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A Special Day is Being Celebrated in Schools Tomorrow.

Flin Flon Elementary Schools are celebrating 100 days of school tomorrow.  McIsaac School grade one teacher Christine Williams says 100 is an important number for grades one and two because the curriculum is focused on mastering the numbers to 100 so for that morning they have a Dr. Seuss theme planned focusing on the numbers to one hundred and the K to 2 students will rotate through five stations that incorporate a whole lot of fun practicing counting and doing some stuff with Dr. Seuss books.


Classrooms will be holding special events for students at Ruth Betts Community School tomorrow as well. The K to 2 students are dressing up like they're 100 and have used an app to make themselves look 100 years old, some have made a poster relecting on their life in 100 years,they will be singing 100 day songs and doing other 100 day excersices. As we reported earlier 100 days is being celebrated at Creighton Community School today.


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