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Hudbay is Advancing Gold Exploration at Their Mine Near Snow Lake.

Cashel Meagher


In releasing their first quarter 2018 financial results Hudbay President Alan Hair reported ore mined in their Manitoba operations during the quarter increased by two percent compared to the same period last year.  That was the result of higher production at the Lalor and Reed mines, partially offset by lower production at Flin Flon’s Triple Seven mine.  Chief Operation Officer Cashel Meagher reported this year they are focusing on the gold and copper gold zones at Lalor near Snow Lake. He explains Lalor is on target to achieve a ramp up of 45 hundred tonnes per day by the third quarter of 2018 and the shaft has a capacity of 6 thousand tonnes a day.  He says early results of mining on two levels are giving them confidence of a continuous high grade gold zone and development is underway to access additional gold mineralization in 2018 and the mining of the copper gold zone in 2019 is on target.


Meagher adds with the closing of Reed Mine later this year they have excess milling capacity in Flin Flon with tests validating a favorable gold recovery of 65 percent but they will still consider the potential refurbishment of the New Britannia mill as a possible option.


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