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Case and Vaccine Numbers Continue to Go Up in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan health reported 519 new cases this afternoon bringing the seven day average of new cases to 494.  Of the new cases 10 are in Far North East Two bring their number of active cases to 140.


Of the total 62,620 reported cases in the province 4672 are active, 57,307 people have recovered and 253 are in hospital.  Almost 719 thousand people have been fully vaccinated with just over 1.5 million doses of vaccine administered in the province.



Starting today, Saskatchewan residents can download a digital QR code from their eHealth account showing proof of vaccination.

The government says in a news release that the code-- which can be downloaded or printed - replaces the COVID-19 vaccination record that was made available in August but did not include a digital format.

The province announced last week that proof of vaccination will be required at non-essential businesses - including restaurants, casinos, movie theatres and indoor sports venues - beginning Oct. 1.

It won't be required for civil services, retail or grocery stores, places of worship, hotels or at non-ticketed amateur sporting events.

Businesses can verify the QR codes on mobile devices using a special app.

The news release says travellers at international borders will also be able to use the code

Third Vaccine Doses Have Been Expanded in Manitoba.

Manitoba Medical Lead for the Vaccine Implementation Task Force Dr. Joss Reimer announced third dose eligibility has expanded to protect those at greater risk. She explains this means they are going to offer a booster dose to residents of all personal care homes throughout Manitoba. She says they will be working with these facilities and the Regional Health Authorities in the coming weeks to put the necessary plans in place noting for most PCHs that means that third doses will begin to be available in October.  She adds they also need to recognize the increased risks facing First Nations people in that approach so that means third doses are going to be available to residents and staff of First Nations PCHs starting this week.


Public health reported 244 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified since Thursday 42 of them today.  Of today’s cases two were in Northern health resulting in 111 active cases.  There are 13 active cases in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.             


Expansion Drilling Supports the Potential for Further Mineral Resource Growth West of Flin Flon.

Foran Mining Corporation has reported results from five step-out holes drilled at its McIlvenna Bay Deposit located in the Hanson Lake District 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.  The five holes were drilled either near the edge or outside of the existing resource line at McIlvenna Bay. One hole intersected 6.2 meters grading 3.4 percent copper equivalent within 24.5 meters of continuous mineralization.


Executive Chair Dan Myerson says these step-out intercepts highlight the opportunity they have to add value and ultimately grow the resource at McIlvenna Bay adding the significant widths they continue to achieve strengthen their confidence that they will be able to increase the tonnage and upgrade the resource classification in their pending estimate.  At the same time he notes they are equally if not more excited to advance their regional exploration campaign and uncover the mineral and economic potential of the district.  It is anticipated their ongoing programs will continue until the late fall.

Today is the Day to Vote in the Federal Election.

It is Election Day and you are urged to get out and vote for the candidate of your choice.  The Election Canada voter information card you received in the mail will tell you which polling station to vote at.


In Flin Flon polls are open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.  The candidates in Churchill Keewatinook Aski riding are NDP Niki Ashton, Conservative Charlotte Larocque, Green Ralph McLean, Liberal Shirley Robinson and PPC Dylan Young.


In the Creighton Denare Beach area polls are open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Saskatchewan time which is 8:30 to 8:30 Manitoba time.  Candidates in Desnethe Missinippi Churchill River riding are Liberal Buckley Belanger, Green Nasser Dean Chalifoux, NDP Harmonie King, Independent Stephan King, PPC Dezirae Reddekopp and Conservative Gary Vidal.


You are reminded to wear a mask and practice physical distancing at polling stations and bring your voter information card and photo ID or two pieces of ID both with your name and one that must have your address or have someone vouch for you if you don’t have ID.   

You Are Invited to Wear Blue Tomorrow.

September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is encouraging people to learn more about the condition and reduce the stigma surrounding it.


Program Director Erin Crawford says the neurological disease impacts many Manitobans, both the patients and those close to them. She explains they know that over 23 thousand Manitobans have a dementia diagnosis and when they did a survey asking how many people were affected by dementia 62 percent of Manitobans indicated that they have a close friend or family member who has a dementia diagnosis so that number really grows when you look at how many people are affected in their circles.                 


The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba offers programs and services across the province, and Crawford states the pandemic has allowed the organization to extend its outreach through virtual means.


The society is asking Manitobans to wear blue and light up your home or business in blue tomorrow to commemorate and show solidarity on World Alzheimer’s Day. For more information visit www.alzheimer.mb.ca.


New Cases Are in Double Digits in Manitoba Except the North While Total Reported Cases Top 61 Thousand in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 88 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day positivity rate to 2.6 percent.  Of the new cases 30 were in Southern health, 26 in Winnipeg, 14 each in Prairie Mountain and Interlake Eastern but only four in Northern health where there are 129 active cases.  The Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district reports 14 active cases. Of the total 59,612 reported cases in the province 629 are active, 57,779 people have recovered and 72 are in hospital with 13 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 476 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 444.  The Far North East Two district that includes Creighton, Flin Flon Saskatchewan, Denare Beach, Pelican Narrows, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and Sandy Bay reported seven new cases with 199 cases reported to be active.  Of the total 61,065 reported cases in the province 4234 are active, 56,194 people have recovered and 223 are in hospital.

An Awareness Walk is Being Held Tuesday.

The Flin Flon and Area Against Sexual Exploitation Committee invites everyone to join them Tuesday for their 10th annual Grandmother’s Walk. The Committee’s Keely Patterson says they hold this walk each year on the fall equinox in support of a group called Grandmother’s Protecting Our Children who hold their Sacred Walk each year on this day.  She explains it was started by a grandmother who became outraged after hearing stories of abuse by adults on children in the form of sexual exploitation so she called upon Aboriginal women, leaders and grandmothers to stand together and let it be known that children’s voices need to be heard,  they are not alone and they are loved.  As elders and grandmothers these women have reclaimed their roles as protectors of our children and the message that they give is Children Are Sacred.


Patterson adds the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of children, youth and adults is a serious concern in Manitoba, Canada and around the globe.


There will be a cultural teaching from 4 to 5 at Neighbors of the North Park Tuesday followed by the start of the walk at 5 ending at Pioneer Square with entertainment and refreshments. In case of rain their alternate location will be the Friendship Centre


South African Firefighters Who Spent Time in Flin Flon Have Returned Home.

The Manitoba government has sent sincere thanks to all the firefighters from other jurisdictions who came to assist the Manitoba Wildfire Service including a large contingent from South Africa who returned home Tuesday night.  The group of 109 men and women of the South Africa contingent arrived in Manitoba on August 11th and was deployed to a large collection of fires known as the Loon Straits complex and to fires near Sherridon, Flin Flon and Snow Lake. 


Conservation Minister Sarah Guillmard noted these hard working firefighters were welcomed to these communities and brought professionalism and dedication to their jobs as well as great team spirit shown through their colorful marching, chanting and singing at the airport in Winnipeg upon their arrival and when moving through the communities where they were deployed.  You can see an example of their marching and singing while they were staying in Flin Flon by scrolling down to August 30th on the City of Flin Flon Facebook page.


Their Managing Director Trevor Abrahams said they feel they fit in well with local crews and appreciate the praise and support of the local fire commanders. He adds they enjoyed their camping experience near the fire line and some interesting encounters the local bear population.

New Cases Have Increased in the Northern Region of Manitoba and Far North East Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Public health reported 64 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.5 percent.  Of the new cases 23 are in Southern health and 15 each in Winnipeg and the Northern region with single digits in other regions.  There are 12 active cases in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 59,526 reported cases in the province 599 are active, 57,724 people have recovered and 62 are in hospital with 12 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 440 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 438.  Of the new cases 14 are in Far North East Two resulting in 199 active cases.  Of the total 60,589 reported cases in the province 4064 are active, 55,895 people have recovered and 218 are in hospital.


New Vaccine Policies Are Coming to Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan will be bringing in a proof of vaccination program in an attempt to increase the number of people immunized against COVID-19.

Premier Scott Moe made the announcement on his social media accounts today.

He says the policy is expected to come into effect October 1st and will apply to businesses, establishments and event venues, but will exclude civil services.

People will have to show proof of vaccination or show a negative COVID-19 test.

Moe has also announced that all government employees of Crown corporations and in ministries will be required to be vaccinated or consistently show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

He is also reinstating a province wide mask mandate for all indoor public places effecitve tomorrow, which he says could be lifted by late October.

Alpha Invites You to Join Them Next Week.

The Alpha Course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church Tuesday evening.  Pastor Reg Friesen says Alpha has a lot to offer.  He explains if  you ever wondered is there more to life than just the day to day the Alpha Course is a great way to discover that there’s so much more life to be experienced.  He points out he knows many people who have taken the time to explore life and faith in this way have seen an incredible season in their lives.  He notes you can join them Tuesday September 21st at 7 pm for a short introduction to the course, a fun relaxed evening, a video, just a great introduction to what the course is all about adding if you want to connect with some really friendly and welcoming people join them for coffee and dessert, bring a friend or meet some new friends.


The course runs on Tuesdays from September 28th to November 30th.  To register or for more information you can call the Church at 204-687-8498 or email office.flinflonalliance@gmail.com.


Activities Are Well Underway in Flin Flon Schools.

Now that students are back in class the Flin Flon School Board is happy to see them and appreciates their understanding as well as parents and staff with the ever evolving changes and the Division is doing its best to keep everyone updated.  Ecole McIsaac School welcomes many new faces to their teaching and E.A. staff as well as a new custodian.  This year’s curriculum programs are up and running.  Phys Ed, music, shop and Home Ec, French immersion, wellness, resource and recovery, essential skills and engaged learners sees students and staff rejuvenated for another challenging school year.  Other programs like breakfast are in full swing.  If parents want to register their child for the lunch program they are asked to contact the main office.


Extracurricular activities are about to get started with cross country and volleyball starting soon.


Parents are reminded to continue to self-screen your child/children at home before sending them to school using the Manitoba Health screening tool at https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool.


Please follow your child’s school or the Division’s Facebook page to stay up to date.


New Cases Remain in the Same Ranges As Tuesday in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reported 49 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 2.9 percent.  Of the new cases 20 are in Winnipeg and 17 in Southern health with single digits in other regions including five in Northern health with 118 cases active in the region.  There are nine active cases in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 59,466 reported cases in the province 584 are active, 57,679 people have recovered and 69 are in hospital with 15 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 476 new cases bringing the seven day average of new cases to 416. There are 22 new cases in Far Northeast Two with 196 active cases.  Of the total 60,149 reported cases in the province 4016 are active, 55,504 people have recovered and 224 are in hospital.


Guidance Has Been Set For Additional Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine In Manitoba.

The Medical Lead for the Vaccine Implementation Task Force Dr. Joss Reimer announced Manitoba will begin offering third doses of mRNA vaccine to individuals for travel purposes and for immunocompromised people.  She says a few examples include people who have cancer and are currently receiving chemotherapy, those who are currently receiving treatment related to organ transplants, people who are living with untreated or advanced HIV or Aids and people who are taking certain medications that severely affect their immune system.


A complete list of the medical conditions and treatments that would result in a person being immunocompromised and recommended for a third dose is available at www.manitoba.ca/vaccine.  These people and people travelling can be immunized by their health care provider by going through an informed consent process or present a prescription to a pharmacist. A guide for medical exemptions to immunization will be finalized as soon as possible.


The Tickets Have Been Sold So Its Time For The Race.

The Freedom Outreach Program Duck Race is set to go Saturday afternoon.  The program’s Ben Luc says the race will be run in Flin Flon Creek along Riverside Drive finishing at the Wallace Avenue bridge.  He explains at 12 o’clock they’re going to have a barbeque with hamburgers and hot dogs so they want as many people as are able to make it and come on out. They’re also going to have the guys who are in the program right now sharing their stories on how God is changing their life through things they’re learning at Freedom Outreach.  He adds at 1:45 they’ll be doing the pre-race draw and then at 2 o’clock they are going to start the Duck Race. He noted anybody that comes out won’t be disappointed they came as there’s going to be a lot of good things happening and they look forward to it.


If you can’t make it to the race you can watch online by making a friend request on the Freedom Outreach Denare Beach Facebook page.  One thousand tickets were sold to support their programs helping men find freedom from addiction based in Denare Beach.  The winning duck ticket holder receives a 2021 Polaris Outlaw 110 cc kid’s quad.

Assistance is Coming for Young People With Diabetes.

Manitoba Health Minister Audrey Gordon has announced two new programs to pay for advanced glucose monitors and insulin pumps for individuals aged 25 years and younger.  Gordon says she knows firsthand the challenges faced by young Manitobans with Type One diabetes especially since taking the finger prick challenge and that was pricking her finger or fingers ten times in one day and it really allowed her to see firsthand what individuals suffering with diabetes are having to deal with on a daily basis.  She notes she does have family members that have Type One diabetes and she can tell you they’ve had a lot of discussions since the finger prick challenge about having to take your glucose measures throughout the day so these investments will greatly improve the quality of life for young people with diabetes.


The government estimates more than one thousand Manitobans may seek coverage for advanced glucose monitors which comes into effect September 28th and up to 200 more who will be able to use insulin pumps with no upfront costs under this program effective this November.

Manitoba Continues to Keep New Case Numbers Low While Saskatchewan Numbers Remain High.

Manitoba public health reported 56 new cases of COVID-19 this afternoon bringing the five day test positivity rate to 3.2 percent.  Of the new cases 23 are in Southern health and 12 in Winnipeg with single digits in other regions including nine in Northern health for a total of 117 active cases in the region.  There are eight active cases in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.  Of the total 59,420 reported cases in the province 576 are active, 57,643 people have recovered and 68 are in hospital with 14 in intensive care.


Saskatchewan health reported 2842 new cases from September 8th to 14th bringing the seven day average of new cases to 406.  2076 recoveries were reported over the same time.  The total reported cases now stands at 59,673, 225 people are in hospital and 43 are in intensive care. 76 percent of the people in hospital are not fully vaccinated. Far North East Two reports 34 new cases giving them 183 active cases.


Adult Classes are Underway for Another Year.

The Community Adult Learning Centre is into their new season.  The Centre’s Barry Hanrahan explains the Community Adult Learning Centre offers educational programming to adults in Flin Flon and surrounding areas.  He says they are an adult literacy centre providing group and one on one instruction in areas of literacy, math, computers, workplace skills, GED classes, GED testing and upgrade skills for transition to high school for adult students.  He notes scheduling is flexible and registration and referrals are ongoing throughout the school year.


The programs at the Centre run from September to June from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday.  For information you can call 204-687-3223 or visit them on the lower level of the Co-op Mall on Main.


It Was Another Successful Year For The Arts Council.

The Flin Flon Arts Council held their annual general meeting last night.  Board President Linda Eryou reported despite the pandemic they had a busy and productive year noting while some of their traditional performances and activities were no longer possible they used technology to undertake new challenges and broaden their geographical reach.  She mentioned the beginning of their Street Corner Concert series in the summer of 2020 and other summer music performances, Artists in the Wild as well as a Pint Sized Market in Pioneer Square.  They participated in several small Main Street revitalization projects including installation of Hillary McDonald’s Birchbark Biting Art in the front window of the library, held a more limited version of Culture Days 2020 with some events held virtually, held their annual Arts and Crafts Sale and Christmas concert virtually, opened the Uptown Emporium in both its Main Street and online shop, continue to support the Pineroot Music Festival with two locally crafted murals being completed so far, initiated a community garden at Rotary Park and supported a successful 2021 Blueberry Jam Music Gathering as well as supporting the re-opening of the Northern Lights Dance Academy. Planning for 2021 Culture Days is in the works. They are also working with University College of the North towards their goal of being the site of the North Central Canada Centre for Arts and Environment.

Prince Albert Police are Asking For Your Help in Locating Justine Sewap.

Sewap currently has several outstanding criminal code warrants for her arrest including two counts of assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, two counts of fail to comply with release condition and breach of probation.


  Justine Sewap is described as 30 years old, 5 feet two inches tall and approximately 120 pounds.  A picture can be found attached to this story at www.flinflononline.com.


She is known to frequent Prince Albert but has also been recently seen in the communities of Creighton and Flin Flon.  Anyone with information regarding the location of Justine Sewap is asked to contact the Prince Albert Police Service at 306-953 or 306-953-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-800-222-8477.

Isolation Times Will Be Shorter and Vaccines are Coming to Schools in Manitoba.

Manitoba Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin has announced self isolation or quarantine for close contacts of COVID-19 will be reduced to 10 days from 14. He says the evidence supports the shortening of the self isolation period to allow people to get back to school and work a bit sooner and it’s not a significant increase in risk but of course just like any intervention it’s a small risk for that but a very low risk.


As well COVID-19 immunizations will be starting next week for young people at school based clinics during school hours starting with low immunization areas with local health regions working with schools to set up schedules.


Public health reported 41 new cases of COVID-19 today with 21 in Southern Health and 12 in Winnipeg with single digits in other regions including two in Northern health.  There are seven active cases in the Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon district.


Remember the COVID-19 Slogan Be Kind to Each Other.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Co-President Dianne Russell says local businesses and restaurants are concerned about some reactions when people are asked to follow COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine proof requests.  She explained our local businesses and specifically restaurants have been working hard to always comply with COVID rules set out by the government and the Chamber would like to thank the community for supporting and eating at these establishments.  She adds it’s not easy for anyone when there are requirements like proof of vaccination so the Chamber continues to encourage supporting our local restaurants while showing patience with these government mandated requirements.  She notes one of their slogans is “Chamber Loves Local” and we encourage everyone to do the same.


Complete details on the province’s public health orders can be found at www.manitoba.ca/covid19.


You Can Support Creighton Community School With a Cookie.

Tim Hortons in Creighton is joining others across the country in their 25th annual Smile Cookie Campaign this week.  It raises money for 625 local charities, hospitals, food banks, community programs and schools across Canada.  All this week Tim Hortons guests will be able to purchase signature chocolate chunk Smile Cookies decorated with blue eyes and a pink smile for a dollar plus applicable taxes and the full dollar will be donated by Tim Hortons restaurant owners.


Money raised at the Creighton Tim Hortons location today through Sunday will be donated to Creighton Community School.


Tim Hortons reports the campaign is led by restaurant owners across Canada and is one of many initiatives that allows them to give back to the communities in which they live and work.  Smile Cookie has raised over 65 million dollars across North America since 1996 and last year alone raised a record 10.56 million dollars.

Meits Residents of Manitoba Can Win Prizes by Voting.

The Manitoba Metis Federation is encouraging voter participation through draws for prizes.  Any Manitoba Metis Federation or Red River Metis Nation Citizen or individual able to demonstrate they are eligible to become a Citizen who takes a picture outside of a polling station and tags the MMF will have their name put into draws to win PS5 consoles or the grand prize a new Chevy Spark.  Those Citizens who help bring other individuals to their correct polling station will also be eligible to win one of five 50 inch flat screen televisions.


President David Chartrand says since spring they have conducted a survey of their citizens to understand their priorities which have been shared by the federal parties and the responses are on their website www.mmf.mb.ca along with the priorities document.  He adds their goal is to ensure the Red River Metis are heard and anyone campaigning to lead this country understands they must address their needs and priorities. He says if we don’t vote and don’t encourage our family, friends and community to get out and vote we can’t expect that any level of government will address our concerns.


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