Local News Archives for 2022-07

The Manitoba Wildfire Service advises that wildfire danger levels are low to moderate throughout the province.

There are currently 42 fires burning in Manitoba with one new fire start in the past 24 hours.

Lower temperatures and precipitation have helped conditions in the northwest corner of the province and demobilization of crews and equipment will start this weekend.

Fire Updates

Fire WE031 (Wabowden Area)

The fire is approximately 35 hectares (ha) in area but is not an immediate threat to any community or properties.

Fire WE027 (Wekusko Area)

The fire is approximately 1,500 ha in area but is not an immediate threat to any community or properties.

Fire WE026 (Mathias Colomb Cree Nation)

Less than one kilometre east of Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (MCCN), the fire is estimated to be 52,760 ha. Due to the vicinity of the wildfire, the community has been evacuated. Favourable weather conditions and progress on firefighting efforts have decreased the risk to the community and critical infrastructure.

Fire WE050 (Saskatchewan/Manitoba Border)

Estimated 2,300 ha in size, MWS it working with Saskatchewan to action this fire. There is no immediate threat to any community or properties.

Children Spent This Week Learning More About Science and Engineering.

Women in Science and Engineering at the University of Manitoba wind up their Kidnetic STEM Summer Day Camp in Flin Flon today.  It started Monday at McIsaac School for children 9 to 12 years old with themes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  I spoke with Instructor Zara Toupan Wednesday morning……            


“We have a bunch of kids here, about 20 of them and they’re here to learn a little bit about science and how diverse the field can be and all of the opportunities that are waiting out there for them if they choose to pursue it.  We have a theme day every day so we had Engineering on Monday, Paleontology yesterday and today we have Forensic Science  so they’re learning all about the science behind solving crimes, all of the different job opportunities and of course a lot of fun games to get them really interested as our goal is really for them to have fun.”


Toupan added the Kidnetic Summer Day Camp travels across the province with stops this summer in Flin Flon, Thompson, Dauphin and locations in the Winnipeg region for a variety of youth with a lot at reduced cost to be accessible for everyone.

A Temporary Power Supply Will Allow Residents to Return Home Sooner.


Manitoba Hydro is shipping two large industrial generators by rail to Pukatawagan to allow residents to return home safely as work to replace about 80 fire damaged poles begins.  Approximately 2 thousand residents were ordered to leave July 14th when a wildfire threatened the community.


Manitoba Hydro’s Director of Rural Operations Cyril Patterson says they were lucky the fire didn’t damage the rail line as the size and weight of the generators they need to bring into the community mean rail is the only way to get them there. The generators are currently en route from Alberta.  He notes the steep cliffs, marsh and wood poles to be set into rock makes restoration of power to Pukatawagan challenging.  Under current plans the earliest residents may begin returning home is the second week of August.

Reported Cases of COVID-19 Are Up Again in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 242 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of July 17th to 23rd up from 171 the previous week.  Winnipeg reported 144 new cases followed by the Northern health region with 50 up from 15 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests decreased to on average 269 people tested per day compared to 276 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 17.1 percent an increase from 13.9 percent in the previous week.  There were 45 hospital admissions down from 52 the previous week with 8 ICU admissions up from 2 the previous week.


Saskatchewan health will issue its next monthly report on August 18th.

A Summer Recreation Program is Heading Towards Its Second Month.

Flin Flon Parks and Recreations Summer in the Parks will complete its first month for this summer tomorrow. Supervisor Ashley Andersen says they’ve had good enrollment and fun for the 4 to 10 year olds taking part with on average 17 to 20 per day…..


“We’re excited for another month in August, it’s going to be a really awesome month.  We’re going to feature themes such as Lego Week, Pirates Week, Carnival Week and Dinosaur Week and each of these weeks will be filled with crafts, activities and beach days.  We’ll be celebrating our final day on August 26th with a giant party and we hope to see everyone there.”


The hours for Summer in the Parks are extended this year running from 9 to 4 Monday to Friday based out of the RH Channing Auditorium.  Registration is 85 dollars per week and you can register by going to www.cityofflinflon.ca, click on recreation, then programs and events, register here and Summer in the Parks.

Young People Have an Opportunity to Become Part of an Advisory Committee.

Canadian residents between the ages of 13 to 21 can apply to become part of the RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee.  This is an online opportunity for youth to interact with participants from all over the country and discuss important issues they face in their respective communities.  They share their thoughts about youth crime and victimization topics and help shape RCMP youth programs and initiatives.  Committee members can receive reference letters and volunteer hours. Last year nine Manitobans were part of the National Youth Advisory Committee.


The deadline to apply is September 12th.  They note it is short notice but those who apply by July 31st will be part of the first selection round and get a better chance of being selected.


You can request an application form by email with the address attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com or visit the RCMP Manitoba Facebook page.






Creighton School Will Benefit from a Boost in Education Funding.

The Saskatchewan government is providing the province’s school divisions with a one time investment of 20 million dollars in funding for the 2022-23 school year to assist with rising fuel and insurance costs. They note as a result of these additional funds school division will be able to prevent inflationary costs from diverting resources away from classrooms.  Of that total Creighton School Division will receive 70,500 dollars.


Education Minister Dustin Duncan says the government recognizes the impacts rising costs across the country have on schools and they are committed to ensuring every Saskatchewan student and teacher has the supports needed to achieve success in the classroom. He notes with this additional investment school operating funding exceeds two billion dollars for the first time in the province’s history.


In addition to the increase in operating funds the province has also announced a new seven million dollar fund to allow school divisions to hire up to 200 new educational assistants for the 2022-23 school year.


Protect Your Eyes by Using Sunglasses Not Just During the Summer But All Year Long.

A survey conducted by two Canadian eye care organizations finds that people aren’t wearing sunglasses enough which in turn can increase the risk of cataracts. The President of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society Doctor Phil Hooper says just two-thirds of Canadians regularly wear sunglasses on a sunny day or during the summer months to protect against UV rays .Hooper adds only 33 per cent wear them year-round. He explains it’s especially important for younger people to take the measures necessary to lower the risk of developing cataracts.......


“A cataract is basically a yellowing and clouding of the natural lens in the eye that acts to focus light on the film or retina in the back of the eye.  Once cataracts start to develop they continue to develop and it’s not possible at this point to stop that development so at the point when you’re younger in life and don’t have cataracts that’s when it’s important to have sun and UV protection to decrease the risk even before you’re aware you have a risk.”


Hooper says over 2.5 million Canadians are living with cataracts and while the eye disease is most common in people over 60 changes to the lens generally start around the age of 40. If left untreated cataracts can cause blindness.

Some Well Known People Were Part of Beaver City.

Discovery Day was held at the Northern Gateway Museum in Denare Beach Sunday afternoon. Historian Les Oystryk spoke about Saskatchewan’s first gold rush mining town Beaver City which was established when gold was discovered on Amisk or Beaver Lake in 1913 with more than one thousand men coming from across Canada.  Interest in gold switched to copper for munitions in 1914 during World War One so in 1915 most people left Beaver City to enlist or for Sturgeon Landing where copper ore from the newly discovered Schist Lake Mandy Mine was hauled for storage and shipping.  Oystyk mentioned two of the most notable Canadians who spent time at Beaver City explaining one was Kathleen or Kate Rice the famous female prospector. He added she was  inducted into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in 2014 and very little known or least known in history also included Anahareo Grey Owl’s wife who stayed at Beaver City in the winter of 1934-35 so those are two special parts of the presentation.


Oystryk concluded Angus McDonald was the last resident of Beaver City and was hired as caretaker by business owners and he stayed onsite until 1939 when he was hired as a guard at the Island Falls hydro dam.


An Annual Fishing Tournament is Set for This Weekend.

The 31st annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge is coming up Saturday and Sunday on Big Athapap.  The committee’s Wade Roberts says they have another list of great prizes this year noting the first place prize is guaranteed at 5 thousand dollars, second place 25 hundred and third place is 2 thousand based on a total of 8 fish entry so total length and then there’s a lot of hidden prizes and there’s prizes up to 10th place depending on the number of boats that come in and the hidden prizes that are in there if you just partake without even catching fish you have the opportunity to win a little bit of cash.


You can enter by using the Fish Donkey app, go to the Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge Facebook page, email troutchallenge@gmail.com or in person Friday night.  The boat parade is Friday night at 7 followed by a rules meeting at 7:30 and then a penny parade, silent auction and refreshments with fishing on Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 am.

A Successful Pride Week Wrapped Up On Saturday.

Flin Flon’s 6th annual Pride Week began Friday the 15th with a flag raising at City Hall followed by a kick off party.  It wrapped up this past Saturday with their Pride Rally, Pride Parade and glow party. 


 The Committee’s Jordana Oulette comments…..


              “I think the week went very well.  Last week we were kind of competing with the weather and people being on vacation but we still had a good crowd turn out, everyone had a good time. We’re just getting ready for the parade now and we have a nice little crew here so I think it went very well. Flin Flon is really accepting Pride very well.”



Floats along with marchers took part in the parade from Main Street through town and down Green Street.  Prizes were awarded to the Manitoba Teachers Society for best float, The Pas Pride for best group and Willow Bellisle for best dressed.


The week also included Pride in the Park and a teen dance and carnival.

Drill Results Continue to Come in From Property Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has completed 21 drill holes during the ongoing 2022 drilling campaign at its Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers from Flin Flon.  The 21 holes drilled to date have completed just under 13 thousand meters of the fully funded 20 thousand meter drilling campaign with a focus on delineating the high grade copper Rainbow deposit and test recently identified regional exploration targets.


One drill rig has completed 11 drill holes as the Company completes step out and infill drilling on the Red, Orange and Yellow Zones of the Rainbow deposit and they anticipate another nine holes will be completed ahead of the publication of a maiden resource estimate.


A second drill rig has begun testing the five high priority exploration targets that were recently identified three of which have seen some level of historic production.


Assays are pending on all holes from the current drill campaign.


Charges Have Been Laid Following a Death in Flin Flon.

At approximately 6:35 Thursday morning RCMP responded to a report of an injured man in the back lane near Hill Street in Flin Flon. A 44 year old man from Denare Beach was transported to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.  His death was deemed to be the result of a homicide.


Later on Thursday Creighton RCMP arrested Drew Sewap of Flin Flon.  He has been charged with second degree murder and was remanded into custody.



You Can Help Make a Music Weekend a Success.

As people prepare for the Blueberry Jam Music Gathering August 5th to 7th at the Flin Flon Campground the committee is looking for volunteers to help out.  Volunteer Coordinator Crystal Kolt says some people have stepped up but if you can spare an hour or two it will help.  She explains they’re trying to go back to where we were before COVID so they need the numbers for everything and it’s going to be really easy this year, they don’t have to worry about people having to pre-register so they need people for the main gate just for putting on wrist bands, people to help with the 50-50 and things like that and they’re still looking for help for the Rotary with the beer garden and environmental.


To volunteer contact Crystal at 204-271-0315 or email flinflonartscouncil@gmail.com.

She adds “As we say it takes a lot of blueberries to make Blueberry Jam.”

Canada Post Has Issued an Important Reminder for Dog Owners.

In a release Canada Post states every day their employees deliver to millions of homes across Canada.  An estimated 36 percent of these households have dogs and their delivery agents encounter them every day when delivering mail and parcels.  They point out the risk of dog related incidents increases in the summer when the weather gets warmer and people including children are more likely to be at home. They note it’s impossible for their delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach a home with dog incidents ranging from threatening encounters to being attacked and bitten.


Canada Post reminds dog owners to not open the door during deliveries or allow your dog to approach their employees suggesting keeping them in another room at the time of delivery.  They add they also see dogs wandering in neighborhoods which can cause further anxiety so make sure your dog is restrained and not roaming free.

Reported Cases of COVID-19 Have Dropped Again in Manitoba While Going Up in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 117 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of July 10th to 16th a decrease from 229 the previous week.  Winnipeg reported 105 new cases with 15 reported in the Northern health region a drop from 48 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests increased to on average 276 people tested compared to 269 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 13.9 percent a decrease from 14.8 percent in the previous week.  There were 52 hospital admissions down from 59 the previous week including 2 ICU admissions down from 7 the previous week.


In their report for June 26th to July 16th Saskatchewan health reported COVID-19 activity is increasing.  They report 628 new cases for the three week period compared to 208 for the week of June 19th to 25th with a test positivity rate of 4 percent compared to 3.8.  Hospital admissions were 229 or 76.3 per week compared to 67 including 15 to ICU or 5 per week compared to 4 in the last report.  New case numbers for Far Northeast were not included but they had a test positivity rate of 2.8 percent compared to zero in the last weekly report.

Saskatchewan says it will be offering COVID-19 vaccines for children under five starting this week.

Health officials say the province has received 13,000 doses of Moderna's Spikevax vaccine for children ages six months to five years.

They say that due to the limited supply it is first opening up appointments to those who are at a high risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes.

Parents who have an immunocompromised child can book the shot starting Thursday.

Appointments for all others open Friday.

Last week, Health Canada authorized the use of Spikevax for children, making it the first authorized vaccine for the age group.

To book appointments go to www.saskatchewan.ca/COVID-19-vaccine or call 1-833-Sask-VAX.

Booking Begins Monday for Younger Children Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin has announced the expansion of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include children ages six months to four years.  He says vaccine supplies will initially be limited with 14,900 doses in the first delivery so they will be prioritizing the vaccine for children who have certain medical conditions as well as First Nations, Inuit or Metis children until the second shipment expected in late July or early August….


“We know this vaccine has a very safe profile and is effective.  It is a smaller dose due to the age of this cohort but still provides that strong immune response.  It is a two dose series and we’re recommending an eight week interval between the doses.”


Parents and caregivers of eligible children can begin booking appointments Monday morning at 8 using the online vaccine finder or call 1-844-MAN-VACC with two Cs. More information and the online vaccine finder can be found by visiting https://protectmb.ca

Wildfires Dominated the Fire Chiefs Report.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council received the Fire Chiefs Report for June.  It indicated 12 fire calls during the month including 6 to wildfires. Wildfires were reported at Little Cliff Lake, South Main Street, Pipeline Bridge, Cliff Lake, in the area of 122 Queen Street and a vehicles and bush fire at the City Warehouse yard where damage was confined to items set for disposal.  All fires were quickly extinguished.


They were also called to a motor vehicle collision on Third Avenue where a vehicle struck a building, a rescue from an elevator platform on Centennial Crescent, assistance to EMS, sharps collection near the Whitney Forum and two false alarms.

A Reduced Speed Limit, a Candidate for Mayor and an Art Display Were Part of the City Council Meeting.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council passed on first reading their Reduced Speed Bylaw for vehicles on Provincial Trunk Highway 10A. When passed on third and final reading the Bylaw will establish a zone with a reduced maximum speed for vehicles on the portion of the highway from where Highway Ten crosses Highway 10A at the turn off just below Walmart to the junction of Green Street and Highway 10A.  This section of the highway was never officially designated as a 50 kilometer an hour zone.


Councillor Leslie Beck advised Council that she has officially registered to run for Mayor in the October 26th Municipal Election


And Council received a request from the NorVa Centre for use of a portion of the Council Chambers to display a replica of the Witness Blanket art installation in June and July of 2023.  The Canadian Museum of Human Rights states Inspired by a woven blanket this large scale art installation is made from hundreds of items reclaimed from residential schools, churches, government buildings and traditional and cultural structures across Canada. The request was referred to Council’s Reconciliation Committee.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Lightning.

While lightning strikes are more common in the southern part of the province Environment and Climate Change Canada says it’s important for northerners to be cognizant of this weather event and to seek shelter indoors should they encounter it.


Meteorologist Terri Lang explains northern Manitoba sees thousands of lightning strikes every year, which can lead to the increased risk of wildfires.


Lang adds there are six different ways lightning can cause death or injury to a person.


She explains one of the most common ways is through ground current which means the lightning strikes the ground nearby and if you’re standing nearby that current from the lighting goes through your body.  She adds most people think that you get struck by lightning directly and that is not the case, it’s actually quite rare that people are directly struck and if they do they most often are killed.


Other ways include side flash, contact, upward leaders, and blunt trauma.


Your Input Can Be Part of Setting Personal Care Home Standards.

Manitoba Health Minister Audrey Gordon invites you to provide feedback on personal care home standards to understand better your perspectives on this important topic.

There are 124 licensed personal care homes in Manitoba that must meet a minimum set of standards to ensure safe and appropriate care to residents. The standards are set out in the Personal Care Home Standards Regulation under the Health Services Insurance Act and include admissions, care plans, nursing and medical care, pharmaceutical care, recreational and spiritual care, staff education and infection and disease control.

Following a serious COVID-19 outbreak in a Personal Care Home in October 2020 the Manitoba government commissioned an independent review to understand what happened and reduce the likelihood of a similar event happening in the future. The Stevenson Review made 17 recommendations including that government review and streamline licensing standards for PCHs to ensure they are current and relevant to the changing needs of residents.

To take part in the engagement visit https://engagemb.ca/. The deadline for feedback is July 29.       

The Saskatchewan Government is Emphasizing Know Your Limit and Stay Within It.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment reminds anglers that general fishing limits apply to most provincial crown waters in the province. 


In a release they explain a limit is the maximum number and size of fish you are allowed to keep or have in your possession.  Anglers may possess no more than one limit of each fish species at any time. This includes fish you eat or give away that angling day as well as all fish that are at your camp, being transported by you or even fish you have at home in your fridge or freezer.  All fish that cannot be legally kept must be immediately released back into the waters from which they were taken in a manner that causes the least harm to the fish noting ideally fish should be released without removing them from the water.


For more information on limits and angling in Saskatchewan download the 2022-23 Anglers Guide at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

The Manitoba Wildfire Service advises that wildfire danger levels are moderate to high with hot and humid conditions throughout the province.

There are currently 45 fires burning in Manitoba with ten new fire starts in the past 24 hours.

Some precipitation has helped conditions in the southern half of the province but the northwest corner of the province is the main area of concern with new fires starting and heavy smoke impeding suppression efforts. Smoke conditions will impact several northern communities and continue to be an issue across northern parts of the province as wind conditions shift.

Air quality statements have been issued for parts of northwestern Manitoba due to smoke. There are no current restriction in place however, Manitobans are reminded to avoid wildfire areas and watch for road closure or detour signs. 

Fire Updates

Fire WE019 Burntwood Lake

Three fires have joined into one west of Burntwood Lake. The fire is approximately 15,000 hectares (ha) in area but is not an immediate threat to any community or properties.

Fire WE025 The Pas

Approximately 40 km south of The Pas, the fire is estimated to be 170 ha and is being held.

Fire WE026 (Mathias Colomb Cree Nation)

Less than a kilometre east of Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (MCCN), the fire is estimated to be 23,000 ha. Due to the vicinity of the wildfire, the community has been evacuated and crews are on the ground in MCCN to assist with the protection of homes and critical structures. Smoke is affecting the ability of water bombers to action the fire, but efforts are continuing.  

Fire NO030 (east of MCCN)

Located eight km northeast of Pukatawagan (MCCN), the fire is nearly 3,000 ha and while it is within four km of the hydro line and railway access. It is not considered an immediate threat to the community or any infrastructure at this time.

Fire NO037 South Indian Lake

Fire is 15 km southeast of South Indian Lake and approximately 380 ha in size. Value protection equipment is standing by in the community and can be deployed if the fire becomes a threat.

A Flag Raising Highlighted the Start of Pride Week.

The Flin Flon Pride Committee is holding their sixth annual Pride Event this week.  It began Friday evening with a flag raising at City Hall where the committee heard praise from Gordon Landriault on behalf of MP Niki Ashton….

                               “You are the leaders and advocates who have blazed trails that created safe spaces for queer youth and adults to be who they are and who they love in northern Manitoba.”



MLA Tom Lindsey….

                                                   “And I really want to thank folks for organizing it and making sure that we can be allies and that we can be your voice in places like the Legislature or Parliament to make sure some of those legislative changes happen that can give everyone a better life.”



And the Committee’s Susan Gunn Saray after meeting a man at Winnipeg Pride who had a tough time growing up in Flin Flon….

                                          “There’s no reason why any single human being standing here today shouldn’t be able to live their truth and not feel safe doing so.  I’d like to dedicate this speech to that kid who never got out of Flin Flon, never found his community.  There’s room for everybody in our community but there’s not room for hate. I want everybody to have a safe and happy pride in their community.”



You can learn more about their events on the Flin Flon Pride Facebook page.

Hudbay Has Announced the Filing of a Technical Report for its Copper World Complex.

Hudbay has filed a technical report containing the results of the preliminary economic assessment of its Copper World Complex in Arizona.  It includes the recently discovered Copper World Deposits along with the Rosemont deposit.


Highlights of the report include a two phase mine plan that has an after tax net present value of 1296 million dollars and generates an 18 percent rate of return at $3.50 per pound copper.  The processing facilities are planned to have annual production capacity of 100 thousand tonnes of copper cathode during Phase One and 125 thousand tonnes of copper cathode during Phase Two and have been designed to reduce the project’s carbon footprint to produce “Made in America” copper.


Phase One reflects a stand along operation on private land and patented mining claims over a 16 year mine life with average annual copper production of approximately 86 thousand tonnes and Phase Two expands mining activities onto federal land and extends mine life to 44 years with average annual copper production of approximately 101 thousand tonnes.


The Manitoba Wildfire Service advises that due to increased lightning and minimal precipitation, wildfire danger levels are high throughout Manitoba and high to extreme in northwestern Manitoba.

There are currently 39 fires burning in Manitoba with three new fire starts in the past 24 hours.

Air-quality statements have been issued for parts of northwest Manitoba due to smoke. There are no current restriction in place. However, Manitobans are reminded to avoid wildfire areas and watch for road closure or detour signs.

Fire Updates


Fire WE025 The Pas

Approximately 40 km south of The Pas, the fire is estimated to be 170 hectares (ha) in area. Crews continue to make good progress on the fire including 80 per cent completion of a bulldozer fireguard surrounding the fire.

Fire WE026 (Mathias Colomb Cree Nation)

Approximately two km east of Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (MCNN), the fire is estimated to be 10,000 ha. Due to the vicinity of the wildfire, MCCN has activated its emergency plan and called for the evacuation of all community members. Crews are on the ground in MCCN to assist with the protection of homes and critical structures. 

Fire NO030 (east of MCCN)

An Incident Management Team is currently assessing the fire and developing a strategy for action.

Fire NO024 Fox Mine

Fire is estimated 2,000 ha. A lodge in the area has been evacuated and structures protected. No infrastructure or additional structures are at risk.

Fire NO009 (Gilliam)

Fire is six km from Gilliam and estimated 178 ha. Fire crews are managing any hot spots.


The Manitoba Wildfire Services reminds Manitobans to be ‘Fire Smart’. Walk around houses and remove any large fuel sources within 10 metres that could burn, such as woodpiles, spare lumber, vehicles and boats. For areas where ATV use is allowed, riders are reminded they can play a role in protecting against wildfires. Anyone using an ATV is asked to stay on developed trails, ensure the ATV has a working spark arrestor, check areas around the engine and exhaust frequently, and carefully remove and extinguish any debris from these areas. Operators are also reminded to be prepared by carrying a fire extinguisher, axe and shovel. 

For further information on Manitoba Wildfire Service, situation updates, restrictions and other important wildfire links go to www.gov.mb.ca/wildfire/ or follow the Twitter account at https://twitter.com/mbgovnews.

Reported COVID-19 Cases Have Made a Jump in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 229 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of July 3rd to 9th an increase from 125 the previous week.  Winnipeg reported 133 new cases followed by the Northern health region with 48 a jump from 13 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests increased to on average 269 people tested per day compared to 244 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 14.8 percent up from 11.5 percent the previous week.  There were 59 hospital admissions up from 46 the previous week including seven ICU admissions the same as the previous week.            


Saskatchewan will issue its monthly update next Thursday.

The Ducks Hit the Water Saturday.

The Freedom Outreach Program is sponsoring their annual Duck Race Saturday afternoon.  The group’s Kandi Lagore says they start with a barbeque at 12 at the Wallace Street Bridge, the sharing of life transforming stories, the pre-race duck draw and the race itself at 2 o’clock.  She says it’s a fund raiser for Freedom Outreach and all the proceeds will go to their work here to put hope within reach of every person struggling with addiction as well as their families, their loved ones who are concerned with them and so their community office downtown that they will be opening will have some support groups and other ways they can support those in need.


Tickets are still available around town and if there’s any left at the start of the race.  First prize is a Honda CRF 110 kids dirt bike, second is a one thousand dollar gift card at Frontline Sport and Leisure and third five hundred dollars cash.  The race can also be watched on the Freedom Outreach Facebook page.


As The Weather Gets Hot More People are Out on the Water.

With summer season well underway Manitoba RCMP remind everyone to stay safe out on the water.  For those who enjoy being out on a boat, paddle board, kayak, canoe or other water craft remember to always wear a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device.


In partnership with the Life Saving Society they offer important safety tips including wear your lifejacket, learn to swim, always swim with a buddy, children and non-swimmers should always be supervised around water and don’t drink and swim and don’t drink and drive your boat.


Manitoba RCMP Inland Water Transport Coordinator Staff Sergeant Bob Chabot notes many serious incidents that occur on our waterways are as a result of not wearing a properly fitting lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device.  He adds when unexpected incidents occur and a person ends up in the water the lifejacket or PFD is your number one piece of safety equipment.


Musicians Will Come to Entertain You.

The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says musicians will be moving around Flin Flon Saturday afternoon for Street Corner Concerts.  She explains the way Street Corner concerts work is there are five locations, Pioneer Square, the Zoo, Northern Lights Manor, Steventon Park and Rotary Park and you grab a chair or a blanket or just a piece of grass and you wait and every 15 minutes musicians will change.  She notes it starts at one o’clock and you can go to any one of those locations and the performers they have this Saturday are Jacoj Harvie, John and Gaby Taylor, James Page, Kevin Allen and Derek Kemp.


The Street Corner Concerts will take place again on Saturday July 30th.  For more information and times for each performer visit www.flinflonartscouncil.ca and click on the poster as it appears at the top of the page.

Be Safe When Working in the Heat.

While people are out basking in the summer weather SAFE Work Manitoba is reminding everyone to be mindful of hot weather conditions especially at the workplace.


Vice President Jamie Hall explains there are two types of heat-related illnesses that are common in our province…….


“The mild form is heat exhaustion and although that might not be life threatening it’s certainly a danger to individuals and then heat stroke is much more dangerous as if someone is experiencing heat stroke that could be in some cases life threatening but it’s very serious and should be considered a medical emergency.”


Hall says there are measures employers and workers can take to protect against the dangers that hot weather presents.


Those measures include staying hydrated throughout your work day before you get thirsty, limiting caffeine intake, taking regular rest breaks and having emergency procedures and first-aid coverage in place.

Local Artists Can Share Their Ideas With Others.

The NorVa Centre is hosting its annual artist retreat and open house in Denare Beach next week.  The Centre’s Karen Clark says they invited local and out of town artists to share ideas and work on their art from July 17th to 23rd.  She explains they have artists coming in to spend a week together, like minded people who work on their art as they will and it’s a non-instructional week so that means people aren’t expecting anybody to take them by the hand and show them how to do stuff but that being said if you see an artist doing something that you’re interested in the door is always open and people are always generous about sharing.                                      


Clark highlights the firing of the Raku pottery kiln and a Batik Village working with fabric and wax.  She notes there will be a public display of some of the work done during the week at the Retreat Open House Exhibition on Friday and Saturday July 22nd and 23rd in the afternoon at the Denareplex in Denare Beach.  They still have a couple of spots open for interested artists to attend at 180 dollars a person for the week. You can call the NorVa Centre for more information.

Ongoing Lithium Exploration has Expanded in the Snow Lake Region.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology has announced it has entered into an option agreement with Strider Resources where it has the right to acquire a 100 percent interest in the Peg North Claims in the Snow Lake mining district.  President John Gravelle reports the Peg North Claims consist of 28 claims hosting five known pegmatite dykes and captures the northern extension of the Crowduck Bay Fault and surrounding area known for its lithium enriched pegmatite dyke clusters.  He says the acquisition pursuant to the Option Agreement will significantly expand the Company’s Snow Lake lithium holdings by 6757 hectares to an amalgamated 17,400 hectares in the prospective Snow Lake pegmatite fields……


“We’re going to take this new land package that we have and we’re going to do our disciplined exploration strategy the way we always have.  That means we’re going to use airborne magnetics, we’re going to use geochemical work in prospecting and we’re going to use the results of that to identify our highest quality drilling targets.”            


Gravelle adds the electrification movement is amongst us and the increase in demand for lithium will be here for decades to come.

Support Continues for Local Projects.

The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation Held Their Annual Meeting Last Night.


Executive Director Laurence Gillespie presented the Chairs report submitted by Mark Kolt noting housing was their main focus in 2021-22 in the areas of homelessness continuing their involvement with the Everyone Deserves a Home housing group which works to address homelessness and housing affordability in Flin Flon.


Several small grants were awarded to support a recreation and wellness related project.  The Flowers on Main Street contributed to downtown revitalization.  They provided administrative support for the Blueberry Jam Music Gathering and Trout Festival, the Wild Things Outdoor Market during Culture Days and supported projects that enhanced the ability to run virtual events.  They supported digital audio training workshops and upgrades to St. Ann’s Parish kitchen, the Women’s Safe Haven and Community Hall. In all the FFNRC supported seven projects through their small grant program totaling 25 thousand dollars.


They are working to build community partnerships, doing more community outreach, helping more local groups access funding for their projects and working to set up a community mobilization committee which they hope will help our local social service agencies and community support organizations work more effectively and efficiently.

Plans Are in Place for Flin Flons Pride Week.

Pride Week gets underway in Flin Flon Friday evening.  Committee Executive Director Jordana Oulette highlights the events planned with something for everyone this year….            

“Pride Week is kicking off this Friday at 5 pm at City Hall with the flag raising.  Our social is to follow at 7 pm at the Flin Flon Community Hall with the Drag show and magic and then the next day Saturday the 16th we’re going to have Pride in the Park from 2 to 4 at the Lion’s Spray Pool.  That evening is going to be a teen dance carnival from 7:30 to 11 at the Community Hall and the following weekend is going to be our Pride parade starting at 11 am at the old Co-op going down to CFAR and then that evening is going to be our Glow Party to end off Pride Week.”            

The committee has also repainted the rainbow crosswalk between the Royal Bank and the Steelworkers building parallel to Main Street.  More details on the events can be found on the Flin Flon Pride Facebook page.


A Summer Drill Program is Underway and Good Results Continue to Come in From Past Drilling West of Flin Flon.

Foran Mining Corporation recently released assay results from 14 holes drilled on their Bigstone Project approximately 25 kilometers west of the McIlvenna Bay deposit 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.  Drilling focused on both the Bigstone Deposit and the Marconi prospect which is located 500 meters to the east. They report a highlight intercept of 21 meters of 3.6 percent copper equivalent at Bigstone and a Marconi target now 900 meters in strike length and open in all directions.  Their Executive Director and CEO Dan Myerson states these results continue to underpin their strategy to explore and discover near mine opportunities under a centralized milling scenario. He adds they continue to intercept high grade copper and zinc mineralization but recent work outlines a substantial opportunity to also uncover extensive anomalous gold zones.


The Company plans to drill seven holes and approximately three thousand meters at Marconi this summer to further test and better define the historic mineralized horizons with a summer drill program at Bigstone set to begin this month.

A Scratch Ticket Made a Flin Flon Resident 100 Thousand Dollars Richer.

Rose Bighetty is now 100 thousand dollars richer thanks to the BINGO instant ticket that came with a Super Scratch Pack she picked up in early June.  Bighetty purchased her winning ticket at Creighton Super Stop in Creighton on June 10th.  She said after scratching the ticket at home she waited until the next day to confirm the win by taking it back to the store.  Bighetty adds she needs more time to think about what she’ll do with her windfall.


You Can Enjoy Manitoba Parks With No Entry Fee This Week.

 Parks Minister Jeff Wharton has announced building on the success of last year’s initiative the Manitoba government is again offering free entry to provincial parks all this week including Canada’s Parks Day.  Vehicle permits will not be required at any provincial park from today to Sunday.  Overnight camping fees still apply along with fees to national parks.


Wharton notes this week long free access which coincides with Canada’s Parks Day July 16th is designed to ensure all Manitobans can enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of our provincial parks even more affordably.


Flooding and wet conditions continue to affect several provincial parks.  Park visitors should check www.manitobaparks.com for the latest flood related closures and advisories and www.manitoba511.ca for road closures and potential detours before travelling.


Beach users are reminded to be water smart this summer which includes never swimming alone and supervising children on the beach.  Boaters and beach users should wear properly sized life jackets when participating in water related activities.

You Can Help to Form Plans for the Coming Year.

The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation is holding their annual meeting Monday night.  Executive Director Laurence Gillespie says they use the meeting as a major planning opportunity for the year ahead.  He explains as people who have lived through the past couple of years now there’s lots of interesting curve balls being thrown at people and organizations in general so they’re certainly hoping to get a good turnout that could help give them some ideas what people would like to see them do over the coming year.  He adds other than that basic housekeeping, they have several new seats on their Board of Directors that will be open for election at that time so basically reporting what they have done over the past year, discussing what they should do over the coming year and electing their officers.


The meeting is being held Monday night at 7 in Council Chambers at City Hall. The meeting will also be available online.  To get the link call Laurence at 204-687-6972, email ffnrc@mymts.net or visit their Facebook page.

RCMP Calls for Service in Northern Manitoba were up 14 Percent in May from May Last Year.

RCMP report during May 2022 over May 2021Manitoba North District reported even though calls for service were up there were decreases in all categories except for crimes against property.  Common police activities were down from 1003 to 829 with the largest decrease seen in breach of peace occurrences which was down from 521 to 398 and assistance to the general public was down from 100 to 77.


Crimes against person decreased minimally from 934 to 913 where the largest decrease was in sexual offences down from 64 to 39.  Crimes against property increased from 933 to 1259 with fraud up from 15 to 22 and mischief up from 706 to 1016 however break and enters decreased from 80 to 69. And drug enforcement decreased from 69 to 31 with trafficking down from 48 to 21 and possession occurrences down from 14 to 7.


Reported Cases of COVID-19 Continue to Drop in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 125 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of June 26th to July 2nd a decrease from 157 the previous week.  Winnipeg reported the highest with 70 new cases with the Northern health region the lowest at 13 down from 39 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests decreased to an average 244 people tested per day compared to 252 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 11.5 percent up from 10.9 percent the previous week.  There were 46 hospital admissions the same as the previous week including seven ICU admissions up two.            


Saskatchewan`s next monthly report will be issued on July 21st.


Children Can Spend Some Time Reading Over the Summer Months.

Creighton Community School is holding a Summer Literacy Camp July 11th to 28th in the morning in Creighton and in the afternoon in Denare Beach. Organizer Bree Patterson says it is free and for children ages five to twelve. She explains at Literacy Camp this summer they will have books for children ages 5 to 12 and they’ll be offering some snacks, some meals, crafts will be in place, literacy games that will be indoors and outdoors, basically trying to keep the kids out and still involved and keep their brains going over summer vacation.


The Camp runs Monday to Thursday at Creighton Community School from 9 to 11:30 and at the Denare Beach Band Hall from 1 to 3:30 July 11th to 28th.  To register children can just come out to the Camps with the permission forms they received at School or fill one out at the Camp.

Free Fishing Weekend is Coming Up In Saskatchewan.

The 2022 Saskatchewan summer Free Fishing Weekend takes place Saturday and Sunday.  Saskatchewan residents and visitors are invited to take to any public water open to sport fishing with no licence required unless you plan on taking fish out of the province.  All other catch limits and fishing regulations still apply and free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks where a federal licence is required.


They note every year more than a quarter of a million anglers take to Saskatchewan waters to sport fish. There are nearly 70 species of fish native to Saskatchewan including 21 different sport fishing species such as walleye, pike and trout.  Be sure to check out the Saskatchewan Anglers Guide before heading out by visiting www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

Your Children Can Learn More About Science and Engineering This Summer.

The University of Manitoba is again sponsoring a Kid-netic STEM summer day camp in Flin Flon.  It will run July 25th to 29th at McIsaac School for children 9 to 12 years old.   The Program Administrator for Women in Science and Engineering at the University Caleigh Bell says they operate on daily themes. She explains they have STEM bases theme days so they have Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics and this year they have Extreme Engineering Day, Paleontology Day, Forensic Science Day, Gaming Day and Sports Science Day so for Engineering Day children will get a chance to try out things like protecting an egg during an egg drop, Sports Science Day they get to build a mini golf course and try find their reaction timing and Gaming Day they’ll get to try their hand at animation and designing a new video game.


For information and online registration visit their website www.wisekidneticenergy.ca by July 18th at a cost of 115 dollars for the camp.

A Draft Agreement Made up the Largest Portion of the City Council Meeting.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council heard from a delegation from the Flin Flon Seniors Group.  President Madalean Stevens requested a contract with the City for use of the Seniors Room at the Community Hall as they used to have. She noted they pay 419 dollars a month but make some of that back renting to other groups.             


Mayor Cal Huntley advised they have drawn up a draft agreement.  One issue he noted is when the Seniors rent to another group the City has no idea who they are and that has liability issues.  He explained the City agrees to rent it to the Seniors from 12 to 5 for 150 dollars a month but will also make it available at other times the Seniors request.  When the room is rented to another group it will be done through the Community Hall so the City knows who’s in there to solve liability issues. The Seniors were quite concerned about the limited hours from 12 to 5 but it was pointed out they have priority use so if they have other events planned they just have to contact the City. The City and the Seniors will review the draft agreement before it is finalized.


Mayor and Council also had a lot of praise for the Trout Festival Committee for all the events they put on as well as the great participation at all of the events by our communities.

Seven Honky Tonk Angels Are Being Featured at NorVa.

Flin Flon Musician CC Trubiak is presenting a visual art exhibition at the NorVa Centre starting today.  He explains the display includes several different things.  He says one is episodes of CC’s Vinyl Closet being on display on a TV screen plus he has up on display a lot of his paper doll caricature cut outs of the seven Honky Tonk Angels that he is pioneering – Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John, Tanya Tucker, Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris.


The exhibit is open at the NorVa Centre at 177 Green Street Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 5 until August 12th.  CC will also present an Artists Talk and performance that includes the music of the seven angels Saturday July 16th from 2 to 3 at NorVa.


Falls Among Seniors Are Causing Twice as Many Deaths as Motor Vehicle Accidents Each Year.

Today is National Injury Prevention Day reminding you getting injured can occur anywhere, at home, in the workplace or while practicing your favorite sport. The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance wants to help raise awareness about the devastating effects of predicable and preventable injuries especially among seniors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They report according to the World Health Organization about a third of seniors fall each year resulting in 85 percent of injury related hospitalizations, 95 percent of hip fractures and 61 percent of injury deaths for older Canadians.


The Alliance advises to prevent falls do balance and resistance exercises that focus on upper legs, hips and core strength, safe proof your home to minimize the risk including removing throw rugs, adding lighting on the stairs and installing sturdy hand rails, stay hydrated, maintain a balanced diet and monitor medications as some might contribute to feeling dizzy or falling.

A Successful Flin Flon Trout Festival Wrapped Up Over the Weekend.



              The main events in the Festival wrapped up with Canada Day Celebrations on Friday kicked off by the Flin Flon Fireworks Committee .  The Northland Ford Trout Festival Canada Day Parade had 14 floats and vehicles entered as well as 18 classic cars.  The parade went through Flin Flon and for the first time out to Creighton where an afternoon of events took place followed by events in Denare Beach Friday night.

              The Trout Festival kicked off on June 1st with the start of the Fishing Derby that wrapped up last Thursday

 with the winners to be announced this coming Friday. Other highlights included Beat the Chief, free barbeque, buskers, Midway and Food Trucks in Creighton and the return of a very successful the Fish Fry.

Flin Flon Recreations Summer in The Parks is Underway Today.

Supervisor Ashley Andersen says they have an exciting summer planned for ages four to ten years old running until August 26th.  She explains they have all new themes from last year so some of their themes include Candy Land, Science, Spies, Alice in Wonderland, Lego, Pirates, Carnival and Dinosaurs.  She notes the summer is going to be packed full of fun stuff as they’ve got field trips, the museums, the beach, the Recycling Centre as well as some other events such as a visit with some reptiles, piñatas and even a Bouncy Castle.


Andersen adds they have extended the hours for Summer in the Parks.  It will run from 9 to 4 Monday to Friday based out of the RH Channing Auditorium. Registration is 85 dollars a week and you can register by visiting www.cityofflinflon.ca, click on recreation, then programs and events, register here and Summer in the Parks.

This is The Week to Take Someone Fishing.

This is National Fishing Week and this year’s campaign is encouraging people to reconnect with family and friends through the activity.


The Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation’s Mike Melnik says fishing has a positive impact on mental wellness adding there’s a low barrier for entry as it can be an affordable hobby. He explains catching fish is one thing but going fishing is totally different, it doesn’t really matter if you catch any fish.  He says it’s nice to catch fish but it’s the experience of going outdoors in the sunshine hopefully, with your friends, with your family, by yourself and it has huge benefits in just getting youself away from distractions, taking yourself away from electronics, so that’s one thing the mental health benefits but also the physical benefit of just being outdoors in fresh air and sunshine getting some vitamin D, that’s a huge benefit as well.


One of the messages for this year’s campaign is to get experienced fishers to introduce the activity to someone in their life as a way to help them connect through the hobby. You can learn more about fishing online at www.catchfishing.com.



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