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You Will Have to Find a Safe Way to Get Home Over the Coming Holiday Season.

Operation Red Nose in ten Manitoba Communities including Flin Flon will not operate its safe ride service this year.  In Flin Flon its run by the Rotary Club with their Committee Chair Ted Hewitt who explains with the current public health situation and the logistics necessary to provide the safety of their volunteers and clients they decided not to offer the service.  He says the Rotary Club has enjoyed offering Operation Red Nose for the past 20 plus years providing a free and confidential ride home for their clients noting all proceeds during this time in excess of 200 thousand dollars have been donated to local organizations dedicated to youth and amateur sports.  He adds it is their intention to re-visit the public health situation next year and hopefully Operation Red Nose can be safely provided.


Operation Red Nose invites you to always plan for a safe way to get home in all circumstances by calling a friend, a relative, a cab or by designating a sober driver.


Local Schools Will See Improved Lighting.

Federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson has announced payments to schools under the Climate Action Incentive Fund.  The government is providing 12 million dollars to fund 164 projects that will help schools save money, reduce energy costs and enable them to take part in Canada’s climate plan.


From the fund Creighton School Division is receiving 133 thousand dollars and Flin Flon School Division just over 57 thousand dollars.  Both Divisions will put the money towards the cost of upgrading to more energy efficient LED lighting.


The Minister explained this funding comes from the proceeds of the federal carbon pollution pricing system which invests in projects that reduce carbon pollution, save money and create good green jobs.  It was launched in May 2019 and returns carbon pollution pricing proceeds to the jurisdiction where they were collected.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton has Outlined her Priorities for a New Parliament.

Ashton notes there will be a new Throne Speech this week and a new and very different Parliament because of COVID-19.  She says they have to deal with the fact that COVID-19 is on the rise again and here in Manitoba there has been an increase in the number of cases including cases in First Nations Communities as well as across Canada and many other jurisdictions throughout the world. She adds they have to continue to focus on limiting the spread of the virus, making testing available and continuing to provide the economic supports needed. Ashton also notes they need to focus on rebuilding our economy, on economic development and on jobs.

She concludes as they return to Parliament she will be watching not only the Throne speech but most importantly the budget to see if this minority government is listening and acting on these keys issues.



There Are Concerns Over the Number of COVID-19 Cases in Winnipeg While Saskatchewan Residents can Access a New App.

Manitoba Public Health Officials reported this afternoon 40 new cases of COVID-19 in the province. 29 of the cases are in the Winnipeg Health Region, four each in Prairie Mountain and Interlake Eastern Regions and three in the Southern Health Region.  That brings the total number of reported cases to 1540 with 325 active and 1199 recovered.


They note the concerning increase in the number of cases in Winnipeg adding recent success in Prairie Mountain Health shows that focusing on the fundamentals can reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and urge residents and visitors to Winnipeg of focus on those fundamentals including staying home when sick, hand washing and physical distancing.


Saskatchewan reported 19 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon with 12 in the Saskatoon area, 4 in the Regina and 3 in the Central West zones.  That brings the total to 1776 reported cases, 113 are considered active and 1639 people have recovered.


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe advises people in the province can now receive one time keys from their Health Authorities to use with COVID Alert which is Canada’s COVID-19 exposure notification app.  The app helps notify users if they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


You Can Come Out and Discuss Local Issues.

The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation is holding their annual meeting Monday night.  Executive Director Laurence Gillespie invites you to come out as they review the past year, future plans and hold the election of officers hoping to get more people interested in filling those roles.  But he adds the real thing is with the pandemic it’s really forced them to reconsider a lot of their long term programs and activities and there’s a lot of stress on trying to preserve capacity in Flin Flon to do things that will help keep a lot of activities that we’ve cherished over the years going but perhaps in a different form so they really want to get an idea from people as to what they would like them to do in the COVID area and how they can address these capacity maintenance issues that are really becoming quite prominent right now.


The meeting is being held at 7 Monday evening in Council chambers at City Hall or you can join them on Zoom by contacting Laurence at 204-687-6972 in advance of the meeting.


The New Co-op Store Had a Successful First Full Year.

General Manager Tom Therien told the 75th annual meeting of the North of 53 Co-op Wednesday night 2019 was another banner year sales wise for the Co-op. He noted for the first time in their history sales exceeded 31 million dollars including 22.6 million in food sales in the first full year for their new food store.   He told those attending the Co-op will experience a few lean years as they transition from an old aging to a new modern food store reporting 2019 resulted in a local loss of 1.2 million dollars primarily as a result of high depreciation costs and interest on the outstanding loan needed.  Therien noted as a result of their local loss and smaller than expected patronage refund from Federated Cooperatives Limited due to drastically reduced petroleum sales they were left with a net savings after tax of just over 177 thousand dollars which they elected to allocate once again to their reserves only.


Board President Dave Kendall reported this year there were openings for two positions for three year terms on the Board which were filled by acclamation by the incumbents Erhart Dzuibak and Del Ward in the spring when the annual meeting is usually held.


Saskatchewan is Enforcing the Size of Social Gatherings.

Saskatchewan Health reported this afternoon seven new cases of COVID-19.  There are four new cases in Saskatoon, two in the South East and one in the South West zones.  That brings the provincial total of reported cases to 1757, 109 are considered active, 1624 people have recovered and five are in hospital.


A two thousand dollar fine has been issued to the organizer of a large social gathering in a private household in Saskatoon.  This gathering had approximately 47 people in attendance contravening the gathering size limit of 30 people in the Public Health Order.  This gathering led to 21 identified cases of COVID-19 to date with contact tracing continuing.


Reported COVID-19 Cases in Manitoba Have Hit 15 Hundred.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced this afternoon 11 new cases of COVID-19 in the province.  Eight of the new cases were in the Winnipeg Health Region, two in the Southern Health Region and one in the Prairie Mountain Health Region.  None of the new Winnipeg cases are linked to John Pritchard School where cases were reported earlier this week.  The total reported cases is now 15 hundred with 293 active, 1191 individuals have recovered and ten are in hospital with two in intensive care.


Roussin also reminds you masks are strongly recommended but not required and public gatherings will be limited to 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors but they will continue to monitor all regions with increased cases closely to determine if additional restrictions are necessary.


You Can Support Cancer Research Sunday.

The annual Terry Fox Run is being held Sunday.  Because of COVID-19 it will be done virtually across the country to keep people safe.  Terry’s brother Fred encourages you to continue Terry’s dream by walking, running or biking on Sunday.  He explains one of the things that Terry said is anything is possible if you try and that’s what they have been trying to do as an organization in the last six months in planning for the virtual run and asking Canadians as they get out there this Sunday and register for the Terry Fox Run at terryfox.org, create their own fund raising page, make a donation to cancer research, try your best just like Terry did to work towards eradicating cancer which was Terry’s goal from the beginning in 1980.


You can also support local Terry Fox events at that website that are registered for Ecole McIsaac School. Ruth Betts Community School, Creighton Community School and Hapnot Collegiate.  This is the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.  Since then the Foundation has raised over 800 million dollars for Cancer Research.

A New Online Safety Campaign Was Recently Launched for Parents and Youth.

The new online safety campaign was launched by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection supported with provincial funding. It urges families to talk to their teens and tweens about the risks of online activities such as live streaming, online gaming and live chatting.  Manitoba Families Minister Heather Stefanson notes with more young people spending time online than ever before during the COVID-19 pandemic digital safety is more important than ever.  The Cybertip.ca tipline has seen a more than an 80 percent increase in online child exploitation reported in recent months.


The campaign includes television, print, digital and social media tools, with additional information and resources available at www.protectkidsonline.ca , a website that provides tips on what parents can do to keep kids safe online along with age appropriate points to talk about with teens and tweens.  Free online safety lessons have also been developed for teachers and families with students in grades three to eight on how to identify and respond to unsafe situations online which can be accessed at www.protectchildren.ca/order.


The Number of COVID-19 Cases From a Saskatchewan Gathering Continues to grow.

Saskatchewan Health reported this afternoon ten new cases of COVID-19.  The new cases include 7 in the Saskatoon zone and one each in the North East and Regina Zones with one case location pending.  That brings the provincial total of reported cases to 1751.  To date there are now 21 cases linked to a social gathering in Saskatoon initially reported on September 13th with contact tracing continuing. Of the total cases 107 are considered active, 1620 people have recovered and four are in hospital in Saskatoon.  They also note investigations completed so far indicate 32 of the 107 current cases are from communal living settings.

A New Case of COVID-19 Reported on The Eastern Side of the Northern Health Region May Be in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported 23 new cases of COVID-19 in the province this afternoon bringing the total reported to 1489.  He added they had two cases in the Interlake Eastern Health Region, one case in the Northern Health Region and 20 cases in the Winnipeg Health Region.  There are 283 active cases, 1190 individuals have recovered and there are nine people in hospital three of which are in intensive care.  He pointed out preliminary investigation indicated the two Interlake Eastern cases are close contacts of a known case and the others are still under investigation.


Preliminary investigation indicates the person reported to have COVID in the Northern Health Region may actually be in Winnipeg and six of the new cases are connected to John Pritchard School in Winnipeg where some groups of students have been switched to remote learning.


Students Need More Transportation.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council heard from a delegation on the need for increased city bus service in peak hours for students.  This is due to the School Division having to reduce the number of students bused due to COVID-19 public health regulations as well as some students had used city buses in the past. The number of students able to ride the city bus is limited due to the need for social distancing so they suggested a second bus at peak times.


Mayor Cal Huntley said they will have a consultation with the School Division because they have to be part of the solution and if it leads to increased costs they should share that with the city.


Councillor Tim Babcock reported he has reviewed the city plan regarding use of the Whitney Forum and it’s a good plan but will require the co-operation of the public to make it work so hopefully it can be brought forward soon.                                      


And Councillor Karen MacKinnon reported she contacted MPI regarding having driver testing in Flin Flon again.  It was cancelled due to COVID-19.  MPI stated they hope to bring testing here again within the next couple of months.


It Was Another Successful Year for Arts in Flin Flon.

The Flin Flon Arts Council held their annual meeting Monday night.  Board President Linda Eryou reported in spite of the disruption caused by the pandemic starting in March both the Flin Flon Arts Council and their member organizations have had a very busy year.  She mentioned the opportunity to welcome and host the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba as well as the Governor General during Culture Days, many great performances and  the annual Arts and Crafts Sale in November.  Other performances had to be postponed or cancelled.  In February they hosted representatives of the Manitoba Arts Council, Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council for the Arts and in March continued their Inspiration Series Developing a Northern Vision.


Highlights were reported from their eleven standing committees and twelve organizations that fall under their umbrella. There are plans for the Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale and they hope to put on a Christmas and spring concert as well as hosting some touring performers. Unfortunately the Northern Lights Dance Academy had to be cancelled for this year.


There are two vacancies on their board and if you are interested you can contact the Arts Council.


New COVID-19 Cases are Still in the Double Digits in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Public Health officials this afternoon identified 17 new cases of COVID-19 in the province.  Thirteen cases are in the Winnipeg Health Region including one in a school, two in the Southern Health Region and one each in the Interlake Eastern and Prairie Mountain Health Regions.  That brings the provincial total to 1466 reported cases, 269 are active, 1181 individuals have recovered and 12 people are in hospital with three in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported this afternoon ten new cases of COVID-19.  Eight of the new cases are in the Saskatoon zone and two in the Central East zone.  That brings their reported total to 1741 cases with 17 cases linked to a social gathering in Saskatoon.  Of the total 101 are considered active, 1616 people have recovered and four are in hospital.  Stills with health thousands of patients in Northern and Central Saskatchewan now have improved access to magnetic resonance imaging services.  Mayfair Diagnostics began delivering community based MRI services in mid-August and will provide a minimum of 45 hundred exams a year in Saskatoon.


A Faith Program for Young People Starts Thursday.

Impact Youth is being held Thursday nights at the Flin Flon Alliance Church. One of the organizers Kayla Kemp says it’s a program for youth 11 to 18 and it’s a place for youth to come and help find and learn to grow in their faith no matter what their background.  She explains a typical Thursday evening includes games, having a time of worship, a snack, watching a video or listening to a talk or testimony and then depending on the size they will break into groups and discuss the topic for the night and they always end the evening in prayer so praying for each other or those they know or the circumstances in the world.


Impact Youth is free and runs from 7 to 9 Thursday nights starting with an introduction this Thursday night at the Alliance Church at 237 Green Street.  For information call Kayla at 204-271-5357, Lia at 204-271-3738 or visit their Facebook page Impact Youth.

The Manitoba Government is Offering More Support for Businesses.

Manitoba Premier Brain Pallister has announced the extension of the Back to Work Wage Subsidy Program until the end of December.  He explains that’s going to support seasonal businesses that like to add people around the Christmas shopping time, it’s going to help businesses staff up for that holiday season retail and in addition they’re also expanding the program to allow companies to start up and there are companies starting up in Manitoba right now and if those companies are looking to add staff, hire people and help them get back to work they’re looking to help them.


Through the Back to Work initiative private sector and non-profit employers can receive up to 100 thousand dollars to subsidize 20 employees with up to 5 thousand dollars per employee hired since July 16.  Program details and the application link can be found attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.







Saskatchewan Residents Are Reminded About Group Sizes.

Saskatchewan Health reported 21 new cases of COVID-19 Saturday and 17 Sunday with 19 in the Saskatoon, 15 in Central East, 2 in the South West, 1 in the Central West zones and one case location is pending. This afternoon they reported eight new cases with 6 in the Saskatoon zone and one each in the South West and South Central zones.  The total reported cases is now 1731 with 103 active, 1604 people have recovered and three are in hospital.


With several of the new cases linked to a specific gathering Saskatchewan residents are reminded that indoor and outdoor gatherings may have a maximum of 30 people provided there is enough space to maintain six feet or two meter separation between individuals who are not in the same household and for food service gatherings potlucks are discouraged and there should be no shared platters of food or shared buffet service.


A COVID-19 Case Reported in the Northern Health Region Has Been Changed.

Manitoba Public Health reported 17 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday and 17 Sunday with 19 in the Winnipeg, 7 in Interlake Eastern, 5 in Southern and 3 in Prairie Mountain Health region.  Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported this afternoon 21 new cases bringing the total reported to 1449 with one case in the Interlake Eastern Health Region, 3 cases in the Southern Region and 17 cases in the Winnipeg Health Region.  He pointed out a change in their regional counts as following a detailed public health investigation one case announced on Sunday has been reassigned from the Northern Health Region to the Winnipeg Health Region.`   


Roussin noted cases are reported according to the address on your health card so if you have moved update your card.  He added 257 of the cases reported are active, 1176 have recovered and 12 people are in hospital.

You Can Support Creighton Community School With a Cookie.

Tim Hortons in Creighton is joining others across the country in their 24th annual Smile Cookie Campaign this week.  It raises money for 550 local charities, hospitals and community programs across Canada.  All this week Tim Hortons guests will be able to purchase signature chocolate chunk Smile Cookies decorated with blue eyes and a pink smile for a dollar plus applicable taxes and the full dollar will be donated by Tim Hortons restaurant owners.


Money raised at the Creighton Tim Hortons location today through Sunday will be donated to Creighton Community School so they will have students there helping to decorate cookies.


Tim Hortons reports the campaign is led by over 15 hundred restaurant owners across Canada and is one of many initiatives that allows them to give back to the communities in which they live and work.  Last year the Smile Cookie campaign raised a record 9.8 million dollars across Canada.

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says Government Needs to be Held Accountable.

Ashton accuses the Prime Minister of proroguing Parliament in an attempt to deflect being held accountable in the current Parliament referring particularly to the WE scandal.  She says it is absolutely critical for MPs to make parliament work adding with all the need to focus on the recovery from the impact of the pandemic they need to be making a difference for Canadian people and that includes not having an unnecessary election.


Ashton notes the role of the Opposition is to hold the government accountable and put forward proposals such as a paid sick leave and improved supports for Canadians. She concludes as they head into the new Parliament their message will focus on the need for accountability and on solutions during this historic challenging time.


Active Cases of COVID-19 Continue to Drop In Manitoba While Saskatchewan Reports a Second Case in the Far North East Zone.

Manitoba Public Health announced this afternoon 15 new cases of COVID-19.  Eight of the cases were in the Winnipeg Health Region, four in the Prairie Mountain and three in the Southern Health Regions.  That brings the provinces total of reported cases to 1393, 287 cases are active, 1090 people have recovered and 12 are in hospital with four in intensive care.


Saskatchewan reported 13 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon.  One each in the Far East and Regina zones, four in the Saskatoon zone and seven in Central East.  Of the reported 1688 cases 66 are considered active, 1598 people have recovered and two people are in hospital.


Callinex Mines Has Announced Two High Grade Discoveries Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines has announced the Rainbow discovery.  It comprises two high grade copper, gold, silver and zinc lenses at their Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers away from Flin Flon.  The Rainbow discovery intersected 2.96 meters of 3.09 percent copper. 0.75 grams per tonne gold, 13.35 grams per tonne silver, 1.88 percent zinc and a second interval of 4.31 meters of 4.12 percent copper, 0.22 grams per tonne gold, 2.21 grams per tonne silver and 0.06 percent zinc.


President Max Porterfield says the two high grade lenses discovered with subsequent borehole survey results suggest they are at the early stages of a substantial discovery in Manitoba.  He added the community of Flin Flon has been through a storm with a great deal of uncertainty about its future with the impending shut down of the Triple Seven Mine and they believe the Rainbow discovery has the potential to provide a bright future for Flin Flon and their shareholders.


Alpha Invites You to Join Them Next Week.

The Alpha Course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church Tuesday evening.  Pastor Reg Friesen says Alpha has a lot to offer.  He explains if you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to life than just the day to day the Alpha Course is a great way to discover there’s so much more to be experienced so they just want to invite folks to join them on Tuesday, September 15th at 7 pm.  He says the evening is going to be a lot of fun, a great time to find out more about Alpha, enjoy coffee and dessert, a little music and video introduction to the course.  He adds if you decide to do Alpha the film series starts the following Tuesday, each evening starting at 7 with coffee and dessert being served, there’s a short video, time to talk about things noting Alpha really does create a great environment where you can explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share points of view.


 Friesen adds they are set up to follow the health guidelines. To register or for more information you can call the Church at 204-687-8498.


Saskatchewan Health Reports Six News Cases of COVID-19.

They reported this afternoon the new cases are located in the Far North East, Saskatoon, Central West, Central East and Regina Zones with one each.  The location of the sixth case is pending.


That brings the total reported cases to 1676 with 59 considered active, 1593 people have recovered and one person is in hospital.


They also advise if a student or education staff receives a positive COVID-19 test result public health begins their contact investigation.  If an outbreak is declared all parents of that school will receive notification and the declaration will be posted online to www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19 under latest updates.



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