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A Walk to End Cancer Is Coming to Flin Flon.


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada is holding a Walk to End Cancer in Flin Flon Saturday, June 9th.  The Society’s Courtney Maddock explains the walk is called Light the Night Flin Flon and they’re walking in support and in memory of those who passed away from blood cancer.  She says the money raised goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and its put towards teaching services and education and also towards research as well.  Maddock adds you can go to www.lightthenight.ca/flinflon and all of the fund raising pledge sheets are there, you can register for the walk or just make a donation if you’re unable to attend.


The walk begins at 7 PM Saturday, June 9th at the Rotary Park.


You Can Learn More About UCN and the Mining Academy.


University College of the North Flin Flon Regional Center and the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy are holding an open house Tuesday.  The Academy’s Operations Manager Craig Cowper invites you to attend.  He says they are going to have some of their instructors there and just make the facility available to the public so they can see what they have there and some of the courses and programming that they can offer.  He adds Safe Work on Wheels is a mobile safety demonstration by Safe Work Manitoba and they’re going to be out front in their parking stall area and running all day and members of the public are invited to stop by and take part in that event.


The open house runs on Tuesday from 11 to 2 at 2 and 4 Hart Avenue.

Our Member of Parliament has Questioned the Governments Response to a Threatening Forest Fire.


In Question Period yesterday Member of Parliament Niki Ashton questioned the Prime Minister noting last week the people of Little Grand Rapids Manitoba were terrified in an isolated community where 630 people crowded into a smoke filled school gym that was being hosed down from the outside because the forest fire was already inside their community.  She said they asked for help and it wasn’t until the last minute that the government stepped up.  Ashton questioned why did it take government so long to listen to those calls for help and added will this government recognize that instead of investing 4.5 billion dollars in a pipeline they should be investing in all-weather roads to First Nations and improving the lives of First Nations people in this country?


The Prime Minister pointed out they continue to be extremely proud of the investments in partnership with Indigenous Communities to build houses, roads, schools, community infrastructure and hospitals and they know they have lots more to do but it would help if they weren’t losing 15 billion dollars every year because we can’t get our resources in any other market than the United States.  He added that’s why they’re moving forward on growing our economy while protecting the environment and enabling them to do even more for all their partners across the country.


Young People in the Creighton Denare Beach Area Should be Preparing for Summer Work.


Saskatchewan Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan reminds young people wrapping up the school year and applying for summer jobs to remember to look into the employment and safety rules that apply to young workers.  Most importantly 14 and 15 year old workers need to have their Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course Certificate of Completion before they can enter the workforce. This course teaches young workers about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.


 Morgan notes young workers may apply for jobs and go for interviews before completing the course but may not start work until they have provided their employer with a copy of their Certificate of Completion as well as written consent from a parent or guardian.


To learn more about the course or to take it online visit www.saskatchewan.ca/ywrcc.



The Great Plains Tour is Coming to Flin Flon.


The Northminster United Church is hosting a concert Sunday night.  The Church’s Eileen Jessup says Saskia and Darrell contacted the Church to see if they wanted to host a concert.  Jessup says the group has performed across Canada and in Europe and while in Europe they received the Top Five Award for folk music in Holland and they have received many accolades for their music.  She explains although they are a Christian couple Saskia and Darrell have a range of Celtic, folk, bluegrass, country music and she’s sure that our community will really enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it.


Saskia and Darrell will perform at 7 Sunday night at Northminster United Church.  Tickets are 15 dollars and can be purchased at the Church office, call Eileen at 306-688-6407 or at the door if there is any seating left.


Theres a Service That Helps Build Healthy Families.


The government of Saskatchewan has announced 15.5 million dollars in grants to support the Kids First program that supports families in nearly 200 communities throughout the province. 


Kids First North for this area of Saskatchewan is located in Creighton and their Home Visitor Tracy Brown explains Kids First North is a voluntary confidential program designed to help families become the best they can be with the goal of growing happy and healthy children with the help of community partnerships.  She says they support children and parents to become stronger families by enhancing parenting knowledge, providing support and building on family strengths and this is through home visiting and community based programming so if you are pregnant or have children under the age of three Kids First North may be the program for you.


Kids First North is located at 430 Main Street in Creighton or you can call 306-688-6620 for more information on their programs.

You Can Get Help Looking For a Job.


The Employment Links Development Center is holding a job search workshop starting Monday.  The Center’s Roberta McKinnon explains they’re featuring guest speakers, tours of community resources, resume development, job search tools and techniques, cover letter development, interview skills and it’s on June 4th to 8th from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon at the Employment Links Development Center office at 51 Main Street.


McKinnon adds if you’re looking for work and would like to reserve a seat you can call them at 204-687-4710.

The Cheque Has Been Presented.

Randy McLean, Barb and Derald Groff


Flin Flon’s Barg Groff and her husband Derald have presented a cheque to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation.  Groff had her hair colored green and yellow for two weeks as a fund raiser to help the families of the Humboldt bus crash.  On May 9th she had her hair shaved off to end the campaign.  She and her husband travelled to Humboldt on the weekend and presented a cheque for four thousand dollars to the Vice-President of the Humboldt Broncos Randy McLean.


Groff says the success of this campaign would not have been possible without her family, friends, co-workers, Sarah Pachal her hair stylist, Randi-Lyn from Urban Trendz, Loraine at the Candy Bar, Charlyn at the Credit Union, Unions 9338 and IAM 1848, Rob and Joe at 102.9 CFAR, Cynthia at the Reminder and the entire community that supported her.


Clothing and Car Seat Safety Will Be Featured Tomorrow in Creighton.


Kids First North is holding a special event tomorrow open to everyone in Creighton, Denare Beach, Flin Flon and surrounding communities.  Their Home Visitor Tracy Brown explains they will be having a clothing give away tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm at 430 Main Street in Creighton which is the Kids First North office.  She says they’re also going to have certified car seat technicians on site doing inspections for anyone who wants to come out and see if their car seats are properly installed.


If you have any questions you can call Kids First North at 306-688-6619.

Your Donation Will Support the War Amps Amputee Program.


By now you should have received your War Amps key tags in the mail.  Their Safety Events Coordinator James Jordan says the key tags service has been a success as a benefit to people who lose their keys and as a War Amps fund raiser. He explains they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this year so they’ve been around supporting amputees in Canada for a hundred years and their theme for this year’s key tag mailing is Still So Much To Do and that just means basically to ensure amputees have artificial limbs they need to lead independent and active lives so there’s still a lot of support there for amputees and still a lot of work to do in that field.


Jordan adds they returned 1.5 million sets of keys back to owners in Canada since they started the key service over 70 years ago.  The War Amps receive no government funding so they depend on your donations from their key tags and address label programs.


Now is The Time to Book a Space at the Boot Sale.


Flin Flons Inner Wheel Club is holding their 15th annual Car Boot Sale Saturday, June 9th.  The Club’s Brenda Russell says it’s a chance to sell what you don’t need while supporting the charities the Club donates to.  She explains nationally they support the National Organ and Tissue Donor Program and locally they donate to the Food Bank milk program, the Party program that’s on for high school students, they organize the senior’s Christmas lights tour, assist the Rotary with Lobster Night, the senior’s Christmas party, the Flinty ice fishing derby and the Rotary exchange program and they also put up a citizenship scholarship for a Hapnot Collegiate graduate.


You can book a space for 15 dollars to sell from the trunk of your car which gives the sale its name or from a table or the back of your truck.  To book a space call Nora at 204-687-6188.  The sale runs from 10 to 1 Saturday, June 9t at the Victoria Inn parking lot.


Band Students From Start to Graduation Will Entertain You Tomorrow.


A spring band concert tomorrow night will feature Hapnot Collegiate and Creighton School students from grades six to twelve.  Band Instructor Kim Jones says they have all sorts of things from a blues arrangement written by a grade six student to four pieces that the senior high Hapnot students took on the road to Banff this year and there’s also some familiar things like transformers and cartoon music that will be fun for the audience to listen to as well.  She adds this concert is neat because we will hear beginner band students in grade six all the way up to students who are graduating and going on into music performance next year.


The concert gets underway tomorrow night at 7 in the Creighton Community School gym.

You Can Learn More About Parkinsons Disease.


The Parkinson Canada Education Tour is coming to Flin Flon Wednesday.  Donna Greening from Parkinson Canada Winnipeg says she and Clinical Resource Nurse Kelly Williams will do two presentations.  She says Kelly is going to be talking about living your best life with Parkinsons which is about medication management, activity levels, things like that and then she is going to be talking about resources that are available for people with Parkinsons, their families and caregivers to make life as easy as possible.  She says they know there are lots of resources out there but a lot of people aren’t aware of what’s available either provincially or in their own community.


Greening adds they had pre-registration so they would have an idea of numbers but they will not turn anyone away who would still like to attend.  The event takes place Wednesday at 6:30 at the Victoria Inn.


Two Flin Flon Men Who Received Awards were Recognized in the Manitoba Legislature.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey spoke in the Legislature last week on the work of Gerry Clark and Don Peake who were awarded the Lieutenant Governors Historical Preservation and Promotional Award.  He explained Gerry and Don were two of five Manitobans who were celebrated for their prolonged, meritorious service in the preservation and promotion of the province’s rich history.  He noted through their efforts they have assisted in keeping Flin Flon’s history safe for future generations and allowed the story of Flin Flon’s history to be passed on to our children.  He said both of these individuals have dedicated a significant amount of time, energy and effort as they have passionately pursued the preservation of their community’s history.


After reviewing the background for the awards Lindsey added they have ensured that the stories of the past were not forgotten but will be kept for future Manitobans to discover and learn from.


Shopping Will Take Place All Over Cranberry Portage Tomorrow.


The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Center is hosting their annual community yard sale tomorrow.  Their Executive Director Debbie McLauchlan says they have 23 yard sale locations listed this year.  She says everyone needs to stop first at the Legion and they will have three people set up there with coffee, lunch, snacks and that kind of stuff, Grace Church is there and Grandma’s Bakery and you can also get your maps that’ll tell you where all the other locations are.


The sale runs from 9:30 to 1:30 tomorrow in Cranberry Portage.


You Can Have a Place to Call Home on a Medical Trip.


A Port in The Storm is a nonprofit organization that helps northern families facing a medical situation.  Their Executive Director Stacey Grocholski is visiting Flin Flon and says they offer a safe and supportive place to stay for families receiving medical treatment in Winnipeg.  She explains its 58 dollars a night for self pay and if you have insurance its 75 dollars a night noting it’s not a hotel room, it’s a fully furnished suite so you have your bedroom, you have a bathroom, dining room, kitchen in a beautiful setting and they’re eight minutes from the hospital.  She says they also run programs like a dinner night and they have an expressive art therapy program so they really try to make it a place to call home and a home away from home for people that are coming to Winnipeg.


Grocholski adds you need a medical reference for your first stay so you can get more information from your medical professional or visit their website www.aportinthestorm.ca or call them at 204-231-0720.


Fire Safety Will Be Outlined Monday Night.


Flin Flon Fire Chief Chad Cooper will be doing a presentation Monday night on local fire safety issues.  He says this will be a public forum on just general fire safety around your household, fire inspection, bylaw requirements regarding fire safety specifically within the City of Flin Flon and any other general questions for the Fire Department will be answered.


The presentation takes place in Flin Flon City Council Chambers from 7 to 8:30 Monday night.

Its Time to Get Active and Clean Up at Denare Beach.


Denare Beach is holding its annual Community Spring Clean Up Sunday afternoon.  Recreation Director Mel Durette invites everyone to come out.  She says at 1o’clock it’ll be at the New Horizons where you can pick up gloves and garbage bags and everybody will be designated an area to pick up garbage and they it’s free hot dogs and drinks for everyone who participated.


If you need more information you can call the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.

Shopping is Taking Place All Around Creighton on Saturday.


The third annual Creighton Community Yard Sale is coming up on Saturday.  Creighton Recreation Director Channa Senyk says it’s held in conjunction with their spring clean up week.  She says they have ten residents registered for their sale on Saturday so they will be printing maps of the locations and have those available at the Creighton Rec Office and at the Petro Can for people to pick up.  She says the sale starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and goes to 1 o’clock so you can take a drive around, stop in and do some shopping.


Senyk adds following the sale residents can leave anything they don’t want to keep on their lawn with a free sign and the following week town employees will pick up what’s left and take it to the dump.


You Can Help Cleaning Up the Community.


The City of Flin Flon Spring clean up is underway.  Director of Works and Operations Charles Boulet says there are two ways to participate by going to the landfill or waiting for pick up.  He explains for the first part they are allowing the public to have no fee dumping between May 18th and June 4th and the second part is a City spring clean up which they’ve done before and that’s from May 28th to June 1st so when people are doing that sort of spring clean up they just leave their stuff against the boulevard or where they usually put their garbage and the guys will go by and this is not necessarily on the same day they would have normal garbage pickup.


The date for pick up in your neighborhood will be posted on the City of Flin Flon website www.cityofflinflon.ca or call City Hall at 204-681-7511.


A 3-D Printer is Being Used at Hapnot Collegiate.


On Tuesday evening the Flin Flon School Board was treated to a presentation from teachers Daniel Dillon, Trevor Sytnick and grade nine Hapnot student Troy Petryk.  Troy has chosen 3D printing for his 20 time project.  Through his research into the benefits of 3D printing it turned into a campaign to get one for the school.  Printers don’t come cheap so Troy made efforts to reach out to community organizations for assistance. It turned out the Rotary Club came through funding the entire twelve hundred dollar purchase.  Troy taught himself how to assemble and operate the unit spending a lot of his personal time watching You Tube tutorials and following the user manual.  Troy will be working closely with the teaching staff on future printing projects and looks forward to leading in making the 3D printer a useful tool for the community.  He has made a 3D Rotary Wheel which he presented to the Club as well as a mini microscope used on a cell phone and a variety of other items as seen on the 102.9 CFAR Facebook Page.


The public is welcome to attend the 20 time presentations June 15th from 6 to 8 pm at the Hapnot Theatre.



The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Discussed the Importance of Being Part of the Manitoba Chambers.


Two members of the local Chamber who attended the Provincial Chambers annual general meeting reported on some of the highlights.  Both Becky Cianflone and Dianne Russell were impressed on how the provincial Chamber is representing Manitoba businesses with Russell noting we need to remember that we have a voice there.  Highlights included presentations on branding communities and engaging Indigenous youth and discussions on a northern development strategy, developing a Chamber provincial data base and developing relationships among Chambers.  To further that Russell is planning the second northern Chambers conference for Chambers from Swan River north to be held in Flin Flon in September.   Highlighted resolutions dealt with developing passing lanes on number six highway and moving to make all fishing licence purchases in Manitoba available online as well as advocating for three year, eight day and one day fishing licences.


In other business the Chamber will meet with Mayor Cal Huntley, the RCMP, a representative from the Main Street Committee and a business representative on June 8th to discuss Main Street loitering.


Exploration Has Led To Further Discoveries Near Flin Flon.



Copper Reef Mining Corporation has announced the results of this winters geophysics at the Albert Lake Gold Zone 20 kilometers east of Flin Flon.  The main purpose of the survey was to search for the extension of the known Alberts gold shear zone which remains untested to the north in an area of little or no outcrop.


The company reports they are excited with the results because they have further targets to extend the gold zone which is exciting enough as it remains open but may have a significant VMS target as well in an area known for copper zinc ore bodies and deposits.  The company plans to begin this month line cutting the extended grids and to carry out a detailed mapping, prospecting and sampling program. They also plan to further explore this area with drilling.


The Winnipeg Strike of 1919 Was Remembered in the Manitoba Legislature Last Week.


Flin Flon MLA and NDP Labor Critic Tom Lindsey recognized the 99th anniversary of the Winnipeg Strike as an historic moment.  He said it was a moment when tens of thousands of workers from the city, newcomers, veterans, women and men joined together to demand respect for workers rights.  He said we know that the legacy of the strike is one of respect for organized labor, for the hard fought gains in working conditions, especially in safety that those who came before us have left for us.  He added it is important each generation learn of the gains made because of the action of the strikers and the importance of organized labor in helping build a fairer society for all.


Lindsey asked members to join him in ensuring all Manitobans know of the history and legacy of these brave men and women who participated in the General Strike of 1919, help celebrate their accomplishments and continue the struggle of workers the world over to achieve a fairer society for everyone.


The Animals Are Waiting For Your Visit.


The Joe Brain Childrens Petting Zoo was open over the weekend to start their 21st season.  Zoo Manager Melissa Richardson says they again have a great variety of animals including a hedge hog, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, a beta fish, two crested geckos, a giant day gecko which is the Geico gecko and they have a six foot long California king snake named Elvis along with a variety of bunnies this year, chinchillas, baby calves, horses, a donkey and of course their bottle lambs which are everybody’s favorite.


Richardson adds they are planning a Hay Day again this summer as well as horsemanship days, cow washing days and everyday at 12 noon you can help bottle feed the six lambs.

The Joe Brain Childrens Petting Zoo was open over the weekend to start their 21st season.  Zoo Manager Melissa Richardson says they again have a great variety of animals including a hedge hog, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, a beta fish, two crested geckos, a giant day gecko which is the Geico gecko and they have a six foot long California king snake named Elvis along with a variety of bunnies this year, chinchillas, baby calves, horses, a donkey and of course their bottle lambs which are everybody’s favorite.


Richardson adds they are planning a Hay Day again this summer as well as horsemanship days, cow washing days and everyday at 12 noon you can help bottle feed the six lambs.


A Big Change Has Been Proposed for our Election Boundaries.


Manitobas Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission has released its interim report on proposed changes to the province’s electoral map.  The reports states the 2016 Census data indicates that all current northern electoral divisions are below the established population quotient resulting in some major changes being proposed.  They include combining the communities of Flin Flon and The Pas into one electoral division, adjusting the Thompson electoral division to include the communities of Gillam and Nelson House and grouping most of the many Indigenous communities into two electoral divisions, Kewatinook and a new division Kameesak which in Cree means big in reference to Lake Winnipeg.


Hearings to gather input on these proposals will be held in September including the Victoria Inn in Flin Flon at 10 AM on the 12th, the Sam Waller Museum in The Pas at 5 PM on the 12th and the Best Western in Thompson at 5 PM on the 11th.

Volunteers Were Honored at an Annual Meeting.


At the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA annual meeting last Tuesday the organization honored two groups of volunteers.  The Burbidge family was recognized for all their support with the family receiving an Honorary Lifetime Membership and a plaque was added in memory of Andy Burbidge.  As well a plaque will be hung in the Shelter to honor long time Board members who have now retired from the Board Tony Spooner, Marg Bragg, Sherry Barnett and Debbie Hiebert who was involved in starting the SPCA.


President Erica Husberg noted a change in Shelter Manager with Carmen Ward leaving the position replaced by Gail Neufeld.  She added financially they are stable but there is always room for improvement noting fund raising was down last year but they did have an increase in adoptions.


Husberg says going forward in 2018 they need to focus on fundraising, membership, merchandise sales and adoptions, they need fresh ideas that will generate income to keep the shelter operating and they need some fresh faces on the Board and Fundraising Committee.



Murder Charges were Laid in Flin Flon Over the Weekend.


Around six o’clock Saturday morning Flin Flon RCMP were called to a disturbance on Bellevue Avenue.  They found an altercation in which two people had been stabbed.  A 23 year old Flin Flon woman was transported to hospital where she later died from her injuries.  A 22 year old Flin Flon woman was transported to hospital in stable condition.


A 23 year old Flin Flon woman has been charged with one count of second degree murder and one count of attempted murder and is to appear in Provincial Court in The Pas today.  The investigation is ongoing with assistance from the RCMP Major Crimes Unit and Forensic Identification Services.


Music Spanning Three Hundred Years Will be Featured Next Week.


Local musician Mikylo Odut brings his flute music to the Community Hall next Tuesday and Wednesday.  He says the concert includes only music from his exam which is called the ARCT or Associate Royal Conservatory of Toronto exam.  He says the exam includes music from the Baroque era all the way from the 1600s and the latest music is all the way from the Modern era so the 1900s.


The concert takes place Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Advance tickets are available by calling Mikylo at 204-271-3694 at 20 dollars for adults, 10 for students and 5 for children or at the door for 25, 12 and 6 dollars.


Fire Fighters Can Breathe Easier.

Sales reps Tarrant  Rempel and                                                                                    Dave Jeanson


New air packs have been delivered to the Flin Flon Fire Department.


ABC Fire and Safety Equipment rep Tarrant Rempel explains the MSA-G1 breathing apparatus has many features that include vastly improved communications with fire fighters while fighting fires, no electronics hanging off the face piece, everything is integrated into the regulator, a 15 year bumper to bumper warranty that includes electronics, the lithium battery is rechargeable so you’re not having to spend money on batteries for all the electronics that are in these specific packs and there are future upgrades available.


Rempel adds a couple of upgrades that could be available include fire fighter locators and integrated thermal imaging for fire fighter safety.


A Military Monument Has Been Placed Back in Service at the New Co-op.


After 23 years in relative obscurity the Sapper’s Memorial is being placed back into active service in Flin Flon.  In a release Morley Naylor and Frank Gira from the Squadron Historical Committee report the memorial which was originally dedicated in May of 1989 by 21 Field Engineer Squadron, Canadian Military Engineers, was place in a prominent location near the main entrance of the Flin Flon Armory.  It is dedicated to all those that have served in the military in Flin Flon since 1940. They report the memorial has remained standing in its original location since the closure of the Field Engineer Squadron in 1995 and was only removed for construction and parking lot preparations for the new Co-op store.


The release adds the memorial was stored over the construction period and with the support of the Co-op management, directors and staff has now been placed in a prominent location in the parking lot area with plans being made for an official rededication ceremony.



You Can Learn More About Parkinsons Disease


The Parkinson Canada Education Tour is coming to Flin Flon May 30th.  Donna Greening from Parkinson Canada Winnipeg says she and Clinical Resource Nurse Kelly Williams will do two presentations.

She says Kelly is going to be talking about living your best life with Parkinsons which is about medication management, activity levels, things like that and then she is going to be talking about resources that are available for people with Parkinsons, their families and caregivers to make life as easy as possible.  She says they know there are lots of resources out there but a lot of people aren’t aware of what’s available either provincially or in their own community.


Greening adds they prefer to have people pre-register so they have numbers but they will not turn anyone away who would like to attend.  The event takes place Wednesday, May 30th at 6:30 at the Victoria Inn and you can pre-register by calling 1-800-565-3000 or email donna.greening@parkinson.ca by Tuesday.


Pride Week Has Been Officially Proclaimed By Flin Flon City Council.


Council responded to a request from the Pride Committee on Tuesday night by having Deputy Mayor Guy Rideout proclaim the week of August 12th to 18th Flin Flon Pride Week.  The Pride Committee requested a flag raising ceremony at City Hall on Friday the 17th followed by a Transgender March and then entertainment in Pioneer Square and a Pride parade on the Saturday morning.  Council agreed to those requests.  They referred to administration the committee’s request to have a rainbow crosswalk painted in front of City Hall across to the Fire Hall in August before Pride Week.


  Council received a letter from Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey asking them to appoint a representative to a task force being formed for recruitment of physicians to Flin Flon.  It was referred to the Committee of the Whole Council.


And in response to a question Councilor Tim Babcock reported the recent Kinsmen Mini Golf event raised around ten thousand dollars and during the event they recognized members Bob Lesage for 35 years and Tom Therien for 25 years of membership and Dave Brooks was awarded a Life Membership in Kin Canada.


A German Blockbuster Film Will be Shown Tomorrow.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the film Look Who’s Back tomorrow night.  The groups Colin Davis says you’ll be surprised to see who’s back asking what would you do if you were walking down the street in Berlin and were met face to face with Adolf Hitler.  He says you would probably think that it is a character actor doing some sort of performance piece but in this film it is actually him.  Davis explains the film has a brilliant story line but the fun part is that it also features several unscripted vignettes of the actor who is playing Hitler interacting with ordinary Germans while in character.


Davis adds they showed this film in early February but they have heard from people who wanted to see it but were busy at the time so they decided to bring it back.  It will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate theatre and admission is free.

You Will See A Reduction in Property Taxes This Year.


The City financial plan was presented at a public meeting last night. Treasurer Lyn Brown reported the total budget is just under 13.3 million dollars down from just under 13.8 million last year.  The Special Services Levy will increase to 654 dollars from 635 last year.  The total mill rate for residential will be 43.07 down from 44.9 9 last year and commercial 52.84 down from 55.49.  21.46 mills of the total is collected for the School Division.  The owner of a 200 thousand dollar home will see a decrease of 172 dollars in property taxes.


  Larger expenses this year include utility upgrades and purchase of the bus garage and smaller expenses of upgrades to lighting at the Aqua Center and work at the Community Hall, technology upgrades, the tourist park, assessment at the Willowvale pool and landfill fencing.


  Finance Chair Colleen McKee said they have worked hard on this budget and thinks they have turned the corner in the city.  Planning for this budget included input from community members, Councilors, management and staff, discussion, choosing priorities and maintaining fiscal responsibility.


Two Flin Flonners Received Awards Yesterday for Their Dedication to Our History.

Gerry Clark and Don Peake at Government House


Don Peake and Gerry Clark both received Lieutenant Governors Awards for Historical Preservation and Promotion yesterday.


Peake was nominated by the Flin Flon Heritage project for his untiring work in assembling, restoring and categorizing the written and pictorial history of Flin Flon which was jeopardized by the flooding of the basement of the Public Library several years ago.  As there was no formal archive of Flon Flon’s history Peake with assistance from the Flin Flon Heritage Project and the city Librarian took on the challenge of saving and preserving this valuable resource and has been instrumental in making local residents aware of the fragility of the history without proper archival and preservation techniques.


Clark was nominated by the Mayor and Council with support from the Arts Council and School Division.  Since the early 70’s he has been the city’s unofficial historian being a founding member of the Flin Flon Historical Society and helping to write the book Flin Flon: A History. He gives presentations on historical themes, has developed history themed walking tours of Flin Flon and he chaired a committee to recognize the role of Indigenous trapper David Collins in the discovery of the Flin Flon ore body.


The awards were presented at Government House yesterday afternoon.

Lunches Are Again Available for High School Students.


First Baptist Church Pastor Jim Galbraith reports lunches for high school students will again be available starting tomorrow.  He explains it’s a partnership between the First Baptist Church which does the work in providing the meals and St. Ann’s has opened their doors to be their host for the last four years and it’s for high school students from all schools, Hapnot, Many Faces and Creighton and its four Thursdays starting May 17th and ending on June 7th and they start serving the food at 12 o’clock.


Galbraith adds the lunches as always will be free of charge.


Fire Has Closed the Landfill.


A fire at Flin Flons landfill is under control.  The Fire Department reports the fire is burning underneath all the garbage.  Monitoring and containment will continue throughout the next few days.  The City reports due to low visibility the Landfill will be temporarily closed.

Cadets From the 2-3-2-8 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp Received Awards Last Night for Their Work Over the Past Year.

MCpl Riley Burroughs and Capt Daryl Wilkinson



The highest award available to the Cadets the Lord Strathcona Trust Medal for exemplary performance was presented to Riley Burroughs. The Captain W. A. Sweeney Trophy for general proficiency by a senior cadet went to Torin Abrahamson who also received the Legion Medal for excellence and performance as well as the Ubique Trophy for recruiting, the CWO Fisher Trophy for general proficiency by a junior cadet to Rebekah Cook, the Sergeant J.A. Horrocks Trophy for dress and deportment to Jemedie Morris who also received the Major M.J. Naylor Trophy for dedication and commitment, the Lieutenant Colonel F.S. Gira Trophy for citizenship to Ashton Francoeur-Quaal, the Second Lieutenant M. Beauchamp Trophy for most improved cadet to Curtis Dumas, Best First Year Cadet to Ayden Hooper and best attendance to Raykin Custer with 98 percent attendance in all activities. Captain Daryl Wilkinson also presented certificates to the Royal Canadian Legion and their Ladies Auxiliary for their support over the years.

Co-op Members Have Elected Two Board Members.


178 ballots were cast by members in the North of 53 Co-op election for two members of their Board of Directors.  The Board member seeking re-election Dennis Whitbread was re-elected as well as a new member Richard Dansereau. They were elected to three year terms. The other candidate was John Moore.


Other members of the seven member Board are Dave Kendall, Rob Schiefele, Linda Clark, Erhart Dzubiak and Del Ward.

An Evening of Fun and Food is Being Held at Creighton School.


Creighton Community School is holding it annual Spring Community Night tomorrow.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland says the evening starts at 5 at the school.  She says the School Community Council invites students, their families, community members and staff to an evening of fun. A complimentary barbeque, scavenger hunt, cultural connections and a gardening station along with emergency vehicles will be on site Wednesday May 16th from 5 to 7:30.  She adds this event is being made possible through funding received from the Canadian Initiatives Fund and the School Community Council and they hope to see everyone there.


There will be transportation provided to and from Denare Beach with pickups at the Band Hall at 4:30 and at the Alpine at 4:40 with the bus returning to Denare Beach at 7:30.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A Forest Fire is Under Control.


Fire fighters continue to take action on a forest fire in the Sally’s Beach Road area on the north arm of Lake Athapap north of Bakers Narrows.


The fire started on Saturday, covers around 1 hectare and is classified as under control.



Update:  The fire was classified as extinquished this afternoon.

You Can Hear the Best in Jazz This Week.


Bands and soloists will be performing at the annual Jazz Night Thursday.  Band Instructor Kim Jones says there’ll be a variety of jazz at the concert with lots of great ensembles ranging from the grade 8 jazz ensemble to their senior jazz band as well as their choirs performing at Jazz Night.  She adds they have three different stages set up and on the main stage they’re going to have soloists this year and they have 15 performers who have been preparing solos after school with a community band of musicians that is giving them a lot of their amazing time.


Tickets are ten dollars at the door with the concert starting at 7 Thursday night in the Hapnot Collegiate Gym.


Creighton School Students are Learning About Bike Safety.


Creighton Community School is running their annual bike safety program this week.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland explains it teaches the students valuable lessons.  She says it offers the students a chance to learn about road safety with their bicycle and just to remember a bike is a vehicle that shares the road equally with other vehicles. She explains their local bike safety program consists of three components, instruction in the classroom, practice and testing on the course and parent support of the program at home and the community with the actual road practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Sutherland adds last week students learned lessons in the classroom about bike safety.

Everyone in Creighton Can Be Part of a Yard Sale.


The third annual Creighton Community Yard Sale is coming up on Saturday, May 26th from 9 to 1.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says it’s held in conjunction with spring clean up week and you should register this week to be part of the sale. She explains they would like people to call the Rec office and register their yard sale before May 18th to ensure that they get your address advertised in time for the sale.  She says the gist of the yard sale is put your stuff out for sale on that Saturday, leave it out over the weekend with a free sign if you don’t want it and anything remaining the following week during clean up will be picked up by the public works department and taken to the landfill.


 Senyk adds the Town of Creighton has waved the dump fees for the week of May 22nd to 27th to help with the clean up.

Everyone is Invited to Shop in Denare Beach Tomorrow.


Denare Beach is holding their annual community yard sale tomorrow.  Recreation Director Mel Durette says there’ll be a lot for sale. She says they’ve got 14 people so far on their list and there’s a couple of people that didn’t make it for the advertising so they’re going to put up balloons so definitely watch out for other places.  She says New Horizons will be having a hot dog and hamburger sale from 10 til 2.


Durette adds a list of locations will be available at the Alpine Convenience Store noting two sales start at 8 tomorrow morning and the rest at 9.


Our Member of Parliament says First Nations Need Safer Communities.


MP Niki Ashton delivered a Members Statement in the House of Commons this week honoring three children who died last month…..



“I rise  to celebrate the lives of Keethan Lobster, Matthew Moore-Spence and Terrence Spence. These beautiful bright 13 and 11 years old boys from Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation who died on April 28 like so many kids cycling , enjoying the first days of warmer weather when they were struck by a drunk driver.
Unlike so many other kids they faced challenges all too common on First Nations . Not just the gravel road with no lighting. 
 Keethan’s mum committed suicide a year ago. His grandmother  had raised him since then in a trailer that was home to 18 people.
Keethan had a dream. His last words to his Uncle Curtis Lobster were “I am  going to graduate from college like you uncle.' 

In Canada one of the wealthiest countries in the world ..in 2018 we have to ask ourselves why?”

                                                                                                                                                            Ashton added we need to work with First Nations to build communities that kids can be safe in from bike paths to lights to roads.


High Grade Lithium Continues to be Found Near Snow Lake.


Far Resources has announced the results of their 2018 winter drill program at its Zoro Lithium Project near Snow Lake.  The report includes drilling the highest grade intercept to date with 16 meters of 1.8 percent lithium in deep drilling on Dyke One.


Interim CEO Toby Mayo says they are clearly very excited by these results which show not only the consistency of high grade mineralization at depth in Dyke One but also the potential for adding significantly to the Company’s future resource base through their ongoing multi-faceted exploration approach.  He adds the recently completed aeromagnetic survey combined with the planned expansion of the highly successful mobile metal ion program gives them great confidence in adding more high grade lithium at Zoro.


Drilling on the newly discovered Dyke Eight and other mobile metal ion anomalies is planned for this summer.


A Hair Cut Wrapped Up a Successful Fund Raising Event.


Flin Flon’s Barb Groff colored her hair green and yellow two weeks ago.  That started her campaign to raise money to help the families of the Humboldt bus crash saying she knows what it’s like to lose a child. Yesterday at 12:05 Groff’s hair was shaved off to wrap up her successful campaign noting its gone very well and she’s overwhelmed with the support she’s got from family, friends, co-workers, the community, everyone in general has been outstanding adding right now she’s sitting at just over 19 hundred dollars.


Groff’s grandson six year old Connor Savoy joined Groff in also having his head shaved.  Barb and her husband will travel to Humboldt later this month to donate the money to the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation that supports those affected by the bus crash.


Our Museum is a New Star Attraction.


The Manitoba government along with Tourism Manitoba has designated the Flin Flon Station Museum a new Star Attraction.  The Chair of the Museum Board Tom Heine says the Board is really pleased as they have been trying for about five years to achieve that designation.  He explains essentially its recognition by Travel Manitoba that they are an attraction worth seeing so it basically forces them to not up their game but to maintain the Museum as an attraction that tourists are wanting to come to see.


The Star Attractions program provides access to highway directional signage, ensures marketing support and highlights the attraction in its annual Inspiration Guide, online and in various marketing programs. There are now 63 Star Attractions in Manitoba


Plans Are Well Underway for the Annual Flin Flon Trout Festival.


Trout Festival President Melissa Richard told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Tuesday they have some new people and ideas involved in the Festival.  She said they want this year’s Fish Fry to be a special event on Saturday June 30th with an outdoor fish dinner starting at 6 with tickets pre-sold at 30 dollars for the dinner and social as well as a fun casino area called Casino Royale with a prize awarded and a local band for entertainment. She adds they will include a lot of entertainment in the Festival including a free family dance and activities on Main Street following the kick off on the Friday night.


In other business the Chamber will nominate the 2017 Homecoming Committee for the Manitoba Tourism Award.  They will be hiring a summer student through the Canada Summer Jobs Fund.  The student will be over the age of 15 and work 30 hours a week for 8 weeks at $11.50 an hour with resumes to be submitted to the Chamber office by the end of the month. The student will be a community worker helping on various community projects.  Community Futures Greenstone and the Norva Centre are also hiring summer students with applications closing Friday.


The Flin Flon School Board Discussed Past, Present and Future School Happenings at Their Meeting Last Night.


The Board received correspondence from Janice Cassidy and the uptown curling executive proposing the Division reintroduce curling to the school curriculum.  The Board passed a motion to forward the information to the Finance Committee.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported all senior administration, principals and vice-principals attended the Human Rights Manitoba workshop saying it was wonderful and informative.  Work continues on the roofing project at Ruth Betts School with the crew putting in long days.  Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green congratulated the students from McIsaac School on their success at the Red River Heritage Fair in Winnipeg adding the Division is very proud of their work and some dates to keep in mind May 17th is Jazz Night at Hapnot Collegiate and May 29 is the spring band concert.  Parents, family and the public are encouraged to attend.


The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Heard About a New Store and Over 40 New Employees Yesterday.


The General Manager of the North of 53 Co-op Tom Therien told the Chamber the process of building a new store began with a look at the Armories lot in 2014.  He said a decision to build was made in 2016 with demolition on the lot beginning that December and at the end of the day they end up with a 40 thousand square foot store and a 189 parking stall parking lot which ended up being 73 percent bigger than their old store and 300 percent bigger in terms of the size of the parking lot.


Therien added they had no place to grow or add new items in the old Main Street store which they now have in a well laid out new store.  He also noted they have hired 35 new people with 7 positions still open for a total of 76 employees with the administration office remaining on the lower floor of the old building with a possible tenant interested in one third of the top floor.  The grand opening of the new store will take place on June 22.



You Can Enjoy Your Lobster This Weekend.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is holding its annual Lobster Night Saturday.  The Club’s Glen Smith says they are offering the same choices as they have in the past which is lobster, steak and chicken like they always do but there’s a change in the music as they’ve got Johnny’s Anti Social Club that are playing which will be kind of different because they have a variety of singer and a variety of performers so there’ll be a variety of music including some down east jigging music so just a nice good entertainment evening.


Smith adds tickets are available for the dinner and social at Kleen All and Pharmasave and this year if you want to attend the social only you can pick up tickets at Standard Insurance on Main Street.  The dinner starts at 7 Saturday night in the Flin Flon Community Hall with the social at 9.


An Option Agreement Affects Gold Properties Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation has entered into a letter of intent to be followed by an option agreement with KG Exploration which is an affiliate of Kinross Gold Corporation.  This relates to Rockcliff’s high grade Laguna and Lucky Jack Gold Properties in Snow Lake which are centered within the historic Herb Lake Gold Camp.


The Letter provides Kinross with the right to earn 70 percent interest in both properties by spending a minimum of 5.5 million dollars in exploration expenditures over six years.


Rockcliff President Ken Lapierre states to enter into an agreement with a major gold miner like Kinross and have them spend their money on our properties is a true testament to the excellent exploration and discovery potential of these gold assets.  The exploration plans at the Laguna and Lucky Jack Gold Properties are anticipated to be completed in the spring in time for the summer drilling season.


Projects in Our Area are Benefiting from Canada 150 Grants.


The Government of Canada has announced the results of its 91.3 million dollar investment in Western Canadas community infrastructure.  Funding under this program supported improvements to parks, playgrounds, fitness trails, community centers and cultural facilities.


In our area Creighton School Division received 28,538 dollars to revitalize their school playground, the Northern Village of Denare Beach 5,650 dollars to upgrade the dock at the Beach, Flin Flon School Division 17,930 to resurface the playground at Ruth Betts School and the Town of Snow Lake 31,500 to upgrade Sunset Bay beach.


The Western Canada funding from the program was delivered by Western Economic Diversification Canada with the program concluding on March 31st.


Flin Flon Students Were Successful at a Heritage Fair.


Thirteen McIsaac School students and their nine projects took part in the Red River Heritage Fair in Winnipeg last week.  The students were the top winners in the local Heritage Fair held in March.  One of the local organizers Christine Williams says the students did really well in Winnipeg.  She says their school for the second year in a row won the School Spirit Award and they had Ethan Patterson winning two awards the St. Boniface French Culture Award and the Hong Kong Military Veterans Commemorative Award, Joel Williams won the Juno Beach Center Heroic Stories Award, Ava Williams and Sara Mansell won the Manitoba Sports Hall Of Fame Award and Cassidy Alexander and Niki Keramydas won Honorable Mention from the Manitoba Historical Society.


This is the fifth year local students have taken part in the Red River Heritage Fair.

There is Still Time to Collect Pledges for a Mini Golf Tournament.


The Flin Flon Kinsmen Club invites you to take part in their 28th annual mini golf classic Saturday.  The Club’s Tom Therien says golfers collect pledges to take part in this fund raising event.  He explains you’re collecting pledges on behalf of Cystic Fibrosis Canada and as long as you get 75 dollars in pledges they’re going to let you golf in their mini golf classic.  He says it’s really fun golfing, three different locations in town, they take care of you, they feed you at the end, they give you prizes and all in the name of Cystic Fibrosis.


Pledge forms are available from any Kinsmen member or call Bob at 688-3572, Tom at 687-0311 or Tim at 271-5160.


The Newest Location of the Food Bank is Officially Open.



Colleen Power and Joanna Ledoux


The Lord’s Bounty Food Bank held an official opening at their latest location on the lower level of the former St. Mary’s Church on Hiawatha Avenue.  Board members Colleen Power and Joanna Ledoux spoke about the Food Bank with Ledoux reviewing its history since its start in 1991 with Carol and Dennis Hydamaka. She said it was their large hearts that started this operation in their basement, they saw that people were going hungry and they just jumped right in to help.  She noted throughout the years they have seen many changes as the idea of feeding hungry people grew and grew.  She stated look around you Hydamakas because what you started in your basement led to a church basement, to renting the bottom floor of a house to now owning the bottom floor of this building.


Power praised those who have supported the Food Bank over the years noting it’s one of the only Food Banks in Canada that runs completely on volunteerism.  The Rotary Club presented the Food Bank with a cheque for 16, 180 dollars towards their new building with 15 thousand coming from the club and the remainder from individual members.



Hudbay Has Reported Good Results From the First Quarter of This Year.


Along with the Manitoba results we reported on Friday Hudbay reported an overall profit of 41.4 million dollars for the quarter compared to a net loss of 10 million dollars in the first quarter of 2017.  President Alan Hair says they had another quarter of positive cash flow as a result of higher copper sales volumes and higher realized prices for all metals allowing for further debt repayment which will continue. He explains as they look forward to the balance of 2018 they will continue to focus on driving efficiencies in their operations to generate free cash flow and increase net asset values.  He say from a growth perspective they remain committed to advancing the existing opportunities in the pipeline such as the completion of the paste plant and continued ramp up of production at Lalor near Snow Lake and moving Rosemont in Arizona through the permitting process into development.


Hair adds compared to the first quarter of last year production of copper, gold and silver in concentrate increased as a result of higher milled throughput at all of Hudbay’s operations together with higher grades for precious metals in Manitoba.


Our Member of Parliament says its Time to Expand Medicare Through National Pharmacare.


MP Niki Ashton says millions of Canadians are faced with huge drug cost because of limited pharmacare coverage.  She says there is no coverage for dental care and there is not enough in place for mental health care services so we need national leadership on these key issues.  Ashton says the NDP caucus has been fighting for a national pharmacare program as study after study has shown it’s not only important for reasons of fairness and equity it would save the medical system money adding far too many people end up with a worse health care outcome because they cannot afford the drugs they need to treat their medical condition. Ashton concludes medicare is a Canadian achievement and now is the time to complete its original vision and intent starting with a national pharmacare program.

Thers Hope for the Churchill Rail Line.


A group of Manitoba First Nations says it has formed a partnership with a private company that will lead to the reopening of the rail line to Churchill.

The First Nations say the deal involves an acquisition agreement with the U-S-based owner of the Hudson Bay Railway, the Port of Churchill and other assets.

Indigenous leaders say the railway and port are crucial to the existence of all First Nations in northern Manitoba.

The rail line owned by U-S based Omnitrax was washed out by floods last spring.

A company called i-Churchill says it hopes to conclude the agreement by mid-June so that the rail line can be repaired before the fall.


The Trout Festival Needs Your Help.


Plans are well underway for this summer’s Flin Flon Trout Festival.  Their Volunteer Coordinator Barb Hopkinson says what they need now are volunteers to help with most of the events. She says they need volunteers for Main Street Days, the family dance, the fishing derby, the parade and the fishing derby is in the planning stage so anyone who can volunteer can call Barb at 687-6349 or cell number 271-0113 and let’s make it a huge success.


The Trout Festival runs from June 29th to July 1st.


Graduating Students Can Win A Bursary.


Community Futures Greenstone is sponsoring an Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Video Contest.  Their Manager Becky Cianflone explains they’re reaching out to students in grade 12 in the area that includes Creighton, Flin Flon, Snow Lake and Cranberry Portage and they’re encouraging them to make a 3 to 5 minute video to describe why they would make a great entrepreneur or if they have a great business idea that they want to share and there is a 15 hundred dollar prize for the top entry and that 15 hundred dollars will be used towards an entrepreneurial education program of some sort.


You can learn more and get an application form by going to their website at www.cfmanitoba.ca/greenstone, visit their Facebook page or call them at 204-687-6967.

Hudbay is Advancing Gold Exploration at Their Mine Near Snow Lake.

Cashel Meagher


In releasing their first quarter 2018 financial results Hudbay President Alan Hair reported ore mined in their Manitoba operations during the quarter increased by two percent compared to the same period last year.  That was the result of higher production at the Lalor and Reed mines, partially offset by lower production at Flin Flon’s Triple Seven mine.  Chief Operation Officer Cashel Meagher reported this year they are focusing on the gold and copper gold zones at Lalor near Snow Lake. He explains Lalor is on target to achieve a ramp up of 45 hundred tonnes per day by the third quarter of 2018 and the shaft has a capacity of 6 thousand tonnes a day.  He says early results of mining on two levels are giving them confidence of a continuous high grade gold zone and development is underway to access additional gold mineralization in 2018 and the mining of the copper gold zone in 2019 is on target.


Meagher adds with the closing of Reed Mine later this year they have excess milling capacity in Flin Flon with tests validating a favorable gold recovery of 65 percent but they will still consider the potential refurbishment of the New Britannia mill as a possible option.


A Restaurant Fund Raiser Was A Success.


McDonald’s Restaurant in Flin Flon joined others across the country in celebrating McHappy Day yesterday.  They raised just over 800 dollars for their charity Ronald McDonald House.  This was down a bit from last year.


A dollar from every Happy Meal, Big Mac, Coffee and McCafe beverage sold was donated to the charity as well as a dollar from each red heart card sold.


Results are still coming in from across the country but early this morning the national total was just over 431 thousand dollars. 


You Can Learn the Story Behind Human Trafficking.


Human Trafficking Awareness Day is the focus of a public gathering Saturday afternoon.  The Catholic Women’s Leagues Lucille Rossington invites you to come and learn about the reality of human trafficking from three guest speakers.  She explains Bev Harvey is from Dauphin and she has been trafficked so her story will be told there and they also have NASHI International going to be there who work with trafficked people and try to bring healing especially with children.


The event takes place Saturday from 1 to 3:30 in St. Ann’s Parish Hall at 163 Centre Street with admission ten dollars.  You can pay at the door or call Jan at 306-688-6144 to register.


Flin Flon City Council Dealt With Several Requests at Tuesday Nights Meeting.


Council received a letter from the Flin Flon Pride Committee asking for their support for the 2018 Pride Festival similar to last year’s first Festival.  It is planned for August 17th and 18th with a flag raising at City Hall on the Friday followed by entertainment at Pioneer Square and the Pride parade on the Saturday morning.  The letter was referred to the Committee of the Whole Council.


Council received a letter from the North of 53 Co-op asking if the existing bus stop in front of their new store on 10A highway could be moved to somewhere inside their property similar to the mall bus stop.  It was reported it has been done.


Council referred to the Traffic Commission a letter expressing concern about speeding in the McIsaac School area, they passed a resolution stating any employees hired by the City must sign a Code of Conduct agreement before starting work, they approved their annual donation of one thousand dollars to the Fireworks Committee for their July 1st display and one thousand dollars to help defray the cost of the Flin Flon Public Library fund raiser held in February and they will hold their annual budget meeting at 6:30 Tuesday, May 15th in City Council Chamber before the start of their regular Council meeting.



A Classic 80 Year Old Film Will be Featured Tomorrow Night.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting The Good Earth at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre tomorrow night.  The group’s Colin Davis says the film is an adaptation of the Pearl S. Buck classic and is a story that follows the life of Wang Lung, a young Chinese farmer, who gets married and their struggle to work the land through drought, famine, revolution and hardship.  He says this classic film from 1937 stars the late great Paul Muni and Luise Rainer who won the Academy Award for best actress for her role. Davis says although this film is now over eighty years old it is still a gripping drama that includes scenes that will shock and amaze its viewers adding it is a stunning piece of cinematography and a must see.


They will also take a look at the old Kung Fu television series from the early 1970s starting at 7 with the main feature starting at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre tomorrow night and admission is free.

The Flin Flon Credit Union held their 77th Annual General Meeting Thursday Night.



Financially, the year provided strong growth in most areas as total assets increased 11.73% to end the year at 54.7 million dollars and total loans grew 7.50% to 41.6 million dollars.


The combination of loan growth and last year’s increases in lending rates helped the Credit Union produce an increase in gross income to over 330 thousand dollars for 2017. After tax income was lower however, ending the year at almost 161 thousand dollars as the Board set aside precautionary funds to their allowance for doubtful loans. This allocation helps to buffer the Credit Union against future potential credit losses and ensures stability in long term. The Credit Union added to their strong financial foundation ending the year with 3.7 million dollars in retained earnings, well above the regulatory guidelines.


 Rod Gourlay and Lorna Quinn were returned to the Board of Directors by acclamation. The other Board members still serving out their terms are Darren Grant, Tom Fehr, Don Scott, Frank Fieber and Tina Tait.


Copies of the summary financial statements will be available for download from the Flin Flon Credit Union website by the end of the week at www.ffcu.ca.

There May be a Solution to a Long Standing Pedestrian Safety Issue.


Dennis Hydamaka spoke to Flin Flon City Council last night about pedestrian safety on the sharp Hapnot Street Fifth Avenue corner.  He says it’s been five years since he asked about putting a sidewalk there but said he now realizes that a sidewalk would be damaged every winter by snow removal.  He suggested to Council there is an easy solution by installing watch for pedestrian signs at the Main Street and Glen Avenue entrances to the Street which Council felt could be a good solution to the problem.


Hydamaka also asked what action is being taken to prevent a water line freeze up that occurred during the winter when a hydro outage caused the city pumps to shut down.  He was advised equipment has been ordered to prevent it from happening again.


Council received the Fire Chiefs report for April indicating 4 incidents during the month down from 11 in April last year.  Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reported Fire Chief Chad Cooper has been appointed to a national committee along with Fire Chiefs from across the country studying how Fire Departments will operate in our changing world noting it’s quite an accomplishment for our Fire Chief to receive that recognition.


Flin Flon Students are Part of a Provincial Heritage Fair.


McIsaac and Ruth Betts School students are in Winnipeg tomorrow to participate in the Red River Heritage Fair.  One of the local organizers Susanne Westhaver says students will be taking their winning projects from the local Heritage Fair held in March and they have 13 students and 9 projects going to the Fair.  She says they travel all day today, the Fair is all day tomorrow and Friday they are going to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights before they return home on Friday.


This is the fifth year local students have taken part in the Red River Heritage Fair.

There Will Be Something New For Flin Flon Onstage Saturday.


The Flin Flon Community Choir is presenting La Grande Opera Saturday night.  Director Crytal Kolt says it features a lot of great local talent and essentially all the very best and favorite popular opera arias and choruses.  She says they’re going to be having local super stars like Kari Rutherford, Katrina Windjack, Angela Ishaka, Candia Cormack, Tim Spencer, John Bettger and Kevin Imrie as well as the wonderful Flin Flon Community Choir and they’re bringing in a singer who was just in Venice a couple of weeks ago Dustin Hiles to perform with them as well.


La Grande Opera will be performed Saturday night at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


Snow Lake and Area Residents Have Extra Shopping Opportunities.


The Snow Lake Chamber of Commerce is holding their fourth annual Spring Trade Show today and tomorrow.  President Gerard Lamontagne says they have a great variety of items along with the northern vehicle dealerships.  He says they have Yamaha coming up, Polaris Snowmobiles, Honda, RAG Enterprises, all their standards from the rest of the circuit, popcorn guy, they have a new nut and chocolate guy, some ladies selling therapeutic socks and health wear and they’ve got about four new vendors this year so it looks like it’s going to be their best show yet.


The Trade Show is being held in the Wilfred T. Lipton Arena in Snow Lake today from 3 to 9 and tomorrow from 11 to 6.


You Can Support a Home Away From Home with Your Purchase.


McDonalds Restaurants in Flin Flon and The Pas are joining a national celebration of McHappy Day tomorrow.  Store Manager in The Pas Shelly Galaugher says as in the past they’re raising money for Ronald McDonald House as one of the local kids from The Pas passed away and they used it quite a bit so they’re raising money to put towards that to help out families and its basically the same thing with any Big Mac, Happy Meal, any coffee or McCafe product bought a dollar goes towards that and of course local hearts that they sell for the week prior to McHappy Day as well.


 McHappy Day runs all day tomorrow with various community representatives helping out in the restaurant.



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