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Bus Service Continues as Usual

The city’s contract with Northern Bus Lines came to an end at the end of August with the city preparing to take over running the service. At Tuesday night’s council meeting Administrator Mark Kolt said the service is being continued on an interim basis by Northern Bus Lines while issues are dealt with regarding the purchase of the bus garage by the city.


In other business, due to continuing reports of ongoing nuisance noise in the Trailer Court council passed on first reading an amendment to the Trailer Court bylaw to allow complaints to be dealt with listing fines under the Persistent Noise Rules. Councilor Karen MacKinnon opposed the motion saying it shouldn’t single out the Trailer Court but it was noted the city is the landlord for the Trailer Court and has to deal with these complaints. Council also noted it could be used as a trial run for a bylaw including the rest of the community.


And Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reminded motorists to slow down in school zones especially in front of Hapnot Collegiate where the speed limit is posted at 30 kilometers per hour.

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