Local News Archives for 2018-11

Santa Was in Town Last Night.


The annual Santa Claus Parade of Lights was a success last night.  The nice weather and vehicles covered in lights attracted a lot of people to the parade down Main and Church Streets.  Judges decided the best entry was from Rubi’s Outdoors and they received a six hundred dollar advertising package from the main parade organizers the Reminder and 102.9 CFAR.  As the parade was lining up CFAR Manager Dianne Russell said they were pleased with the parade as they seven decorated floats.  She notes CFAR and the Reminder are the hosts of this event every year and they get some sponsorship from Hudbay and from the Main Street Committee which is a sub-committee of the Chamber of Commerce adding there was co-operation from the weatherman as they were not freezing, they didn’t have four layers on just two and hopefully the street’s full of kids.


There’s another Christmas event coming up on Main Street which is Moonlight Madness Family Night on Thursday, December 13th from 5 to 8 pm.

Our MLA Went After the Premier in the Legislature Wednesday Over Hudbay Job Losses.

MLA Tom Lindsey asked Premier Brian Pallister several times in question period if his government has a plan for the people of Flin Flon and the north. He stated we’ve seen this government make cuts to health care that affect the people of Flin Flon and maybe their plan is that soon there won’t be anybody left living in Flin Flon because 900 plus jobs may disappear in 2021. He said they’ve asked repeatedly for this government to explain what their plan is for the north and so far all they’ve said is we’re going to have a Look North plan someday adding right now people in Flin Flon need to know that this government is going to do something to help them to help their community to survive.


Pallister criticized the NDP for doing nothing while they were in power adding we are keeping our promises to the people of Flin Flon and to Manitoba of focusing on fixing our finances, on repairing our services and on rebuilding our economy and referred to their Look North Plan adding we have optimism about the north we believe the Golden Boy looks north for a good reason to which Lindsey replied the Golden Boy does look north unfortunately the Premier does not.

A Hapnot Collegiate Student Received a Special Youth Award.

As part of National Addictions Awareness Week a young person is recognized with the Healthy Youth Role Model Award.  The local Addictions Awareness Week Committee’s Marlee Milley announced this year’s winner is Hapnot Collegiate student Zander Brown at the presentation by committee members in his classroom yesterday morning.  She explained the award is presented to a local youth who lives a healthy and addiction free lifestyle from which others can draw inspiration.  She said the Healthy Youth Role Model Award was established to build self-esteem and pride in individuals as well as provide role models for other youth in the community adding the award serves to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishment of youth who have the discipline, drive and determination to live a healthy lifestyle and that is you.


Zander received a gift basket, a 50 dollar gift certificate, a personal plaque and a plaque to hang in his school.


You Can Celebrate Christmas with the Choir.

The Flin Flon Community Choir is featuring A Canadian Christmas Sunday afternoon December 9th.  Choir Director Crystal Kolt says they’ll feature a guest artist, feature performers and the choir.  She says the guest artist they are really proud to have back here in town is Joanna Majoko who is a jazz singer who’s originally from Flin Flon and is doing just great in Toronto and in Japan as well.  She adds they have many other feature artists that will be happening during the concert including Lane Laderoute and Rob Mote, Angela Ishaka, Candia Cormack, Imrie Anna Jones, Janeve Masson as well as the amazing Flin Flon Community Choir so it’s going to be a Canadian Christmas that you won’t want to miss.


The concert takes place at 2 Sunday afternoon December 9th in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street for 25 dollars for adults and 10 for youth.



There is a Program to Make Sure Children Get a Gift.

The 24th annual Christmas Gift Program is underway at the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center.  It’s designed to enable parents or guardians to give their children a gift at Christmas when circumstances prevent them from doing so.  The Center’s Program Events Coordinator Vanessa Campbell says you can register to pick up gifts now. She says their registration dates started November 26th and run to December 7th from 9 to 4 and their program date will start December 17th and it will run through to the 21st at the Friendship Center downstairs at the Headstart.


You can register children up to 17 years old and you are asked to bring your health cards at the time of registration.  They also welcome donations for the gift program.  You can drop off gifts or cash donations at the Friendship Center at 57 Church Street.  You can call Vanessa or Virginia for more information at 204-687-3900.

A Christmas Film You Should See is Coming Up Tomorrow.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the film Yolki tomorrow night. The group’s Colin Davis says this is a Russian Christmas comedy that you’ll talk about for a long time and Russia’s most watched film in 2010.  He explains Vanya is a young girl in a Russian orphanage who has told everyone that her father is President of Russia. When told to prove it the other children she lives with tell her to have her father say something pointed right at her during his annual New Year’s speech.  Davis adds her only friend at the orphanage tells her that everybody knows everybody else through six degrees of separation which poses the question can they get a message to someone to give to someone else down the chain that will eventually get to the President.


The film will be shown tomorrow night in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre starting at 7:30 with free admission.


There is No New Mine in Flin Flons Future.

In a letter to employees Hudbay states after mining for 90 years in the Flin Flon area they now know that they don’t have an anchor mine to replace Triple Seven and sustain operations in Flin Flon the same way they are today.


They note despite a lot of work over the past few years the most likely scenario is that mining operations will cease in Flin Flon in 2021.  As a result the Flin Flon mill will also cease operations.  They add their efforts to find new sources of ore from Triple Seven did not turn out and in 2022 with only Lalor ore available the Zinc Plant will have only 50 percent of the feed that is has today so it is unlikely they will be able to technically or commercially operate the plant at this reduced throughput and the most likely outcome is the Zinc Plant will also close in 2021.  Hudbay adds they are still working out the effect on jobs but there will be a need for more people at the Snow Lake area mines, they anticipate offering training to help people transition to future roles but they also expect that job loss will be part of the outcome.


Full Letter Here:



Christmas Shopping Can Support the Aqua Center Upgrades.

The Flin Flon Aqua Center Community Committee is holding a fundraising Christmas Home Business, Craft and Bake Sale Saturday.  One of the organizers Marsha Reeves says they will have a variety of everything with about 20 different vendors and some newer people.  She says they have some wreaths being made, Sweet Sheets, Avon, Forbidden Suds, lots of baking, a variety of everything so she thinks everybody will be very pleased with what they have.  She adds the Aqua Center will be holding their raffle for the sleigh and snow shoes that were made and donated by two local gentlemen and they’ll have a penny parade, free coffee and something for everyone to see and browse at.


The sale runs Saturday from 10 to 4 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.



You Can Receive a Grant to Hire Young People This Summer.

Hometown Green Team grant applications are now available for organizations to hire youth for summer jobs in Manitoba.  Green Team provides grants to hire youth ages 15 to 29 to work on community projects between May 1st and August 31st.  Eligible recipients include non-profit organizations and rural municipalities.  Priority is given to children and youth recreation and volunteer projects as well as projects that hire Indigenous youth, visible minority youth and youth with a disability as well as projects located in northern Manitoba and in areas of demonstrated need.


Non-profit organizations receive 100 percent of wage costs and up to 250 dollars per position for support costs.  Municipal governments receive 50 percent of wage costs and up to 125 dollars per position for support costs on a cost shared basis.  For more information on the Hometown Green Team visit their website www.manitoba.ca/greenteam.html.


You Can Help Support Our Homeless Population.

The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre is preparing for the cold weather and its impact on our local homeless population.  Their Housing Coordinator Sheri Campbell says they are currently conducting a Build A Backpack program.  She explains they have 50 backpacks that they received a grant to purchase and they are filling them with emergency cold weather items such as toques, mitts, scarves and water bottles for individuals who may not have those items and once they fill them they are taking them to both RCMP detachments, the Food Bank, the Emergency Room and allowing these First Responders to hand them out to people they feel need them.  In the Flin Flon Creighton and surrounding areas about 1.7 percent of our local population is deemed homeless and at risk during the cold winter months.  You can drop items or monetary donations off at the front desk at the Friendship Centre and if you have questions call Sheri or Shelly at 204-687-3900.


Successes in The School Division were Highlighted at the Flin Flon School Board Meeting Last Night.

Grade six McIsaac students Cassidy Alexander and Niki Keramydas presented their award winning Heritage Fair project to the Board of Trustees.  The two girls had put a lot of time and effort into their research on Greek history in Manitoba.  Everything from the first Greek immigrants to why religion and the church are very important to the Greek people, the importance of Easter, food, music, dance and Niki’s family roots here in northern Manitoba.  The girls closed their presentation with treats of Easter bread and cooking for all in attendance.


There was a second presentation last night from music teacher Anna Harrison who wanted to show how the music program continues to work towards meeting the goals of the Division’s strategic plan basically showing how the Seven Teachings band concert not long ago came about.  With the help of Margaret Head, Leslie Power and Erin Dadson the music program really makes a positive impact on the students.


People Got Home Safely on the Weekend.

Operation Red Nose had a successful first Saturday night of taking vehicles and their owners home safely in the Flin Flon area.  Rotary Club committee chair Ted Hewitt says it went well. He says they had a group of Rotarians and Rotarian spouses and some friends on Saturday night adding it wasn’t an official night but they were requested to be around for two or three parties that were on that night. He says it started off slow but as soon as it hit midnight they got very busy and ended up with 17 rides so they got a number of people home safely with their vehicles so they’re quite happy with it.


Operation Red Nose runs every Friday and Saturday night until December 28th as well as New Years Eve.  Volunteers are needed for December 22nd, 28th and New Years Eve.  If you are interested pick up a form at the insurance offices or go online to www.operationrednose.com fill it out and take it to the RCMP office with two pieces of identification.


A Weekend Event Highlighted Christmas Decorations.

Creighton Community School hosted the Festival of Trees Saturday under the theme Winter Whimsy.  Along with craft sales, pancake breakfast, the Silver Bells Tea and other events those attending were asked to bid and vote on items designed and donated by various individuals, businesses and organizations.


The People Choice for centerpieces went to Christmas Enchanted by the Flin Flon Kinettes, People’s Choice for wreaths to KidsFirst Christmas by KidsFirst North and People’s Choice for trees to In Remembrance by the Women’s Resource Center.  Voted Best in Show was DiversiTree by Northern Growing Abilities.


The Festival will support Creighton School’s band and music program, chairs for special events, the School Community Council and the Class of 2019.


An Alert Test Will be Heard on Your Radio, Television and Wireless Device Tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon provincial emergency management organizations will be issuing public test messages through Alert Ready, Canada’s emergency alerting system.  Each province will issue one test message to be distributed over television, radio and to compatible wireless devices at 1:55 pm local time tomorrow following an alert tone.


The Alert Ready System has enabled government authorities to deliver emergency alerts to Canadians during threat to life situations over television and radio since 2015 and to compatible wireless devices since April this year.  It is important to note that not all Canadians will receive the test alert on their wireless device depending on device compatibility, connection to an LTE network, cell tower coverage, device software and settings.  For information visit their website www.alertready.ca.



Our MLA Supports the Message Coming From the We Want Birth Committee.



MLA Tom Lindsey told Health Minister Cameron Friesen in the Legislature mothers to be and families in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan are furious with the government’s decision to suspend births in Flin Flon.  He said they should be able to deliver their babies close to where they live and where their families are, they shouldn’t have to travel long distances increasing risk and stress.  He asked will this minister please reverse this decision and restore birth services at the Flin Flon General Hospital.


Friesen replied by explaining the member knows heroic efforts were made over the past number of years to be able to both retain and attract obstetric anesthesia service to Flin Flon adding when it became the case, medically determined, that it could not be done the decision was made by medical experts to direct those births to a more safe facility.


Lindsey added mothers don’t want the risk of giving birth on the side of a highway, birth certificates shouldn’t says highway number ten.


They Came to Stand Against Violence.



A group of supports joined the Womens Resource Centre for Take Back the Night in Pioneer Square last evening.  The Centre’s Laurie Sealy told them Take Back the Night is an event to protest the fears that women have walking the streets at night safely.  She said we stand here together because we believe.  We believe that violence against women is not inevitable, we believe in a safe community for everyone regardless of their age, religion, race, sexual orientation or gender, we believe in the right to a world free of sexual violence, we believe that by standing together we will affect change.  Tonight she said we have chosen hope over fear, we are saying that accepting violence against women is not an option and we will not allow it to continue.


Sealy added every woman and girl deserves a life free of violence.  The group left Pioneer Square and marched down Main Street, Angel Avenue, Hapnot Street and back to Pioneer Square.



Its a Service Designed With Your Safety in Mind.

Dianne Russell and Committee Chair Ted Hewitt


Operation Red Nose got underway Saturday hosted by the Rotary Club of Flin Flon.  Dianne Russell has been named this year’s Honorary Chairperson.  She encourages you to use this service to get you and your vehicle home safely this holiday season. She notes she is really happy to be given this opportunity to be the Honorary Chairperson for Operation Red Nose, it’s something that’s very dear to her heart and she thinks it’s great for the community, it’s been here for a few years now and she hopes it keeps going. Russell adds if she can just give one word of advice other than use it because it gets you home safe at Christmas time  is that they do take donations in the vehicles from those who are riding but it’s not required so don’t let that stop you from calling. She says it’s very appreciated but not required so if you are out and it’s a night of Operation Red Nose make sure you give them a call and get a safe ride home.


Operation Red Nose continues every Friday and Saturday night from 9 to 2 until December 28th as well as New Years Eve.  You can call them those nights at 204-687-7331.


A Program to Help You Have a Safe Holiday Season Gets Underway Tomorrow.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon has launched Operation Red Nose for another season.  Chair Ted Hewitt says the idea is to get people and their vehicles home safely when they’re out celebrating the Christmas season. He says although the service is free they accept donations from people using the service, provincial organizations, local groups and businesses which benefit the community.  He explains the money that they raise is required to be committed to children’s activities and organized sports for the kids and they donate on average about 12 to 13 thousand dollars a year to these activities and this is their 19th year.


Operation Red Nose starts tomorrow night and runs every Friday and Saturday from 9 to 2 until December 28th as well as New Years Eve by calling 687-7331.  If you can volunteer to help with driving or navigating pick up a form at local insurance offices or online at www.operationrednose.com fill it out and take to the RCMP offices in Flin Flon or Creighton with two pieces of identification.


There is a Fun Way to Learn More About Addictions.


This is National Addictions Awareness Week and the local committee has several events planned.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre says there are free tickets for students for tonight’s Bomber game as well as a youth drop in movie tomorrow evening at the Denareplex along with other events.  She adds Saturday there’s going to be a pot luck, sharing, an open mike and a family dance at 104 Tweedsmuir, they’re going to move into a family fun day on Sunday at the Creighton Sportex, family games night on Tuesday at the Salvation Army, again on Tuesday there’s going to be a family movie night at Ruth Betts School, Thursday there’s a games night at the Youth Center and then to wrap up the week on Friday the 30th there’s going to be a free swim at the Aqua Center.


They will also have the presentation of the Healthy Youth Role Model Award, displays around Flin Flon and Creighton and a radio contest here on CFAR. For information call 687-1665.


Your Response to the Bells Will Support Christmas Hampers.


The Salvation Army annual Christmas Kettle Campaign gets underway today in Flin Flon.  Major Debbie Allen says they will be out ringing bells beside the kettles today and then Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until December 22nd and Monday the 24th at the Co-op, Walmart and some occasions at the Royal Bank raising money to support their programs.  She explains one hundred percent of the money is used for family services which include about two-thirds of what they raise used for the Christmas Hampers and the rest is used to fund their Soup Days program, clothing vouchers and things that she does throughout the year.


Major Allen says they still need volunteers to be out with the kettles so if you can spend an hour call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812.


You Are Invited to Support Women in a Walk Sunday Afternoon.


The Womens Resource Center invites everyone to be part of Take Back The Night.  The Center’s Laurie Sealy asks you to join them at an event to protest the fear that women have in walking the streets at night.  She explains it’s just designed to bring visibility and exposure to the impact of sexual violence in women’s lives.  She says statistics show that it is an increasing problem and over 80 percent of sex crime victims are women, adding one in four American women will be sexually assaulted during their life time, that being 25 percent which makes sexual assault the most common and serious crime. Sealy adds on average every six days a woman is killed by her intimate partner.  As survivors she says we are demanding lives free from sexual violence, murder, living in poverty and the violence that is directed towards women and children noting this event is for anyone with a chance to come together in unity to take back the night.


The walk begins at 5:15 Sunday afternoon at Pioneer Square when they will march down Main Street, Angel Avenue and Hapnot Street back to Pioneer Square.

Past and New Vendors Will Be at a Craft Sale Saturday.


The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Center is holding their annual Cranberry Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale Saturday.  The Center’s Debbie McLauchlan says they have 51 vendors with 116 tables including baking, jewelry, books, lots of Christmas themed items, glass bowls, their Biz Kidz that took part in the camp this summer have three tables booked, giftware, wood working, knitting, crocheting, quilts, wild rice and other forest finds, natural foods, jams, jellies, moccasins, mukluks and perogies.


The sale is open Saturday from 9:30 to 3 in the Frontier Collegiate and Cranberry Portage Elementary School gymnasiums with coffee, lunch and desserts available at the Legion.

A Presentation Opened Tuesday Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


At the start of the meeting Fire Chief Chad Cooper announced the promotion of Damian Dominey from Fire Fighter to Fire Lieutenant.  Cooper said Dominey has shown dedication to the Fire Department and the community and his role with the Department will now include leadership, training and promoting fire prevention.


Councilor Guy Rideout reminded resident it’s time to remove vehicles being stored on the street in order not to interfere with snow removal.


Council approved their committee list for this term.  Mayor Cal Huntley said he amalgamated the responsibilities of some of the committees with the idea of being more efficient in achieving their goals.  He also mentioned one of Council’s priorities will be lobbying the province for seniors housing as seniors are a major part of our community and we need proper affordable housing to keep them here.


Councilor Karen MacKinnon mentioned several Councilors attended the recent Linkages Conference in The Pas and she left with a lot of enthusiasm for what is happening in the north.  Councilor Colleen McKee added she learned Flin Flon is not the only community that has to diversify as well as the real need to form partnerships.



The North is Missing From the Throne Speech.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey is critical of what was missing from the Manitoba Government throne speech.  He says as a northern MLA there’s really not a whole lot in there that would excite somebody from the north.  There’s no mention of stimulating the mining economy, health care is always a big issue certainly in the north, there’s really no mention of anything.  He says they talked a little about their Look North which is a plan to have a plan to have a plan but it’s not doing anything.


Lindsey adds we need some positive steps now not just a plan to have a plan.


You Can Shop and Enjoy the Christmas Spirit This Weekend.


Creighton Community School presents the Festival of Trees Saturday under the theme Winter Whimsy.  The Committee’s Tiffany Ealey says the Festival of Trees will see a craft sale, bake sale, there’ll be a penny parade, raffles, silent auction and some of the highlights are a pancake breakfast from 9 til 11, Silver Bells Tea from 1 til 3, family photos from 9 to 11 and Santa photos from 11 to 2.


The Festival of Trees runs from 9 to 4 Saturday in the Creighton Community School Gym and will support Creighton School’s band and music program, chairs for special events, the School Community Council and the Class of 2019.  It is also a drop off point for Koats for Kids and the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.


Flin Flon Will be Promoted as an Arts and Culture Destination.


Members of the Flin Flon Arts Council spoke to City Council last night asking for their support for an upcoming event. They asked Council to participate in a conversation with three nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs coming to our community as part of their North Central Canada Center for the Arts and Environment Inspiration Series on Knowledge and Development.  They are Janice Price CEO of the Banff Center of the Arts and Creativity, Dorothy Dobbie founder and President of Pegasus Publications and Co-Chair of the Special Joint Committee on a Renewed Canada and Jean Giguere former Chair of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  The Arts Council asked for five thousand dollars to support their visit with the request referred to the Finance Committee.  They will be here from January 21st to 23rd and they are prepared to meet with and inspire community leaders and groups to utilize arts and culture as a conduit for economic and community development and raise Flin Flon as a destination community by learning more from them on how Flin Flon can be recognized as a leader for arts and culture in northern and rural Manitoba.


An International Film is Being Shown Tomorrow Night.


The Central Canada Film Group will feature a Toronto International Film Festival film tomorrow night.  The group’s Tom Heine says it’s something different.  He explains it’s a Japanese movie The Third Murder which has received some excellent critical reviews.  He says he has seen the movie and it is excellent adding it’s a bit of a challenge and it really demands that you pay attention and it is something rather different from what they’ve shown in the past.


The Third Murder will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Because this is a Toronto International Film Festival film admission will be ten dollars.



Seniors are Invited to Celebrate the Christmas Season Sunday.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is holding their annual Seniors Christmas Party Sunday afternoon.  Chairperson Club Past President Colleen Arnold says they will have great entertainment and more.  She says they have the Flin Flon Community Choir, the Panty Hose just to name a few, Rob Schiefele will again be the Master of Ceremonies, the Flin Flon Bombers come out to greet the seniors, hand out door prizes and assist with serving sandwiches and dainties and again they have a special appearance by Santa Claus who’ll have gifts for all the seniors.  She adds anyone who requires a ride can call Bill Pauley at 687-6581 or 680-9688.


All seniors and their spouses are invited to attend the party from 1 to 3 Sunday afternoon in the Flin Flon Community Hall.



You Can Nominate a Teacher For a Special Award.


All Manitobans are invited to nominate a deserving educator for a Manitoba Excellence in Education Award.  The province in now accepting nominations for outstanding achievement by educators in five categories including teaching excellence, outstanding new teacher, outstanding team collaboration, outstanding school leader and Premier’s award for excellence in education.


Nominations can be made by parents, students, school trustees, fellow teachers and school division administrators by the November 30th deadline.  All nominees must be educators who hold a valid permanent Manitoba teaching certificate at the time of nominations.  They must also work directly with kindergarten to grade twelve students in a school setting on a daily basis. More information and nomination forms are available by visiting the Manitoba government website at www.gov.mb.ca, go to the education department and under news click on Manitoba Excellence in Education Awards.


Its Time to Prepare for the Ski Season.


The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their annual open house Sunday.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s an opportunity for anyone who’s interested in skiing to drop by and find out what goes on around the Ski Club.  He notes they’ll tell you about their trails and all about their programs, Jackrabbits, the ski and play group, opportunities for ski instruction and so on.  He says the ground is freezing up very nicely, we’ve got a bit of snow but we need a bit more before they can start skiing so they are looking forward to another great season.


  Price adds Fresh Air Experience will be in from Prince Albert with their latest gear and you’ll be able to purchase your membership.  The open house runs from 11 to 4 Sunday at the Ski Chalet.  You can learn more about the Club and their trails at their website www.flinflonskiclub.com.


The Flin Flon Lions Club Hosted a Visit by Their District Governor Last Week.


District Governor Gareth Boys is a member of the Minnedosa, Manitoba Lions Club.  He spoke on the cause he is supporting this year which is awareness and treatment of childhood cancer.  He explained children are a gift to the world yet every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and less than half of the world’s children have access to effective care.  He added children who survive cancer are often left with debilitating effects that can impact their physical development and their ability to learn so that’s why Lions and Leos are answering the call to expand access to lifesaving treatment with the Kids Sight program.


Boys added childhood cancer is a global initiative of Lions International with clubs involved in projects and fund raising with the goal of ultimately eliminating childhood cancer. He also had praise for Lions across Manitoba who support the early screening of childhood vision.


Applications Will Be Taken For Christmas Hampers.


The Salvation Army in Flin Flon is accepting applications for Christmas Hampers starting tomorrow.  Major Debbie Allen says they will be accepted at the Salvation Army Church and anyone in need can apply including people on social assistance, on EI or are on a pension, anybody with a low income could be eligible.  She says they have to come and see them at the Church at 3 Hemlock Drive Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11 and 4 and they need to bring with them ID for every member of the family and also an income statement and an approximate list of expenses.


Major Allen adds they cover Flon Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage and Sherridon and last year they handed out 135 hampers. If you need more information you can call the Salvation Army at 204-687-7812.


The Christmas Lights Came on on Main Street.



The Christmas Season arrived on Main Street Friday evening with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square.  Deputy Mayor Karen MacKinnon welcomed everyone to this special event.  She wished all a safe Christmas asking them to please drive carefully for the whole holiday season, remember to shop locally and on behalf of the City she wished all a happy holiday season.


In spite of the cold evening a good sized crowd gathered in Pioneer Square for the lighting with people enjoying carols with members of the Community Choir, a visit from Santa and hot chocolate.  Christmas continues on Main Street with the Santa Claus Parade of Lights on November 29th and Moonlight Madness and Family Night on Main Street on December 13th.


Residents Are Drawing Attention to a Closing Service.


The We Want Birth Committee invites you to join a protest today against the temporary closure of obstetric services at Flin Flon General Hospital that becomes effective Sunday. They are meeting in the Whitney Forum parking lot for the protest from 11 to 4.  They will have letters to the Premier and petitions to be presented in the Legislature available for signatures.  Petitions are also available at MLA Tom Lindsey’s constituency office or on his Facebook page, at Dembinsky’s, Sal’s Fitness Center, Kiddie Korner Daycare, Candy Bar and Tan Fx and the committee will be taking them door to door.


The Trout Festival is Still in Need of a 2019 Executive.


The Flin Flon Trout Festival Committee made their second try at holding their annual meeting last night.  In spite of the need for a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer nobody came out to fill those positions. The decision was made to approach the city and see if they can help come up with a solution to finding people to organize the Festival.  Even though the current executive members are unable to remain in those positions they are willing to provide assistance to those who take over the Festival.  Sheena Reed has agreed to continue with the parade and Anita Pruden will continue with Main Street Days.


The Committee ended this year Festival with a surplus of 22 thousand dollars with the Fish Fry being the best money raiser with just over five thousand dollars with 408 people attending with positive feedback on the actual fish fry and the new casino idea.  The Fishing derby had a deficit of just over two thousand dollars but that included the purchase of measuring devices that can be used well into the future and the extremely cold weather reduced participation. The bad weather also affected attendance at the canoe races. The parade was a success with 15 classic cars, 20 floats and 9 fire vehicles.


Flin Flon is Among the Northern Airports Receiving Federal Government Funding.


Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services Dan Vandal on behalf of Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced Government of Canada investments for safety improvements at five Manitoba airports.  Flin Flon Airport is receiving just under 283 thousand dollars for the purchase of a loader and attachments which will assist with the removal of snow from runways, taxiways and the apron while the Brochet Airport, Gods River Airport, Island Lake Airport and the Little Grand Rapids Airport are each receiving 36 thousand dollars to replace a towed multi-wheeled compactor for use on a gravel runway.  The funding comes from Transport Canada’s Airports Capital Assistance Program


Vandal states this investment will help ensure continued safe and reliable airport operations for northern Manitobans many of whom depend on their local airports not only for personal travel and community resupply but also for access to routine and emergency medical care in larger centers.

Lions Members Have Been Honored By Their Club.

DG Gareth Boys and John Kuzub


The Flin Flon Lions Club held their annual Charter and awards night Wednesday night.


The highest award from Lions Clubs International the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award was presented to Past President John Kuzub for his dedication to the Club.  Hope Medals from the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario which supports the Medical Assistance Program were presented to Jim and Janice Cassidy. District Governor Gareth Boys presented a 20 year membership pin to Alan French and his District Governors pin to Club President Joe Bradford, Secretary Debbie Kuzub, Treasurer Monica Lone, Vice-President Andy Wasylciw and Tail Twister Janice Cassidy.  He also inducted new member Lisa Tower into the Club.  Attendance pins were presented to members with the highest going to Wayne Streamer for 46 years and Roger Poirier 42 years.


There will be no mail delivery today.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers series of rotating strikes has finally reached the nor-man region, with workers in Thompson, The Pas, and Flin Flon on the picket line until six a-m tomorrow.
The rotating strikes are now in their fourth week, and according to Canada Post have now touched virtually every Canada Post facility and address.
Canada Post recently submitted what they call a significant, time sensitive offer to the CUPW, though the union says the deal is not good enough and leaves major issues unaddressed.

A Craft Sale Will Help You Shop For Christmas.


The Creighton Community Center is holding a craft and home business sale tomorrow and Saturday.  One of the organizers Dianna Boulet says they have around 50 tables and this year they have a good variety of vendors attending the sale with products like baking, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, Tupperware, 31 gifts, Scentsy, leggings, Tiber River, homemade soaps, cheese, woodworking, books and a concession with homemade soups.


Boulet adds they’ll also be a drop off point for any gently used winter wear you’d like to donate.  The sale runs tomorrow from 4 to 8 and Saturday from 11 to 4 at the Creighton Community Hall.


You Can Support a Local Foundation This Weekend.


The Northern Neighbors Foundation encourages residents of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage and area to make a gift Saturday. That’s the day for Endow Manitoba’s 24 Hour Giving Challenge and their President Jane Robillard says this is a great opportunity to support the Foundation as every five dollars becomes seven.  She explains it’s a 24 hour challenge so within that 24 hour period any money that’s donated is matched by one dollar from the government and one dollar from the Winnipeg Foundation but it’s only within that 24 hour period.  She says it goes into their community foundation fund, it stays there and all the interest comes back to them and those are the grants they give out each year.


You can donate online at www.endowmanitoba.ca, write a cheque payable to the Winnipeg Foundation dated for Saturday and drop it off at Northern Rainbows End or call the Winnipeg Foundation at 1-877-974-3631 Saturday between 9 and 3. You can call Jane at 204-687-6488 for more information.


SAFE Work Manitoba is Offering Workshops in Flin Flon.



SAFE Work Manitoba is holding three prevention workshops that provide education to safety and health committee members, workers and supervisors.  The First Hazard Identification and Risk Control on Tuesday, November 20th has full registration.  The second is Safe Committee Basics on Wednesday, November 21st in which participants will learn about the role and obligations of the safety and health committee in the workplace.  The third is Supervisors and SAFE Work on Thursday the 22nd in which participants will leave with an understanding of the role and obligations of supervisors when it comes to safety and health and how they can influence safety culture in the workplace.


The workshops are free and will run each day from 8:30 to 4 at the Northern Mining Academy at 2 Hart Avenue.  You can register and learn more by visiting www.safemanitoba.com/education.


Training and New Trustees Highlighted Last Nights Flin Flon School Board Meeting.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported the Division is currently in the process of running leadership academy programs for new Trustees.  The programs are run in house depending on the expertise required.  The programs basically cover the nuts and bolts of how to run a school with smart goal outcomes.  The programs run once a month with the next starting on December 4th with ten programs in total.


New Chair Leslie Fernandes welcomed the new Trustees while recognizing the commitment of the outgoing Trustees Angie Simpson and Trish Sattelberger.  She also reflected on her first year as a Trustee saying she has learned a lot about the politics of education.


Students Will Be Learning With Local Businesses.


Many Faces instructor Daniel Dillon spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  He explained they are developing a new program following a model that works in Winnipeg called Big Picture Learning to engage students by getting away from traditional learning and part of that involves local businesses.  He said what they are looking for is a partnership with the Chamber so that the students will develop the skills that they need to be productive citizens and what the kids are working on now is project based learning so they’re finding something they’re interested in and what the Chamber would offer is a partnership with organizations that would share the skills or the knowledge that would couple with the student and what they’re learning in school.  For example he noted if a student is passionate about song writing and learning an instrument  they could partner with an organization or a member in the community for that mentorship so they would be able to develop those skills and get credit for it in the curriculum.


Dillon adds Flin Flon will be the first in northern Canada to introduce Big Picture Learning and the local Chamber will be the first to assist students through the program.


Over One Hundred People Showed Their Concerns About the Suspension of a Service.

Flin Flon General Hospital


 Area residents gathered last evening to discuss the temporary suspension of obstetrical delivery services at Flin Flon General Hospital effective Sunday.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey said he and Cumberland MLA Doyle Vermette will do everything they can to see this service restored. He said petitions will be available soon at the constituency office and online to be presented in the Legislature and letters were available to be sent to Premier Brian Pallister demanding the service be restored.


Concerns were expressed about the cost of a stay in The Pas and the risk factors and stress of giving birth that already exist, about why we don’t have fee for service doctors who are willing to do deliveries, a group of retired maternity nurses offered to support the effort to restore services to what they were and why are doctors leaving Flin Flon.


Health Region Board Chair Cal Huntley says they continue trying to recruit without success as qualified service providers won’t come due to low birth rates and maintaining their qualifications so they suspended services for now so people can safely prepare for deliveries in The Pas or elsewhere adding if there is an emergency it will be handled in the emergency department here.


 MP Niki Ashton concluded by adding the buck stops with the provincial government and our voices need to be heard as this hospital is a regional hub providing services to the youngest population area in the country.


An Information Session is Available on Dementia.


The Primary Health Care Centre is hosting a telehealth seminar next Tuesday presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  Their Program Director Norma Kirkby says the November 20th session is going to be about assisting a family member with bathing and personal hygiene.  She says they know that as people are more progressed with dementia sometimes that becomes a difficult task for family members to help with and they know that Charlene Barkman can give come very practical tips to family members about helping someone with those personal types of tasks.


The session will be held at the Primary Health Care Centre from 6:30 to 8 next Tuesday.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca, email alzmb@alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699.


There Can Be No Trout Festival Without Your Help.


The Flin Flon Trout Festival Committee will hold their annual meeting Thursday night.  Due to a very poor turnout at their first meeting a second meeting is taking place and President Melissa Richard says they desperately need people to come out.  She says unfortunately this year they’re going to be looking for all executives as they have to fill President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary so they need people to come in, step up and fill in those positions so that we can have a 69th annual Trout Festival.


The meeting will be held Thursday night at the Victoria Inn starting at 7 o’clock with the future of the Festival depending on the number of people showing interest.


Area Residents Were Again Generous With Their Shoe Boxes.


Operation Christmas Child has wrapped up in the Flin Flon area.  It’s a program to collect shoe boxes with gifts and other items for needy children around the world.  The program was coordinated by the Baptist Church and Pastor Jim Galbraith thanks everyone who donated boxes and assisted in making it a success.  He explained it worked well considering they had to go a week earlier than the rest of the country because of a change to the shipping and all noting they brought in 229 individual boxes including 17 that are going to the Ukraine.  He added if you do have a box to turn in you can bring it to the church, they just might not be able to include it with this year’s shipment, it may go out next year.


Last year they collected around 265 boxes while altogether Canadians filled more than 615 thousand boxes and since 1993 Operation Christmas Child has collected and distributed almost 157 million shoe box gifts around the globe.


You Can Be Part of an Upcoming Craft Sale.


Flin Flons Aqua Center Community Committee is holding a fund raising Christmas, Home Business, Craft and Bake Sale on December 1st.  The Committee’s Marsha Reeves explains they have about 16 crafters so far and anyone interested in booking a table can get hold of her at 204-687-5139 or Phyllis Kozak or Rella Dubie or can contact the pool.  She explains tables are 20 dollars for the first table and 10 dollars for each table after that and for any of the vendors set up will be available Friday evening anywhere between 6 and 9 pm.


They also need volunteers to work and people to do baking and you can find signup sheets at the Aqua Center.  The sale will be held Saturday, December 1st from 10 to 4 at the Flin Flon Community Hall and will include a raffle, penny parade, 50-50 draw and free coffee.


Its Time to Remember All Those Who Served.


Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 in Flin Flon held their annual Remembrance banquet Saturday night.  Guest Speaker Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey called November 11th a special day to remember the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War as well as the veterans of all wars, those still serving and their families.  He said it really becomes all our duty to make sure that the next generation remembers and we hope that none of our kids have to go to war, that none of our kids will ever be subjected to that but we need to be prepared in case and we need to make sure that our kids understand the importance of what we’re doing here today, of what the Legion does every day of the year and what November 11th is all about.


Lindsey added governments also must continue to support veterans and recognize the sacrifices they have made.


  Past officer medals were awarded to Lane Tennant, Brad Slugoski and Rejean Dumais and executive bars were presented to 1st Vice-President Ron Baschuk, Public Relations Terry Smith and Honors and Awards and Constitution and Laws bars to Bob Njegovan. Five year to forty-five year service pins were presented to Legion members.


A Group of Students Will Be On the Job Wednesday.


Flin Flon School Division will be taking part in Take Our Kids To Work Day Wednesday.  Hapnot Collegiate Essential Skills Director Linda Lowe says all of the grade nine students will be involved by spending the day at the workplace of a parent, relative or friend.  She says this is a great opportunity for students to see firsthand what their parents do on the job and get a taste of the workforce within the community.  She adds for parents it’s an opportunity to prepare children for the future by demonstrating the experience and skills needed on a daily basis for their jobs and participating in a shared experience with their child.  Lowe says the students will be experiencing many different careers such as teaching, health, administrative, trades and banking just to name a few.


Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national program in its 24th year supported by the Learning Partnership, SAFE Manitoba, Hapnot Collegiate and many local employers.


Concerns Continue to be Expressed About a Suspension in Services.



Niki Ashton


  Georgina Jolibois

Members of Parliament Niki Ashton and Georgina Jolibois  are joining community efforts to save the obstetrical delivery program in Flin Flon, as it will force many Northern mothers and families to drive several more hours to access services in The Pas or in Prince Albert.Ashton says the closure of the obstetrics ward is shutting down a vital community service for an entire region adding instead of spending money on consultants, the provincial government should do what's necessary to reopen the obstetrics ward immediately. Jolibois expressed concerns over the impact this interruption in services will have on mothers and families from northwest Saskatchewan from Pelican Narrows to Denare Beach noting First Nations and all communities in our region are some of the youngest in the country and they need access to birthing services in Flin Flon. Jolibois and Ashton are joining a community based effort, as well as Manitoba MLA Tom Lindsay and Saskatchewan MLA Doyle Vermette, in calling for the Manitoba government to save these birthing services immediately. The service will be temporarily suspended by the Health Region November 18th after a clinical study showed issues dealing with volume, increasing gaps in service and resulting patient safety.

Citizens On Patrol Help Keep Our Community Safe.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey had praise for people who volunteer their time to improve the safety of their communities. Speaking in the legislature during Citizens on Patrol Week last week Lindsey noted there are currently 66 communities that have COPP programs making special mention of the Flin Flon group.  He explained running since 2014 the group has over 20 members and has logged over 900 volunteer hours.  They meet all three goals for the COPP program by taking regular shifts patrolling at schools and crossing zones to keep pedestrians safe on busy highways and increase community awareness of the group and they also help keep their streets safe by putting up speed reader boards for drivers and notify police when they see impaired or dangerous drivers on the road.


Lindsey added the local RCMP see the group as another set of eyes and ears that have resulted in occurrences being reported that may have gone unnoticed.  If you are interested in learning more about the group visit their website www.citizensonpatrol.mb.ca or call 204-271-4881.


Your Christmas Decorating Can Support a School Fund Raiser.


Creighton Community School is hosting the Festival of Trees in their gym Saturday November 24th.  The Committee’s Tiffany Ealey says they are now looking for people to get involved in the Festival. She explains they are looking for businesses, groups, individuals, families that are interested in creating either a tree, wreath or center piece for their festival.  She says they make it, donate it and then they put it on display and sell it through silent auction in order to raise some funds for new chairs for the gym and for their band and music program.


Registration forms are available at Creighton School and you are asked to return them to the school by Wednesday or fax them to 306-688-5740.

Keep Off The Ice.


Dechambault Lake RCMP and other detachments remind residents to be ice smart when heading onto the ice for winter activities.  They note simple precautions can prevent winter fun from becoming tragic.  They remind you to be safe around lakes, rivers, creeks and open bodies of fast moving water by being aware of ice thickness. Ice should be 15 centimeters thick before you walk or skate on it, 25 centimeters before snowmobiling on it and at least 30 centimeters thick before you drive a vehicle on it. Clear blue ice is strong while white or grey colored ice is not as strong.  Stay away from ice that looks slushy, has thawed and refrozen, is near moving water or near a pressure crack. When snowmobiling wear proper gear, avoid alcohol or drugs, don’t go on the ice alone and carry safety gear like ice picks, poles and ropes as well as a first aid kit that includes cold weather supplies like a thermal blanket.


Our MLA Says Its Time to Stop Cuts to Health Services.


 In the legislature yesterday Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey raised the issue of closure of obstetrical delivery services at Flin Flon General Hospital with Health Minister Cameron Friesen.  The move was made by the Health Region after a clinical study showed issues dealing with volume and increasing gaps in service. Lindsey stated this minister needs to ensure the people of Flin Flon and surrounding communities have access to birth services close to where they live so will this government change direction, improve services for northern and Indigenous women in Flin Flon and area, restore birth services at Flin Flon hospital and quit with the foolish cuts.


The Minister replied that from a clinical patient safety perspective it was important to limit that service and he will not stand in the way of patient safety.


You Can Be Part of a Team That Gets People Home Safely.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is looking for volunteers to help with Operation Red Nose through the Christmas season. It’s a program to get partiers and their vehicles home safely.  Chairperson Ted Hewitt says they need volunteers to get clients home.  He explains they have a group of three one of which drives the clients vehicle, the second person is called the navigator who rides with the driver of the clients vehicle and they have a third person in a second vehicle who picks them up after the drop off and most evenings they need anywhere from three to five teams of three.


Operation Red Nose will run on Friday and Saturday nights starting November 30th running through December included Friday the 28th and New Year’s Eve.  To volunteer you can go online to www.operationrednose.com, print and fill out a form and take it to the local RCMP office with two pieces of identification.  You can call Ted at 204-687-7450 for more information.


Drilling is Getting Underway on a Gold Property Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Metals Corporation has announced a first phase drill program is starting on their high grade Laguna Gold Property near Snow Lake.  They report the Laguna Gold Property hosts the past producing Rex Laguna Mine that was Manitoba’s first and highest grade gold mine and the 25 hundred meter drill program marks the first drill program on the property in over 70 years.


President Ken Lapierre says the high grade potential is evident on the property where over 100 thousand tonnes grading 18.7 grams per tonnne gold was mined mostly during the 1930s.  He adds the drill program will focus south of the former high grade gold mine where additional quartz veins were discovered this fall carrying visible gold and sulphides.


The Newly elected Flin Flon City Council Held Their First Public Meeting Last Night.


After being sworn in by City Administrator Glenna Daschuk along with Council, Mayor Cal Huntley welcomed the five re-elected City Councilors along with newly elected Councilor Colleen Arnold.


The Councilors mentioned they look forward to a good four years working together. Some of their comments included Councilors Karen MacKinnon and Colleen McKee noting we have a lot of good things happening and need to keep working on city development including seniors housing and the upgrade of the Aqua Center.  Councilor Colleen Arnold added the need for Indigenous services. McKee also noted it’s time for people’s voices to be heard to take ownership of their city.


Mayor Huntley said he is pleased with the election results as he had hoped for the return of Council and the results show they can continue moving forward having voters showing their support for what they have been doing.


In business Council received the Fire Chiefs Report for October showing eleven incidents during the month and they also applied to the federal government a grant to cover the cost of the purchase of a new loader at the airport.


Events Are Taking Place to Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence.


This is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month.  The Women’s Resource Center’s Colleen Arnold says they have displays with information, buttons and purple and white ribbons around town and in the schools.  She explains the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Rochelle Squires stated as we reflect on this issue I’m sure most of us can think of family members, friends, co-workers who have dealt with domestic violence.  We know the most dangerous time for individuals experiencing domestic violence is when one partner decides to leave the other so she urges all of us to reach out to the people around us and check on each other and if we know people who are using abusive behavior reach out to them too, let them know you are concerned and encourage them to seek help, don’t remain silent.


Arnold reminds you they will be holding their annual Take Back The Night event on November 25th at 5:15 in Pioneer Square on Main Street.


Expectant Mothers Are Urged to Make Alternate Delivery Plans.


The Flin Flon General Hospital will be temporarily suspending obstetrical delivery services beginning at 8 am November 18th.  Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says this is happening as their priority is patient safety for expectant moms and their babies after a study recommended this step be taken due to only occasional services being available by obstetricians and anesthesiologists.  She explained they had a recent external review of obstetrics in Flin Flon done and there were a number of issues that had been raised to the Chief Medical Officer as well as herself around their volume and their increasingly frequent gaps in service.  She said this review was conducted by an esteemed obstetrician from the Health Sciences Center and nurse expert from Winnipeg and they concluded the service should be temporarily suspended.


Bryant says some deliveries will take place in The Pas where they have full services available or moms can make other arrangements with their care provider. She says pre-natal and post-partum services will continue to be available here.  She adds the will again look at the provision of services once a clinical services plan is completed by the province next year.

A Food Drive Was a Great Success.


Through October Ford Canada and Northland Ford held a We Scare Hunger campaign to collect non-perishable food items for the Lords Bounty Food Bank.  Sales Consultant Doug Gourlay says it was an amazing event.  He explains through the effort of the local schools in Flin Flon and Creighton they surpassed last year’s total by about 150 pounds so a total of 2650 pounds of non-perishable food items were donated which engulfs about 4 months of needed items at the Lords Bounty Food Bank which is great so from Northland Ford thanks very much to local residents in Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach for their generosity in this yearly event.


Last year We Scare Hunger collected over 25 hundred pounds of food for the Food Bank.


Its Time to Bring in Your Filled Shoe Boxes.


This is the week to turn in filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Program Coordinator Pastor Jim Galbraith of the Baptist Church says boxes can be dropped off this week at Pharmasave and the Dollar Store or at the Baptist Church below the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue this week including today and tomorrow from 9 to 1, Thursday will be 9 to 11:30 and then they’re having a special packing party at the church Thursday from 6 to 8, Friday and Saturday they’ll have the church open from 1 until 5 for people to drop off boxes and then Sunday they’ll be open during their worship service and will also remain open from 2 to 5 pm just for those last minute boxes and then they have a special wrap up service Sunday at 7.


The boxes will be delivered to collection centers and sent on to children in Haiti, Latin America and West Africa.


Our Culture Days Reached Number 1 And Number 2.


The Flin Flon Arts Councils Crystal Kolt says numbers show this years Culture Days held in late September were again a great success.  She says we did really amazingly well coming in number two in the country so that’s nationally and we came in number one again for communities under 50 thousand people and she’s kind of excited and bragging that we came in beating Toronto so that’s a bit of a coup for our little community.


Kolt expressed her appreciation to everyone involved in making Culture Days the success it was.  Flin Flon was number three nationally last year and number one for communities with a population under 50 thousand.  This year Culture Days hosted 134 registered events.



The Cheque Has Been Passed.


The Flin Flon Fire Department held their annual Charity Boot Drive on Third Avenue in early September in partnership with Flin Flon Scotia Bank.  On Friday afternoon Fire Chief Chad Cooper and firefighters received the Scotia Bank’s financial contribution to the Boot Drive from Branch Manager Karen Gwin and staff.  Cooper thanked the Scotia Bank for partnering with the Fire Department and for their contribution of 3 thousand dollars to the grand total of 13,800 dollars going to local charities.


Total funds raised will support the Manitoba Firefighters Burn Fund, Flin Flon Community Adult Learning Center and the Flin Flon Northern Lights Regional Training Center.

Patient Transportation was Brought to the Attention of the Manitoba Legislature.


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey questioned Health Minister Cameron Friesen last week about changes to the Northern Patient Transportation Program asking him stop the cuts.  He tabled a freedom of information request that he says shows that this government cut one million dollars from the NPTP escort subsidor and knows this decision was made at the Cabinet table because the information comes from a Department of Health funding letter.  Lindsey added the same freedom of information request shows the NRHA was forced to find an additional 450 thousand dollars in savings from the Northern Patient Transportation Program by making it harder for northern Manitoba patients to get escorts.


Friesen replied they became aware of all kinds of abuses to the program which is why the rules must be enforced to make sure the program continues to be able to have the capacity to respond to those who legitimately need the travel subsidy.


Hudbay is Moving Forward With Plans at Lalor Near Snow Lake.


In their third quarter 2018 financial report Hudbay indicated ore mined at their Manitoba operations decreased by 15 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Increased production at Triple Seven Mine in Flin Flon was offset by decreased production at the Lalor and Reed Mines.


President Alan Hair reports a key area of focus at Lalor this year has been test mining in gold zones and additional infill drilling in the gold and copper gold zones both in support of trade-off studies to assess the mining and processing options for Lalor gold leading Hudbay to believe the optimal processing scenario is to refurbish the New Britannia gold mill with significant upside potential for nearby satellite deposits and other promising exploration targets including the historical estimates of mineral resources at Hudbay’s New Britannia and Squall Lake deposits as well as the recently acquired Wim deposit and from other promising exploration targets in the Snow Lake region.


They also noted processing of the ore from Reed Mine that closed between Flin Flon and Snow Lake in August was completed in September and site clearing work was completed ahead of schedule.

A New and Very Successful Summer Music Event is Preparing for its Second Year.


The Blueberry Jam Music Gathering held their annual general meeting last night. They approved a slate of Board Members for next summer’s festival that includes Chair Edgar Wright, Vice-Chair Linda Eryou, Secretary Elly Spencer, Treasurer Lynn Brown and Committee Chairs Site Management Debbie MacDonald, Production Mark Kolt, Marketing Crystal Kolt, Fund Raising Mike Spencer and Volunteer Coordinator Elfriede Reimer.  The Chairs will be looking for members to sit on their committees.


The Youth Representative to the Board will be Kevin Sattelberger, Members at Large Ted Elliott, Ken Pawlachuk, Bernice Snyder and Brad Snyder with Observer Kim Sattelberger.


Past Chair Mark Kolt reported they managed to build a stage and put on their first music gathering through sponsors, grants and private donations with only a small deficit and are looking at around 20 to 25 thousand dollars to put on next year’s festival so fund raising will be a challenge. The Board will consider the idea of continuing with a free gathering with donation boxes available at both entrances.


Hudbay Reports Reduced Profits.


Hudbay has released its third quarter 2018 financial results.  The net profit in the quarter was 22.8 million dollars decreased from 36.3 million in the third quarter last year due to lower realized prices for all commodities, lower sales volumes of copper and higher operating costs partially offset by increases in sales volumes of precious metals and zinc.  President Alan Hair commented on their operations in Peru, Manitoba and Arizona noting at Constancia they generated record mill throughput and record copper recovery for mines as a result of their optimization efforts, in Manitoba they delivered solid results and believe the optimal processing scenario for the Lalor gold and copper gold zones is to refurbish the New Britannia gold mill and at Rosemont pending receipt of the section 404 water permit from the Army Corp of Engineers they are positioned to finalize the financing plans for the project and move the project to construction.


Hair also reported Hudbay has entered into an agreement to acquire Mason Resources owner of the Ann Mason copper deposit located in Nevada with the potential to be a low cost long life mine for 15 million dollars which is a third of their 2018 exploration budget.


You Can Learn More About Sex Trafficking.


The Flin Flon and Area Against Sexual Exploitation Committee, Flin Flon and Creighton School Divisions and the Town of Creighton are presenting the play Love Bomb.  The committee’s Christa McIntyre explains Love Bomb is an engaging about 65 minute play that focuses on the very serious matter of sex trafficking of Canadian youth and is a play that’s suitable for an older audience probably about grade nine to adult.  She notes unfortunately sex trafficking is occurring all around us and it’s more common that we think so they just want to take this opportunity to educate the community.  She adds they’re excited about bringing this to the community and they hope everyone will consider attending.


The play will be presented to Creighton and Hapnot Students during the day Monday with the evening public performance starting at 7 o’clock in the Creighton Community School gym.  It’s free to attend, it’s suitable for grade nine to adult audiences and you are asked to use the back door facing the tennis courts.


What Happens When You Have No Destination?


The Central Canada Film Group is showing the Terminal tomorrow night at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  The group’s Colin Davis says you don’t want to miss this Tom Hank’s film.  He explains Hanks plays an Eastern European tourist who arrives at JFK in New York only to find that war has broken out in his country as he was en route. With his country now officially no longer in existence Hank’s character no longer is a citizen of anywhere and therefore the Department of Homeland Security won’t let him enter or exit the United States so he is indefinitely trapped in the terminal.


The Terminal will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 at the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre and as always with their Films You Might Have Missed series admission is free.


This is the Season to Remember With a Candle.


Flin Flons Anglican Parish is offering memory candles for a 13th holiday season. The committee’s Yvonne Fawcett explains the candles appear in the community just before Christmas.  She explains the purpose of the memory candle is to remember loved ones prior to the hustle and bustle of the season.  Candles can be placed at any of the cemeteries in Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach including columbarium’s or you can take your candle home and light it whenever you want.  She says this is the fourth year that they have placed candles road side at the Cranberry Portage cemetery.  She notes mass lighting is scheduled to take place at all cemeteries on Sunday November 18th with the exception of Cranberry Portage which will be lit on Saturday the 17th weather permitting.

              Fawcett adds if winds are more than 10 kilometers an hour the candles cannot be lit and it will take place on another day. Check CFAR and Facebook for updates. The candles are ten dollars each and can be ordered at the craft shows at the Flin Flon and Creighton Community Halls Saturday or at Big Dipper, Candy Bar, Northern Rainbows End or call Yvonne at 204-687-7463.


Bus Service Continues in Manitoba.


Kelsey Bus Lines begins passenger and freight bus service today connecting Flin Flon and Winnipeg along number ten highway.  On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday the bus leaves Flin Flon at 7:30 pm arriving in Winnipeg at 6:50 am.  The return trip from Winnipeg to Flin Flon runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving Winnipeg at 8:30 pm arriving in Flin Flon at 8:30 am.  The Bus Depot is located at Coutt’s Convenience Center in Creighton.


The Bus Line which is a division of Aseneskak Casino Limited Partnership in The Pas will soon be renamed Mahihkan which means wolf in Cree.  They also run services between Thompson and Winnipeg.  For more information visit their website www.kelseybuslines2014.com or call the depot at 306-688-7646.


You Can Shop For Crafts and Christmas Gifts in Creighton Saturday.


The Women’s Resource Center is holding their Christmas Craft and Home Show Saturday.  Their Executive Director Colleen Arnold says they will feature 30 different vendors at 50 tables. She says they have a bunch of door raffles, a toonie parade, you’re going to find some baking, homemade gifts, knitted articles, jewelry, some stained glass and so much more and they’re also going to have coffee, lunch and snacks available so they really hope to see you there with all the proceeds going to support the Women’s Safe Haven.


The Christmas Craft and Home Show runs from 10 to 4 Saturday in the Creighton Community Hall.  Donations to their silver collection will be appreciated.



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