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Several Parking Issues Are Being Dealt With

At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council gave first reading to amendments to the Traffic Bylaw.  The first dealt with parking on the west side of Channing Drive just past the Vocational Training Center.  Councilor Skip Martin says cars are parking too close to the corner causing a hazard so this will extend the no parking zone to the corner.


The second creates a few parking spots on Main Street strictly for drop off and pick up especially for use by the Handivan.  These will be between the driveways at 43 and 45 Main Street, the west side by the Steelworkers office next to the fire hydrant zone and by Subway in the first spot south of First and Main.


The last would move a handicapped spot by Crepes and Grapes across the street to the first spot off Main and Third near Northern Rainbows End.  These still require second and third reading by Council.

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