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New Cases are up a Bit in Some Manitoba Regions While They Remain Low in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 128 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.2 percent.  Of the new cases 66 are in Southern health and 30 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 13 in Northern health where there are 311 active cases.  Of the total 67,877 identified cases 1418 are active and 65,140 people have recovered.


Saskatchewan health reported 42 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 73.  Of the total 80,992 identified cases 715 are active, 79,351 people have recovered and 133 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports no new cases with only six cases active.

Provincial Funding is Being Provided for Mental Health Programs in the North.

The Manitoba government is providing 400 thousand dollars in new funding to Healthy Together Now. This is a community co-ordinated program focused on preventing chronic disease.


Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says they have seen a steady increase in Healthy Together Now applications related to mental health promotion. She explains this increased funding allows them to not only support the many important programs happening across the region but also address the growing demand the COVID-19 pandemic created.  She notes two areas they are very excited about enhancing are cultural awareness and their Towards Flourishing program which currently focuses on children and new parents and they can now extend the program to all ages.  She adds this increased funding will allow them to reach a broader portion of the community promoting positive mental health in all ages.


The City of Flin Flon Invites You to Celebrate the Start of the Christmas Season.

Flin Flons Christmas tree will be officially lit up for the holiday season tomorrow evening.  Recreation Director Andrew Smith invites you to attend the celebration at Pioneer Square tomorrow evening at 6. He explains they have one performer and they’re trying to keep it small just because of the COVID restrictions right now so they’re going to have people giving out candy and they’re going to have a performance and you might even get a sight of Santa.

              If you can’t make it to Pioneer Square the lighting will be live streamed on the City of Flin Flon Facebook page.  To again celebrate the season the annual Santa Claus parade will be taking place on December 10th.

Around 9 o'clock Friday night The Pas RCMP responded to a call of a disturbance at St Anthony's Hospital.

A male suspect had a weapon and was forcibly holding a hospital employee against their will.

The suspect reportedly held the victim in order to gain access to the secure rooms in the hospital and while a lot of damage was done to these rooms nothing was taken.

The 21 year old suspect Keewatin Lachose from The Pas was apprehended and is facing numerous charges ranging from assault with a weapon, robbery with an offensive weapon, forcible confinement to resisting arrest.  He was found to be in possession of a stolen ID pass and a key to the narcotics room He was also wanted on unrelated warrants for assault and for violating his probation. He has been remanded into custody and the investigation continues.

The 17 year old victim was not physically injured.

The Larger Numbers of New Cases are Still in Southern Manitoba While Saskatchewan Numbers Continue to go Down.

Manitoba public health reported 495 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified since Thursday bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.1 percent.  Of the new cases 216 are in Southern health, 148 in Winnipeg and much lower numbers in other regions including 50 in Northern health where there are 307 active cases.  Of the total 67, 753 confirmed cases 1493 are active, 64,945 people have recovered and 142 are in hospital with 25 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 174 new cases since Friday bringing the seven day average of new cases to 77.  Of the total 80,950 confirmed cases 858 are active, 79,166 people have recovered and 130 are in hospital. Far North East Two reported one new case with nine active.  No cases of the Omicron variant have been detected in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.


Support is Available for Businesses and Communities North of the 53rd Interested in Snowmobile Tourism.

SledMB53 has launched online Business and Community Sled Friendly Training and Certification programs.  Their Project Manager Al McLauchlan says training is designed to make snowmobilers feel welcome by having frontline workers, businesses and communities knowledgeable about snowmobiling and the importance of snowmobiling to the economy of northern Manitoba. He explains snowmobiling brings millions of dollars into Manitoba, much of that comes to the north as we have lots of snow up here and we have great groomed trails by our clubs up in the north so they just want to encourage everyone to take these online courses especially people who are in the hospitality industry so that when snowmobilers come to your place of business and ask questions that you have answers for those questions.


To find out how to receive the free training go to the Manitoba Tourism Education Council website at www.mtec.mb.ca.

Hudbay Has Announced Senior Management Appointments

Hudbay Minerals has announced the appointment of Andre Lauzon as its Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Effective January 4th.  He replaces Cashel Meagher who has provided notice that he will be leaving the company to pursue other interests.  Lauzon joined Hudbay in 2016 and has held strategic and operational leadership roles in Manitoba where he served as Vice-President of the Manitoba Business Unit until 2018 and in his current role where he oversees the Company’s U.S. business.

              They also announced the promotion of Candace Brule to Vice-President of Investor Relations where she will continue to lead the company’s investor and media communication activities.  She joined Hudbay in 2010 in a corporate development role and has been executing the company’s investor relations program since 2014 and their media relations activities since 2019.

This is Diabetes Awareness Month in Canada.

With diabetes on the rise in Manitoba Diabetes Canada is reiterating the importance of residents being aware and proactive for Diabetes Awareness Month.


Regional Director Andrea Kwasnicki explains we have approximately 146 thousand people that are living with either type one diabetes or type two diabetes but the scary part is that there are 408 thousand people in those statistics when you add in the pre-diabetes so approximately 28 percent of Manitobans are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Diabetes Canada is urging Manitobans to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise in order to reduce the risk of developing diabetes or to manage the disease especially if you’ve been diagnosed with type-two diabetes or pre-diabetes.


New Case Numbers are Down in Manitoba and Up a Bit in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 153 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon dropping the five day test positivity rate to 5.4 percent.  Of the new cases 52 are in Winnipeg and 51 in Southern health with lower numbers in other regions including 25 in Northern health where there are 317 active cases.  Of the total 67,420 identified cases 1516 are active, 64,599 people have recovered and 134 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


              Saskatchewan health reported 108 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 98.  Of the total 80,775 identified cases 1017 are active, 78,842 people have recovered and 143 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports another new case bringing the total of active cases to 10.

Flin Flon Has Made the Culture Days 2021 Top Participating Communities List.

Culture Days National congratulates Flin Flon on ranking fifth nationwide among rural and small towns.  The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says she is pleased they were able to offer some Culture Days Events.  She adds she is really surprised and really happy that Culture Days nationwide was able to continue in light of what we’ve been going through with COVID and that Flin Flon was able to still have quite a few events to be able to offer the public both in person and virtually and also she wants to congratulate The Pas because they came in number six just behind us and so northern Manitoba is showing what it can do which is kind of nice as well.


Now in its 12th year Culture Days programs invite the public to get hands on and behind the scenes to highlight the importance of arts and culture by connecting communities and creators.

Saskatchewan Communities Including Creighton Have Received Information on an Insurance Cost Increase.

At their Council meeting Wednesday night the Town of Creighton discussed a letter received from the insurance program SUMAssure which is owned and governed by subscribing members of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association.  Since 2009 they have been dedicated to giving their subscribers the best possible property and liability coverage at the most cost effective prices.  In the letter it states as the new year approaches they are in one of the toughest situations since their inception thirteen year ago.  Facing a hard insurance market, especially so serving the public sector and still waiting to hear from the Superintendent of Insurance about potentially freeing up three million in equity, this year saw the losses of two major properties in their member pool.  For the 2021-22 policy year they require a twenty percent rate adjustment.  These rate changes are shared in advance allowing members to budget more accurately.  SUMAssure states they remain proud that in thirteen years they have reduced rates or held them steady more often than they’ve had to increase them.


Mayor Bruce Fidler mentioned it was a significant increase and Council members agreed to sit in on the upcoming virtual dates scheduled to address any questions.


The Test Positivity Rate Has Dropped Again In Manitoba While Health Orders are Extended in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 183 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon as the five day test positivity rate dropped to 5.5 percent.  Of the new cases 60 are in Southern health and 44 in Prairie Mountain with lower numbers in other regions including 38 in Winnipeg and 34 in Northern health.  Of the total 67,275 confirmed cases 1493 are active, 64,478 people have recovered and 136 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan’s current public health orders will be extended to January 31st. That means masking is mandatory in all indoor public spaces including schools and proof of vaccination or negative test requirements are in place for public access to a list of establishments, businesses and event venues.


Saskatchewan health reported 96 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 95.

Of the total 80,667identified cases 993are active, 78,759 people have recovered and 142are in hospital. Far Northeast Two reported one new case with 9 cases active.


The Throne Speech Offers Nothing New.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says the Manitoba Throne Speech was a repeat of old ideas.  He says there was one mention of the north.  He explains about the only thing they talked about is a onetime only creating 20 nursing spots noting it’s a good stop gap measure but it’s not a long term plan to address health care or the absence of health care we’ve seen in the north.  He adds he thinks it was a lot of nothing, a lot of re-hashing ideas that have already been presented either by Pallister, Goertzen or Stephanson prior to the Throne Speech so he really doesn’t think there was anything new or exciting and no real bold vision for what the new Premier is going to doing differently than the old Premiers.


The Throne Speech kicked off an eight day fall legislature sitting.

Winter Conditions Were the Focus at the Flin Flon School Board Meeting.

Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported this past Tuesday that with the arrival of winter parents are asked to keep up to date on potential school closings or bus cancellations by checking the Division’s Facebook pages or listening to CFAR.  Information may also be sent through School Messenger.  Buses will not be operating when the temperature drops below minus 35 not including the wind chill according to Environment Canada’s forecast for Flin Flon.


The Division is currently looking for casual EAs and substitute teachers as well as clerical and custodial assistance.  If you are interested more information can be found on the Division’s Facebook page and website.


Parents are asked to continue self screening their children before school using the Manitoba Health screening tool https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/.


The Schools in the Division will be scheduling grades four to six for vaccines over the coming weeks.  Those under grade four will have the parents taking them to various clinics.

There Will Be a Safety Zone Around Saskatchewan Hospitals.

The Saskatchewan government reports health care workers, patients and families entering hospitals in the province will now have the protection of a safe zone or bubble.  Legislation has been passed to create and enforce safe access zones around hospitals.  Any protests near hospitals must now be outside of a 50 meter perimeter to ensure people accessing the facilities aren’t delayed or harassed.


Saskatchewan health reported 90 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 95. Of the total 80,571 identified cases 994 are active, 78,663 people have recovered and 148 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports one new case with 8 cases now reported as active.


The Flu Shot is Also Important for Manitobans.

Manitoba public health reported 147 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon holding the five day test positivity rate at 5.9 percent. Of the new cases 71 were in Southern health and 33 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 12 in Northern health where there are 353 active cases.


Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says the COVID vaccine offers protection but it’s also important to get a flu shot this time of year.  He explains that flu shot is a great way to protect yourself and the people around you from the flu which can be quite a severe illness as well especially those people who are at significant risk, those over 65 or under 5, those with underlying medical conditions or people who are around them so they really encourage Manitobans to contact their health care provider or pharmacy and get that flu shot as soon as you can.


Roussin adds it not only protects you but it helps to keep pressure off our health care system that already exists due to COVID-19.

Career Trek is Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary Today.

Career Trek is celebrating 25 years of career development for young Manitobans today.  Their CEO Rhonda Taylor says over the past 25 years they have helped thousands of young people with over 800 participants annually. She explains Career Trek is a charitable organization that provides career education programming for children and youth and they give them a chance to explore a variety of careers by engaging them in activities that give them a hands on look at what some of the tasks would be for a particular job across a number of sectors like graphic design, health care, natural resources or sciences.


Taylor adds they partner with schools and school divisions on how their programming can be provided for students and have also partnered with UCN and the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy.  You can get more information on their website www.careertrek.ca or email info@careertrek.ca.

This is Financial Literacy Month, and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is encouraging residents to make a change that counts to help build financial resiliency.

The senior engagement and outreach officer with the agency Julie Hauser explains money management can be overwhelming for many Canadians stating finances continue to be the biggest source of stress for people. She says financial literacy really comes into play every time we make a financial decision or a transaction and just to define financial literacy a little bit includes the skills and capacity to perform financial decisions as well as actions or behaviours that lead to positive financial outcomes.  She thinks it is something that is really important for a lot of people even if they may not talk about it as being financial literacy.


The focus points of the campaign include managing expenses, managing debt, managing savings, and navigating the financial marketplace. Financial tips and tools can be found at www.canada.ca/financialliteracymonth.


The Higher New Case Numbers are Shared by Three Regions in Manitoba With New Cases Still Low in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 129 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.9 percent.  Of the new cases 42 are in Winnipeg, 35 in Southern health and 34 in Northern health with much lower numbers in the other two regions.  There are 342 active cases in Northern health.  Of the total 66,592 identified cases 1523 are active, 64,133 have recovered and 154 are in hospital with 25 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 69 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 103.  Of the 80,481 identified cases 1014 are active, 78,553 people have recovered and 149 are in hospital with 34 in intensive care.  Far Northeast Two reports one new case with six cases reported as active.


Flin Flon RCMP Have Arrested a Wanted Man.

Around 1:10 Sunday morning Flin Flon RCMP were advised that a man wanted on numerous outstanding warrants was seen walking on Third Avenue.  Several officers began making patrols and located three people walking along a path near Bracken Street. When an officer approached the group the wanted man took off.  A foot pursuit ensued and the suspect sprayed the officer with bear spray.  The suspect was arrested a short time later.


19 year old Nathaniel Linklater is facing seven new charges along with his seven outstanding warrants. They include assaulting an officer with a weapon, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, resisting arrest, three charges for failing to comply and administering a noxious substance.  He was remanded into custody.

You Can Purchase Work by Local Artists This Weekend.

The Square Foot Art Exhibition and Auction wraps up on Sunday with an auction at the NorVa Centre.  The Centre’s Fund Raising Chair Cindy McLean says a silent auction is underway but the live auction is on Sunday.  She explains for those who don’t know the Square Foot Auction is NorVa’s annual fund raiser featuring local artists who explore their creativity within the parameters of a 12 by 12 canvas so check out their Facebook page where each individual piece is highlighted or come down to NorVa to view and place a bid on one or more pieces of amazing art work.  She adds you can also place and follow your bids by calling NorVa at 687-4237 between the hours of 10 and 5 as well as on the day of the auction.  She notes as per Manitoba COVID rules if you do decide to come into NorVa they do require masks and proof of vaccination.


The live auction gets underway at 2 Sunday afternoon with auctioneer Raphael Saray at NorVa at 177 Green Street and it will also be live streamed on the NorVa Facebook page.

This is National Lung Month and the Manitoba Lung Association is Encouraging Those Who Wish to Quit Smoking to Take the Next Step to Let Go of the Habit.

President and CEO Neil Johnston says about one-in-five Manitobans live with some sort of lung issue, including lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and smoking is one of the leading causes. However he adds smoking isn’t the only cause of lung disease as air quality also plays a major factor.  He explains both indoor and outdoor air can have small particles noting right now we are thinking about COVID and the particles associated with the COVID virus which of course causes respiratory illness but there’s also dust and other particles and chemicals that can penetrate deeply into the lungs so it’s important to be aware of how clear the air is in the area you happen to be in.  He says there are ways of filtering the air, protecting yourself, wearing a mask and things like that when you expect to be in a dusty or dirty environment, so protecting yourself from dust and aerosols is important to be aware of.


Johnston encourages people looking to quit smoking to reach out to the Manitoba Lung Association for resources to help them out or to speak with a tobacco program educator.


Recoveries in Manitoba Have Topped 64 thousand While Active Cases Dropped Below One Thousand in Saskatchewan

Manitoba public health reported 660 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified since Friday bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.7 percent.  Of the new cases 258 were in Southern health and 185 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 82 in Northern health where there are 315 active cases.  Of the total 66,828 confirmed cases 1528 are active, 64,006 people have recovered and 152 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 73 new cases this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 105.  Of the total 80,413 identified cases 998 are active, 78,503 people have recovered and 152 people are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports one new case with five cases reported to be active.

Children Will Soon Be Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Medical Lead for the Manitoba Vaccine Implementation Task Force Dr. Joss Reimer reports doses of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children will be arriving at participating medical clinics and pharmacies between November 25th and 29th.  She explains the benefits of vaccine outweigh the risks noting Health Canada reports the vaccine was 90.7 percent efficacious at preventing COVID-19 in children five to eleven years of age and no serious side effects including myocarditis were identified in the child.  She adds the vaccine will be given in a two dose regimen of two micrograms which is one third the dose of the adolescent or adult dose of 30 micrograms.


To be eligible children must be five at the time the appointment is booked. School clinics are being arranged.


More information can be found online at https://protectmb.ca.




REGINA - Saskatchewan is aiming to ban COVID-19 protests at schools.

Today, the province introduced legislation to create a 50-metre safe zone around schools .Education Minister Dustin Duncan says the aim is to ensure families are not harassed when trying to access schools. He says it is important for children to not feel scared or threatened. The safe zone would expire after two years.  The proposed legislation comes as the province prepares to roll out vaccination clinics for children between the ages of five to 11.

Tomorrow, the province expects to receive its first shipment of the pediatric Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. It is to get 112-thousand doses, which is nearly enough for the 115-thousand children in the age range. The vaccine will be offered through 221 clinics in 141 communities and at 200 pharmacies. Clinics will also be set up in more than 100 schools.

(Canadian Press)

More Information Has Been Released on a Recent Economic Development Announcement for Flin Flon.

The FDC Regional Economic Development Commission has announced the MMDF or Manitoba Mineral Development Fund has approved funding for the development of an Investment Attraction Toolkit. The Toolkit is expected to provide the Flin Flon region with the means to guide and facilitate investments that align with its vision and foster planned diversification. The project encompasses the formation of a strategic investment attraction portfolio along with substantiated investment cases, including an integrated online platform to attract and direct investments to the Flin Flon region. MMDF is committed to providing 98 thousand dollars toward implementing the project.


Flin Flon Mayor Cal Huntley notes our region is going through a transformative period, which is accompanied by unprecedented opportunities. As an example he says we see immense values in solidifying our region as a strategic hub servicing the communities in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He adds the funding from MMDF is timely in positioning us to ride on the momentum garnered to date and further advance our steps toward planned economic diversification.

You Can Learn More About a Pre-Kindergarten Program.

Flin Flon School Division is again taking registrations for their Kindervention program that begins in January.  Administrative Assistant Kathryn Church explains the program is offered for children who were born in 2017.  She says families are asked to attend one of two information sessions to be held virtually on November 24h at 1 pm and 6:30 pm with the links to both sessions on their website www.ffsd.mb.ca and if you require any assistance in logging on you can call Katherine at 204-681-3424.  She adds if families are unable to attend the registration sessions they can register by calling the school in their catchment.


The deadline to register for Kindervention is December 6th.

You Can Nominate a Teacher For a Special Award.

All Manitobans are invited to nominate a deserving educator for a Manitoba Excellence in Education Award.  The province is now accepting nominations for outstanding achievement by educators in five categories including teaching excellence, outstanding new teacher, outstanding team collaboration, outstanding school leader and Premier’s award for excellence in education.


Nominations can be made by parents, students, school trustees, fellow teachers, schools and school division administrators by the December 2nd deadline.  All nominees must be educators who hold a valid permanent Manitoba teaching certificate and must also work directly with kindergarten to grade twelve students in a school setting on a daily basis. More information and nomination forms are available by visiting www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/excellence. Each recipient receives 500 dollars and a framed certificate.

New Case Numbers Have Topped 200 in Manitoba While They Are Below Average in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 201 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.2 percent.  Of the new cases 66 are in Southern health and 62 in Winnipeg with numbers in the 20s in other regions including 26 in Northern health where there are 291 active cases.  Of the total 66,378 identified cases 1449 are active, 63,644 people have recovered and 154 are in hospital with 27 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 89 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 97.  Of the total 80,025 identified cases 1102 are active, 78,015 people have recovered and 157 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two again reports no new cases with three cases active.


Its Time to Prepare for the Ski Season.

The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their annual open house Sunday.  The Club’s Dean Grove says it’s a chance for people to learn more about what’s available for skiers.  He explains Fresh Air Experience comes up and they’ve been supporting them for years out of P.A. and they’re bringing up a load of new ski equipment, some new styles for ski clothing and just a lot of experience with their staff in terms of if you want to find out more about cross country skiing, how to get started, what kind of equipment would be good, those people are good to check with.  He adds they’ll also have executive people there, people who have been around the club for a number of years to help you out with the trails and ski rentals or finding out about trail fees, all the things you’ll need to know to get started.


The open house runs from 11 to 4 Sunday at the Ski Chalet.  You’ll also be able to purchase your ski club membership at ten percent off and Manitoba COVID -19 rules will be in effect. You can learn more about the Club and their trails on their website www.flinflonskiclub.com.


The RCMP Report a Large Increase in Calls for Service in Northern Manitoba.

The RCMP monthly crime report shows an increase of 13 percent in calls for service in the Manitoba North District last month over October last year.  They report increases in all occurrence groups except drug enforcement with notable increases in wellbeing checks at 65 percent, person reported missing up 59 percent and Mischief up 46 percent.  They also point out a notable increase of 22 percent in assaults and crimes against property up 36 percent but fraud was down 35 percent.

              Drug enforcement in the North District had an overall decrease of 21 percent, specifically possession decreased 55 percent and trafficking was down 18 percent.


Active Cases are Down Again in Northern Manitoba as Identified Cases Approach 80 Thousand in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 179 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.4 percent.  Of the new cases 69 were in Southern health and 43 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 32 in Northern health where active cases have dropped to 273.  Of the total 63,499 identified cases in the province 1404 are active, 66,184 people have recovered and 157 are in hospital with 30 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 95 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 102.  Of the 79,937 identified cases 11 hundred are active, 77,932 people have recovered and 161 are in hospital.  Far Northeast two again reports no new cases with four cases active.


Pool Construction is Going Ahead.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council awarded the tender for the design and construction of a new Aqua Centre to Ernst Hansch Construction Limited.  Skip Martin who appeared at a meeting in September with Greg East again attended asking Council to hold off on making a decision to go ahead with the pool until adjustments are made in the Hudbay grant in lieu to the City following closure of the Flin Flon operations.  At the time Mayor Cal Huntley had told him they have been lobbying for support for a new pool for 15 years because the pool was past its life and the federal and provincial grant money has finally come. The approved Company will begin the design process that will take about six months, they will do testing on the preferred site which is the former Willowvale curling rink site to determine if it is workable and if not move on to another site and about three months in will engage with the public to ensure they are going in the right direction.


Council also named Elder Margaret, Donna Head, Naomi Umphrey, Jaimie Fleuty, Colleen Arnold and Tim Babcock as members of the Flin Flon Reconciliation Team.

Applications Will Soon Be Taken for Christmas Hampers.

The Salvation Army in Flin Flon is accepting applications for Christmas Hampers starting Monday.  Lieutenant Mark Burford says they will be accepted by phone.  He explains anyone can apply for a Christmas Hamper of they think that they need a little extra support this Christmas. Their Hamper registration begins next week November 22nd.  He adds if someone would like to apply they can call in at 204-687-7812 and what they need to have ready is ID for every member of their household as well as their source of income.


Calls for Hampers are being accepted from 10:30 to 3:30 Monday to Friday next week.

Vaccine Numbers Continue to go Up in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health reported 149 new cases of COVID -19 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 114.  Of the total 79,783 identified cases 1104 are active, 77,778 people have recovered and 168 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reports one new case with five cases now active.


As of Tuesday 87 percent of those 12 and over in the province have received their first dose of vaccine and 81 percent are fully vaccinated.  A total of just over 1.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered.

Following Present Health Orders Will Reduce Restrictions.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin stated they are hoping people will follow present orders to avoid further restrictions.  He says with the of level of restrictions we have right now, with the vaccine rates that we have right now, if we can get buy in for what we’re trying to do right now, buy in for those fundamentals, buy in for following the current orders, we can see that transmission decrease and can break up many of these transmission chains if we get buy in for what we have right now.

              Manitoba public health reported 162 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.7 percent.  Of the new cases 57 are in Southern health and 46 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 16 in Northern health where there are 324 active cases.

Your Response Will Support Christmas Hampers.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign begins this Friday in Flin Flon.  Lieutenant Mark Burford says the money raised by the kettles all stays local and it goes to support their Christmas Hamper Program and the Meal Program throughout the year.  He adds kettles will be out Thursday, Friday and Saturday until the last week leading up to Christmas then they’ll be out Monday to Friday until Christmas.

              Burford adds they are in need of people to ring the bells at the kettles so if you can give them an hour of your time call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812.


The Flin Flon Fire Department Responded to Five Calls Last Month.

Flin Flon City Council received the Fire Chiefs report for October at last nights meeting.  There were two calls to structure fires. On the 3rd they were called to smoke coming out of a home on Harrison Street.  They found the fire was in one area of the home, they searched and found no victims and the initial attack crew was able to confine and extinguish the fire.


On the 8th they were called to a report of smoke coming from the bedroom of a house on Church Street.  They found fire in the bedroom which was quickly contained and extinguished.


They were called to assist EMS on the 12th and 21st.


And they attended a motor vehicle accident on Highway Ten South on the 13th.  They set up traffic control, helped a patient out of the vehicle and assisted with care until EMS arrived.


The total fire loss for the month is estimated at 55 thousand dollars.


The Alert Ready System Will Be Tested This Afternoon.

Manitoba Infrastructure’s Emergency Measures Organization is reminding you the National Public Alerting System, Alert Ready, is scheduled to issue an emergency alert test message on multiple communication channels this afternoon at 1:55.

The test provides an opportunity to validate and improve the end-to-end performance and reliability of the system to ensure it operates as it is intended on TV, radio and wireless. Test alerts also educate the public on what an emergency alert will look and sound like in the event of a life-threatening situation.

The test alert will be distributed on TV, radio and wireless devices.  Not all Manitobans will receive the test alert on their mobile devices. This may occur for a variety of reasons, including device compatibility, connection to an LTE network, cell tower coverage, and device software and settings.

 More information can be found at www.alertready.ca.

Recoveries Have Topped 63 Thousand in Manitoba While Active Cases Drop in This Part of Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 99 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon holding the five day test positivity rate at 5.9 percent.  Of the new cases 41 are in Southern health and 38 in Winnipeg with much lower numbers on other regions including two in Northern health where 313 cases are active.  Of the total 65,856 identified cases across the province 1445 are active, 63,137 people have recovered and 157 are in hospital with 29 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 85 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 110.  Of the total 79,610 identified cases 1112 are active, 77,601 people have recovered and 171 are in hospital.  Far North East Two again reports no new cases with active cases down to four.


Local Actors Hit the Stage This Weekend.

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is presenting their fall production of Ripcord Friday and Saturday nights.  Director Beth Heine says Ripcord is the story of two older women who end up living in the same room in a retirement home but they don’t necessarily want to live together so they come up with a way of trying to get their issues resolved so they have  a bet, one has to make the other one angry and that one has to make the other one scared so they go through several different episodes of trying to outsmart the other one and make them angry or scared because one stays in the room and the other has to leave.


Ripcord will be performed Friday and Saturday nights at 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Reserved seating for 20 dollars is available on the website www.flinflonartscouncil.ca or at the door. Masks and proof of vaccination are required to attend.

Manitoba is Working on their Recreational Angling Strategy.

The Manitoba government recently released a report with angling stakeholder organizations on the province’s Recreational Angling Strategy from feedback received from public engagement on EngageMB.


Proposed changes include lead modernizing angling licenses, changing angling seasons, possession limits and size restrictions to create new fishing opportunities while ensuring protection of fish populations, implementing management changes for the harvest and use of aquatic live bait to reduce the risk of spreading aquatic invasive species, implementing minor changes to ice fishing regulations including contact information displayed on permanent ice fishing shelters and removal dates and updating enforcement for fisheries offences.


Stake holder organizations that represent over 10 thousand anglers participated in 15 engagement meetings and events and over 1440 responses were received through EngageMB.  Manitoba is moving forward with the regulation amendment processes that are required to implement the strategy with a target date for implementation April 1st 2023.

The Manitoba Test Positivity Rate and New Case Numbers in Saskatchewan are Down.

Manitoba public health reported 399 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.9 percent.  Of the 157 new cases reported this afternoon 72 are in Southern health and 36 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including Northern health with 31.  There are 315 active cases in the Northern health region.  Of the total 65,763 identified cases in the province 1499 are active, 62,991 people have recovered and 146 are in hospital with 31 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 110 new cases Sunday and 97 this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 110.  Of the total 79,594 identified cases 1201 are active, 77,497 people have recovered and 171 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two again reported no new cases with 12 cases active.



Chamber Members Will Discuss Their Future.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce is looking for input from their members on the future of the Chamber.  Past President Dianne Russell says members and guests are invited out Thursday night.  She explains what they’re doing is hosting a wine and cheese evening at City Hall called The PATH and they’re going to have someone facilitate them and they’re going to have as many of their members there as possible and are going to figure out what they future and the vision for Chamber should be from here going forward.  She adds they’re looking for something new and fresh, more project based, and they’re hoping they can figure it out that night.


The session will take place Thursday from 6 to 9 in Flin Flon City Council Chambers.  Russell notes you have to be fully vaccinated to enter City Hall.


The Deadline is Approaching to Nominate Someone for Saskatchewans Highest Honor.

Creighton, Denare Beach and other Saskatchewan residents have just over two weeks left to nominate someone for the Saskatchewan Order of Merit.  The award was established in 1985 to recognize excellence, achievement and contribution to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the province. 


Nominees must be current or former long-term residents of Saskatchewan. Any individual or group can submit a nomination but it must be for an individual not an organization.  Posthumous nominations are accepted within one year of an individual’s death.


The deadline to nominate an individual is November 30th.  Online nominations are encouraged but will also be accepted by mail.  For more information or to nominate someone go to www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards.  The recipients of the Order of Merit will be invested by the Lieutenant Governor at a ceremony next year.

New Case Numbers Continue to Climb in Manitoba While Recoveries in Saskatchewan Reach 77 Thousand.

Manitoba public health reported 193 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 6.1 percent.  Of the new cases 94 are in Southern health and 48 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 15 in Northern health where there are 269 active cases.  Of the total 65,371 confirmed case 1489 are active, 62,613 people have recovered and 145 are in hospital with 30 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 122 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 134.  Of the total 79,334 identified cases 1443 are active, 77 thousand people have recovered and 180 are in hospital.  Far North East Two reports no new cases with 18 active cases in the district.


New Public Health Orders Will Affect Young Manitobans.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin has announced new public health orders as they are seeing increased new case numbers.  He said there will be a limit on religious gatherings in the Southern health region where there are large numbers and because new cases are increasing in people zero to 19 a new order will affect that group across the province.  Roussin explained proof of at least one dose of vaccine or a recent negative test will be required for 12 to 17 year olds for indoor recreational sports.  He said for this one they will have a grace period to allow sufficient time for people to make decisions so this will start on December 5th and this will allow individuals who are not fully immunized or not immunized to comply noting negative tests need to come from participating pharmacies.


Roussin adds public health orders will continue to allow fully vaccinated people to enjoy much freedom and as few restrictions as possible while unvaccinated people will continue to be restricted in their activities.  He adds the province remains in the orange zone and schools in yellow and all existing public health orders remain in effect.


A Local Foundation is Asking For Your Support Next Week.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation encourages residents of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage and area to make a gift next week.  President Jane Robillard explains the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge runs from the 15 to the 21st and for every five dollar gift that’s donated the Winnipeg Foundation will give them one dollar and the Manitoba government gives them a dollar so your five dollar gift turns into a seven dollar gift.  She adds it’s easy to do, you could go online to www.endowmanitoba.ca, pick Northern Neighbors as your Foundation to donate and you can also write a cheque made out to the Northern Neighbors Foundation and they need to receive it before the 21st of November and it can be mailed to their local mailbox at Box 802 in Flin Flon.


Robillard notes it goes into their community foundation fund, it stays there and all the interest comes back to them and those are the grants they give out each year.  If you need more information you can call Shylo at 687-0848 or Jane at 687-6488.


The Flin Flon School Board Heard Three Presentations at Their Meeting Tuesday Night.

Elder Margaret Head-Steppan shared her knowledge of the importance of smudging and its role in Indigenous culture.


Next up were Renee Thompson and Ethan Patterson representing student athletes at Hapnot Collegiate respectfully asking the Board to reconsider the recent decision on restricting overnight travel and spectators.  Renee spoke first on the positive effect sports and extra-curricular activities that have been proven to promote good mental health. Meanwhile Ethan touched on the toll the restrictions have had on the well being of the student community. 


Keely Patterson spoke next with question of her own followed by similar questions from Sean and Corey Thompson.  In response the Board has been in recent meetings with the MHSAA along with Frontier, Kelsey and Mystery Lake Divisions to discuss a workable solution.  Board Chair Leslie Fernandes said they understand the frustration and disappointment and every Board member wants students to be able to fully experience every opportunity that is presented to them.  The Board will be discussing all the public questions in the coming days and will get back to them in a formal way.

You Can Help Avoid Further Restrictions by Making Sure You Are Vaccinated.

Manitoba public health reported 143 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon with only five of those in the Northern region.  Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin says with increasing case numbers in several regions stronger restrictions are an option but that step hasn’t been taken yet.  He notes if you want to see the removal of restrictions get vaccinated if you haven’t already.  He says it’s disappointing and frustrating to him and to all Manitobans to have renewed talk of greater restrictions because we’ve been at this for so long but they’re going to need to ask Manitobans for their further adherence and further co-operation as we navigate this fourth wave.


Manitoba is expanding access to a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to all adults 18 or older.  A minimum of six months is required between second and third doses. The province is recommending the third dose to individuals who are at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19, their caregivers and close contacts.

A Display and Artist Talk are Taking Place at NorVa.

All this month the NorVa Centre is featuring House Portraits and Streetscapes by local artist Monique Rainville.  She explains she started a body of work and it was called My Paper Route and from this she was painting places from her childhood and these paintings at NorVa just expanded upon these places so these are the streets from uptown where she grew up so her paintings are very reflective of the past and they all seem to have a story.


The exhibition is open at the NorVa Centre at 177 Green Street Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturday 12:30 to 4. A reception and artist talk will take place Friday evening at 6.  You must be fully vaccinated to attend and masks are required.


This is National Senior Safety Week and this years campaign states that safety for seniors begins at home.

The Canada Safety Council reports falls are the number one cause of injury hospitalizations for people over the age of 65. National Projects Manager Lewis Smith shares some of the ways loved ones of seniors can reduce the odds of falls occurring at home. He says one of the most important things we can focus in on as far as making home areas safer for seniors is installing grab bars and hand railings giving them that extra stability.  He explains by installing grab bars and hand rails around toilets, around showers, in bathrooms, handrails of course around stairways and what that does is give them a nice and easy spot to support themselves so if they do feel they’re about to fall they have something to hold on to to mitigate the damage that comes from falls.


Other causes of injury hospitalization for seniors include vehicle collisions, accidental poisoning, attempted suicide, self-injury and either colliding with or being hit by people or objects.


The Test Positivity Rate is Up In Manitoba While New Cases in Saskatchewan are Below 100.

Manitoba public health reported 185 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate up to six percent.  Of the new cases 74 are in Southern health and 66 in the Winnipeg region with lower numbers in other regions including 21 in the Northern region where there are 317 active cases.  Of the total 64,878 identified cases in the province 1438 are considered active, 62,174 people have recovered and 138 are in hospital with 28 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 86 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 146.  Of the total 78,910 identified cases 1424 are active, 76,612 people have recovered and 193 are in hospital with 51 in intensive care.  Far North East Two reported one new case bringing the total active cases to 17. They also reported 80 percent of those 12 and over in the province are fully vaccinated.

Dance, Theatre and Music Come Together for a Performance Sunday.

The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting a performance called Ships on Sunday night.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt explains this creative endeavor is from the Flin Flon Arts Council through support from Canadian Heritage and Manitoba Arts Council with three performers. She says there’s an actor, musician and dancer that have created a performance based on essentially love, loss and a desire to connect but it’s told in a really interesting way through dance, theatre and music and it is being performed as their first fully professional production.


Tickets are available at the Arts Council office or online at www.flinflonartscouncil.ca.  The performance takes place Sunday night at 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall and you must show proof of vaccination to attend.


The Deadline Has Been Extended for You to Nominate Someone for a Provincial Award.

Creighton and Denare Beach area residents can join other Saskatchewan residents in nominating a volunteer for the next round of Volunteer Medals.  Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty says this medal allows them to recognize the generosity of those who give their time to improve the lives of others. He noted Saskatchewan is proud to boast the highest rate of volunteerism in the country.


The Medal was established in 1995 to recognize the selfless devotion of the province’s volunteers and as a way to present role models to Saskatchewan citizens.  Nominees must be a current or former long term resident of Saskatchewan and any individual or group can submit a nomination..  The nomination deadline has been extended to November 19th.


Nomination forms are available on their website www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards and click on Volunteer Medal. The medals will be awarded by the Lieutenant Governor at a ceremony in 2022.


Manitoba New Case Numbers Continue to Rise in Winnipeg and Southern Regions While the Seven Day Average in Saskatchewan is Going Down.

Manitoba public health reported 624 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified since Friday bringing the five day test positivity rate to 5.4 percent.   Of the new cases 245 were in Southern health, 179 in Winnipeg and 98 in Prairie Mountain with lower numbers in other regions including 53 in Northern health which has 317 active cases. Of the total 64,701 reported cases 1377 are active, 62.062 people have recovered and 141 are in hospital with 26 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 430 new cases since Friday bringing the seven day average of new cases to 149.  This is 70 percent lower than its peak in September shortly after the proof of vaccination policy was introduced.  Of the total 78,824 reported cases 1527 are active, 76,424 people have recovered and 191 are in hospital.  Far North East Two reported one new case today bringing the total of active cases to 16.

Copper and Gold Production are Benefiting Hudbay Cash Flows.

In their third quarter 2021 report Hudbay President Peter Kukielski noted the quarter demonstrated their continued focus on execution and delivery in 2021.  He explained they had the first full quarter of production at Pampacancha satellite pit in Peru and they started to see the benefit from the newly refurbished New Britannia Mill in Manitoba which led to record gold production for Hudbay this quarter.  He said they also successfully commissioned a new copper flotation circuit at New Britannia in October marking the completion of their recent investment program into two higher return growth projects.  He notes with Pampacancha and New Britannia in operation they are on the cusp of achieving significantly increased cash flows for many years to come.


In the third quarter the net loss was 170.4 million dollars impacted by an updated closure plan reflecting higher estimates for closure activities in Flin Flon primarily related to water treatments costs as well as Flin Flon restructuring charges comprising an inventory supplies write down, a severance accrual for 3.6 million for unionized employees and a increase in the past service pension cost provision of 4.2 million related to pensions for Manitoba unionized employees.



You Can Take Part in the Remembrance Day Service Virtually Again This Year.

Royal Canadian Legion Flin Flon Branch 73 President Bob Penner says the service will take place Thursday morning out of the Legion Auditorium with a maximum of 20 people.  Father Paul Bringleson will live stream the service starting around 10:50.  Penner noted there will be a limited number of wreaths laid with the main wreath laid from the government of Canada, the Silver Cross Mother, the World War Two veterans, the Afghanistan veterans, maybe the Korean War Veterans, the MLA, the Legion, the Legion Ladies Auxiliary and then they’ll present one wreath and for every organization that would have been at the Community Hall to lay a wreath they’ll place a poppy on a large wreath.


Penner added the service will be live streamed on CFAR Radio as in past years as well as at www.flinflononline.com and the ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION FLIN FLON BRANCH 73 Facebook page all in capital letters.

The Southern Region of Manitoba Continues to Dominate New Case Numbers While the Seven Day Average Continues to Drop in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 130 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 4.7 percent.  Of the new cases 64 are in the Southern region and35 in Winnipeg with lower numbers in other regions including 12 in Northern health where 301 cases are active.  Of the total 64,209 identified cases 1147 are active, 61,806 people have recovered and 118 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 141 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 156.  Of the total 78,403 identified cases 1796 are active, 75,744 people have recovered and 197 are in hospital.  Far North East Two reports two new cases bringing active cases up to seven.


There is Some Good News From Hudbay Regarding Plans Following the Flin Flon Mine Closure.

In Hudbay’s third quarter 2021 report their President Peter Kukielski noted the possible continued use of the local concentrator.  He said the engineering work done to update the closure plan Hudbay has identified the opportunity to reprocess tailings at its Flin Flon Impoundment System where tailings from processing activities have been deposited for 90 years.  He explained they’re excited about the opportunity as it would utilize the Flin Flon concentrator with modifications after closure of the Triple Seven Mine creating operating and economic benefits to the Flin Flon community.  He added it could also provide the opportunity to redesign the closure plans, increase metal production, defer certain closure costs and reduce the environmental footprint of the tailings area.


More details will come next year following further evaluation and drilling.


Kukielski also reported as of September 30th on an undiscounted basis the total estimated environmental obligations related to their Flin Flon operations were 322 million dollars of which approximately 25 percent is expected to occur over the next 15 years in connection with the Flin Flon closure while 75 percent is scheduled to be incurred after the closure to the Snow Lake operations which is currently expected in 2037 based on reserves.

You Can Shop for Crafts and Christmas Gifts in Creighton Tomorrow.

The Women’s Resource Centre is holding their annual Christmas Craft and Home Show tomorrow.  Their Executive Director Laurie Sealey says it supports their programs as all the money raised benefits their Women’s Safe Haven to ensure the women and children that stay with them are as comfortable as possible.  She explains they have numerous vendors attending including Scentsy, Resin Artworks, Forbidden Suds, Boreal Moon and many more.  She points out upon entering you will find a door prize, Toonie parade and silver collection donations adding there will be a kitchen open for snacks and drinks to purchase and they will have bottles of hand sanitizer if needed and masks are required with the COVID-19 safety protocols in place.


The Christmas Craft and Home Show runs from 10 to 4 tomorrow in the Creighton Community Hall.

Identified Cases Have Topped 64 Thousand in Manitoba While the Seven Day Average Drops a Bit in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 154 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 4.9 percent.  Of the new cases 70 are in Southern health, 33 in Winnipeg and 21 in Northern health with lower numbers in other regions.  The Northern region has 303 active cases.  Of the total 64,083 identified cases 1145 are active, 61,685 people have recovered and 115 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 188 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 170.  Of the total 78,262 identified cases 1782 are active, 75,618 people have recovered and 214 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two is back to reporting no new cases with five cases active.

More People are Needed as the Flin FlonTrout Festival Moves Forward.

At their annual meeting last night Vice-President Sheena Reed reported they had a successful second pandemic festival this past summer. She added we’re moving forward but we need more people including a President.  It was mentioned a lot of credit goes to Northland Ford who put together the parade.  Dianne Russell noted entries in the fishing derby were down as it is a Manitoba licensed derby and Saskatchewan residents were not allowed on the lakes due to COVID cross border restrictions.

 Under plans for the future they are discussing having a combined Manitoba Saskatchewan fishing derby and they would like to see more groups and organizations putting on events.

 Recreation Director Andrew Smith mentioned other communities have events in the week leading up to their festival suggesting events along Main Street including the City applying for a Canada Heritage grant to sponsor buskers on small stages in the empty lots, where they can also have stations for food wars, a block party, turning the Fish Fry over to another organization and sending letters to organizations with a list of events they can sponsor.  Other events discussed include the Ross Lake boat regatta and concert during the fireworks and continuing Disc Golf, the Midway and the barbeque.

Information is Available on Upcoming Plans for the Hapnot Travel Club.

One of the Coordinators for the Hapnot Travel Club Ron Wasser says with COVID on the decline they are able to plan for the Travel Club again.  He explains this time they have the opportunity to go to Spain and Portugal during the spring break of 2023 and to start getting the information together they’re going to be having a virtual Google meet this evening at 6 pm. He says there is limited space on the trip and enrollment is going to open up as soon as the meeting is over and for more information or to sign up and get access to the meet address you can visit the Hapnot Facebook page or call or email Ron Wasser or Jodi Pawlachuk at Many Faces.


Wasser adds anyone who signs up within 24 hours after the meeting tonight will be put into a draw for 100 dollars to be used towards the trip.


The Hall Will Be Full of Christmas Shopping Opportunities.

The Flin Flon Arts Council is holding their 41st Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale Saturday.  Their Coordinator Crystal Kolt says they are excited to again be able to hold an in person sale.  She explains there are going to be some great vendors there as well the Arts Council will be selling tickets for the upcoming show Ships which is their first professional production and their wonderful Ham Sandwich production Ripcord, so if people want to choose those seats in person they can do that at the Arts and Crafts Sale.  She adds they are not going to be able to have Photos With Santa Claus this year thinking we’re not ready for that yet but they will have kind of an interesting Winter Wonderland penny parade experience.


The sale runs from 10 to 4 Saturday in the Flin Flon Community Hall and those attending must provide proof of double vaccination.

New Guidelines for Booster Shots are in Manitoba and Saskatchewan Confirmed Cases Top 78 Thousand.

Manitoba public health reported 128 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 4.9 percent.  Of the new cases 40 were in the Winnipeg region and 33 in the Northern region with lower numbers in other regions. There are 492 active cases in the Northern region.  Of the total 63,931 identified cases 1345 are active, 61,355 people have recovered and 106 are in hospital with 23 in intensive care.


The province is expanding its recommendations for a third dose of vaccine to include all First Nations, Inuit and Metis people aged 18 and over and people 70 and older.  The third dose should be given at least six months after the last dose was received.


Saskatchewan health reported 173 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 177.  Of the 78,075 confirmed cases 1765 are active, 75,448 people have recovered and 226 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two reported four new cases bringing the number of active cases to five.


The Chamber is Prepared For Another Year.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce held their annual general meeting yesterday afternoon. Their executive for this year includes President Colleen Arnold, Past President Dianne Russell, Treasurer Dave Kendall, Secretary Becky Cianflone and Directors Tom Therien and Laurence Gillespie.


Some of the highlights from the past year include the annual radio auction, free Chamber delivery for local businesses over Christmas,  met virtually with the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Chambers and continuing contact with them, discussion with the province on the lower cases of COVID locally and the effect of provincial restrictions on local businesses and various business promotions to encourage Shop Local.  The Main Street Committee supported Flowers on Main Street and the Mural Project, Main Street Christmas activities, Music on Main Street and joined others in encouraging the CBC show Still Standing to come to Flin Flon.


The Chamber will be forming a focus group to develop a plan for the direction they will be moving in the future and will meet with Chamber members and guests November 18th at 5:30 in City Council Chambers.


Over Ten Million Dollars Will Add to Housing and Community Facilities in The Pas.

The Manitoba Metis Federation has announced an investment of more than ten million dollars into the Town of The Pas.  This money will build affordable housing for seniors and families as well as new child care and community facilities. President David Chartrand noted they are not just building a few houses they are creating a place for people to connect including a community garden and a new public park. They noted the homes for Elders and families will help foster a strong sense of community. The 40 space licensed child care centre will be located adjacent to the new Manitoba Metis Federation’s seniors homes providing children at the centre with a unique chance to connect with community Elders. The Centre will provide a culturally focused Red River Metis curriculum, daily education, land-based learning and a complementary transportation and nutritional meal program.

Hospitalizations Have Gone Up a Bit in Manitoba While New Cases Continue to Drop in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 127 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to five percent.  Of the new cases 50 are in Southern health, 27 in Winnipeg region and 26 in Northern health with lower numbers in other regions.  Of the total 63,809 confirmed cases 1303 are active, 61,257 people have recovered and 104 are in hospital with 24 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 107 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 185. Of the total 77,902 confirmed cases 1829 are active, 75,214 people have recovered and 222 are in hospital.  Far North East Two reports one new case and only one active case.


Plans Are Developing For the Return of a Major Summer Event.

The Blueberry Jam Music Gathering held their annual general meeting last night. After cancelling in 2020 they held a one day Gathering this past summer. Chair Edgar Wright stated they managed to pull it off in spite of frequent changes to health orders.  He noted we have to continue to be prepared for changes as COVID will be around but he is confident they will be able to return to their usual three day gathering in the future.  He noted fund raising suffered due to COVID so that will be a focus over the next year.  He pointed out through a grant they have been supporting the live streaming of performances from Johnny’s Social Club and will through the coming winter.


Their new executive includes Chair Colleen Arnold, Vice-Chair Ken Palwachuk, Treasurer Lyn Brown and Secretary Elly Spencer.  Committee Chairs include Production Mark Kolt, Volunteers Crystal Kolt, Site Management Bill Hanson, Environment Mary Wright, Fundraising and Grants Edgar Wright, Policy and Procedure Elly Spencer and Off Site Logistics Ken Pawlalchuk.  There are openings for Communications and Marketing Chairs.

Lifesaving Society Manitoba Reminds Residents to Remain Vigilant and Ice Smart as the weather cools.

Water Smart Coordinator Doctor Christopher Love says drowning can occur at any time of the year as one-third of drownings in Manitoba take place from October to April.


Love explains some of the unique risks that present themselves when it comes to fall boating. He says in the fall you have to be aware if you are going out boating it’s not going to be the same as during the summer, there aren’t going to be as many people around and you’ve now got different conditions you’re operating under and so they’re very concerned and really want to stress to people that you really have to check the weather, you should be doing that all the time when you go boating but especially during the fall and early winter periods.  He notes we’ve got winds and waves that are occurring that may be different than conditions you were used to during the summer.


Love also shared some tips on ice safety.


They include checking the weather and avoid going on the ice on warm or stormy days, have trained people test ice thickness and wear a buoyant suit or lifejacket when on the ice.


A Big Jump in Cases Has Been Reported in Southern Manitoba While the Seven Day Average Continues to Drop in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba health reported 483 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified since Friday bringing the five day test positivity rate to 4.6 percent.  Of the new cases 266 are in Southern Health and 95 in Winnipeg region with numbers in the low forties in other regions. The Northern Health region reports 41 new cases for a total of 451 active cases largely in the Norway House district with 221 and Pukatwagan Mathias Colomb Cree Nation district with 129.  Of the total 63,688 confirmed cases in the province 1273 are active, 61,167 people have recovered and 98 are in hospital with 25 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 128 new cases today bringing the seven day average of new cases to 188.  Of the total 77,793 confirmed cases 1950 are active, 74,989 people have recovered and 222 are in hospital.  Far Northeast Two that includes Creighton, Denare Beach, Flin Flon Saskatchewan, Pelican Narrows, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and Sandy Bay again reported no new cases and only two cases are active.


A Group of Students will be Learning More About Careers Wednesday.

Due to COVID-19 and ongoing health and safety concerns participation in Take Our Kids to Work Day will again only occur on a virtual platform.  In a release Essential Skills Director Linda Lowe states Take Our Kids to Work Day which is an annual national career exploration event will take place at Hapnot Collegiate in virtual reality on Wednesday.  Grade nine students are invited to experience a day in the life of various diverse professionals and to explore future career options and opportunities.


She adds Manitoba Education is proud to promote Take Our Kids to Work Day on behalf of the Learning Partnership who will offer an online conference with both pre-recorded and live virtual events during the grade nine classes.


You Can Celebrate Lobster Night at Home This Year.

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is going ahead with their Lobster Night November 10th.  Rotarian Glen Smith says it will be similar to last year where you order your lobster and other sea food on the Rotary Facebook page or in person at Kleen-All.  He explains you purchase a lobster meal the same as in the past, a couple of lobsters, steak and lobster, chicken and lobster, that kind of thing with the potato, etc. and you come and pick it up, it’s all put together for you, you have to cook it of course and they’re going to be in Creighton this year at the Community Hall so you come pick up your ordered meal and you go home and you have a little party with your friends and you have a treat with your lobster supper.            

Smith adds pick up is between 5 and 7 on the 10th at the Creighton Community Hall.  He notes lobster prices are up this year and they offer additional sea food so you can find all the prices listed and other details on the Rotary Club Facebook page. The deadline for tickets is Wednesday.


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