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You Can Head Back to the Hapnot Collegiate Cinema Friday Night for a Free Film.

The Central Canada Film Group is presenting a top film Friday Night.  The groups Colin Davis says they’re glad to announce that Friday Movie Nights are back at the Hapnot Cinema…..


“COVID had shut us down for two and a half years but now we’re back and we are going to be starting our season off on October 28th with the cult classic Being There starring Peter Sellers.  Many have said that this was Peter Sellers best film and it certainly is a film that we know our viewers will enjoy.  Sellers plays the role of Chance, a Forrest Gump like simpleton whose simple ramblings get misinterpreted as the words of a insightful genius.  We highly recommend that if you’re free on October 28th that you come by the Hapnot Cinema.  Doors will open at 7:00pm and our feature will start at 7:30 pm.”


Davis adds snacks will be available at the door and as always admission is free.

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