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They Paused to Remember Last Night.


The United Steelworkers Local 7106 held a ceremony at their monument last night to mark the National Day of Mourning.  Their Health and Safety Rep Ken Bateman told those attending that the day is recognized in over one hundred countries around the world bringing attention to a single fact no matter where in the world and no matter how advanced our technology people are still dying because of their jobs.  He says each year a thousand workers are killed across Canada and millions more globally because of their work, adding in fact this number is much higher because many deaths go unreported of workers who died of occupational diseases that weren’t thought to be work related.


  Wreaths were laid by various union and community representatives with messages emphasizing the need to make working conditions safe for everybody remembering those workers who died or were injured on the job and fighting to put an end to it.



An International Mineral Resource Company has Interest in Our Area.


Royal Nickel Corporation has completed the purchase of VMS Ventures having acquired all of the issued and outstanding common shares of VMS.  VMS has now become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Nickel.


  Royal Nickel President Mark Selby says with the acquisition of VMS now complete he is pleased to add the diversification of a second producing asset to their portfolio.  He says exposure to copper production from a thirty percent share in the Reed Mine in the well-established and prolific Flin Flon Snow Lake region in Manitoba is highly complimentary to their 66 percent interest in the Beta Hunt gold and nickel producing operation in Western Australia.  Selby adds both Reed and Beta Hunt are cash generating assets that they expect will provide a stable platform for further growth and acquisitions.


The remaining seventy percent interest in the Reed Mine that officially opened in September of 2014 is held Hudbay who is the operator of the mine.



You Can Plan Your Season of Entertainment.


 The Flin Flon Arts Council has changed the dates of their performance season.  It now runs from June 1st to the following May 31st.  Because of this change their season passes are now available offering five performances for one hundred dollars. The Council’s Crystal Kolt says the pass will give you first choice seating, VIP entry and pre-paid ticket savings. She says the Flin Flon Arts Council season pass essentially gets you into five shows throughout the season for 2016 and 17. She explains you can use the pass to invite a friend as well so you can use two of the passes for one show if you desire and its great savings for a great year.


  Kolt adds purchasing the season pass also gives you a membership in the Arts Council.  Season passes are being sold tomorrow from 12 to 4 in the lobby of the Flin Flon Community Hall.


Your Early Swim Has Been Delayed.


 The Flin Flon Trout Festival Committee has postponed this weekend’s Polar Bear Splash.  The Committee’s Annette Banach explains the shoreline isn’t quite clear at the main beach in Denare Beach so they can’t dredge the shoreline to make this happen so they’re going to wait for the shoreline to go out about 15 feet.  She says tentatively the Polar Bear is scheduled for May 22nd still at 2 pm at the main beach, which is a Sunday on the May long weekend and if the shoreline is clear far enough they will continue with the event and hopefully lots of people show up to help them fund raise for the Trout Festival.


You can still pick up registration forms and collect pledges.  Forms are at the Gateway, Orange Toad, CFAR, Di’s Confectionary and the Reminder.


You Can Have Someone Arrested.


  The Women’s Resource Center is holding a Jail N Bail fund raising event during the Trade and Leisure Show at the Creighton Sportex starting today through Saturday.  The Center’s Colleen Arnold explains the event begins when participants contact the Center.  She says it involves a mock jail that they set up during the Trade Show and citizens are arrested by a mock police officer and some other volunteers.  She says they just ask you to sign the arrest forms and they will send out the warrants but the jail birds must agree to be in jail.  She adds they ask participants to turn themselves in or have their boss, spouse, a politician, a friend or a co-worker arrested.


  Arrest forms are available by contacting the Women’s Resource Center.  All bail donations of 20 dollars or more will receive a tax receipt with all proceeds going to the operation of the Safe Haven which is an emergency shelter for abused women and their children.


One of the Few Drive In Theatres in the Country is Back for Another Season.


 The Big Island Drive In Theatre is opening for another season tomorrow night.  Dan Hlady says he and Dawn are looking forward to a full season of movies this year after taking over the Drive In last summer.  He explains the first season went really well as the community was very supportive.  He says they opened July 2nd with the Terminator.  He adds there’s a few new things in the concession and once again they’ll be putting the projection room together properly and some new audio equipment and other than that its status quo with the Drive In as popular as ever.


The Big Island Drive In opens tomorrow with the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Their movie schedule is available at www.flinflononline.com or on their facebook page.

Testing and Traffic Were Part of the Discussions at the School Board Meeting.


 Last night Superintendent Blaine Veitch reported to the Flin Flon School Board that Ecole McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools will begin CAT IV testing on May 2nd.  The testing provides important data for the Division which they use to assess how they are doing. 


In other news parents and the Administration at Ecole McIsaac School have some traffic concerns regarding signage in the McIsaac School area which the Board agreed to pass along to the Facility and Grounds Committee for further discussion and possible referral to the City Traffic Commission.


In his report Board Chair Murray Skeavington thanked all the organizers who helped make this past weekend’s badminton tournament a success.  It is the second largest tournament held in the north.  He also stressed the importance of having the community fill out the upcoming census forms.



The Entrance to the Library is More Safe and Secure.


The Flin Flon Public Library received funding from the Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation for safety features.  Library Administrator Cindy McLean says the money was used to replace the worn out panic hardware on their three front doors which is important as the library is being well used. She says in 2015 they had 44,252 individuals walk through their doors, they had 42 different community events and they circulated 26,543 books which was awesome.  As well she says they provided rental space in their downstairs meeting room for community businesses, baby showers and birthday parties so they’re really grateful for the funds provided by the Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation.


 McLean adds the library continues to have a positive impact on the well-being of our community and knowing everyone entering the building is safe and secure is paramount to the continued success of the library and community.

You Can Access Loans For Your Business.



Representatives of the Business Development Bank of Canada spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  The Bank is a Crown Corporation that makes loans available to businesses and works in co-operation with other banks.  One of the reps Stace Gander explains the Development Bank’s mission is to make Canadian small and medium businesses the most competitive in the world and they do that by offering lending and consulting opportunities for projects to support businesses through change.  He says www.bdc.ca is the easiest way to learn more as there’s all sorts of information there for entrepreneurs and they can contact them that way and whether they have a lending of a consulting request somebody will get back to them very quickly.


The Business Development Bank also has a Growth Capital for Aboriginals Program with no fees and offers a rebate of part of the interest paid to be used to support charities or other organizations in the community and also has loans available to home businesses.


We Will Be Going to the Polls in a Byelection.



A byelection is being held to fill a vacancy on Flin Flon City Council.  The vacancy on Council was created by the resignation of Leslie Beck so she could run in the provincial election.


When nominations closed this afternoon two candidates had filed papers, Colleen Arnold and Guy Rideout.


The bylection will be held on Wednesday, June 1st with the elected Councilor serving until October of 2018.


You Can Do a Variety of Shopping Under One Roof.


   102.9 CFAR’s 33rd annual Trade and Leisure Show starts Thursday afternoon. Manager Dianne Russell says they have a lot to offer shoppers again this year.  She says every year it’s a little bit different and this year it’s going to be different again.  She explains there’s new vendors coming and new booths so its going to be a different show, not exactly what you expect which is really good as they are going to move things around, things will be different and they’re really looking forward to it being a great show with lots of people coming out and celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring.


The Trade and Leisure Show is open at the Creighton Sportex Thursday from 4 to 9, Friday from noon to 9 and Saturday from 10 to 4.

Workers in This Area will Pause to Remember Thursday Night.


 April 28th is recognized as a National Day of Mourning.  United Steelworkers Local 7106 Health and Safety Rep Ken Bateman explains the day is recognized in over 100 countries as the day to remember those employees that went to work and didn’t have an opportunity to come back and be with their families due to the fact that they’re either seriously injured or killed at work adding once again they take safety as their number one priority.


The ceremony will be held at 7:30 Thursday night at the Steelworker monument in Flin Flon across from the Gateway and at the Miner’s Cenotaph in Snow Lake.




A Series of Writers Events Begins at the Library This Week.


The Flin Flon Public Library is hosting the Ore Samples Writers Series.  Library Administrator Cindy McLean explains the first in the series will be held Thursday night with three authors.  The first one she says is Garry Thomas Morse who is a well known author from Winnipeg who has been a Governor General’s poetry award finalist, he has various poetry books and fiction books that he has written.  She says they will also be featuring Glenda Walker-Hobbs who has written numerous poetry books that she will be reading from and local musician Kevin Imrie who has also developed a passion for writing is going to be reading some poetry and short fiction.


McLean invites you to the library Thursday night at 7 adding they will host other events May 26th and September 8th and 15th.  Admission is free with financial assistance provided by the Canada Council For The Arts.


A Canadian Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player Will Entertain You Friday Night.


 The Flin Flon Cranberry Portage Folk Music Society is presenting Ben Sures on Friday night.  The groups Mike Spencer says Sures is a well known award winning performer.  He says Sures is an Edmonton based singer songwriter who has clever fun songs and is a great guitar player.  He says it’s a real eclectic sort of mix of material with some folk stuff, some blues stuff and that sort of thing.


Sures songs have earned him first, second and honorary mentions in the John Lennon, International and USA songwriting competitions.  He will perform at Johnny’s Social Club at 177 Green Street Friday night at 7:30 with tickets 20 dollars at the Orange Toad.  You’re encouraged to bring your own snacks and appetizers.


It is Time to Register Your Younger Children for School.


 Parents are reminded to register your children for Kindergarten in Flin Flon School Division. Assistant Superintendent Dean Grove says they should register by April 29th at the school in their catchment area.  He says what they need is to bring in their birth certificate and medical health number which they can take into the school and the schools can give them further information.  Grove says this is for students born in 2011 or would be turning five this year and there are a couple of exceptions.  If they are putting their child into French immersion those students will be going to McIsaac so that’s where they need to register and also if parents have had their kids in Kindervention then the registration process is taken care of and they don’t have to worry about it.


More information is available at both Ruth Betts and McIsaac Schools.


There is a New Manager at Greenstone.


 Bunny Burke is retiring as manager of Community Futures Greenstone after serving in that position for thirty years.  Becky Cianflone has arrived in Flin Flon to fill that job.  She says she grew up in the Interlake and lived in Altona for 11 years with her husband and two children.  She used to manage the Altona Chamber of Commerce and most recently she was the business analyst with Community Futures Triple R which covers the southeast corner of the province.


  Cianflone says she is impressed with Flin Flon, the warmth of the people and all the activities available and is looking forward to having her family join her at the end of the month when their home becomes available.


Residents of Creighton and Denare Beach Can Vote on a Fossil.


  Citizens of Saskatchewan have a last chance to vote for the fossil they believe represents Saskatchewan as the next official provincial emblem.  The seven provincial fossil candidates have interesting features and were found in communities across the province including Eastend, Herschel, Carrot River-Arborfield, Kyle and Ponteix.


Culture Minister Mark Docherty says whether a vote is cast based on pride of place or the fossil’s unique characteristics citizens of all ages living across the province can voice their choice.  The candidates roamed the earth anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions year ago.


Voting can be done on line at their website www.royalsaskmusuem.ca with the deadline being Monday.



A Trailer Home Was Damaged by Fire This Morning.



The Flin Flon Fire Department and RCMP were called to a trailer fire on Tamarac Drive this morning.


The RCMP report the fire was controlled, no one was hurt and the fire is not considered suspicious at this time.

Its Time to Support and Learn More About Organ Donor Programs.


 A tag day is being held tomorrow to support National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week.  Local Coordinator Nora Fontaine says the message this year is to seriously think about organ and tissue donation.  She explains everyone has the potential to be an organ donor and you could save or dramatically enhance the lives of eight people plus another 75 through tissue donation.  Fontaine says you should talk about your decision with your family and doctor adding it is important for them to know about the amazing gift you’d like to give to someone else.  She says it takes only a few minutes to complete the registration online.


You can register online at www.signupforlife.ca.  Fontaine says they will be holding a tag day tomorrow from 10 to 4 on Main Street, the Gateway and Walmart as well as from 6 to 8 am at the Main Gate and Triple Seven.  They will have pamphlets and cards to show how to register online and if you have any questions Nora will be at the Community Hall lobby from 10 to 4.

You Can View the Talents of Local Quilters Over the Weekend.



The North Star Quilt Guild is holding its Quilt Show at the Flin Flon Community Hall tomorrow and Saturday.  The Guild’s President Sheri McPhee says there’s a lot to see.  She says they’ll be featuring work from the local quilt artists and will be displaying over 150 quilts.  She says they’ve got between 50 and 60 current members mostly from Flin Flon, Creighton, Denare Beach with a sprinkling from Cranberry Portage and some other people from around Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  McPhee adds every two years they like to showcase their best work.


You can also vote for best in show and buy raffle tickets. The show is open tomorrow from noon to nine and Saturday from ten to four with admission of five dollars each day.

He is Ready to Work for the Constituency.



The NDP’s Tom Lindsey held on to Flin Flon constituency in a close race in Tuesday’s Manitoba election.  Lindsey says he appreciates all the support he received.  He thanked all the voters that voted to support him adding it certainly wasn’t only done by him as there was a pile of volunteers and a lot of people put a lot of effort into making sure the NDP and Tom Lindsey got elected here in Flin Flon.  He says it’s unfortunate the rest of the province didn’t think the same way but he’ll do the best job he can representing Flin Flon going forward.


  Lindsey adds his immediate plans are to shut down the campaign office and take it from there.


Local Poetry Was Part of Last Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


In honor of National Poetry Month Helen Strom from the Flin Flon Writers Guild read two poems for Council. The poem My Golden Boys dealt with a father’s reaction to his children growing up and the Schist Lake Tree dealt with growing up at Schist Lake.


  Council passed on first reading a bylaw to establish an Animal Control Panel made up of three members of Council.  It will deal with dangerous dog issues by making decisions on how the animal will be dealt with by being given a dangerous dog designation or being euthanized.  When there is an issue the Chief Licence Inspector will refer it to the panel. If a bite is involved the public could also make a referral to the panel.  The bylaw requires two more readings.


And Council approved a declaration of common values and sustainable development in the Boreal of Northern Manitoba to be signed by the Mayor on behalf of Council.

An Award Winning International Film Festival Movie Can be Seen Tomorrow Night.


The Central Canada Film Group is presenting the film Room tomorrow night.  The group’s Collin Davis says the movie was nominated for the Academy Awards best picture of the year and won several best actress awards.  He explains Jack is a five year old boy who has lived in a small room for his entire life with his kidnapped mother. Mother and son escape from the room and they experience a dramatic homecoming.  Jack’s mother wonders how well Jack will adjust to life on the outside but finds that she is having greater difficulty than Jack.


Room will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.  Because this is a Toronto International Film Festival film admission will be ten dollars.


Flin Flons MLA Will Sit on the Opposition Side in a PC Majority Government.


 Flin Flon Constituency stayed with the New Democratic Party in yesterday’s Manitoba election.  The NDP candidate Tom Lindsey received 1054 votes, 112 more than his nearest rival the PC’s Angela Enright with 942 votes.  Liberal Leslie Beck received 894 votes and Independent Clarence Pettersen 354.


In other northern ridings the NDPs Amanda Lathlin held on to The Pas riding, the PCs took Thompson from the NDPs Steve Ashton and the Liberals defeated the NDPs Eric Robinson in Keewatinook.


The RCMP Are Looking for Information on a Man Who Approached a Child in Sandy Bay.


On March 25th RCMP receive a report that around 11 pm the previous night a 14 year old girl was walking home from a relative’s house in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan when a man in a black truck stopped to talk to her.  He called the girl over to the window and when she was close enough he grabbed her by the wrist.  The girl was able to break free and ran home while the truck drove off in the opposite direction.

                   The vehicle is described as a black truck possibly a Dodge Ram and the driver is described as an adult man in his 30s with light skin, wearing a black hoodie, a hat which said Creighton on it and glasses.  He also had a scratch on his left cheek and was the lone occupant of the vehicle. Investigation has so far failed to locate the man and a sketch was recently completed that may assist in identifying him and you can see that sketch attached to this news story on www.flinflononline.com.


  Anyone with information can contact the Sandy Bay RCMP at 306-754-4600.

You Can Learn How It Really Happened.


The Central Canada Film Group is recognizing National Canadian Film Day tomorrow night.  The group’s Collin Davis says they will correct the story in the best picture award winning film Argo with a film that shows what really happened in the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.  He says Our Man in Tehran sets the record straight adding it wasn’t a covert CIA operation that got six American hostages out of Iran, it was the Canadian Ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor and his staff who orchestrated their evacuation.  He says Our Man in Tehran is an in depth look at what was happening during those turbulent times and Canada’s role in the world scene and all proud Canadians owe it to themselves to see this film.


Our Man in Tehran will be shown tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre and admission is free.


There Was a Fatal Accident in Cumberland House.


 The RCMP report they responded to a complaint of an ATV rollover involving four people around 6:30 Saturday morning in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan.  EMT responded and transported the driver to the Cumberland House Medical Clinic where the 36 year old man from Cumberland House was pronounced dead.  The three other passengers were not injured.


The RCMP report initial investigation has revealed the ATV was traveling at an unsafe speed and went out of control.  No charges have been laid at this time and the RCMP continue to investigate.

We Can Be Healthier By Planting Trees.



Earth Day is being celebrated on Friday.  Earth Day Canada’s President Deb Doncaster says this year they are running a Rooting 4 Trees campaign devoted to planting trees and to acknowledge the role of the global forest and its benefits to the environment and personal health. As well she says is the idea that a lot of companies and organizations are trying to plant more trees in cities in order to support people feeling more connected to nature in urban environments and all of the health benefits that go along with breathing in the chemical compounds that trees release into the environment so that if you are beside a tree you will inhale and boost your immune system and relax.


Doncaster adds you can go to their website www.earthday.ca where you can plant a tree or pledge to plant a tree as part of their Rooting 4 Trees campaign.

V Day Will Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women.



The Women’s Resource Center will be recognizing V Day Saturday evening with the performance of A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer.  The Center’s Courtney Gieg says these are writings to stop violence against women and girls.  She says it’s a diverse collection of monologues from world renowned author and play write Eve Ensler and these writings are inspired, funny, angry, heart felt but above all they are creating a true and profound portrait of how violence against women affects every one of us.


The performance will take place Saturday evening at 7:30 at Hapnot Collegiate. Tickets are five dollars at Northern Rainbows End and the evening will feature a dessert style production this year.


It Was Another Successful Year at the Recycling Center.



The Flin Flon Environment Council held their annual meeting Thursday night.  Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard reported recycling tonnage increased by 11 percent last year achieving their third highest tonnage in their history.  She said there were 30 loads of material shipped along with 3 loads of e-waste.  Odegaard said her goal for this year is 500 metric tons which would be an 8 percent increase.  She said she continues the hear very positive things about the free curbside pick up in Creighton and the red bag curbside program in Flin Flon has seen some growth and is covering costs although she thought more residents would use it.  She adds significant increases in recycling need municipal actions such as charging for bags of garbage, banning cardboard at the landfill and changing dumpster rates to encourage recycling.


The Community Support Award was presented to Gardewine, the Community Champion Award to Judy Pettersen, the Employees 10 Year Service Award to Randy Whitmore and the Board Members Award to Angela Simpson.


Make Sure You Get Out and Vote Tomorrow.


 Tomorrow is election day in Manitoba.  Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. Polling stations in Flin Flon are located in the Community Hall and St. Ann’s Church Hall, at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall in Cranberry Portage, the Snow Lake Community Hall, the Sherridon Community Hall and in Pukatawagan at the Mathias Colomb Adult Center.


  To vote you must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years old on or before election day and have resided in Manitoba for at least six months immediately before election day.  You won’t need to bring ID if you were enumerated and are on the voters list.  If you aren’t on the voters list you’ll need government issued photo ID such as a driver’s licence or two documents with your name.


The Credit Union Received Praise For Its Success.

Rod Gourlay and Kory EastmanWIlson Griffiths


The Flin Flon Credit Union held its annual meeting last night.  Wilson Griffiths, a Senior Vice-President with Credit Union Central of Manitoba complimented the Credit Union on its 75th anniversary.  He said it is an organization to be proud of with strong leadership and will be in the community for a long time helping the community to succeed.  He presented Board President Rod Gourlay with a painting of a loon produced in co-operation with Siloam Mission in Winnipeg painted by a homeless person.


Gourlay praised the board and staff for making the Credit Union the success it is.  Two Directors were re-elected to the Board, Darren Grant who has been on the Board since 2006 and Don Scott since 1995.


General Manager Kory Eastman reported total assets at year end were 49.5 million dollars, an increase of 9.91 percent over the previous year with member deposits increasing 3.9 million dollars. He reviewed the successes of the past year including launching their new website www.ffcu.ca with mobile apps coming up later this year. 


Our Member of Parliament May Be Considering Party Leadership.


 This past weekend the New Democratic Party convention saw Tom Mulcair voted out of the leadership having gained only 48 percent of total party support.  This leaves the party’s Federal Council to set the terms for a leadership race to be held no later than 2018.  A Member of Parliament with experience in leadership races Churchill Keewatinook MP Niki Ashton says she does consider it an option.  She says she’s been asked by people that she listens to quite closely from our region and across the country and even the mere asking is a great honor.  She adds there is no leadership race on right now so she’ll be waiting to hear what that will look like and be giving serious thought to how to go forward from there.


Ashton says whether or not she runs her focus remains on her riding.


A Group of Band Students is Learning New Skills.


 Grade Seven students from the Flin Flon School Division band program are in Winnipeg today.  Band Director Anna Jardine says this is an annual event for the students.  She says they get a chance to perform the pieces that they prepared on a big stage in a big church.  She says they then get two clinics, one with an adjudicator that listens to their performance and gives them feedback and works with them and then they get a clinic with another expert music educator that takes them through a band basics workshop where they learn to work on skills that can be applied to everything they do including pulse, rhythm, pitch, ear training and that kind of thing and then they get an opportunity to watch two other bands perform.


The 42 students left yesterday with 4 chaperones and will return tonight.

There are Opportunities for Adult Learning in Flin Flon.


 This is National Adult Learners Week and the Community Adult Learning Center offers courses for any interested adult including GED preparation.  Coordinator Barry Hanrahan invites you to learn more about their courses.  He says if you want to learn to improve reading and comprehension skills or have comfort in completing forms and other documents or have comfort with numbers in a variety of settings or use computers to access information or to improve your self direction and confidence or to improve your ability to work and communicate with others they are at the Community Adult Leaning Center.


  The Center is open on the lower level of the Co-op store Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 and they follow the school calendar from September to June.


A New Store Was Under Discussion Last Night.

Tom Therien Dave Kendall


General Manager Tom Therien told the North of 53 Co-op 71st annual meeting last night it was another great year. He reported sales were almost 26.5 million dollars with their net savings just over one million dollars.  The Board authorized an allocation of 3 percent for food and 6.5 percent for petroleum to the membership.


Therien reported the Co-op continues to aggressively pursue a larger site for a new store. He says they are still in the feasibility stage which would see them build a 39 thousand square foot building up from 23 thousand with the parking lot for 199 vehicles up from 65. 


Board President Dave Kendall explained they are looking at the present Armories lot but they are still waiting for cost numbers and at that time they will decide whether or not to proceed.  Ken Mansell said there are members opposed to the change of location and now is not a good time to spend the kind of money needed with Kendall replying they have money in the bank and Federated Co-op has agreed to cover 15 percent adding the Co-op has a future with a new store replacing an aged out facility.


Three Directors Dave Kendall, Rob Schiefele and Linda Clark were re-elected by acclamation to three year terms.


You Can Have Two Opportunities to Talk to the Candidates Tomorrow.



102.9 CFAR will be hosting a candidate’s phone in show tomorrow afternoon.  The four candidates in Flin Flon constituency for Tuesday’s Manitoba election will be in our studios from 5:10 to 6 o’clock. They will make opening statements and then the phone lines will be open for you our listeners to call in with your questions and comments for the candidates.  That’s a candidates phone in from 5:10 to 6 Friday on 102.9 CFAR.

              And then at 7:30 the candidates will gather at the Frontier Collegiate gym in Cranberry Portage.  You’re invited to join them as they discuss education issues.


Candidates, Surveys and Parent Council Were on the Flin Flon School Board Agenda.



Superintendent Blaine Veitch reported the local candidate’s forum focusing on education and perspectives will be held tomorrow at the Frontier Collegiate gym in Cranberry Portage starting at 7:30. Any interested trustees, staff and community members are encouraged to attend and questions can be submitted ahead by email to Alexandra Beasse at Alexandra.beasse@frontiersd.mb.ca.


  In other school news at Hapnot Collegiate course selection for the 2016-17 school year is taking place.  Parents can view the selection via the school website or contact the school administration.  At Ecole McIsaac School the parent’s survey regarding the 2016-17 lunch hour program is available.  If you did not receive yours contact the school. At Ruth Betts the parent council is looking for new members.  Veitch says this is a great opportunity to get involved in your child’s education.  Their next meeting takes place April 18th at 4:30 in the family room.


At the recent Northern Manitoba Regional Science Fair Ecole McIsaac School’s Chloe Reitlo and Ruth Betts Madison McIntyre were invited to attend the national science fair in Montreal next month.


More Support is Needed For Our New Emergency Room.



The Chair of the Northern Health Foundation Brent Lethbridge spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday on the General Hospital emergency room redevelopment. He explained a study showed the emergency room desperately needed an upgrade to improve the services they can provide.  Lethbridge said the total cost of the project has risen to 25 million dollars and the local areas contribution is 2.4 million.  He said so far to date through the efforts of the Northern Health Foundation a lot of money has already been raised.  He noted the price has gone up a bit as after the tender process they see they have to come up with about another 300 thousand dollars which leaves them about 800 thousand dollars short so they’re approximately two thirds of the way there.


  Lethbridge added there has been fund raising projects and large donations from the Town of Creighton and the Rotary Club but now he’s going to be approaching local businesses and citizens to help complete the fund raising.  Donations can be made right up to the completion of the project a couple of years down the road.



You Can Learn More About Recycling.



The Flin Flon Environment Council is holding their annual meeting tomorrow night.  Recycling Center Administrator Deb Odegaard invites you to the meeting.  She explains they start the meeting with an interesting report usually a power point about how things are going and this year she’ll be presenting a power point she did at a conference in Winnipeg and then they do some awards for staff and volunteers, have some snacks and after that will be the business meeting where they share the financial report and elect board members.


The meeting starts at 7 tomorrow night in Flin Flon city council chambers.

Local Talent Will Be Featured in Three Performances This Weekend.


 Flin Flon’s Ham Sandwich Theatre Group is performing Over the River and Through the Woods this weekend.  Actor Tom Heine who plays one of the grandfathers says the story is about two sets of grandparents concerned that their grandson is leaving home for a new job.  He says the family is very traditional in that everything is family related, their Italian background, food is important, faith is important but family is the number one thing that rules their lives and all of a sudden their grandson is offered a promotion in Seattle and they live in New York so he has to move.


The story continues as the grandparents develop a plan to stop him from leaving.  It will be performed Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and Saturday afternoon at 2 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


75 Years Will Be Celebrated Thursday Night.


The Flin Flon Credit Union is celebrating its 75 years in Flin Flon.  Their Manager Kory Eastman says they started out in 1940 and are putting the final touches on their financial year 2015. He says they’re going to celebrate the support that they’ve enjoyed for these many years as well as get the stage set for the next year coming up.  He explains they are still one of 32 locally owned and controlled Credit Unions in Manitoba so they’re proud of that fact and they just ended the year a little shy of 50 million dollars so they hope to be over that mark in the coming months and again they continue to grow because of the strong support they received from the community over these many years.


  The Credit Union will be holding their annual meeting Thursday night at 7:30 in the Legion Hall with a guest from Credit Union Central in Manitoba.


You Can Remember The Beatles.


 Local artists will celebrate The Beatles at a Wood n Wire performance next week.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt says Beatlemania will happen at 7 pm April 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  She says this one was organized by Susan Lethbridge with local performers CC Trubiak, Mark Kolt, Brent and Susan Lethbridge, Craig Bancroft and John Bettgher and its going to be an amazing tribute to The Beatles.


Wood n Wire is held at Johnny’s Social Club at 177 Green Street with tickets available at the Orange Toad.

A Second Pink Day Will be Celebrated Tomorrow.


 The Canadian Red Cross is recognizing a second Pink Day in Manitoba tomorrow.  They decided to celebrate two Pink Days this year on February 24th and April 13th making use of both national and international bullying prevention days to promote respectful relationships.


McIsaac and Ruth Betts Schools celebrated the first Pink Day with assemblies and presentations by students and teachers.  This time McIsaac School is encouraging students and staff to wear pink and they’ll watch a video from the Red Cross on Pink Day.  Hapnot Collegiate will encourage students to wear pink and they celebrate Think Pink Fridays every week to raise awareness on bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia.


The Red Cross says they encourage people to talk about these issues year round as every day is Pink Day.

A Denare Beach Resident is Richer Following a Successful Fishing Derby.


 The Flin Flon Rotary Club held their second Flinty Ice Fishing Derby yesterday at Sally’s Beach at Bakers Narrows.  450 entry tickets were sold with five fish caught with those fishers receiving the top five prizes and draws made for the other 33 prizes all totaling 62, 500 dollars.


The top winners were Josh Wiegers of Denare Beach receiving 21 thousand dollars for a 93 centimeter fish, second Yulanda Slater of Creighton receiving 16 foot Lund boat with motor and trailer for a 70.5 centimeter fish, third Don McKinnon of Flin Flon receiving a Polaris Sportsman Quad for a 65 centimeter fish, fourth Brad Klemmer of Creighton two tickets anywhere Calm Air flies for a 64.5 centimeter fish and fifth Chris Lamay of Dauphin a generator for a 63 centimeter fish.


The Rotarians also did their annual draw for a fly in fishing trip and that was won by Trevor Denis of Thompson.


Local Artists Did Well at a Weekend Art Show.


 The 2016 Northern Juried Art Show was held in The Pas over the weekend.


Some of the Flin Flon area artists receiving awards were Irvin Head of Cranberry Portage with best in show for Eagle Prayer which also received second in three dimensional art where Doug Dymitriw of Flin Flon received first place and Irvin Head also received honorable mention for Buffalo Woman.


Other local winners were Karen Astrid-Clark second in fibre art. Monique Rainville first in acrylic painting or mixed media and Lois Pedersen was third, Matthew Enns was first in watercolor painting where Patti Banks received honorable mention, Margaret Britton first for digital art and photography and in drawing and print making Matthew Enns was second and Jan Modler third.

You Can Vote All This Week.


Advance polls are being held this week for the Manitoba election being held April 19th.


Advance polls are open daily until Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm at the returning office at 2 Hiawatha Avenue in Flin Flon.  They are also open during the same hours tomorrow and Wednesday at the Pukatawagan Community Hall and Wednesday at the Royal Canadian Legion in Cranberry Portage, the Sherridon Community Hall and the Snow Lake Community Hall.


Remember to bring one piece of government issued photo ID such as a drivers licence or two other documents with your name.  For more information you can go to their website www.electionsmanitoba.ca.


The CRTC Wants Your Input on Internet Services.

 The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce is urging you to be part of the CRTCs internet broadband study of areas not being adequately served.  President Dianne Russell says this is an opportunity for you to be part of an online discussion called Lets Talk Broadband Internet.  She says we need to have the CRTC understand what works for us and what doesn’t work for us so that potentially they will mobilize their organization to support in every way for us to eventually get the services up here.  She says our population will never call for it on its own so we need the CRTC to get behind this issue.  Russell adds without community support and comments it looses the power so we need people to have their voice heard and on April 11th on the site it is the opportunity they have to have their voices heard so that maybe we can influence change.


  You can be part of the online discussion from Monday to April 29th.  The website for the discussion can be found in this news story at our website www.flinflononline.com or https://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/internet/internet.htm .


A Daffodil Purchase Can Help With Cancer Programs.


The Canadian Cancer Society is asking you to donate a toonie and wear a daffodil pin.  Their Senior Director of Public Engagement Erin Crawford says it will help Manitoba families cope with cancer, fund the best research and raise awareness.  She says they want to use it as an opportunity to show people who are going through a cancer experience or have in the past support so when you see people walking around with that daffodil pin it’s a time of year when you really can visually demonstrate how many people have a similar experience and they know there’s a lot.


  Crawford adds in Flin Flon you can also give when a canvasser comes to your door.


    In Manitoba the Society’s transportation service provided cancer patients in over 50 communities with more than 30 thousand rides to and from treatment last year and thousands more benefited from their free information service.  You can learn more at their website www.cancer.ca.

You Can Help Make Recycling More Convenient.


The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association operates the Recycle Everywhere program. Their Senior Outreach Coordinator Melissa Dorota says it’s a not for profit industry funded organization whose members include beverage brand owners and distributors.  She says they are committed to reaching the government mandated target of recovering 75 percent of beverage containers sold in Manitoba.  She explains Recycle Everywhere is Canada’s first permanent, province-wide, away from home beverage container recycling program. She says they offer free recycling bins to all Manitoba public spaces such as businesses, office spaces, parks, community centers, schools, campgrounds and city streets with many indoor and outdoor bin models to choose from and all you have to do is visit www.Recycleeverywhere.ca and place your free order today.


  Dorota adds recycling recovery rates continue to improve reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enabling new products to be made and reducing litter.

Some of the Best Artists are on Display This Weekend.


 The Pas is hosting the 40th annual Northern Juried Art Show this weekend.  Committee Chair James Dean says people will see a beautiful lay out and display of art from across Northern Manitoba including the Flin Flon area.  He says this year he thinks their stats are way up as they have 103 artists, they’ve got 220 entries that are on display and they’ve got a very high number of youth.  He adds they have really been pushing youth and they have 45 youth entries this year so they’re excited to see the youth come through.


The show is open at the UCN gymnasium in The Pas tomorrow from 9 to 9 and Saturday from 10 to 4 with a silver collection at the door.

A Winter Drill Program Near Flin Flon Was A Success.



Callinex Mines has completed its winter drilling campaign at the Pine Bay Project 16 kilometers east of Flin Flon.  They report the 12 hole almost 7 thousand meter drill program was successful in testing several previously outlined targets and identifying new areas of interest.


The report says the third hole as they reported previously identified a new volcanic massive sulphide discovery knows as the Pine Bay East Zone which intersected 3.3 meters of 3.2 percent copper and 5.9 meters of 2.2 percent zinc.  The Company expects to receive and release analytical results from all drill holes completed during the campaign within the next four weeks.


Callinex also completed borehole geophysical surveys of ten of the holes and several highly conductive anomalies were outlined in close proximity to the Sourdough, Pine Bay and Pine Bay East areas of the project and are considered high priority for follow up drilling.


Local Speakers Will Compete and Entertain Saturday.


 Flin Flon Toastmasters will be hosting a speech contest Saturday afternoon.  The group’s Harry Hobbs says it’ll be an interesting afternoon.  He says its going to be an area contest between a couple of clubs from Winnipeg and from Flin Flon and its going to be made up of two contests, an international speech contest which can be more of a serious nature and a tall tales contest so it should be fun.


Hobbs invites anyone interested to attend the speech contest Saturday afternoon at 1:30 in the Northern Room at the Victoria Inn.  Admission is five dollars.

You Can Nominate a Student for a Special Award.


 The Manitoba Teachers Society is accepting nominations until Friday for their Young Humanitarian Awards.  Their President Norm Gould explains the awards spotlight the compassion and social justice needs and recognition by students in public schools.  He says their website is www.mbteach.org and on there is a link to the Young Humanitarian Awards so if you think there is an individual student, class or a group of students who have done some fantastic extraordinary work in their school and in the community you can download the information there and nominate them.


  Any public school student from kindergarten to grade 12 can be nominated with three individual and one group award presented.

You Can Satisfy Your Love of Poetry Friday Night.


The Flin Flon Writers Guild, Flin Flon Toastmasters and Flin Flon Public Library will be holding their 15th annual Poetry Night Friday.  The group’s Harry Hobbs says its part of National Poetry month.  He says they have people from different parts of the community who are going to be reading a favorite poem representing a cross section of business people, toastmasters as well as visitors from out of town so it should be a fun evening as they always seem to be.


  Hobbs invites everyone to Poetry Night at the Public Library Friday night starting at 7.

Flin Flon City Council is Looking Hard at Regional and Economic Development.


Councilor Colleen McKee reported to Council on her part in the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Regional Development Training in Economic Development For Practitioners and Municipal Leaders.  She said the course gives community leaders specialized information on the strategies, tools and resources needed to help their communities thrive  including economic development, business investment, tourism and industrial development, leveraging public and private partnerships, bringing the whole community together and how to create effective outcomes for your community.


McKee says she has learned that Flin Flon is not alone in looking at stabilizing their community and other communities involved have brought some good ideas to the table and with the people we have in Flin Flon we are going to be fine.  She says we have to be a friendly and inviting business area, its critical that we develop regional partnerships, determine if our community is investment ready and develop a process of helping businesses setting up in our community while building on our existing businesses.


Mayor Cal Huntley added steps are already being taken to look at different opportunities to enhance and expand what we already have and preliminary regional development meetings have been held with Creighton and Denare Beach.


A Truck Was Damaged Near a Rail Crossing.


At 2:50 yesterday afternoon a Northern Bulk Truck was heading northbound.  The driver was unable to stop the truck north of Cranberry Portage where a passenger train was crossing the road.  The truck driver hit the ditch to avoid the train knocking over a signal sign stopping about four feet short of the train.  The driver who received minor injuries was issued a 72 hour driving suspension for driving while under the influence of prescription medication.


A Good Turnout of Voters Learned More About Their Candidates.

Leslie beck, Angela Enright, Clarence Pettersen, Tom Lindsey


A candidate’s forum was sponsored last night by the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce and the City of Flin Fon.


In opening statements Liberal candidate Leslie Beck said she is looking into the last report on an all weather road from Lynn Lake to Flin Flon, the mining community fund, the need for a northern strategy and settling land claims with First Nations.


  PC Candidate Angela Enright said people in northern areas have been ignored by the current government and its time that changed.  She says the PC’s have a northern plan and the government should not leave future generations in debt.  She added they would let communities decide where to spend on infrastructure.


Independent candidate Clarence Pettersen spoke on his term as MLA and the 180 million dollars being spent in the riding and he will work to see that continue through partnerships including with Hudbay and unions on the future of Flin Flon.


  NDP candidate Tom Lindsey said the election is about making a choice on moving forward with the NDP or facing cuts by the PCs.  He said progress in being made on roads, exploration, jobs and they are committed to infrastructure.


   In response to questions candidates discussed several issues including a road to Pukatawagan through Flin Flon, the mining community reserve fund, provincial bus service, a base tax for municipalities, education and school taxes, creating a secondary industry in Flin Flon and clarifying exploration regulations.

There Are Big Dollars to be Caught This Weekend.


The Flin Flon Rotary Club is holding their second Flinty Ice Fishing Derby Sunday.  Rotarian Glen Smith says there’s lots of ice and lots of prizes.  He says they’ve taken last year’s prize list and probably added another 5 to 7 thousand dollars to it.  He says first prize remains the same at 21 thousand dollars cash, second prize remains the same with a Lund boat, a 50 horse Merc and trailer and a quad for third prize.  He adds other prizes are up, they’ve got the Calm Air flight fro anywhere Calm Air flies for two people and they now have 38 prizes with the last prize 500 dollars.


  Their tagged fish is worth 25 thousand dollars.  Tickets are available online at www.flintyfishderby.com or at Kleen All or you can purchase one at the derby.  Fishing starts at 11 until 2 at Sally’s Beach at Bakers Narrows with around one thousand holes drilled.


  The event is part of a great ice fishing weekend as it follows the Bill Bannock Derby being held in The Pas Saturday.


Cumberland Constituency Did Not Follow The Majority of Voters in Saskatchewan.


 The Cumberland Constituency which includes Creighton and Denare Beach strongly voted to stay with their Member of the Legislature in another election.  Voters re-elected the NDP’s Doyle Vermette with 3337 votes.  He defeated three other candidates the  Saskatchewan Party’s Thomas Sierzycki who received 1577 votes, Liberal George Morin with 349votes and the Green Party’s Michael Taylor-Lessard with 74 votes.


Vermette has represented the riding since 2008.


Across the province the Saskatchewan Party won 51 seats and the NDP 10.



A Fun Night Will Help Keep Our Animal Safe.



The Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA is holding their annual Fur Ball Saturday night.  Their Shelter Manager Carmen Ward says it’s a fund raiser to keep their shelter operating with a lot taking place.  She says they have a Kiss tribute band coming in from Winnipeg called the Paul Stanleys, they’re doing a best dressed Kiss costume sponsored by Flin Flon Insurance and it has a 250 dollar prize this year and also they’ll have their 50-50 draw and Calm Air has donated two return tickets Flin Flon to Winnpeg for them to draw for as well.


Advance tickets are 30 dollars at the SPCA Shelter, Northern Rainbows End and the Gateway or 40 dollars at the door.  Doors open at 8 Saturday night at the Flin Flon Community Hall.


You Can Take Part in a Special Workshop.


The Flin Flon Public Library and the Working Group Parent Child Coalition are holding a Prevent It workshop Friday, April 15th.  Library Administrator Cindy McLean says its part of the Little Warriors Program. She says its taking action to stop child sexual abuse and there’s going to be a lunch from 12 to 1, participants will receive a workbook, a gift bag and a certificate of attendance and there is no cost but donations are gratefully accepted.  She adds they are looking for any professionals, school teachers, coaches, anyone who deals with children on a regular basis to register for the free workshop being offered at the library.


You can find more information on the program at their website www.littlewarriors.ca.  The workshop runs from 10 to 2 on Friday, April 15th and you can register at the library or call 687-3397.


Today is Election Day in Saskatchewan.


 In Cumberland Constituency which includes Creighton and Denare Beach there are four candidates seeking election.  They are the Green Party’s Michael Taylor- Lessard, Liberal George Morin, the Saskatchewan Party’s Thomas Sierzycki and the New Democratic Party’s Doyle Vermette.


  Polling stations are open today from 9 to 8 Saskatchewan time which is 10 to 9 Manitoba time and they are located in the Denareplex in Denare Beach and the Creighton Community Center.


Our Community Can Be Part of a Northern Clean Up.


Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba is sponsoring their Northern and First Nation Community Cleanup for a sixth year.  The group’s Sarah Wallace says they have sent out forms inviting communities to register.  She says the 20 communities that do register and are selected are going to receive clean-up t-shirts, reusable gloves so they can safely pick up the litter and recycling, both garbage and recycling bags, a scale to weigh all of their materials at the end of their successful clean-up and they’re also going to give them some posters to put in their community.


Wallace says the winner of the cleanup will receive a five thousand dollar award to use in future recycling programs.  Communities not receiving an application form can email info@recycleeverywhere.ca by April 15th.  The cleanup can take place between May 1st and June 30th.

You Can Join People Around the World in Learning More About Diabetes.



For the first time World Health Day next Thursday will focus on diabetes.  Manitoba Regional Manager for the Canadian Diabetes Association Andrea Kwasnicki says diabetes is at epidemic levels across the country and the world and people play a role in their own health outcome. She explains diabetes is pretty much a self-manageable disease especially type two diabetes, type one is more so genetic, but with type two you’re able to manage through healthy food choices, physical activity, things like that to reduce your risk.  She says definitely self-management plays a big part in what you can do to control your own destiny so to speak.


  Kwasnicki adds you can learn more at their website www.diabetes.ca where you can find interactive tools, solutions and self management tips that will help you move forward with your diabetes.


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