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A Lot of People Had a Great Weekend of Music and Socializing.

The Blueberry Jam Music Gathering wrapped up Sunday night after three days of music at the Flin Flon Camp Ground.  Committee Chair Colleen Arnold said it was a fabulous weekend with a lot of work by the committee and musicians…..


“It was absolutely fantastic music, great musicians.  We were very pleased with the turnout.  Friday the diehards came out, we are Flin Flonners, we know we won’t melt so we aren’t scared of a little rain so we still had about 634 come out on Friday and then Saturday when the weather cleared up there was over 1700 adults came to that and in total we had over the weekend 3970 in attendance, 712 of those were youth and everybody had a fabulous time and enjoyed the music so much, there were so many fabulous entertainers and it was a great weekend.”


You can see highlights of the weekend on the Flin Flon Blueberry Jam Facebook page.

Fishing is getting a whole lot better in northern Manitoba.

The Pas Fish Enhancement committee has been hard at work stocking the gravel pits north of Clear Water Lake with rainbow trout.


The waters that were stocked are Spruce pond, Cedar pond and Pine pond.  Signs have been placed leading the way as you follow along highway 10 north of town.


The process to get the ponds stocked has been quite involved according to the Committee’s Al McLauchlan.


He explained their Chairperson Devon and some other volunteers went out over the winter time to check oxygen levels on different pits and ponds north of The Pas to determine which ones were feasible for over wintering the fish.



The stocking was done in cooperation with Natural Resources and the Northern Fish Stocking program.

The Canadian Government is Investing in the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages.

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez recently announced 11.1 million dollars in funding over this year and next to support the efforts of Indigenous communities and organizations in Saskatchewan to reclaim, revitalize, maintain and strengthen Indigenous languages.  The funding will increase the number of community driven activities that will allow language learning activities to take place, including language instruction, language nests, language and culture camps, language development and translation, mentor apprentice programs and language training for instructors.  The investment will also allow for the development of multimedia resources, dictionaries, online/digital language training and strategic language plans.       


Rodriguez adds the investment will support Indigenous People in building the next generation of speakers of Indigenous languages.

The federal minister for Northern Affairs was in Thompson last week to announce over 2.3 million dollars that will go towards seven community projects in the north.

Dan Vandal made the announcement at the grand opening of the new PrairiesCan service office in Thompson.


One of the projects is getting 364 thousand dollars for the Thompson Community Development Corporation which will go towards the winter weather testing sector through the government’s Community Economic Development and Diversification program.


Additionally CEDF is getting 100 thousand dollars to deliver digital training to tourism businesses in Thompson, Flin Flon, and The Pas.


Also UCN is receiving over 380 thousand dollars to construct outdoor Indigenous gathering spaces at its campuses in Thompson and The Pas.



Mobile Wireless and Internet Access Will Improve for Some Northern Manitoba Communities.

The CRTC has announced ten projects will receive up to 20.5 million dollars from the Broadband Fund.  The projects will support the rollout of fourth generation, also known as LTE or LTE-A mobile wireless access along 425 kilometers of roads and highways in Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. They will also support improved Internet and mobile wireless access in 35 communities.


In Manitoba Bell Canada will receive 863 thousand dollars to improve download speeds from 10 to 1500 and upload speeds from 10 to 940 mega bytes per second with unlimited data in two communities with 600 household in Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake.  Bell Mobility will receive 487 thousand dollars for LTE-A mobile wireless access with unlimited data along 20 kilometers of road in Camperville.


Prior to receiving funding recipients must complete a statement of work setting out details of each project which must be approved by the CRTC and construction for most projects will start late this year or early 2023.

Thompson will be the focal point of an upcoming conference focused on winter weather testing and alternative fuel.

The Thompson Community Development Corporation’s executive director, Connie Krahenbil, shares what the Ready, Set, Test conference in Winnipeg and Thompson will entail.......


“We’ve got some networking, meet and greet, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, a full day of engaging speakers and we have break out sessions and lots of opportunities to network among all the people attending  and then we’ll jump into Thompson and that where we’ll look at opportunities to fly with Calm Air helping us to manage that and we’ll have some of our testing to visit, visit some of our infrastructure, we’ll enjoy a traditional feast with some entertainment and we  hope to have a show for our visitors who come and visit the north.”


The conference was made possible through a partnership with Sub Zero North and Transport Canada and will be held in mid-November.


Reported Cases of COVID-19 are Up a Bit in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 257 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of July 24th to 30th an increase from 242 in the previous week.  Winnipeg reported 137 new cases followed by the Northern health region with 47 down from 50 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests increased to on average 278 people tested per day compared to 269 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 17.9 percent an increase from 17.1 percent the previous week.  There were 53 hospital admissions up from 45 the previous week with 7 ICU admissions down from 8 the previous week.


Saskatchewan issues its next monthly report on August 18th.

Praise was Part of the Flin Flon City Council Meeting Tuesday Night.

Council received a letter from the Manitoba Wildfire Service Aviation Services Fire Operations Manager Travis Smelski. He noted the excellent service they and their out of provinces resources received during the time of increased fire load in our area of the province.  He explained in the past couple of weeks they have used our airport with the provinces water bombers and also basing a Northwest Territories group that they brought in to assist with fires.  He added your staff goes above and beyond when any of the aircraft arrive at your facility. In expressing thanks to the airport staff Mayor Cal Huntley stated even though we know about the quality of service our staff provides it’s always great to get it confirmed from an outside source.


Councillor Tim Babcock had praise for all involved in completing the upgrades at the Whitney Forum including the installation of the new scoreboard in time for the Roller Goodwin Hockey Tournament this past weekend.


And all Council encouraged people to get out to the Blueberry Jam Music Gathering this coming weekend.  Councillor Ken Pawlachuk noted the amount of work that goes into organizing the event and mentioned the large number of people who have volunteered to help out over the three days.  Anyone still interested in volunteering can contact the Flin Flon Arts Council.

The Arctic Gateway Group is receiving up to 147.6 Million Dollars to Support a Rail Line.

Up to 60 million dollars is coming from the federal government on top of its existing support and up to 73.8 million from the province over two years to support operations and upgrades to the Hudson Bay Railway owned and operated by the Group.  Federal Minister of Northern Affairs Dan Vandal explains the importance of the rail line from The Pas to Churchill…..


“It is critical to connect people of northern Manitoba, it is the only affordable year round all weather mode of transportation available to passengers and freight to access the numerous northern Manitoba Bayline communities.  The railway is essential to supply chains, to local food security and is essential for small businesses and tourism operators because it brings people to Churchill from all around the world.”


Churchill Mayor and Chair of the Arctic Gateway Group which is a partnership between 41 First Nation and Bayline communities Mike Spence stated this advances their vision to restore a true Arctic gateway and northern trade corridor through Canada’s only rail connected deep sea Arctic port.


A Reduced Speed Bylaw is in Effect.

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council passed on final reading their Reduced Speeding Bylaw.  The bylaw will officially establish a speed limit of 50 kilometers an hour for vehicles on Provincial Trunk Highway 10A on the portion of the highway from where Highway 10 crosses Highway 10A at the turn off below Walmart to the junction of Green Street and Highway 10A. It had never been officially designated a 50 zone.


Council received an application for Municipal Funding for a Community Garden addition. The Community Group requested 15 hundred dollars for their project. The application notes the project is to build a beautiful and pleasing fence to highlight the community garden area and to define the space from the broader area of the Rotary Park.  They explain Community Gardens are well known for providing space for neighbors to grow fresh healthy food close to home. But beyond improving food access community gardens provide the space for powerful neighborhood level social change adding when a group of people join together to organize, build and manage a community garden they bring an impressive array of benefits to their community.  The request was referred to the Finance Committee.

A Massive Music Event Will Take You Through the Coming Weekend.

Flin Flon’s Blueberry Jam Music Gathering happens this weekend.  Committee Chair Colleen Arnold has highlights…….


“This year we’re going to have two outdoor stages active on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening.  One is the new outdoor stage in front of the Station Museum called the Museum Stage and the other is the familiar Campground Stage.  We won’t be having anything at the Rotary Wheel this year and on Sunday only the Campground Stage will be active.  We don’t have any capacity limits this year and there won’t be any admission charge or tickets but wrist bands will be given out at the gate to record overall numbers.  Also once again this year Rotary will be having a beer garden and some food vendors, Creighton’s Pizza will be there as well as a few other vendors so come out and enjoy a great weekend.”


The Music Gathering takes place at the Flin Flon Campground, Friday from 4:30 to 10 and Saturday from 2:30 to 9 on the Museum Stage and Friday from 5 to 12, Saturday from 2:30 to 12 and Sunday from 11 to 8:30 on the Campground stage. A shuttle service will be available to provide transportation from the former Extra Foods across the highway to the stage area.


A Home Providing Support to Many Northern Manitoba Families Continues Plans For Expansion With a Major Gift.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba is excited to announce the new McCain Cares Kitchen partnership with major supporter and RMHC national funding partner McCain Foods. This includes a gift of one million dollars in support of RMHC Manitoba’s Capital Campaign to build a new Ronald McDonald House growing from 11 thousand square feet to 48 thousand square feet and from 14 to 40 bedrooms with private washrooms, two kitchens to support meal programs, multipurpose rooms, specialty suites to serve bone marrow and organ transplant patients, secure parking and indoor and outdoor play areas.


RMHC Manitoba provides a home away from home for critically ill and seriously injured children and their families.  In 2021 they supported 866 families with essential services, provided 3892 nights of accommodation and saved Winnipeg and rural Manitoba families an estimated one million dollars in costly out of pocket expenses. Construction is well underway and the new Ronald McDonald House will open this summer.

Battery Electric Equipment is Heading for McIlvenna Bay.

Foran Mining Corporation has reached an agreement with Sandvik to supply initial underground equipment for development at its McIlvenna Bay Project 65 kilometers west of Flin Flon.  The initial equipment order includes battery electric underground drills, trucks and loaders that will be used for the mine’s development and production activities.  As part of the agreement Sandvik will provide and maintain all batteries through a service agreement and will support the Foran maintenance team through embedded OEM battery and equipment technicians.


Chief Operating Officer for Foran Dave Bernier stated utilizing battery electric equipment with semi and fully autonomous capabilities can help them achieve their carbon neutral targets and provide a safe working environment which is part of their Net Positive Business Strategy as they look to deliver critical metals essential for global decarbonization in a responsible and social empowering way.


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