Contest Rules

What would you do with $100 Grand in Your Hand?

102.9 CFAR and our great sponsors are giving you a chance to find out.


From June 17 to July 22 - 102.9 CFAR weekdays played a “cue to call” sounder for a chance to call in and qualify for “$100 Grand in Your Hand.”

Over the span of 5 weeks 102.9 CFAR qualifies 50 people total to participate in the final event for “$100 Grand in Your Hand”.


That event will take place live on CFAR on July 29th.  It’s a community contest with huge prizes and sponsorships and also we are SUPPORTING THE SENIORS RECREATION PROGRAMMING

Here are some points you need to know:

  • You can only qualify ONCE.
  • You must be 18 years of age to qualify.
  • ID will be required to pick up the qualifying ticket at the radio station.
  • If someone qualifies they must be available on the day of the final event (JULY 28TH). If they are not available,  then they can choose a designate to replace them.  102.9 CFAR must be notified of the designated person.
  • Qualifiers must register online in order to play. Each qualifier ticket is coded in order to register. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET.
  • All prizes (consolation and otherwise) will be awarded as is. Prizes may be picked up at CFAR the following week during business hours - Monday - Friday 8: 30 am to 4:30 pm (closed for lunch hour) No substitutions and no cash value.


Here’s how the $100 Grand in Your Hand final event works:

  • Golden Ticket Qualifiers will recieve a qualifier code - must use to register and play.
  • Register online (call if assistance needed) from July 23 @ 4pm to July 26 at midnight. Participants virtually "pull" their envelope based on online registration order.
  • Plan to be available by phone July 27 … contact will be made to tell you what time. Blocks of 10 people per hour from 8a-1p will virtually “pull” an envelope from 1-50. This envelope will be used for live contest
  • Live contest from 5-6p July 28 on CFAR.
  • You (& all qualifiers/designates) must be available by phone at 5 pm in case you get the chance to pull for the 100 Grand.
  • All 50 envelopes will be opened live on the air, prizes will be read and one prize will indicate to guarantor (approved/chosen by insurance company) the person who has won the chance to pull for the 100 Grand.
  • Winning qualifier will be called and put live on the air to choose their final envelope between 1 & 100.
  • If the 100 Grand Insured envelope is chosen (sealed envelopes in control room with guarantor) – we will all freak out and celebrate! The caller will be asked to come in to sign paperwork etc.
  • A guarantor will be present for the live contest to ensure all rules followed and envelopes are sealed.
  • If the finalist doesn’t choose the $100 Thousand Dollar Envelope, they will receive the $1000 consolation prize courtesy of Hudbay and North of 53 Consumer's Co-op.
  • If the prize of $100 Grand is won, ALL 100 envelopes provided by insurer will be returned to the Insurance Company (PAL Insurance Brokers Canada Ltd.) to ensure all terms and conditions have been met before a cheque will be remitted to the winner. 

(event will be videoed for insurance purposes)

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