Local News Archives for 2016-08

Its a Good Month for You to Travel in Saskatchewan.


The Saskatchewan Transportation Company has announced the return of their popular Senior Seat Sale.  From September 1st to 30th seniors aged 60 and over can ride anywhere STC goes for fifteen dollars one way.  STC Minister Jennifer Campeau says they want seniors to have access to convenient and affordable transportation for visiting family and friends or attending appointments across Saskatchewan.


Seniors can find out more about the sale on STC’s website www.stcbus.com/seniorsale or on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/STCbus.  Sale tickets can be purchased at any STC agency and seniors are reminded to bring their identification with them at the time of purchase and travel.

Two Local Groups Need Your Support.

 armories lot


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the Flin Flon Fireworks Committee are asking for your support.  With the announcement of the new Co-op store being built on the Armories lot their buildings have to be moved.  Habitat operates their ReStore and the Fireworks Committee stores their equipment but no fireworks on the lot and there are no other buildings available for their use.


Both groups are run by volunteers with the money raised by the ReStore going to the Habitat home and the Fireworks money raised going to equipment and their Canada Day fireworks shows in Flin Flon and Denare Beach as well as during the Bust the Winter Blues Festival.


The groups are asking for donations to cover any costs that arise from moving their buildings from the armories lot to a lot just up the Cliff Lake road from the SPCA building and in preparing the new lot.  Any donations can be dropped off at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street with receipts sent out for donations of 20 dollars and over.  They will also be holding a coffee house October 15th at the Creighton Community Hall to support the move.


You Should Book Your Winter Travel to the Sun Now.


You’re invited to be part of the CFAR Travel Club as they head to Cancun, Mexico on February 20th.  Station Manager Dianne Russell says it’s your trip for one or two weeks.  She says it features a group of people who get together and get the benefits of group travel without any obligation to do things as a group, it’s your trip your way.  She says it’s Cancun and you book with Jackie Sproxton, the first time they’ve got to work with another local travel agent in a while and you have an opportunity to have a good time at a great rate with no work, they’ll do it all.


The down payment for the trip is requested by September 16th.  To book your trip contact Jackie at Facebook - Jackie Sproxton TPI, call 204-687-4677 or drop in at 78 Main Street.  More information can be found at www.flinflononline.com.



The Alliance Church is Again Hosting a Global Leadership Summit.


Menno Giesbrecht says the summit is an opportunity to hear world class speakers from various occupations who have developed skills that enriched their business and personal lives.  He says we all influence somebody so anyone who wants to become a better person and any business can benefit from this because they say when a leader gets better everyone gets better.  He says it’s a leadership summit but the speakers are from various occupations and they come from different skills and they share those skills and you can apply them to your daily living or your business so it’s an excellent opportunity for personal enrichment and development.


The summit is run in 125 countries and is recorded in Chicago and sent out to communities like Flin Flon where it will run October 21st and 22nd with the cost to register 149 dollars until September 20th when it goes up to 189.  To register go to www.growingleadership.com/summit2016 or call the Alliance Church for information.


New Students Can Get Familiar With High School.


Hapnot Collegiate will be helping grade nine students prepare for their first year at the Collegiate.  Principal Brent Bedford says they invite them to come to the Collegiate at 11 Thursday morning for an orientation.  He says they can bring some money as there’s 45 dollars worth of student fees, they’re going to provide lunch for them, show them around the school and where their lockers and classrooms are, just to make them welcome to the new school.  He adds the first day for all students coming back is Wednesday, September 7th at 8:45 which is the regular daytime start with the home room where they’ll get their time tables.


The Collegiate will be open most of this week and students are welcome to come in if they have any questions or call the Collegiate at 204-687-7506.


It Was a Busy Summer at the Library.

Mikayla and Shannah


The Flin Flon Public Library wrapped up their summer camps last week.  The camps were run by summer students Mikayla Gawiak and Shannah Fisher.  Gawiak says they had more than 500 kids over the duration of 20 camps so every camp was full and they even had a waiting list.  She adds the kids were great, they brought a bunch of energy and they had a blast with them at every single camp.  Gawiak says it was a summer full of learning for the kids and even the counselors.  She says they are grateful for the grants they received and especially local sponsors as without them they really wouldn’t have been able to provide the camps this summer.


The summer included camps related to Dr. Seuss, Star Wars, Bears, Lego, super heroes, knights and princesses as well as a Harry Potter Week.


A Special Event Has Returned to Flin Flon After a Couple of Years Absence.


The 31st Flin Flon and Area Ducks Unlimited Banquet and Auction is being held September 10th.  One of the organizers Margot Gray says this year along with the live and silent auctions they have a special feature. She says they are doing a prize an hour so if you’ve filled out your tickets you get put into a draw and they draw a prize every hour and there’s firearms, jewelry, trips and then just the regular existing different raffles that they have throughout the evening.


The cost is 40 dollars which gives you the banquet, auctions, raffles and the hourly draws.  Tickets are available at the Victoria Inn and if you have a group attending you can book one of the larger tables.


There Will Be A New Co-op Store.


Manager of the North of 53 Consumers Co-op Tom Therien says their Board has approved the construction of a new store. He says they are looking forward to being able to bring in new improved product lines, better service and an overall better shopping experience for their customers.  He says this is approximately a 50 percent addition to what they currently have to offer in their food store. He says this is a big commitment for North of 53 Co-op but they believe in the community, they believe in their customers and want to provide the best service.


The new store will be located on the present armories site on highway 10-A beside Twin Motors.  Therien says the tenders are out for the demolition of the buildings on the site and they are expected to come down next month.  Shortly after that tenders will go out for blasting.  He says the goal is to have the new store in late 2017 or early 2018 adding it’s an investment of about 17 million dollars.

A Business Could Be Relocating Away From The Pas Area.


The Aseneskak Casino on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation at The Pas is looking for a new home in Manitoba that could lead to job losses. The Aseneskak Company announced yesterday that the board of directors and the general partner of the Aseneskak Casino Limited Partnership are seeking to relocate to a larger Manitoba market. Aseneskak Company CEO Suzanne Barbeau-Bracegirdle says employees would be offered the option to relocate with the casino. She says they have 147 people working at the Casino right now and that’s with 168 machines.  She adds if they were to utilize 600 machines that would be a lot more employment.


The Casino has a Gaming Agreement with the Government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation and have the right to relocate the casino. There’s no official time frame to move the casino but Barbeau-Bracegirdle says they’re looking at 2 years. The board of the Aseneskak Casino wishes to maximize the potential of its gaming agreement to yield economic benefits for First Nations Partners.

Your Old Thermostats Need To Be Properly Disposed Of.


The Flin Flon Recycling Centre is accepting old fully intact thermostats for safe disposal through the Thermostat Recovery Program. Their Administrator Deb Odegaard says it’s more than just recycling noting the main concern is older thermostats have mercury inside them in the switches and mercury is a very potent toxin that infects the nervous systems of people and animals.  She says in fact only one gram will contaminate an eight hectare lake so that the fish can’t be eaten for a year so they want to keep that out of the environment so sure and then recycle all the other parts.


Odegaard adds any thermostat that is no longer being used will be recycled even if it does not contain mercury.  Fully intact thermostats can be dropped off at the Recycling Centre in a clearly marked box or container.  For information you can call them at 204-687-6169.

A Summer Program for Children Wraps Up Today.


Summer in the Parks is completing their summer of activities for children five to nine years old.  Supervisor Taylor Davidson says the summer was absolutely great. She says they had a chance to take the kids to the Norva Centre and she was happy to work with them and she got a chance to take them out to the beach and she thinks those were the big key things for them this year. She adds today they have Hay Day wrapping up summer with their Happy Unbirthday so they’ll be celebrating with the kids doing all the games that worked the best this summer, everything that the kids enjoyed.


Davidson says during their biggest days they had between 25 and 28 children. 


Summer in the Parks is sponsored every summer by Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Flin Flon Arts Council and Flin Flon School Division.

A Car Show Will Support our Animal Shelter.


Twin Motors is holding their first Cars for Paws Auto Show Saturday.  Sales Manager Luc Haukaas says this is a fund raising event for the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA. He says they have quite a few cars from local as well as down from The Pas and surrounding areas that are coming in to show off for a great cause.  He says there will be a fund raiser barbeque with all the proceeds from the show going to the SPCA.  He adds they’ll also have a truck there to fill full of supplies for the SPCA so it’s a big fund raising drive for them and hopefully they’ll get a good turnout.


The Cars for Paws Auto Show will run from 11 to 3 Saturday in the Twin Motors parking lot.  If you want to put your vehicle in the show you can email luc@twinmotors.ca or call 204-687-3686.

A Busy Summer Winds Up in Creighton.



The Creighton spray pool windup is being held tomorrow afternoon.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says they have activities planned to help children celebrate the wind up.  She says they have an afternoon of fun and games for the entire family with some snacks, face painting, games and the ever popular mushroom spray pool.  She invites everyone to come out as it’s the last day, it’s free and they hope to have a great turnout.


The Creighton Spray Pool Fiesta runs from 1to 3 tomorrow afternoon.

A Group Wants Logging Roads Closed.


A wilderness committee says the Manitoba government must ensure Tolko Industries shuts down logging roads when it closes its plant near The Pas.  The forest products company has announced their mill will close on December 2nd putting 332 employees out of work.


The Wilderness Committee’s Campaign Director Eric Reder says Tolko is required to close the logging roads under its environmental licence.  He says the roads will continue to disrupt Grass River Provincial Park, woodland caribou and northern forests unless the company decommissions them.  They recommend some of the communities affected by the mill closure should be the given first opportunity to do any decommissioning work.


Tolko Industries is promising to meet all of its environmental responsibilities when it shuts down it pulp and paper mill.


A Positive Solution Must Be Found Following a Shutdown Announcement.


The announcement of the closure of the Tolko Industries Paper Mill in The Pas has rocked the community this week.  Town of The Pas Mayor Jim Scott says it’s a tough pill to swallow.  He says initially on day one it’s just a hit to the gut, it’s an astronomical decision that he never ever thought would be happening.  He says 330 jobs is a lot and it’s really going to hurt the local economy because it’s a ripple effect so it’s time to get some smart minds in the community around a table and say what do you think.


Scott says the Town of The Pas is committed to working with Tolko toward a positive solution.  They have also extended a request to Tolko that the company identify any areas that they as a town may consider to assist in the matter.


A Summer Drill Program is Underway Near Flin Flon.


Callinex Mines has started its summer drilling campaign at their Pine Bay Project located near Hudbay’s Triple Seven Mine. The campaign is expected to include at least three drill holes totaling up to three thousand meters with the first hole testing a highly conductive target near the Sourdough zinc copper deposit.


Additionally the Company plans to deepen two historic drill holes completed by Inmet in 1995 and Placer Dome in 1993 to test the down plunge and lateral extension of the Pine Bay East Zone which is a new discovery from the 2015 winter drilling campaign.


Callinex has applied to receive up to 200 thousand dollars from the Manitoba Government through their 2016 Mineral Economic Assistance Program and recently received payment of just over 159 thousands from the 2015 Program.


A Truck Was Destroyed by Fire.


Early yesterday afternoon the Creighton Fire Department was called to the McKeen’s Trucking lot along the Creighton freeway.  The fire destroyed one of their rock trucks.  The cause has not been determined.




Your Whole Family Can Have a Fun Afternoon.



Flin Flon Parks and Recreation will be holding a Family Hay Day at the Zoo Friday.  Zoo Supervisor Jessica Campbell says there’ll be fun for everyone between 3 and 6 with nail painting, face painting, bracelets, potato sack races, three legged races, musical hay bales, water balloon toss, a bunch of minute to win it games, guessing how much Hank weighs and a cow pie eating contest.


Campbell adds they will also have pony rides weather permitting.  The event marks the close of the Joe Brain Petting Zoo after a successful season with the animals returning to The Pas and Swan River for the winter.


Its Time For Women and Men to Register for a Northern Workshop.


Community Futures Visions North is hosting a Women in Business and Tools for Everyday Life Workshop October 6th in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.  Their Manager Bill Hogan says there will be great information for men and women.  He says they’ve been running it for the last ten years and every year they change the theme and this year it’s how to become more involved in the community, to give back and assume some leadership roles and what role you can play in non-profits or just volunteer opportunities.


Hogan says their guest speakers will give tips on how people can bring out skills they don’t think they have to benefit their community.  You can register by calling 306-425-2612 or email jean@visionsnorth.com.


Early registration is 60 dollars by September 14th and for an additional 25 dollars you can attend their 10th anniversary banquet and a concert by country singer Beverly Mahood.

A Variety of Shopping Opportunities Will Be Available.


The Annual Creighton Fall Home Business Show is being held next month.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says businesses interested are invited to join in. She says they are looking for anybody that runs a home business or has jams, jellies and preserves for sale who would like to come out and join them for two days, the 9th and 10th of September and have just a really nice start to the fall.


You can rent a space at the Creighton Home Business Show by calling the Recreation Office at 306-688-3538.

Tolko Industries announced today they will be closing their Manitoba Operations indefinitely including the mill in The Pas.



In a news release today Tolko President and CEO, Brad Thorlakson said “Over the 19 years we have been in the community, a great deal of work has been done, both internally and externally, to improve the mill’s competitive position. Unfortunately, despite years of continued effort to improve the cost structure and business results of the operations, the business is not financially sustainable. This is a business decision that is in the best long-term interest of the company and our employees.” Jim Baskerville, Vice President of OSB and Kraft Papers added that employees have been informed of the decision and were sent transition packages. The Vernon, B.C.-based company employees 332 people in Manitoba. Tolko took over Manitoba Kraft Paper and Sawmill Operations in 1997.


Our Member of Parliament Niki Ashton and The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin have called on the federal and provincial governments to take action to protect jobs and the economy of the community.



You Can Learn More About Human Trafficking.


The Flin Flon and Area Against Sexual Exploitation Committee has a special guest coming to Flin Flon.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre says RCMP Corporal Tara Clelland-Hall will do a presentation on Friday on human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  She says they’ll discuss human trafficking and explain what it can look like online, they’ll talk about sexual exploitation and she’ll give some tips on how to identify someone that might be being exploited, what we can do next and how we can help and then there will be a chance for participants to ask questions.


The presentation takes place Friday afternoon at one o’clock in the hall at the Friendship Centre on Church Street.




The Highway Will Be Paved This Fall.



The Manitoba Government will be going ahead with paving number ten highway between the Bakers Narrows airport and Flin Flon.  When asked for information on the project by Arctic Radio News MLA Tom Lindsey contacted the Infrastructure Ministers office.  He says he got a reply from the Minister’s department and that reports the crushing of aggregate started the week of August 1st, the guard rail installation started the first week of July, the resurfacing with pavement is expected to start in early September and weather permitting the project should be finished in early October with a budget of nine million dollars.


There had been many rumors around the community that the new Progressive Conservative government had cut the budget and the highway would not be paved this year.

A Man Died in Creighton Friday After Being Struck by a Vehicle.


RCMP report a 24 year old man was struck by a vehicle in Creighton around 10:25 Friday night.  According to the RCMP the man was wearing dark clothing and laying in the middle of Creighton Avenue. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.  His name was not released.  The driver of the vehicle was uninjured and remained at the scene.


A traffic analyst was called in to assist with the investigation.


Opposition Continues to a Dog Park in a Residential Area.


At this week’s Flin Flon City Council meeting residents of Riverside Drive again expressed their concerns about having a dog park in the ball diamond in their neighborhood. As explained after the last meeting their concerns include child safety, noise, smell and increased traffic on an already narrow street.  They suggested other locations that are away from residential areas some of which Council said are outside of their jurisdiction. It was also noted there could be a hardball league starting if enough kids are interested and the ball park would again be used.  The residents said they are not against a dog park just the suggested location.  The residents suggested those interested in a dog park form a committee and find a suitable location. Deputy Mayor Ken Pawlachuk noted they already have too many parks to take care of so using an existing park would prevent another park from being added to the list.


Councilors Bill Hanson and Pawlachuk said the issue is still under discussion, no final decision has been made on a location and they will take their suggestions under advisement.


Council also received a letter from Manitoba Hydro’s construction crew thanking the city and their crews for they cooperation and assistance during the process of replacing poles and improving the power grid in Flin Flon.

All Groups and Organizations Can Hold Registration in One Place.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation is again holding an event called Registration Under One Roof September 8th.  Recreation Director Caitlin Bailey says people interested in registering for events will be able to do so in one place. She says the idea is to get local organizations together in one area so parents can come down and get their kids registered for this upcoming year.  She adds they always have minor hockey, clubs like the Aqua Doves, Guides, Arts Council, skiing, Creighton Recreation and Flin Flon Recreation.


All interested organizations who want to hold registrations at this event can contact the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 by August 29th.


A Northern Manitoba Mine Rescue Team is Competing at the International Level.


A mine rescue team from Vale’s Manitoba operations in Thompson is representing Canada at the International Mine Rescue Competition next week.  The team qualified after winning the Manitoba competition narrowly beating the Flin Flon Hudbay team and has been selected as the national team.  Competitor Warren Brass says the competition involves a mine scenario of some sort so it usually involves first aid, a fire rescue event and its duration is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.


The event is taking place in Sudbury, Ontario making it the first international competition to be hosted in Canada.  The Vale team is eager to learn some new things from other countries during the week long event.


There is an Appeal Process for Your Assessment.


People concerned about the large increase in their property tax bills addressed Flin Flon City Council Tuesday night.  Administrator Mark Kolt says the increase came from adjustments in provincial assessments this year as the city held its tax rate.  He says there is an appeal process if you don’t agree with your assessment.  You have until the middle of October to appeal.  Just write on the bottom of your form I want to appeal my assessment and return it and if it’s not resolved a hearing can be held.


In other business Council passed on first reading a bylaw to allow recreational fire pits in backyards.  Councilor Tim Babcock says people are already using them so this bylaw will set regulations for their use.  He says people will pick up a copy of the bylaw to make sure they meet regulations, the Fire Chief will inspect it and issue a permit.  If you don’t have a permit the fine is 500 dollars. Councilor Karen MacKinnon voted against bylaw saying we shouldn’t have open fires in the community.  She says it’s a safety issue and the big concern is people’s health with smoke drifting through neighborhoods.  The bylaw requires approval on two more readings before becoming into effect.

Your Art Work Can Support the Norva Centre.


You’re invited to be part of a Square Foot fundraiser being held at the Northern Visual Art Centre next month.  Summer student Megan Dupas explains anyone can enter the exhibit and auction.  She says you can visit the Norva Centre, pay 25 dollars and they give you a blank canvas.  She adds the canvases are 12 by 12 inches and all you have to do is take it home, get creative, thrown paint on it, sketch on it, try and stretch a photograph over it, but once you’re happy bring it back to the Centre then all of the transformed canvases will get hung and displayed and it will make a unique installation for the exhibit.


The art works will be displayed the last week of September and will be auctioned off Sunday, October 9th starting at 2 pm as a fund raiser to support the Norva Centre.  You can get more information at the Centre on Green Street or their website www.norvacentre.com.  The registration deadline is September 7th.


A Mineral Development Company Had a Good Quarter.


Royal Nickel Corporation has reported its financial results and review of activities for the quarter ended June 30th.


President and CEO Mark Selby reports the quarter was another major step forward for Royal Nickel where they completed acquiring 100 percent control of the Beta Hunt Mine in Australia and completed the acquisition of VMS Ventures and its 30 percent interest in the Reed Mine in the Flin Flon Snow Lake Area.  He says Beta Hunt’s gold production in the quarter surpassed their prior guidance and the Reed Mine operated by Hudbay had a record quarter.  Selby adds with the strong operating results at Reed they expect the contribution and bridge loan balances owed to Hudbay to be zero in the third quarter of next year based on current metal prices.

Students Had a Successful Summer of Finding Jobs.


The Manitoba Youth Job Centre is closing today after a successful summer.  Youth Engagement Officer Carissa Zoerb says it went especially well for the Odd Job Squad for students and youth ages 12 to 16. She explains the Odd Job Squad was quite active in the community participating in the Trout Festival Main Street Days, engaging in many door to door sales and selling food items and providing services to local businesses in the area.  She says with a larger Odd Job Squad than the Centre has seen in a number of years the students were able to stay pretty busy and gained plenty of work experience throughout the summer months.  As well she says students and youth and employers took advantage of the Centre’s other services like the job referral service and resume help.


Zoerb adds many hard working students and youth were placed in casual positions throughout the community over the summer.  The Youth Job Centre will open again in May.

A Question on Tax Bills Was Answered Last Night.


Local resident Bruce Reed questioned Flin Flon City Council on the utility debenture on tax bills.  He says it ranges from 97 to 662 dollars so we all pay a different price for our drink of water.  Administrator Mark Kolt says there are two types of charges with the start up of the new water treatment plant, the capital cost for construction and operating costs.  He says the operating costs are on your utility bill while the construction costs are on your tax bill where Hudbay also shares some of the cost.  That he said is billed out on an assessment basis which has been done on any major construction project so the bills vary as each property in the city has a different value.


Reed says this is not fair as costs should be shared more fairly by all residents.  Councilor Karen MacKinnon says they have lobbied the province to be allowed to use a base tax that everybody pays and would make things more equal but have not received their support.  She asks residents to write to our MLA and the provincial government and lobby for a base tax.


Fire Damaged a Home in Flin Flon Yesterday.


The Flin Flon Fire Department was called to 205 Steventon Boulevard at 1:37 yesterday afternoon.


Fire Chief Chad Cooper says fire crews were met with heavy smoke when they arrived and found the fire burning in the flooring in the basement.  The owner was not home.  He says they saved the home but there is fire damage in the basement and smoke damage on the first floor.

Your Input is Needed at the Museum.

Tom Heine in the redone Museum


A redone display area was officially opened at the Flin Flon Station Museum Sunday afternoon.  The Vice-President of the Museum Board Tom Heine says they want the museum to be a reflection of the community’s history with the important events that have happened here from about 1928 to roughly the 1960s or 70s. He says he wants the museum to become a resource for our community.  He adds it’s nice to have visitors come in and see some of the artifacts of Flin Flon but he thinks it’s an important resource for people to gain an appreciation of what we’ve accomplished here in an isolated community.


Heine urges local residents, especially seniors to visit the Museum and provide information on any of the artifacts they recognize in the displays.  The Museum continues to be open Monday to Friday from 10 to 6 until Labor Day.

It Was a Successful Fund Raiser.


The 17th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run took place Saturday.  One of the organizers Kel Brown says they had a successful ride from Flin Flon to Wanless and back and the Poker Run raised a total of about 22 hundred dollars. He adds it was an excellent day with just ten minutes of rain for the ride, there was a good turnout and lots of support.


The money is split between the winner of the Poker Run and a bursary for a Flin Flon or Creighton high school student with each receiving 11 hundred dollars.

The Creighton Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council or CADAC Centre is Closing on September 30th.


After thirty years of providing services to the community of Creighton the CADAC program will be permanently closing its doors on September 30th.  This follows a joint decision from both the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region senior management and the CADAC Board.  The Health Region’s CEO Andrew Mcletchie says this brings the Creighton community in line with other regional and provincial facilities.  He says the goal is to transition from CADAC covering the services at their own site to the Health Region hiring an addictions counselor and placing that person at Creighton Community Health Services offices and the Health Region starting to deliver the addictions counseling for people in the Creighton area.


People who require assistance are encouraged to contact the Creighton Community Health Services Office at 306-688-8620.

A Dedicated Volunteer Was Honored Yesterday.

Dave Price 


As part of Flinty’s Birthday party Dave Price was inducted into the Flin Flon Station Museum Wall of Honor yesterday afternoon.  The Museum Boards Vice-President Tom Heine spoke on Price’s dedication to the Flin Flon Ski Club and the Precambrian Sailing Club as well as other projects.  He says Dave joined the Flinty Boardwalk Committee in 1998 and was appointed chair in 2005.  He was the coordinator along with Heather Acres and Director of Field Operations of the highly successful Green Project and over 17 years directed local school children and community volunteers spreading limestone in formerly barren areas many of which are now densely forested.


Also on hand was the Senior Director of Business Operations from Hudbay Richard Trudeau who unveiled a rock from Trout Lake Mine labeled with plaques recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Flin Flon ore body discovery now placed in front of the museum.


Richard Trudeau 


Summer Camp Days Were a Success.



Denare Beach Recreation offered Day Camps for 5 to 11 year olds over the summer.  The camps wrapped up on Friday and the camp’s Regan Schneider says they averaged 7 to 9 children per day with the highest number 16. She says she really enjoyed the summer and believes the kids did as well. She says they had many themes including their final week which was timed with the Rio Olympics.  She adds they did lots of arts and crafts and they definitely seemed to enjoy it and it definitely made her day to see the kids happy.


  Other themes included Under the Sea, Camping and Outer Space with swimming, hoop dancing, crafts, science experiments and other activities.

Callinex Has A Stock Offer.


Callinex Mines has granted a total of 1.8 million stock options to officers, directors, consultants and employees of Callinex.  The options were granted for a period of five years expiring on August 8, 2021 and each stock option will allow the holder to purchase a common share of Callinex at an exercise price of 38 cents.


Callinex Mines is focused on discovering and developing copper and zinc rich mines within prolific Canadian VMS mining jurisdictions.  The Company is actively exploring its Pine Bay Project located in the Flin Flon mining district which hosts significant VMS deposits that are within close proximity to a processing facility.  The larger project portfolio hosts three significant zinc rich mineral resources in Eastern Canada.

Training Programs are Needed in the North.


Northern Manitoba stakeholders gathered in Thompson earlier this week to discuss future directions needed for the new labor market transfer agreement to be drawn up by the Canadian government.  Among those attending was Manitoba Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart who says greater training is needed for Northern Manitoba as residents don’t traditionally leave.  He says most northerners want to come back to the north, it’s almost like it’s in your blood and they are very comfortable in the north where a lot of southerners come north and you get a year out of them and then they’re gone and that’s not what we really need in terms of having qualified individuals to do certain things in the north.  He says we need to look at ways to raise your own and train your own.


The labor market transfer agreement will be changed for the first time since 1996 in October.  The main concerns brought to the table were flexibility and gaps in training for the region.



Children Will Be Learning More About Science and Engineering.




The University of Manitoba is again sponsoring a Kidnetic Energy Science and Engineering summer day camp in Flin Flon next week.  University student Stephanie Kozar from Flin Flon told us earlier this summer they will have daily themes at the camp for children 9 to 12 years old. She says they have five new theme days they will be introducing in Flin Flon.  The first is called At The Heart of Science and then they have a Marine Biology Day, Construction Day, Plant and Fungi Day and Friends of Science Day.  She adds they’ll be in Flin Flon from August 15th to 19th at Ecole McIsaac School.            


They have 25 children registered for this years camp.


You can learn more about their camps at their website www.wisekidneticenergy.ca or by calling 1-800-432-1960 extension 9340.

Nominations Are Open for Regional Health Authority Boards.


The Manitoba government has introduced legislation to strengthen regional health authority boards, update the selection processes and adjust board sizes. Rural and northern health authorities will move to 12 from 15 board members.  The province is now accepting nominations of board members who will use their professional experience to guide the provision of health care across the province.


Nominees must be 18 years of age as of the date of appointment, have a strong commitment to improving the health system, to supporting the region and to improving the health of Manitobans, have strong communication skills, have time to prepare and attend board meetings on a regular basis and comply with regional conflict of interest guidelines.


Any resident of Manitoba may nominate a person including themselves for the board of a regional health authority.  Nomination forms are available at local regional health authority offices, community health offices, in regional health facilities of online at www.gov.mb.ca/health/rha/forms.html and are due by September 16th. Appointments are expected by early November.


Workers Have Officially Been Laid Off in Churchill.



Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey reports it’s been two weeks since Omnitrax shut down grain shipments and port workers were officially laid off on Tuesday.  He says the Pallister government has not offered any solutions to save the 2016 shipping season or any support for workers and their families adding they have to assure the people of Churchill the province is actively working with the private sector, including the owner of the railway and port to see the grain elevators re-open this season.


Aside from the long-term concerns Lindsey says many workers also told him when he was in Churchill when the layoffs were first announced they fear they may not be eligible for unemployment assistance because their jobs at the port are seasonal.  He says he has written to the federal government urging them to take immediate action to waive eligibility requirements for employment insurance for workers at the port and on the rail line.  He also urged the provincial and federal governments to find a quick solution for the cutbacks in rail shipments to Churchill and Bayline communities.


Final Preparations are Underway for a Birthday Celebration.



The Flinty Committee is ready to go with Flinty’s 54th birthday party Sunday afternoon.  The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they’ll have the official opening of the redone Museum as well as other events.  She says Hudbay will be there as they’ve put some displays around the yard and they’ll be talking about those things.  She says they will have their teddy bear clinic as well as the usual food including beef on a bun, hot dogs, home fries, juice and birthday cake.


The party will also include the installation of another Flin Flonner on the Wall of Honor and the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation will again have their bubble events.  The party runs from 1 to 4 Sunday afternoon at the Flin Flon Station Museum and if you can help out be there at 9 to help with set up or let them know you can help with the events or clean up.


You Can Still Help Develop a Five Year Plan.


The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation has started setting up their community consultation process.  Their Executive Director Laurence Gillespie says they are developing a five year plan by asking the community what they would like them to do with their programming. He explains they’re still very open to anyone from the community who’d like to submit a proposal about how this consultation process is to be conducted as there’s a broad spectrum of approaches to consulting a community and they’d be very interested in finding someone who’d like to take that in hand and suggest a process for them to follow so they could more effectively gage what the personal views of people are about the FFNRC and the priority they have for them.


If you are interested in being part of the committee you can call Laurence at 204-687-6972, drop into their office above Pharmasave or email ffnrc@mts.net.


Support Continues for the Port of Churchill.


There’s been no answer as to why the Port of Churchill was shut down by Omni Trax last month.  Jim Berschied with the Hudson Bay Route Association says they’ve been meeting with different groups and are looking for a solution to the job cuts and production loss. He says the goal is to educate adding they’ve let them know what the need of the region is from their organization and they’ve worked with municipal organizations to advocate for the Port of Churchill.


Berschied says the Association has met with both the Manitoba and Saskatchewan governments along with the Federal government.  He hopes a resolution will come forward soon.  He also says support has come from different groups across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

All Drivers Are Invited to be Part of a Poker Run.



The 17th annual Steve Ewing Memorial Poker Run will be held Saturday afternoon.  One of the Organizers Kel Brown says all bikes, trucks and cars are welcome.  He says they leave the Gateway at noon and ride down to Wanless and leave there at one with various checkpoints along the way with lunch at Big Island.  He says a portion of the poker run money goes to the bursary for a high school student in Flin Flon or Creighton.


Ghost hands are available at Pharmasave, Eddies or at the Gateway before they leave Saturday.  For information call Kel at 204-687-0102 or email kelvinbrown@sasktel.net.


There is a Fun Week Planned for Kids.


The Pentacostal Church is holding a 5 Day Club Vacation Bible School next week for children 5 to 13 years old.  The Provincial Director of the Child Evangelism Fellowship Jerry Durston says the theme is Facts of Faith.  He says they have a program for kids that will include singing and bible stories with an extra story this year called Whiter Than Snow.  He adds there are prizes and contests for kids where they can receive prizes all week long as they do their lessons.


The Vacation Bible School runs Monday to Friday next week from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. All children are welcome.  There’s no cost and you can register at the Pentacostal Church at 180 Green Street with early registration Monday at 5:30.


Government Cheque Cashing Fees Have Been Set.


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act the Public Utilities Board maintains the maximum rates that may be charged for the cashing of government cheques.  These include the Government of Canada, Province of Manitoba and government agencies listed by regulation including the Manitoba Housing Authority, the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, the Workers Compensation Board and Manitoba Hydro.


With certain exceptions the maximum fee tariff will be the sum of 3 dollars plus 2 percent of the face value of the cheque. Exceptions include for cheques on which a hold is placed and cash not then provided, the maximum charge to be levied will be the lesser of 5 dollars or the sum of 3 dollars and 2 percent of the face value and for cheques cashed with a concurrent requirement that the person purchase goods or services aggregating 10 percent or more of the cheque, no fee may be charged.  Cheque cashers currently charging either no fee or fees less than the allowed maximum are encouraged to continue to do so.


The RCMP Have a Warning for Mushroom and Berry Pickers.


Last week the La Ronge RCMP were advised of two missing mushroom pickers who were located by CASARA searchers the following day following a ground and air search. They are still searching for a mushroom picker who went missing July 18th near Big Sandy Lake.


Northern Saskatchewan members of the RCMP report they are seeing an increase in activity in remote areas due to the mushroom and berry picking season.  The remind anyone venturing out to not go into areas you are unfamiliar with as you can get turned around in large bush areas whether or not there are marked trails, tell someone when and where you are going and when you expect to return, wear proper clothing, take sufficient survival supplies with you and consider getting a satellite device as cellular phones do not work in many of the remote areas.


The Call for Action in The North Continues.

Premier Brian Pallister (L) Chuck Davidson (R)


The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce met with ministers and others Friday to discuss the Port of Churchill.  Their President Chuck Davidson says they repeated a message they have presented for a long time on the need for a northern development strategy which encompasses all the various regions of northern Manitoba including what are the options and how to develop them.  He says he thinks what you’re seeing in Churchill right now is a perfect example or symptom of what happens by not doing this, the result being that the Port of Churchill has been basically closed for the upcoming year which is unfortunate, but what are the long term impacts this is going to have and what are some of the opportunities because there’s a lot of discussion about what those opportunities are but he thinks we need to have a discussion about how it all fits together and what role the Port of Churchill can play for greater economic development in northern Manitoba.


Davidson says they are encouraging the government to have everybody sit down and have a broad discussion because that’s what’s needed to develop that strategy.


Information on Eating Away Illness is Coming to Flin Flon.



Registered Nutritional Consultant and author of two national best sellers Paulette Millis will be in Flin Flon Sunday.  Millis says her session will include healthy snacks and information to help everyone improve their health starting with eating away illness which is theory about how we are going to heal our bodies.  She says everybody is biochemically unique so they want to look at each person individually.  She adds after lunch they’re going to have a presentation she calls Eat Yourself Thin which is about keeping your weight down and being healthy that way and then a discussion on Food on the Run which is about how to eat healthy when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time and then a discussion on Brain Food and they’ll end with a presentation on Trick and Tips for Natural Healing.


The session will be held at the Flin Flon Scout Hall Sunday from 9:30 to 5. You can register by calling Sharon at Big Dipper at 204-687-6072. The 150 dollar registration fee includes the presentation, snacks, lunch and the Eat Away Illness manual.

We Have Used All of Our Resources for this Year.


According to the Global Footprint Network as of today humanity has used up more resources that the earth can generate this year.  The network declared today as this year’s Earth Overshoot Day which is five days earlier than last year and the earliest Overshoot Day yet.


The Network says as the global population grows and consumption rises, we are emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than our oceans and forests can absorb and we are depleting fisheries and harvesting forests more quickly that they can reproduce and regrow.  The Network states when the first Earth Overshoot Day was calculated in 1987 it fell on December 19th.


World Wildlife Fund President David Miller says Canada is fortunate to still have an abundance of renewable natural riches when much of the world no longer does so it’s vital that we take care of these resources so they can continue to take care of us in the future and that’s why WWF Canada works to build solutions to ensure people and nature thrive together.


You Can Have Lunch and Learn More About Manitoba Hydro Wednesday.



Manitoba Hydro’s Flin Flon district office is holding their 12th annual customer appreciation barbeque Wednesday.  Hydro’s Sharon Ricard says there’s going to be reps from Manitoba Hydro North Man, their bucket truck will be there and Louis the Lightening Bug will be there to entertain the children.  She adds there’s going to be giveaways for the children, door prizes and they’ll be feeding people hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks.


The appreciation barbeque runs from 11 to 1:30 Wednesday at the Flin Flon office at 178 Wright Avenue.



The World of Harry Potter is Coming to the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library continues with its summers camps this month.  One of the big features coming up is Harry Potter Week from August 15th to 19th.  One of their summer students Shannah Fisher says they’ll be watching the first three Harry Potter movies on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then the kids will be welcomed at Dogwarts with a hat sorting ceremony and as the week goes on they will be continuing with wizard activities such as wand making, Quidditch playing and potion making. She adds there’s a 20 dollar registration fee and it runs from 11 to 3:30 each day.


You can register now for Harry Potter Week at the Library and for more information on the week and other summer camp days you can call them at 204-687-3397 or visit their website www.flinflonpubliclibrary.ca.


Your Input is Needed on Cottage Fees.



The Manitoba government has put a two year freeze on increases to service fees and Crown land rental fees for cottages in provincial parks.  Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox says cottage fees cover a variety of services including garbage disposal, water and waste water, and road maintenance and cottage owners and associations will be consulted and their input will help shape any future changes.


Rent is based on a percentage of appraised land values.  Service fees are calculated annually based on the cost of delivering the services over the previous season.  With the moratorium in place cottagers in provincial parks will pay the same fees in 2017 and 18 as they did in 2016.


A Concert Will Support a Safe City.


Johnny’s Social Club will be hosting a concert next Saturday, August 13th as part of their spotlight series.  The concert will raise funding to support the local Citizens on Patrol Program.  One of the entertainers Susan Lethbridge says they have a great line up of local talent including Joanna Dauk, Kevin Imrie, Lane Laderoute, Brent Lethbridge, Susan Lethbridge, Collette McKeen, CC Trubiak and Vanessa Unrau.


The concert takes place at Johnny’s Social Club with the doors open at 7 on Saturday, August 13th with tickets 15 dollars at The Orange Toad. The funds raised will be used for the operations needs of the Citizens on Patrol Porgram.


You Can Help With a Birthday Celebration.


The Flinty Committee is preparing to celebrate Flinty’s 54th birthday Sunday August 14th at the Station Museum. The Committee’s Bunny Burke says they can use some help.  She says they need help in the set up as it’s always a massive undertaking to get all of those tents and paraphernalia set up so some good strong manpower would be really good and then at the end of the day the tear down is equally as taxing so help there would be really good.  She adds as far as the actual day goes they can come out and help serving the food and with the activities that will be held this year.


If you can help come down to the Museum Sunday, August 14th at 9 A.M. to help with set up and stay after 4 to help with clean up.

Local Groups Will Benefit from Funding.


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council approved funding for three local groups that applied to the City under the Municipal Funding Program. The city will sponsor the Flin Flon Junior Bomber Hockey Club for the 2016-17 season with a gift in kind of 75 hundred dollars related to the Whitney Forum, the Royal Canadian Legion will receive 25 hundred dollars for Cenotaph landscaping and the Flin Flon Arts Council will receive a gift in kind of $683 plus GST to offset the expense of renting the Community Hall for Culture Days.


In other business Council accepted the Whitney Forum rate schedule for 2016-17 with rates frozen for the year.  Council accepted the Fire Chief report for July indicating three calls including a smoke alarm, bush fire and recovery assistance.  Council approved the payment of 25 dollars to Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers which is ten cents per capita for residents who live in the Saskatchewan part of the city and Councilor Colleen McKee congratulated the organizers and participants in the Roller Goodwin hockey tournament held over the weekend.  She says they have people who play in the tournament who have had connections to the community and they come back and re-connect with the community.

Foul Play is not Suspected in a Death.


At approximately 5:30 Sunday afternoon Flin Flon RCMP were notified of a sudden death in a wooded area behind the Victoria Inn.  The RCMP continue their investigation and no name is being released at this time.  An autopsy has been ordered however a date for the autopsy is unknown at this time.


The RCMP report there is nothing thus far in the investigation to suggest foul play was involved.


A Summer Program for Kids is in its Second Month.


Flin Flon Parks and Recreation’s Summer in the Parks program has completed its first month.  Assistant Supervisor Tristan Barteski says it’s been a fun summer so far and they’ll continue with Nature Week this week starting off with greening with Dave Price and on Thursday they’re going to Bakers Narrows weather permitting to climb the tower with their kids.  He says next week they have Culture Week where they’re going to team up with the Norva Centre again, they’re also going back out to Denare Beach and then they have Sports Week, they’ll be going back to the Norva Centre, they’re going to try out Sally’s Beach and then they’re doing Zumba with Carla and finally they have Holiday Week to end off the summer and they’re going to kick off with some carnival games and happy unbirthday for everyone.


Summer in the Parks runs until August 26th on week day afternoons from 12 to 5 for children 5 to 9 years old.  For information or to register call the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 or 271-3673.

There is Opposition to the Proposed Location of a Dog Park.



Residents of the Riverside Park area wrote to and addressed Flin Flon City Council at last night’s meeting. They stated they are strongly opposed to changing the ball park into a dog park.  Their reasons include increased noise, increased chance of loose dogs, increased traffic on an already narrow road, smell as most people don’t pick up after their dogs and lots of children walk to and from school in the area. They suggested there’s a lot of area on the edge of town considered bush which would be more suitable than a residential neighborhood. 


Mayor Cal Huntley said part of the idea is to give people with dogs an area where they can let them run and they can clean up after them and if they don’t they can be fined like everyone else.  He said the ball park isn’t being used but was told kids play on the neighboring swing set, volleyball court and use the ball diamond for soccer.  Councilor Colleen McKee said they have looked at a lot of spaces and this one was the most cost effective and the fencing which is really expensive is already there.


Mayor Huntley added they haven’t made a final decision but we need a dog park so it’s good to have this input to help them make the best decision for the community.


A Cree Gathering Has Returned to The Pas and OCN.


A Cree Gathering and Unity Run was held yesterday evening at the Arbor Site after a few years break between events.  Runners arrived in The Pas and OCN from throughout Manitoba and were welcomed with a grand entry followed by prayers by elders.  Shorty Lathlin says it originated in 1996 during the time of Chief Francis Flett. He says a Cree Gathering was held on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and at that time there was protocol agreements and a declaration of intent to begin the revival of the Cree people.  He says Cree people were invited from everywhere to come and join them there. Lathlin adds what the Cree Nation Confederacy is is a foundation of a sovereign nation comprised of Cree elders, women, men, youth and children from the various Cree communities from across northern Manitoba.


The Run was followed by a Cree Gathering to spread the word on Traditional History with drum groups.  Six runners from OCN took part in the Run.


First Nations Communities Will Benefit from Improved Internet Service.



Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett reports the federal government is working in partnership with First Nations to improve the quality of life on reserves and in remote and isolated communities.  She announced 4.2 million dollars for the next phase of a project that will support design and planning for an internet network that will bring affordable, dependable, high speed internet to all 63 Manitoba First Nations and 189 other Manitoba communities and municipalities. The work for this phase of the project will be completed in 2016-17 with planning to extend Manitoba Hydro’s existing fibre optic infrastructure to remote communities as a starting point.  Once this extension is completed internet service providers will be able to use this fibre optic infrastructure to deliver internet service at the community level.


Our Recycled Batteries are Helping to Set Records.


The Flin Flon Recycling Center continues to collect used dry cell batteries which are sent to Call 2 Recycle Canada for recycling.  Call 2 Recycle reports a record 3.3 million kilograms or 7.3 million pounds of single use and rechargeable batteries were recycled across North America by the mid year mark, an increase of 20 percent over the same period last year.  Flin Flon Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard says battery recycling is going well here.  She says this year they’ve recycled about 163 kilograms or 359 pounds of batteries from their site up a little from last year which was 159 and 350 so it’s good to seen the increase and they definitely encourage people to continue to send their batteries to them in a separate bag or box so they can find them easily.


In Canada collections rose 24 percent resulting in 1.4 million kilograms or 3.2 million pounds while Manitoba saw a significant increase with collections up 52 percent from last year.


Plans Are Developing For the Snow Lake Area.



In their second quarter financial report Hudbay reports ore produced in the Manitoba mines during the quarter were fairly consistent with the first quarter. Copper grades were higher at Reed as a result of the stopes mined while they expect zinc grades at both Triple Seven and Lalor to increase throughout the balance of the year.  President Alan Hair says at Lalor they completed the 11 thousand meter drill program at the end of June which will form the basis for an updated plan for mining and processing in the Snow Lake area.  He says they are continuing to work on completing an updated technical report incorporating a new mine land with the integration of the New Britannia gold mill which they expect to finalize by late 2016 or early 2017. He says they believe New Britannia will substantially increased the gold recoveries which together with the results from the gold zone drill program will provide an opportunity to realize value through a potential precious metal streaming transaction if copper prices don’t improve in the near future.


Hair adds their priority for the remainder of the year is to optimize the business and generate cash flow from their operations in this current metal prices environment.



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