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RCMP Have Laid Charges Following a Shooting.

Two people have been charged in connection with a shooting on First Avenue in Flin Flon last Friday.  Two men were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries following the shooting.


On Saturday RCMP charged 24 year old David Ross of Flin Flon and 24 year old Nicholas Gunville of Denare Beach each with attempted murder with a firearm, discharging a firearm with intent, four counts of failing to comply and Ross also with possessing a firearm while prohibited.


The RCMP are not looking for any further suspects and the investigation continues.

Information Has Been Requested on the Departure of a Physician Assistant.

Local resident Gail Baker has sent a letter to Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant regarding the departure of Physician Assistant Jan Drutz from the Flin Flon Clinic.  She says we have a shortage of doctors as everybody knows, waiting times are long and Jan was willing to do walk-in clinics as well as have his own clinics and he saw probably more patients than a lot of the doctors do. Baker invited Bryant to an information meeting planned within the next few weeks to discuss a way to rescind the decision and petitions have been placed around town to be presented to Premier Pallister.


In response yesterday the Health Region stated as of January 24th Mr. Drutz is no longer licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and therefore cannot be employed by the Northern Health Region as a physician assistant. Regulated health professionals such as a Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse must have a license in good standing in order to practices their profession in Manitoba.  They add having said that licensing issues are matters between the regulated health professional and his or her licensing body, in most cases their College.  They conclude once Jan Drutz resolves his registration/licensing issues with the College of Physicians and Surgeons he will be employable.

Fund Raising Continues to Support a New Aqua Centre.

At their meeting Sunday night the Aqua Centre Community Committee reported they have just over 300 thousand dollars in their fund raising account so far.  The city has applied for a grant towards the new pool through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program and expect to get a response in the spring once the federal and provincial government budgets are approved.


They also reported there’s a lot of entertainment coming up as fund raisers.  This Friday Flin Flon Recreation is sponsoring a Doc Walker concert at the Flin Flon Community Hall as a fund raiser for the Aqua Centre with advance tickets only at 35 dollars at Northern Rainbows End. As well on February 15th Ann Ross and Doug McGregor at putting together a Local Roots Coffee House Benefit with a family friendly night of music at the Community Hall at 7 pm.  Tickets will be sold at the door for ten dollars for adults and 5 for 12 and under.  Plans are also underway for other fund raisers including another golf tournament in August.


In Spite of the Cold a Snowmobile Fundraiser was a Success.

The Lions Journey for Sight is a snowmobile ride that left Flin Flon last Wednesday finishing in Brandon Saturday.  It’s held to raise money for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  Committee Chair Brad Henderson says the Journey went well.  He says it was rather cold the first couple of days and as they got further south towards Brandon it did warm up a little bit. He adds there were no serious breakdowns and they ended up with roughly 20 sleds they pretty well stated with in Flin Flon.


Henderson says so far around 34 thousand dollars has been turned in with money still to come from pledges made to the riders.  When all the money came in last year the Journey had raised 77 thousand dollars for the Lions Eye Bank.


Great Band Music Will Entertain You Wednesday Night.

Flin Flon School Division Bands will get together Wednesday night for a junior high winter band concert.  Band Director Anna Harrison says it will feature the grade six to eight band students from Ruth Betts and McIsaac Schools so there’ll be four grades six ensembles, grades seven and eight are both combined so Ruth Betts and McIsaac go together and they’ve got between 40 and 50 kids in each of those ensembles.  She adds they’ll be playing some sectional pieces and some full band stuff and then their grade eight jazz band will be playing some pieces as well.


The band concert starts at 7 Wednesday night at Ecole McIsaac School with a silver collection as admission.

Our Regional Issues Will Again be Raised in the Next Sitting of Parliament.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton is travelling our constituency in preparation for the next session of Parliament set to open next Monday.  She says it’s a chance for her to connect with communities about issues in the region.  She explains going back at the end of January she will be picking up on health care which is obviously a critical issue, it is provincial but it also is federal.  She says in order to build a better future in our north we need to be working with communities, with First Nations that are already pursuing a number of initiatives, we need to be supporting education and training in the north and we need to be making sure that good jobs stay in our north and that’s something where the federal government has a role to play.


Ashton urges people in the constituency to contact her office to discuss issues in our region that need to be addressed.

Your Used Phone Can Have a New Life.

Every year thousands of Canadians receive a new smartphone for the holidays and their used ones ends up collecting dust on shelves even though they may still be very new.  The CNIB Foundation is asking you to donate them to people with sight loss through their Phone it Forward program.  The program takes modern gently used smartphones, refurbishes them and outfits them with accessible apps and puts them into the hands of people who are blind as well as providing training on how to use their refurbished phone.  These phones make it possible for blind and partially sighted users to do all kinds of things that may have seemed impossible before from travelling safely using GPS to shopping independently or taking the proper dosage of medicine.


To donate your smartphone, make a financial donation or learn more visit phoneitforward.ca.


At approximately 3:00 this morning Flin Flon RCMP responded to a report of a shooting at a residence on 1st Avenue.

At approximately 3:00 this morning  Flin Flon RCMP responded to a report of a shooting at a residence on 1st Avenue.

Shortly afterwards, officers received a report that the local hospital had received two adult males suffering from gunshot wounds.

The men aged 52 and 24 both from Flin Flon, remain in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The investigation is ongoing and officers have secured the residence on 1st Avenue where the shooting occurred. RCMP Major Crime Unit is assisting with the investigation.

The Deadline is Approaching for You to Nominate Someone Who Deserves a Special Honour.

With the arrival of Manitoba’s 150th anniversary year the Co-Chair of the Manitoba 150 Host Committee Stuart Murray reminds you about the upcoming nomination deadline of January 31st for Honour 150.  He explains when you took at Manitoba it’s a fantastic province but it’s fantastic because of the people and the Honour 150 Program is really an opportunity for communities to recognize the men and women who have made their community a great place to work who probably have never been tapped on the shoulder before to be thanked for what they do.  He says these are people that do something because they love it and the committee wants to do the right thing and they want to make sure that they have a chance to reach out and really honour some amazing people who make this such a great province.                                  


More information is available online at manitoba150.com and the deadline for nominations again is January 31st at midnight.  150 people from across the province will receive the award medal and 500 dollar grant made in their honour to a qualified organization in their community.


This is Alzheimers Awareness Month.

The CEO of the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba Wendy Schettler says Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia.  She says it’s a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills that can severely impact the way a person can live their life.  She explains the focus of this year’s awareness campaign is to address the stigma surrounding the disease by sharing people’s stories as every experience is different.  She says what they really want is for people to think about what are their preconceived notions about dementia and would like to challenge people to think more broadly.  She adds often times we think about our worst case scenarios around dementia and we think that this could be the worst thing that could happen to anybody and as a result it impacts how we treat people and how we look at people because we think everything is just so tragic when in fact people can live very well for a long time with dementia.


Schettler goes on to ask people to think about what dementia means to them and how they can support people with the disease to live well and be part of the community.

At Least Ten Drills Will Be Hard At Work Near Snow Lake.

Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced its ongoing fully funded 100 thousand meter drill program which began last year near Snow Lake is again underway.  Approximately 70 thousand meters is expected to be drilled throughout this year with a minimum of ten drills either at property sites now or in transition to various properties.


Rockcliff President and CEO Alistair Ross says the 2020 drill program’s primary focus will be to continue growing the confidence in their deposits at Rail and Tower properties and on progress with the joint venture talks with Hudbay on Talbot.  In addition he says this year they will take the opportunity to begin some preliminary exploration on some promising projects at Bur, Copperman, Freebeth and Pen where known historical deposits and copper bearing zones exist.  He notes of importance is the fact all properties to be drill tested are within trucking distance of their leased mill and tailings facility.


Fun Programs are Part of Learning at McIsaac School.

This past Tuesday night the Flin Flon School Board met for the first regular meeting of the new year.  Ecole McIsaac School Principal Miranda Bowman along with Vice-Principals Jodi and Pawlachuk and Sylvie Dufour were on hand with a presentation on the school’s goals and happenings for the year.  The ladies each took turns outlining the variety of programs such as numeracy, literacy, reading apprenticeship, truth and reconciliation, engagement and all the extras that are available for the students.  The breakfast program is very popular as well as the Bomber Buddies and students getting out of the classroom to sing at the Manor.  The staff has created a fun atmosphere for learning and has found success working together.


Former Trustee Angie Simpson also presented the Board with a proposal regarding a Voyageur canoe program for the Division’s students.  The pilot program would coincide with Manitoba 150 celebrations, Culture Days and is related to the Division’s curriculum.  Greg East and Crystal Kolt were mentioned as willing partners.  The Board thanked Ms. Simpson for her presentation saying they would be discussing the topic at a later date.


The Liberal government Needs to Act on Child Poverty.

Churchill Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says Campaign 2000’s most recent report reveals the Liberal government's refusal to act on measures like pharmacare and a national childcare program has left over one million children still living in poverty across the country. 
Ashton states successive Liberal and Conservative governments have ignored northern, Inuit, First Nation and Metis communities who are now living with the results as two-thirds of kids in our riding are living in poverty and this cannot go on.
She adds until we have leaders willing to do things differently, we’ll continue to see the same results and it’s our kids who will pay for it.
Ashton says New Democrats welcome Campaign 2000’s recommendations to address these inequalities and lift children and families out of poverty once and for all­. Among the recommended policy and program changes Campaign 2000 calls for increasing the Canada Child Benefit, implementing Pharmacare, establishing a National Childcare Program, and expanding employment insurance to help those who really need it.

Bell MTS is Bringing All-fibre Broadband Connections to Flin Flon.

Bell MTS has announced an expansion of its all-fibre broadband network in Flin Flon.  They state it will bring Gigabit Internet speeds and next generation Fibe TV service to approximately 28 hundred residences and businesses throughout the community.


They explain with direct connections to the Bell MTS fibre network beginning this summer Flin Flonners will have access Bell MTS Gigabit Fibe Internet, Whole Home Wi-Fi and Fibe TV as well as a path to future digital communications services enabled by their high capacity fibre links. They add construction of the Flin Flon fibre project starts in March.


Mayor Cal Huntley stated this investment will provide meaningful economic benefits for our community adding to our attractiveness when exploring new opportunities for diversification and services.

A Lot of Local Issues were Raised Yesterday With the Finance Minister.

Manitoba Finance Minister Scott Fielding made a stop in Flin Flon as he travels the province holding budget consultations.  He says the top issue being raised for the budget is economic development which he says is a government priority as well.


Local issues raised with the Minister include more investment needed to attract exploration companies to Manitoba and moving the mines branch to Flin Flon so the focus is on the north, guaranteed  multi-year funding for Friendship Centres and their youth, cultural and support programs, funding and more resources to keep zebra mussels out of our waters, Hudbay’s concern about a carbon tax taking money away from exploration and operations, assisting the community of Flin Flon after Hudbay  shuts down, a Manitoba Saskatchewan emergency management office in the north, more co-operation between the two provinces on issues including Phantom Lake, personal care homes, health services and employment opportunities and Mayor Cal Huntley noted the need to have a base tax, to develop a way of working with outlying areas and rebates of the provincial sales tax to municipalities.


The Minister assured attendees they do listen to input from these sessions and it has resulted in changes in preparing past budgets. You can provide input on the budget online at engagemb.ca.


The Budget Consultation Should Have Been About More Than Money.

Manitoba Finance Minister Scott Fielding was in Flin Flon for a budget consultation yesterday.  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says it was too much talk about saving money and not enough about listening to the needs of people.  He explains the health care system in Flin Flon is a disaster as people aren’t able to see doctors, people aren’t able to receive health care, there’s communities north of us, Leaf Rapids and Lynn Lake in particular right now that are paying some of the highest water rates in the province and don’t have clean drinking water , they’re under boil water advisories so the government didn’t talk about any of those communities and what are they going to do to assist them and they didn’t talk anything about economic development for the north.


Lindsey adds there has been no information yet on the fund that replaces the Community Mining Reserve Fund or on plans for the Community Economic Development Fund.


A Look at Comedy History is Being Shown Tomorrow Night.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a Toronto International Film Festival Film tomorrow as part of their Films Up North Series. The group’s Tom Heine says they will be showing the Great Buster a look at the career of Buster Keaton who he explains was one of the pioneers of the silent movie era in the same generation as Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin.  He adds Peter Bogdanovich directed this movie and it won quite a number or awards.  Heine notes folks under 18 can get in for free because he thinks this is kind of an important film if you enjoy the history of the stars of the past and Keaton is a touchstone in that realm.


The Great Buster will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Because this is a Toronto Film Festival Film admission will be ten dollars for those 18 and over.


You Will Soon Be Able to Get Transportation to Prince Albert.

The Town of Creighton is in the final stages of developing transportation between Creighton and Prince Albert.  Mayor Bruce Fidler explains they’ve created a Development Corporation and their first project is supplying a bus service from Creighton to PA with connections available with another bus service from there to different destinations out of PA.  He says they are going to have service twice a week to Prince Albert and back and hopefully the service is well used and is successful.


Fidler adds they are in the process of getting signage for the van and hiring a couple of drivers and should be ready to go in early February.


Work by a Local Artist is On Display at the Norva Centre.

Denare Beach artist Catherine Joa has a display of her work and an artist talk and reception at the Norva Centre.  Centre Manager Mike Spencer says her work is on display at the Centre all this month. He explains the exhibition has several paintings from Catherine’s new work and they’re really excited about it.  He says its good Flin Flon scenes and they’re interesting sort of highway scenes and a lot about travel and taking time to look at all those things that you’re passing and really reflect on those.  He adds it’s a really interesting body of work and they’d like to see people come out on the 15th and have a look at that and listen to Catherine.


You’re invited to attend an artist talk and reception tomorrow night at 7 at the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street.

Snowmobilers Are Heading South This Week.

The Lions Journey for Sight starts in Flin Flon Wednesday morning. The Journey is an annual fundraiser for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  One of the organizers Dean Lounsbury from the Dauphin Lions Club says snowmobiles from across the province will start the northern leg at the Walmart Parking lot Wednesday morning about 10 o’clock off to Cranberry Portage for dinner and day number one will conclude in The Pas.  He explains after The Pas they go to Overflowing River for dinner and day number two will take them to Swan River where they will split with half the group going highway 83 toward Russell, Roblin, Birtle and the rest will go to Dauphin to spend the night then they all get dinner in Neepawa and head off to Brandon for the conclusion on Saturday.


The Journey for Sight raised 77 thousand dollars for the Lions Eye Bank last year. To make a donation locally contact Andy or Melissa Wasylciw.

You Could Help a Youth Get a Job This Summer.

Hometown Green Team grant applications are available for organizations to hire youth for jobs this summer. 


Green Team grants allow communities to hire youth aged 15 to 29 to work on community projects between May 1st and August 31st.  Eligible recipients include non-profit organizations. Priority is given to child and youth recreation and volunteer projects as well as projects that hire Indigenous youth, visible minority youth and youth with disabilities and projects located in northern Manitoba.  Non-profit organizations received 100 percent of wage costs and 250 dollars per position for support costs.  Municipal governments receive 50 percent of wage costs and 125 dollars per position for support costs on a cost shared basis.


The deadline for applications is January 22nd. For more information on Green Team applications visit www.manitoba.ca/greenteam.


A Special 3D Class is Coming Up Later This Month.

The Norva Centre is presenting an Intro to 3D Form and Sculpture for eight weeks starting January 23rd.  Instructor Avery Ascher explains they are going to be using a number of different kinds of materials to explore and make different kinds of sculpture so they will be playing with sticks, clay, wire, found objects, all kinds of things learning about the principles of what makes a sculpture work structurally as well as making it look good and have a lot of fun doing it and they’re going to end up with a pot luck supper and presentation of their work at the end of the class.


The classes are open to six participants on Thursdays from 6:30 to 9 from January 23rd to March 12th.  The cost for the 8 classes and supplies is 230 dollars.  To register contact the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street, call 204-687-4237 or email norvacentre@gmail.com.


Recycling Was at Its Best Last Year.

The year end totals are in for last year at the Flin Flon Recycling Center.  Administrator Deb Odegaard says it was an excellent year.  She explains in 2019 they actually set a new record of 519 metric tonnes beating last year’s record of 510 and most of that growth was in corrugated cardboard.  She adds they also recycled 20 metric tonnes of ewaste, 875 kilograms of batteries which is up 200 kilograms and 62 boxes of fluorescent bulbs so they’re quite pleased on how that went.


For information on recycling you can contact the Recycling Center at 204-687-6169 or visit their website www.flinflonrecycling.org.


Flin Flon RCMP Are Searching For a Robbery Suspect.





At approximately 9:00 pm January 8th RCMP responded to a robbery at a business on Main Street in Flin Flon.


A male suspect holding a knife, entered the business and approached the employee. The employee told the male to leave the store multiple times, and the suspect left empty-handed. No injuries were reported.


The suspect is described as 5’10”, 190 lbs, wearing a black jacket with “family forever” written on the back, camouflage pants and white and black shoes.  Pictures are attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.


If you recognize the suspect, please call Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com.


The Flin Flon Arts Council and Kinsmen Clubs Have Special Events Planned..

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council approved a funding request from the Flin Flon Arts Council for help in sponsoring the Inspiration Series 3.0 Developing Northern Visions Workshop in the amount of two thousand dollars.  The Arts Council will host Hazel Borys President and CEO of PlaceMakers along with Stephen Borys CEO of the Winnipeg Art Gallery March 2nd to 4th.  Their visit could include workshops, information meetings, a meeting with local organizations including the Main Street Revitalization Committee and a community presentation and panel discussion.


And Mayor Cal Huntley officially proclaimed the week of February 16th to 22nd Kin Canada Week and Thursday February 20th as Kin Canada Day which is their 100th anniversary.. The proclamation notes Kin Canada has been a vibrant, responsible, all Canadian association of service clubs devoted to the concept of serving its communities throughout Canada since it’s founding in Hamilton, Ontario on February 20th, 1920.


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