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A Public Meeting Has Led to a Call For More Action on Health Care.



MLA Tom Lindsey told the Manitoba Legislature last week about the recent health care public meeting he held in Flin Flon.  He said there were immense concerns about the doctor shortages, lack of mental health supports and the increasing vacancy rate of health care professionals.  He told them we have only two doctors and no nurse practitioners and at the public meeting they heard many concerns regarding the increasing vacancies of numerous health care positions in Flin Flon. Lindsey explained the Northern Regional Health Authority postings currently show 20 nursing positions, 11 health care aide positions, 10 mental health and home care professionals, 1 psychologist position and numerous other administrative positions that are vacant and looking for applicants and this is just in Flin Flon never mind the rest of the region.


Lindsey stated the lack of health care support in Flin Flon is at a crisis right now and we look to government to take action by delivering more doctors and nurse practitioners to the north.


They Gathered to Remember Saturday Night.



The United Steelworkers Local 7106 held a ceremony at their monument to mark the National Day of Mourning.  Their Health and Safety Rep Ken Bateman explained the message of the day is to recognize all those who have fallen at work, went to work and didn’t have the opportunity to return home, adding we also recognize those who have been injured.  He says they’d also like to recognize that this is a somber year for the Steelworkers themselves as it marks the 25th anniversary of the Westray explosion.  Bateman says coming out of the Westray explosion has been the Westray Law that has come a long way but not as far as it should but it holds people criminally responsible for workplace deaths and accidents where negligence was shown.


 Wreaths were laid by various union and community representatives. In his comments Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey noted he has called on politicians to make sure they pass laws that protect working people. He added the voices of working people need to be heard by politicians of all stripes so people can go to work and come home safe at the end of the day.


Money is Again Available for Neighborhood Renewal Projects in Flin Flon.


The Manitoba government is seeking grant applications for community development projects and initiatives.  Laurence Gillespie of the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation says 75 thousand dollars is available locally through the Neighborhoods Alive Neighborhood Renewal Fund. He explains it can to things such as projects that support women’s safety and reduce rates of violence against women, projects that enable economic development and align with regional development strategies, help sustain community assets and community initiatives that concentrate on heritage, community tourism, recreation facilities and projects and innovation that supports social enterprises and that can show clear measurable social outcomes as a result of the project.


Gillespie encourages people to apply as a lot of this money has been left unused in the past.  To apply or for more information you can contact Laurence at 204-687-6972, visit the Manitoba government website or find the link attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.




(link- www.gov.mb.ca/mr/bldgcomm/intake/index.html.)


Our MLA Encourages People to Attend Memorials Tomorrow to Mark the National Day of Mourning.


MLA Tom Lindsey told the Legislature yesterday it is saddening that even with many safety requirements in place workplace fatalities and injuries still occur.  In fact there were 27 workplace fatalities in Manitoba last year.  He said it is their job as MLAs to ensure legislation is put in place and followed to help prevent injury and illness from occurring.  He said dismantling the advisory council on workplace health and safety, cutting the workplace health and safety department’s budget and reducing the number of workplace inspections does not help to address the issues, rather it demonstrates a priority of cutting costs ahead of workers safety.  He says these laws exist because of the blood of Manitoba workers adding any reduction in these laws or in the inspectors who enforce them fails all those who have been killed at work and all workers.


Lindsey encouraged all members to attend a memorial in their community tomorrow as he has done for many years.



Drones Have Completed Their Work Near Snow Lake.


Far Resources reports they completed an aeromagnetic survey of its Zoro Lithium property near Snow Lake in a joint venture with Strider Resources. The survey was flown by drone or unmanned aerial vehicle.  It covered a 1 kilometer by 2.5 kilometer grid with 25 meter line spacing for a total 100 line kilometers of surveying. The company believes that data collected using this extremely cost effective survey tool will be valuable in assisting with targeting additional lithium bearing pegmatite dykes that are completely hidden below overburden.


Far also completed their fourth diamond drilling program at the Zoro Lithium Project in the last week of February and are awaiting the results.

Are You Interested in Workshops for Volunteer Organizations?


Community Futures Greenstone is planning to host Volunteer Manitoba workshops in September.  Their Manager Becky Cianflone explains they’re talking to Volunteer Manitoba about the possibility of bringing in a trainer for a day to work with some of our non-profit boards and volunteer organizations just to help to equip them to do more and do better in the community.


Cianflone adds they are looking for groups that might be interested in partnering with them for these workshops.  She also wants to hear from people who may be interested in these types of workshop and what topics you like to see covered.  Choices being offered include roles and responsibilities of a non-profit board, dealing with difficult volunteers, social media for non-profits, minute taking made easy, efficient effective and enjoyable meetings and the three r’s – recruitment, retention and recognition. If interested you can contact the Greenstone office at 204-687-6967.


Area Residents Will Pause to Remember Tomorrow Night.


April 28th is recognized as a National Day of Mourning.  United Steelworkers Local 7106 Health and Safety Rep Ken Bateman explains the day the Day of Mourning is recognized in over a hundred countries and it’s a day to remember those employees who went to work and didn’t have an opportunity to come back and be with their families due to the fact they were either seriously injured or killed at work adding once again they take safety as their number one priority.


You’re invited to the ceremony at 7:30 tomorrow night at the Steelworkers monument in Flin Flon across from the Gateway followed by a gathering at the Steelworkers Hall on Main Street and at the Miner’s Cenotaph in Snow Lake at 1 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.


You Can Learn More About Summer Camps at the Leisure Show.


Simon House Bible Camp is taking registrations for their summer camps.  Director Darrell Janzen says they have camps and fun activities planned all summer.  He says as usual they have lots of lake front activities there, stand up pedal boards, canoes, kayaks and all those things and recently they introduced slack lining and as usual a lot of fun games for large groups.  He notes they start at 6 with three day camps for 6 to 8 year olds and then 8 to 17 are all week long programs.


Janzen adds their discount early bird registration deadline is this Monday with regular registrations continuing after that.  They have financial assistance through the Sunshine Fund for those who need it so all children have a chance to attend camp.  They will be at the Leisure Show in the Creighton Sportex today through Saturday or you can find information and register on their website www.simonhouse.ca or call 204-687-3340.


The Flin Flon Aqua Center Community Committee Continues Fund Raising for Aqua Center Renovations.


At their meeting Tuesday night it was reported the committee has had several fund raising events since their last meeting. They received a cheque for 100 thousand dollars for their support of last year’s Homecoming, a Local Roots concert hosted by Ann Ross and Doug McGregor raised 615 dollars, a Pizza Fundraiser with the Aqua Doves raised 700 dollars, a Northern Lights Dance Academy recital raised 900 dollars and 1450 dollars has been received to date in honor of the late Clarence Pettersen.


Plans are for a Drive in Movie night this summer with admission of 5 dollars going to the Aqua Center, they will set up during Trout Festival Main Street Days and sell the last 250 FlinFlonoply games, tag days are planned for May 26th and September 8th, a local art and craft raffle will be held, a mixed two ball fund raiser will be held at the end of August, a Local Roots coffee house is planned for October 13th and corporate sponsorship letters will be going out.


Treasurer Corey Thompson reported so far they have raised 264 thousand dollars.

Its Important to be an Organ Donor.


This is National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week.  Local Coordinator Nora Fontaine says the theme this year is the simple fact that You Have the Green Light to Save a Life. She explains in the next ten minutes someone will be added to the organ transplant waiting list.  She says it’ll take you two minutes to register online at signupforlife.ca to be an organ donor.  Fontaine notes when tragedy strikes such as it did for a Humbolt Broncos player’s family it gave them great comfort to honor his memory and to enhance the lives of many recipients by donating his organs.  She adds 99 percent of Canadian support organ donation but only 20 percent have registered so please give the gift of life, sign up and be a donor.


Fontaine adds if you want more information including how to sign up to be a donor go to www.transplantmanitoba.ca and link to www.signupforlife.ca.


Reading is Again Being Promoted in Flin Flon School Division.


Last night Superintendent Constance McCleese reported the Division will once again participate in the TD Bank book giveaway program.  Department and Ministries of Education across Canada in co-operation with the Canadian Children’s Book Center will provide free Canadian children’s books for every grade one child in Canada.  Nearly half a million books will be distributed to encourage literacy and reading of great Canadian books.  This fall students in the province will take home Giraffe and Bird written and illustrated by Rebecca Bender and published by Pajama Press.  She also praised the efforts of those who recently participated in the Regional Science Fair pointing out Kari Labordes excellent work in organizing the program in the elementary schools.


Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green reported that flags in the Division are flying half mast in honor of the late Trustee Andy Burbidge and for those affected by recent events in Toronto.


A Variety of Items Came up for Discussion at Yesterdays Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Meeting.


Three members of the local Chamber will be attending the Manitoba Chambers annual meeting next week.  It is being held at the Elkhorn Resort and Conference Centre with Dianne Russell, Becky Cianflone and Korey Eastman attending.


The Chamber is preparing for the annual Flin Flon Trout Festival.  They are looking for volunteers for the Festival barbeque set for June 29th. They are also looking for help with their Flinty float for the parade.


The Chamber has received funding for a summer student from the Canada Summer Jobs Program.


President Karen MacKinnon reported they have received an email from Travel Manitoba regarding their annual tourism awards.  She said they have awards for special events and these could promote our community.  Ideas suggested were last year’s Homecoming, the fishing derbies we hold, community choir performances, Culture Days and other events. They will take a further look at nominating an event or person for an award.


Dianne Russell reported she is working on hosting a northern Chamber of Commerce conference here in Flin Flon on Saturday September 8th. The first such conference was held in Thompson last year.


Green and Yellow Hair Will be Shaved as a Fund Raiser.



A Flin Flon Parent who has also lost a child is doing a two week fund raiser to help support the families of the Humbolt bus crash.  Barb Groff says she knows what they are going through.  She explains she is planning a two week fundraiser and she has already colored her hair the colors green and yellow and at the end of it she will shave it all off in support of the families.  She says with all the donations she receives she and her husband will be travelling to Humbolt to make the presentation in person.


Groff adds donations can be dropped off at the Candy Bar or at the Flin Flon Credit Union and anyone who wants to join her and brave the shave can call her at 204-687-8515. Groff will be shaving her hair on Wednesday May 9th at 12:05 at Pioneer Square.


The Recycling Program Had Another Successful Year.

Baord Members (back) and award recipients.


The Flin Flon Environment Council held their annual meeting last night.  Recycling Centre Administrator Deb Odegaard reported they recycled just over 463 tonnes last year up 21 tonnes from the year before.  The increase was in part the result of the beginning of curbside pick up in Denare Beach.  The Red Bag curbside program in Flin Flon averages 15 to 20 bags weekly and is covering costs and business pickups have a significant surplus that helps cover the cost of processing and shipping costs for cardboard as there is no subsidy for it.  They also recycled just over 30 tonnes of electronics and 409 kilograms of household batteries.  Odegaard noted the Hazardous Waste Depot at the landfill officially opened in September.


Odegaard presented the Curbside Service Provider in Creighton Award to Ray Gilfillan, the Curbside Service Provider in Denare Beach Award to John Moore and Kathy McGrath, the Employee Service Award to Dave Didyk and the Board Member Award to Barb Lyons.


Deb Odegaard with Ray Gilfillan John Moore & Kathy McGrathDave Didyk                            Barb Lyons


Nominations Are Open for Manitoba Business Awards.


The 35th annual Manitoba Business Awards Gala is being held this fall.  The President of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Chuck Davidson says it honors worthy Manitoba businesses with categories for all sizes of businesses from all four corners of Manitoba along with a special award. He says they are also looking for some of those businesses that have been in operation for more than 50 years in Manitoba and so they’ve got a special category for long term achievement rural and looking for Manitoba based companies that have been in operation for more than 50 years that are based outside the city of Winnipeg.  He says there’s an application process they can go through and they’re more than happy to take companies from throughout Manitoba to be part of the process.


Nomination forms can be found online at www.mbchamber.mb.ca with the deadline for submissions the end of the day Friday May 4th.

Our MLA Wants to See Action on Churchill.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey demanded action on the Port of Churchill in the Legislature last week stating the port is closed to grain shipments, the rail line is out of service but the governing party is so deaf to these concerns that they’re now having a political fundraiser for the PC Party of Manitoba with a prize of two tickets to Churchill but of course you’ll have to fly there because there is no rail line going there.  He added the people of Churchill need their port reopened, they need the rail line restored and they need leadership from this government.


The Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pedersen replied they are very proud of Churchill and what it has to offer and will continue to support Churchill each and every day.  Lindsey suggested if the minister believes that the PC party should turn all the profits from their sale over to support Churchill.


Northern Manitoba Election Boundaries Could Change.


A new report from Brandon University says looming mine closures in Thompson and Flin Flon may cost the region so many residents that northern Manitoba could lose one of its five provincial ridings by the 2028 election.

The university's Rural Development Institute says that over the last three years, a series of events or announcements have cast a long shadow of economic instability over many communities in Manitoba's north.

The study was commissioned by Manitoba's electoral boundaries commission.

Its authors caution it is more an analysis of the demographics and economies of rural and remote Manitoba than a series of recommendations about specific boundary changes.

Local Band Students Experienced a Music and Arts Festival.


Grade seven band students from Flin Flon School Division were in The Pas last week.  Band Instructor Anna Harrison says they were part of The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival.  She says they played at Margaret Barbour Collegiate for an adjudicator and her name is Patsy Andrews-Verte from the Winnipeg area and she was adjudicating all of the instrumental events at the Festival and she did a clinic with them for about 45 minutes just helping them get better.  She says it was a really great experience and the kids played very very well.


Harrison adds this is a new experience for her band students with the grade eight students attending the Festival for the first time last year.


Its Time to Register Your Younger Children for School.


Parents are reminded to register your children for Kindergarten in Flin Flon School Division.   Administrative Assistant Kathryn Church says the deadline to register is April 30th.  She explains children must be turning five by December 31st, 2018 in order to register.  Parents and guardians can register at the school in their catchment and if they are not sure which school they should register at they can call her at 204-681-3424.  Church adds a birth certificate is the preferred option for the proof of age and the child’s legal name however other documents will be considered and children that are currently attending Kindervention are considered registered for the 2018-19 school year.


More information is available at both McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools or by contacting the Board office.

Our Member of Parliament Says the Liberal Government Pipeline Bailout is Wrong.


MP Niki Ashton says the Liberal government has created a mess in the Trans Mountain pipeline. She says they broke their promise to overhaul the environmental review system and adopted Stephen Harper’s process, they are ignoring the very real concerns of First Nations, they are threatening punitive sanctions against BC including cuts to health care transfers and now they are looking at a 2 billion dollar bailout of the pipeline company.  Ashton adds instead of investing in health, education, housing or child care they are looking at ramming through their pipeline agenda at our expense.  She notes at a time when we are facing catastrophic climate change now is not the time for the federal government of be anything other than a leader on climate change adding Canadians deserve better.


The New Store is a Week Away.

Tom Therien


Board President Dave Kendall told the 73rd annual North of 53 Co-op annual meeting their new store will open April 27th at 8 am with a grand opening held with their annual barbeque in the summer.  He said they are also pursuing options for the main floor of their present Main Street location with their offices moving to the lower floor of that building.  He said customers will be impressed with the size and many new products in the new store as well as with all the parking.


General Manager Tom Therien reported 2017 was another great year for the Co-op with sales of almost 27 million dollars which is one million more than last year.  The Board authorized an allocation to the membership of 2.75 percent for food and 6 percent for petroleum.  Therien also reported with the new store they have added 30 new employees so far.


Nominations were held to fill two three year positions on their Board with three nominations submitted.  Dennis Whitbread will seek re-election.  The other candidates are Richard Dansereau and John Moore.  Advance polls will be held on Wednesday May 2nd with regular voting on Friday May 11th in the store.


You Can Learn More About Recycling.


The Flin Flon Environment Council is holding their annual meeting Monday night.  Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard invites you to the meeting.  She says meetings are not always that interesting but they try to make the first part especially interesting with a power point presentation about what’s happening at the Recycling Center and also some awards to people who have given a lot to the recycling program over the year or years.  She adds the second part is the financial statements and election of Board members. She says everyone is welcome and you can buy a membership for five dollars.


The meeting starts at 7 Monday night in Flin Flon City Council Chambers.

You Can Celebrate Earth Day Sunday.


The Flin Flon Environment Council is recognizing Earth Day Sunday.  Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard invites you to visit the Center Sunday afternoon.  She says they’re celebrating Earth Day with an open house at the Recycling Center from 1:30 to 4:30 when people can come by and see their new baler, see all the different things they recycle and ask any questions they may have so they’d just love to have you drop by.


The Recycling Center is located at 7 Timber Lane.  The Environment Council also reminds you of their annual meeting being held on Monday at 7 in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  We’ll have more on that tomorrow.


The Co-op Store Will Close and Re-open Next Week.


The new North of 53 Consumers Co-op store on highway 10A across from St. Ann’s Church is almost ready to open.  Store Manager Tom Therien explains they’re going to be closing the downtown store for the last time Saturday at 6 pm and then immediately after that they start moving everything to the new store and they will be open at the new location Friday April 27th at 8 am so they’re quite excited.


Therien adds there will be no official opening ceremony but a major grand opening celebration will be held when the weather is nicer in June.




There Will be no Juried Art Show This Year.


The organization committee reports it is with regret they are forced to cancel this years Northern Juried Art Show in Thompson.  The main reason for this is the lack of artist participation in the last few years.  They say it has reached the point where it is not viable to hold the show this year and they hope that next year it can continue with renewed interest of the artists north of the 53rd.


The committee states even after extending the deadline a minimum number was not reached.  Any artists that submitted their paperwork and fees will have them returned to them promptly.


Local Museums and Archives Can Apply for Funding Support.


Community museums and archives can now access matching dollars from the new Manitoba Heritage Trust Program.  Culture and Heritage Minister Cathy Cox says the Program will help heritage organizations build their own individual endowment funds to assist in their long term sustainability.


Eiligible organizations will be required to contribute a minimum of 25 hundred dollars to an established heritage trust and working in partnership with the Winnipeg Foundation the province will provide one dollar for every two dollars raised for the organization’s endowment fund.  The province will guarantee support up to a maximum of 25 thousand dollars to organizations that raise 50 thousand dollars.


Information on the program and how to apply can be found online at www.endowmanitoba.ca.

You Can Have Someone Arrested.


The Womens Resource Centre is holing a Jail N Bail fund raising event during the Leisure Show at the Creighton Sportex April 26th to 28th.  The Centre’s Colleen Arnold says people whose names are submitted are arrested by volunteers.  She explains the jail birds must agree to be arrested and once they arrive at the jail their bail is set by the mock judge.  They then start making pledges by calling friends, relatives and co-workers to earn their bail and donations of 20 dollars or more can get a tax receipt and all of the proceeds go to the operation of the Safe Haven.


Arnold adds the volunteer jail birds will receive a t-shirt that says they’re the property of the Women’s Resource Centre and mug shots and videos will be posted on their Facebook page. Last year they raised just under 18 hundred dollars and arrest forms are available by contacting the Women’s Resource Centre.


We Have A Winner

Flin Flon City Council held their meeting earlier tonight at council chambers. Among the highlights was the grand prize draw for the Experience Flin Flon contest where people could enter on the Flin Flon Rocks facebook page.


people were encouraged to like the link and that is how they would be entered to win the contest valued at over $20,000.00. Congratulations to Tatianna Alexander from Saskatoon who ended up being the grand prize winner.


Councillor Karen Mckinnon says the contest was a big success." It went very, very well and it drew attention to Flin Flon and what our city has to offer. It also helped promote the Blueberry Music gathering that will be happeninig here in August. How it came about was, we were trying to think of an idea, why you would want to come to Flin Flon and what is here. When I attended the tourism awards in Winnipeg in the fall, I thought we have so much to offer here, so that was the whole purpose. I brought the idea to city council and we ran with it, got the sponsors and it evolved."


The $20,000.00 prize package will include airfare from Winnipeg to Flin Flon return, 5 nights hotel at the Victoria Inn, a trip to Camp Whitney with a fishing guide, a rental car from U-Drive and tickets for four people to the Blueberry Jam music gathering in August.

Health Forum Held In Town

Flin Flon's MLA Tom Lindsay, Doyle Vermette the MLA for the Cumberland Constituency and Andrew Swan the opposition  health care critic held a public forum at the Flin Flon Community Hall this past Friday to discuss health care in our area.


There was a very good turn out and a number of issues were raised including a better or more efficeint way of re-newing prescriptions, better co-operation for cross border patients and how to attract more health care professionals to our area.


After the meeting was over Tom Lindsay talked about where they would go from here:" There is a lot of good ideas that came out here tonight, so between Andrew, Doyle and myself we will start taking those and formulating a game plan, things we can address with Helga Bryant up front. Things we can take back to the minister , we are going through an estimates program right now with both governments on budgets. The next step really is I want to ensure the c.e.o realizes,  what a great idea this meeting was and how respectful it was,  so the next time we have a public meeting Helga and the health minister want to be a part of it."


Some of the other medical issues that were addressed included a need for an MRI machine for the north and more telehealth services to save on trips to Winnipeg.


If you have any questions or would like to have a health issue addressed you can contact Tom Lindsay at his office at : 204-687-3246.

Are Our Roads the Worst in Manitoba?


CAA Manitoba is once again asking you to help identify roads in dire need of attention with its 7th annual Worst Roads Campaign.  Their Public and Media Relations Specialist Erika Miller says they want to make sure our infrastructure issues are front and center. She explains it’s a way for them to ask Manitobans about roads in their community that need some tender loving construction and what they really hope is that Manitobans log on to www.caamanitoba.com/worstroads and cast their vote for the road that they think has some infrastructure issues, signage issues, safety issues that need to be addressed and they’ll collect all that information through the campaign and at the end they’ll pass it along to provincial government officials so they can take Manitobans voice on the issue into account when they plan for the future.


Miller adds CAA Manitoba has been working closely with municipalities and the province to ensure roads nominated each year are on government’s priority lists.  The deadline for nominations has been extended to April 25th.


Far Resources has Released their Plans for Their Zoro Property.


Far Resources completed their planned 19 hole diamond drill program on its Zoro Lithium Property near Snow Lake in February.  They successfully completed the three goals set out to advance the drill program including to drill test the extensions to Dyke one where the majority of historical drilling had been completed, to test Dykes two to seven under surface exposure and to drill a previously untested or mobile metal ion lithium and tantalum soil geochemical anomaly resulting in identifying a previously unknown eighth lithium bearing pegmatite dyke giving great confidence that further targets will yield positive results.


Development of further drill targets through geological mapping and further soil geochemical mapping will be completed this summer. Diamond drilling to further test existing and newly developed targets is planned for this summer and autumn.


The Red Cross is Looking for Deserving Manitoban Humanitarians.


Red Cross Spokesperson Jason Small encourages Manitobans to nominate members of their community for their Humanitarian Award open to any Manitoban and the Young Humanitarian Award for anyone under 29 years of age.  He explains the reason that they present the awards is they want to recognize people who harness the power of humanity through their charitable work, their volunteer efforts and their philanthropic efforts because they think it’s really important to recognize people who are doing really good humanitarian work here in the province, in the country or around the world.


Information and nomination forms can be found online at www.redcross.ca/manitobapoh with the deadline for nominations April 20th.



An Information Session is Available on Dementia.


The Primary Health Care Centre is hosting a telehealth seminar Thursday, April 19th presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  Their Program Director Norma Kirkby says this session will be on Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community discussing the ways a community can support people with dementia and their family caregivers in social and business situations.  She explains they really know that as more people are living in the community longer and at times some of them don’t have families to support them, it’s so important that everyone step up to the plate and be helpful.


The session will be held at the Primary Health Care Centre from 6:30 to 8 on the 19th.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699.


Awards Were Highlighted at the School Board Meeting.


Last night the Flin Flon School Board presented Mikylo Odut with his Student Citizenship Award from the Manitoba School Boards Association recognizing exemplary citizenship in school and the community.  Members of the Equity Social Justice Gay, Straight Alliance Group from Hapnot Collegiate were also presented with the Student Citizenship Award of Merit and teacher Daniel Dillon’s group accepted the award for the Virtual Reality Project receiving the Premier Award for School Board Innovation. Dillon thanked the Board for their continued support and Trustee Leslie Fernandes said it was an honor to attend the awards and was so proud of how well our Division was represented.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported she felt fortunate to participate in the recent French Immersion trip to France.  The students did Flin Flon proud as not only did they experience Frances culture and history they conducted themselves in a polite and respectful manner.


  In closing Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green sent the Division’s condolences to those affected regarding the Humbolt tragedy encouraging the community to reach out and support each other if needed.  She also invited the community to attend the Robb Nash presentation Thursday night at Hapnot Collegiate.


Being Online Can Help Your Business Thrive.

Local RBC Small Business Accounts Manager Mikael Mantyla spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday about the advantages of getting your business online. He says when he looks at what this community can do if Hudbay shuts down what is the fall back plan he sees nothing.  He says he hopes it doesn’t happen but wants to see businesses and the community thrive and it’s critical to have businesses online. He says it makes it easy for customers to find you and it provides an extension of your business that works 24-7 so it’s 24 hours seven days a week advertising for your business whether you’re doing business your website will continue to advertise your business and so it’s important for that constant recognition that’s available for businesses.


Mantyla adds it also builds relationships with customers, markets your brand the way you want it marketed and you can sell your products online so it’s one of the most important investments a business should make.

You Can Satisfy Your Love of Poetry Friday Night.


The Flin Flon Writers Guild, Flin Flon Toastmasters and Flin Flon Public Library will be holding their 17th annual Poetry Night Friday.  The group’s Harry Hobbs says its part of National Poetry Month and they have a wide range and variety from different walks of life in the community reading adding they have some local poets, some local businessmen, representatives from Hudbay and from other organizations who come out at make this a very great success so they encourage the public to come out and join them.


Hobbs invites everyone to Poetry Night at the Public Library Friday night starting at 7.

They Gathered to Remember.


Around 800 area residents filed into Flin Flon’s Whitney Forum last night for a candle light service to remember the members of the Humbolt Broncos hockey team who died or were injured in Friday’s team bus accident. Bomber Coach Mike Reagan said it was a horrible and tragic thing with many tears shed.  He along with Bomber Vice-President Travis Rideout, Flin Flon City Councilor Ken Pawlachuk, Bomber Chaplain Joe Buie and Flin Flon Minor Hockey Association President Darin Mansell said that we’re here to support each other, families in Humbolt and everyone affected by this accident as we move forward, especially as Father Paul Bringleson noted when dealing with the deaths of young people.


The Service was prepared by the Flin Flon Bomber and Flin Flon Minor Hockey Associations.


A Funding Cut is Affecting Jobs in the Norh.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey raised the issue of economic development and jobs during question period in the Manitoba Legislature last week. He stated over 13 hundred people have a job in northern Manitoba due in part to the good work of the Community Economic Development Fund which has helped important industries like mining, forestry, construction and fishing but the Pallister government has cut funding by over 30 percent.  He says according to the Funds annual report it is the major funder of the recently announced Northern Economic Development Strategy.  He explains the government wrote media releases about this and held press conferences so the government has abandoned even their pretense of support with a 30 percent cut stating it’s a betrayal asking why did this government promise solutions and then just deliver a cut.


Lindsey says the government has no plan for jobs in the north as they are just focused on their bottom line regardless of the crisis in the north.

Flin Flon and Creighton Students are Heading for a Music Festival in Banff Alberta.


The students will be taking part in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Music Festival this weekend.  Band Instructor Kim Jones says they sent in a recording and audition last year for the school band and choir in Hapnot Collegiate and Creighton School.  She explains they did end up getting into the Festival and there’s some of the top bands and choirs from all over Canada performing at the Festival and then they also wanted to bring some of their younger students along so they have their grades 8 to 10 students also doing a retreat in Banff so they’ll work with some high level conductors under the direction of Anna Harrison and just get better on their instruments and working as a group.


Jones says all together they have 93 students looking forward to the trip to Banff where along with the Festival they will do some tourist activities and some team building on what will be a very positive trip for everyone.

A Tyrell Lake Man is Richer Following a Successful Fishing Derby.

Kelly Lavis, Rotarian Glen Smith, Rotary Pres. Colleen Arnold


The Flin Flon Rotary Club held their fourth annual Flinty Fishing Derby yesterday at Sally’s Beach at Bakers Narrows.  505 people entered the derby with 38 prizes and 30 fish caught.  Prizes were awarded to the 30 people catching fish with draws for the remaining eight prizes.


The top five were Kelly Lavis from Tyrell Lake first with an 80.5 centimeter fish receiving 25 thousand dollars, second Rob Mote of Flin Flon receiving a 14 foot Lund Boat with a 15 horsepower motor and trailer for an 80 centimeter fish,  third Felix Spence from Thompson received a Polaris quad for a 79.5 centimeter fish, fourth Chris Hannah of Flin Flon winning two return tickets anywhere Calm Air flies for a 78 centimeter fish and Rob Johnson of Creighton receiving a two thousand dollar gift card for a 77 centimeter fish.


Fishing ran from 11 to 2 with the first fish caught one minute into the derby.

You Can Help Walmart Support Our Food Bank.


Walmart Canada has launched its second annual Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign which includes its Flin Flon store.  This is a national fund raising campaign calling on Canadians to join the fight against hunger.  The Campaign runs until May 2nd hoping to raise enough funds to secure ten million meals for Food Banks Canada and its network of more than 550 Food Banks including Flin Flon’s Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.


You can join the campaign by purchasing participating products from some of Canada’s largest food companies with vendors donating a portion of the proceeds, you can donate at the register until April 27th by rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar with donations matched by Walmart Canada and non-perishable food items are being collected in a bin at the front of the store.

Help is Available for Young People Wanting to Develop Job Skills.


RBC has introduced a program called Future Launch to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow.  Local RBC Manager Mike Yarowy explains youth in our communities have always been important to RBC and RBC’s Future Launch is about helping to address employment issues in the evolving world of work so over the next ten years RBC is investing 500 million dollars towards working with educators, governments, youth serving organizations and companies large and small to help youth access meaningful employment through work experience, 21st century skill development and networking.


You can learn more about what the program offers at www.rbc.com/futurelaunch.


Community Support Helped the Snow Lake Museum Win an Award.



The Snow Lake Mining Museum has received a special award from Travel Manitoba.  Their Chairperson Paul Hawman explains they were part of a Travel Manitoba contest and members of the community rallied around them with their support.  He explains their museum was chosen by Travel Manitoba to be one of 32 small to medium sized museums in a contest that ran to showcase those museums in Manitoba and they put the word out to their community and they asked for both past and present Snow Lakers to vote for them and after five rounds of action over two weeks they finally defeated Minnedosa to win the contest.


Hawman says their prize is a promotional video of their museum and community that will be done for them by Travel Manitoba.

Piano and Comedy Unite in Flin Flon Next Week.


The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting a piano concert with Sarah Hagan next Saturday, April 14th.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says Sarah is an amazing award winning pianist who has performed around the world but is also a wonderful comic so this is both classical piano at its finest with amazing comedy which reminds her a little bit of Victor Borge when we were kids if people might remember that.  Kolt says the show that she does just won acclaim for the Fringe Festival in Canada, it’s called Perk Up Piano and its charming, its funny and story telling about the inside world of touring as a classical musician.


The concert begins at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall Saturday, April 14th with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.

The Lions Club Has Their New Executive.



At their meeting last week members of the Flin Flon Lions Club elected their new executive.  Joe Bradford will become President of the Club while John Kuzub is Past President after two years as President.  Vice-Presidents include Andy Wasylciw, Wayne Streamer and Jim Cassidy.  Debbie Kuzub continues as Secretary and Monica Lone as Treasurer. The Lion Tamer is Richard French and Janice Cassidy will serve as Tail Twister and a one year Director.  The other one year Director is Ken Mansell while Roger Poirier and Joe McCormick will serve as two year Directors.


The new executive takes office on July 1st.


A Local Meeting Schedule Was Part of Tuesday Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


Council received a letter from Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey inviting them to a public meeting April 13th at the Flin Flon Community Hall at 7 PM.  It is being held by Lindsey in conjunction with Cumberland MLA Doyle Vermette to discuss health care issues within our area.  Invitations to the meeting were also sent to representatives of other communities in our area.  Council agreed to have representatives at the meeting.


City Council will be meeting with the Flin Flon School Board on April 25th to discuss common concerns and they and Creighton Town Council have been invited by Denare Beach to a three community council meeting to be held in June. Councilors Karen MacKinnon and Ken Pawlachuk are attending the Hudson Bay Route Association annual meeting in The Pas today where discussions are taking place on the Port of Churchill and the rail line.


Council is looking at a Flin Flon Excellence Award to be presented to a Flin Flonner who has done an exceptional thing for the community.  They are looking for something special that depicts Flin Flon to present along with a certificate.


And Council received the Fire Chiefs report for March indicating seven incidents during the month.


There Are Big Prizes to be Caught This Weekend.



The Flin Flon Rotary Club is holding their 4th annual Flinty Ice Fishing Derby Sunday.  Rotarian Tim Smith says you can still enter.  He says they’ve sold a lot of their early bird and regular tickets already and its in the Blondie’s Beach area across from the airport at Athapap so you can come out and you can buy a ticket on the ice if need be.  He adds if you want to avoid a line up you can buy ahead of time at Kleen All or online at www.flintyfishderby.com so either way come on out.


The derby offers a total of 38 prizes with the top prize 25 thousand dollars for first place with fishing running from 11 to 2 Sunday at Bakers Narrows.  The event is part of a great ice fishing weekend as it follows the Bill Bannock Derby held in The Pas on Saturday.


The Manitoba Government is Recognizing This Month as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


 The Manitoba government is raising awareness of the serious issue of sexual violence. The Executive Director of the Women’s Resource Centre Colleen Arnold says this recognition is an important step. She explains people unfamiliar with men’s sexualized violence against women don’t want to know it exists so it’s critical to open communication about sexualized violence.  She says with the government recognizing this month of April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month it may get the conversation going.  Arnold adds you can’t change something if you don’t know it exists and the awareness will help influence more people to take action so she commends the government for wanting to affect change, it has been long overdue and we need to stop making excuses for rape and sexual violence and hold the rapists or the perpetrators accountable.


A new online resource You Have Options: Help After Sexual Assault offers information on how to recognize sexual assault, understand the criminal justice system, explore options to make a report and find counseling support and healing and is available at www.gov.mb.ca/youarenotalone.

Flin Flon City Council Received an Update on Planning for Economic Development.


  Regional Economic Development Officer Eve O’Leary reported to Council last night her committee has now met three times.  She explains the committee encompasses the three municipalities in the area, the City of Flin Flon, Denare Beach and the Town of Creighton.  She says they’re focused at the moment on governance and the structure of the commission and how they can move forward.  She notes they’re going to focus on doing some strategic planning for economic development and how we can grow and diverse our communities.


O’Leary adds they are very excited as they continue to move forward and develop partnerships in the communities.

A Graphite Zone has been Discovered Near Snow Lake.


  Rockcliff Metals Corporation reported they have identified on its Penex Property near Snow Lake a series of electromagnetic conductive anomalies that intersected graphite.  The Property also hosts a continuation of the historical Pen Zinc Deposit.


Rockcliff President Ken Lapierre states the Penex Property has significant upside potential for VMS mineralization, that is copper, gold, zinc, silver and now for graphite mineralization. He explains they have reviewed the drill log results from a single hole drilled in 1975 that tested for VMS mineralization and discovered it contained a 67 meters thick intersection of 75 percent plus near solid graphite within 15 meters of surface. He adds this year they look forward to advancing their knowledge of the graphite potential as well as determining the extent of the Pen Zinc deposit on this property.


Graphite remains the dominant material used in lithium batteries.

A Special Film Will be Shown Friday.


The Central Canada Film Group is showing a rare and hard to come by film Friday.  The group’s Colin Davis says they will show Raise the Red Lantern which is a marvelous film from China about a young girl who is forced into becoming a rich mans fourth wife.  He encourages everyone to come see this film as you will probably never get a chance to see it ever again adding this is the first time that they have shown an international film that has been banned.  Davis says if you feel you would like to come to see something unusual and needless to say controversial then you’ll want to come by the Hapnot Theatre this Friday.


Doors will open at 7 at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre with the show starting at 7:30 and Davis adds as always for their Friday films admission is free.


The Final Numbers are in For a Snowmobile Fund Raising Ride.


The annual Lions Journey for Sight is a snowmobile ride from Flin Flon to Brandon with stops across the province to raise money for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. One of the organizers Dean Lounsbury from the Dauphin Lions Club says it turned out very well.  He says the committee had a meeting about a week and a half ago and the number they have for this year is 75 thousand dollars which is more than last year so again a successful year with a limited number of riders but thanks to everybody in Flin Flon for all their support again.


The Journey for Sight headed south from Flin Flon on Wednesday, January 17th arriving in Brandon on the following Saturday with 18 snowmobiles from across the province.  Funds raised come from pledges to the riders as well as from the annual snowmobile raffle.



You Can be Part of the Annual Trade and Leisure Show.


  102.9 CFARs annual Trade and Leisure Show is coming up April 26th to 28th at the Creighton Sportex.  Station Manager Dianne Russell invites you to be part of the show. She says they’re again open to have some local businesses come and find out what it takes to be part of the Trade Show so if you’re interested in having a booth at the Show anyone can just contact CFAR or on the website.  She adds they have some spaces and its really great promotion for local businesses, lots of people going through, a big spring celebration and it’s the 35th year this year.


To register for the Trade and Leisure Show you can call CFAR at 204-687-3469 or go to www.flinflononline.com and click on the banner.

Our Member of Parliament Reports its Time for Action on the Housing Crisis.


Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says she has taken the message to the House of Commons that there is a housing crisis in many communities in our region.  She says it’s a message she heard repeatedly in her recent visits throughout the riding and that is there is a shortage of housing, overcrowding in existing housing units, many existing houses are in poor shape often containing mold and it’s also increasingly clear that things are getting worse rather than better.  She says despite talk from the federal government waiting lists are increasing year after year.


Ashton says the time for talk is over, it’s time for action so she raised the issue in committee and Question Period pointing out that there are many communities trying to make a difference but what is lacking is leadership from the federal government so it’s time to act to end the housing crisis.



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