness in urban, rural, and northern areas.


The Flin Flon Fire Department Responded to Ten Alarms in December.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council received the Fire Chiefs report for December.  Of the ten alarms four were calls to assist EMS. They were also called to two motor vehicle accidents. On the 10th they were called to Highway Ten and Princess Boulevard where a vehicle suffered minor damage after going off the road into a snow bank.  They dislodged the vehicle and assisted the driver.  On the 21st they were called to a two vehicle accident on Highway 10-A across from Twin Motors.  The vehicles suffered minor damage and they assisted the drivers.


On the 6th they were called to a fire on a stove on Third Avenue. They quickly extinguished the fire and cleared smoke from the home. On the 16th burnt food caused an alarm to sound at a residence on Riverside Drive. The alarm was reset.  On the 30th alarms were sounding in an office building at Hudbay. It proved to be a false alarm.  And on the 31st the RCMP asked the Fire Department to respond to a cabin fire near Westwood Lodge on Big Island Lake.  They set up a water supply from the lake and began to extinguish the fire. 

An Early Childhood Education Program Has Received Full Approval.

The University College of the North Early Childhood Education Program has been granted full approval for five years from the province of Manitoba.  They note graduates of the full two year full time and workplace program will have obtained all Early Childhood Education Two licensing requirements.  They will be eligible to apply for an ECE Two license as full Early Childhood Educators for childcare facilities.


The College explains the ECE diploma is designed to maximize students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes required for employment and advancement in early childhood education.  Program graduates are prepared to provide quality care and education in various settings.  Emphasis is placed on learning within the context of Northern Manitoba and in particular within Indigenous communities.


Flin Flon RCMP advise they are no longer asking the public for assistance in their investigation into a suspicious person near Ruth Betts School yesterday.  The person in the vehicle has been identified and has spoken to investigators.  The matter remains under investigation

The RCMP are investigating a suspicious person near Ruth Betts School

Flin Flon RCMP are advising residents of an incident that occurred at approximately 9:00 yesterday morning on Terrace Avenue, in Flin Flon. 

A young female teen was walking on Terrace Avenue near the school, when a male driving a truck pulled up beside her. The male yelled at her to get in the vehicle, but she quickly walked away into the school. She reported it to a family member around noon, and at that time the school and RCMP were notified. 

The vehicle is described as a black or grey, older model pick-up truck with an extended cab. It is equipped with a headache bar which isa rack attached to the rear window of the truck. 

The male is described as older, with grey facial hair. He was wearing a grey hoodie and a dark coloured baseball cap. 

RCMP are looking for anyone that may have witnessed the incident, or has information that may assist the investigation. If you do call Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1422, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com.

City Council is Reacting to Safety Concerns in the Community.

Councillor Mike Slipp reported at Tuesday night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting they are in the early stages of forming the Neighbors of the North Community and Public Safety Committee.  He explained as it develops it will include members of the local Councils, the RCMP, community members and local associations and stakeholders to plan what can be done to make the community safer.  Slipp says they will engage the public in how the committee can help with the problems of vagrancy and drug issues in the community.


Councillor Judy Eagle pointed out they want to provide outreach, education, leadership and facilitate the conversation because people have been having trouble on Main Street and have become negative so the positives are gone.  She adds the drug issues also involve people’s health and community safety.  She noted they want to talk to the public to see what the committee can do and what needs to be done.


The committee will meet every other week and will have a variety of stakeholders at various meetings depending on the topic up for discussion.


Fraudsters Are Taking Advantage of Seniors.

The RCMP and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre are holding a fraud prevention campaign this week. It is to raise awareness about the significant increase in emergency grandparent scams targeting Canadian seniors.  They report in 2022 more than 9.2 million dollars was reported lost to emergency scams including 313 thousand in Manitoba and it is estimated only five to ten percent of victims report scams and fraud.


In emergency scams fraudsters call seniors claiming to be a grandchild, family member or law enforcement officer or lawyer. They’ll say a loved one was involved in an emergency situation such as a collision, charged by law enforcement, legal peril or being sick or injured.  They demand the senior provide payment immediately for supposed bail, legal fees, fines or other amounts owed to stop the family member from going to jail or to get them released from custody.


If you fall victim to fraud or know someone who has, contact your local police service or the Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or online on the Fraud Reporting System even if a financial loss did not occur.


Agreements and a Plan Approval Highlighted the City Council Meeting Last Night.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council approved the city’s updated Emergency Plan.  The aim is to outline a general plan to govern the provision of necessary services during a peacetime emergency or anticipated emergency.  The plan will be reviewed with those involved to ensure it meets the needs of the community.


Council awarded the contract for the Whitney Forum energy audit to MCW Consultants and will sign an agreement with Lexcom Systems Group for IT support services.


Council received a year-end report from the Hudson Bay Route Association highlighted by 147.6 million dollars received from the federal government and 73.8 million from the provincial government for rail line and port upgrades.  They note the need for a mid-Canada northern shipping port is clear and capacity at the port will fill quickly as the rail and port upgrades are completed.


And the City will consider lighting Flinty with a purple light for Epilepsy Awareness Day March 26th as is done with other landmarks across the country.


The Deadline to apply for Grants for Your Group or Organization is Only a Week Away.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation is still accepting applications for grants they make available each year.  Their Chairperson Jane Robillard says they have around 150 thousand dollars to award and grants are available in the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage, Snow Lake and Sherridon…..


“Anybody that is a registered charity can apply and grants can be in the fields of arts and culture, education, environment, health, heritage or recreation and sports so that covers a lot of groups in our community.”            


Information and application forms can be found at the public library, on their website www.northernneighbors.com or call Jane at 204-687-6488. The deadline to apply is February 15th.


You Can Help Flin Flon Become the Top SledTown for a Third Time.

The ninth SledTown ShowDown is underway where you can vote for your favorite SledTown.  Their website notes last year ended with a first with Flin Flon winning the entire competition for a second time.  They question can Flin Flon climb to even loftier heights further separating itself from the competition by becoming an unprecedented three time champion or will a new challenger knock off the champ?


You can help Flin Flon remain on top by voting at www.snoriderswest.com.  The first round provincial competition runs until February 12th with Flin Flon up against Russell and Area.


A Former Hudbay Official is Again Helping to Develop a Mine in the Flin Flon Area.

Callinex Mines has appointed mining engineer and entrepreneur Peter R. Jones to their Technical Team. They note Peter has over 50 years mining industry experience spanning many areas around the world including the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt.  Peter led the development and construction of several mines in the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt including two of the largest, the Triple Seven mine in Flin Flon as well as the discovery and initial development of the Lalor Mine in Snow Lake.


They also note Jones was instrumental in the development and transformation of Hudbay and its predecessor Hudson Mining and Smelting Company into a substantial international mining company. As the CEO of  HBM&S then Hudbay in 2004 he orchestrated the company’s initial public offering and acquisition of HBM&S from Anglo American.


Jones stated he is very pleased to be working with Callinex to help move pine Bay and other Callinex Properties through the next stages of project development leading to mine production.


Flin Flon School Division is Reviewing Their Budget Following the Funding Announcement by the Province.

Education Minister Wayne Ewasko reports the government is strengthening the provinces education system by increasing funding for kindergarten to grade 12 by 100 million dollars for the 2023-24 school year.  He says that includes a 62.9 million dollar increase in operating support, 8 million dollar increase in capital support payments and a 24 million dollar increase in the Property Offset Grant.


The government release shows Flin Flon School Division will receive 10.8 million dollars including the property tax offset grant.


The Divisions Secretary Treasurer Heather Fleming estimates the Division will be receiving a 2 and a half percent increase from this year’s funding noting 1.8 percent would come from operating support moving to 2 and a half when you add in the additional funding provided.


The Division will be holding their public budget meeting on February 22nd.


No Text, Notification or Selfie is Worth Endangering Your Life or the Lives of Your Passengers or Others on the Road.

Saskatchewan RCMP report people are not receiving the message about the dangers of using electronic communications equipment while driving.  Staff Sergeant Jason Sauve from Saskatchewan RCMP Combined Traffic Services says cell phone use while driving continues to be a significant safety concern and distracted driving can be deadly.  He urges drivers who continue to talk, text and interact with their phone while behind the wheel to think of the risk.


The RCMP encourage drivers to turn your phone to silent and keep it out of reach while driving, if you’re using your phone for GPS set it up so its displayed on your dashboard monitor before you put your vehicle in drive, if you need to make a call or send a text pull over to a safe area and put your vehicle in park and if you’re using hands free devices be aware that even pressing dashboard buttons or having a conversation can distract you from the task at hand which is safe driving.  They add not only is using your phone while driving dangerous you can also face significant fines.

The City of Flin Flon is in Discussions to Attract a New Business With an Unusual Spin Off.

On CFAR’s City Beat Wednesday Mayor George Fontaine reported Council is in discussion with a Data Mining Group.  In order for New Decade to operate all of their computers they require a lot of water, electricity and land so Council is lobbying the provincial government to allow this as the province has a moratorium on these operations due to large electricity use and as well a lot of needed land in this community is still Crown land.  He said the company would provide computer training as well as in agriculture as they produce a lot of heat in their computer cooling system……


“and in doing that they radiate a lot of heat and the heat could be used and what their plan is is to use the heat for greenhouses.  They would have us be the garden of the north here if we’re allowed to go ahead so that’s something we want to deal with.  We could have a large agriculture system here where we are shipping food from the north to the south.  It would be a different kind of situation than the province is used to so we’d love to be a part of that.”


On another topic Fontaine assured the community Council is committed to the new pool but still need answers to a few questions before confirming the plan.



The Canadian Medical Association finds that 95 per cent of physicians and medical learners support the implementation of a pan-Canadian license as a way to address physician shortages across the country.

In their recent survey it found 75 per cent of respondents believe implementing pan-Canadian license would improve access to health care in rural, remote and northern communities.


Association President Doctor Alika Lafontaine who works in Grand Prairie, Alberta shares some insight into this.......


“We depend pretty heavily on physicians who visit, who come and help support care and then we often depend on folks from outside of the province to come to our place of work in order to make sure that patients get what they need.  Pan Canadian licensure would make it easier for people to not only travel around to provide temporary services but it would also drop the barrier for those who might consider moving to a smaller city or town. I think for a lot of folks just because they didn’t train in a small community most of the time they actually don’t think of that as a place that they would want to practice so the easier we can make it for people to come to smaller locations I think the more chance we have to retain those people in those locations.”


Lafontaine says some jurisdictions such as Ontario and the Atlantic provinces are looking into inter-provincial health worker mobility

The Walmart Flin Flon Location IS Not Closing.

An ad has been posted offering the building that houses the Flin Flon Walmart store for sale.  The Corporate Affairs Manager for Walmart Canada Felicia Fefer says they do not own the site. She states even though the landlord has put the building up for sale they currently have no plans to close the Flin Flon Walmart Store.  She adds they’ve been proudly serving the Flin Flon community for more than 20 years, helping them to save money and live better.

Exploration Continues to Expand Mineral Resources Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has outlined its 2023 exploration targets at their Pine Bay Project located within the Flin Flon Mining District.  The Project hosts the emerging high grade Rainbow, newly discovered Alchemist and historic Pine Bay deposits within a mineral lease. 


Callinex President Max Porterfield reports the focus of the 2023 exploration campaign within the main growth fault corridor is to continue to expand the high grade Rainbow deposit ahead of its upcoming maiden resource estimate, step out on the Alchemist, follow up on target area Oden and high grade copper and gold on the Cabin horizon. He adds each target area outlined has the potential to significantly expand the high grade copper resource base that has been discovered and defined so far at Pine Bay.


Exploration Manager JJ O’Donnell adds with the proposed drilling he is excited to advance the project closer to a production decision with the completion of a maiden geologic resource calculation at Rainbow as well as the potential to add further resources at Alchemist, Odin and Cabin.

Seniors and Occasional Anglers Will Benefit From New Angling Regulations.

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce red tape the Manitoba government is implementing modernized, streamlined angling regulations effective April 1st.  Under the new regulations a single annual angling licence for each residency type will replace the former conservation and regular licence categories.  In addition a new one day angling licence will also be available.  Manitoba seniors as well as active military members and veterans residing in Manitoba will no longer need to obtain an angling licence and will simply need to show acceptable identification to conservation officers upon request. Seniors would need to show proof of age and residency.


Other regulation changes include allowing open fishing year round for certain abundant species coupled with enhanced sustainability measures, amending ice fishing shelter requirements and creating consistent residency definitions for anglers, hunters and trappers.


Saskatchewan is Expanding Opportunities For Health Care Training.

Saskatchewan is dramatically increasing educational opportunities for students and young adults interested in health careers.  An immediate initial investment of more than 5.5 million dollars will help create new post secondary training seats across several health care training programs.


Training programs that will expand beginning this fall include Medical Laboratory Assistant, Continuing Care Assistant, Primary Care Paramedic, Licensed Practical Nurse, Pharmacy Technician, Clinical Psychologist, Physical Therapist and Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor along with other out of province programs.  Post secondary institutions across the province including technical schools, regional colleges, Indigenous institutions and universities will support the expansion so students can study and work closer to home.  Saskatchewan students can access a variety of financial aid options to help support their educational journeys.  To find information on health care opportunities visit www.saskatchewan.ca/HHR.



You Can Enjoy Manitoba Parks This Month.

The Manitoba government will once again offer free park entry for the entire month of February so Manitobans and visitors can take advantage of the many winter activities available in provincial parks. Vehicle permits are not required in any provincial park this month but Snopasses are still required for snowmobiles using trails. Entrance fees still apply in national parks.


Trail users are reminded to only use trails for designated activities, keep dogs on a leash and practice the principals of Leave No Trace.


They also advise annual park vehicle permits will be available beginning March 1st.  To purchase a permit visit www.manitobaelicensing.ca.

A mobile discount pass that allows people visiting Winnipeg to check out local attractions has been launched as a way to stimulate the city's tourism industry post-COVID lockdowns.

Economic Development Winnipeg’s marketing director Tyler Walsh explains the Winnipeg Attractions Pass provides access to five destinations and offers up to 35 per cent off individual admissions.


Walsh shares how the Winnipeg Attractions Pass benefits northerners making the trip to the capital.......


“That’s one thing we’re really excited to get this pass out there to our friends in northern Manitoba because there are lots of people that come in for weekends, they come in for trips or appointments and I think this is a great affordable way for people to experience Winnipeg as a tourist so I imagine many of your listeners have probably been to some of these places but this is an opportunity for them to get together with their family and go to some of these great attractions and these attractions have done a really good job of always having new and exciting things to see so it’s just a really good opportunity for folks all over Manitoba.”


For more information on the Attractions Pass go to www.tourismwinnipeg.com.


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