Local News Archives for 2015-02

Women are Being Encouraged to Take Leadership Roles.

 The Women’s Resource Center is hosting the annual International Women’s Day luncheon at noon on Saturday, March 14th at the Flin Flon Community Hall. Their Executive Director Colleen Arnold says this year’s theme is Influential Women Agents of Change with guest speaker Member of Parliament Niki Ashton.  She says Niki has been a strong voice for equality in Parliament and she has spoken out on poverty throughout her political career and is calling for action to end the third world conditions facing northern aboriginal people.  Arnold adds Niki is a strong voice for gender equality and human rights and they are inviting her to come out to talk about her life journey and how she got to where she is today as they want to inspire women and girls in the community to take on leadership roles and enter into politics.


Tickets are 15 dollars and are available at Northern Rainbows End, the Orange Toad and the Women’s Resource Center.

There Will Be A Show on Ice This Weekend.

 The Flin Flon Figure Skating Club takes to the ice Sunday afternoon.  Special Events Coordinator Courtney Bieberdorf says this year’s show will celebrate their 75th anniversary so they hope to have a lot of artifacts from the past 75 years since they started in 1939, they’ll have some photos of old skaters and also they are putting on their show on Sunday afternoon featuring the skaters they have this year.


  The skaters will perform Sunday afternoon starting at 2 at the Whitney Forum. Tickets will be available at the door.

Callinan Has Received its Latest Payments From Hudbay.

 Callinan Royalties reports it has received its latest interim quarterly payments totaling just over 1.4 million dollars from Hudbay for the quarter ended December 31st, 2014 which will be the last quarter of payments under the six and two thirds percent net profits interest royalty structure.  They note these payments include just over 1.3 million from the net profits interest and just over 82 thousand from the production royalty of 25 cents per short ton of ore milled. They report the payment is down from 2.3 million for the same quarter last year due mainly to the two week unplanned maintenance shutdown at the Triple Seven Mine as well as significantly lower zinc grades with lower experienced recoveries. They add the higher unit operating costs relate to underground mining and should not affect their future payments under the new 4 percent net smelter return structure.


The payments are due to Callinan’s royalty interests on lands that include the Triple Seven and Triple Seven North mines in Flin Flon.

An Armed Man Was Arrested in Cranberry Portage.

  Around 11:32 this morning Cranberry Portage RCMP responded to a report of an armed man in a residence. As a precaution Frontier Collegiate Institute and Cranberry Portage Elementary School were locked down for approximately one hour.  With the assistance of both The Pas and Flin Flon RCMP the man was arrested without incident.


No further details are being released at this time.


There Are Three Full Days of Activities.

 The 36th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival is being held this weekend.  Recreation Director Laurie Stomp says it starts tomorrow night with their roast beef supper, they’ve got a kids talent contest, jigging, turkey curling and they’re going to have a variety of entertainment that night.  She says on Saturday they’re going to start with a pancake breakfast and they’re excited to get their snow drags back and they start at one o’clock and they have a fishing derby, boot hockey, a cribbage tournament, kids activities ending the night with a social with the Usual Suspects.

              Stomp adds Sunday they have a breakfast offering denvers followed by a family poker derby, home business show, King and Queen Trappers events and family curling. A complete list of events will be available at the Recreation Office.

Their Signs Are Now up.

The Citizens on Patrol Program has posted 20 signs around Flin Flon to let you know they’re out assisting the RCMP with patrols.  Their Chairperson Sinclair James explains they have random patrols throughout the community at all hours of the day, evening and night and they are going to start patrolling around the school areas concentrating on people passing school buses and crossing guards or suspicious vehicles.  He says they’re hoping to get out in the public to show that they’re here and want to help the community out.


James adds they have 22 members right now.  If you are interested in the Citizens on Patrol Program you can attend their next meeting Sunday afternoon at 3 in Flin Flon City Council Chambers.


The School Division Won’t Be Asking for More From Local Tax Payers.

The Flin Flon School Board presented their budget plan at a public meeting last night.  The School Division has a budget of almost 14.1 million dollars for the 2015-16 school year, an increase of almost 376 thousand dollars over this year’s budget.


Secretary Treasurer Heather Fleming reported the Division received an increase of 271 thousand dollars or 3.3 percent from the province.


Among larger expenses are technology in the schools, painting and replacement of doors and windows.


Fleming said the Division is proposing to keep the Municipal Special Levy the same as last year so they won’t be asking the City for any increase to the dollars requested in 2014. She says the School Division will continue to maintain and improve the classrooms and facilities while maintaining a 2.93 percent surplus. The provincial government requires that School Divisions maintain a surplus below four percent.


  The budget still requires approval by the Board at their March 10th meeting.

Vocational Training Opportunities for Students are Expanding.

 The Flin Flon School Board welcomed Cam Mateika last night for his presentation on technical vocational initiatives and partnerships.  Mateika is the Regional Coordinator for northern schools in Manitoba and is also the Director of Research and Technology for the Swan Valley School Division.  He told the Board about the different programs offered by the Swan Valley School Division and how the government is very serious about technical vocational education.  He further discussed his relationship working with UCN and Deputy Minister of Education Gerald Farthing securing major grants and his Division’s commitment to build a working relationship for the long haul.


Superintendent Blaine Veitch reported the city wide Science Fair takes place in the Community Hall March 4th.  Public viewing is at 4:30 and the awards are presented at 7. Winners will advance to the Regional Science Fair in Thompson on April 18th.

There is a Referral Service Available to Local Employers.

 The Flin Flon and District Assessment and Referral Service provides employee counseling assistance to people who belong to their membership group. Counsellor Coordinator Ebony Trubiak told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday they want their services to be available to more employer groups in Flin Flon, Creighton and surrounding communities.  She explained when people belong to their membership their employees are covered, all spouses, dependent children and retirees are also covered so that mean any of those people can come to their office for counseling so it’s not jus the employee that’s covered it’s their whole family.


Trubiak adds they offer individual anger management programs, couple counseling and assist people with issues such as stress, mental health issues such as depression or anxiety and grief. She says the cost to employers is 100 dollars per employee per year. You can contact Ebony at their office at 18 North Avenue or call 204-687-4865.

Curbside Recycling is Being Made Easier.

The Flin Flon and District Environment Council has announced beginning next Wednesday the Red Bag recycling pick up from Flin Flon homes is changing.  Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard explains they’re changing the schedule so that every Wednesday will be Red Bag recycling week and people won’t have to worry about whether it’s the correct week or not.  She says they’re doing it to make it less confusing and also to make it easier for everybody to recycle and hopefully to encourage more people to get into the habit.


Red bags are sold for $3.50 which pays for the service and they can be purchased at the Gas Bar, Acklands, Super K, Dollar Store, Pharmasave and the Recycling Center. Two more bags or boxes will be picked up with each red bag and large cardboard should be flattened and placed under the bags. More information on recycling can be found at grocery stores, online at www.flinflonrecycling.org, on their facebook page or call 204-687-6169.

An Underground Exploration Program Is Moving Forward Near Snow Lake.

 Hudbay continues to conduct underground exploration at the Lalor mine near Snow Lake.  Their President David Garofalo says there are three goals.  The first is to test the down plunge extension of the copper gold zone, the second is to determine the optimal location to advance the exploration ramp and to develop additional exploration platforms and the third is to upgrade the inferred resource to a higher resource category.


  Garofalo adds this year they also plan to see commercial production at their Constancia mine in Peru, they want to optimize production and cost performance at their Manitoba operations and they want to advance permitting and technical work at their Rosemont project in Arizona.

You Can Learn More About Banned Books.

 The Flin Flon Public Library is holding a coffee house tomorrow night to celebrate Freedom to Read Week.  Their Administrator Cindy McLean says they will offer you information on why some books have been banned or challenged.  She encourages you to join them for this free coffee house along with 20 special guest readers such as MLA Clarence Pettersen, Judy Eagle, Valerie Durnin, Mark Kolt, Frank Feiber, Libby Stoker Lavelle, Dennis Ballard, Greg East and others. She says each reader will be reading a short introduction as to why the book was challenged as well as a paragraph from the book.


McLean adds they will also be serving cake, cookies, fruit trays, tea and coffee.  The coffee house runs from 7 to 9 tomorrow night at the Public Library.



A New Driving Education Program Will Be Coming to Flin Flon.

Employment Minister Kevin Chief has announced the Manitoba Government and Manitoba Public Insurance are improving access to adult driver education training in Northern Manitoba especially for Indigenous adults and those with low incomes who face barriers to employment. The program is now underway in The Pas and Thompson and will be launched in April through the Flin Flon Friendship Center Employment Assistance Program.


Chief says they want to help people in the north get that critical first job in their home community adding working together they are making it easier than ever to get a drivers license and that means more job opportunities start right away.  Chief adds early indications suggest the combination of job readiness programming and driver education training has been very successful.

Your Kids Can Help Name Future Police Dogs.

 The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name ten German Shepherd puppies born at the Police Training Center.  Inspector Andre Lemyre says the rules are simple. He says there’s one entry per person, the name may be for a male or female pup, the name must start with the letter H, the name must have no more than nine letters, it must be one or two syllables and the contestant has to be 16 years old or younger.


For information on how to enter the contest by mail or online go to their website www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca and click on the puppy picture at the top of the page when it comes up.  The deadline is March 3rd.


Alpha Invites You to Join Them Tomorrow.

The Alpha course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church tomorrow evening.  Their Pastor Andrew McGregor says Alpha has a lot to offer. He explains life is full of questions and it’s often difficult to find answers to these questions on our own.  He says the Alpha course provides an open environment to explore the big questions from a Christian perspective.  He adds each evening includes a meal, a video presentation and time for group participants to discuss their own questions and views on the subject and they encourage anyone who’s interested to come to try it out and ask anything.


Alpha begins tomorrow evening at six at the Alliance Church with a celebration supper so you can learn what it’s all about and runs for ten weeks. To register or for more information you can call the church at 204-687-8498.


Copper Had Negative and Positive Effects for Hudbay.

Hudbay has released its fourth quarter 2014 financial results. Total revenue for the fourth quarter was 128.4 million dollars 7.7 million lower than the same period in 2013. This decrease was primarily due to lower copper prices and lower copper, gold and silver sales volumes which is a result of the unscheduled two week shutdown of the Triple Seven shaft in Flin Flon and approximately 40 percent of copper produced in the quarter in transit and unsold.  Hudbay President David Garofalo says they look forward to this year’s production when zinc, copper and precious metals production are all expected to benefit from the first year of production at the Constancia project and from a full year of production at the Lalor main shaft.  He says copper production in particular is expected to increase by approximately 300 percent over 2014 levels due to the planned production from Constancia, Lalor and Reed mines.


Garofalo adds the economies of scale of the increased production values of all metals are expected to drive down unit operating costs significantly in 2015.

You Can Help the Heart and Stroke Foundation Reach Their Goal.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba is holding its annual door to door canvas this month.  Their Director of Community Engagement Sean Crawford says they’re looking to a future free of heart disease and stroke. He explains through the money that they’re raising they are helping to promote research investing 300 million dollars in research over the next ten years for cutting edge research across the country.  He adds they placed 65 hundred automated external defibrillators in public places over the last few years just to give people a better chance of surviving if there is an incident.


The Foundation reports heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death in Manitoba.  Each year approximately 21 hundred heart attacks occur in the province resulting in an estimated 485 deaths.



Music and Comedy Come to the Stage Next Week.

Hapnot Collegiate students will be holding their annual Dinner Theatre Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  One of the students involved MacKenzie Grove says they will be performing a musical comedy.  She says it’s called Sympathy Jones and it’s a 1960’s kind of James Bond spoof set in New York.  She says the spy agencies secretary gets bored and she goes rogue and gets mixed up in the missions so it’s pretty funny. Grove adds they have around 22 songs during the performance.


  Rather than having dinner this year those attending are encouraged to bring your own snacks and beverages will be provided.  The show starts at 6:30 Wednesday and Thursday evenings, there will be a babysitting service and tickets are 15 dollars at the Hapnot office and Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


Dialogue Has Opened on the Boreal Forest.

Ducks Unlimited Canada reports they are excited to see the Manitoba Government open a dialogue on boreal conservation.  The dialogue began earlier this week at a Boreal Summit at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.


Chris Smith who is the head of boreal conservation at Ducks Unlimited and lives in Cranberry Portage says this region covers 80 percent of this province so it’s a big part of who we are.  He adds we’re very lucky that most of the boreal is still intact as it gives us the chance to plan for northern development in a way that balances environmental and economic needs.


Smith adds with this dialogue we join indigenous people, northern communities, industry groups and conservation organizations to start this vital conversation and look forward to furthering the development of a boreal policy that reflects this province’s vision for a thriving north.

A Shooting Suspect Has Been Arressted.

RCMP have arrested a man suspected in the fatal shooting of a boy and the abduction of his girlfriend in northern Saskatchewan.


Jonas Budd surrendered around 10:30 last night in Sturgeon Landing, Saskatchewan near the Manitoba border.  The RCMP had maintained a perimeter around the home of Budd’s brother for nearly a day.


The search for Budd began in Manitoba and Saskatchewan on Wednesday after a 17 year old Dustin Bird was fatally shot on the Lac La Ronge First Nation.  An amber alert was issued for his girlfriend Kayla Natomagan but it was cancelled when she was found near Cranberry Portage. 


  Police say Budd is facing several charges including break and enter, first degree murder, kidnapping with a weapon, uttering threats, pointing a weapon, possessing a dangerous weapon and possessing a firearm while prohibited.  He will appear in a La Ronge courtroom on Monday.


The RCMP Have Located a Suspect.

Investigators from the RCMP in Manitoba and Saskatchewan have located Jonas Budd in a residence in Sturgeon Landing, Saskatchewan.  Members on the scene have established a perimeter and are communicating with him and are working to ensure the safety of Budd, the community and all responders.


Budd is suspected of killing a 17 year old boy and briefly abducting the boy’s girlfriend.  An amber alert was issued yesterday for 17 year old Kayla Natomagan of the Lac La Ronge First Nation in Saskatchewan but was cancelled when she was found unharmed near Cranberry Portage, Manitoba.


RCMP said at the time Budd was believed to have fled on foot into the bush.

The Deadline is Approaching For You to Nominate Someone Interested in Manitoba History For a Special Award.

 The Manitoba Historical Society is accepting nominations for the Lieutenant Governor’s Award.  The award recognizes people interested in the preservation and promotion of the province’s history.  The Society’s Gordon Goldsborough says nominations are open to anyone.  He explains what they are looking for is people who have been involved in their community for a long period of time promoting the history of the community.  He says it might be in the way of the museum, it might be because they’ve helped put together a community history book, they could have led tours so there is a number of things they could have done or maybe they’ve done many of these things.


  Nomination forms and more information on the award are available on their website www.mhs.mb.ca.  Nominations close on February 27th.


Your Donation Will Be Matched.

 The Northern Neighbors Foundation will be participating in a match grant program offered by the Thomas Sill Foundation.  Their President Jane Robillard explains if they can raise a minimum of 10 thousand dollars the Thomas Sill Foundation will match it two to one and they have 18 months to raise these funds to a max of 50 thousand dollars.  She says they are asking the public to consider a donation to the Northern Neighbors Foundation and the Foundation provides a permanent source of funds to meet community and regional needs now and in the future.


Robillard adds Northern Neighbors would like community members to keep them in mind when they are preparing their estate or when leaving a donation for a family member or friend who has passed on.                      


  Donations to the Northern Neighbors Foundation can be made at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


You Will Soon Have to Watch Your Speed Closer in School Zones.

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council gave first reading to a bylaw that will designate speed limits in school zones around McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools to 30 kilometers per hour during school hours as recommended by the Traffic Commission. It requires two more readings that will probably take place at their next meeting.


In other business Councillor Karen MacKinnon reported this year’s Trout Festival will run from July 1st to 4th. Council agreed to purchase two banner ads in the Hapnot Collegiate year book at a cost of 100 dollars.  They also agreed to reimburse the Flin Flon Lions Club’s Handivan program 4536 dollars to cover the cost of vehicle insurance and registration for the Handivan. In making the motion Councillor Colleen McKee said this is the city’s way of supporting a well used program in the community.


There Is Money Available for Local Organizations.

 The Northern Neighbors Foundation is accepting applications for grants until March 15th.  Their President Jane Robillard says they have over 80 thousand dollars in a variety of funds.  She explains they have their flow through funds that come through the Moffat Fund and this year they have 49 thousand dollars to support economic, social, physical, intellectual activities for children and families, they have the Joe Brain Fund of 6953 dollars and they have the local Northern Neighbors Fund that is over 28 thousand dollars.


Robillard adds they have Youth in Philanthropy grants available at Hapnot Collegiate and a Health Care Bursary with applications available at the high schools in Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake.  Grant applications and information on the other grants are available at the Greenstone Office, Public Library or contact the Northern Neighbors Foundation.

An International Award Winning Film Can Be Seen Tomorrow Night.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a British Independent Film Award Winning and Toronto International Film Festival film as part of the Films Up North series.  The group’s Collin Davis says Le Weekend is a sharp witted comedy of British humor and it’s about a long married British couple revisiting Paris for the first time since their honeymoon in an attempt to rekindle their relationship.  He says during their two day escapade happy go lucky Nick and domineering and demanding Meg careen from harmony to strife to resignation and back as they take stock of a lifetime of tenderness and regret.


  Le Weekend will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.


The Special Services Proposal Has Moved One Step Forward.

 At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Counil passed on first reading the bylaw to set the special services fee for police and fire protection at 598 dollars for this year with an increase of up to three percent a year for the next three years. The bylaw still requires two more readings.  One person has filed an appeal against the fee so final reading cannot take place until thirty days after notification is sent to that person and that is expected to be sent today.  Anyone who would still like to file an appeal can contact city hall for information on how to file it with the city and the Municipal Board who will make the final decision on approval of the fee with or without a public hearing.


We’ll have more from the meeting on tomorrow’s news.

They Marched to Remember on Friday.

A crowd braved the cold Friday evening and gathered at Pioneer Square for the start of the 25th annual Women’s Memorial March.  The Women’s Resource Center’s Alicia Taylor said they gather each year to honor all aboriginal women who were murdered or gone missing and aboriginal women between the ages of 25 and 44 are five times more likely to die a violent death than other Canadian women.  She said Aboriginal women and girls are honored valued members of our families and communities adding they are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, nieces, cousins, partners and wives.  Taylor explained increasing deaths of many women leaves families, friends and entire communities with a sense of grief and loss adding as a community we will walk together on this night to honor all missing or murdered women to raise awareness and may we protect our women today.


  The marchers then left Pioneer Square and marched down Main Street for a gathering at the Friendship Center.

You Can Update Your Work Skills.

              The Employment Links Development Center is beginning a new session of EWIN or Entry to Work in the North program next Monday.  The Center’s Barb Link explains they offer life skills, upgrades in your essential skills such as numeracy, reading and communications, computer use, thinking skills, working with others and they do certificate programs such as first aid, WHMIS, CPR, and safe foods as well as life skills and a six week job placement.


  Link says you can come into their office at 51 Main Street this week to do an intake and assessment and for information you can call them at 204-687-8791.


There Are Still Concerns About a Special Services Fee.

Flin Flon City Council held a public meeting Friday night.  The meeting was to discuss extending their special services proposal that began last year establishing a per parcel rate to defray the cost of police and fire protection services so all property owners share the cost of these services.  This would be a four year program with the same charges this year as last year for police services but an increase for fire services to account for capital costs raising the fee to 598 dollars from 550 last year.  It was noted this increase will be off set by a reduction in the general mill rate.  The rate will then rise by up to three percent for the following years.


Concerns were raised on personal tax situations, the effect of the provincial assessment, a school tax rebate is only available in Manitoba and increased charges are having a negative effect on middle range home owners.


One speaker felt the flat rate shifts the tax burden from the high range to low range homes while another felt this is a fair system to ensure the future of our community while a third added we all should pay our fair share.


The proposal now goes to the Municipal Board to decide if there is the need for a public hearing.

A Three Day Trial in The Pas Has Resulted in a Guilty Verdict.

James Desmarais was found guilty last night of second degree murder in the October 31st, 2011 choking death of 21 year old Raylene Grant of Flin Flon.  He faces a mandatory life sentence with no chance of parole for at least 10 years.


Court heard Desmarais walked into the local RCMP Detachment the morning of November 1st and led the police to the Royal Hotel where Grant’s body was found in a second floor room.  He had asked for mercy from the jury claiming he was too drunk at the time to know what he was doing.



Be Prepared Before Winter Travel.

 With the long weekend coming up drivers are being reminded to adapt your driving to road conditions.  The RCMP attended several accidents along highway six last weekend.  Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht from the University of Manitoba has other tips for those heading out on the highway.  He says in the perfect world you would have a complete set of clothing and a sleeping bag for every person in the car.  He says you should have an extra pair of winter boots as most of us have old winter gear and some kind of pants, a parka, a toque and mitts.


Giesbrecht also recommends packing a candle, flashlight and food and adds if you have problems you have a better chance of survival by staying with your car.


Funding is Available for Organized After School Programs.

The RBC Foundation is offering grants of up to 40 thousand dollars for community based organizations that offer after school programs. Flin Flon Royal Bank Branch Manager Mike Yarowy explains the RBC after school project supports organizations that provide children with a safe place to go after school where they can get some homework help, learn new skills and increase their self esteem.  He adds there’s been studies and they found that children that regularly participate in after school programs are more likely to complete their homework, achieve higher grades, less likely to drop out, improve their social skills and have a more positive attitude towards school with a greater interest in pursuing post-secondary education.


  The deadline to apply for the grant is March 16th with forms available on their web site www.rbc.com/afterschool.

Charges Have Been Laid Following a Break and Enter.

 Flin Flon RCMP have charged two male youth in relation to a break and enter at the Aqua Center on November 25th.  Both have been charged with break and enter, theft under five thousand dollars and mischief under five thousand dollars with one of them facing an additional charge of breach of a youth sentence order.


The same two have also been charged with mischief under five thousand dollars for another incident of damaging City of Flin Flon property last December.  Both will appear in Flin Flon Provincial Court on March 4th.


Discussion on Park Development Should be Open.

Progressive Conservative MLA and Mineral Resources Critic Cliff Cullen told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Tuesday there’s talk about a major park for northern Manitoba that may hinder mining and forestry development.  He says there has to be open discussion so people have a say in what Manitoba will look like in the future.  He adds the conversation could be held behind closed doors and before we know it we could have a park all over northern Manitoba and that would stop any further development.  Cullen says as northern Manitoba people know if we’re going to survive out here we need some opportunities and we have to have an open discussion about that as we can’t let the government set a policy if we aren’t involved in that discussion.


  In response to questions Cullen and two fellow MLAs said they will look at Bipole Three, how to get First Nations involved in mining development, development of culture across the province and developing transportation opportunities in the north.

Plans are Well Underway for a Winter Festival.

The Denare Beach Winter Festival is coming up February 27th. Recreation Director Laurie Stomp says it kicks off with a supper and other events on the Friday night at the Denareplex. She says they’ve extended it to three days to include more events.  She says on Saturday they’ve got snowmobile drags down at the main beach and that is something they haven’t had for quite a few years so they’re looking forward to the attendance out for that.  She says they also have the King and Queen Trapper events on the Sunday so that will hopefully bring a few people and take part in the cultural events.


  Stomp adds they’ll have their turkey curling, kids events, family fishing derby and curling, horse drawn sleigh rides, boot hockey tournament, winter festival social with the Usual Suspects and a lot more. The Festival runs February 27th to March 1st.

A Hub, Safety and an Award Were Part of the School Board Meeting.

At Tuesday night’s Flin Flon School Board meeting Superintendent Blaine Veitch reported Assistant Superintendent Dean Grove will represent the Division on the newly created Saskman Community Hub Committee.  The Hub will work to improve safety and wellness for individuals and families at risk in our area.


Hapnot School has addressed health and public safety concerns by relocating the student drop off area to the stairs by the new trades building.  Students can now enter on the south side in front of the TVI building and vehicles can loop around the back of the building.


The Division has announced Hapnot student Kari Rutherford will represent Flin Flon as this year’s nominee for the Manitoba School Board Association Award.  Kari has an impressive list of accomplishments participating in a wide variety of activities in school and around the community.  The awards are presented at the annual convention in March.


You are reminded that the parent council meeting is on February 23rd at 4:30 in the Family Room at Ruth Betts School.  The Parent Council is always looking for interested parents to join in planning events like the Christmas Grotto, pancake breakfast and fundraising for the playground.

The Flin Flon And District Chamber of Commerce Heard About Conservative Policies.

 The Chamber hosted three Manitoba Progressive Conservative MLAs at their meeting yesterday promoting their Northern Lights program that lays out their framework for a northern strategy.


Mineral Resources Critic Cliff Cullen was critical of the government’s policies regarding mining noting exploration numbers are quite dismal.  He says we’re down to 25 million dollars of exploration last year in Manitoba and three years ago we were at 140 million and the number is dropping.  He says the percentages we are seeing coming to Manitoba versus other jurisdictions in Canada are dropping as last year we only took in one percent of all the exploration dollars in Canada and a few years ago we were close to six percent.


Cullen said Manitoba has to be competitive so companies will invest in exploration in the province. We’ll have more on tomorrow’s news.


You Can Walk to Remember on Friday.

Flin Flon area residents are invited to be part of the 25th annual Women’s Memorial March on Friday.  The Women’s Resource Center’s Alicia Taylor says the march is being held to end violence against women and girls once and for all.  She explains this event was set in motion in 1991 with the murder of a Coast Salish woman in Vancouver and over the years more and more communities joined together as we will on Friday basically to commemorate those women who have been murdered or have gone missing.


You’re invited to join the walk starting at Pioneer Square at 5:15 Friday afternoon.  The walk will go down Main Street to the Friendship Center for a gathering, words from MLA Clarence Pettersen and tea and bannock.

You Can Spend a Different Valentine’s Weekend.

 Environment Minister Scott Moe has announced another free fishing weekend in Saskatchewan this Saturday through Monday.  He says this means everyone including visitors from outside the province can fish in Saskatchewan on the Family Day weekend without having to purchase a licence.


Anglers are reminded that all other fishing regulations, including possession limits and reduced limits on some lakes and rivers remain in effect for the free fishing weekend.  Many of the rules that apply to angling remain the same for ice fishing but anglers should consult the Angler’s Guide to become familiar with the rules that are specific to ice fishing before heading out.  Anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a licence.


  Angler’s Guides are available wherever fishing licences are sold and more information can be found online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

You Should be Aware of the Measles.

With the U.S. and now Canada confirming cases of measles Dr. Michael Isaac with the Northern Health Region says even though the risk of the disease finding its way into the province is small people should be aware of the symptoms.  He says most people when they start off getting the measles will get a fever, they’ll have a cough, runny nose and then they get an eye infection as well.  He says those will be the initial symptoms and after a couple of days a rash will start and it starts on the face and usually spreads down to the rest of the body after that.  He says symptoms usually last about seven to ten days and most people recover without any problems.


Isaac adds if anyone believes they might have contracted the measles they should notify the clinic before going so proper procedures can take place.

It’s Time to Recognize Volunteers for Their Work.

 Volunteer Manitoba is extending their deadline for nominations until Friday for a list of awards they present every year.  Their Executive Director Noreen Miean says they have awards in several categories including the Lieutenant Governor and Premiers Volunteer Service Awards.  She adds Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries has a family volunteer award, there’s an arts and culture award from Investors Group, Safeway has a food for all award looking at volunteers in the area of food security and food availability so meal programs and food banks.  She says a new one this year is the Association of Manitoba Municipalities looking for any individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within their community and that is specific to any place outside of Winnipeg.                               

Details and nomination forms are available on their website www.volunteermanitoba.ca

A Coffee House Will Support a Home.

 The Northminster Memorial United Church is holding a coffee house Friday night to support the Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  Reverend Alex McGilvary says they have a good line up of talent.  He says they’ve got Kevin Imrie opening and Chad Pab closing along with a friend of his named Amberly. Ron Burwash is going to be playing and they’ve got a couple of other people who are going to be joining in so it’s going to be a good evening of music, coffee and cookies.


The coffee house starts at 7 Friday night at the United Church.

A Thief Escaped With Nothing on Saturday.

Around 5:40 Saturday afternoon a lone male entered Coutt’s Convenience Store in Creighton carrying what appeared to be a crowbar and demanded cash.  The store clerk called police immediately and the robber left with nothing from the store.


  He had a black cover on his face, was wearing a toque on his head and all black clothing.  He was Caucasian and about five feet six inches tall.


Anyone with information can call the Creighton RCMP or Crimestoppers.



A Special Day is Being Celebrated in Schools Tomorrow.

Flin Flon Elementary Schools are celebrating 100 days of school tomorrow.  McIsaac School grade one teacher Christine Williams says 100 is an important number for grades one and two because the curriculum is focused on mastering the numbers to 100 so for that morning they have a Dr. Seuss theme planned focusing on the numbers to one hundred and the K to 2 students will rotate through five stations that incorporate a whole lot of fun practicing counting and doing some stuff with Dr. Seuss books.


Classrooms will be holding special events for students at Ruth Betts Community School tomorrow as well. The K to 2 students are dressing up like they're 100 and have used an app to make themselves look 100 years old, some have made a poster relecting on their life in 100 years,they will be singing 100 day songs and doing other 100 day excersices. As we reported earlier 100 days is being celebrated at Creighton Community School today.


You Can Celebrate Saturday While Helping a Hall.

The Flin Flon Elks Lodge is holding a Valentines Day dinner and dance Saturday.  Exalted Ruler Gord Evans says they are going to be catering a meal through Red Seal Catering and they’re going to have a live band called The Mix which is a local band with Dave Gunn and a few others.  He says the purpose of holding it is to try and raise money to keep their hall in operation for a few more months if they can.


Tickets are 35 dollars and are available at the Main Frame and Gateway or call Gord Evans or the Elks Hall and leave a message.  A limited number of social only tickets will be available at the door for 20 dollars. The dinner starts at 7 and the dance at 9.


The City is Moving Ahead on Some Projects.

 At last weeks Flin Flon City Council meeting Council authorized Works and Operations to proceed with repairs to the floor in the RCMP building.  It was noted this is a 30 year old building and the only other work done recently was repairs to the roof.  They also awarded the contract for the preliminary design study for the conversion of the bus garage and yard as well as the airport terminal building at a cost of 67 thousand dollars. The study will determine the feasibility of proceeding with these projects.


  In correspondence the Manitoba Foster Family Network asked Council for a donation to their annual conference for over 200 foster parents and care providers.  This year’s Fostering Connections Provincial Conference entitled The Transition Trail- A Journey to Independence Through Connection will be held June 3rd and 4th at the Kikiwak Inn in The Pas. The letter was referred to the Committee of the Whole Council.

The RCMP still need your help.

Flin Flon RCMP have released a photo of the suspect from the armed robbery at Lloydy’s corner store that took place Febrary 4th.  The suspect is between five feet five inches and five feet seven inches tall with a slender build.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at www.crimestoppers.com or text TIPMAN plus your message to CRIMES.

You Can Quit Smoking and Win Prizes.

The Manitoba Lung Association is sponsoring a Manitoba Quits contest to encourage you to quit smoking.  Regional Smoking Reduction Coordinator for the Northern Health Region Deanna Johnson explains they’ve done quit smoking for four weeks and that’s for five prizes of a thousand dollars, they have quit smoking for one week and that’s five prizes of 150 dollars, you can reduce your consumption by 50 percent and that’s five prizes of 150 dollars, you can make your home and car smoke free and you can enter to win five prizes of a hundred dollars or you can be a quit buddy and enter to win 200 dollars.


To register go to their website at www.manitobaquits.ca.  The contest runs from March 1st to 31st.


It’s Been One Hundred Days.

  Teachers and students at Creighton Community School are celebrating 100 days of school on Monday.  School Coordinator Carol Sutherland says students are asked to bring a hundred items to school which will be put on display and as well an afternoon of fun filled activities are planned for students to participate in. She says these include a hundred book marks, a penny dig and a hundred word scramble.


100 Days will be celebrated in Flin Flon schools later in the week.

A New Hotel Tax is Being Put to Good Use.

At Wednesday night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting Councillor Karen MacKinnon reported the Social and Community Services Committee has looked at the use of the hotel tax introduced last year which raised 100 thousand dollars for the city. She said 30 thousand dollars will be set aside for supporting special events being hosted in the community, they are supporting the Main Street flowers and in the spring will look at the community to find areas that can use upgrading such as the Tourist Park and possibly store fronts on Main Street.


  Councillor Colleen McKee reported the Finance Committee agreed fire and police capital costs be added to the special levy for fire and police services for this year.  She added a public meeting to discuss the special levy will be held next Friday at 7 in City Council Chambers.

Changes Are Coming to School Zones.

At the Flin Flon City Council meeting last night Councillor Leslie Beck on behalf of the Traffic Commission reported they are recommending that areas falling within 150 meters of the boundaries of Ruth Betts School on Terrace, Hiawatha and Hudson and McIsaac School on Princess, Parkway and Balsam be designated as 30 kilometers per hour zones during school hours.


Beck said they also recommend two handicapped parking stalls be developed in the parking lot in front of the Flin Flon Community Hall between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, two handicapped stalls be developed for the parking area behind the Community Hall and that could be increased by three with moveable signs at the time of special events.


  Beck also noted she will discuss with Council ways of preventing people from parking and storing their recreation vehicle on the street.


  Council received the Fire Chiefs report for January indicating six calls four of which were false alarms.

Tomorrow is Hockey Night in Flin Flon.

For the first time ever everybody can attend a Flin Flon Bomber hockey game free courtesy of Hudbay.  Their Vice-President of the Manitoba Business Unit Rob Winton says Bomber Coach Mike Reagan came to them with an idea to get more people to the arena. He says Reagan originally suggested a Hudbay employees appreciation kind of event but he felt it would be more appropriate if it was open to the entire community as the Bombers are a proud member of the community as Hudbay views itself as a proud member of this community so bringing the two together he thought it was a wonderful opportunity for them to support the Bombers and give the community a way to celebrate the Bombers.


Winton says they hope to fill the arena and have a very loud and enjoyable night tomorrow as the Bombers face the Melville Millionaires.



Flin Flon RCMP Are Asking For Your Help After an Armed Robbery.

Shortly after 11 this morning an unknown male entered Lloydy’s Corner Store on Green Street demanding cash while threatening employees with a weapon.  The suspect then fled on foot.  No one was injured in the incident.


The suspect is between five feet five inches and five feet seven inches tall with a slender build.  He was wearing dark clothing and his face was completely covered.  Police continue to investigate.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text TIPMAN plus your message to CRIMES.


Its Time to Prepare for the Creighton Copper Fair.

The Creighton Copper Fair will be held at the Sportex September 18th and 19th.  Assistant Recreation Director Crystal Banting says now’s the time to get going on preparing your entries in their twelve categories including sketching, painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, wood, metal work, textiles, glass and jewelry, knitting, crocheting, needlework, recycling and two youth categories so even children in school can start working on their projects.  She adds they’ll have letters going out to artists in late February and early March.


Copper Fair registration forms can also be picked up at the Creighton Recreation and Tourism Office at 216 Creighton Avenue.  For more information you can call Crystal at 306-688-3538.


You Are Invited to Smooch the Pooch.

 The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is holding their first family dance and chili supper on Valentines Day Saturday February 14th.  Their Shelter Manager Carmen Ward says it’s called Smooch the Pooch and they’re going to have a chili dinner, there’s going to be karaoke, dancing and a silent auction and all ages are welcome to this event.  She says tickets will be sold right at the door and its 4 dollars for an individual, 20 dollars for a family and its 5 dollars for the supper which is the chili, bun, drink and a dessert treat.


The dance and supper will be held upstairs at the Legion from 5 to 9 pm on Valentines Day.


A Flin Flon Man is Going After the Federal Government.

19 year old Ralph Laliberty is suing the federal government for 36 million dollars.  He recently told the Winnipeg Free Press he did not receive proper treatment for an ankle injury he suffered three years ago while participating in a cadet expedition in Whiteshell Provincial Park.


  Laliberty says because of ongoing pain in his ankle he can only work part time and he can’t afford treatment recommended by doctors in Winnipeg who told him he suffers from complex regional pain syndrome.  He filed a statement of claim against the federal government last month seeking 20 million dollars for negligence and 16 million in punitive damages.


   The National Defense Department says it cannot comment as the case is before the courts.


Your Family is Invited to Celebrate Reading on Saturday.

The Read to Me Family Literacy Program will be celebrating Family Literacy Day Saturday.  Coordinator Heather Jobes invites children and caregivers to join them.  She says their theme this year is Frozen so if you have any costumes left over from Halloween or dress up clothes that you’d like to wear that are in the Frozen theme then feel free to do so.  She says they will have some local readers, the Bombers will be reading and are going to help with the crafts and there will be snacks and refreshments and every child that attends will receive a free book.


  Family Literacy Day will be celebrated at the Flin Flon Public Library Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3.




Plans Are Well Underway for an Annual Flin Flon Creighton Festival.

The annual Bust the Winter Blues Festival is being held in early March.  Committee member Channa Senyk says they have a lot of events planned. She says on Friday March 6th they’re starting out with the stew and bun at the Heritage Manor followed by the fun swim, public skate and the Kinette’s Trivia Night. She adds Saturday starts with a pancake breakfast followed by the craft sale and lots of fun at the Rotary Wheel ending up in the evening with the family dance while Sunday has their family fishing tournament followed by spades and crib.


The Festival runs March 6th to 8th put on by Creighton Recreation, Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Creighton Community School and the Friendship Center.


There’s Help For Seasonal Depression.

As we head into what is sometimes one of our coldest months we should remember depression during the winter can be more than just the winter blues.  Season depression or seasonal affective disorder usually affects people who live in the north and Doctor Wallbridge Hal from the University of Manitoba says symptoms are similar to depression.  He says if there’s been a pattern that they’ve seen over a couple of years where the person will recover during the summer months and then get symptoms again in the winter that’s usually how it’s diagnosed.  He says the symptoms themselves are pretty typical of depression where a lot of times the person will have more fatigue, sleep more, eat more and gain weight.


Hal says people feeling depressed during colder months should pay a visit to their doctor.  Treatments include medication and lamps that mimic sunlight.

The School Division Received Good Numbers From the Province.

Manitoba Education Minister Peter Bjornson has announced an overall increase of 25 million dollars for public schools for the next school year.  Flin Flon School Superintendent Blaine Veitch says they are pleased with the results for this Division.  He explains the province had a guarantee of zero percent to all the school divisions in the province and in Flin Flon’s case we received an increase of 3.3 percent from the estimate from last year to the estimate from this year so that was a very positive thing.  He says largely it was the result of the increase in the unfunded expenditures which is part of the equalization formula so that generated some additional revenue for the Division.


Veitch says the School Board’s Finance Committee will work to produce the budget for next year that will be presented at a public meeting on February 25th at 6:30 in the School Division office.


You Can Still Adopt Parts of the Library.

 The Flin Flon Public Library continues a fund raising campaign.  Library Administrator Cindy McLean says it’s called Friends of the Library and you can come in and adopt a shelf at 100 dollars per shelf and there’s a plaque that can say whatever you’d like it to say.  She adds you can have it in the memory of a loved one, you can have it commemorate someone’s birthday or anniversary or some other significant event in somebody’s life and once the plaque is on then that shelf belongs to that person and it’s always there for people to come and view.


McLean adds you can also adopt books as well as tables and chairs.  Information is available at the library.




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