Local News Archives for 2022-10

Its Time to Fill Shoe Boxes With Gifts.

Operation Christmas Child is again underway in the Flin Flon Area.  The Alliance Church is the coordinator and Pastor Reg Friesen is asking you to fill shoe boxes for children in countries where there is war, natural disasters and famine….

“There’s a box you can pick up at the Dollar Store and you can put that together.  It just folds together and you put stuff in there, gifts, necessities and we’re sending them to kids that a lot of times they’ve never even gotten a Christmas gift, this may be their only Christmas gift so you can put it into a plastic box and all the instructions are at the Dollar Store.  They have a kit there where you can get the box or you can get the pamphlet that has the instructions, what kind of things you can put in there.  There’s no better time in history to make a difference in a child’s life.  These boxes are going to go to remote places and we are blessed to be a blessing, that’s really what we are thinking about here.”           

Boxes can be picked up at the Dollar Store and returned there by 6 pm on November 12th.


Lions Clubs Like All Organizations Need to Grow.

The Flin Flon Lions Club held their annual Charter and Awards Night last week.  District Governor Dwayne Moncur from the Birtle Lions Club spoke on International President Brian Sheehan’s theme Together We Can noting Lions Clubs have to grow by getting the younger generation involved. He spoke on a major Manitoba fund raiser that raised money even when it didn’t take place last year….


“The Journey for Sight is the largest fund raiser for the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  The total last year was just over 33thousand dollars. 14 and a half thousand of that was raffle tickets that was held and there were 11 Lions Clubs that donation 83 hundred dollars and add in various pledges and what not.  As a general rule of thumb when the ride takes place and the tickets are sold and the pledges come in it will be anywhere from 75 to 80 thousand dollars a year.”           


The snowmobile Journey from Flin Flon to Brandon will be back with a date yet to be set.             

Moncur presented the highest award for Lions the Melvin Jones Fellowship to Janice Cassidy, Ken and Kristina Tetreault received Hope Medals from the Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, Wayne Streamer received a 50 year service award and Nancy Collacot was inducted as a new member of the Lions Club.

Flin Flon Joins Other Northern Airports in Receiving Funding.

The Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra has announced the Government of Canada is making important investments in local and regional airports in Manitoba.  Through Transport Canada’s Airports Capital Assistance Program 15 airports will receive over 5.1 million dollars for projects that will help maintain safe airport operations for passengers, crew and airport workers.


From the total Flin Flon airport will receive just over 6 thousand dollars to purchase a runway friction tester, 438 thousand dollars to purchase a grader and just over 90 thousand to replace runway approach lighting.  The Pas Grace Lake airport receives 234 thousand to purchase a loader mounted snow blower and Thompson airport just under 359 thousand to purchase a snow plow.


The Music of Ireland is Coming to Flin Flon.

The Flin Flon Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt has announced the Cathy Jordan and the Crankie Island Song Project are on their way to Flin Flon for two shows next week…..


“They’re an internationally acclaimed Irish Band and they are going to be coming with their whole band plus Crankies which is the fun old fashioned movie kind of technology.  Cathy Jordan is well known all around Europe and Flin Flon is going to be one of their stops.  There are going to be two shows, one at the Community Hall on Thursday November 3rd which is the big show with all the Crankies and the other one on the Friday is going to be a more intimate show at Johnny’s.”


You can get tickets at the Uptown Emporium or you can go online at www.flinflonartscouncil.ca.

Requests Were Referred by Creighton Town Council.

At their meeting earlier this week Creighton Town Council reported they have received a request from Flin Flon Minor Hockey regarding sponsorship towards operations for the 2022-23 season.  The request has been referred to the General Government Services Committee.  They also have received a request from Northern Growing Abilities for Public Works Services to level off a section of their property a 433 First Street West.  That request was referred to the Transportation Utility Services and Landfill Committee.


Alderman Grant made a motion to submit the Sportex upgrade application to the Investing in Canada Program for the second intake which was carried.  The Town had previously applied and were turned down and are hoping for better luck this time.  Mayor Fidler stated the Sportex is in need of a number of upgrades.


New COVID-19 Cases are Down Again in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 362 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of October 16th to 22nd a decrease from 402 in the previous week.  The Winnipeg region reported the largest number of new cases at 199 with the Northern health region reporting the lowest at 13 down one from the previous week.  The volume of lab tests was on average 297 people tested per day a slight decrease from 304 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 24 percent a decrease from 29.6 percent in the previous week.  There were 100 hospital admissions a slight decrease from 103 with 16 ICU admissions up from 14 the previous week.  As of October 22nd 78 percent of Manitobans have received at least two vaccine doses while 19 percent have received at least one dose within the last six months.

Staffing is a Priority for This Health Region.

The Northern Health Region Held Its Annual General Meeting Yesterday Covering The Year Ending in March of This Year. CEO Helga Bryant says they are working to prevent bed closures that occurred over the year due to staffing shortages….. 


“Being an employer of choice it’s always a challenge when you’re in a time of 20 to 30 to 40 percent vacancy rate depending on the area and it is certainly one of our major goals.  We can’t provide patient care without having staff to fill those positions.  Staff are out most precious resource and we work absolutely diligently to fill those vacancies and do that in an environment of a global shortage and trying to recruit to northern Manitoba.”


Bryant also outlined lessons learned from COVID including the advantages of virtual care, the use of Primary Care reducing the need for emergency room visits and the Region’s partnership with the provincial Shared Health who are now aware of the challenges facing health care in the north. She praised staff at hospitals in the Region in handling the challenges with the number of patients in emergency rooms and hospitals.  The Regions annual report is available by visiting www.northernhealthregion.com.


Finances and Sports Were Part of the School Board Meeting.

At their meeting this past Tuesday the Flin Flon School Division Board of Trustees passed a motion to approve as presented the audited statements for the 2021-22 school year and that the audited financial statements once approved by the Board and signed by the Auditors be forwarded to the Education Funding Grants by the deadline this month.  They also agreed to approve the potential purchase of lots for additional parking for up to 15 thousand dollars.  The potential lots stem from tax sale properties near Ruth Betts.


The Board also received thanks from the Hapnot Collegiate girl’s soccer team represented by Mackenzie.  The Provincial Varsity Soccer Championships played out of town allowed the team and our community to experience playing the game at the next level.  The girls had a tremendous time bonding as a team and meeting other soccer players from the province. 


As this was the last meeting of the current Board, Chair Leslie Fernandes thanked the leaving members for their dedication to the Division over the past years.  The remaining Board looks forward to working with the new members saying don’t be afraid to make change and keep an open mind.



1322 or 32 Percent of Eligible Voters in Flin Flon Cast Ballots Yesterday to Elect a Mayor and Six City Councillors for Four Year Terms.

Elected Mayor was George Fontaine with 551 votes over two other candidates Tim Babcock with 423 and Leslie Beck with 340.  Mayor Cal Huntley did not seek re-election.


Six of the nine candidates running were elected to City Council including Steve Lytwyn with 1,033 votes, Alison Dallas Funk with 952, Mike Slipp 938, Bill Hanson 781, Judy Eagle 763 and Heather Richardson 748.

The three other candidates were Roger Siemens with 577, Vair Ellison 562 and Ted Highfield 373.


The new Council’s first meeting is on Tuesday.

Flin Flon Voters are Heading to the Polling Stations Today.

Today is Election Day for Mayor and six City Councillors in Flin Flon.  There are three candidates running for Mayor and nine to fill six seats on City Council from this November to November 2026.  All eleven polling stations are located in City Hall Council Chambers at 20 First Avenue and they will be open until 8 o’clock tonight.  Mobile voting is taking place at the Flin Flon General Hospital, Rotary Court, Legion Housing and Heritage Housing.  Remember you may be asked to produce one piece of government issued photo identification such as a drivers license or passport or at least two other documents that provide proof of identification.


We’ll have reports on the results sometime after nine tonight.

You Can Head Back to the Hapnot Collegiate Cinema Friday Night for a Free Film.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a top film Friday Night.  The groups Colin Davis says they’re glad to announce that Friday Movie Nights are back at the Hapnot Cinema…..


“COVID had shut us down for two and a half years but now we’re back and we are going to be starting our season off on October 28th with the cult classic Being There starring Peter Sellers.  Many have said that this was Peter Sellers best film and it certainly is a film that we know our viewers will enjoy.  Sellers plays the role of Chance, a Forrest Gump like simpleton whose simple ramblings get misinterpreted as the words of a insightful genius.  We highly recommend that if you’re free on October 28th that you come by the Hapnot Cinema.  Doors will open at 7:00pm and our feature will start at 7:30 pm.”


Davis adds snacks will be available at the door and as always admission is free.

A Cranberry Portage Project Has Received Provincial Funding.

The Manitoba government is investing 3.2 million dollars in 38 new projects under the Teachers Idea Fund.  Education Minister Wayne Ewasko explained this Fund provides teachers, staff and school leaders with the resources needed to develop innovative projects that support high quality learning and positive outcomes for their students.  Frontier School Division is receiving 61 thousand dollars for their Cranberry Portage Community Garden Project.


To date the Teachers Idea Fund has approved 162 projects in 29 school divisions for total funding of 11 million dollars targeting learning supports, models of teaching and learning, mental health and well being, transitions in kindergarten to grade twelve education and engaging families and parents.


Two Organizations Will Benefit from a Small Grants Program.

The Flin Flon Credit Union has announced the Fall 2022 recipients of its Community Enrichment Program small grants.  The 4 thousand dollars provided this season is in addition to the 12,900 dollars that was granted this spring to eight different community programs.


Community Futures Greenstone received 25 hundred dollars to assist with their Build a Better Non-Profit Workshop.  This full day workshop will cover basic board governance, the roles and responsibilities of board members as well as fundraising strategies that local groups can use to improve their financial results.


The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA was the other recipient of a grant as they received 15 hundred dollars to assist with the capital cost of replacing and increasing the number of dog beds to assist with the high volume of animals saved by the organization over their many years of operation.


The Credit Union encourages people to look at their grant program to assist with their next project or event.  Since its inception in 2020 the program has provided 30 thousand dollars in grants to local organizations.  Details on the program as well as the application form are available at www.ffcu.ca.

The SPCA Continues to Move Forward with Projects Even as Cash Donations Drop Off.

At the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA annual meeting last week President Heather Richardson noted their mission is to rescue the mistreated, save the injured and love the abandoned.  She said they will have to do some creative fundraising over the next several years as cash donations have majorly dropped off, they have less than half the donations this year compared to all other years in the recent past and their fundraisers are no longer selling out as money becomes tighter for families understandably.  Future plans include the roof extension for their small pen to provide shade for dogs in the summer and keep snow from piling up in front of the door, an isolation room for the animals that first come into their care, funding for their new Bear Paws Bin came in from the Lions Club and they are looking at switching their pens from chain link to Plexiglas or some other solid material as the chain link is starting to rust again.


Treasurer Amanda Gauthier reported the cost to keep the shelter running is approximately 150 thousand dollars a year with their largest expenses wages and veterinary care. She says they continue to operate due to the generosity of our communities, their hard working staff, volunteers and board members over the years.


Operation Red Nose Returns to the Flin Flon Area for the Christmas Season.

Operation Red Nose Chair for the Rotary Club of Flin Flon Ted Hewitt has announced Kory Eastman as Honorary Chairperson for this year’s campaign. Eastman encourages you to use the service….


“I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to bring Operation Red Nose back this holiday season.  It helps to get people home safe in their own vehicle once they’ve had a bit too much holiday spirit.  It is a free service although donations are accepted gratefully and proceeds from these donations go to your local sports programming, so we just ask everyone to include Operation Red Nose in their plans this season or maybe find out how much fun it is to volunteer one night and help keep your community a little bit safer.”


Operation Red Nose will be available November 26th, December 2nd and 3rd, 9th and 10th, 16th and 17th, 23rd and 31st.

You Can Nominate a Teacher For a Special Award.

All Manitobans are invited to nominate a deserving educator for a Manitoba Excellence in Education Award.  The province is now accepting nominations for outstanding achievement by educators in five categories including teaching excellence, outstanding new teacher, outstanding team collaboration, outstanding school leader and Premier’s award for excellence in education.


Nominations can be made by parents, students, school trustees, fellow teachers, schools and school division administrators by the December 2nd deadline.  All nominees must be educators who hold a valid permanent Manitoba teaching certificate and must also work directly with kindergarten to grade twelve students in a school setting on a daily basis. More information and nomination forms are available by searching Manitoba Excellence in Education Award.  Each recipient receives 500 dollars and a framed certificate of recognition.

Child advocates are calling for urgent action as its recently released report indicates the top ten threats to childhood.

Children First Canada says one-third of kids in the country aren’t experiencing a safe and healthy childhood, with some of the tops reasons being poor mental health, food insecurity, systemic racism, child abuse, and climate change.


The non-profit’s Stephanie Mitton outlines the three things policy makers can implement to better protect children in Canada......


“Number one is a commissioner for children and youth.  This would help in developing a policy lens for children on policy legislative decisions being made federally.  Second is a children’s budget, where’s the money going, is it enough, is it being spent in the right places and the third is a national plan of action.  When Canada was getting better years ago in terms some of these readings Canada had a national plan of action so we need something like that in order to have a plan of what are the issues we’re going to focus on, what are the interventions we’re going to do and how are we going to measure that those are the right things and that we are making a difference.”           


The report adds the government needs to create transparency and accountability on federal expenditures related to children and youth.

A Variety of Fire Incidents Were Reported to the Fire Department in September.

At the Flin Flon City Council meeting Tuesday night Council received the Fire Chiefs report for September.  It indicated six calls during the month.  On the 1st they were called to Tamarack after receiving a report of people possibly lighting things on fire but no fire was found.  On the 11th they quickly extinguished a fire reported in the bush behind Legion housing.   On the 12th they were called to alarms sounding at McIsaac School finding the alarms had been set off accidently by workers.  On the 13th they were called to a report of smoke in the bush on South Main and found a neighbor had a fire pit that wasn’t registered. The owner was told to have it inspected before using again.  On the 14th they quickly put a fire reported under the stairs of a home on Main Street and later that day they had a report of someone lighting brush beside a fence on Hill Street which they were able to contain with minimal damage. The Fire Department took training in cold weather fire fighting and winter water rescue.


Three Bylaws Facing Opposition Received Different Action Last Night.

After passing on first and second reading a bylaw to rezone the property that includes the Joe Brain Children’s Petting Zoo from Parks and Recreation to Multiple Family Dwelling was not included for final reading at last night’s Flin Flon City Council Meeting.  A large group of residents attended Council’s previous meeting to express their concerns on the future of the zoo. The bylaw will not return to Council for about a month while they go through the process required under the Planning Act.


Mayor Cal Hundley advised the meeting that the final reading of the proposed Rental Housing Bylaw has been deferred to the new Council.  Several landlords at the meeting expressed their concerns about the requirements they have to meet under the bylaw noting better communications must come from Council before a bylaw like this is passed.  Huntley pointed out the bylaw is designed to provide a certain quality of accommodation.


 Council passed on first reading at their last meeting a Museum Bylaw outlining the formation and responsibilities of the Museum Board and the City at the Flin Flon Station Museum. The Board requested that the Bylaw be tabled until January as many aspects in it are not applicable to the operation of the Museum.  They added there was no consultation with the current Museum Board before the proposed Bylaw was read on October 4th and no recognition or consideration was given for a draft bylaw requested from the Museum Board by the City submitted to Council on September 15th. Mayor Huntley advised the Museum Board is a committee of the City of Flin Flon and the idea is to have consistency for all their committees.  The bylaw was passed on final reading.

A New Campaign Was Recently Launched in Saskatchewan to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Medication Misuse.

The Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan launched a public awareness campaign to address the harmful effects of medication misuse.  The province wide campaign encourages residents to return all unused and expired medication to a local pharmacy.


Association CEO Michael Fougere states most prescription medications can be dangerous if not taken as directed or if taken by someone other than the intended patient adding medications that are safe for adults may in fact be fatal to children, pets or even seniors. Across the country medication return programs have proven to be a safe way of removing these medicines from homes reducing the opportunity for others to find and intentionally use or accidently take the unused medicine.


Fougere adds pharmacists play a vital role in counseling patients on the use of medication and they are located in more than 125 communities right across the province so it makes sense that these medications be taken back to pharmacies for safe disposal.

You Can Cast Your Ballot in Advance Tomorrow.

Advance voting in being held in Flin Flon tomorrow to elect a Mayor and six City Councillors for those unable to vote on Election Day.  There are three candidates running for Mayor and nine to fill the six seats on Council from this November to November 2026.  The Advance Poll is open tomorrow from 8 am to 8 pm in Flin Flon City Council Chambers at 20 First Avenue.  Remember you may be asked to produce one piece of government issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport or at least two other documents that provide proof of identification.


Election Day is October 26th with all eleven polling stations located in City Council Chambers open from 8 am to 8 pm. You can question the three candidates for Mayor during a CFAR Candidates Phone in Show Monday afternoon at 5:15

Culture Days Wrapped Up in Flin Flon Sunday.

Coordinator Crystal Kolt says the month long event was a great success….


“We ended up having twice as many events as last year and a lot of them because we were so excited to offer school events through Flin Flon School Division and we were able to have so many in person events which we were very very grateful to have between the Library to NorVa to the Community Hall to the Schools and so I think it was a huge success and I’m just really grateful to Hudbay to have supported us again this year and all the public for attending all the events.”


Culture Days began on September 24th with a pancake breakfast and the Wild Things Market with a month of events wrapping up Sunday with Pictures at an Exhibition with Mark Kolt and local art as well as art from Ukraine.

Training in Flin Flon Will Contribute to the Future of the Mining Industry and Health Care.

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson was in Flin Flon Friday.  She said it’s important to be here in the community to discuss the challenges being faced with the closing of Hudbay….


“I think part of it is getting here and listening to people in the community and seeing what some of those challenges are with respect to this kind of transition of phase on things.  I do think that there are huge opportunities for Flin Flon and the surrounding communities moving forward.  That doesn’t necessarily happen today, these things take some time obviously in this industry and so we’re here to help.  Again it’s listening and learning and understanding what some of those challenges are and working with you.”


Stefanson added some of the challenges in mining and health care can be met with training programs like those being offered at the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy and nurses training at UCN which she visited while here in Flin Flon.


A Major Grant Will Support Northern Art.

The Flin Flon Arts Council has been awarded a grant of 250 thousand dollars from the Canada Council for the Arts Strategic Innovation Fund.  It will grow the network of artists supported by the ImagiNorthern Strategy and digital infrastructure using the Uptown Emporium Model in Flin Flon.


A release notes the Uptown Emporium began by networking with local artists leading to the development of the online platform and is now an e-commerce site, physical storefront, photography centre and drop-shipping warehouse.  With representation from Flin Flon, Churchill, Thompson, The Pas and other communities the ImagiNorthern network is driving a unified arts agenda in northern Manitoba. With the Uptown Emporium as a working model the long term strategy will see physical depots established in a number of northern communities.  They note supported by a network of northern champions this project is acting as a conduit between our arts, culture, tourism, economic and small business sectors.

Creighton RCMP have warned of increased reports of crime in their detachment area.

 There have been 15 break and enters, 2 robberies, 5 motor vehicle thefts with an additional three attempted motor vehicle thefts, 3 break and enters involving theft of firearms and 1 arson in Denare Beach and Creighton areas reported to police since October 1 with the majority being reported last week. Initial investigation has determined some of these incidents may be connected. They are actively investigating and working to arrest those responsible for these crimes. No charges have been laid at this time. 

A second fire was reported to police shortly before 8:00 Friday night. A deceased person was located inside a residence on Spruce Street in Denare Beach by Creighton Fire Department. Creighton RCMP will continue to work with the Saskatchewan Coroners Service to determine if the death is considered suspicious in nature. Investigators are also working to determine whether this fire is connected to previously reported incidents and are working with fire investigators from Saskatchewan Public Safety Association to determine the cause. 

Sgt. Kelly Dinsdale, Creighton RCMP Detachment Commander is asking members of the public to ensure their residences, outbuildings and vehicles are locked. They are actively investigating these incidents and to assist with their investigation, they are asking the public to please report all suspicious persons or activity to police immediately.

You Can Help the Food Bank as a Support Campaign Continues All This Month.

Northland Ford in Flin Flon is again supporting the Lords Bounty Food Bank with their annual Scare the Hunger Campaign.  Marketing and Events Coordinator Mike Slipp says the campaign has been a great success in the past…..


“It was enough food for eleven months that was collected last year.  That’s 82 hundred meals, that’s 14 hundred families and it was 29 hundred people, that’s incredible so thanks to everybody who donated last year but of course we need to do it again this year so we started the campaign.  You can bring your donations down to Northland Ford or if you can’t make it for whatever reason we’ll be happy to come get it from you just give the dealership a call and we’ll come pick it up.”


Slipp adds a lot of donations come from the schools so you can also donate through the schools again this year with students bringing information home.  They will also be at the Bomber game on October 28th. The Scare the hunger Campaign runs until the end of the month.


The Premier is in Flin Flon For Part of Today.



Premier Heather Stefanson and Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen are in northern Manitoba with stops in Churchill, Thompson and Flin Flon.  They are promoting jobs, tourism and economic opportunities with Indigenous leaders, local officials, business, industry and tourism partners and community members.

 In Flin Flon later today they will meet with local officials, health system and post secondary leadership and students at the University College of the North to tour the nurse training facility.  They will also meet with the leadership of the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy and will meet with members of the arts and culture community to promote the new 100 million dollar Arts, Culture and Sport in Community Fund and to discuss how the province can support the growth in this sector in the north.


New COVID-19 Cases Have Again Gone Up a Bit in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 341 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the week of October 2nd to 8th a slight increase from 305 in the previous week.  The Winnipeg region reported the largest number at 213 with the lowest number 15 in the Northern health region down from 17 in the previous week. The volume of lab tests was on average 284 people per day a slight decrease from 303 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 24.1 percent a slight increase from 23.4 percent in the previous week.  There were 73 hospital admissions a slight decrease from 77 admissions and 14 ICU admissions a slight increase from 13 in the previous week.


Manitoba Health is now expanding eligibility for the bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine to include anyone aged 12 or older. Adults may receive either a Moderna or a Pfizer bivalent booster dose. Children aged 12 to 17 will receive the Pfizer bivalent vaccine because it is the only one approved for that age group. It is expected to be at most vaccine locations by Oct. 24.


Creighton RCMP are Investigating the Sudden Death of a Woman from Flin Flon.

On Thursday, Oct. 6 at approximately 10:30 a.m., Flin Flon RCMP received the report from a member of the public who located a 24-year-old female in medical distress at the Phantom Lake golf course. Officers from the Creighton RCMP Detachment immediately responded as the area was in their jurisdiction.  The woman was declared deceased on scene by EMS and has been identified as Tristan Jobb of Flin Flon. Her next of kin have been notified. 

An autopsy has been ordered and completed by the Saskatchewan Coroners Service to investigate the cause of her death. The investigation is still ongoing as police await the results of the toxicology and examine evidence gathered from the scene to determine the circumstances of her death. Investigators are releasing the deceased’s name as they are asking the public to report any sightings or interactions with Tristan Jobb on October 5.  

Information can be reported to the Creighton RCMP detachment by calling 306-688-8888 or their local police service. Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or www.saskcrimestoppers.com.

Culture Days Wrap Up in Flin Flon This Weekend.

Coordinator Crystal Kolt says the final weekend of Culture Days includes three events people will enjoy….


“One is soap making with Sophia Charuk from the Uptown Emporium and that one you have to reserve a spot so you can call the Uptown Emporium at 687-4913 just in time for a special Christmas gift for somebody and then also we’ve glued this with Culture Days because it’s such a fun cultural event, the SPCA is having a fund raiser on Saturday evening and you can get tickets for that and then also we have the final event for Culture Days and it’s our fabulous Pictures at an Exhibition where Mark Kolt improvises the art work and there’s going to be a very very exciting special guest that will be presented as well.”


Tickets for Comedy Night are available at the SPCA or Northern Rainbows End for 40 dollars.  More information on Culture Days events can be found online at www.flinflonartscouncil.ca or www.flinflononline.com.


McIsaac School Has the Highest Enrollment Numbers in Our School Division.

At their meeting this past Tuesday Trustee Murray Skeavington acknowledged three teachers who are awarded this year’s Prime Minister’s Certificates for Excellence.  Teachers are from Major Pratt in Russell and Highbury from the Louis Riel Division in Winnipeg.  This information was part of the correspondence received from the Manitoba School Boards Association.


In her report Superintendent Tammy Ballantyne mentioned early dismissal this afternoon at 2:15 for early family teacher interviews at McIsaac and Ruth Betts.  All schools will be closed for professional development next Thursday and Friday where First Aid and CPR training will be offered as well as teacher presentations in varying areas such as literacy and numeracy.  She also shared the Division’s enrollment numbers which as of September were 872 with 73 in Many Faces, 230 for Hapnot, Ruth Betts 249 and 320 for McIsaac.

Voters Met With Local Candidates Last Night.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Greenstone and the City of Flin Flon sponsored an Election Speed Dating event at City Hall Council Chambers last night.  30 extremely interested voters attending met with the three candidates for Mayor and nine Candidates for City Council to pose their questions and discuss their concerns.  Included in the topics raised were Council communicating with the community, role of the Mayor with the Provincial and Federal governments, steps being taken to reduce loitering on Main Street, assisting homeless people, keeping people in our community, getting those who leave for education to come back and what jobs will be available for them, attracting new businesses and industry to our community, the need for seniors housing, promoting all we have in this area to increase tourism, the future of the pool and the zoo and maintaining present facilities, funding for the local facilities when used by people living outside of the community, upgrading our roads and strengthening the west east corridor between Alberta and Manitoba to Churchill.


Election Day is October 26th with an advance poll October 19th will all polling stations located in City Hall Council Chambers open from 8 am to 8 pm.


You can ask your questions for the candidates for Mayor on a CFAR phone in show Monday October 24th at 5:15 pm.


The Flin Flon Fire Department Saw an Increase in Deliberately Set Wildfires.

This is Fire Prevention Week.  Fire Chief Jason Kuras says this year has been fairly heavy for wildfires having seen an increase in the number of fires started in the surrounding area and in town limits….


“Most of these fires have been either accidental or of unknown cause.  We have had an increase in the amount of deliberately set fires that can result in damage to home owners and property owners in the area so we are encouraging everybody to remember to play safe, to make sure they are not doing anything inappropriate with fire starting materials. We need to make sure that we are watching out for the areas around town and around the city that are prone to these fires in the bush and in the tree line.  We would like to encourage everybody to remember that there’s no safe burning outside of your registered fire pits and fireplace systems.”


The theme for Fire Prevention Week this year has to do with home safety Fire Won’t Wait Plan Your Escape.


Be Prepared in Case of Fire in Your Home.

This is Fire Prevention Week and Flin Flon Fire Chief Jason Kuras explains this year’s theme is Fire Won’t Wait, Plan Your Escape…..


“We’d like to encourage people to start to plan one particular escape route and a meeting point after the get out of the home that everybody in the house knows of, so it’s very important to not just make sure everybody’s out of the house but have a meeting place outside of the house that they can meet at and evaluate what to do from there.  We need to be notified at the Fire Department of an emergency in place so the next step is to make sure there’s a way to communicate to 911 dispatch that there’s a fire going on.  We’d like to encourage everybody and have everybody’s household members create a plan to make sure everybody gets out of the home safely, effectively and in as short a time as possible.”


He adds due to COVID restrictions they won’t be in the schools this week but they are planning a larger campaign for next year’s Fire Prevention Week.


Water Safety Programs Are Being Made Available Across the North.

Lifesaving Society Manitoba is a non-profit registered charity working to prevent drownings in Manitoba as well as the prevention of water related injuries.  While in Flin Flon their Water Smart and Safety Management Coordinator Dr. Christopher Love explained part of that is the Northern Water Smart Program….


“This past summer was our 18th season where we sent instructors up to northern and remote locations to provide basic swim instruction, boating safety information and first aid training to those communities and to try to get the drowning death rate down and people safe and get education out there where it may not be usually accessible.”


The organization operates aquatic programs in pools and waterfronts across the province, trains all National Lifeguards and through the Manitoba Coalition of Safer Waters offers a Lifejacket Loaner Program and Community Water Safety Grants.

More Caution is Needed on Our Lakes in the Fall.

During a stop in Flin Flon Life Saving Manitoba’s Water Smart and Safety Management Coordinator Dr. Christopher Love issued a warning about the dangers of cold water….


“Cold water is basically anything that’s below 25 degrees Celsius and in Canada most of our water is considered cold year round because even if it hits 32 to 33 Celsius in the summer for the air most of your lakes are only going to be like 23 to 24, maybe 25 if you’re lucky.  Your body temperature is 37.  Once you hit 25 degree water you start cooling down right away and if there’s enough of a difference you’re going to have cold shock when you hit that, you’re going to gasp and if you’re not prepared for that or you’re not wearing something that’s going to make you float like a life jacket instead of breathing air you’re sucking back water and you’re now in a drowning situation because you cannot breathe properly.”


The Society notes one third of the drownings in Manitoba occur between the cold months of October to April.

Culture Days Continue for Another Weekend.

Coordinator Crystal Kolt says events running tomorrow include two lectures in City Hall Council Chambers…..


“One will be with Dave Price who found some really interesting documents from the early days of the town about the sewer boxes and photographs about what the town was like back then and then we have Bill Hanson who will be speaking about growing up in Flin Flon after that so the first one is at 2 o’clock and the second one is at 3 o’clock.  In the evening is the Wild Rice Cabaret and it’s a free Cabaret and people can text me or call me if you want but it’s filling up pretty quickly and that is wonderful.  It’s full of performers for the evening as well as the NorVa Centre is going to be sharing their Chair-ity event.”


Kolt adds the Cabaret is a family event and you can bring your snacks and she noted there are events for kids running through today.  You can contact her at 204-687-5974.


Culture Days run until October 16th and you can find a list of events at various locations around the community or go to www.flinflonartscouncil.ca or www.flinflononline.com.


New COVID-19 Cases Have Gone Up a Bit in Manitoba.

Manitoba public health reported 305 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of September 25th to October 1st a slight increase from 283 the previous week.  The Winnipeg region reported the largest number at 178 with the lowest number 17 in the Northern health region down from 96 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests was on average 303 people tested similar to the 302 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 23.4 percent a slight increase from 22.2 percent in the previous week.  There were 77 hospital admissions a slight increase from 73 admissions and 11 ICU admissions up from 10 in the previous week.


A Delegation Is Concerned About the Future of the Zoo.

Flin Flon City Council had passed on first reading bylaws to amend the Flin Flon Development Plan to rezone a portion of the park that includes the Joe Brain Children’s Petting Zoo from Parks and Recreation to a Multiple Dwelling zone to allow for the possible construction of seniors housing.  At Tuesday night’s meeting a full room of concerned citizens came to learn more about the rezoning.


Mayor Cal Huntley emphasized there is no intent to close the zoo. He said there has been interest in developing that property but there are no developers looking at it right now.  He said if we do get interest the zoo will be moved but we have to be investment ready without waiting for a long slow process taking place.


Among the issues raised were people care about the assets we have in the community including the zoo, we need green spaces in our community, the zoo gives children a place to go in a convenient location, the cost of moving the zoo with Councillor Tim Babcock noting that cost can be add to the price of the property and they were told the new Council would have the option of changing the rezoning if passed.


Huntley added Council believes the community will continue to thrive and we need and will keep services available for children but we also need to provide services to keep seniors in our community.


Council later passed the rezoning bylaws on second reading and noted they will be presented for final reading at the next meeting and could be passed, tabled or defeated taking into consideration the objections raised.

You Have an Opportunity to Question the Local Candidates for Mayor and Council.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Greenstone and the City of Flin Flon invite you to Election Speed Dating Tuesday night.  Organizer Dianne Russell explains….


“They’re going to find a room all organized with 12 candidates, nine for Councillors, three for Mayor and they’re going to have a chance to ask personal questions in kind of a round table timed format.  They can come with one question that they will ask everyone or a different question that they would ask depending on who they were talking to.”


The pre-election event is being held Tuesday night with the doors open at 6:30 in the City Hall Council Chambers.  The event will be followed by concluding statements and a Meet and Greet.


The Lieutenant Governor Awards Recognized Students at Creighton Community School Yesterday.

After having to cancel his annual visit in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Russ Merasty presented his Awards of Excellence to three students at Creighton School.  The medals went to Lexus Altman for 2019-20, Madison McDermott for 2020-21 and Grace Dubinak for 2021-22 school years.  Merasty spoke on education noting education really does change lives….


“So all in all I guess the message is education is important and everybody associated to providing education is important and so all I would do is just encourage you to stay in school, work hard and that success that you’re looking towards in the future will certainly come for you.”



The criteria for the Lieutenant Governor Awards of Excellence include academic standing, school attendance and involvement in cultural activities.

Several Bylaws and Resolutions Were a Large Part of the Flin Flon City Council Meeting.

At their meeting last night Council passed on first reading a bylaw to ensure the safety and health of all residents accessing rental housing in Flin Flon to be known as the Rental Housing Bylaw. It notes the City of Flin Flon believes that in order to ensure that Flin Flon is an attractive and healthy place to live certain minimum standards must be met and a system of mandatory registration of rental units and regular inspections appears to be a most effective way of ensuring safety and healthy accommodations for all Flin Flon residents.


They passed on first reading a bylaw to authorize the establishment of a Museum Board and to provide regulation for their conduct.  It spells out the responsibilities of the Board to be made up of seven citizens at large appointed by City Council and one member of City Council.


They passed a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Flin Flon and District Environment Council for the maintenance at the Flin Flon landfill for the period of January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 and a resolution to approve the Snow Clearing Policy for the City. Council also agreed to support an application by the Flin Flon Junior Bombers to Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage for a grant under the Art, Culture and Sport in Community Program for just under 25 thousand dollars for upgrades at the Whitney Forum.


We’ll have more from the meeting on tomorrow’s news.

A Night of Laughter Will Support the Local SPCA Animal Shelter.

The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is holding a comedy night Saturday October 15th.  Their Board President Heather Richardson says it will be fun night….


“We have three Yuk Yuk comedians coming in, Jody Peters, Shawn Cuthand and Miles Morisson and that is Saturday October 15th.  The doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8.  We’re going to be serving a couple of different adult beverages and just to keep it interesting we’re going to have the labeled a little differently.  Tickets are 40 dollars each available at Northern Rainbows End, the SPCA and from SPCA board and staff.  You can reserve tables for six and it should be a fun night so we hope everyone comes out and enjoys themselves.”


The funds raised will be used to support the annual operating costs of their animal shelter which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary at their current location 1 Cliff Lake Road.


Its Only a Month Until a Special Dinner and Art Auction.

Freedom Outreach is holding a fund raiser evening of art, food and entertainment on November 4th.  The Centre’s Kandi Lagore invites you to attend….


“We’ll be having a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire and yummy stuff.  We’re going to be having an art auction after that so you can pay by cash, debit or credit for that as well as a dessert auction which is a fun game that everybody has asked us to do again and we’re also going to be having some musicians play that night as well as our students are going to be sharing their stories of how they found freedom from addiction so we’d love to fill the place, it’s a wonderful fund raiser.”


The event takes place Friday November 4th at 6 in the Creighton Community Hall.  Tickets at 30 dollars for adults and 20 for kids 12 and under are available at Northern Rainbows End, Baba’s Bulk Bin or text 204-271-4403 for e-transfer.”


World Alzheimer Month Wrapped Up on Friday.

As the month came to a close the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba reminded families impacted by dementia or Alzheimers they are not alone. Over 23 thousand people in Manitoba currently live with dementia.  Senior Manager for Regional Services for the Society Liz McLeod wants people to be aware the Alzheimer Society is here to help them…..


“If they have a person in their life that has a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s that we have a lot of resources to help them with, a lot of information and support and this is sort of a world wide effort right now as we try all over the world to coordinate our effort so that it really has an impact that population hears, the people that need the service and also policy makers and governments.  We’d like to keep this issue in the forefront that there’s a lot of people who are affected by this disease and that they really need to be making policies to assist in the future as the numbers go up.”


For more information or support you can call 1-800-378-6699, email alzmb@alzheimer.mb.ca or visit their website at www.alzheimer.mb.ca.


Correspondence Dominated the Creighton Town Council Meeting.

At their meeting last week the Town Council of Creighton reported receiving correspondence from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency regarding a recent waterworks compliance inspection.  The report showed the Town had passed everything in the review.


 Council also reviewed a letter from the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan with a proclamation request for Saskatchewan Multi-Cultural Week which is celebrated each November 19th to 27th.  Saskatchewan was the first province to enact Multiculturalism Legislation in 1974 recognizing the right of every community to retain its identity, language and traditional arts and sciences for the mutual benefit of citizens.  The request has been referred back to committee for further discussion.


A letter from Park N Play Design regarding an application grant deadline from the Enabling Accessibility Fund for accessible surfacing or building an accessible playground was also referred back to committee for further discussion.



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