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More People Are Aware of Disaster Meal Preparation

The Manitoba Red Cross sponsored a disaster dining cook off in the Walmart parking lot Friday to make people aware of what is needed in a disaster.  Three teams made meals using non-perishable food items on a single burner propane stove.  Local area Red Cross rep Cherlyn Cain says it doesn’t cost much to make up a food kit.  She says you should have some kind of dried ingredient like rice or pasta, something to go with it like canned salsa, any kind of canned vegetable, even noodles that can be whipped up in a hurry and little desserts as long as the date on them in a year long they’re good to go in your kit.  She adds keep them light, keep them inexpensive and keep them tasty.


The results were close with the top meal prepared by CFAR’s Radio Active team of Raphael Saray and Keith Poushyk, second was the Salvation Army team of Major Debbie Allen and Nicole Kendrick and third was the EMS team from The Pas with one member Kim Gurba.


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