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High numbers of COVID-19 Cases are in Manitoba Hospitals.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported this afternoon 342 new cases of COVID-19 with a five day test positivity rate of 13.4 percent..  He also announced 11 additional deaths with seven in the Winnipeg region, two in Prairie Mountain and two in Southern Health region. Chief Nursing Officer Linette Siragusa says they have 341peole in hospital putting pressure on our health care system and for perspective that is more than triple the number of hospitalizations in numbers from only a month ago.  She adds our ICUs have also seen a substantial increase in activity noting as of midnight their critical care program was 145 percent above their normal baseline pre-COVID.  She says there are now 105 patients who are admitted to critical care at this time.


Of the new cases 207 are in Winnipeg, 53 in Southern Health and 46 in the Northern Health region with smaller numbers in other regions.  Of the total 16,825 reported cases 9260 are considered active and 7253 have recovered.

Exploration Continues to Produce Good Results on a Property Near Flin Flon.

Callinex Mines reports high grade copper results with gold, silver and zinc from the ongoing drilling campaign to expand the Rainbow Discovery. The Rainbow Discovery has been made on Callinex’s mineral lease 16 kilometers from Flin Flon.


One zone intersected 5 meters of 10.63 copper equivalent and 5.40 meters of copper equivalent as well as percentages of gold, silver and zinc. Interpretation of the new Borehole Pulse Electromagnetic survey suggests mineralization comes within 350 meters of surface. Currently two rigs are drilling step-out holes as the Company delineates the Rainbow Discovery.  They will continue to operate until mid-December, stop for a short holiday break and resume drilling in early January.



As Diabetes Awareness Month wraps up medical experts are emphasizing the need to get tested for the disease.

Doctor Vincent Woo an Endocrinology Consultant for the Saint Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg explains diabetes is prevalent in Canada as 5 per cent of population is diagnosed with it and another 5 per cent have diabetes but are unaware of it.


Woo explains we have similar numbers in Manitoba as the rest of the country.  He says some provinces are a little bit higher such as Newfoundland and some are a little bit lower such as Alberta and Quebec but Manitoba is right in the middle about the same as Ontario.  He points out in the northern Manitoba region we know that in addition to age weight increases your risk of diabetes but also ethnicity as well so our First Nations individuals have higher rates than non First Nations people for diabetes.


Diabetes Canada and Dynacare are encouraging people to get tested for diabetes through their hashtag Dynacare for Diabetes campaign.


High COVID Numbers in Winnipeg and Regina Were Again Reported Over the Weekend.

Manitoba Public Health reported 852 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. They also reported 21 additional deaths with 12 in Winnipeg including a boy under ten years old, four in Southern Health, three in Prairie Mountain and one each in Northern and Interlake Eastern Regions.  It was also reported an outbreak has been declared in the acute care inpatient unit at The Pas Hospital which has been moved to critical or red while an outbreak at the OCN care home is reported to be over.  Of the new cases 548 are in the Winnipeg region and 175 in Southern Health with smaller numbers in other regions including 65 in Northern Health.  Of the 16,483 reported cases 9172 at considered active with 336 people in hospital and 44 in intensive care.


Meanwhile Saskatchewan health reported 541 new cases on the weekend with 193 in Regina and 150 in Saskatoon with smaller numbers in other zones including 12 in the Far North East.  They also reported a death in the North West zone. Of the 8230 reported cases 3605 are considered active, 4589 have recovered and 115 are in hospital with 23 in intensive care. With significant outbreaks occurring among large gatherings and sporting events the public is urged to follow public health orders in place and are reminded these orders are enforceable.


You Still Have Time to Apply for a Christmas Hamper.

Due to the current COVID-19 Code RED restrictions, The Salvation Army has extended its Christmas Hamper registration phone-in dates to December 8th.  Individuals & families residing in Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage & Sherridon can register for a Christmas Hamper, by telephoning 204-687-7812 Monday - Friday, between the hours of 11:30 am - 3:30 pm..

Saskatoon has the Higher Numbers of New Cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Health reported 326 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon.  They also reported an additional four deaths with one each in the North Central, Regina, South East and South Central zones.  The largest number of new cases was in Saskatoon with 158 and Regina with 61 with smaller numbers in other zones including the Far North East with 4.


Of the 7691 reported cases 3263 are considered active, 4384 have recovered and 111 people are in hospital with 16 in intensive care.  The seven day average of daily new cases is 268. Deaths reported to date total 44.


For information on additional health measures that took effect today go online to www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19.


High Numbers Regarding COVID-19 in Manitoba Have Again Been Reported.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced this afternoon 344 new cases of COVID-19 with a five day test positivity rate of 14.5 percent. He also announced 14 additional deaths including nine in the Winnipeg region, two each in Interlake Eastern and Southern Health and one in Prairie Mountain health region.  He added they continue to do their work on contact tracing noting their contact tracing calls are continuing, they continue to see good results and are reaching cases and contacts in a timely fashion and public health has developed a new contact tracing tool and this is a form that will be available at the testing sight for Manitobans to list their contacts at that time.


Of the 344 new cases 178 are in the Winnipeg region and a new high of 73 in the Northern Health with this regions active cases including 13 in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridan district, 179 in The Pas, OCN, Kelsey district and 27 in the Thompson District.


The Fundamentals Will Help Keep Us Safe.

With COVID-19 cases in the Flin Flon area the Medical Officer of Health for the Northern Health Region Dr. Mike Isaac tells us to listen to public health officials.  He explains he knows in Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry, Sherridon area that district in particular has had a number of cases over the past few days but the message still applies.  Now is the time to stay home, practice those fundamentals around social distancing, reducing the number of contacts we have and if you get symptomatic with COVID with fever, chills, cough, loss of taste and smell, runny nose, those types of things it is important to self-isolate and get tested.


 Isaac emphasizes if we do these things we will all be in good stead going forward.


Manitoba businesses are under strict code red restrictions and the government is offering financial aid programs to help them cope.

Jonathan Alward, a director with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says many businesses have been hard hit by the shut down that went into effect earlier this month especially with the winter holidays coming up.  He explains retail staff have been really hard hit, restaurants continue to be hard hit, hotels incredibly and a lot of gym and recreation facilities as well.   He notes especially for some of those businesses in retail and restaurants this is one of the worst times of year for the lock down to come into effect as they really rely on the holiday season even at hair salons.  He says he was talking to one earlier this week and about a quarter of their revenue for the year comes in the lead up to the holiday season so this is going to be a very difficult time for them as well so hopefully in the province we can curve the number of cases as quickly as possible to get back to some semblance of business as usual.


Alward also commented on the revised Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy saying while the initial rollout of the program was not fair to many renters as it required landlords to sign off on it the new changes will ensure less businesses fall through the cracks.


COVID Cases are Spreading in a Saskatchewan Jail.

Saskatchewan Health reported 299 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon.  72 of the new cases are from the Saskatoon Correctional Centre with 68 being offenders and four are staff bringing total cases there to 85.

Work is underway to reduce the spread in the facility and the correctional system.


Saskatchewan also reported three deaths with one in Saskatoon and two in the North West zone bringing total deaths to 40.                                


Of the new cases 125 are in Saskatoon, 44 in Regina, 34 in North Central and smaller numbers in other zones including 16 in the Far North east and of the total 7362 reported 3146 are considered active, 4176 people have recovered and 188 people are in hospital with 18 in intensive care.


The seven day average of daily new cases is 243 or 20.1 new cases per 100 thousand population.

Manitobas Top Doctor Has Again Raised Concerns About COVID Related Deaths.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported 381 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon with a five day test positivity rate of 14.8 percent.  He also reported 10 additional deaths with six in the Winnipeg region, three in Southern Health and one in Interlake Eastern region.  He noted there have been 185 deaths due to COVID-9 in the month of November alone, 70 percent of the total related deaths have occurred in the month of November as compared to 60 deaths in the month of October and we continue to reiterate that these deaths are much more than numbers, these are loved ones who are sorely missed right now and we can’t continue with these numbers.


Of the total new cases 202 were in the Winnipeg region and 111 in Southern Health with lower numbers in other regions including 29 in Northern Health.  Of the total 15,228 reported cases 8845 are considered active, 6177 individuals have recovered and 307 are in hospital with 46 in intensive care.

Full Production Has Resumed at the Triple Seven Mine.

Hudbay Minerals has announced full production has resumed at its Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon following the skip hoist incident in October.  They report the shaft repair activities were completed well ahead of schedule and the total direct repair costs were under the estimated five million dollars.


They report while the shaft was under repair the company temporarily reassigned equipment and personnel from the mine to the Lalor Mine in Snow Lake partially to mitigate lost production.  They add although fourth quarter production and sales volumes will be impacted the company continues to expect the Manitoba business unit to achieve its full year production and unit cost guidance for 2020.


President Peter Kukielski noted the incident was an unfortunate event but the team used this as an opportunity to temporally allocate additional resources to Lalor to test the mine’s production potential and are encouraged as to what this might mean for the future of their Snow Lake operations.


Flin Flon School Division Has Sent Home a Document for Parents Considered Critical Care Workers.

If any of the schools or the Division moves to red in the pandemic response plan students in Kindergarten through grade six with no alternative options for child care will be allowed to attend class.  If parents fall into any of the listed positions they are asked to fill in the form and have it returned to child’s school as soon as possible.  Your response will assist the Division in handling how many children they will need to accommodate in the event of a code red.  All other students would take part in remote learning.


Both Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne and Board Chair Murray Skeavington extended their thanks to staff at our schools for their incredible work despite frequent and sometimes daily changes to meet the needs of students. Whether in person or online the staff have been quick to meet the challenge.  This being said the students have also been adapting quickly to the changes.


Elementary report cards will be sent home November 30th with family teacher interviews done on December 3rd via Google meet or phone.


New Restrictions are Coming to Saskatchewan Beginning Friday.

Premier Scott Moe has announced additional health measures effective Friday running until December 17th.   They include all restaurants and licensed establishments are limited to seating four at a table; capacity will be restricted to 30 people at all casinos, bingo halls, arenas, places of worship, indoor banquets, conferences, wedding and funeral receptions in public venues and all team or group sports, activities, games, competitions, recitals, practices are suspended including amateur and recreational leagues for all age groups, except athletes and dancers 18 years of age and under who may continue practicing in groups of eight or fewer following set out regulations.  Moe explained outside of the home there are activities in venues where they have seen the spread in recent weeks and it would be great if they were able to just pinpoint one or two venues or one or two activities where the spread is occurring and just restrict them but the reality is that COVID is in our communities and it has been spreading in a number of different places both inside and outside of our homes that’s why they have to enact several different measures to get the numbers under control.

              Complete details on these and other health measures can be found in the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan at the Saskatchewan government website. Saskatchewan Health announced 164 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon.


Manitobans Are Again Urged to Stay Home.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced this afternoon our current five day COVID-19 test positivity rate is 14 percent provincially and 14 percent in Winnipeg and there are 349 new cases bringing our total number of cases to 14,907.  He noted the number of deaths related to COVID-19 is at 256 and due to a data entry error one death that had been reported earlier has been removed.                                           


Of the new cases 213 are in the Winnipeg region and 73 in Southern Health with lower numbers in other regions including 30 in the Northern health region. The nine additional deaths reported include five in the Winnipeg region and four in Southern Health.


Dr. Roussin says he is disappointed about people driving outside the province to do shopping emphasizing the need to stay home to reduce these numbers and reduce the stress on our health system.

A Case of COVID-19 Has Been Found in McIsaac School.

The Northern Health Region has sent a notice to parents and guardians.  It states Manitoba Public Health has advised Ecole McIsaac School of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school on November 10th and 16th when the individual may have been infectious.  This case did not acquire infection at the school and there is no evidence of COVID-19 at the school.  They note anyone with even very mild symptoms should present for testing.


Ecole McIsaac School is working closely with public health officials and following their recommendations adding be assured that public health investigations to identify individuals who may have been exposed begin within 24 hours of a confirmed laboratory test.


The school will remain open to all students and staff who may continue to attend school in person.


They note the school is not permitted to release the name or any identifying information about the confirmed case.

You Can Learn More About Addictions This Week.

This is National Addictions Awareness Week and the local committee has information available for you.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre says they have awareness promotion spots and a trivia contest on CFAR, information from the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and the Canadian Centre of Substance Use and Addiction will be shared and a coloring contest in the elementary schools.  She adds the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is also hosting a series of Lunch and Learn session this week so there’s a lot of good topics.  She encourages anyone who is interested to go online to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba www.afm.mb.ca and you can check it out there for more information.


If you know of anyone who is struggling with addiction or substance use call the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba at 204-687-1665 or call Christa at 204-681-3145.

The Manitoba government has provided an update on ongoing enforcement efforts to protect Manitobans from the spread of COVID-19.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says despite the strictest health orders in the country some Manitobans are going against the spirit of those rules affecting public safety. He reported in all of Manitoba last week 95 tickets had to be issued and that’s roughly ten times the number of tickets that was handed out at the start of the month.  He added looking back at last week the combined total of fines was over 125 thousand dollars but it’s not about the money it’s about preventing situations that hurt people.

The fines include nine 5,000 dollar tickets to business, and 55 - 1296 dollar tickets to individuals. Three band bylaw tickets were also issued by the Manitoba First Nations Police Service.

Last week, a specific fine of 298 dollars was put in place for not wearing a mask in indoor public places as required under current public health orders. Since that time 28 tickets have been issued for the offence.

A total of 126,082 dollars in fines were issued last week, up from 49,992 dollars the week prior.

The Alert Ready System Will Be Tested This Afternoon.

Manitoba Infrastructure’s Emergency Measures Organization reminds Manitobans that a test alert will be issued across the province through the Alert Ready National Public Alerting System this afternoon at 1:55 p.m.

Alert Ready disseminates emergency alerts to television and radio broadcast distributors, to compatible wireless devices connected to LTE cellular networks through wireless public alerting and to other last mile distributors including internet services. 

Some Manitobans may not receive the test alert on their wireless device for a variety of reasons including device compatibility, availability of an LTE network, cell tower coverage and individual device software and settings.  

For contact information and questions about the upcoming test alert visit www.alertready.ca.

The COVID Alert App is Available in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Health reported this afternoon 175 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the seven day average of daily cases to 209.  The new cases include 70 in Regina, 28 in Saskatoon, 14 in North West and 13 in Far North East with single digits in all other zones. Of the total 6883 cases reported 2927 are considered active, 3919 people have recovered and 105 people are in hospital with 20 in intensive care.


Canada’s COVID alert application is available to Saskatchewan residents.  This free voluntary app provides digital alerts to let people know if they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and is available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play Store.


NDP Leader Ryan Meili is calling on Premier Scott Moe to convene a multi-sector task force to deal with the province’s rising spread of COVID-19.

The Friendship Centre has Closed for Now.

The Flin Flon Friendship Centre reports they have been exposed to positive cases of COVID-19. They are working closely with public health to ensure all necessary precautions and procedures are adhered to.


In the interest of public health & safety they will be closing their facility to the public until December 7.


They will continue to accommodate no-contact services to the best of their ability.


Updated information will be posted on their website @ www.flinflonfriendshipcentre.ca and Facebook pages.


COVID-19 New Case Numbers Continue to be High In Manitoba.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin reported 471 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon with the five day test positivity rate at 14.2 percent.  He also reported 12 additional deaths with five each in Winnipeg and Southern Health regions, one in Prairie Mountain and one in Northern Health which was a woman in her 70s.


Of the total new cases 257 were in the Winnipeg Health Region, 111 in Southern Health with lower numbers in other regions including 38 in the Northern Health Region.  Of the total 14,558 reported cases 8677 are considered active, 5633 individuals have recovered and 292 are in hospital with 47 in intensive care.


Public Health Officials also advise that Manitoba is introducing additional steps to ensure improved case and contact monitoring.  In the coming days an outbound automated calling system will be implemented to expand on the current methods for case and contact monitoring.


Your Holiday Display Can Go On a Map.

Creighton, Flin Flon and Denare Beach Recreation invite you to share your holiday lights display.  Creighton Recreation Director Channa Senyk explains they are inviting people to get into the holiday spirit and decorate their homes and yards with Christmas lights and displays, give them a call at either of the three Recreation Offices and leave your address and they’ll put together a holiday display map for families to jump into their cars and drive around safe during the holidays and prizes will be awarded.


You can get on the map and share your address or business by contacting Channa at creightonrecreation@sasktel.net or phone 306-688-3538, Cait at cbailey@flinflon.ca or phone 204-681-7542 or Mel at denarebeachrecreationboard@sasktel.net or phone 306-362-2054.


A Grant Will Help an Exploration Project Near Flin Flon Move Forward.

Callinex Mines has received a 300 thousand dollar grant from the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund to advance the recently announced Rainbow Discovery. The Discovery is composed of two high grade copper, gold, silver and zinc zones at the Company’s Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers away from Flin Flon.


Callinex President and CEO Max Porterfield states the generous grant from the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund is a strong endorsement for the Rainbow Discovery. He continues they are pleased to see the Manitoba government shares their vision for the potential the Discovery has to create long term jobs for the community of Flin Flon and strengthen the provincial economy.  He adds proceeds from the grant will go directly to fund the ongoing drilling to test the size and extent of the Rainbow Discovery. The Fund was launched by the Manitoba government in August with the specific goal of jump starting mineral and economic development initiatives throughout the province.


Saskatchewan is Now Reporting Average Daily Cases of COVID-19.

Saskatchewan Health reported this afternoon 235 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the seven day average of daily cases to 219.  They also reported four related deaths with one each in the Far North East, North West, North Central and Saskatoon zones bringing the total number of deaths to 37.


The new cases included 66 in Regina, 54 in Saskatoon and 24 in North Central with lower numbers across the province including three in the Far North East. Of the 6708 reported cases 2864 are considered active, 3807 people have recovered and 106 are in hospital with 19 in intensive care.


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