Local News Archives for 2014-09

You Can Learn More About Forestry Plans in Northeast Saskatchewan

Mee-Toos Forest Products and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Forest Service will be holding a public information meeting tomorrow in Creighton.  Forest Service’s Donna Lundquist explains Mee-Toos Forest Products is going to be submitting an amendment to their current operating plan and part of their obligation is to do public consultation so they will be looking at maps showing the area that they are proposing and addressing any concerns or answering any questions the public may have.


The public meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3 in room 117 at the Prospector Inn in Creighton.


A Coffee House Will Support a New Home

The Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is holding their third annual coffee house Saturday evening as a fund raiser for their first home being built in Flin Flon.  The Chapter’s Kathy McCormick says they have a great evening of entertainment planned.  She says this year they have Brent and Susan Lethbridge coming back along with CC Trubiak, Kevin Imrie and Chad Pabianek and four new performers Ian Krieger, Bob Njegovan, Frank Michelle and Megan Osmond and their MC for the evening will be Father Paul Bringleson.


The coffee house will also feature coffee, tea, juice and desserts, a 50-50 draw and raffles.  It will be held in the Creighton Community Hall starting at 7 Saturday evening.  Tickets are ten dollars and are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street or at the door.

RCMP Officers Were Kept Very Busy This Summer Ensuring Safety on Our Roads

From Victoria Day long weekend to the Labor Day long weekend Manitoba RCMP issued approximately ten thousand tickets for provincial traffic charges.  Roughly 63 hundred of those were issued for speeding offences with several issued for driving 50 kilometers an hour over the speed limit.


The RCMP also charged 489 individuals with criminal code impaired driving related charges and issued an additional 263 alcohol and drug related administrative suspensions.


During that time as well they responded to 28 fatal motor vehicle accidents which resulted in 30 deaths.


The RCMP are challenging you for the fall season to drive within the speed limit, buckle up, drive sober and be aware of your surroundings while behind the wheel.

Students Were Honored With Special Awards Yesterday

Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomen Schofield visited Creighton Community School yesterday to recognize students who are involved in their school and community.  She presented the Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence to Taylor Kryschuk.


The Northern Student Achievement Awards for last year were presented to Jaron McDermott for grade 7, Aline Nasselquist for grade 8, Tianna Angel and Brad Fox for grade 9, Tyler Williamson for Grade 10 and Brie Phillips and Kyla Phillips for grade 12.


Five community members were also presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s Military Service Pin that symbolizes the gratitude of the crown and the people of Saskatchewan for those who have served with honor and valour.  They went to Doug Gibson and Doug Gourlay Senior World War Two veterans, Maurice Beauchamp and Jean Champagne both having served as Reserve Captains in Flin Flon, Clarence Kitson in the Reserves for 19 years and Carl Lentowicz received an RCMP Recognition Award for 32 years in the RCMP.

A Lot of People Learned About the Culture Available in our Community

A large crowd of people gathered at Pioneer Square yesterday afternoon to celebrate a successful weekend of Culture Days by dancing down Main Street.  Organizer Crystal Kolt says they had 86 Culture Days events that included something for everybody.  She says they  has about eight guest speakers from Saskatchewan and Manitoba that were in all schools, every child had an opportunity for an arts and cultural experience, they had everything from street hockey to opera, it was just an amazing collage and it was a wonderful weekend.


Culture Days began early last week with a few events followed by a full day of events Friday that included the schools continuing through Saturday and wrapping up yesterday.

You Can Celebrate the Start of October

The Flin Flon Kinsmen and Kinettes are presenting Oktoberfest Saturday.  Member Vanessa Unrau says they are offering a social event with a different atmosphere.  She says they’re going to have some traditional beers, ales and wines as well as a meal that is included in the cost of your ticket with sausages, side dishes, and dessert as well as an oompah band and a DJ for dancing.  She says they are looking at having an event with a little bit of a flair.


Oktoberfest gets underway at 7 Saturday in the Flin Flon Community Hall.  Tickets are 35 dollars at the Gas Bar and Orange Toad.


The Alpha Course is Again Available for Interested Youth

The Youth Alpha Course is being held at the Flin Flon Alliance Church starting Thursday.  One of the organizers Kayla Bates says it’s a series of interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith. She explains it’s a 12 episode series designed to engage young people in conversations about faith and life and how that all comes together.  She says it will run for nine weeks and the night is filled with games, food, music, video clips and great discussions noting its non-denominational and all youth 12 to 18 are welcome to attend.


Bates adds you can attend Youth Alpha Thursday evening from 7 to 9 to see if you are interested in the course.  There is no cost to attend and you can get more information by calling Bonnie at 687-3376 or Kayla at 271-5357 or check facebook at youth alpha Flin Flon.

A Fund Raiser on the Weekend was a Success

Northland Ford held a Drive One For Your Community event on Saturday to support the Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  Sales Representative Doug Gourlay says they had 90 drives that day raising 18 hundred dollars to help Habitat build its first home in Flin Flon.


For every person test driving one of their vehicles on Saturday Ford donated 20 dollars to Habitat.


Habitat also held a barbeque assisted by the Lions and Rotary Clubs and other volunteers raising just over 300 dollars.

Hudbay Has Become a Larger Company

Hudbay Minerals and Augusta Resource Corporation have announced the completion of the amalgamation of Augusta and an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Hudbay.  The amalgamation was approved by more than 99.99 percent of the votes cast by all shareholders of Augusta and shareholders of Augusta entitled to vote in the determination of minority approval of the amalgamation.  Augusta in now a wholly owned subsidiary of Hudbay. 


Augusta common shares will no longer be traded on the New York Stock Exchange and they are in the process of de-listing the Augusta shares from the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.         


Augusta is a base metal company focused on advancing the Rosemont copper project near Tucson, Arizona.

People Learned More About Nuclear Safety Requirements

A meeting hosted by the Creighton Community Liaison Committee last night was attended by representatives of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.  Their Senior Project Officer Julie Mecke explained their role as Canada’s independent nuclear regulator in the process of developing a radioactive waste management facility being proposed by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization and being looked into for the Creighton area.  She says if a sight is chosen the NWMO would have to submit an application to the Commission for the early stages of licencing for probably sighting and construction and their role as CNSC staff would be to conduct a review of that application, there then would be a public hearing and the Commission would make a decision on whether or not to issue a licence but only if it is safe to do so.


The Commission answered questions on their research but some of those at the meeting asked the Liaison Committee for more opportunities to get answers to their questions and proof of the safety of the project and the long term safety of the storage facility.

You Are Being Asked to Help With a Cemetery Clean Up

Starting next week the City of Flin Flon will be conducting a fall clean up of local cemeteries.  Recreation Manager Mike Dubreuil is asking you to remove personal items by Tuesday.  He says throughout the summer and spring people have brought out all sorts of things like solar lights, planters, vases that can pose a hazard for them when they’re having to operate in the cemetery throughout the winter and then once they start doing maintenance in the spring so they’re asking that people come out and remove any items that are not permanently attached to the base of the marker and if you choose not to remove them they will be removing them.


If you have any questions you can contact the Cemetery Maintenance Contractor at 204-687-0642.


A similar clean up is taking place at the Denare Beach cemetery with items to also be removed by Tuesday.

There Is Improved Wireless Service in Snow Lake

Snow Lake got a boost in data services this week as MTS turned up its 4GHSPA wireless network in the area. Their President Kelvin Shepherd says the biggest thing it means for people is the latest smartphones like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy will work on this new technology.  He says up until now they’ve had access to older smartphones like the Blackberry but the 4GHSPA will support the latest and greatest.


Shepherd was in Snow Lake this week to officially launch the improved service. 


Mayor Clarence Fisher says Snow Lake is a growing community with many people in the area already having smartphones and those who relocate to their community will have access to the latest wireless services which only encourages further economic growth.

Help is Needed in Identifying Pictures

The Flin Flon Public Library is holding a Who’s Who party for seniors tomorrow as part of Culture Days. Administrator Cindy McLean says they need help finding names and places. She says seniors are invited to enjoy looking at some photos of times gone by and try to unlock the secrets of photos that are in their archives that have question marks around them.  She says the seniors can sit and visit with each other, there will be a slide show presentation of hundreds of photos on the television to view and enjoy the coffee, tea, juice and dainties.


The Who’s Who party runs from 10 to 12 tomorrow at the Library.

Several Groups Have Joined Culture Days

A full weekend of Culture Days activities include a look at what some groups are doing in the community.  Organizer Crystal Kolt mentions a few starting with the Ham Sandwich Theatre Group tomorrow at six o’clock at the Hapnot Theatre and its called Act Like a Ham Sandwich and its going to be a really fun interactive event for everybody to enjoy.  She adds there’s also things with the Central Canada Film Group on Sunday evening where they’ll have their first TIFF movie called The Grand Seduction and its going to be free for everybody and Tom Heine is going to be doing a really interesting tour called Walking Through a Volcano and they’re meeting at the North Avenue Park Saturday at 11:30.


Kolt also mentioned the Homespun event at the United Church Saturday from 1 to 4 which includes itchin’ for stitchin’, knife carving and canning.

A Lot of Information for Parents Came Out at This Weeks School Board Meeting

Parents with children in Kindergarten to Grade 12 will soon be receiving information from your child’s school regarding Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning’s new website.  The site allows parents access to curriculum and assessment information as well as other helpful content. Parents can drop by your child’s school for more details or visit the site www.manitoba.ca/mychildinschool.


With Culture Days taking place this weekend students are encouraged to represent their schools this Sunday for the dance down Main Street.


On October 2nd the 30th anniversary of French Immersion in Flin Flon will be celebrated at the Community Hall.  French Immersion students will be making presentations along with teacher recognition awards, a silent auction, live entertainment and refreshments starting at 6:30.


In closing Board Chair Murray Skeavington encouraged parents to support the extra curricular activities and sporting events taking place throughout the school year and he reminded motorists to slow down and be very aware of children when passing through school zones.

You can talk to books Friday evening

As part of Culture Days the Flin Flon Public Library is holding a wine and cheese evening featuring human books Friday.  Administrator Cindy McLean explains people will get the opportunity to learn more about diversity and ask questions that they’ve always wanted to ask.  She says the idea behind the human books is to create a positive non-judgmental learning environment where barriers are crossed and our own perceptions are challenged.  She says you can just walk around the library and either listen in on conversations or ask questions of the human books.


The human books will be available at the library from 7 to 9 Friday evening.


McLean adds there will be around 17 different types of wine to purchase and cheese, crackers, coffee and apple cider will be served.

The Flin Flon And District Chamber of Commerce Learned About Police Dogs Yesterday.

At their meeting Corporal Bruce Mihalcheon spoke to the Chamber about his career with the RCMP becoming a dog handler based in The Pas covering Flin Flon, Creighton, Snow Lake as far as Ponton and Easterville to Mafeking.  He says his dog Arthur is a tracking, criminal apprehension and narcotics search dog.  He says police dogs do everything from searching for small items, shell casings to anything with a human scent on it and they also have a dog for tracking for criminal apprehension explaining if somebody breaks into a building and they see the individual run away their general duty guys will contact them and they will track that individual.


Mihalcheon says there are 132 positions for police dogs across Canada with 5 of them in Manitoba.


It Was Busy at the ReStore This Summer

The Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been busy since the middle of April operating their ReStore on the armories site next to Twin Motors.  They have been accepting donations of and reselling building supplies, furniture, appliances and other gently used, unwanted or discontinued items.


Store Manager Kathy McCormick says you have one more weekend to shop as they are closing for the season on Saturday.  She says they had a busy summer with the store open Friday afternoons as well as Saturdays raising over 13 thousand dollars to help build their first Habitat home.


The ReStore will be open Friday from 1 to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 3 with many items at sale prices.  The ReStore will open again in the spring.

Our Hydro Rates Will Continue to go up to Improve the System

Manitoba Hydro held their annual northern public accountability meeting in Flin Flon last night.  Their Vice-President of Customer Care and Energy Conservation Lloyd Kuczek says they are moving forward to meet the energy needs of the province with the load going up by about 1.5 percent each year.  He says their plans are all about meting that future need in a reliable and safe manner and at the lowest cost possible so part of the plan is to build Keeyask and they got approval to proceed with that and they also got approval to proceed with another inter-connection which improves the reliability and helps them keep rates lower in Manitoba by exporting surplus electricity to the states.


Kuczek adds they had a good year financially due largely to higher water flows but are still looking at an increase in rates of 4 percent per year going forward due to capital expenditures to meet future needs as well as having to upgrade their current system.

Families Can Celebrate Culture Days Saturday

Culture Days will feature family activities at two locations Saturday.  Organizer Crystal Kolt says it starts at the Rotary Wheel with Puff the Clown, Isaac the juggler, the Manitoba Theatre  for Young People, Janelle Hacault is coming from Winnipeg for dance, they have fishing in the pond and making your own fish rod and they have Francisco Rivera teaching people how to make pasta from scratch.  She says at the Hudbay property uptown there going to have the Seven Sacred Teaching with the Aboriginal Headstart Program as well as the Friendship Center, there’s going to be the prospector hut and Hudbay is going to have something special up there.


Kolt adds over 86 events are part of Culture Days this year.

Learning Centers Have Proven to be a Benefit to Their Communities.

Manitoba Multiculturalism and Literacy Minster Flor Marcelino visited the Many Faces Education Center and Community Adult Learning Center in Flin Flon yesterday.  She says learning centers are doing a tremendous job here and across the province.  She says they’re a very valuable resource for people in the community, people who need to upgrade themselves, people who in the past were not able to do their studies but now they’re determined to get the needed education to be able to be employed, so these Centers do the job for them.


Marcelino adds she has already heard a lot of success stories as the learning centers do change lives.

You Can Nominate Someone for Saskatchewans Highest Honor

Saskatchewan residents have just over a month left to nominate someone for the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. Provincial Secretary Nadine Wilson explains they have a new deadline for the nomination of November 1st for what they say is the province’s highest honor.  The Saskatchewan Order of merit she says prepares for its 30th anniversary next year adding any current or former long term resident of Saskatchewan who is a Canadian citizen is eligible for this nomination.


To nominate someone for the award you can call 1-877-427-5505 or go to their website www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards.

Kids Have a Day of Events During Culture Days

The focus will be on kids Friday part of the Culture Days celebration. Organizer Susan Lethbridge says they will have two sessions with similar activities. She explains they have different drop off stations, an acting out station with a lot of costumes and they’ll take their pictures and video tape them, they’ve got a puppet show that the kids can put on or the adults will put on for them, they’re going to make bannock, have art with Mike and Betty, do an introduction to hoop dancing called hoop dee doo, have a snack table and a few handouts.


The kids events on Friday will run from 9:30 to 11:30 and again from 1 to 3 at St. Ann’s Hall on Center Street.

Homes Are Being Built in Cranberry Portage

Housing Minister Peter Bjornson has announced the new carpentry program through the Northern Technical Center at Frontier Collegiate will create more affordable housing for families and teach students valuable skills that will help them land good jobs upon graduation.  Students in the program work toward their level one carpentry apprenticeship while completing regular courses to graduate from high school. Bjornson says when this program originally started it was to build portables in their first effort to provide portable classrooms for high schools and middle schools and then shipping those off to southern Manitoba where usually people were building them in southern Manitoba and shipping them to the north and now it’s expanded and its provided two beautiful homes for Manitoba Housing and they’re really proud to see how the program has evolved.


The two homes will be rented to families with low to moderate income on a rent geared to their income basis and they are expected to be moving in November 1st.

An Awareness Walk is Being Held Monday

The Flin Flon and Area Against Sexual Exploitation Committee invites you to their fourth annual Grandmothers Walk on Monday.  The Committee’s Christa McIntyre explains it was originally started by a grandmother who wanted us to stand together and let it be known that children’s voices need to be heard, that they’re not alone and that they’re loved.  She says we join together men, women, children and youth and walk in solidarity to bring awareness to sexual exploitation and to help deliver the message that violations against our children must stop.


The event begins at 4 Monday afternoon at the Neighbors of the North Park near Super K where there will be a pipe ceremony.  At 5 o’clock the awareness walk will go down Main Street to Pioneer Square where there will be free entertainment, chilli and bannock.

A New Mine Will Benefit the Snow Lake Area

At the official opening of Hudbay’s Lalor Mine near Snow Lake this week the community’s Mayor Clarence Fisher said the mine is leading to a new era in Snow Lake.  He said all mining communities face the ups and downs of the industry but this mine opening ensures at least a generation of stability to Hudbay employees and all of the other members of the community.  Fisher noted we all want to see this mine move forward and we all want to see Hudbay survive as a profitable company.  He added we also need to work to make sure that this mine brings benefits to the community and the quality of life of all the employees who work there as economic development is about both profits and people.


Fisher said mines have brought people from across Canada and around the world to Snow Lake.  He thanked Hudbay for their confidence in this region adding the people of the area are proud of their mines and their history.


Northern Students Will Benefit From Expanded Facilities

The grand opening of the Frontier Collegiate student dormitory and Northern Technical Center power mechanics shop expansion was held in Cranberry Portage yesterday.  Premier Greg Selinger says these facilities will give students the skills and knowledge they need to get good jobs. He says this is something we can be very proud of as its going to be a major contributor to northern communities for the future.  He says over 30 communities are going to send their young people there and they are going to educate another generation of northern people for hydro projects, for mining opportunities, for tourism opportunities, for a better quality of life in all of our communities and that’s what we want, a strong and prosperous north and that’s what we can get when we all work together.


The expanded campus includes a new 57 thousand square foot dormitory facility that can house up to 200 students, a 51 hundred square foot power mechanics shop with four bays which allow students to work with state of the art tools and machinery and a 6 hundred square foot classroom.



A Joint Venture Mine is Now Open

The Reed Copper Mine near Snow Lake is a joint venture between Hudbay and VMS Ventures.  At the official opening Tuesday Hudbay President and CEO David Garofalo said the mine will benefit Flin Flon.He says its about a 70 million dollar investment for a fiver year deposit and it might not seem like a lot but its relatively high grade at 4 percent but the other interesting aspect of it is it feeds a hole that they have in the Flin Flon concentrator with the shut down of Trout Lake so it makes that operation more efficient and it helps them generate cash flow and perpetuates their industrial complex in Flin Flon.


The CEO of VMS Ventures John Roozendaal thanked Hudbay for their partnership in developing the mine noting it was only seven years almost to the day from when they discovered the mine to the official opening.



The City Will Soon Have a Bus Garage and Service

At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council passed a resolution to approve an agreement with Northern Bus Lines for the operation of a Municipal bus service and for the purchase of the bus garage on Golf Road as well as three buses at a cost of 1.25 million dollars.  The city will own the service but it will continue to be operated by Northern Bus Lines for now.


In other business Council passed on final reading an amendment to the Traffic bylaw that will allow for three drop off and pick up zones on Main Street which will benefit the operators of the Handi-van.


They also passed an amendment that will extend the no parking zone on the west side of Channing Drive near the Vocational Training Center south to the corner due to the hazard created by people parking too close to the corner.


Mayor George Fontaine and Councilor Colleen McKee thanked all the candidates who let their names stand for the October 22nd election for Mayor and Council and congratulated the candidates for School Board who were elected by acclamation.

The Library Will Be Even More Relaxing

The Flin Flon Public Library will be presenting lessons on how to meditate today and Saturday.  Administrator Cindy McLean says today from 12 to 1 they offer instruction on the most universal meditation which is meditation on the breath.  She says Saturday will feature family meditation for parents and children and it’s a classic meditation called loving kindness and parents also have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions.  She says it’ll be presented by Shannon Stein and she has been very involved with meditation for the last 28 years and does individual, couples and family therapy.


The Saturday session runs from 1 to 2:30 at the Library.

Your Test Drive Will Support a New Home

Northland Ford is teaming up with the Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity Saturday for Drive One For Your Community.  Sales Consultant Josh Madarash invites you to come out to help raise up to six thousand dollars to help Habitat Build their first home in Flin Flon.  He says it allows the community to share in the experience of driving their new vehicles and they offer their latest models to the public and they donate 20 dollars for everyone that drives one. He adds you do need a valid drivers licence.


You can test drive a vehicle between 11 and 4 Saturday at the Habitat ReStore by the Armories building.  Habitat will also be holding a barbeque from 11 to 2 selling Lions Club hot dogs, Rotary Club fries, cake and drinks.

Your Utility Bill Will Be Going Up

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council gave final reading to a bylaw amendment that will allow for an increase in your utility bill of 30 percent after receiving approval from the Public Utilities Board for the increase.  The increase is due to the startup of the water treatment plant.  It will result in an increase from $214.82 to $279.24 per quarter.


Council heard from two residents of the Trailer Court reacting to Councils proposed change to the Trailer Court bylaw to allow complaints of ongoing nuisance noise to be dealt with through a list of fines under the persistent noise rules.  The residents noted a small number of those living there have complained about noise adding they had presented a petition earlier that indicated the majority of residents had no concerns.  Council has delayed second and third reading of the bylaw amendment until their next meeting as the Councilor who presented it was unable to attend last nights meeting.

Flin Flon Voters Will Elect a Mayor and Council

When nominations closed for the October 22nd election yesterday afternoon three people had filed paper for Mayor including present Mayor George Fontaine along with Cal Huntley and Robin James.


Seven people filed papers for the six positions on Council so there will be an election.  They include present Councilors Tim Babcock, Karen MacKinnon, Bill Hanson, Ken Pawlachuk and Colleen McKee along with Leslie Beck and Tom Davie.


Seven people filed papers to run for the seven positions on the School Board so they are elected by acclamation.  They include present trustees Tim Davis, Trish Sattelberger, Murray Skeavington and Angie Simpson along with Andy Burbidge, Amy Sapergia Green and Leslie Fernandes.

Two Mines Are Officially Open

Hudbay held the grand opening of the Lalor and Reed Mines near Snow Lake yesterday.


Hudbay President and CEO David Garofalo talked about the greatness of the people who over the years developed Hudbay with the Lalor Mine looking to the future.  He says the investments were 450 million dollars and the expected mine life is 20 years but its still really early days from an exploration stand point.  He says they’re actually getting their first underground drills set up in the fourth quarter of this year to start to test the depth potential of their copper-gold and gold zones and they’re quite confident they’re going to find more material there that will extend the mine life beyond the current 20 years.


Mineral Resources Minister Dave Chomiak said he believes this mine will be the largest in Manitoba history because of the expenditure and because of the benefits it will provide.


We’ll look at the Reed Mine on tomorrow’s news.


USWA 6166 and Vale Reach New Contract

The membership of United Steelworkers Local 6166 ratified a new deal with Vale. Murray Nychyporuk, local Steelworkers President , made the announcement last night.


79.8% of members voted yes to the new contract. This contract covers the next five years whereas previous contracts were for a three- year period. The deal affects 1,100 employees in Vale’s Manitoba Operations.

Two Local Charities are Benefiting From Your Generosity

The Flin Flon Fire Department held their annual Boot Drive on Third Avenue Friday.  Fire Chief Jim Petrie says the generosity of people in this community is unbelievable.  He says this year they’ve donated to local charities the Food Bank and the SPCA and the total is 10,465 dollars plus Scotia Bank is throwing in an additional 5 thousand dollars bringing their grand total this year to 15,465 dollars.


Petrie adds the idea of donating the money locally this year was well accepted by people donating and they will be selecting two other local charities for next year.  In the past the money has gone to a national charity muscular dystrophy.

More Names Have Been Added to the Nomination List for the October 22nd Election

Robin James filed his papers for Mayor yesterday joining present Mayor George Fontaine and Cal Huntley.


Present Councilor Ken Pawlachuk has filed his papers joining fellow Councilors Tim Babcock, Karen MacKinnon and Bill Hanson in running for Council along with newcomer Leslie Beck and Tom Davie added his name yesterday afternoon giving the required six candidates.


Six have filed papers for the seven School Board positions including incumbents Murray Skeavington, Tim Davis and Trish Sattelberger and newcomers Andy Burbidge, Amy Sapergia-Green and Leslie Fernandes.


Nominations close this afternoon at 4:30.

Creighton and Denare Beach Will Benefit From Grants

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is providing approximately 1.9 million dollars to more than 900 organizations across the province as part of their charitable gaming grant program.


Three organizations will receive funding in Creighton including the Creighton Community Center 2634 dollars, Creighton Lodge Trust 9940 dollars and the Flin Flon Motorcyclist Association 2112 dollars.  The Denare Beach Recreation Board will receive 151 dollars.


The quarterly grants are based on a percentage of net proceeds raised through licenced charitable gaming activities such as bingos, raffles and break open tickets.  Charitable gaming reports submitted by groups are used by the Authority to automatically calculate grant amounts.

You Can Get Rid of Your Hazardous Waste Thursday

The City of Flin Flon is holding a hazardous waste collection in cooperation with Manitoba Hazardous Waste Management Corporation.  Recreation Manager Mike Dubreuil encourages you to make use of it.  He says the first thing you should know is that it’s free and you can bring anything that is hazardous waste that they don’t want going into our landfill. He says you come and drop it off, it will be packaged properly for transportation and taken to a proper facility where it will be disposed of accordingly.


The household hazardous waste collection runs from 4 to 8 Thursday at Centoba Park.

The Health Region Wants Your Input

The Northern Health Region is accepting applications for members of a Local Health Involvement Group.  CEO Helga Bryant explains the legislation defines the group as a team established specifically to explore and provide advice to the Board of the Regional Health Authority on issues that impact the delivery of local health services.  She says it really is to get the community perspective on their health needs, the existing health services and how those things might be altered and give that advice to the Board.


Bryant adds any member of the community who is not a staff person for the Health Region can apply with applications available on their website www.northernhealthregion.ca or call the regional office in your community.  The deadline is next Monday.

Alpha Invites You to Join Them Tomorrow

The Alpha course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church tomorrow evening.  Leslie Hay says Alpha has a lot to offer. She says we all have questions and ideas about what really matters in life and the Alpha program is an eight week course that explains some of the significant questions in life from a Christian perspective.  She adds this is an enjoyable evening that includes supper and music followed by a video, dessert and a small group discussion.  Hay calls it an amazing program and encourages everyone to come and check it out.


Alpha begins tomorrow evening at six at the Alliance Church with a celebration supper so you can learn what it’s about. To register or for more information you can call the church at 204-687-8498.

You Can Learn More About Training Opportunities

The Employment Links Development Center is holding information sessions on EWIN or Entry to Work In the North Program tomorrow and Wednesday.  The Center’s Barb Link explains they offer a program that includes life skills and all the essential skills along with certificate programs such as first aid, CPR, food handlers serve it safe, WHMIS, things that will get people back into the workforce or into the workforce for the first time.  She adds they learn to do resumes, interview skills and computer skills and they finish off with the six week job enhancement.


The information sessions take place at 10 tomorrow and Wednesday mornings at the Center at 51 Main Street.  The next program starts on October 6th.

There Are Officially Two Candidates for Mayor of Flin Flon

Present Mayor George Fontaine filed his nomination papers Friday afternoon entering the race with a former city councilor Cal Huntley who filed his papers to run for Mayor Friday morning. A third candidate for Mayor Robin James so far has only registration papers and still has to file nomination papers and required documents.


Three candidates have filed nomination papers for City Council and those are present Councilors Tim Babcock, Karen MacKinnon and Bill Hanson.


Five people have filed nomination papers for School Board.  They are incumbents Murray Skeavington, Tim Davis and Trish Sattelberger and newcomers Andy Burbidge and Amy Sapergia-Green.


Nominations close Tuesday at 4:30.

There are Some New People Interested in School Board and the Mayors Chair

A former city councilor Cal Huntley filed nomination papers today to run for Mayor of Flin Flon as nominations continue to come in for the October 22nd local election.  Registration papers only have been filed by two other candidates present Mayor George Fontaine and Robin James.  They still have to file nomination papers and the required documents.


Three candidates have filed nomination papers for City Council and those are present Councilors Tim

Babcock, Karen MacKinnon and Bill Hanson.


Four people have filed nomination papers for School Board.  They are incumbents Tim Davis and Trish Sattelberger and newcomers Andy Burbidge and Amy Sapergia-Green.


Nominations close Tuesday at 4:30

You Can Be Part of Another Season of Music

The Flin Flon Community Choir is starting a new season of rehearsals to prepare for upcoming musical events.  Director Crystal Kolt says this is their musical theatre season. She says people might have already heard that they are going to perform Les Miserable in May so they’re going to be starting off preparing for that pretty early but as well they also do a Christmas concert in December which is always a great fun time and it’s a good chance for newcomers to get used to a choral environment.


Kolt says the Community Choir is a good place for fellowship and an opportunity to share your talents with others.  Registration takes place tomorrow morning at 10:30 in the McIsaac School music room followed by a practice at 11.

Parents Can Go To School Tuesday Evening

Creighton Community School is holding an open house on Tuesday evening.  Principal Stacy Lair says they have a busy evening planned.  She says they have tours and entertainment planned as well as some supper of smokies and corn on the cob so parents and students can come out.  She adds they can visit the classrooms and see some teachers and they have some really great door prizes this year so they’re really looking forward to everyone checking out their learning spaces and all the student’s work that’s already up.


The open house and supper begin at the school at 5 o’clock.

A Lot of Home Businesses Will Be in One Place

The Annual Creighton Fall Home Business Show is being held tomorrow.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says they have a really good variety of home businesses with several from out of town including booths from Tisdale, Hudson Bay, Snow Lake, The Pas and of course Flin Flon and Creighton.


The Home Business Show runs from 10 to 3 tomorrow in the Sportex Arena.

Choir Experience is Available for Children in Our Area

Registration is taking place tonight for children interested in the Coppertones Children’s Choir.  Director Susan Fulford says it’s a great experience for children 4 to 8 who like to sing.  She says in the past they’ve joined with Borealis the local chamber adult group to do the Lessons and Carols at Christmas which is a beautiful experience for them and then through the year they try to sing at different community events such as Culture Days where they went through Main Street and sang in the stores.  She adds at the end of the year she usually tries to plan a special trip so last year they went to Winnipeg and saw the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, took in the Celebration Dinner Theatre and actually were a pre-show entertainment for them which was a really great surprise for the choir.


Registration will take place tonight from 6:15 to 7:15 at 137 Queen Street or you can call Susan at 204-687-7479.  Practices start next Thursday.

You Can Plan Your Upcoming Season of Entertainment

The Flin Flon Arts Council is again offering their 75 dollars season pass.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt calls it a blockbuster year with everything from the Country Shock Cabaret which is the very first thing of the season during Culture Days with country singer Quinton Blair to David James who is the Man in Black and does Johnny Cash, Black Umfolsi for people who enjoyed the group they had from Africa a couple of years ago and Ham Sandwich is producing the Wizard of Oz.


Also featured will be the Crooked Brothers, Manitoba Theatre Center and the Community Choirs Les Miserable in May.  The passes are available at the Arts Council office or at Registration Under One Roof tomorrow and Saturday in the Community Hall.

Flin Flon Area Army Cadets Are Accepting Applications for Another Year of Training

The Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp has started a new training year.  Captain Daryl Wilkinson says there’s a three way responsibility with cadets and that is to create good citizens, physical fitness and interest in the armed forces.  He explains Army Cadets is a youth organization that offers adventure, some outdoor camping, navigation skills and physical fitness activities and it is open for all youth from the age of 12 to 18 years.


Wilkinson adds they also offer summer camp opportunities.


Any young people interested can drop in on their training Monday nights at 7 at the Flin Flon Community Hall or attend Registration Under One Roof tomorrow and Saturday in the Community Hall.  If you have questions you can call 306-688-7420 or 204-687-5878.


Registrations Are Being Received for the Local Election

As of yesterday afternoon five people have shown interest in the election for Mayor, Council and School Board being held on October 22nd.


City Administrator Mark Kolt reports current Mayor George Fontaine and Robin James have registered to run for Mayor.  He notes once registration is filed they can campaign but they still need to file nomination papers and required documents.


Also registered are Bill Hanson and Tim Babcock for re-election to Council.


The only person filing nomination papers so far is Tim Davis for School Board.


Nominations close Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.

Flin Flon Spends More on Local Government

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has released their Manitoba Municipal Spending Watch report.  Manitoba Director Elliot Sims says it looks at municipal spending growth and compares it to the regional benchmark of spending and population growth.  He says in Flin Flon spending growth was sustainable, it actually decreased by 8 percent while the population growth only decreased by 2 percent which means Flin Flon residents are getting a value for services, in fact because of the work of their municipality residents actually saved 4.7 million dollars over five years.  He says the reason that their ranking was low is that like many northern communities the cost of government is far higher than what is seen in the lower parts of Manitoba.


Sims adds Flin Flon residents paid the most for their local government’s operations in 2012 at 21 hundred dollars a person compared to 499 in the rural municipality of La Broquerie which was the lowest.


There’s more at their website www.cfib.ca/mbmunicipal.

Charges Were Laid Following a Death in Pelican Narrows

Early Monday morning Pelican Narrows RCMP were called to a residence on Ratt Street where an altercation had occurred inside a residence between two men.  A 29 year old man suffered serious injuries and later died.


Adam Terrance Sewap of Pelican Narrows has been charged with second degree murder and appeared in Pelican Narrows Provincial Court yesterday.


At the request of the family the victim’s name will not be released.  The investigation continues with the Pelican Narrows RCMP, RCMP Major Crimes North and the Office of the Chief Coroner.

You Can Toss Your Change Into a Boot

The Flin Flon Fire Department is holding its annual Boot Drive Friday.  Fire Chief Jim Petrie says for the past 17 years they’ve collected for Muscular Dystrophy but this year they’ve decided to go a little bit different.  He says it’s still a boot drive, they’ll still be in the same location but they will be collecting for local charities and this year it’s for the Food Bank and the SPCA and next year it’ll be for two different ones.  He says they felt that local charities need money drastically and they would like to give back to the community.


Petrie adds Scotia Bank will match donations up to five thousand dollars and will provide two staff members on site for the day.  The Boot Drive runs from nine to five Friday on Third Avenue across from the Gas Bar.  Petrie says you don’t have to give by drive through carefully.

The Chamber is Preparing Events Coming up Next Month

At their first meeting of the fall season the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce reported they are preparing for two major events.  The annual radio auction is being held on CFAR Saturday, October 4th and they are canvassing businesses for items for the auction.


They are also planning their annual Celebrating Communities Gala being held on Thursday, October 16th.  The event honors volunteers from Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach as well as businesses in the Community Futures Greenstone region.


Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization’s Laurence Gillespie reported the flower baskets on Main Street have received a lot of compliments and he thanks all businesses who took the time to care for and water the flowers in front of their businesses.


The Chamber will continue to promote their geocache coin and make it available at various businesses as well as the Chamber office.

Changes and Upcoming Events Were Discussed by the Flin Flon School Board

Superintendent Blaine Veitch reported last night that the Division is welcoming Margaret Head Steppan as the Community Cultural Advisor.  This role will support cultural identity and retention of the Aboriginal culture.  Head Steppan will be available for student and staff counseling as well as classroom cultural teachings within all schools.


At Ecole McIsaac School Natasha Herring will be in charge of a new French immersion program in the shop. Veitch said its not often shop is instructed in French so parents will be pleased with the expansion of time dedicated to junior high French immersion students


In other school news the McIsaac Parent Council is hosting the welcome back to school supper tonight from five to six thirty.  The Hapnot Travel Club is selling farm to school healthy food products as a fundraiser.  Contact Mr. Dillon or any Travel Club student to place an order.


In closing Board Chair Murray Skeavington said he hopes students are getting into the groove of the new school year and reminded parents and motorists to exercise caution when driving in and around school zones.

The Theme is Lets Talk About Suicide

The Flin Flon and Area Hope North Committee is holding a special event tomorrow to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day.  The Committee’s Fran Labarre invites everyone to Pioneer Square from 11:45 to 1 tomorrow with a free bag lunch provide.  She says they will have music and they’ve invited the schools to come out and make flags of hope. She explains they give the kids a piece of sheeting and markers and they draw what hope means to them because they’re trying to promote hopefulness and resiliency in our young people.


Labarre says music will be provided by CC Trubiak, Mark Kolt and Dr. Shelly Rhyno.

You Can Learn More About What Your Children Are Learning

With the start of school last week Manitoba Education Minister James Allum has announced the government will continue to support parents to help their children succeed.  He says they’ve put more resources online about the curriculum students are learning to help parents be more engaged in their children’s education.


The My Child In School website gives parents information about what their children are learning in compulsory subject areas such as English language arts, mathematics and science.  The website is organized by grade and each compulsory subject area features information about what students are learning, how students are assessed and other information and resources for parents.


The government is also continuing with the implementation of a revised kindergarten to grade 8 math curriculum to ensure children get basic skills in math and developing a new revised language arts curriculum to ensure students are getting a strong foundation in reading, writing, grammar and spelling.

There Was a Death in Pelican Narrows Yesterday

Pelican Narrows RCMP along with RCMP Major Crimes North are investigating the death of a 29 year old man from Pelican Narrows that occurred in the community yesterday.  In the hours following the incident police arrested another man from the community in relation to the death.


The circumstances surrounding the incident and leading up to the death are still under investigation.  No charges have been laid and police are not releasing the name of the victim at this time.

You Can Register For a Lot of Events

Flin Flon Parks and Recreation is presenting Registration Under One Roof Friday and Saturday.  Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey says they have a lot of groups and organizations involved including cadets, Alpha course, Habitat for Humanity, Lions Club, Girl Guides, Scouts, Recreation, Flin Flon Skating Club, Flin Flon Ski Club, Arts Council, Northern Lights Dance Academy, Tops and Minor Hockey.


Registration Under One Roof is open in the Flin Flon Community Hall Friday from 5 to 8 and Saturday from 10 until 1.

A New Cookbook Urges You to Eat More Vegetables

The Heart and Stroke Foundation will help you get back to your roots this fall with a cornucopia of fresh and delicious recipes in the newest edition of the Quick and Healthy cookbook.  Nutrition Manager Amanda Nash says they’re hoping to inspire Manitobans to reach for vegetables when preparing meals.  She says this cookbook is a great one because it really focuses on fruits and vegetables and we all know you want to have a great variety of vegetables in all of your meals and this cookbook can help you do that.


To receive a copy of this free cookbook you can call 1-888-473-4636 or download a copy at www.heartandstroke.mb.ca/quickandhealthy.

You Can Receive Training in Financial Literacy

Community Futures Greenstone is offering Introduction to Financial Literacy workshops later this month. Manger Bunny Burke says in the morning they are going to work with adult learners and in the afternoon it’s  be hands on activities doing some budgets, savings, investments, wants versus needs and they would encourage community leaders and elders, social workers, community mental health workers and others to participate in this.


The workshops are being held in the Cranberry Portage Legion Hall Tuesday, September 16th from 9:30 to 3:30 at a cost of 20 dollars.  You must register by this Thursday by calling 204-687-6967 or email greencom@mts.net.

There Is a Search for a Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Others

The Ham Sandwich Theatre Group will be performing the Wizard of Oz November 27th and 28th and Co-Director Leslie Fernandes says they are looking for anybody interested in community theatre.  She says if you’re familiar with Ham Sandwich you’re welcome to come out and if you’re new to the whole process that’s great because they’re looking for new faces.  She adds kids are also welcome as they have a lot of roles for kids and there aren’t a lot of lines for them so it would be a great opportunity for some kids who want to try theatre without the need to learn lines so it’s really open to everybody.


Auditions are being held Wednesday night a 7 in the Flin Flon Community Hall.

Bollywood is Coming to Flin Flon

Dr. Chaitasi Intwala is presenting a Bollywood night at the Flin Flon Community Hall Thursday, September 25th to raise money for the General Hospital emergency room redevelopment project.  Dr. Intwala says there’s a lot happening that night including Bollywood dances, local artists performing their songs, solo dances and hoop dancers, as well as a couple of surprise performances and a fashion show.  She says along with that they have sampling of Indian cuisine, a penny parade and draws and the sale of Indian items.


Tickets are available at the hospital switchboard, Northern Rainbow’s End, The Newest Wrinkle and the RHA regional office or you can book a table by calling 204-687-1300.


Registration Deadlines Are Close for a Fun Run

Flin Flon Parks and Recreation will be holding a fun run October 5th at the Phantom Lake Golf Course.  Recreation Programmer Caitlin Bailey says they don’t want you to forget that September 12th is the deadline if you’d like to register and also get a t-shirt for the run and if you just want to register for the run September 19th is the last date.  She adds they have registration forms at the Recreation Office as well as at CFAR.


The cost is 30 dollars and the run is open to ages 12 and up.

You Are Urged to Use Caution Around Number Ten Highway Construction

As construction continues on highway ten from Flin Flon to the airport and at dozens of other locations across Manitoba Transportation Minister Steve Ashton says the province is building roads like never before and the construction industry has limited time to complete many projects and we must make that job as safe and efficient for them as possible.  He urges motorists to use caution, follow all signage and slow down when passing construction work.


The government is spending 4.2 million dollars to upgrade highway ten from Flin Flon to the airport with work now focused on expanding the intersections with access roads at the north and south ends of Big Island Lake.

A New Program is Supporting Kids in Sherridon.

Parents in Sherridon have formed a group called Kids Come First. The group’s Michelle Reimer says they’re parents volunteering their time trying to raise money to get the kids some more outdoor equipment.  She says they don’t have very much right now so they’re in the works of trying to get a water slide and a bouncy house so they’re putting on fund raisers and getting donations where they can.


The program began three months ago and they’ve just completed a cash draw fund raiser.  More information is available at Kids Come First on facebook and a web page is being developed.

Theres a Way For You to Help Kids Get Into Sports

Canadian Tire is hosting a barbeque at their Flin Flon store Saturday afternoon to support their Jumpstart program.


Local Associate Dealer Dino Dorazil invites everyone to come out and support this program. He says one hundred percent of the proceeds from the barbeque will go towards jumpstart which is Canadian Tire’s charity that helps keep kids in the game and we all recognize how important sports are to development and the well being of all of us especially kids so they want to start them early.  He says from 12 to 6 this Saturday they’ll be doing a barbeque with hot dogs, homemade hamburgers, pop and chips, pretty well something for everybody.


Dorazil adds all proceeds stay in the community for local children

Bus Service Continues as Usual

The city’s contract with Northern Bus Lines came to an end at the end of August with the city preparing to take over running the service. At Tuesday night’s council meeting Administrator Mark Kolt said the service is being continued on an interim basis by Northern Bus Lines while issues are dealt with regarding the purchase of the bus garage by the city.


In other business, due to continuing reports of ongoing nuisance noise in the Trailer Court council passed on first reading an amendment to the Trailer Court bylaw to allow complaints to be dealt with listing fines under the Persistent Noise Rules. Councilor Karen MacKinnon opposed the motion saying it shouldn’t single out the Trailer Court but it was noted the city is the landlord for the Trailer Court and has to deal with these complaints. Council also noted it could be used as a trial run for a bylaw including the rest of the community.


And Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reminded motorists to slow down in school zones especially in front of Hapnot Collegiate where the speed limit is posted at 30 kilometers per hour.

Adult Classes are Underway for Another Season

The Community Adult Learning Center has started their new season.  Coordinator Barry Hanrahan says the Center helps adults improve their skills in literacy, computer use, math, GED and other areas of support for acquiring essential skills.  He says the Center provides and supports development of adult focused programming, adding group learning and one on one sessions are available for adults 18 years of age and over.


The programs at the Community Adult Learning Center are free and they run from September to June from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday.  Registration is ongoing during the year.  For information you can call Barry or John at 204-687-3223 or visit them on the lower level of the Co-op store.

A Building is Getting Closer to Being a Home

Progress was made over the weekend on the first home being built in Flin Flon by the Habitat 53° Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  A group of friends and family of future homeowner Angela Bennett came in from Snow Lake to help local workers continue building the home Saturday and Sunday.  Local Committee Co-chair Ted Elliott says it was a good weekend.  He says they got most of the exterior insulation in and most of the shingles are up adding the crew from Snow Lake was awesome, they were well organized and very skilled, just a great crew to work with.


The Habitat home is at 189 Steventon Boulevard and when completed it will be purchased by Angela and her son Austin through a no down payment no interest mortgage.


Any other groups interested in helping build the home can contact Volunteer Coordinator Katie Anderson at 204-687-3935.


Several Parking Issues Are Being Dealt With

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council gave first reading to amendments to the Traffic Bylaw.  The first dealt with parking on the west side of Channing Drive just past the Vocational Training Center.  Councilor Skip Martin says cars are parking too close to the corner causing a hazard so this will extend the no parking zone to the corner.


The second creates a few parking spots on Main Street strictly for drop off and pick up especially for use by the Handivan.  These will be between the driveways at 43 and 45 Main Street, the west side by the Steelworkers office next to the fire hydrant zone and by Subway in the first spot south of First and Main.


The last would move a handicapped spot by Crepes and Grapes across the street to the first spot off Main and Third near Northern Rainbows End.  These still require second and third reading by Council.

More People Are Aware of Disaster Meal Preparation

The Manitoba Red Cross sponsored a disaster dining cook off in the Walmart parking lot Friday to make people aware of what is needed in a disaster.  Three teams made meals using non-perishable food items on a single burner propane stove.  Local area Red Cross rep Cherlyn Cain says it doesn’t cost much to make up a food kit.  She says you should have some kind of dried ingredient like rice or pasta, something to go with it like canned salsa, any kind of canned vegetable, even noodles that can be whipped up in a hurry and little desserts as long as the date on them in a year long they’re good to go in your kit.  She adds keep them light, keep them inexpensive and keep them tasty.


The results were close with the top meal prepared by CFAR’s Radio Active team of Raphael Saray and Keith Poushyk, second was the Salvation Army team of Major Debbie Allen and Nicole Kendrick and third was the EMS team from The Pas with one member Kim Gurba.


Family and Friends of Miners Enjoyed the Museum This Summer

The Flin Flon Station Museum has closed for the summer.  The Board’s Bunny Burke says several things attracted visitors.  She says the new mining equipment did encourage people to come and have a look at it all and then the sea can mural was an exciting addition as well so that attracted a lot of people.  She adds this year the Hudbay archive was of a lot of interest to a lot of visitors because for a lot of them their family members had worked with the mine and they were able to identify with some of the people on that mural.


If you have a group still interested in visiting the museum you can contact Bunny Burke or Ron Dodds.  The museum will be open during Culture Days at the end of this month.

Programs Will Again Be Available For Pre-schoolers

The Flin Flon Friendship Center Aboriginal Headstart Program is taking registrations for their fall programs.  The program’s Katie Kawerski says it’s a pre-school program for aboriginal children 3 to 5 years old and their families with the focus on their culture and language.  She says they offer school readiness for their 4 and 5 year olds and they offer a peer time play group for their three year olds and that’s to get them ready for learning so they can learn to sit still and learn other things.


To register your child you can call Katie at 204-687-1311.


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