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A Jump in Cases Has Been Reported for the Northern Region in Manitoba and Far North East in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 45 net new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.3 percent.  They also reported one new death in the Southern health region.  Of the new cases 17 were in Northern health and 12 each in Winnipeg and Interlake Eastern with single digits in other regions. Of the total 57,593 reported cases 542 are active, 55 873 people have recovered and 93 are in hospital with 25 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 56 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 45.  They reported no new deaths.  Of the new cases Saskatoon had 13 and Far North East 11 with single digits in other zones.  Of the total 49,940 reported cases 448 are considered active, 48,914 people have recovered and 46 are in hospital with twelve in intensive care.  There are 59 active cases in Far North East.


Tourism Saskatchewan is Looking For Your Pictures Including the Denare Beach Creighton Area.

Tourism Saskatchewan’s annual ExploreSask Photo Contest is looking for your favorite Saskatchewan adventures to win great prizes. Amateur and professional photographers are encouraged to submit their most striking images that capture the natural wonders of the province and tell stories about its people and communities.  There are six contest categories that include people, places, prairie, water, wildlife and wood. The prize winning photographer in each category will receive a 500 dollar Visa gift card and the grand prize winner will receive an additional 500 dollar Visa gift card.

              For complete rules and to submit your entry visit TourismSaskatchewan.com/Photo-Contest or call Tourism Saskatchewan at 1-877-237-2273.  The deadline for entries is September 15th.

Remember Boat Safety As You Enjoy the Long Weekend and The Summer.

Manitoba RCMP remind you to stay safe on the water.  They note boating is a great way to get outdoors however inherent risks exist that boat operators need to be aware of.  Criminal code impaired driving laws involving motor vehicles apply equally to operating a boat.   As well you should be sure your boat is mechanically sound including all the required safety equipment and anyone operating a boat with a motor must possess a Pleasure Craft Operators Card.


In partnership with the Canadian Safe Boating Council the RCMP remind you to wear your lifejacket, boat sober, be prepared both you and your boat and take a safe boating course. They emphasize when unexpected incidents occur and a person ends up in the water a lifejacket or personal flotation device is your number one piece of safety equipment. They conclude following these safety tips will help make everyone’s boating experience safe and enjoyable.


Intensive Care Numbers are Low in Manitoba as Are Hospitalization Numbers in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 46 net new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.1 percent.  They also reported two new deaths in the Winnipeg health region.  Of the new cases 21 were in Interlake Eastern and 13 in Winnipeg with single digits in other regions including six in Northern health.  Of the total 57,548 reported cases 526 are active, 55,845 individuals have recovered and 102 are in hospital with 29 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 52 new cases this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 44.  They also reported no new deaths. All zones reported new cases in the single digits including three in Far North East.  Of the total 48,882 reported cases 412 are considered active, 48,892 people have recovered and 43 are in hospital which is the lowest number since last November 9th and nine are intensive care. Just over 1.4 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the province.

Flin Flon Has An Official Star Attraction.

A new Manitoba Star Attraction highway sign has been installed recognizing the Flin Flon Station Museum.  The Museum was granted Star Attraction status in 2018.  Museum Board Chair Tom Heine says that came after about six years of work by the Museum board.  He explains basically it tells all visitors coming into the town from the east that we have a Star Attraction in our community.  He adds it puts us up there with kind of a select few events, activities and institutions in the province so it kind of puts us on the map.


The sign is located on Highway Ten between Flin Flon and Big Island Lake.

Protect Yourself From the Sun as We Head Into a Long Weekend.

The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation is reminding Canadians to take the necessary steps to prevent sunburns and skin cancer this summer.


Executive director of the organization Heidi Veluw says sunscreen is one of the best things people can use to help lower the risk of sunburns. She explains the biggest thing for sunscreen is buy it and wear it, the best thing is SPF 30 not lower than that and making sure you re-apply at all times.  She adds mostly your sunscreen starts wearing off in two hours so in Canada where we get very excited about our summer because we have long winters getting a burn is not the best way to go so SPF 30, keep in on you and keep applying especially for little children.


Veluw says preventing sunburns is important in lowering the risk of developing skin cancer as sunburns increase the likelihood by 75 per cent.


New Case Numbers Continue to be Low in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health reported 50 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 41.  They reported no new deaths.  Of the new cases 13 were in Saskatoon and 10 in Far North West with single digits in other zones and none reported in Far North East although one person tested out of province was added to Far North East.  Of the total 49,830 reported cases 376 are considered active, 48,876 people have recovered and 43 are in hospital with nine in intensive care.


The number of vaccine doses administered in Saskatchewan is approaching 1.4 million.


There Were No New Covid Cases Reported in the Northern Health Region.

Manitoba public health reported 26 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.5 percent.  They also reported three new deaths with one each in the Interlake Eastern, Southern and Northern health regions. Of the new cases 15 were in the Interlake Eastern region with single digits in other regions and zero in Northern health.  The Vaccine Implementation Task Forces Johanu Botha noted we are approaching our next vaccine target in having more restrictions lifted. He explained more than 79 percent of people aged 12 and up have had at least one dose of the vaccine which means we are less than one percent away from our re-opening plan’s third milestone for dose one and about 68 percent of Manitobans who are eligible have had two doses making Manitoba one of the most vaccinated provinces in the country.


Newcomers to Manitoba, immigrants, disenfranchised and homeless individuals are reminded they can get immunized despite not having a Manitoba health card.  A vaccine can be administered at a super site or one of the numerous community led clinics that are currently operating.


A Display of Inuit Art is Coming to Flin Flon.

The Flin Flon Credit Union is hosting the Manitoba 150 Art Tour in front of their location at 36 Main Street Friday.  Manitoba 150 Co-Chair Stuart Murray says the tour is sponsored by Manitoba Credit Unions and features a new display of Inuit Art which comes from Qaumajug the Inuit Art Gallery that the Winnipeg Art Gallery has just launched with all of this Inuit Art and that has been in Tour 150 in the vehicle.  He says when it gets to Flin Flon people should come out and see it because it’s really quite spectacular.  He notes it is accessible so anybody in a chair will have an opportunity to experience it as well.  He adds he just thinks it’s an opportunity for communities outside of Winnipeg to take advantage of some of this great Inuit Art that is featured in the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


The display includes Inuit art in soapstone, felt, print, textile and other materials.  The display will be open from 11 to 3 Friday in front of the Flin Flon Credit Union.

Highway Improvements are Coming to Two Areas in Northern Manitoba.

The Federal and Manitoba governments have announced joint funding to improve two provincial roads in northern Manitoba. A bituminous rehabilitation project south of Snow Lake will restore approximately 26 kilometers of Provincial Trunk Highway 39 from Provincial Road 392 eastward.  The federal and provincial governments will each provide more than 3.9 million dollars to the highway rehabilitation.


Provincial Road 280 near Thompson will be upgraded over 10 kilometers to meet demands of current traffic volume and projected trends surrounding the towns of Gillam and Sundance as well as the community of Split Lake.  The federal and provincial governments will each invest over 2.4 million dollars in this road upgrade.


The funding comes from the Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.


The federal government has also announced an additional 8.82 million dollars to the Manitoba government to continue the support of essential air services for remote communities in the province.


The Test Positivity Rate in Manitoba is Below Three Percent While the Saskatchewan Average is Up Slightly.

Manitoba public health reported 23 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.8 percent.  They reported no new deaths.  All regions reported new cases in the single digits including the Northern region with two.  Of the total 57,476 reported cases 498 are active, 55,806 people have recovered and 107 are in hospital with 27 in intensive care.


Meanwhile Saskatchewan health reports 38 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 41.  They report no new deaths. Of the new cases the Far North West reports 17 with single digits in other zones including four in Far North East. Of the total 49,765 reported cases 362 are considered active, 48,825 people have recovered and 50 people are in hospital with ten in intensive care. There are 51 active cases in Far North East.


Summer in The Parks Continues Into Its Second Month.

Summer in the Parks began July 5th for children 4 to 10 years old.  Assistant Supervisor Ashley Andersen says camp has been going well with new and exciting weekly themes for August.  She explains they’re going to have their Animal Week which they’ve named Bark in the Park, they have a Travel Week which is going to feature places from all around the world, their Space Week and their final Holiday Week which is going to include Christmas, Halloween, Easter and one big birthday party at the end.


You can still register for Summer in the Parks by calling the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 or text 431-746-6496.

Its Community Day in Denare Beach Friday.

The Village of Denare Beach and Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation are holding Denare Beach Amisk Lake Community Day Friday.  Recreation Director Mel Durette says it all starts at 5 pm at the Main Beach. She explains they’re going to have a barbeque and adult and youth canoe races, a bunch of kids games like potato sack races, bean bag toss, water tug of war, bubble gum blowing, sand castle building and paddle boat races and there’ll be free cupcakes and fireworks at 11:45.


The fireworks are weather permitting.  For more information you can call the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050 or visit their Facebook page.

The North Reports the Higher Number of New Cases in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health reported 43 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 38.  They also reported one new death in the North West zone.  Of the new cases 20 were in Far North East, 12 in Far North West and single digits in other zones. Of the total 49,727 reported cases 356 are considered active, 48,792 people have recovered and 55 are in hospital with 10 in intensive care.


As of August 8th the Saskatchewan Health Authority is shifting their vaccination focus from mass vaccination to focused outreach targeting those in the province who are under and unvaccinated.


The Importance of Vaccines Was Again the Message.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported 103 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday bringing the five day test positivity rate to three percent. He also reported two additional deaths with one each in Winnipeg and Southern health regions. Of the 11 new cases reported today all regions were in single digits including one in Northern health. Roussin again emphasized the importance of vaccination noting his recommendation is a strong one and clear its all eligible Manitobans should be vaccinated as soon as they become eligible and that’s two doses.  He adds we’re getting more and more Manitobans vaccinate with each passing day which means we are getting closer and closer to a post pandemic Manitoba with each passing day and in that post pandemic Manitoba there is going to be a Manitoba with public health guidelines rather than public health restrictions.


Roussin noted there has been no final decision yet on when current restrictions will be further loosened.

Public health advises the demand for the Manitoba physical immunization card continues to be high.  All cards requested by July 11th have been mailed out.  Additional card stock has been secured and printing has resumed.

The Fire Department is Prepared for All Season Rescue.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council received the Fire Chief’s report for June.  The department received and put into service their new rescue Boggin or Snowbulance which will allow them to perform rescue operations in summer and winter on trails and remote areas.  Training was held on switching between skis and wheels for different terrain and seasons.


There were six calls to the department in June three of which were to assist EMS on calls.  There was an alarm on Waldron on the 19th that proved to be burnt cooking that set off alarms.  There were two calls to motor vehicle accidents. The first was on Church Street on the 15th where a vehicle had struck the side of a building.  They assisted the passengers out of the vehicle into the ambulance and moved the vehicle. And on the 26th at the Big Island turn off a person on a bike was struck by a vehicle.  They established traffic control and assisted the patient to the ambulance.

COVID-19 Enforcement Ticket Numbers Have Dropped.

The Manitoba government reported a total of 58 warnings and only six tickets were issued for the week of July 12th to 18th.  Four of the 1296 dollar tickets went to individuals, one 298 dollar ticket to an individual for failure to wear a mask in an indoor public place and one 2542 dollar ticket to a repeat offender.  Officials advise three of the four 1296 dollar tickets issued to individuals were in relation to gatherings in private residences or outdoors.  Manitobans are advised that conservation and park patrol officers are enforcing public health orders within provincial parks.


Since enforcement efforts began in April 2020 a total of 5145 warnings and 2061 tickets have been issued resulting in more than 2.8 million dollars in fines to businesses and individuals.

Last week was National Drowning Prevention Week and Lifesaving Society Manitoba is encouraging residents to take the steps necessary to ensure they prevent water-related deaths.

Water-Smart Coordinator Doctor Christopher Love explains the society released their annual Drowning Report which overall hasn’t seen too much change when it comes drowning incidents.  He says the number of fatalities that occur due to drowning and water related deaths every year has remained consistent at 22 on average.  He notes they consistently also see that lack of adult supervision or distracted adult supervision is still a factor in 100 percent of all fatal child drownings that occur in the province and that for other age groups the lack of life jacket use and being under the influence of an intoxicant like alcohol remain key risk factors.


Love says the report also shows an alarming increase in the number of deaths occurring in backyard and private pools at seven per cent.


The City of Flin Flon is Conducting a Property Survey.

At their meeting Tuesday night Council passed a resolution appointing Richmond Surveys MLS for surveying and planning purposes.  The areas include the Flin Flon Creek area, Campground Museum area, Ash Crescent Redevelopment and East Highway Ten Grant Lake property. Mayor Cal Huntley explained they are looking for property for potential development opportunities.  He says there’s been some preliminary interest in some development so part of their economic development going forward is having a good land property register so they can immediately identify areas when opportunities do come up.


Regarding COVID-19 Mayor Huntley noted the numbers are really good for our area so we’re in a good place so continue to follow the public health rules as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Cheques Will be in The Mail for Co-op Members.

New General Manager Randy Dumenko told the 76th annual meeting of the North of 53 Co-op 2020 was a year full of challenges brought on by COVID-19.  He said it was a busy year with sales exceeding 33.3 million dollars including 26.9 million in food sales. He noted sales in the food department were up 18.9 percent but there was a significant decrease in their petroleum business both due to COVID restrictions while propane sales were up 5.6 percent.  Dumenko reported with their local loss being minimal and with Federated Co-op patronage and loyalty programs they were left with savings after tax of just over 848 thousand dollars which the Board has elected to do an allocation of 331 thousand with a total cash repayment of just over 167 thousand dollars to the membership with cheques to be mailed shortly.


Board President Dave Kendall reported this year there were openings for two positions for three year terms on the Board filled by Dennis Whitbread and Kelsey Horrocks and a two year appointment of James Johnson to fill the vacancy on the Board.


New Cases are Up In a Couple of Manitoba Regions and Dropping in one Zone Reporting Double Digits in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 56 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 3.3 percent. They also reported one new death in the Southern health region.  Of the new cases 22 were in Winnipeg, 14 in Interlake Eastern and 13 in Southern health with single digits in other regions including four in Northern health.  Of the total 57,322 reported cases 537 are active, 55,618 people have recovered and 105 are in hospital with 28 in intensive care. One of the active districts in this region The Pas, OCN, Kelsey is now down to 24 active cases.


Saskatchewan health reported 26 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 30. They reported no new deaths.  Of the new cases Far North West reported 14 down from 24 Wednesday with other zones reporting single digits including Far North East with one.  Of the total 49,556 reported cases 287 are considered active, 48,694 people have recovered and 59 are in hospital with 11 in intensive care. Far North East reports 28 active cases.

The City is Quickly Moving Forward with a New Aqua Centre.

Flin Flon Mayor Cal Huntley says with funding from the Federal and Provincial governments now confirmed for a new Aqua Centre it is their highest priority to have people in the pool as soon as possible.  He explained the next step will include hiring the right Project Manager to oversee the pool project from start to finish, selecting and confirming the correct location and design.  The process will include a sight analysis to confirm the most feasible area for the placement of the new Aqua Centre.  In concert to this the design will be finalized to ensure they are meeting the needs of the community.  He adds once the proper site and design are chosen the scope of work is to be competed with all the engineering, construction and ground work components and this will be followed by a tender process ending with the awarding of the contract for the construction of the new Aqua Centre.


Although Mayor Huntley could not commit to a time line or location he did mention at the City Council meeting the primary site they are looking at as a starting point is the former Willow Park Curling Rink Wading Pool site with the former Aqua Centre site being considered for expanding seniors housing.


You Can Now Visit the Museum.

Flin Flon Station Museum Board Chair Tom Heine says they are once again welcoming visitors to the museum.  He explains they’ve got two students working there this year and they’ve been involved with basically curating their collection, updating the cataloging system and more importantly cleaning everything.  All the displays, floors and the artifacts have been cleaned fairly thoroughly and now they’re pleased to open up again and they’re open seven days a week 10 o’clock til 6 o’clock so they encourage everyone, visitors and locals alike to visit the museum.


Under the most recent public health orders Museums can open to fifty percent capacity to fully immunized people.

New Cases Have Made a Bit of a Jump in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health reported 53 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases up to 30.  They reported no new deaths.  Of the new cases 24 are in Far North West with single digits in other zones including two in Far North East.  Of the total 49,525 reported cases 276 are considered active, 48,674 people have recovered and 59 are in hospital with ten in intensive care.


They also note 74 percent of those 12 and over have received their first dose of vaccine and 60 percent are fully vaccinated.

It is Time to Make a Vaccine Appointment to Prepare For Back to School.

Manitoba public health reported 44 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 3.5 percent.  They also reported one new death in the Winnipeg region.  Of the new cases 16 are in the Winnipeg region and 12 in Interlake Eastern with lower numbers in other regions including three in Northern health.  With 11 cases removed due to case corrections the total reported cases stands at 57,269 with 916 active, 55,187 individuals have recovered and 105 are in hospital with 19 in intensive care. They also reported almost 1.7 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the province.  Dr. Joss Reimer notes for your child to be fully immunized for back to school they need to get their first dose by next Tuesday, July 27th which allows for the minimum 28 days between doses and the two weeks following the second dose and there are Pfizer appointments available for young people 12 to 17.


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