Local News Archives for 2016-11

Santa is Coming to the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library celebrates Christmas at the Library Monday.  Administrator Cindy McLean invites you to join them along with the Bombers and Santa.  She says on December 5th from 4:30 to 6 o’clock the Flin Flon Bombers are going to be there and they are going to be ice cream cone tree decorating so the children will be making their own ice cream cone decorations with icing and candies, the children will receive Christmas snacks, a story, treat bags and of course Santa will be there as well.


McLean adds it’s free for the first forty children and you must register by dropping into the Library or call them at 687-3397.

There is a Program to Make Sure Children Get a Gift.


The 23rd annual Christmas Gift Program is underway at the Flin Flon Friendship Center.  It’s designed to enable parents or guardians to give their children a gift at Christmas when circumstances prevent them from doing so.  The Center’s Program Events Coordinator Jeremiah Herrmann says registration runs from November 28th to December 9th and the actual program dates will start on December 13th until the 23rd and its open to pretty much everybody.  He says it’s anybody who’s a parent or caregiver for the children.  He notes one thing they require is that you bring your health card at the time of registration and you can register your children up to 17 years old.


Herrmann adds they also welcome donations for the gift program. You can drop off gifts or cash donations at the Friendship Center at 57 Church Street.

You Can Vote for Your Favorite Decorated Business.


The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce has started their Holiday Shine Contest.  President Dianne Russell says people can vote online for a chance for them and their choice of establishments to win prizes from Manitoba Hydro and the North of 53 Consumers Co-op. She says they can cast a vote for their favorite Holiday Shine establishment decorated for Christmas showing the most creative holiday decorating, spirit of giving and community initiative because sometimes its hard for the big businesses to compete with the little ones so there’s lots of things they can do a vote for and they can do this on the Flin Flon District website and they can also do it on the Flin Flon District Chamber facebook page.


When you vote your name will be entered for a draw for a Christmas gift prize plus a 100 dollar gift card and the establishment with the most votes also receives a special Christmas gift prize.  The deadline to vote is December 20th.

You Have Only Two Days Left to Have Input on the Budget.


Manitoba Finance Minister Cameron Friesen reports pre-budget consultations have resulted in an unprecedented volume of submissions by Manitobans.  He says in just more than eight weeks their consultations have resulted in close to 12,300 visits to their interactive website and more than 53 hundred visits to the website created for confidential recommendations from civil servants within government.


Friesen says they have been reaching out to Manitobans as they prepare their fiscal plan and he encourages those who haven’t yet shared their input to do so by Thursday.  The website www.YourprovinceYourplan.ca features an interactive tool where you answer questions to build a budget based on your priorities.  The minister says information from both public consultations as well as the first phase of a fiscal performance review currently underway will be used to develop Budget 2017.


Rockcliff Has Purchased High Grade Zinc and Gold Properties in Manitoba.



Rockcliff Copper Corporation has agreed to purchase the Morgan Lake, Woosey Lake and Cook Lake properties collectively called the Morgan property.  They are located in the Snow Lake mining camp and are being purchased from Copper Reef Mining Corporation.


Rockcliff’s President and CEO Ken Lapierre says the Morgan property hosts high grade zinc and gold zones within trucking distance to operating milling operations centered in the Snow Lake mining camp.  He says the acquisition is in line with their strategy of acquiring the highest grade unmined copper, zinc and gold properties available in the camp that have excellent growth potential. He says they look forward to advancing their understanding of the property’s potential through compilation of existing historical data followed by exploration programs in 2017.  The Morgan property hosts the historical gold rich Morgan zinc deposit documented as having between a total of 272 thousand tonnes grading 15 percent zinc and 3.42 percent gold and 200 thousand tonnes grading 8 percent zinc.




A Weekend Event Highlighted Christmas Decorations.

Best in Show


Creighton Community School hosted the Festival of Trees on Saturday under the theme Winter Playground.  Along with the craft sale, breakfast with Santa and the Silver Bells Tea those attending were asked to bid and votes on items designed and donated by various individuals, businesses and organizations.


The People’s Choice Award for wreaths went to Redneck Chic by the Flin Flon Kinette Club, for center pieces to In the Village by the Denare Beach New Horizons Club and for trees to Christmas Express by Anita Rainville which also won the Best in Show.


The Festival will support the Creighton Community School Playground Committee which has plans for a three stage playground upgrade.



People Got Home Safely On The Weekend.


Operation Red Nose had a successful first weekend of taking vehicles and their owners home safely in the Flin Flon area.  Rotary Club Committee Chair Ted Hewitt says in the past weekend Red Nose provided a total of 23 rides which is almost double what they did last year so they’re hopeful it’s a sign of the times for the next month or so. They also had a total of 23 volunteers from the Border Explorers, a group of friends from Bakers Narrows and some Rotarians.


Operation Red Nose runs every Friday and Saturday night until December 17th as well as December 23rd and 31st.  Hewitt says without volunteers Operation Red Nose would not exist adding volunteers are still needed for December 23rd and New Year’s Eve and anyone interested can call him at 687-7450.


A Local Lifesaving Event Was Raised in the Legislature.


Last week Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey stood in the Manitoba Legislature to recognize the incredible bravery of two local young people Dursameen and Raghees Bashir.  He explained this past August the Bashirs were enjoying a sunny day at Sally’s Beach with their family friend Muhammad.  Suddenly Kamran Bashir noticed Muhammad’s head bobbing in and out of the water.  When his head went under water and didn’t reappear Kamran knew something was wrong.  He then urged Dursameen and Raghees to go and check out the situation and they didn’t hesitate a moment.  Muhammad was about 10 to 15 feet away from shore but Dursameen’s swimming lessons paid off.  She dove down and found Muhammad unconscious under water.  At 12 years old she managed to pull the 180 pound, five foot five man ashore with the help of her brother.  Kamran immediately began chest compressions and first responders arrive soon after.


Lindsey added due to their alertness and bravery a life was saved and Muhammad only had to spend the night in hospital and made a full recovery.

Your Response to the Bells Will Support Christmas Hampers.


The Salvation Army’s annual Christmas Kettle campaign got underway on the weekend.  Major Debbie Allen says they’ll be out ringing bells beside the kettles Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until December 24th raising money to support their programs.  She says most of the funds that they raise from the kettles pays for the Christmas hampers and then they also do their Soup Days program throughout the school year so it also pays for that programs.


Major Allen says they still need volunteers to be out with the kettles during the day some Thursdays and Fridays.  If you can spend an hour with a kettle call the Salvation Army at 687-7812.


They Came to Stand Against Violence.


A group of supporters joined the Women’s Resource Center for Take Back the Night in Pioneer Square Friday evening.  Social Work Student at the Center Rachelle Fox told them they were there to unite their voices and to demand their right to lives free of fear, murder and violence against women and children.  She said they believe that violence against women is not inevitable, they believe in safe communities for everyone regardless of their age, religion, race, sexual orientation or gender, they believe in the right to a world free of sexual violence, they believe that by standing together they will affect change.  She said tonight they have chosen hope over fear saying accepting violence against women is not an option and they will not allow it to continue.


Fox added every woman and girl deserves a life free of violence. The group left Pioneer Square, marched down Main Street, up Angel Avenue and down Hapnot Street back to Pioneer Square.


Story Time Returns to the Library.


The Flin Flon Public Library will be starting Story Time Monday afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30.  Library Administrator Cindy McLean says it’s open to children around 3 to 6 years old.  She says it’s a free program that’s going to be offered by the Winnipeg Foundation and so the children can come in, there will be a snack, a story, music, possibly games, always a craft and a play time in their newly renovated Kinsmen Room downstairs.


To register your child for Story Time drop into the Library or call them at 687-3397.




You Can Shop and Enjoy the Christmas Spirit This Weekend.


Creighton Community School presents the Festival of Trees tomorrow under the theme Winter Playground.  The Committee’s Tiffany Ealey says the doors open at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning and from 9 to 11 there’s going to be a breakfast with Santa and photos with Santa will also be available.  She adds throughout the day there’s going to be a craft sale, penny parade and the display of silent auction Festival of Trees items.  As well she say they’re going to be a collection site for both Coats for Kids and the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank and then in the afternoon from one to three there’s going to be a Silver Bells tea and everything wraps up at 4 o’clock.


The Festival of Trees will support the school’s playground committee which has plans for a three stage playground upgrade. It runs from 9 to 4 tomorrow in the Creighton School gym.


Youth Programs Have Benefited From Operation Red Nose.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon presented cheques yesterday to five organizations.  The money was raised from the Operation Red Nose program.  Honorary program Chair Jane Robillard explains all the funds are raised by Red Nose through donations and all that money needs to be spent on youth in sports and youth activities so they gave away 10,376 dollars to five local groups that will benefit from this.


One thousand dollars was presented for training equipment for the Nordic Ski Team, three thousand each to the Phantom Lake Soccer Club and the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center traditional dance program, 1876 dollars to McIsaac and Ruth Betts School youth sports equipment and 15 hundred to Creighton Community School playground equipment.

Making a Transition is the Focus of a Seminar Next Week.


The Primary Health Care Center is hosting a telehealth seminar presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  The Society’s Program Director Norma Kirkby says the session on Tuesday from 6:30 to 8 will be on Transitioning to Long Term Care.  She explains the move to long term care can be a very difficult experience for some people, for both the person with dementia and their family members so what they want to do is talk about some of the things that people can do ahead of time in order to be better prepared for the move because moving day is a very big day and then some strategies for after when a person may be still in that settling in mode.


To register for this seminar online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca or email outreach@alzheimer.mb.ca or phone 1-800-378-6699 and use the reference code Flin Flon.

The Red Cross Northern Response Team is Ready to Help.

 Team Kit


The Canadian Red Cross has officially activated its Personal Disaster Assistance Team for the Flin Flon area. Backed by Emergency Services Personnel from the communities they serve, Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach and Cranberry Portage and three team members the ribbon launching the service was cut by Creighton Fire Chief Rob Larocque and Flin Flon Fire Chief Chad Cooper.  One of the team Supervisors Audrey Neufeld explains the Red Cross Personal Disaster Assistance Team is a group of dedicated caring volunteers who are ready to provide emergency assistance for up to 72 hours to individuals and families dealing with a small disaster such as a house fire or flooding that they find themselves unable to cope with using their own resources.


Neufeld adds they still are in need of volunteers for the team and anyone interested can go online to www.redcross.ca or email mbvolunteer@redcross.ca for more information.  Those needing assistance in such disasters can call 1-888-800-6493.


Over 50 Vendors are at a Craft Sale Saturday.



The Cranberry Portage Child and Family Resource Center is holding their annual Cranberry Christmas Arts and Craft Sale Saturday.  The Center’s Debbie McLauchlan says they have over 50 vendors both local and from around Manitoba and Saskatchewan with over 100 tables.  She says that includes several artists, carvings, knives, paintings, wooden crafts, art done with metal and glass, native handicrafts, lots of seasonal items that cover decorations and crafts, baking, pyrogies, preserves, sewing, knitting, crocheting, vendors with wild rice as well as baking, soup mixes, fudge, honey, popcorn and spices.


The sale is open Saturday from 9:30 to 3 in the Frontier Collegiate and Cranberry Portage Elementary School gymnasiums with lunch available at both facilities.


You are Invited to Support Women in a Walk Tomorrow Evening.


The Women’s Resource Center invites everyone to be part of Take Back the Night.  Social Work Student at the Center Rachelle Fox asks you to join them tomorrow at an event to protest the fear that women have in walking the streets at night safely.  She explains the event is designed to bring visibility and exposure to the impact of sexual violence in women’s lives.  She says the march serves as a means for women to unite and voice their desire to end the fear and perceived responsibility women experience when to comes to sexual assault, harassment and other forms of violence. Fox adds they want to send a positive message that violence against women and children is not okay and that sexualized violence is not okay.


The walk begins at 5:15 tomorrow evening at Pioneer Square on Main Street.

The Flin Flon Homeless Issue was Brought to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce.


The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center’s Executive Director Shelly Craig outlined for the Chamber yesterday their plan to address homelessness and housing.  She says a couple of years ago the Friendship Center and the University of Winnipeg did a study on homelessness showing there is a problem in our community and there’s a lot of different reasons why people are homeless.  She says there are federal and provincial programs available but there has to be a plan that comes from the community.  She explained they must have a committee that is comprised of individuals representing Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach and all the stakeholders or sectors involved with housing and homelessness and that they have a plan so that they can take that plan and garner investments from stakeholders, the communities, local, regional, provincial, federal levels and put that in place over the next few years.


Craig says there is a lot of interest in the community so they are now looking for people to sit on the committee.  If you are interested contact their Housing Coordinator Patricia Gibson at the Friendship Center.

Our Culture Days Top the List.

 Culture Days Dancing Down Main Street


Culture Days were celebrated across the country at the end of September.  The Flin Flon Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says they’ve received the list of communities celebrating Culture Days and Flin Flon’s celebration was among the best. She says Flin Flon was number one in the country for communities 50 thousand and smaller which is amazing and also amazing is we were number four overall beating Vancouver so thank you to everybody for taking part and all the sponsors and supporters in making it the amazing week it was.


Kolt adds we had 104 events with just under 6 thousand people attending and just under 6 hundred volunteers involved.

Seniors Are Invited to Celebrate the Christmas Season Sunday.


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon is holding their annual Seniors Christmas party Sunday afternoon.  Chairperson Kory Eastman says they have a fun afternoon planned with music, free food, coffee and tea, Rotarians will be there and they’ll have the Flin Flon Junior Bombers on site helping guests and serving coffee and dainties and there is the rumor that Santa will show up with gifts for some of the seniors in the community.


Eastman invited all seniors and their spouses to attend the party from 1 to 4 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  For a ride call Bill Pauley at 687-6581 and leave a message.



Travel and Safe Schools Were Part of the School Board Meeting.



It was a light agenda last night for the Flin Flon School Board meeting.  A motion was passed to agree to Teacher Natalie Milligan’s proposal for the Hapnot French student’s trip to France next spring.  Superintendent Constance McCleese reported the Division’s schools have been practicing their safe schools lockdown procedures along with the RCMP and Chapter books have been distributed for grades 4 and up through the Literacy Aboriginal Engagement Program.  McCleese also acknowledged the work done in the schools last week in recognition of National Bullying Awareness Week.


Area Residents Were Really Generous With Their Shoe Boxes Again This Year.


Operation Christmas Child has wrapped up in the Flin Flon Creighton area.  It’s a program to collect shoe boxes filled with gifts and other items for needy children around the world.  The program was coordinated by the Baptist Church and their Pastor Jim Galbraith says it went fantastic this year.  He says they got 307 last year and this year they brought in 319 boxes from around the community so he’d like to thank the community, individuals and corporations and businesses that all helped out in making this their best Operation Christmas Child drive yet.


Galbraith says the boxes were sent to Calgary for processing and will then be sent on to the children.




You Can Update Your Work Skills Starting Monday.


The Employment Links Development Center is beginning a new session of EWIN or Entry to Work in the North program Monday morning.  The Center’s Barb Link explains they offer Manitoba residents life skills, upgrading your essential skills such as numeracy, reading, oral communications, some computer use, thinking skills, working with others and they will do certificate programs such as first aid, CPR, WHMIS, safe foods and others.


Link says you can come to their office at 51 Main Street for intake and registration with the deadline tomorrow with the session starting Monday and running for ten weeks.  For information you can call them at 687-8791.


Expansion Continues at a Hudbay Mine in Peru.


Hudbay has filed an updated National Instruments 43-01 technical report in respect to its Constancia Mine in Peru.  The 2016 Technical Report includes updates of the mine plan, reserves and resources, throughput and capital and operating costs for the remaining life of the mine.


The mine plan incorporates the high grade Pampacancha satellite deposit and contemplates average annual production of 110 thousand tonnes of copper in concentrate over the next five years.  Mining of Pampacancha is planned to begin in 2018 with total project capital costs estimated at 54 million dollars. The report states contained copper in reserves increased by 34 percent from 2017 through the end of mine life compared to the 2012 technical report reflecting the previously reported increase in Constancia reserve tonnage.

Applications Are Being Taken for Christmas Hampers.


The Salvation Army in Flin Flon is now accepting applications for Christmas Hampers.  Major Debbie Allen says anybody who is on assistance or who is working at minimum wage or is unemployed and having difficulty making ends meet can apply.  She says people simply need to come to the Salvation Army at 3 Hemlock Drive starting today through Thursday of this week between 10 AM and 3 PM and they’re also doing it the 29th, 30th and December 1st. She adds they need to bring their ID for every member of the family that they’re applying for and they need to have a general idea of their expenses and their income.


Major Allen says they cover Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Cranberry Portage and Sherridon adding last year they handed out 163 hamper so they are planning on 180 this year. If you need more information you can call the Salvation Army at 687-7812.


You Have One More Chance to Save the Trout Festival.



Five people including two executive members and a committee chair attended the Trout Festival annual meeting Thursday night.  President Anita Bradt, Vice-President Melissa Richard and Main Street Chair Anita Pruden reported they have been meeting with the Canada 150 Homecoming Committee to discuss Main Street events and the Fish Fry as they will be doing the Trout Festival in conjunction with the Homecoming.


Anita Pruden has agreed to continue with Main Street events, Melissa Richard will do the Fish Fry, Rick Hall will do the canoe events and Sheena Reed offered to help Tina Law with the parade.


Because of the poor turnout at the meeting all Executive positions will be left open until they are able to get more people involved.  They will have an emergency meeting on January 12th to give people another opportunity to get involved or will look at folding the Festival after next year.  Anyone who can help out or has an idea for a new event including as a fund raiser for your group is urged to attend the meeting or contact Anita at 271-0153 or Melissa at 271-2705.

A Creighton Community School Student Received a Special Youth Award.


As part of National Addictions Awareness Week a young person is recognized with the Healthy Youth Role Model Award.  The Addiction Foundation of Manitoba’s Lori Stevens says this year’s winner is a grade twelve student at Creighton School Aliece Angell.  She says Aliece is 16 years old and she belongs to her church choir, she leads a youth group for young women, she chairs the school’s We Day group, she’s also involved in Ham Sandwich and she’s been involved in drama for the last four years.


In addition to the Foundation the award is sponsored by the National Addictions Awareness Week Committee, the Community Youth Resource Center and the Play it Safer Network.  Angell received a gift basket, a 50 dollar gift, a personal plaque and a plaque to hang in her school.  There were six nominations for the award.



It is a Service Designed With Your Safety in Mind.

Chair Ted Hewitt and Honorary Chair Jane Robillard


Operation Red Nose starts this coming weekend sponsored by the Rotary Club of Flin Flon.  Rotarian Jane Robillard has been named this year’s Honorary Chairperson. She encourages you to make use of this service to get yourself and your vehicle home safely this holiday season.  She says it’s a real honor for her to be the Honorary Chair as she’s worked Red Nose every year since they started this program. She says she thinks it’s a phenomenal service to the community and she encourages everybody to use it and stay safe and she encourages people to come out and be a volunteer as it’s a really fun time and they need volunteers and the community benefits from it.


Operation Red Nose gets underway this Friday and Saturday and continues every Friday and Saturday until December 17th as well as December 23rd and 31st.  You can call them on those nights at 204-687-7331.  Volunteer forms are available from the RCMP office and Scotia Bank.


You Can Learn More About a Pre-Kindergarten Program.


Flin Flon School Division will again be running their Kindervention program starting in January.  Assistant Superintendent Dean Grove explains it prepares four year olds for school as it gives parents and students a chance to become familiar with the surroundings that they’ll be in as kindergarten students and gives them a chance to meet some of the staff and some of the local clinicians that offer extra support services that are needed for students.  He says they’ll have information sessions on these coming up at each of the schools and they ask parents to go to the sessions at their local catchment area school.


Information meetings are being held at McIsaac School Wednesday evening from 7 to 8 and at Ruth Betts School tomorrow afternoon from 2:30 to 3:30.  The deadline to register is November 30th.  If you have any questions contact one of the schools or call Dean at 204-681-3415.

A Program to Help You Have a Safe Holiday Gets Underway Next Week.

 Operation Red Nose committee with Mayor Cal huntley (cente) and MLA Tom Lindsey (right).


The Rotary Club of Flin Flon has kicked off Operation Red Nose for another season. Chair Ted Hewitt says the idea is to get people and their vehicles home safely when they’re out celebrating the Christmas season.  He says although the service is free they accept donations from people using the service, provincial organizations and local groups and businesses averaging about 13 thousand dollars a year.  He says it’s required by the Operation Red Nose organization that the money must be given within the community to organized sports and children’s activities and they’ve been operating for 16 years so if you do the math at 13 thousand or so for 16 years it comes to over 200 thousand dollars they’ve given out through Operation Red Nose.


Operation Red Nose starts next Friday and runs every Friday and Saturday until December 17th as well as December 23rd and 31st.  You can reach them on those nights at 204-687-7331.

Hapnot Collegiate Students are Attending We Day in Winnipeg Today.



The Collegiate’s Daniel Dillon says 13 students from their Equality and Social Justice/ Gay Straight Alliance along with 1 from the Student Council earned the trip through projects they worked on last year.  He says We Day gives them a great learning opportunity and to be inspired by such people as Chris Hadfield, Margaret Trudeau, Rick Hansen, Paula Abdul and Mike Downie who is Gord Downie’s brother and are just some of the people who will be there this year to educate the kids, show the kids ideas, inspire the kids.  He adds they have been fortunate to be invited as well to an Inspiration Night where the students will be able to meet the Kielbergers, Spencer West and have an opportunity to collaborate and network with other people in the province.


The students also had the opportunity to tour the Human Rights Museum yesterday.  There will be over 14 thousand people at We Day in Winnipeg this year.

A Craft Sale Will Help You Shop for Christmas.


The Creighton Community Center is holding a craft and home business sale tomorrow.  One of the organizers Dianna Boulet says they’ll have a variety of items including Christmas decorations, candles, jewelry, baking, popcorn, candy, honey, tea, home made quilts, knitting, crocheting, clothing, cards, soap, leggings, glass items, vinyl designs, discovery toys, skin care, make up, spices, wood work, house plants, Tupperware and much more as well as a concession with home made soup and sandwiches.


Boulet adds they’ll also be a drop off point for any gently used winter wear you’d like to donate.


The sale runs tomorrow from 10 to 4 in the Creighton Community Hall.

You Can Support a Local Foundation This Weekend.


The Northern Neighbors Foundation encourages residents of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach, Snow Lake and area to make a gift on Saturday as part of the Endow Manitoba 24 hour Giving Challenge.  Their Chairperson Jane Robillard says this is a great opportunity to support the Foundation.  She explains on that day only the Winnipeg Foundation will stretch gifts made to the Northern Neighbors Foundation.  For every five dollars contributed the Winnipeg Foundation will add one dollar adding online gifts can be made securely through www.endowmanitoba.ca.


Cheques made payable to the Winnipeg Foundation can also be dropped off the Flin Flon Public Library today and tomorrow.  Robillard adds gifts made Saturday will help grow the Foundation’s capacity to support a wide range of charitable projects in our communities for generations to come.

The Christmas Lights Are on on Main Street.


The Christmas season arrived on Main Street last evening with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square.  Mayor Cal Huntley welcomed everyone to the special event stating at the lighting of the tree we just want to make sure that everyone has a safe and very merry Christmas with the key word being safe.  He added its going to be a wonderful Christmas season and he hopes everybody enjoys to their fullest.


Pioneer Square was packed for the lighting with people enjoying carols with members of the Community Choir, a visit from Santa and hot chocolate.



The Process of Expanding Economic Development Opportunities is Moving Forward.


At their meeting Tuesday Flin Flon City Council approved the cost sharing agreement among the communities of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach to hire a Regional Economic Development Officer.  Perry Trusty from Prince Albert has been hired and he says he’s looking forward to working in the region.  He says he’s worked regionally in central and northern Saskatchewan for 15 years in economic development for a couple of communities, Prince Albert and Tisdale-Melfort areas. He adds some of the economy is certainly similar and there are some differences but there is some familiarity with the area of northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan straddling the border so he looks forward to the opportunity to learn some more about the area, doing some promotion and trying to attract some investments.


Trusty will work out of the Creighton office and will report to the three Mayors and Councils.

A Hudbay Firefighter Has Received a Scholarship.



Honeywell and DuPont Kevlar have combined to award 20 deserving firefighters and first responders with a full paid scholarship to attend the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis in April. A member of the Hudbay Fire Department Bradley Davidson was selected to receive one of the scholarships.  He says he was surprised and honored explaining the scholarship is to attend one of North America’s largest fire training events that includes hands on training, workshops and classroom activities.  He says nominations are usually from your peers and no doubt his role as Director of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association probably played some part in that.

              Those nominated are required to have extensive training, qualifications, years of service and interests such as lifelong education and be recognized leaders in the fire services who will take what they learned and pass it along to others.  Davidson has been a member of the Hudbay Fire Department for 28 years as well as serving with the City Volunteer Fire Department for 9 years.

Some Flin Flon Residents are Still Waiting For Postal Service.


Channing area resident Dave Law approached Flin Flon City Council last night about the lack of postal service in Channing.  He said there was a interruption in service when the people operating their area Post Office left but community mail boxes were installed which will provide uninterrupted service but there’s a problem getting someone to get the mail to the boxes since the local post office says they can’t do it because Channing is outside the jurisdiction set by Canada Post even though they are within city limits.  He says the post office is having trouble hiring someone for the job as there are not enough hours involved to make it worthwhile.  Channing area residents pick up their mail at the Flin Flon post office for now.


Mayor Cal Huntley says he has been and will continue to let Canada Post know it is unacceptable to provide the boxes but not service them.

Crafts and Home Businesses Will be Featured in Snow Lake This Weekend.



The Aurora Borealis Council Craft and Home Business Sale is taking place in Snow Lake on Sunday.  The Council’s Sylvia Zamzow says they have over 30 tables to choose from.  She says it features local artists and businesses, regional artists and businesses and they have a concession with home made goodies so come out for lunch.  She adds the event is a fund raiser for their Arts Council and it gives local artists a venue to promote their work and the money generated will support performing artists that the Aurora Borealis bring to Snow Lake.


The sale takes place Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 in the Laurie Marsh Community Hall in Snow Lake.


It is Time to Bring in Your Filled Shoe Boxes.


This is the week to turn in filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The program is being coordinated by the Baptist Church and their Pastor Jim Galbraith says filled boxes can be turned in at their church located below the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue today and tomorrow from 9 til 1 and on Thursday they’re doing their packing party so its 9 to 11:30 in the morning and then 1 to 4 in the afternoon and then from 6 on they’ll be at the church packing up boxes from all the stuff people have donated to them.  He adds Friday and Saturday it will be 1 to 5 and then Sunday they’re going to keep the Church open 9 am to 9pm just to get those last boxes in.


The drop off deadline is Sunday.  The boxes will be delivered to children in countries where there is war, natural disasters and famine.

The Christmas Season is Getting Underway on Main Street.



Flin Flon’s Christmas tree will be officially lit up for the holiday season tomorrow evening.  Recreation Manager Nicole Hartman encourages everyone to attend this celebration.  She says they’ll have free hot chocolate for everyone, Santa will be there with treats for all the kids, they’ll have some Christmas carols and then they’ll light up the tree to kick off the Christmas season.


The tree lighting takes place tomorrow evening at six in Pioneer Square on Main Street.


You Can Start Preparing for the Ski Season.


The Flin Flon Ski Club is holding their annual open house Sunday.  The Club’s Dave Price says it’s a chance for people to learn more about what’s available for skiers.  He says they’ll all be there to tell people about their programs and let them know that they’ve got the best ski trails in the north here including their lighted trails.  He says they’ve got programs, ski instructions, the moms and tots program, they plan to do ski tours and they’ve got their jackrabbit and other junior programs.


Price adds Fresh Air Experience will be in from Prince Albert with their latest gear and you’ll be able to purchase your membership.  The Ski Club open house runs from 11 to 4 Sunday at the Ski Chalet.  You can learn more about the Club and their trails at their website www.flinflonskiclub.com.


The Ballet Returns to Flin Flon.



The Flin Flon Arts Council presents the Royal Winnipeg Ballet next week. The Council’s Crystal Kolt says this is a great opportunity for our community.  She says the quality of the ballet is always something that’s so impressive to see what these amazing artists can do.  She says there’s going to be a collection of pieces similar to what people would have seen when the Winnipeg Ballet company came during the Royal Weekend a couple of years ago so it’s going to be amazing talent, beautiful dancing and something we don’t often get in this community.


The Royal Winnipeg Ballet will perform Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


You Should Be Aware of Diabetes.


Today is World Diabetes Day.  The Communications Engagement Coordinator for the Canada Diabetes Association Laryssa Sawchuk says this is an opportunity to drive diabetes awareness as the disease has reached epidemic proportions in Canada.  She says they’re encouraging people to know their risks for diabetes so they can take the simple online test to find out if they are at risk at www.diabetestest.ca and their second message is that they’re looking for people to really be empowered about prevention and self-management of diabetes so they’re encouraging individuals to take a 21 day challenge to form a new healthy habit.


You can get more information on the challenge online at www.21daysfordiabetes.ca.


There is More to Fighting the Flu Than a Shot.


The Public Health Agency of Canada is asking parents to teach your kids how to avoid the flu.  With flu season underway they note kids are in school which is a prime location for sharing germs including flu bugs.  Their spokesperson Rebecca Gilman says in addition to the flu vaccine your kids can take other steps.  She suggests kids wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, cough and sneeze into the bend in their arm not their hands, avoid touching their nose, mouth or eyes with their hands which means no nail biting, eat healthy foods and be active to keep their immune system strong, keep shared surfaces and objects clean including things like light switches, toys and mobile devices and get plenty of rest.


Gilman adds if your child develops the flu keep them at home to avoid spreading it to other people.  To learn more visit www.canada.ca/flu.


They are Back to Work in Peru.


Hudbay has announced it has resumed operations at its Constancia Mine in Peru.  This follows negotiation with support from the Peruvian government of a peaceful resolution of the occupation in the open pit.


Hudbay had ceased operations on Wednesday when trespassers moved into the open pit area.

Local Acting Talent Hits the Stage Next Week.


The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is presenting the Almost Totally True Story of Hansel and Gretel next Friday and Saturday.  One of the directors Leslie Fernandes says it’s a fun show for the whole family.  She says its king of a twisted story of Hansel and Gretel but not maybe the way you think, maybe they’re not as innocent as you think they are. She adds there are some other fairy tale characters in the story and things kind of happen in a way you don’t expect.  She says she doesn’t want to give everything away but it’s definitely fun, it’s great comedy for the family and the show is going to be about an hour and twenty minutes so it’s a great length for little kids.


The show will be performed in the Flin Flon Community Hall next Friday and Saturday nights November 18th and 19th at 7:30 at 15 dollars a ticket and there will be an afternoon show Saturday at 2 for 10 dollars.  Tickets are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.




There is a Fun Way to Learn More About Addictions.



Next week is National Addictions Awareness Week and the local committee has several events planned.  The committee’s Christa McIntyre explains it all starts tomorrow with hockey night in Flin Flon with the Flin Flon Bombers playing Notre Dame and free tickets will be going out through the schools. She adds then they are going to have a family fun skate, family games night, family movie night, parent child bracelet making and they’re going to wind up with a free swim.


They will also have the presentation of the Healthy Youth Role Model Award, displays around Flin Flon and Creighton and a radio contest here on CFAR.  For more information on events you can contact the committee at 204-687-1665.


You Have a Week Left to Complete a Survey.


The Northern Health Region is asking you to fill out an accessibility plan survey.  Their Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey explains they are working towards developing an accessibility plan in order to comply with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and that is just to become a more accessible organization for everyone so in order to develop this plan they need to know and need assistance in recognizing the barriers that may be experienced from the public so in doing this survey they get that information from everyone.


You can complete the survey online at www.northernhealthregion.ca with paper copies available at Northern Health Region facilities.  The deadline is midnight next Friday.

Tolko Will Continue to operate in The Pas.


Tolko Industries has completed the sale of its pulp, paper and saw mill facilities in The Pas.  It has been sold to Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Limited, an affiliate of American Industrial Acquisition Corporation. The paper mill had previously been scheduled to be shut down on December 2nd.  CKP says they will retain the approximately 330 current employees at the mill which include members of the Unifor and United Steelworkers Unions.


The Senior Vice-President for American Industrial William Raedle says they are grateful for the enthusiastic support and encouragement of the leaders and members of the Unions, the Town of The Pas and the Province of Manitoba. 


Premier Brian Pallister adds the collective efforts of the purchaser and seller, Swampy Cree Tribal Holdings, the Town of The Pas and the mills past and present employees are to be commended.


Area Residents Will Pause to Remember Tomorrow Morning.


Remembrance Day will get underway in Flin Flon tomorrow with the annual parade and service.  Poppy Committee co-chair for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 Bunny Burke encourages members and others to meet at the Legion for the parade at 9:30. She says they will march down Hapnot Street and go past the Cenotaph down Hill Street and move over to the Community Hall where the service will be held.  She says the RCMP will be leading the parade adding following the service the attendees are invited back to the Legion for a light lunch.


The service begins at 10:45 at the Community Hall and will be broadcast on 102.9 CFAR.  This year’s Parade Marshall is Morley Naylor with Sergeant at Arms John Muench.


Your Christmas Decorating Can Support a School Fund Raiser.



Creighton Community School is hosting the Festival of Trees in their gym Saturday, November 26th.  The Committee’s Tiffany Ealey says they are now looking for businesses, organizations and community members interested in designing a tree, wreath, centerpiece or ornament for the Festival.  She says they also have some exciting sponsorship opportunities so if people don’t have time to make an entry but still want to take part they can look into that option.


You can get a designer package by contacting Tiffany at 306-688-2209.  The Festival of Trees is raising funds to support the Creighton Community School Playground Committee and their planned three stage upgrade of the playground.

Events are Taking Place to Make You More Aware of Domestic Violence.


This month is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month. The Women’s Resource Center’s Colleen Arnold says they have displays with information and purple ribbons around Flin Flon and Creighton.  She explains wearing the purple ribbon shows your support to end violence against women adding they also have white ribbons that show the recognition of men’s efforts to end violence against women.  She says they’re hoping that people will speak up either for themselves or for someone that they know and care about that those people might get the help that’s available.  She also reminds you that November 25th will be their annual Take Back the Night and December 6th will be their Candle Vigil and also remember through unity we can prevent and reduce family violence.


Arnold asks you to show support to send a strong message that there’s no place for domestic violence in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces or schools.


Students Will Be Heading to France in 2018.



Last night Hapnot Collegiate teacher Natalie Milligan presented to the Flin Flon School Board her proposal for the school trip to France in March of 2018. She covered the itinerary of the trip which would have students visiting parts Paris and points in northern France.  The school would be traveling with Educational Tours a company they have worked with on the previous trip to France in 2014.  A school trip allows students to experience the culture and language as well as taking in the historic sites of a foreign land.  It’s also important to get students out of class and speaking French in a social setting.  18 French Immersion and basic French students plus their chaperones took in the sights sounds and tastes of France in 2014.


In other school news Board Chair Murray Skeavington reported on the success of the recent Norman Jazz Festival in Thompson which was a huge learning experience for those participating.  Also 18 students from Flin Flon have earned the privilege of attending We Day next Friday at the MTS Center in Winnipeg and have been invited to attend a dinner the night before.  Skeavington also encouraged parents and family members to attend Remembrance Day services held in schools today and tomorrow.


Hudbay Has Announced a Temporary Suspension of Operations in Peru.



Hudbay reports it has temporarily suspended operations at its Constancia Mine in Peru as a result of trespassers in the open pit area.  The decision is necessary for the safety of employees and the people occupying the site.


Their release explains many of the trespassers are from the District of Chamaca about an hour from the mine which within the last two weeks signed an agreement with national and local governments and Hudbay Peru confirming areas of social co-operation adding the trespassers have yet to present specific demands.


Hudbay adds police are present to ensure the safety of people and assets and Hudbay Peru is working with representatives of the national and local governments as well as other parties toward a goal of resolving the situation peacefully and safely.


Some New Members Have Joined the Northern Health Region Board.


Manitoba Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen has announced appointments to the boards of the provinces regional health authorities.  In the Northern Health Region Cal Huntley, Mayor of Flin Flon and senior contracts administrator for Hudbay has been appointed board chair replacing interim chair Lloyd Flett of Norway House while Carrie Atkinson of The Pas is Vice-Chair.  New to the Board are Leslie Oystryk of Creighton, Elaine Kobelka from The Pas, Wayne Hall, Judith Kolada, Christopher Matechuk and Duncan Wong of Thompson. They join current members John Marnock and Glen Norman Ross of The Pas and Anne Kenny Thompson of Lynn Lake.


 Minister Goertzen says the boards are responsible for the resources and performance of the health care system and he knows these knowledgeable and skilled Manitobans will work to ensure the future of health care in this province.

The Chamber is Set For Another Year.

  Dave Kendall swears in Twyla Storey and Karen MacKinnon


The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce accepted their slate of officers at their annual meeting yesterday.  Dianne Russell will serve the second year of her two year term as President.  Past President is Tom Therien, President Elect Karen MacKinnon, Vice-President Twyla Storey, Treasurer Bunny Burke, Secretary Kory Eastman and Directors Mary Dwernichuk, Dave Kendall, Laurence Gillespie and Cindy McLean.  The Executive also agreed to add Myrna Ewing as a Director to represent the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies and the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.


Committee reports highlighted the Chambers involvement in the Celebrating Communities Gala, a visit by Chief Clarence Louie from B.C., Main Street Committee activities, Manitoba election candidate’s debate, their radio auction, the Trout Festival kickoff barbeque, your business shines contest and Flinty’s birthday party.


The North, Membership and Fundraising Will Be Part of the Focus This Year.



The President of the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Dianne Russell began the second year of her two year term at their annual meeting yesterday. She says the past year has been both challenging and rewarding.  She started her first term with a goal to connect the northern Chambers and the idea is growing and in May 2017 the first northern Chamber meeting will be held in Thompson. Russell adds the Chamber continues to be active and she’s proud about some of the behind the scenes work that was done, some of the bylaw adjustments to bring things back up from a 2002 status when it was last looked at, also the small business week and they way they handled that was very exciting and some of the outreach that they’ve done and having other people be more a part of the Chamber increasing the amount of people coming to meeting as it changes what they are able to do when there’s more people in the room.


Russell adds they had a goal of increasing membership and that was successful with plans to push even harder this year and they are looking for some new and innovative ideas for fund raising to make up for a shortfall over the past year.

High Grade Drill Results Are Reported Near Snow Lake.


Rockcliff Copper Corporation has announced the first drill hole assay results from its phase two drill program on the Talbot Property near Snow Lake.  They intersected multiple sulphide lenses including 6.3 meters grading 9 percent copper equivalent including 1.7 meters grading 20.4 percent copper equivalent.


Their President and CEO Ken Lapierre commented with high grade copper and gold assays in multiple zones including a newly intersected mineralized hanging wall zone, they have decided to increase their planned drill meterage to six thousand meters from its original five thousand.  He explains all three lenses have significant grades while the main lens contains high grade gold mineralization which could have significant benefits for the property moving forward.  Lapierre added the Talbot copper deposit is open in all directions and they look forward to expanding its limits as well as testing proximal high priority geophysical targets.



Your Input is Wanted on Homelessness.



The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center is hosting public information sessions on their housing and homelessness project Everyone Deserves a Home.  Their Housing Coordinator Patricia Gibson encourages you to attend.  She explains they have met with service agencies and would like to open up the conversation to the community.  She says they will be discussing housing needs and homelessness in our community and hope to get feedback from local landlords, businesses, governments, those with lived experience and the public in general.  She adds they will be seeking interested participants to form two working groups, one to focus on housing projects and one to focus on services to address homelessness in our community.  She says they are looking to see a good turnout so come and join the conversation.


The meetings are being held in the Friendship Center restaurant tomorrow night at 7, Tuesday the 15th at 6 and Thursday the 17th at 7.

Your Vision is Part of Diabetes Awareness.



November is Diabetes Month.  Diabetes Nurse Educator for the Northern Health Region Luba Dybalo says the theme this year is Keeping Your Vision : Eyes and Diabetes focusing on screening for prediabetes and type two diabetes.  She says people with diabetes are at higher risk of developing eye disease and it may be hidden for years so this year they really want to concentrate on informing people that they should be getting their eyes checked with retinal screening, check their eyes and keep their vision for life.


The Health Region has free retinal screening at the Primary Health Care Center on Thursdays.  They recommend this screening be done annually.  The Canadian Diabetes Association has a quick questionnaire available at DiabetesTest.ca where you can determine your risk for type two diabetes and prediabetes.

Hudbay Continues to Move Forward at Their Mine Near Snow Lake.

Lalor Mine


Hudbay’s third quarter 2016 report we reported on on Friday included an increase in production at its Manitoba operations.  During the quarter production of copper was up 1 percent, zinc up 31 percent, gold up 16 percent and silver up 72 percent compared to the same period in 2015 as a result of higher mill throughput.  Ore mined at Hudbay’s Manitoba mines increased by 18 percent as a result of increased production at Lalor near Snow Lake and Triple Seven in Flin Flon.  President and CEO Alan Hair say they continue to move forward at Lalor mine where they are continuing to work and are waiting for an updated report incorporating a new mine plan with the integration of the New Britannia gold mill and a potential increase in zinc ore through put at the Stall concentrator.  He says the report is also expected to include an update on reserve estimates in the Lalor gold zone and they expect to finalize the updated technical report in the first quarter of 2017.


Ore processed in the Snow Lake concentrator was reported to be 21 percent higher in the quarter as a result of higher production at the Lalor mine.

One of the Most Famous Sports Trophies is Coming to Flin Flon.


Castrol Oil and Canadian Tire Flin Flon are bringing the NFL Super Bowl Vince Lombardi Trophy to Flin Flon Saturday.  Associate Dealer Mario Delarosbil says they were one of three dealerships across the country to win the right to host the trophy in a half time Castrol contest.  He says it will be at the store from 10 to 3 Saturday where it will be possible to take pictures with fans beside the trophy although we won’t be able to touch it as there’s very strict corporate rules related to the security around that trophy.  He says you might know this trophy is silver and it has a value around 25 thousand dollars but that’s obviously without the moral value because there’s no value with that trophy for what it represents.


Delarosbil adds they will have special guests highly involved in sports, they’ll have the store look like a Super Bowl game and there will be hot dogs, burgers and chicken wings along with lots of giveaways and surprises with Castrol.

Your Presence is a Sign That We Continue to Remember.



Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 73 in Flin Flon held their annual Remembrance banquet Saturday night.  Guest speaker Father Paul Bringleson praised the Legion for remaining as the visible voice of the fallen men and women. He said when you walk this week, when you stand together on Friday be mindful that you are speaking without words a testimony and a witness that is desperately needed in our country, in our families today the remembrance of sacrifice, the remembrance of the importance of those who have no voice.


Bringleson added as the world changes around us Remembrance Day has stayed the same.


Service pins were presented with the top awards going to Hogan Larson for 60 years and John McArthur for 70 years.

Hudbay Reports Record Production.

Alan Hair


Hudbay has released its third quarter 2016 financial results.  The net profit in the quarter was 33.6 million dollars compared to a net loss of 11.8 million in the third quarter last year.  President and CEO Alan Hair says their strong operating performance together with cost efficiencies achieved at their operations enabled them to generate increased operating cash flow and earnings during the quarter.  He says the goal this year was to generate cash flow from their business in a weak metal price environment while at the same time optimizing their operations.  He says their performance this quarter well positioned them to achieve that goal.  Hair adds they also remain committed to realizing the full potential of their growth opportunities pipeline.


Hudbay reports the increase in operating cash flow is the result of growth in production and copper sales volumes, slightly higher realized sales prices and ongoing cost optimization initiatives at all sites.  Results at Hudbay’s operations were reported to be strong with record quarterly copper equivalent production and continued low cash costs in both Peru and Manitoba.

It is the Season to Remember With a Candle.


Flin Flon’s Anglican parish is offering memory candles for an 11th holiday season.  The committee’s Yvonne Fawcett explains the candles appear in the community just before Christmas with the purpose to remember loved ones prior to the hustle and bustle of the season.  She says candles can be placed at any of the cemeteries in the Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach area including the columbarium or you can take your candles home and light them whenever you want.  She adds this is the second year they will place candles roadside at the Cranberry Portage cemetery.


The candles are ten dollars and can be purchased at the craft shows at the Creighton Community Hall and Flin Flon Community Hall tomorrow from ten to four or at Nasselquists, Big Dipper, Candy Bar, Northern Rainbows End or call Yvonne at 687-7463. Fawcett adds there will be a mass lighting at all cemeteries Saturday, November 20th with the exception of Cranberry Portage which will be on the 19th weather permitting with the best time for viewing at dusk.



You Can Shop for Crafts and Christmas Gifts in Creighton Tomorrow.


Northern Country Crafters will be holding their 22nd annual craft and home business sale tomorrow.  This year they have 35 vendors with 56 tables with knitting, home made Christmas cakes, honey, hand crafted wooden items, jewelry, Christmas decorations and more including fresh cinnamon buns and perogies. The group’s Jeri Holmes says they donate the money from their door raffles and toonie parade.  She says over they years they have donated to the Personal Care Home residents such items as blinds for their dining room, patio tables and umbrellas, a 52 and 58 inch television with fire place unit and table cloths for their barbeque thanks giving and Easter family dinners.  She adds for the Northern Lights Manor such things as a TV, a 10 by 12 gazebo, ipod shuffles with headphones and money towards the recreation department so since 2003 they have donated close to 16 thousand dollars for these purchases.


The Northern Country Crafters sale runs from 10 to 4 tomorrow at the Creighton Community Hall.

You Can Do Your Christmas Shopping Saturday.


The Flin Flon Arts Council is holding their 36th annual Christmas Arts and Crafts Sale Saturday.  Their Coordinator Crystal Kolt says they have 70 tables of arts and crafts from across Manitoba and Saskatchewan with everything from the soaps and the Christmas decorations and all the arts and crafts that will be there.  She says they have the seniors in the seniors center that will be offering food during the day and they have their photos with Santa at the Winter Wonderland on the stage, so everything once again for people of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach and Cranberry Portage.


The sale runs from 10 to 4 Saturday in the Flin Flon Community Hall.


Think Fire Safety This Weekend.


As you turn your clocks back to standard time this weekend the Flin Flon Fire Department wants you to think about fire safety.  Fire Chief Chad Cooper says it’s time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. He says this follows up on a smoke alarm awareness program they ran through October. He explains the Safe Family campaign has been very successful with spreading the awareness of how important smoke alarms are, checking the manufacturing date, testing and changing the batteries.  He says the Flin Flon Fire Department received a hundred smoke alarms from the Manitoba Fire Commissioner and all hundred smoke alarms have been handed out and installed in the community.


Cooper adds the Flin Flon Fire Department will continue to offer free fire home inspections and guidance with fire escape planning.


A Special Prayer Service is Being Held Tomorrow.

  Shanti Solomon


Northminster Memorial United Church is hosting the Fellowship of the Least Coin celebration tomorrow night.  Reverend Jonelle McLellan says it’s open to all churches and everyone interested.  She explains it is an ecumenical movement of prayer that’s affiliated with the World Day of Prayer and the World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  She says the same people get together to design the worship service and then they get together a couple of times a year and enjoy each others fellowship and pray for the strengthening of the work of justice and peace.  McLellan adds Shanti Solomon of India actually started it and it is very much an international movement that promotes ecumenical work in the world.


The celebration takes place tomorrow night at 7 at the United Church on Bracken Street with fellowship to follow the service.

A New Co-op Store Has Taken a Step Forward.


At the meeting last night Flin Flon City Council authorized the signing of an agreement between the City and North of 53 Co-op.  It is an option agreement to start the process of transferring the former Armories property to the Co-op for their planned new store with conditions to be met before the transfer of ownership takes place.


Council received a letter from Paul Berthelot noting the tax increase faced by some local home owners because of the provincial assessments.  He asked why the City mill rate was not modified when Council knew full well of the dramatic tax increases that were to follow with the large assessment values.  Mayor Cal Huntley said they were not fully aware of the effect the assessments would have on the individual home owner and will be more cautious the next year it happens.


Mayor Cal Huntley congratulated the Mayors and Councilors elected in the recent Creighton and Denare Beach elections noting they have some good people to work with including on plans underway by our three communities on regional economic development.


Council wrapped up the meeting wishing Happy Birthday to Councilor Guy Rideout.

Councilors Colleen McKee and Guy Rideout

A Closer Look Is Being Taken at a New Zinc Gold Discovery.


Callinex Mines has started a step-out drilling campaign at its Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers east of Flin Flon.  The campaign will be for up to ten thousand meters to focus on expanding its new zinc and gold rich Volcanic Massive Sulphide discovery at the Pine Bay Project reported on in mid-October.  Callinex will expedite the drilling campaign with the addition of a second drill rig in order to ensure it is completed before the end of the winter drilling season.


Callinex President and CEO Max Porterfield says they are eager to advance their new discovery with this sizable drilling campaign that will provide them with indications as to the extent and grade of nearby mineralization.


The new zinc and gold discovery was made after extending an historic Placer Dome drill hole by 38 meters.  Placer Dome had explored the property in the early 1990s.

A Couple of Survival Films Will Be Shown Friday.


The Central Canada Film Group continues their Films You Might Have Missed series Friday.  The group’s Collin Davis says they’ll feature two films on survival starting with Alone in the Wilderness which is a modern day classic which has become a regular staple on Public Television so we’re going to be following Dick Proenneke as he builds a cabin and strives to survive for a year all by himself in the wilds of Alaska.  He says their second feature is Happy People-a Year in the Taiga and they they’re going to follow Siberian trappers as they go from their already remote village deep into the Russian boreal forest and this is another tale of surviving in the wild and the skills that make it possible.


Davis adds the doors open at 7 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre Friday night with some extras until the main films start at 7:30.  Admission is a silver collection.

A Group of Students Will Be on the Job Tomorrow.


Flin Flon School Division grade nine students are taking part in Take Our Kids to Work Day tomorrow.  Hapnot Collegiate Essential Skills Director Linda Lowe says the students are going to work with their parents.  She says the students will be experiencing many different careers such as teaching, administrative, trades and banking just to name a few.  For the students she adds its more than just a day of fun away from school, it is an opportunity to understand the importance of staying in school by seeing first hand the skills required in the work force today.  Lowe says for parents it is an opportunity to prepare children for the future by demonstrating their experience and skills needed on a daily basis for their job and participating in a shared experience with their child.


Those who don’t go out will do work in class related to career choices.


Take Our Kids To Work Day is a national program in its 22nd year sponsored by the Learning Partnership.

A Young Person You Know Could Be a Role Model.



The search is on for a Healthy Youth Role Model who will receive a special award.  The Award is sponsored by the National Addictions Awareness Week Committee, Community Youth Resource Center, Play It Safer Network and the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre explains you can nominate any youth between the ages of 15 to 19 years who are drug free, who live in either Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach or Cranberry Portage who are currently attending a local school and are involved in extra curricular activities.


Nomination forms have been emailed out to organizations or can be obtained by calling Christa at 204-681-3145 or Lori at 204-687-1665.  The deadline is November 10th with the award presented during National Addictions Awareness Week November 13th to 19th.

Zombies Helped Wrap Up a Food Drive.


Eddies Family Foods held a food drive through October to support the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.  It wrapped up Saturday with a Zombie Walk sponsored by Eddies, CFAR and the Flin Flon Trout Festival Committee.  Eddies Assistant Manager Kerry Wood says the campaign went really well as the people of Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach and surrounding areas are very generous to people in need.  She says they ended up with a heaping cart of groceries to donate to the Food Bank.                      


The final cart load of food picked up by the Food Bank on the weekend was one of several picked up at Eddies during the month.


During the food drive people donating non-perishable food items were entered into a draw for two tickets to a Winnipeg Jets game and those were won by Nick Benyk of Sherridon.



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