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The RCMP Are Looking for Information on a Man Who Approached a Child in Sandy Bay.


On March 25th RCMP receive a report that around 11 pm the previous night a 14 year old girl was walking home from a relative’s house in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan when a man in a black truck stopped to talk to her.  He called the girl over to the window and when she was close enough he grabbed her by the wrist.  The girl was able to break free and ran home while the truck drove off in the opposite direction.

                   The vehicle is described as a black truck possibly a Dodge Ram and the driver is described as an adult man in his 30s with light skin, wearing a black hoodie, a hat which said Creighton on it and glasses.  He also had a scratch on his left cheek and was the lone occupant of the vehicle. Investigation has so far failed to locate the man and a sketch was recently completed that may assist in identifying him and you can see that sketch attached to this news story on www.flinflononline.com.


  Anyone with information can contact the Sandy Bay RCMP at 306-754-4600.

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