Local News Archives for 2018-03

There are Fun Camps for Your Children Again This Summer.



Simon House Bible Camp is taking registrations for their summer camps.  Director Darrell Janzen says they have camps and fun activities planned all summer. He says as usual they have lots of lake front activities there, stand up pedal boards, canoes, kayaks and all those things and recently they introduced slack lining and as usual a lot of fun games for large groups. He notes they start at 6 with a three day camp for 6 to 8 year olds and then 8 to 17 are all week long programs.


Janzen adds their discount early bird registration deadline is April 30th with regular registrations continuing after that.  They have financial assistance through the Sunshine Fund for those who need it so all children have a chance to attend camp.  They will also be at the Leisure Show in the Creighton Sportex April 26th to 28th.  For information or to register visit their website www.simonhouse.ca or call 204-687-3340.

Artists Still Have Time to Enter a Northern Art Show.


The 42nd Northern Juried Art Show is being held in Thompson this year from May 18th to 20th.  The Committee has advised they are extending the entry date from April 1st to April 15th to allow artists additional time to submit their paper work.  The artwork drop off date remains April 20th.


Categories in the show include painting, watercolor, drawing and print making, fibre art, crafts, photography, sculpture, and this year’s special award category is Tribute to Music which includes all art forms.


In Flin Flon entry forms are available at the Norva Centre at 177 Green Street.  They are also the drop off point for art works entered in the show.


The New Emergency Department Will Soon be in Operation.

CEO Helga Bryant and Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey


  Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Tuesday the Flin Flon General Hospital Emergency Department expansion is close to completion.  She says they hope for a grand opening in late June or early July.  She says the community contribution to the project continues to grow.  She explained their discussions with Manitoba Health have yielded pretty good results in terms of in kind credits around Saskatchewan residents and First Nations residents that they serve and that has all helped significantly in bringing down the community contribution and they have only 620 thousand left to raise of the 2.2 million so they’re really pleased with that and they still have one or two significant asks to make so they’re hoping that they can meet that target.


Bryant adds they have applied for additional operating dollars to increase staff in nursing, admitting and security in the new Emergency Department with no change in the current staffing by physicians from Winnipeg which is working well.


A Fund Raiser Will Support Northern Patients.


Ann Ross and Doug McGregor are hosting a fund raising concert April 7th to support A Port in the Storm.  That is a place to stay for patients from rural and northern Manitoba requiring long term medical treatment in Winnipeg.  Ross says they have a great line up of entertainment including Syd Tippett, Jake, Freida and Meaghan Reimer, Mary Lou Spooner, Harold Romo, Colin Davis, Ron Burwash, Murray McDonald, John Taylor and Holly Freeborn with Lyle Wallaker.


The concert takes place at Johnny’s Social Club Saturday April 7th at 7:30.  Tickets are ten dollars and you can reserve a seat by emailing rossann53@hotmail.com.

There is Help Available if You Are Living With an Ongoing Health Condition.


  A Get Better Together program will be available in Flin Flon starting on April 9th.  Regional Community Health Developer Christa McIntyre says it’s a free interactive group program and is a six session program designed for individuals living with any type of ongoing health issues.  She says in the six weeks individuals can build confidence to better manage their illness through group support and discussions on a wide variety of topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, managing pain and fatigue, action planning and much more.


The Get Better Together program will run from April 9th to May 14th. For information or to register you can call Christa at 204-681-3145.

The Northern Health Region is Working on Ideas to Make Doctors More Available.

 CEO Helga Bryant and Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey


Northern Health Region CEO Helga Bryant told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday they are limited in recruiting doctors by provincial funding and the fact doctors want to live in larger urban centers.  She says they are working with a group from Winnipeg who are willing to come here part time which has worked well in the emergency room.  She says we know this is what the new graduates from the University of Manitoba want, they want to work part time in the north in a very diverse practice but they want to live in Winnipeg and they want to do some of their practice in Winnipeg and that’s a benefit to us because they develop relationships down there and they’re working in the hospitals and clinics in Winnipeg so when they come here they bring those skills, they bring those competencies and they bring those relationships which they have with specialists in Winnipeg and that is a good thing.


  Bryant says they are also working on a team approach to health care where physicians only see the patients they need to see making use of the other service providers on their team freeing up physicians to see more patients in need of their attention.

Grant Money is Coming to Creighton.


 More than 800 groups and organizations in Saskatchewan are benefiting from more than two million dollars in charitable gaming grants.  They come from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.  Through these grants the Creighton Community Center will receive 2486 dollars.


These quarterly grants are based on a percentage of the net revenues raised through licenced charitable gaming activities such as bingos, raffles, break open tickets and other events.  The grants are automatically calculated and paid by the Authority using the charitable gaming reports submitted by the groups.


The Health Minister has been Invited to Visit Flin Flon.



 In the Manitoba Legislature Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey again raised concerns about the shortage of health care professionals in the Flin Flon Snow Lake area.  He tabled a letter he sent to the Minster of Health on February 20th with no reply so again invited him in a statement in the Legislature.  He asked the Minister to come to Flin Flon on April 13th to listen to people from the communities, to take positive action to provide access to medical care people need, be it doctors in clinics, aides in seniors homes or support for workers for the disabled.  He stated we need them to stop just looking north and start acting immediately to create solutions to our health care professional shortage in the north.


Lindsey adds the Northern Health Region has said they’re only following the government’s austerity expectations.

The New Manitoba Hydro Board is Being Criticized for Lacking Northern Representation.



The Wilderness Committees Eric Reder says a complete lack of representation from Northern Manitoba and Indigenous Communities directly affected by much of the companies work means the new board announced Friday will put economics and business over environment and community.  He explains the operations of Manitoba Hydro affect the people living in the north to a greater proportion in their daily lives than it affects people in the south and we have a large impact to communities in the north historically and going forward  he says Manitoba Hydro is an essential component of us getting a handle on our climate chaos and lowering fossil fuel use but it has to be done right and in a just way for northern communities.


Reder adds with the immense destruction to the environment and way of life of the Indigenous people that call the territory home it is concerning that the committee seems to be predominantly urban and business oriented.


A Woman Who Grew Up in Cumberland House is now a Judge in La Ronge.


  Saskatchewan Attorney General Don Morgan has announced the appointment of Mary McAuley as a judge to the Provincial Court in La Ronge.  Morgan explains Judge McAuley was raised in Cumberland House in northern Saskatchewan and is one of the only fluently Cree speaking Metis female lawyers in the province adding her ability to use her first language of Cree and cultural understandings in working and communicating with Cree speaking citizens in the justice system will be an asset in helping them navigate the court process.  She practiced law with McAuley Law Firm since 2012 which she started on her own in Prince Albert.


Our Member of Parliament Calls the Recent Federal Budget Disappointing.


With debate on the budget taking place in Parliament last week Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says Canadians deserve better. 


Ashton says the budget did not deal with the housing crisis in the north, did not invest in the health and education needs in our province, did not go after tax havens that rob our social services of well needed funds and did not commit to a national day care program and investing in pay equity.  She adds instead we see half measures on childcare and on clean drinking water on First Nations. She says hiding under the veneer of progressive language is more of the same old policies we’ve seen from successive Liberal and Conservative governments.

A Local Couple Will be Recognized for their Dedication to the Local Food Bank.



Winnipeg Harvest has nominated Dennis and Carol Hydamaka for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Community Leadership Award as part of the Volunteer Manitoba Awards.  They state the award is for their inspirational courage and dedication to helping those less privileged in their northern community. The Hydamaka’s have led the Lords Bounty Bank for over 25 years from its start in a church basement in October 1991, in a move to the back of Burkee’s Sports Lounge after fire damaged their Hapnot Street location and now into the former St Mary’s Church on Hiawatha Avenue.  Dennis says they were quite astonished at the award adding that they were really surprised but as far as they’re concerned it’s really a community award because if it wasn’t for the tremendous support from the community as a whole they would not be in existence.


The Hydamakas will be presented with their award on April 19th at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Center in Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan Ice Fishing Shelters Have to go This Month.


The Ministry of the Environment reminds you that ice fishing closes in northern Saskatchewan on April 15th.  That means all fishing shelters in areas north of highway 16 must be removed by next Saturday, March 31st.  They note each spring a number of ice fishing shelters are abandoned on the ice and these can pose a danger to boaters enjoying the summer lakes as well as causing environmental hazards when pieces wash up on shore.  All litter must also be removed when the shelters are taken off the ice.


If shelters are not removed owners may be prosecuted and the structure and contents may be removed and confiscated.  They also warn anyone traveling on the ice should take extreme caution and watch for indicators of unsafe conditions such as slush, thermal cracks and pressure ridges.

The Future of the Port of Churchill Will Be discussed in The Pas Next Month.


 At Tuesday nights Flin Flon City Council meeting it was reported Councilors Karen MacKinnon and Ken Pawlachuk will attend the Hudson Bay Route Association annual meeting April 4th and 5th in The Pas.  MacKinnon noted the Association strongly supports the Port of Churchill and will discuss the future of the Port, the rail line and the interest by northern groups in taking them over and they feel there needs to be support from all regional communities and municipalities to assure the Port’s long term survival.


Mayor Huntley reported two workshops on the Look North Project were held at the Victoria Inn on Tuesday.  He said they were well attended by local people as well as a diverse group of people invited by the government.  He says they were given an opportunity to tour and learn more about our community followed by a pickerel supper resulting in a very positive day.


There are Free Spring Break Activities to Keep Kids Busy Next Week.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation and the Community In Motion Committee have spring break physical activities planned for next week.  Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey invites you out to some free events.  She says they have Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:45 to 3:45 at the Whitney Forum a free skate for families and kids for anybody who wants to take part in an afternoon to get out and get some skating done and then Thursday they have an In Motion sponsored free swim at the Flin Flon Aqua Center from 1 to 3 pm.


If you need more information on these events you can call the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542.

The Importance of Poetry Was Highlighted at the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Tuesday.


 In recognition of World Poetry Day March 21st and National Poetry Month in April Harry Hobbs from the Flin Flon Writers Guild read a poem by Glenda Walker Hobbs called Snapshots. The poem takes you along the road through the Tourist Park to the Rotary Wheel building. Hobbs explained the poem is taken from a book put out by the Writers Guild with contributions by a number of local poets called Words on the Rocks.  He says it shows the amazing number of talented writers we have in this community.  Later in the meeting Mayor Cal Huntley read a proclamation officially recognizing World Poetry Day and National Poetry Month.


As well Council will meet with the Flin Flon School Board in late April.  One of the topics mentioned that could be discussed was with declining enrollments would the Board ever consider lobbying the government about closing a school.

They May be Out of School but They Can Keep Busy.


  With spring break next week a lot of morning and afternoon activities are taking place for kids at the Norva Centre.  On Monday they have Crumpled Dye in the morning and Painting With Knives in the afternoon, Tuesday Marbled Paper in the morning and Needle Felting in the afternoon, Wednesday Marionettes in the morning and Ukrainian Easter Eggs in the afternoon, Thursday Draw Squad in the morning and Clay Coil Building in the afternoon and Friday Easy Origami in the morning and Advanced Origami in the afternoon. As a bonus a Ukrainian Easter Egg Party will also be held for adults Thursday night at 7 at the Norva Centre.


For more information on these activities, registration and costs you can see their poster online at www.norvacentre.com or drop in at 177 Green Street or call them at 204-687-4237.

More Positive Results for a Drill Program Near Snow Lake.



Far Resources reports they have discovered an eighth lithium bearing pegmatite dyke on their Zoro Property near Snow Lake.  This discovery comes as they wrap up their 19 hole winter drill program.


Their Interim CEO Toby Mayo says the additional lithium bearing dykes are extremely encouraging and once they receive more assay data further drilling will be planned.  He adds they have been using approaches that allowed them to track and discover additional lithium resources on the property during this most recent successful program and the presence of this previously unknown dyke shows the potential for further discovery on the Zoro property.


Easter Celebrations are Coming to the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library is holding an Easter party next Wednesday.  Administrator Courtney Campbell invites you to register your children 4 and over and they’re going to have stories, crafts and snacks like they always do for the kids.  It’s on Wednesday, March 28th from 4:30 to 6 and you do have to pre-register.  She adds they do have all 30 spots filled but they are taking a waiting list right now.


All children must be accompanied by an adult.  You can register your child for the Easter party by calling the Library at 204-687-3397.

Women Will Get Together at the Womens Resource Centre Thursday Afternoons.



The Womens Resource Centre will be holding Crafternoons starting tomorrow.  The Centre’s Carmen Fisher says it offers crafts and more.  She explains Crafternoons is a fun afternoon for women to get them out of the house. She says it will be held every Thursday from 1:30 to 3:30 upstairs at the Womens Resource Centre.


To register for Crafternoons you can call Carmen at the Centre at 204-681-3105.


The Doctor Shortage Was Discussed at Last Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


  Council received a letter from Teli Karamydas regarding city plans to help the Northern Health Region deal with the doctor shortage. Mayor Cal Huntley who is also a member of the Health Region Board said the Board is looking for new solutions.  He says they’re obviously still in the recruitment mode.  He explains they’ve hit a point in the cycle where there’s a shortage of doctors right now but they have agreed that they need to look at a new approach and they’re investigating different venues that will maybe take them out of the norm but provide the kind of coverage that they’re looking for at the end of the day. Huntley adds they’re just starting this journey but they understand it’s very important and it’s a top priority for them and the City will be working with the RHA on it as well.


Huntley say one idea suggested until a permanent solution can be found is to have doctors with a practice in Winnipeg come up on a regular rotation so people know they can see the same doctor again on a future visit.  He says we have a 25 million dollar expansion to our hospital so they are working to make sure we have the doctors to make it work


Manitoba Outfitters are Asking The Province for a Carbon Tax Exemption.


The Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Associations Executive Director Paul Turenne says the carbon tax announced in the provincial budget will substantially increase operating costs for our provinces lodges and outfitters.  He says it’s a significant impact on their industry as they’re heavy consumers of fuel, they buy fuel by the barrel.  He explains they run diesel generators, boats, airplanes, quads and everything they run takes fossil fuel, adding as you know living in northern Manitoba there’s not a bunch of electric boats or alternative means of producing power or this kind of thing that they have access to so basically it’s just going to cost more to do business.


Turenne noted other industrial users of fuel such as commercial fishing, agriculture, mining and forestry are being exempted from the carbon tax and he believes the outdoor tourism industry should be exempt as well pointing out their contribution to Manitoba’s rural and northern economy, especially considering their proximity to exempt industries like commercial fishing and forestry


It Was A Successful Afternoon on the Ice.


The annual Frontier Collegiate Recreation and Junior Council Fishing Derby was held on Neso Lake on number ten highway Sunday afternoon.  The Collegiate’s Vince Gamblin reports first place went to Seamus Galanneu receiving 1000 dollars for a 43 inch northern pike, second to Shauna Vanos 500 dollars for a 39 and a half inch pike and third Debbie Pwedder an Eskimo Ice Auger for a 25 inch pike.  All are from Flin Flon.


Gamblin adds they sold 125 tickets for the Derby and raised just over two thousand dollars to be used for programs for the students at the Collegiate in Cranberry Portage.


Creighton RCMP are Looking for a Wanted Denare Beach Man.

Trenton Laliberty


Just after noon on Saturday Creighton RCMP received a report of an assault at a residence in Denare Beach.  A man had been injured inside the residence and was transported to hospital with serious injuries.  A black 2013 Ford F-150 Supercab with Saskatchewan licence 868 JPH and two firearms were also reported missing from the residence.  Investigators do not believe this was a random incident.  A man and two youth have been charged.


21 year old Trenton Laliberty of Denare Beach has been charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a firearm while prohibited, theft under 5 thousand dollars and failing to comply with probation. A 14 and a 15 year old male also face several charges.


A warrant has been issued for Laliberty’s arrest.  He is described as six feet tall, weighing 200 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair.  He has the word LIVE across his right knuckles, the word LIFE across his left knuckles and a cross on his right wrist.


The RCMP ask you not to approach the vehicle or the individuals as they are possibly armed and considered dangerous.  Anyone with information can contact Creighton RCMP at 306-688-8888 or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers.


Pressure Continues to be put on the Provincial Government Over Health Care.


  In the Legislature last week Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey spoke on the shortage of doctors in the north but also noted the shortage of other health care professionals.  He says beyond doctors northern communities are also suffering from low numbers of health care and home care aides which means seniors homes are unable to provide the necessary services and northerners living with disabilities are without the essential supports that they require.  He adds no matter where one lives the ability to access a doctor is essential and we cannot let Manitobans in the north suffer without the care the need, we cannot let the elders of our community live without the assistance they deserve and we cannot let those living with disabilities fail to received the service they require.


At that point Lindsey started to mention a letter he sent to the Minister but his time ran out and the PC members denied him leave to continue.

You Still Have Time to Get One of the Best Fishing Holes.


The Flin Flon Rotary Club is holding their fourth annual Flinty Fishing Derby at Bakers Narrows April 8th.  The committee’s Glen Smith says you have until midnight Wednesday to get your early bird tickets.  He explains all tickets are 100 dollars whether you are going to get them just as you go on the ice the day of the derby or if you get them before Wednesday.  He says the advantage of before Wednesday is the early birds are released three quarters of an hour before all the other fishermen and that means they can go find any hole that they would like if they think they’ve got a hot spot or a place they like there for the same price as a regular ticket so if they get it early they can go to their hole, prepare and get all their gear out three quarters of an hour before everybody else.


Tickets are 100 dollars at KleenAll in Flin Flon or online at www.flintyfishderby.com with the derby offering over thirty prizes totaling 100 thousand dollars with combination prizes for those who enter this derby and the Bill Bannock derby in The Pas on April 7th.


Saskatchewan is the Second Most Attractive Jurisdiction for Mining Investment.


 Saskatchewan follows Finland on the list of jurisdictions attractive for mining investment worldwide. This is according to the latest Annual Survey of Mining Companies released by the Fraser Institute which describes itself as an independent, non-partisan, Canadian public policy think tank.


Their Senior Director for energy and natural resource studies Kenneth Green says rich mineral reserves, competitive taxes, efficient permitting procedures and certainty around environmental regulations will still attract significant investment even with slumping commodity prices.


Last year Manitoba was second on the list but fell to 18th worldwide and 6th in Canada.  The Institute says that’s because survey respondents expressed increased concern over political instability, taxation and uncertainty around disputed land claims and protected areas.


Green adds capital is fluid and one province’s loss can be another province’s gain because mining investors will flock to jurisdictions that have attractive policies.


Students Presented the History of Their Favorite Topics.



The fifth annual Flin Flon School Division Heritage Fair was held at Ecole McIsaac School yesterday.  One of the organizers Susanne Westhaver says they had good participation from both McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools. She says the Fair this year was probably the best it’s ever been, the quality of the projects was just outstanding and they had 85 projects with 115 kids participating.  She notes their top winners in no particular order were Addie Neil with her Canada Currency project, Keelin Collins and Jarek Osika with James Webb’s Space Telescope and Joel Williams with My Family in World War Two.


Around twelve to fourteen of the local projects will be going on to the Red River Heritage Fair being held in Winnipeg on May 3rd.

The Results are In.


From March 1st to 10th the Town of Creighton and Creighton Community School were part of the Go Out and Play Challenge powered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says Creighton came in 23rd out of 25 with 10,267 minutes logged in for their ten days of physical activity so they would like to thank everybody for logging in and submitting your minutes and they will try again next year.


The top prize of 10 thousand dollars in the challenge went to Kenaston, Saskatchewan with 419,764 activity minutes logged in.

You Could Enjoy the Boardwalk in Spite of the Heavy Snow this Winter.



  The Flin Flon Ski Club is again using their trail groomer to make the Flinty Boardwalk accessible this winter.  The Club’s Dave Price says they changed the trail slightly this winter with complications early in the season when we got the heavy snow and drifting and the section along Stittco is so drifted in that they opted to bypass that section so they’ve been grooming the section north from Stittco and there’s been a lot of pedestrian traffic along there and they’ve done eleven passes so far this season.


Price adds this is the fifth year they have done this with funding from the Flin Flon Lions Club.  He says the Boardwalk has again been well used this winter noting on a few occasions someone has been out with their machine doing some grooming as well so he thanks them for their help.

Frontier Collegiate in Cranberry Portage is Looking for Your Support During Their Fishing Derby.


The annual FCI Recreation and Junior Council Fishing Derby is being held Sunday afternoon on Neso Lake.  One of the organizers Vince Gamblin says they have a good line up of prizes.  He says tickets are 20 dollars and you’re allowed two tickets if you want and its a thousand dollars for first prize, 500 dollars for second prize and an Eskimo auger for third. He explains there’s also going to be a 50-50 draw there with a canteen of hamburgers, hot dog and chili and bannock and there’ll also be some door prizes being given out throughout the derby.


Gamblin adds they are raising funds for programs for students at the Collegiate. The derby runs from 12 to 3 Sunday afternoon on Neso Lake on number ten highway just before the Sherridon turnoff.


A Report Will Come Out in May on Special Education Programs.


On Tuesday evening the Flin Flon School Board held their regular meeting to discuss past, current and future school related issues. Assistant Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne reported on the special education review by the Ministry of Education last week. The Division’s programs were reviewed and checked to assure the correct protocol procedures are being followed.  While the group was here they visited the hockey academy and the adopt a swim programs.  They are to return in May with their report and any suggestions for improvement.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported on the final Manitoba Education Research Network meeting last Friday at the UCN campus in The Pas.  McLeese was one of the keynote speakers at the event and said she was incredibly proud of the presentations from the Flin Flon School Division team.


A Group of Children will Demonstrate What They Have Learned About Theatre.



The Flin Flon Arts Council offered a theatre program for children 8 to 14 years old over the past three months.  Organizer Susan Gunn says Sunday night the children will demonstrate what they have learned.  She explains what’s going to be interesting is the kids have done their own writing which is something they were very interested in in class.  She adds they’re going to be presenting some sections of larger works that they’re working on so they’re going to be little themes taken out of larger things and the kids have written them themselves, they have come up with their costumes, they have put a lot of work into it and want to showcase different things that they talked about.


The presentation will take place Sunday night at 7 in the Hapnot Collegiate theatre.  It is free and open to anyone interested, the families of the children and those who want to find out more if their children may be interested in joining if they do it again next year.


Students Will Share Their Knowledge of History.


The 5th annual Flin Flon School Division Heritage Fair is taking place tomorrow at McIsaac School. One of the organizers Susanne Westhaver says students from Ruth Betts and McIsaac Schools develop projects on something that interests them about Manitoba history.  She says they have 115 students with 85 projects and the Fair runs throughout the day. She explains the students get to present their projects in one of four sessions and they’ll spend the remainder of the day doing mini-courses so they get to choose three other courses to do throughout the day.


Westhaver adds public viewing will be from 4 to 5:15 and the awards will be presented at 5:15.


The top 12 to 14 local projects go on to the Red River Heritage Fair held in Winnipeg on May 3rd.

Community Input is an Important Part of Crime Reduction.



RCMP Sergeant Mark Svaren spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday on property crime. He noted they’ve had around a 19 percent reduction since 2015 and part of that is simply a method they’ve used to deal with some of their habitual offenders.  He says he doesn’t think it comes as any surprise to anyone in the room that it’s a very small number of people that are committing the vast majority of offences especially property offences and if they can kind of get a leg up on that small group of individuals the numbers make a dramatic downturn.


Svaren says increased patrols have reduced crime in residential areas and they’ll also increase their visibility in the business area.  He adds they also deal with calls about intoxicated people on Main Street but under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act they can only hold them until sober and release them.


Svaren concluded by noting there are no calls too small to report with the community being additional eyes and ears for the detachment adding they have a local dispatch number 204-687-1422 along with 911.


The Budget Does Nothing For the North.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey says the Manitoba budget is going to make life harder for Manitobans particularly with the way that they’re introducing the carbon tax.  The big committers will get exemptions but you and I will pay more for gas for driving our cars, we’ll pay more for propane and diesel so all of that will end up costing us more and while in the budget he talks about raising the personal exemption limit that generally helps higher income people more than lower income people so the people at the bottom who need help the most will get the least.


Lindsey adds the cuts continue noting all you have to do is look at health care in Flin Flon.  He says they are waiting for more details on the items in the budget adding it talks about tourism, Look North and mining but there were no specifics on what they are planning to do.

Local Actors will Hit The Stage This Weekend.


The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is presenting their spring production Friday and Saturday nights. Director Sheri Pearson says they will perform the play Regrets Only.  She explains you’re going to see a play about marriage, friendship and love.  She says the patriarch of the family is working on an amendment to ban gay marriage and the antics start from there and it’s a hilarious play so people are going to enjoy it.


Regrets Only will be performed Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


The Story of an Actress and Inventor Will Be Featured Thursday night.



As part of the Films Up North Series the Central Canada Film Group is presenting the movie Bombshell Thursday night.  The group’s Tom Heine says it’s the Hedy Lamarr story.  He says she was a very well known actress back in the 40’s, one of the most beautiful women in the world at the time but a lot of people look at the eye candy but she was also a very smart person and inventor and at least in some of the technology we enjoy today the roots can be taken back to the ideas she came up with.


Bombshell will be shown Thursday night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Because this is a Toronto International Film Festival film admission will be ten dollars.


The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls will be in Thompson next week.


Michèle Audette, one of the Inquiry’s commissioners, explains they want to hear from families that want to share the story of their loved one, how the system responded to them when they made the 911 call or they say my daughter is missing, or there’s no news from my mom or talk about how their loved one was taken away, families of survivors who want to share their truth about the family violence they went through or institutional violence.  She adds it’s very broad and they’re very sensitive, they’re not forcing people to say yes you can or you will, it’s the people, it’s their moment, it’s their time and they’re making themselves available to honour their stories.

Audette says they are going to Thompson as there have been many requests for a northern hearing, and that Thompson was selected as the most accessible location for the greatest number of families.


You Could Win a Book by Reading a Book.


The Flin Flon Public Library is holding a Canada Reads Contest this month.  Library Administrator Courtney Campbell explains they have a selection of the Canada Reads long list and short list at the front of the library and that’s for the CBC Canada Reads program which closes March 29th.  She says all you have to do to enter the draw is take out one of the books from the short list or the long list and enter your name to win and you could win a copy of the book Precious Cargo.

The contest runs at the Library until March 30th.

Paramedics Will Soon be Trained in the North.



A new Primary Care Paramedic Certificate program is being introduced at University College of the North in The Pas.  The new 16 seat program will provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and practical work placement training to prepare them to be employed as primary care paramedics.  The students will have the skills to recognize the nature and extent of a patient’s condition to assess requirements for emergency medical care, administer appropriate medical care, safely secure and transport patients and provide therapeutic interventions.


The Northern Health Region has seen demand for primary care paramedics increase in recent years and their CEO Helga Bryant says having them trained in the north will benefit us as a region while creating educational opportunities for residents close to home.  The new program is expected to begin accepting applications in September.


A Local Wrestler Received Praise in the Manitoba Legislature.

Carson and Hunter Lee


  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey spoke in the Legislature about Hapnot grade eleven student Carson Lee and his impressive achievements in the sport of wrestling.  He explains in 2017 he won a provincial gold, a national gold and a spot on Team Canada, a Canada Games silver medal, a Pan American silver medal in Argentina and the opportunity to participate in the 2017 World Championships in Athens, Greece.  He adds on March 16th and 17th this year Carson is going to compete in the Junior Nationals in Montreal noting despite Juniors being a 21 and under event and Carson only being 16 years old his incredible talent, athleticism and work ethic will make him a challenging opponent for any wrestler attending.


Lindsey congratulated Carson on an amazing year and wished him well in upcoming competitions as well as for his future as an athlete and role model for all young people.

Food Plays a Number of Roles in Your Life.


March is Nutrition Month.  Community Dietician Joanna Ledoux says dieticians will help you realize the potential of food.  She explains this year’s theme is Unlock the Potential of Food where dieticians are educating people on the potential of food to fuel our bodies in terms of sports, to discover the joy of cooking through food with our kids and to prevent chronic diseases and also to heal what ails us.  She adds they also like to talk about how food brings us together through shared experiences with family and friends.


For more information on proper nutrition you can call Joanna at 204-681-3149.

There are Innovative Solutions Happening in Our Region.


Our Member of Parliament Niki Ashton reports as she travels our region one thing is clear and that is despite all the challenges many communities face there are also many innovative initiatives that are making a difference.  One of these initiatives she explains is in the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation where she was inspired by a new initiative headed up by their Atoskiwin Training and Education Centre.  She say young people are becoming apprentices by building much needed housing in their community and they shared how proud they were of the work they were doing and the opportunity to become red seal carpenters while doing it.


In Fisher River she met with the Chief and Council where they discussed their many initiatives including a ground breaking solar farm that will be built this summer.


Ashton says many of these projects are being developed with limited support from other levels of government and her message to the federal government is if you want innovative solutions you can look at many of the things that are happening in our region and she is asking the federal government to become a true partner so that communities in our region can do even more.


Time is Running Out to Log In and Help Creighton Win.



The Town of Creighton and Creighton Community School continue to ask you to be part of the Go Out and Play Challenge powered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says with only today and tomorrow left Creighton is in 22nd place with 9685 minutes as of this morning so they have until Saturday at 11:59 pm to compete the challenge.  She is asking people to log in with their minutes for anything that they have done indoors or out, it could be active play, shoveling snow, building a snowman, going for a walk, anything where you are creating physical activity.


You can log in to their website to register and record your minutes daily and for more information at www.challenge.saskatchewaninmotion.ca.  Senyk adds your support will help them win ten thousand dollars that will go towards benches and recycling containers along with disc golf in Creighton School’s playground area.

It is Festival Time in Snow Lake.


 The 29th annual Snow Lake Winter Whoot Festival runs tomorrow through Sunday.  One of the organizers Kim Stephen says they will have their usual events from past years for the whole family to enjoy.  She explains this year they have the Funky Ducks coming from Winnipeg for their entertainment on Saturday night along with their supper noting they’ve changed a little bit as they’re going to have the entertainment earlier in the day instead of the evening so the littler kids can stay longer. She says they have their adult road hockey taking place with all the money that comes in from that going to the Gogal children for the fund they’ve started raising for them and they have the ice worm hunt and scavenger hunt.


Stephen adds they are already planning some new events for next year which will be their 30th festival.  For information on the festival events you can call 204-358-9743.

A Winter Drill Program is Underway Near Flin Flon.


Callinex Mines has started its 2018 winter drilling program at the Big Island and Flin Flon Projects within the Flin Flon Mining District.  The campaign is anticipated to consist of two drill holes totaling approximately 12 hundred meters to efficiently test two targets with significant potential upside.


Drilling at the Big Island Project will test a high priority borehole pulse electromagnetic target located down plunge from the Tara Lake Deposit which they describe as one of the highest grade zinc rich VMS discoveries ever made within the Flin Fon Mining District.  They report this large target is highly conductive and also has a magnetic association that suggests the target is likely caused by massive sulphides.


Additionally the Company will test its Hook Lake Target at its Flin Flon project that has been identified by multiple electromagnetic surveys located near Hudbay’s Triple Seven Mine and mill in Flin Flon.  The target lies along a boundary between claims owned by Callinex and claims that have been optioned.

Water Problems Were Part of Tuesday Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


Council received a copy of a letter from Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey to Families Minister Scott Fielding.  It points out an ongoing problem of flooding in the basements of some units at the Aspen Grove apartments dating back to at least 2013.   Lindsey notes some work has been done to rectify the situation but it’s still an ongoing concern and asked for the Minister’s assistance in resolving the issue in conjunction with the City of Flin Flon.  The letter was received as information but Councilor Bill Hanson said Lindsey should be advised that in 2013 Manitoba Housing was given a plan on how to deal with the problem and they did nothing.


Council committed to a plan mandated by the provincial government under the Accessibility For Manitobans Act to identify, remove and prevent barriers in key areas of daily living for people with disabilities.  Councilor Karen MacKinnon and Mayor Cal Huntley pointed out they agree with the plan but don’t agree with the costs involved to comply with the act being placed on the city.


City Council Has Some Issues to Raise With a Provincial Lobby Group.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council agreed to take a resolution to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual meeting.  It asks them to lobby the government on reimbursing costs incurred by the local Fire Department when called out to a vehicle accident on the highway.  Councilor Bill Hanson explained when the Jaws of Life and the rescue truck are called out Manitoba Public Insurance reimburses the cost involved at a flat rate no matter what the cost and Council would like to see actual costs covered.


Council will also encourage the AMM to continue to lobby the government to allow municipalities to introduce a base tax so all taxpayers in the community pay their fair share of local taxes.  Mayor Cal Huntley says the resolution has already been passed at an AMM meeting and all communities in the province support a base tax but the government won’t move to allow them to make use of it.


And Council accepted the Fire Chiefs report for February indicating six incidents during the month.

A New Group for Young People Interested in The Arts is Underway in Flin Flon.


The Flin Flon Arts Council has helped spearhead a Youth Arts Council in our community.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says they realized a lot of young people are involved in the arts so they wanted to give them an opportunity to do what they want to do and the Manitoba Arts Network offered seed money to get started with a performing arts group coming to the community to both work with youth and to give a performance.  She says this is their first year and there’s a group of amazing artists including Mikylo Odut who everybody knows as the flutist, Pearl Tippett, Naomi Rempel and Lalain Bashir who have spearheaded this group.


Kolt adds the group is bringing in Speed Control from Yellowknife to work with kids who are interested in performing rock music and producing shows next Wednesday at 7 at Johnny’s Social Club and they will also have a masterclass that day at Hapnot Collegiate from 11 to 2.  For information on the youth group and the events contact the Arts Council at 204-687-5974.


A Healing Program Begins on Friday.



The Womens Resource Center is offering a 12 week program called the 12 Steps to Healing starting on Friday. The Center’s Brody Hooper says it will run from 6 to 7 pm upstairs at the Center.  She explains it’s a women only group and it will be in partnership with Elders Doreen Roman, Margaret Head Steppan and Barbara Johnstone.  She says its essentially just the 12 step group that they’re going to go through and it will be more like talking about addictions and stuff like that, so that kind of AA style group but it is going to also be about living after sobriety how do I maintain this kind of lifestyle.


Hooper adds at the six and 12 week mark they will be having a potluck.  You can register for the 12 Steps to Healing by calling Brody at the Women’s Resource Center at 204-681-3105.


You Can Join the Fight Against Fraud.


This month marks the 14th annual Fraud Prevention Month which is an education and awareness campaign to help you recognize, reject and report fraud. The Competition Bureau says the old saying is true that knowledge is power.  Avoiding fraud is all about knowing how to recognize the signs, reject the claims that seem to good to be true and reporting them to the authorities.


This year the Competition Bureau launches the second edition of the Little Black Book of Scams, a guide that exposes 12 of the most prevalent scams in Canada and features their six fraud fighting superheroes.


Consumers and businesses play a crucial role in the fight against fraud. By recognizing scams and reporting them you can protect yourself and assist the Bureau in stopping fraud.


For more information visit their website www.competitionbureau.gc.ca.

Thursday is a Day to Wear Black.


The Women’s Resource Center is recognizing International Women’s Day on Thursday.  The Center’s Colleen Arnold says they also want to recognize the Time’s Up Movement so they’re asking everyone to stand in solidarity with them and to wear black on March 8th to show their support.  She says Times Up is on the imbalance of power and its time to fix it so they want everybody to join them in solidarity so that all people can live free from sexual harassment and violence.


The Times Up Movement calls for no more silence, no more waiting, no more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse.

A Health Fair Will Focus on Your Heart.



A Heart Health Interactive Fair is taking place at the Flin Flon Friendship Center Thursday.  The Primary Health Care Center’s Robi-Lynn Cooper Roberts explains it’s an interactive fair where people can get their blood pressure checked, find out about heart disease, a pharmacist is coming if you have questions about your pills, a dietician will be there, it’s just to learn how to prevent heart disease.


The Heart Health Interactive Fair runs from 11 to 2 Thursday at the Flin Flon Friendship Center.

Increases and Cuts Have to Stop.


During his visit to Flin Flon last week Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont commented on the upcoming provincial budget.  Lamont says they met with the Finance Minister with the message to stop hydro rate increases that people can’t afford, make sure you spend what you’re promising and stop making cuts.  He says we can’t cut our way out of debt, we have to work out of it and that’s the real solution, we’ve got to focus on growth and growing revenues. He notes that’s true in Winnipeg, in rural Manitoba, on reserves, in northern Manitoba, you name it, we’ve got to focus on jobs, that’s the number one thing.


Lamont says he is touring the province to introduce himself to Manitobans and as we reported last wek they are collecting stories about what Manitobans are concerned about in the health care system because it doesn’t appear the government has a plan.


An Information Session is Available on Dementia.



The Primary Health Care Centre is hosting a telehealth seminar Thursday, March 15th presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. Their Program Director Norma Kirkby says this session will be on Becoming a Resilient Caregiver so they’ll be talking about strategies that one can use to stay healthy, to see possibilities to believe that the energy and effort that they’re putting in to providing care to someone is paying off for that person but at the same time how important it is for them to stay engaged in their larger world so that they will have the energy and emotional strength to continue to give care.


The session will be held at the Primary Health Care Centre from 6:30 to 8 on the 15th.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699.


You Can Share Your Views on a New Poverty Reduction Strategy.


The Manitoba government has launched an online survey as part of ongoing consultations to support the development of a new poverty reduction strategy.  Consultations began last November with a call for written submissions, workshops and lived experience conversations.  More than 230 people have shared their experiences and ideas at in person sessions in seven communities including Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson.


The survey is now available and all Manitobans are invited to respond.  The survey has been created with information collected from the recent in person consultations and will remain open until March 23rd.


For more information on how to participate in the survey or provide a written submission visit their website www.gov.mb.ca/allaboard.ca or call 204-945-3469.


You Can Support Flin Flon Talent.


Flin Flon’s two entries in the CBC Searchlight contest, Curtis Trubiak with  Raven and Jenn McLean and Mark Kolt with Thunder Never Leaves Me Alone have been accepted into the second round of voting in the contest. Only 100 contestants out of the 2070 that participated in the first round were selected for the second round.

The second round will result in 10 entries being chosen from among the 100 remaining contestants. Voting began yesterday and ends on Thursday March 8 at 2:00 p.m. As in the first round, people can vote once each day for any one entry, but can also vote for two or more contestants per day so you can consider voting for both Flin Flon contestants. You can find voting links for both of them on the Manitoba contestants page at https://www.cbcmusic.ca/searchlight/entries/1/0/9/24/ .You don’t need to be in Manitoba or from Manitoba to use this page to vote.

A New Program Could Help The Economy.


Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont was in Flin Flon Tuesday.  When asked about job losses in the mining community Lamont said we need to do more to diversify the economy.  He says there’s actually a mining fund set up to deal with issues like this and one of the things they’ve said is they’d like to set up what’s called a Manitoba Business Development Bank so you’d see some private businesses set up.  He says the other thing is there is still room for greater exploration so we have to make sure that happens as well.


 Lamont still thinks there’s a great future for mining and jobs in the north but we have to have affordable hydro rates and we’re looking at hydro increases of 60 to 70 percent over the next five to six years and the main reason for that is provincial governments keep taking 380 million dollars or more a year from Manitoba Hydro and that shouldn’t be happening.

Representatives of the Northern Health Region are on a New Council.


Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen has announced fifteen Manitobans will serve on a transitional council that will guide implementation of a college of paramedics.  Membership on the council includes emergency medical responders, primary care advanced care and fire fighter paramedics as well as public representatives.


Three people from the north will be on the Council including Brenna Eastman who is a paramedic working as a regional quality officer for the Northern Health Region from Creighton, Christine Greer an emergency medical dispatcher with the Manitoba Medical Transportation Co-ordination Centre from The Pas and Cameron Ritzer an emergency medical services regional manager with the Northern Health Region from The Pas.


The Regulated Health Professions Act will bring all regulated health professionals under one umbrella piece of legislation and sets out a new way of regulating who does what in the provision of health services based on the concept of regulating specific health procedures.

You Can Update Your Voter Registration on Your Tax Form


It is tax filing season again and Elections Canada invites all Canadian citizens filing their income taxes to check yes to share their basic information with Elections Canada.  This is the easiest way for you to make sure you are registered at the correct address on the voters list and ready to vote in the next federal election.


On your T-1 tax form you are asked whether you are a Canadian citizen and whether you will allow the Canada Revenue Agency to share your name, address, date of birth and citizenship with Elections Canada which uses this information to update the National Register of Electors, the permanent, continually updated database of Canadians eligible to vote in federal elections.  If you check yes, when the federal election begins you will receive by mail a personalized voter information card telling you when, where and ways to vote. 


For more information visit their website www.elections.ca.


There are Several Events to Help You Celebrate Womens Week.


The Womens Resource Centre is helping the community celebrate International Womens Week next week. The Centre’s Barb Hopkinson says they have five free events planned during the week with the kickoff night Monday with a musical evening at 183 Murton, Tuesday is Introduction of Fitness, Thursday is the Traditional Healing Methods with the Four Medicines and Margaret Head Steppan will be doing the workshop, Thursday is the Self Care Workshop from 7 on and Friday is an afternoon one on Bannock in a Bag and Ribbon Skirt Teaching.


All events are free but you have to register for the fitness and Traditional Healing workshops. You can find more details on locations and times on the events calendar under community at www.flinflononline.com, the Women’s Resource Centre Facebook page or call the Centre at 204-681-3105.

An Annual Family Ski Event is Coming up on Sunday.



The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their 43rd annual Val and Ivor Hedman Centaloppet Sunday afternoon.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s a community event for all ages and is just a short easy course that they ski.  He says everybody gets together on the beaver pond just below the Chalet at 2 o’clock and there are lots of prizes to win and everyone is welcome with prizes for the largest family, happy face and that sort of thing so it’s just a fun event.


Price adds they’ve had skiers taking part ranging in age from six to those in their 70’s and every skier has a chance to win the Centaloppet Cup.  He says there’s no entry fee but they would like you to register at the Chalet basement between 1 and 1:30 with the event starting at 2. He says the trails are in fantastic shape and with the nice weather they would like to break records for participation this time.


You Can Join People Around the World in Prayer.


 Flin Flons Lutheran Church is hosting a World Day of Prayer tomorrow night.  One of the organizers Linda Hettrick invites you to join them under the theme All God’s Creation is Very Good.  She explains this program was prepared by the Women’s Committee of Suriname.  She says on Friday evening women from around the world will unite in prayer adding they gather from many places but they live in one creation.  Hettrick says they remember their local environment and consider ways that might nurture and preserve creation for the next generation.  She adds it’s an opportunity to pray in solidarity for and with Suriname noting this is an interdenominational gathering co-hosted this year in Flin Flon by the Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches and Father Paul is their guest speaker.


The World Day of Prayer gets underway at 7:30 tomorrow evening at the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue joining Christians in more than 170 countries and in two thousand communities across Canada.



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