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You Can Have Someone Arrested.


  The Women’s Resource Center is holding a Jail N Bail fund raising event during the Trade and Leisure Show at the Creighton Sportex starting today through Saturday.  The Center’s Colleen Arnold explains the event begins when participants contact the Center.  She says it involves a mock jail that they set up during the Trade Show and citizens are arrested by a mock police officer and some other volunteers.  She says they just ask you to sign the arrest forms and they will send out the warrants but the jail birds must agree to be in jail.  She adds they ask participants to turn themselves in or have their boss, spouse, a politician, a friend or a co-worker arrested.


  Arrest forms are available by contacting the Women’s Resource Center.  All bail donations of 20 dollars or more will receive a tax receipt with all proceeds going to the operation of the Safe Haven which is an emergency shelter for abused women and their children.


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