Local News Archives for 2016-10

It is Time to Fill Shoe Boxes With Gifts.


Operation Christmas Child is again under way in the Flin Flon area.  The Baptist Church is the collection center and their Pastor Jim Galbraith is asking you to fill shoe boxes to be delivered to children in countries where there is war, natural disasters and famine.  He says the kind of things that really last are the sturdy toys like your match box toys made of metal or even just a nice sized rubber ball or baseball and nothing used.  He adds the kids love to get school supplies and hygiene items like tooth brushes, combs or a nice face cloth and activity books.


Galbraith adds boxes can be picked up at Pharmasave, Dollar Store With More or participating churches, filled and returned to those locations.  The deadline is November 20th.

Motorists and Pedestrians Have to Watch Out For Each Other Today.



CAA Manitoba’s Public Relations Specialist Erika Miller say Halloween night is very exciting for kids.  She says they aren’t always thinking about road safety. She advises if they must wear a mask make sure they can see and make sure they can be seen with reflective tape and a flashlight. She says they recommend kids go out with an adult or an older child who can help them cross the road, stop and look and make sure its safe.  She says drivers in residential areas and around school zones should be ready to stop or yield for trick or treaters at any time and make sure that they’re communicating with other drivers so use your turn signals, use your hazard lights if you need to stop and definitely make eye contact as much as you can with other drivers.


Miller adds if possible drivers should avoid driving during peak trick or treating hours.

There is a New Store Sign on Main Street.

  Gary Ross


People lined up on Main Street early Saturday morning for the grand opening of a changed store.  Store opener Gary Ross says customers will see a difference now that the Bargain Shop is a Red Apple store. He says with it being set up as a Red Apple they have a better selection of fashions including brand name fashions, it clears up the store as the aisles are wider, its easier to shop and it’s a better shopping experience for the shopper.


Ross adds they had 110 customers lined up when the store opened at 9 Saturday morning.

Lion Clubs are Prepared to Face Challenges.


The Flin Flon Lions Club hosted their District Governor at their 63rd Charter Night Wednesday.  Gordon Kingdon is from the Minnedosa Lions Club. He reviewed the challenges facing Lions over their past one hundred year history hoping to bring a year of change to the District and mentioned the Lions International President’s theme New Mountains to Climb. He says in climbing those mountains and facing those challenges head on that’s where Lions as the District as the International Clubs that they are and Lions members can attain those goals like climbing those mountains and that way they can prove to themselves once they set a goal they can do it, the biggest thing is to get that thought and goal process in motion.


Kingdon added developing new projects in the community not only benefits our communities but can also attract new members to Clubs and they need new members.

A Program to Keep Our Children Safe is Running for Halloween Again This Year.


The program is called Partners in Safety and will be available to help children who are out trick or treating Monday evening.  Regional Manager for Emergency Services for the Northern Health Region Ken Gurba says when kids are out vehicles from Emergency Medical Services, RCMP and the Fire Department will be there.  He explains they go out in their marked emergency vehicles and the staff are wearing their uniforms and they make a visible presence on the streets.  He says if any child gets either lost or bullied or has any problems whatsoever they can flag down any of the multiple emergency vehicles that will be cruising the streets on Halloween.


The Partners in Safety Program will run from 4 to 7:30 Monday evening in Northern Health Region Communities.

Family Halloween Fun is Coming to the Zoo.



Flin Flon Parks and Recreation will be hosting Boo at the Zoo Monday evening at the Children’s Petting Zoo on Green Street.  Recreation Director Caitlin Bailey says they have a fun time planned.  She says they’re going to have a couple of Halloween games, trick or treats and they will have a haunted maze going on in the barn.  She adds they want everyone to come out in costume as it’s a great place to stop in, warm up and play a couple of games while they’re out trick or treating.


Boo at the Zoo runs from 5 to 9 Monday evening at the Petting Zoo with admission three dollars.

A Food Drive is Into its Final Few Days.


Northland Ford continues with its We Scare Hunger Campaign.  Sales consultant Doug Gourlay says they’ll continue to collect food for the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank over the next few days.  He says they’ve got drop off points now at Northland Ford and at the Co-op and all the local schools and at tonight’s game with the Bombers against the Weyburn Red Wings they’re going to have a truck at both entrances for people who are going to the game to drop off a non-perishable food item and also on Saturday they are there at the dealership as they still have their big Halloween sale going so they’re there from 9 to 4.


Gourlay says the program is going well and will wind up on Monday at six.

Voters in Creighton Elected Council and School Board Members Yesterday.


Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler was re-elected by acclamation.


Elected to Council were Darren Grant with 266 votes, Colleen Stallard 230, Kory Eastman 230, Neil Andrusiak 211, Dan Hlady 200 and Shirley Own 173. The other candidates were Jeff Lane with 144 and Barbara Johnstone 134.  Eastman, Stallard and Hlady are new to Council.


588 voters in Creighton and Denare Beach cast ballots for Creighton School Board.  Elected were Donna Ferguson with 430 votes, Dawna Rudd 427, Raymond Biberdorf 371 and Terry Brown with 292.  The other candidate was Kelly Fidler who received 273 votes.


Denare Beach Will Stay With Their Current Mayor.



In yesterdays election voters in Denare Beach re-elected Mayor Carl Lentowicz giving him 203 votes.  His only opponent Paul Trottier received 80 votes.


Elected to Council were Bev Wheeler with 220votes, Frank Wiegers 193, Dale Holmgren 176, Scott McCullum 170, Karen Thomson 165 and Jean Champagne 162.  The two other candidates were Doug Schaff with 144 and Greg McBratney with 141. Wheeler and Holmgren are new to Council.


Residents also agreed to join the recycling program at a cost of 30 dollars per capita by a vote of 165 in favor and 120 opposed.

Lions Members Have Been Honored by Their Club.

Wayne Streamer, John Kuzub, Gordon Kingdon, Lorne Moorhead, Peg Bradford, Joyce McLennan, Joe Bradford,Terry McLennan, Monica Lone.



The Flin Flon Lions Club held their awards night last night.


Hope medals from the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario were presented to Club President John Kuzub and 16 year Lions Handivan driver Lorne Moorhead while Judge Brian Stevenson awards from the Lions Foundation of Canada were presented to Joyce McLennan and Peg Bradford.  The Lions highest award the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award was presented to Joe Bradford.  Silver Centennial Membership Pins for sponsoring new members were presented to Monica Lone and Andy Stewart. District Governor Gordon Kingdon presented membership milestone Chevrons to Joe Bradford for ten years, Terry McLennan and Monica Lone for 15 years, Wayne Streamer for 45 years and Ivor Hedman for 50 years as a Lions member.

Flin Flon Should be Part of Housing Consultations.


The Manitoba Government is holding consultations on housing programs and proposed changes across the province.  The closest hearing to Flin Flon will be in The Pas next week.  The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation’s Laurence Gillespie says he recently heard about the meeting and has applied to make a presentation and says Flin Flonners interested in housing should do the same to have their concerns heard.  He says it’s our best chance if we want to get our voices heard about the housing situation and what kind of programs we feel the government should have in place to address the housing situation and what kind of housing strategy there should be.


Gillespie adds even though the deadline to apply was yesterday since Flin Flon was left out of the process those interested should apply by emailing housingconsultation@gov.mb.ca or call the ministers office at 204-945-4075.  The meeting is being held in The Pas Library from 1 to 4 Wednesday afternoon addressing homelessness, housing affordability and availability and area specific concerns.


Changes are Taking Place at the Nickel Mine in Thompson.


Vale will be making some upgrades to their facilities in Thompson to correlate with the Manitoba operations transitioning out of smelting and refining nickel.  Vale’s Vice President of Manitoba Operations Mark Scott reports they are looking at producing and shipping nickel concentrate which will be an eighty million dollar project.  There will be two buildings constructed in April 2018 which will help save money on shipping costs as most of the process in developing the nickel will be done in Thompson.  The company will also be going through a 30 million dollar tailings management area upgrade project.  The project will ensure Vale can stay within the environmental regulations that currently are in place.


Vale will be closing down the refinery and smelter in 2018 and some employees are transitioning to the mining and milling operations.


Student Transportation was the Focus of the School Board Meeting.


Last night the Flin Flon School Board heard from parents of students who are presently or shortly will be attending classes in Flin Flon School Division.  The group has requested single bus pick up for these students in Cranberry Portage.  The group voiced their two main concerns regarding safety and environmental responsibility.  This year 19 students are attending with 23 projected for next year.  The school of choice legislation does not require the Division to provide transportation but the group is asking the Board to realize the benefits the Cranberry students have attending Flin Flon School Division saying that without these students programming and staff at the Division would subsequently be affected.  The Board will take the request into consideration and should have a decision in two weeks.


Superintendent Constance McCleese congratulated Dean Grove on accepting the position of Chair of the Public Relations/Communications Committee for Student Services Administrators of Manitoba.  She also said 60 Division employees came away inspired after the recent SAGE meeting featuring a presentation from the University of Winnipeg’s Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Affairs Kevin Lamoreux.

A New Drill Program is Underway at a Gold Mine West of Flin Flon.


Satori Resources is undertaking a number of initiatives to further enhance the potential of the Tartan Lake Gold Mine Project near Flin Flon.  They include completing a new resource on the Project with a focus on improving the average grade from the previous estimate that was completed around six years ago, complete a Preliminary Economic Assessment on the projects assets and deposit in order to understand the future potential of this project and undertake a new drill program starting this week with a view to expanding the resource by drilling along strike to the known deposit. Satori recently raised 300 thousand dollars of flow through financing in order to complete a drill program during this year in conjunction with a review of the historic exploration and mine data to subsequently evaluate certain undertakings in furtherance of re-activating operations at the Tartan Lake Gold Mine Project.

The Food Bank is Feeding Larger Families.


At their 25th annual meeting yesterday the Lord’s Bounty Food Banks Food Distribution Chair Dennis Hydamaka reported an increase in food distribution during their past year ending September 30th. The number of client files decreased from 221 to 200 with the average family having 1.8 members.  They experienced a zero increase in hampers distributed but a 3.9 percent increase in the number of people fed with families fed being larger.  1420 food hampers were distributed to feed 2598 people which is their third largest number since opening 25 years ago.


Hydamaka reported their food supply is in good shape as a result of several food drives and a considerable food donation from Winnipeg Harvest.  He added they have been blessed with several donations of cash from individuals, businesses and organizations taking in 29 thousand dollars over the past year.


You Can Join Zombies in Supporting the Food Bank.



Eddies Family Foods, CFAR and the Trout Festival Committee are holding a Zombie Walk on Saturday afternoon.  The Festival’s Annette Banach says by taking part you can enter to win prizes while helping fill the shelves at the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.  She says this Saturday at 2 o’clock you can meet at Pioneer Square dressed in your best zombie costume and they’re going to raise money and food donations for the Food Bank.  She says they’re going to walk down Main Street on the sidewalk and make their way to Eddies.


Every bag of non-perishable food items you donate to the Zombie Walk or drop off at Eddies entitles you to an entry into a draw for two tickets to a Winnipeg Jets game.

Flin Flon Band Students Will Perform in Thompson.



The NorMan Jazz Festival is being held in Thompson this weekend.  Music teacher Anna Harrison says they are taking three ensembles including the grade 8 Junior Band, grade 9 and 10 Intermediate Band and Grade 9 to 12 Senior Band.  She says they’ll be taking part in the full band workshops as well as some sectionals and observation of different sessions that are going on so they’ll get to bring some repertoire with them that they’re working on and have some clinics with some jazz experts that they’re bringing in from the Winnipeg and Brandon region.


All the northern students attending will present a public concert to wrap up the weekend Sunday at 1:30 at the R.D. Parker Collegiate in Thompson.


A Presentation on Creative Approaches to Wellness is Coming Up.

Nigel Bart


Hope North is presenting Journey to Recovery Thursday evening.  The committee’s C. C. Trubiak says the evening will feature a presentation on enhancing your mental wellness by creative approaches to life by the founder of Artbeat Studio Nigel Bart.  Trubiak says Bart recognizes how music and art play an essential role in life and how they in fact provided a great resource in his own recovery from schizophrenia so through his recognition of the strong connection between mental wellness and creativity he thought out ways to help other artists in similar circumstances.  He adds their hope is that those who come out to attend his presentation will be able to leave with an enhanced sense of their own mental wellness as this presentation is truly for everyone.


The presentation takes place at Johnny’s Social Club Thursday evening at 6:30 with music by C.C. Trubiak.

Tomorrow is Election Day in Creighton and Denare Beach.


Voters in Denare Beach will be electing a Mayor and six Council members tomorrow.  Running for Mayor are Carl Lentowicz and Paul Trottier.  Eight people are running for the six Council positions. Resident will also vote on a whether or not they are in favor of a recycling program. Polling stations are open from 9 am to 8 pm in the Denareplex. Voter ID will be required. Results of the election will be released at 10 o’clock Thursday morning.


In Creighton Mayor Bruce Fidler was elected by acclamation.  Eight people are seeking the six seats on Council. For School Board there are five candidates for four positions. The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Rep on the Board Hermeline Fagan was elected by acclamation. Polling stations are open from 9 am to 8 pm in Council Chambers at the Creighton Town Hall. Voter ID is required.  The results will be released at 11 Thursday morning.

You Can Celebrate Halloween at the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library is holding their annual Bomber Halloween party Wednesday afternoon.  Administrator Cindy McLean says it’ll be a fun afternoon with free drinks and spooky snacks, there’ll be a Halloween contest, they’re going to have Lego building if you want to do that with the Bombers and they’ll have quite a few stations set up for some Halloween games.  She says it’s going to be a lot of fun and kids always love coming out and having a great time with the Bombers and they’re such great sports and do this annually for them so they really appreciate it.


The Halloween party is Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 6 in the Flin Flon Public Library.


McLean also reminds library visitors about their reading bucks. Every time a child checks out and reads a book in the next few weeks they receive a reading buck that can be spent at their Bat Store that has lots of prizes, toys and games.

A New Session of the Alpha Course for Youth is Getting Underway.



A Youth Alpha course is being offered by the Alliance Church. One of the organizers Kayla Kemp says the course provides youth with interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith.  She explains it has twelve episodes designed to engage young people in conversation about faith, life and how it all comes together.  It will run for nine weeks and each session is filled with food, games, video clips and great discussions.  She adds Alpha is for anyone no matter what background, religion or view point, all youth ages 11 to 18 are welcome and its free to attend and is a really good way for youth to discuss faith in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere as well as getting to know other youth their age.


The Youth Alpha course starts Thursday night from 6 to 9 at the Alliance Church.  For information you can call Kayla at 204-271-5357 or check facebook at youth alpha Flin Flon.

Flu Shots Will Soon Be Available in the Creighton Denare Beach Areas.


The publicly funded flu vaccine will be offered in Saskatchewan beginning next Monday and is recommended to all residents six months of age and older.  The free flu vaccine will be available through public health clinics across the province, at some physician and Nurse Practitioner offices and from participating pharmacies.


Saskatchewan’s Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab says getting the flu shot is especially important for people who are most at risk of serious illness from influenza including seniors, young children, pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions and their caregivers.


Only the injectable vaccine will be offered and it provides protection from four different flu virus strains that are most likely to circulate this season. Information, dates and times can be found by checking your health region website, call your local public health office or call Healthline 811.


A Group of Students Will Learn About Support Services.


Creighton Community School will feature a theatre performance for grade seven to twelve students Monday.  The school’s Tiffany Ealey explains Still Falling is brought to the school by Green Thumb Theatre and the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils and it discusses several issues that teens deal with such as anxiety and depression and it helps to highlight what an average person experiences versus when it becomes problematic and it talks about supports that are in place that people can access.


The performance for students takes place in the Creighton School Gym at 9:30 Monday morning.

Music From a Popular Movie Comes to the Stage.


Johnny’s Social Club will be hosting a concert based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show next week. One of the producers Noelle Drimmie says it’s a concert version of the movie which she grew up watching and fell in love with the music so she wanted to present it on the stage for people to enjoy much in the style they did Jesus Christ Superstar so there’ll be local performers doing all the hit songs from the movie as well as little bits of dialogue interspersed in there to kind of pull it all together.  She adds they also encourage people to dress in costume, there’ll be door prizes and some fun snacks as well.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be performed Friday and Saturday of next week with the Saturday show already sold out.  The Friday show starts at 9 at Johnny’s Social Club with tickets at the Orange Toad.

You Can Nominate Someone for Saskatchewans Highest Honor.


Creighton, Denare Beach and other Saskatchewan residents have just over a week left to nominate someone for the Saskatchewan Order of Merit.  Provincial Secretary Nadine Wilson explains the award recognizes excellence, achievement and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of the province.  She says any Canadian citizen can be nominated for the Saskatchewan Order of Merit who is a current or former long term resident of Saskatchewan.  She adds if you’ve lived in the province for a long time and then happened to move away you are still eligible for nomination.


The deadline for nominations is November 1st. For information or to nominate someone for the award go to their website www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards.

The Whitney Forum Will Be Open Tomorrow.


The roof of the Whitney Forum was damaged Monday night when heavy snow broke a snow brake.  It has been closed since.  Confirmation has been received that the building is again safe for public use.  The Forum will be open for its regular activities starting tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock.

The Whitney Forum Remains Closed Today.


The roof of the Whitney Forum was damaged Monday night when heavy snow broke a snow brake.  The Forum remains closed today as a construction crew continues to work on the roof and the building and getting the heavy snow and ice off the roof.  Word is expected later today on how they are doing and how much more time will be needed to have the building safe for public use.


Our Friends and Neighbors Were Honored By Our Communities.

Volunteer Awards Val Dixon, Janice Imrie, Susan Thompson, Corey Thompson, Gary Wickens, Kori James, Debbie Knutson, missing Cindy March.



An awards night was held as part of the Infusion Entrepreneurship Conference held yesterday.  The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Greenstone and our five area communities presented awards to volunteers and businesses.


Volunteer awards for Flin Flon were presented to Corey Thompson and Susan Thompson, for Creighton Janice Imrie and Val Dixon, Denare Beach Debbie Knutson and Cindy March and Cranberry Portage Gary Wickens and Kori James.  The Snow Lake awards to Paul Hawman and Margaret Yoder will be presented at a ceremony there on Tuesday.


The small business awards went to Wings Over Kississing, Tina’s Office on Wheels and Flin Flon Home Hardware and Snow Lake Home Hardware will receive their award Tuesday. The Community Ambassador Award was presented to the Lions Club Handivan.


All presenters thanked the award recipients for their dedication to their community and its organizations and activities with guest speaker comedian Matt Falk adding you invest in your communities, you help communities grow and you help them thrive.


Lions Club members and Handivan Drivers received the Community Ambassador Award from Greenstone Manager Becky Cianflone (second from right)

Fall Prevention is the Focus of a Seminar.


The Primary Health Care Center is hosting a telehealth seminar presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  The Society’s Program Director Norma Kirkby says the session on Tuesday from 6:30 to 8 will be on Steps to Safety which will help family care providers think about changes that dementia brings that might lead to falls including changes in floor color.  She explains they might think it’s a change in depth because of the difference in color and what happens is the person will transfer their weight when walking as if they thought they were going up a step or going down when really they are on a level playing surface and what happens is that transfer of weight can cause a person to fall.


Kirkby adds they also may not notice things in the way that might lead to a fall and must have proper footwear and proper lighting.  To register for the seminar online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or email outreach@alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699 and use the reference code Flin Flon.

Seniors Can Join Creighton School Students for Lunch.


Creighton Community School is inviting all Creighton and Denare Beach area seniors to join them for their annual senior’s lunch tomorrow.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland says it celebrates Seniors Week. She says their annual senior’s luncheon will be held on Friday with serving time 11:30 this year and their grade threes will provide the entertainment right around 12 and if people can RRSP to 688-2204 that would be great.


The senior’s lunch is being held tomorrow in the Creighton School gym.

A Stop Sign Change Will Not Proceed.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council heard from residents of South Hudson with concerns about the removal of the four way stop at South Hudson Street and Phelps Avenue. At their last meeting Council passed on first reading a change to the traffic bylaw to take the stop signs off South Hudson.  Residents raised concerns about the danger of coming off Phelps onto South Hudson, speeding on that street and the danger to children crossing to the playground.  Mayor Cal Huntley said stop signs are not for speed control, people are sliding through the stop signs in the winter making the street even more slippery and offered more police presence in the area and a hidden intersection sign. Councilor Colleen McKee agreed with the residents that the four way stop was put in for safety and should remain.


With only the Mayor and Councilors Rideout, Babcock and McKee present they proceeded with second reading of the bylaw receiving no seconder and after discussion on procedure removed the stop sign change from the bylaw.


Council did pass on final reading a bylaw that will see an increase in water service rates. As explained after first reading at the last meeting both metered and non-metered residents will see a four percent increase in their water bills.  Mayor Huntley also noted that due to all the snow residents are encouraged to keep a path clear to their garbage stand to ensure garbage can be picked up.

A High Grade Ore Zone Has Been Discovered Near Flin Flon.


Callinex Mines has announced a new high grade zinc, gold, silver and copper discovery at their Pine Bay Project located near Hudbay’s operations in Flin Flon.  The discovery was made by extending a historic Placer Dome drill hole by 38 meters. The discovery hole intersected 10.3 meters containing 6 percent zinc, 1.8 grams per tonne gold, 60.4 grams per tonne silver, .7 percent copper and .4 percent lead including a higher grade interval over 4.2 meters containing 11.8 percent zinc, 2.4 grams per tonne gold, 73.8 grams per tonne silver, .7 percent copper and .7 percent lead.


Their President Max Porterfield says they are very encouraged by this new discovery which indicates potential for a large, high grade deposit located within the existing mining lease at Pine Bay.  He says in terms of context the new intersection has encountered the most significant gold and silver results from over 80 years of exploration including 625 holes drilled on the property.

Your Dream Vacation Could Be Only a Ticket Away.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is holding their annual dream draw for ten trips for two valued at around 30 thousand dollars. The Club’s Dave Kendall says they have five seven night packages including Hawaii at 45 hundred dollars, Jamaica at four thousand, Mexico 35 hundred, Dominican Republic 33 hundred and Cuba 32 hundred and they have five three night packages with Florida with a 25 hundred dollar value, Disneyland at 24 hundred, Las Vegas 23 hundred, Palm Springs 22 hundred and Phoenix 21 hundred.


Two early bird draws for 100 dollars each are being held with one tomorrow and one next Thursday with the final draws at the Flin Flon Community Hall November 10th.  Tickets are available for 100 dollars at Pharmasave, Kleen All, Kendall and Pandya, or from Rotarians.

The Whitney Forum Will Remain Closed Tomorrow.


The roof of the Whitney Forum suffered structural damage due to heavy snow Monday night.  When the damage was discovered the building was evacuated and closed to the public.  A snow brake had broken off the roof leaving a hole and damaging a beam.


A construction crew is coming in tomorrow to work on the building so it will be closed tomorrow.  An update on how long the Forum will remain closed will come tomorrow.

Damage to the Roof of the Whitney Forum Has to Be Inspected.


The Flin Flon Fire Department was called to the Whitney Forum last night.  Fire Chief Chad Cooper says there was some structural damage he noticed due to snow on the roof.  The building was evacuated.  A snow brake has broken off the roof leaving a hole and damaging a beam.  It has to be inspected to see what has to be done before it can be safely re-opened to the public.


It is Almost Time For Your Flu Shot.


Flu shot clinics are coming up soon in our area.  Immunize Canada reminds you it’s important to get your flu shot with the Director of Infection Control and Prevention at Mount Sinai Hospital Allison McGeer telling us the flu is a subtle enemy.  She says you think that you’re just going to feel miserable for a day or two and then get better but flu infects so many people that even the relatively small number that get complications mean that influenza is a really important cause of both hospitalization and death in Canada.  She explains you’re getting your flu shot for two reasons.  The first is to protect yourself from serious illness but the second important thing about getting a flu shot is that when you get it you also protect the people around you so if you know children under the age of one or people who have cancer or other serious diseases and if you spend time with them in the winter you can help protect them from the flu by getting a flu shot.


The National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends that all Canadians six months of age and older and people at high risk receive the influenza vaccine.  Stay tuned to 102.9 CFAR for dates of flu clinics in our area.

You Can Celebrate at the Credit Union.



The Flin Flon Credit Union is celebrating Credit Union Day Thursday.  Manager Kory Eastman explains International Credit Union Day is a day set aside in the middle of Co-op Week which is celebrated internationally where they raise awareness of the impact that financial co-operatives have on communities around the world.  He says they usually put some time aside and try to honor this year’s theme which is The Authentic Difference that is offered by financial co-operatives over regular banks.


Eastman adds from 11 to 2 Thursday they will have free refreshments, Subway sandwiches, the local Board of Directors will be on hand to talk to members and answer questions and they are offering a confidential paper shredding service for all of their members.


There is Some Damage to the Roof of the Whitney Forum.


The Flin Flon Fire Department was called to the Whitney Forum last night.  Fire Chief Chad Cooper says there was some structural damage he noticed due to snow on the roof.  The building was evacuated and the City Engineer will be looking at the damage today to see how to deal with the issue.



Horse Racing Comes to the Screen Thursday.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the Toronto International Film Festival movie The Dark Horse Thursday night. The group’s Tom Heine says it’s an award winning film about a group of farmers in Wales who take on the British horse racing establishment.  He says thirty of them get together and they all put some money in a pot and buy a horse and get a professional trainer to get it up to speed and it becomes a British champion, so it’s in a way the horse version of Rocky.


The Dark Horse will be shown Thursday night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Since it is a Film Festival movie admission is ten dollars.

International Fish Buyers are Coming to Manitoba.



The WMM Fisheries Co-op is hosting meetings this week with international fish buyers from China and the United States.  The group’s Frank Kenyon urges commercial fishers to come out and meet with these buyers to learn about selling to freshwater and foreign buyers and how this selling will also change our lakes.  He explains the foreign markets are more for the under utilized fish like the carp and mullets and not so much for the pickerel which has been hard on them and there’s too many carp and mullets in them so because of their abundance and because the price will increase in these foreign markets commercial fishermen will now be targeting carp and mullet which compete with pickerel and hopefully it will improve our lakes.


Meetings are being held in Gimli tomorrow and Eddystone on Wednesday with the most northern meeting at the Kikiwak Inn in The Pas Thursday afternoon from 1 to 4.


You Can Meet a New Northern Writer.


Murray Harvey is a well known newspaper columnist and adult educator from The Pas.  He has written his first novel From This Valley which is a historical adventure novel set in the Canadian West.  Harvey says it is fiction but was partly inspired by the life of his great grandfather.  He says its about a young soldier who is disenchanted with the U.S. army in the way they were treating native Americans so he deserted on the way to Little Big Horn and came up to Canada into the Cypress Hills and had quite a number of adventures in our Canadian west and eventually wound up in the Red River Settlement. Then from there he came up to The Pas and that’s kind of based on his great grandfather’s story who came to The Pas in the late 1800s to work for the Hudson Bay Company.


Harvey will be at the Flin Flon Public Library Wednesday night from 7 to 8 for a book signing and discussion on his novel.

The School Division Wants Your Input on a Survey.


Flin Flon School Division is conducting a survey on the length of the school day.  School Board Chair Murray Skeavington says they want to see if people want them to look at a shorter school day at the elementary schools. He says the Board will review it and will see how the parents and teachers feel and if they don’t want change they’ll leave it and if they want the Board to come forward they’ll take another look at it and they’ll hold some community forums on how they want the school day to look after that.


The survey was distributed at parent teacher days and can also be filled out on the Flin Flon School Division website www.ffsd.mb.ca.

A Drill Program is Underway Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Copper Corporation has started a second phase drill program on the Talbot property as part of their Snow Lake Project. The program is planned to include between 10 to 12 holes totaling approximately 5 thousand meters and will focus on three areas centered around the gold rich Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Talbot copper deposit.


The three test areas were identified from last year’s survey and drill program. They include the Talbot deposit main and north lens where drilling last year identified potential high grade copper corridor within the main lens and a potential extension of the north lens of the deposit, the north copper zone where shallow drilling intersected copper mineralization and the central anomaly 2 kilometers southeast of the Talbot deposit and is a geophysical target similar in size and conductance to the geophysical target associated with the Talbot deposit.

Fraud Charges Have Been Laid Following an Investigation.


In May of last year Creighton RCMP received a complaint of possible funds stolen from a non-profit organization in Flin Flon Creighton. 


As a result of a lengthy investigation, on July 29th a Creighton woman was charged with one count of forgery, one count of fraud and 15 counts of theft.  She will appear in Creighton Provincial Court on November 15th.



A Night of Comedy Will Support the SPCA.


The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is holding a comedy night fund raiser Saturday. Manager Carmen Ward says they will feature a well known Canadian comedian as have Kathleen McGee coming all the way from Vancouver to do her stand up for them at the Unwinder.  She explains Kathleen has been seen on tons of different comedy shows on TV, she’s on Sirius radio and she travels all over Canada to do her stand up so they’re lucky to have someone of her caliber come here to perform for us.


Ward adds people should be aware there is very x-rated content in the show.  The show will be at the Unwinder in the Victoria Inn at 8 Saturday night.  Tickets are 25 dollars at the SPCA shelter or Northern Rainbows End on Main Street and if there are any left they will be at the door.

A Real Mix of Instruments Will Be Part of a Concert Next Week.


Alex McGilvary brought the group West My Friend to Flin Flon just over two years ago.  He says the group is on an international tour and called to say they want to come back to Flin Flon.  McGilvary says the group of four young musicians from Victoria, BC will perform Monday night and between them they play guitar, they sing, they have an accordion, they play double bass and there’s probably other instruments that show up as he’s seen them play mandolin and flute as well.  He says they play a wide range of music from plaintive to upbeat, really interesting harmonies and rhythms.  He adds they were here before to a really good crowd and he’s hoping they have a good crowd again this time.


The concert takes place Monday night at Johnny’s Social Club on Green Street starting at 7:30 with tickets at 20 dollars available at the Orange Toad or at the door.



An Open House Will Wrap a Week Focused on Fire Prevention.


The Flin Flon Fire Department is holding an open house tomorrow. Fire Chief Chad Cooper says it will wind up Fire Prevention Week. He says there’ll be food, drinks, Sparky the Fire Dog, fire safety prizes, fire safety demo trailer and fire equipment demos.  He adds it’s a great event for the whole family and he encourages everyone to come out and support the Fire Department.


The open house at the Fire Hall runs from 1 to 4 tomorrow afternoon.


You Can Support the Food Bank During Upcoming Events.


Northland Ford is supporting the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank as part of the We Scare Hunger Campaign. Sales Consultant Doug Gourlay says We Scare Hunger is a program from Ford Canada and they collect food to support local food banks.  He says last year they raised about 18 hundred pounds for the local Food Bank and this year they want to try and double that.  He explains they have Creighton School as their dealer champion this year and the three other schools in Flin Flon are all onboard raising food for the Food Bank.  Gourlay adds they also have the Creighton Kodiaks game on the 19th in Creighton and they’re going to be there with trucks as well as at the Bomber game on the 28th.


You can also drop off non-perishable food items at Northland Ford.  The campaign runs until the end of October.

The Red Cross Had to Respond to a Crisis at York Factory After the Winter Storms Last Week.


On Thursday around 60 people including elders and those with serious health issues as well as some of their family members were evacuated from the community to Thompson.  They returned to York Factory on Saturday.  Jason Small from the Red Cross explains the process to help out communities that are in crisis situations.  He says usually the First Nation makes a request to the federal government and the chief and council and the federal government will discuss and determine what’s needed and once its seen if there’s an evacuation required or some other disaster response help is required the federal government will then reach out to the Red Cross and activate them based on the agreement they have with the federal government.


The outage also impacted their water treatment facility so the Red Cross flew in more than 77 hundred liters of bottled water.

The Internet is Back.


MTS technicians have restored services for customers in western and northern Manitoba after a variety of interruptions yesterday.  All wireless, high speed internet and paging services are now fully operational in each of the impacted communities.


A damaged fibre cable located in a river between Gilbert Plains and Dauphin was identified as the source of the issue and MTS technicians spent the entire day working to restore services.


Community Safety Programs Continue to Expand.


Last night Sinclair James with the Citizens on Patrol Program thanked the Flin Flon School Board for their donation of one thousand dollars towards the speed sign fund which compliments a matching contribution from the city.  The movable sign is similar to the one used by the town of Creighton and will tell oncoming drivers how fast they are traveling with the anticipated result of reminding motorists to slow down improving community safety.  James says the COPP volunteers work closely with the RCMP deterring crime which not only includes speeding by other crimes such as impaired driving, vandalism, open liquor and violence.


Superintendent Constance Mcleese reported she recently attended a strategic plan conference supporting the achievement of aboriginal students in literacy and numeracy, spending two days with experts in the field.


In other school news every grade one student will receive the book Small Saul by Ashley Spires as part of the TD grade one giveaway.  This year marks to 17th year of the program which is the largest free book distribution program to school aged children in Canada.


A Company is Expanding its Holdings Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Copper Corporation has acquired an option to earn a one hundred percent interest in the Snow Lake Gold Property located in the Snow Lake Mining Camp. They report the property is adjacent to a former one million ounce gold producer New Britannia Mine as well as a fully functional non-operating 2150 tonne per day gold mill facility. They add the gold property now forms part of Rockcliff’s existing Snow Lake property which hosts the highest grade former gold mine and the highest grade unmined copper rich and zinc rich Volcanic Massive Suphide deposits in the Snow Lake Camp.


President Ken Lapierre says their plan is to advance this asset by first compiling all existing data followed by the completion of modern airborne and surface geophysical surveys and ultimately testing of areas of gold potential by drilling in 2017.


Lunch Is Being Served Twice a Week.


Soup Days are getting underway for another season.  Salvation Army Major Debbie Allen says Soup Days start today and have been well used in past years. She says the idea is to find a place for those who need something to eat at lunch.  She says for some people it’s just a chance to get together with their friends and not eat alone but they do find there are a number of people including 10 to 15 or more children who come for lunch because they’re hungry.


Allen says they served an average of 45 people at each lunch in the past in the soup kitchen located in the Anglican Church on Church Street which is supported by several churches in the community.  It is open today and every Wednesday and Monday from 11:30 to 12:30.


An Entrepreneurship Conference is Being Held in Flin Flon For the First Time.


The Infusion Entrepreneurship Conference is being held next Wednesday from 8 to 3 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  The Manager of Community Futures Greenstone Becky Cianflone told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday this event is to encourage and motivate present and upcoming entrepreneurs.  She says they recognize that one of the biggest factors for this community in this region is diversifying our economy and in order to do that we need to start building that culture of entrepreneurship and encouraging people to start businesses, be innovative and move on ideas they might have so that’s the underlying piece of the whole event.


The day includes local business leaders and guests who will focus on marketing and social media needs for business, customer service and first impressions, northern entrepreneurship, corporate comedian Matt Falk on how principals of comedy apply to your business, high quality exhibits from across the province and evening awards to recognize area residents and businesses.


For information on the event, registration and tickets contact the Greenstone office at 228 35 Main Street or call 687-6967.

You Can Enjoy a Night of Great Entertainment.


The Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is holding a benefit coffee house Saturday night as a fund raiser to support the moving of their ReStore.


The Chapter’s Kathy McCormick says they have a great night of entertainment planned.  Entertainers confirmed so far are Ian Krieger, Doug McGregor and Ann Ross, Kevin Imrie, Wade Lowe and Frank Michelle with MC Dallas Clark.  She adds the coffee house will also feature coffee, tea, iced tea, desserts, a 50-50 draw and raffles.


The coffee house will be held in the Creighton Community Hall starting at 7 Saturday night.  Tickets are ten dollars and will be available at the door.  If you can donate a dessert please call Katie at 204-687-3935.


There Will Be a Sharing of Information In the Health Region.



The Northern Health Region will be holding their third annual Northern Health Summit in The Pas on October 25th.  The Summit is titled Voices of the North: Hearing, Valuing, Engaging where key leaders from our communities get together to discuss and explore health issues and identify priority concerns.  Keynote speakers are coming from the South Central Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska, Ileen Sylvester who is Vice-President of Executive and Tribal Services and Donna Galbraith Medical Director of Quality Assurance.


The Summit runs all day October 25th in the Legion Hall in The Pas.  The Health Regions Annual Meeting will run from 12 to 1 with the public welcome to attend.


Information Sessions Will Be Available on Dementia.


The Flin Flon Primary Health Care Centre will be hosting a series of seminars presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  The Society’s Program Director Norma Kirkby says they are part of Telehealth Family Education for Those Experiencing Dementia.  She says they find that using telehealth allows them to get to communities where they don’t necessarily have staff or where smaller groups of people might meet.  She adds they find it effective as well because it puts the people in touch with local community professionals who can also be a resource to them as they support a family member or friend who’s living with dementia.


The October 25th session will be on Step Safety and Fall Prevention and the November 29th session will be on Transition to Long Term Care.  They run from 6:30 to 8 at the Primary Health Care Centre.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or email outreach@alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699 and use the reference code Flin Flon.

You Can Learn More About Your Health on Your Lunch Break.


The Northern Health Region is presenting a Health Matters Information Lunch and Learn Wednesday afternoon. It will feature Registered Nurse Robi-lynn Cooper Roberts and Registered Dietician Joanna Ledoux.  Ledoux says they will be presenting tips and tricks to maintain health and feel good.  She says they’re going to be talking about heart health with some healthy eating tips and physical activity tips as well as about going to get your cholesterol checked and your blood pressure checked so you’ll know what targets would be appropriate for people.


The Lunch and Learn takes place Wednesday at 12:30 at the Primary Health Care Centre at 1 North Avenue.  They’ll accept walk ins but registration is preferred as lunch will be provided.  You can register by calling 204-687-1350, 681-3137 or 681-3149.


The RCMP Will be Watching Your Driving Carefully.


With the long weekend coming up Saskatchewan RCMP remind you impaired driving is the traffic safety spotlight this month. Throughout the month police across the province will be watching for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Police will also be watching for distracted drivers as well as other unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding and failing to wear seatbelts.  SGI will also be raising awareness of the dangers of impaired driving through advertising and social media promotion.


The RCMP note preliminary numbers for 2015 show 53 people were killed and 562 others were injured in Saskatchewan in crashes related to impaired driving.  They add impaired driving isn’t worth the risk and the only true safe blood alcohol content while driving is zero.

There Are Changes Proposed for Stop Signs and Parking.



At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council passed on first reading changes to the Traffic Bylaw.  One amendment will remove the two stop signs on the north and south approach to the corner of South Hudson Street and Phelps Avenue changing it from a four way stop back to the two way stop it once was.


Another amendment will prohibit parking on the north side of the extension eastward of Third Avenue from Church Street to the municipal boundary including the portion known as Hart Avenue.  This will allow safer access to the Whitney Forum parking lot now that it is being used for hospital parking.


And a third will create a loading zone on the north side of O’Reilly Avenue covering an area from 68 to 98 feet east of Channing Drive.


The amendments require two more reading by City Council before coming into effect.


People are Adapting to Winter Driving Conditions.


Flin Flon RCMP report only one accident since the heavy snow started on Tuesday.  Yesterday afternoon a vehicle struck a power pole on South Hudson.  Reports indicate the power was off in the area for about nine hours.


Creighton RCMP report there were three accidents on Tuesday including two roll overs with one resulting in minor injuries.


A local motorist also called after seeing vehicles with snow that is piled on the roof sliding down over the windshield when they stop suggesting people clean off their whole vehicle before driving.


A Lively Entertaining Family Returns to Flin Flon.


The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting Everything Fitz Friday, October 14th.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says the family of entertainers was really popular during their last visit.  She says we saw them for Contact Showcase last October in Flin Flon adding they were the river dancing fiddle playing family the Fitzgeralds and it was one of the highlights of that whole Showcase.  Kolt says they are really pleased to have them come to our Community Hall.


Everything Fitz will be performing at 7:30 Friday, October 14th in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are 30 dollars for adults and 15 for youth and are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.

You Could Be Seeing an Increase in What You Pay for Water Services.


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council passed on first reading a bylaw to allow for an increase in water rates.  The increase that affects most residents is in the unmetered residential service. The proposed rate would go from $93.08 a month to 96.82 a month which is an increase of four percent. Since billing is sent out quarterly the payment will go from 279.23 to 290.46 quarterly. The metered service rates vary but will be seeing a four percent increase as well.  The increase follows a proposal already approved by the Public Utilities Board so it only requires approval on second and third reading by Council.



The Deadline is Getting Close for You to Nominate Someone for a Special Award.


Creighton and Denare Beach residents can join other Saskatchewan residents in nominating a volunteer from your community for the next round of Volunteer Medals.  The province’s Provincial Secretary Nadine Wilson explains Saskatchewan is full of such wonderful hard working dedicated volunteers who work for their own communities so if you are a Canadian citizen who is a current or former long term resident of Saskatchewan you are eligible for this nomination.


Nomination forms are available on their website www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards and clicking on Volunteer Medal.  Since its inception in 1995 184 people have received the medal.  The nomination deadline is October 18th.

The Snow Continues to Cause Problems.



Flin Flon School Division has announced that classes have been cancelled while in Creighon School Division the buses are not running but the school is open.


The major streets in Flin Flon have been ploughed but the side streets are still snowed in.


Manitoba Highways report number ten highway is snow covered with slush from Flin Flon to the junction with highway 60 and Saskatchewan highways reports the Hanson Lake Road highway 106 has winter conditions with slush and snow.

There Are Good Things Happening in our Community.

Food Bank


At last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting Councilor Guy Rideout had praise for Brad Burke and Burkee’s Lounge for providing a temporary location for the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank. Councilor Ken Pawlachuk congratulated Crystal Kolt and all involved in Culture Days over the weekend.  This was echoed by other Councilors with Mayor Cal Huntley calling it one of the signature events in the community.


Councilor Pawlachuk presented the Fire Chiefs report for September indicating six fire calls during the month.  He also reported the Fire Chief will be checking homes and reminding residents without house numbers of their importance in making easier to locate a home in an emergency.


Council agreed to share funding from a Canada Manitoba Infrastructure grant allocated for the renewal of Heating Plant number three with seven heating plant and water and sewer projects with a total cost of just under four million dollars. They determined this was a better use of funds as the Heating Plant could be upgraded instead of replaced.


And Council received a question from a resident who received a letter regarding the recent bylaw that requires siding on a home within a year of notification.  He asked if anyone else had received letters and was told 18 have gone out with more to come.

Fire Numbers Are Down So Far for This Year.



This is Fire Prevention Week.  Flin Flon Fire Chief Chad Cooper reports with three months to go the number of fire calls and fires have gone down over last year.  He says the stats for the 2015 year show the Flin Flon Fire Department responded to 91 total emergency calls of which 25 were working fires and this year 2016 they are at 39 total emergency calls three of which have been fires this year.


Cooper reminds you of the theme for Fire Prevention Week Don’t Wait Check the Date.  He says you should replace you smoke alarm every ten years, replace the batteries every year and test your alarm once a month.

One of the Most Popular Musicals is Coming to Flin Flon.


The Flin Flon Community Choir will be performing the high school love story Grease next spring.  Their Director Crystal Kolt says Flin Flon is one of the few places in Canada to feature the show as it is what is called a restricted show meaning that they’re either on Broadway as we speak or doing a North American or international tour and so there’s limited royalties available to aquire.  She says they tried for a few months to jump through the hoops necessary to get the royalties and they finally heard from New York this past Friday before Culture Days that they got the rights so its very exciting.


Most people remember Grease from the movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.  The Community Choir performance will take place May 5, 6 and 7 with auditions opening up later this month or in early November.



There Has Been A Good Response to a Northern Workshop.


Community Futures Visions North is hosting a Women in Business and Tools For Everyday Life Workshop Thursday in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.  Their manager Bill Hogan says they’ve had about 100 men and women register for the workshop including some from the Creighton Flin Flon area. He explains they’ve been running it for the last ten years and every year they change the theme and this year it’s how to become more involved in the community, to give back and assume some leadership roles and what role you can play in non-profits or just volunteer opportunities.


Hogan says their guest speakers will give tips on how people can bring out skills they don’t think they have to benefit their community.  He says you can still register by calling 306-425-2612 or email jean@visionsnorth.com.  He adds they have about 75 people registered for the tenth anniversary banquet and a concert by country singer Beverly Mahood that night.


Your Smoke Alarm Should Be Up to Date.


This is Fire Prevention Week and Flin Flon Fire Chief Chad Cooper explains this year’s theme is Don’t Wait Check the Date.  He says smoke alarms are a very important early warning system.  He says you can remove the smoke alarm from the wall and look at the back for the manufacture date noting smoke alarms should be replaced if they’re older than then years.  He says it it’s under ten years you can put it back and test it monthly.  He says working smoke alarms can reduce fatal fires by 50 percent.


Cooper adds the Fire Department will visit local residents this month to perform free smoke alarm inspections and install smoke alarms as part of the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s SAFE Family Program. For information you can contact the Fire Hall.

A Lot of People Learned More About Culture in Our Community.



In spite of the rain a large crowd of people gathered yesterday to celebrate a successful weekend of Culture Days by dancing down Main Street.  Organizer Crystal Kolt says it was an amazing weekend. She says they had over 100 events, it was about 104 but might have been 106 because a few new events came in in the last couple of days and it has been one of the best ones yet.  She adds they had a lot of fun with such great art, great culture, such great heritage musicians and a great community and it’s been nothing but a wonderful experience.


Culture Days began last week with a full day of events on Friday that included the schools continuing through Saturday and wrapping up yesterday.

A Film You Should See is Coming up Friday.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a film on Friday as part of their Films You Should Have Seen series.  The group’s Colin Davis says they’ll be showing Run Lola Run and for anyone who is fascinated with chaos theory and how the slightest of actions can change future events you’ll want to join them for Run Lola Run which is a German film from 1998. He explains the story follows a woman who needs to obtain 100 thousand Deutsche Marks in twenty minutes to save her boyfriends life and then the film looks at how things may have gone differently had circumstances been otherwise.


The film will be shown Friday night at 7:30 in the Dorothy Ash Theatre at Hapnot Collegiate with free admission.


A Remote Presence Technology Pilot Focusing on Pediatric Patients in Pelican Narrows is Showing Promise.


Saskatchewan’s Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit visited the Pelican Narrows health facility last week.  He attended a demonstration of the technology through a live connection with Saskatoon.


Remote presence technology enables a health provider to perform real time assessment, diagnosis and management of patients from a remote location through a robot.  In 2014 the government provided funding to Northern Medical Services to purchase the equipment for this pilot.  Pelican Narrows, which is about 2 hours northwest of Flin Flon, was selected due to its remote location and large population of children.


One of the pilot leaders Dr. Ivar Mendez says this pilot project has demonstrated that 63 percent of acutely ill children could be treated effectively in their own community by using this technology adding before the availability of remote presence those children would have been transported to Saskatoon for treatment.


The minister announced the government has committed an additional 500 thousand dollars to expand the use of remote presence technology in Saskatchewan’s north.



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