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The North, Membership and Fundraising Will Be Part of the Focus This Year.



The President of the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce Dianne Russell began the second year of her two year term at their annual meeting yesterday. She says the past year has been both challenging and rewarding.  She started her first term with a goal to connect the northern Chambers and the idea is growing and in May 2017 the first northern Chamber meeting will be held in Thompson. Russell adds the Chamber continues to be active and she’s proud about some of the behind the scenes work that was done, some of the bylaw adjustments to bring things back up from a 2002 status when it was last looked at, also the small business week and they way they handled that was very exciting and some of the outreach that they’ve done and having other people be more a part of the Chamber increasing the amount of people coming to meeting as it changes what they are able to do when there’s more people in the room.


Russell adds they had a goal of increasing membership and that was successful with plans to push even harder this year and they are looking for some new and innovative ideas for fund raising to make up for a shortfall over the past year.

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