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Thompson Public Library

Thompson, Manitoba

Job Summary:

Guided by organizational strategies and the Board of Trustees, the Administrator provides vision, leadership and direction to the Thompson Public Library in the community it serves. The Administrator has overall management responsibility for all library operations: human resources, policy development and implementation, financial

management, community relations, information technology, marketing and promotions.


Key Responsibilities:

Leadership, Decision Making and Freedom to Act

• Provide leadership and direction in attracting, developing and motivating employees

• Demonstrate by example ongoing professional development

• Facilitate the development of a service delivery culture that reflects trends and meets the current and future needs of the library and its patrons

• Identify an organization structure and management style that meets organizational objectives

• Hold responsibility for all library operations, including compliance with relevant legislation and organization policies and procedures

• Attend board meetings, committee meetings and community events as requested

• Hold responsibility for directing all Human Resources activities of the organization


Financial Management

• Provide ongoing leadership and direction in all areas of financial accounting, financial reporting and financial analysis and control

• Develop board approved annual operating and capital budgets & provide requested financial forecasts

• Pursue funding sources such as grants etc.

• Facilitate annual audit processes



• Be responsible for all aspects of collection management

• Ensure the equitable distribution of resources throughout TPL to meet patron demand

Information Technologies

• Maintain awareness of and implement emerging technologies

• Ensure the use of current information technologies for communication, promotion data collection and program evaluation

Physical Premises

• Ensure the maintenance and safe operation of all library premises



Be a change leader that can build relationships in the communities. Be someone with strategic planning skills who can create organizational awareness with external partners, and provide solid decision-making skills that include budget management, knowledge of products and services and the ability to promote the library in the communities it serves.


Education and Experience:

• University Degree and education in Library Science or equivalent education and experience.

• 5 years of recent management experience, preferably in a library with a unionized workforce.


If you have the qualifications for this position, and wish to apply, please send your cover letter and resume (PDF format)to:


Cathy Neziol, Chair of the Board of Directors, Thompson Public Library

1081 Cree Road, Thompson, MB  R8N 1R8 or email


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