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The Pottery Club Will Be Celebrating Fathers Day

The Flin Flon Pottery Club are running something special for Father’s Day. Laurie Belilse explains what they have planned for the kids starting this Saturday.


" We have got bisked mugs ready to go for the kids. They can come in and decorate them with under glazes which is basically paint. They can come in, it is a drop in thing, choose a mug, paint on it. We will  fire it and glaze it and it will be a dishwasher and microwave safe mug with art work on it for their dad."


The classes will be held at the Flin Flon Pottery Club location which is at the Flin Flon Community Hall on the Main level. There will be signage to direct the kids to the right place. There will be a cost of $40.00 and the classes will take place on Saturday’s June the 3rd and 10th , noon to 5  and Monday June the 5th from 5 to 7pm.


You can sign up by contacting flinflonpotteryclub@gmail.com. This open to all kids 17 and under.

Joe Brain Petting Zoo Opens Tomorrow

Some exciting news to kick off the summer for Flin Flon and the entire area. The Joe Brain Petting Zoo will be making it’s return to the community  and opening up tomorrow.


Rec Programmer Kelsey Anderson says they have lots of animals to greet visitors this year. " We will be opening this Thursday, we have lots of cute little animals this year. We have a lot of babies including goats and cows, bunnies and the cutest little lambs you have ever seen. We are excited for people to come down and meet them."


The Zoo will be open daily 11 to 7 and once again you can rent the facility for a birthday party, tour or any other group  event. They will also be announcing special events through out the summer.


If you would like to book the Zoo, contact Kelsey at 204-681-7542.

A First For Local Toastmasters Club

The District 64 Toastmasters which includes many clubs from across Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and Northern Minnesota  as well as the local group from Flin Flon held a special election over Zoom on the weekend.


Harry Hobbes who has been a member for many years says they received some wonderful news from the weekend’s election. " Doreen Roman who has been a long time member of our club was elected this past weekend to be Club Toast Director for all of District 64 which comprises all of Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and Northern Minnesota. This is the bottom member of what they call a District Trio. There are three main officers who lead the district each year. At the end of the year normally that person moves on to a higher level. If things go well, Doreen will be the District Director for District 64 in three years time. This is a very exciting time,  as this has never happened in our history that one of our members has been elected to the highest offices in Toastmasters." 


Toastmasters has been operating in Flin Flon for 45 years and if you are thinking you would like to become a member you can get more information off the Flin Flon Toastmaster Facebook page or by contacting Harry at: 204-687-6647

Vale Wins 60th Mine Rescue Compeitition

The 60th Mine Rescue Competition took place in Snow Lake this past weekend.


The Vale team out of Thompson ended up being the winning team. The team consisted of Captain, Sean McKenzie, #2 position- Martin Murphy, #3 position- Rikki Stabback, #4 position Rob Chuipka, Vice Captain- Mathew Herman, Director of Operations- Alfred Szabo, Coach- Kelly Edwards and Senior Instructor Mike McDonald.


The Hudbay team out of Snow Lake ended up winning the First Aid competition. The team consisted of Mike Dejarlais- Team Captain, #2 position- Taylor Thiessen,#3 position Andrew Rachuk, #4 position Travis Fedak, Vice Captain- Katerina Njegoven, Director Of Operations- Jon Young, Technician- Bernard Fourie and the Coach’s were, Terry Hornyak, Trevor Thurston and Tracy Knutson.


Next year’s competition will be hosted by the Tantalum Mining Corporation on May the 24th and 25th in Bernic Lake Manitoba.


The Salvation Army Is Bringing Outreach This Summer

The Salvation Army with the assistance of some other Flin Flon churches is putting together a community outreach program called We Love Flin Flon.


Captain Mark Burford explains what this program is all about.


“ The intent of this We Love Flin Flon program is to provide a free, fun,  accessible environment for  people of all ages to come and participate. There will be a free meal, activities, there will be live worship  music and teachings and sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that everyone that finds out about this will want to come and participate and build new friendships and relationships.”


This free family event will take place at Rotary Park on Wednesday June the 14th starting at 5. They will also host two more events through out the summer. If you require any other information contact Mark at the Salvation Army at: 431-746-5820.

Town Of Creighton Receiving Various Requests













Trout Festival Fishing Derby Starts Monday

The Flin Flon Trout Festival will officially begin on Monday with the start of the month long fishing derby. Once again there are plenty of cash prizes that are going to be handed out including $1500.00 for first in the Walleye, Burbot, Northern Pike and Trout categories.


Co- Chair Dianne Russell looks forward to the beginning of the Derby" This fishing Derby is very exciting. people love it and lots more are getting involved. It is $30.00 for adults and only $10.00 for kids 15 and under. Get out there and pick up those tickets for a chance at a lot of great prizes. We have splash prizes, secret lake prizes, secret length prizes. A big thanks to all the sponsors who we couldn't do this with out."


Fishing kits can be picked up at DI’S in Creighton, Denare Beach Office, and Tempo Gateway.

Photos can then be submitted to flinflontroutfestival.com.  

An Indigenous Version Of Grease is Coming To The North

Frontier Collegiate out of Cranberry is bringing an Indigenous version of the International play  and hit musical  of Greece.


This production will hit the Frontier Collegiate Gym on Saturday June the 4th with two different show times including 2 and 7pm.


Mercedez Cote who is the Drama teacher,  is really looking forward to this show coming to Northern Manitoba.  " Everybody I have  talked to is so hyped up and so excited to see something so familliar being turned into something totally different. It is a really interesting take and so refreshing to see this group coming to Northern Manitoba. This group has focussed on big city's and larger areas, so it will be nice to see all these people come together in Cranberry."


This version will include all the original characters but will be set in an Indigenous setting which will include songs in Cree, Traditional Dancing and a ten minute wrap with the audience given a chance to chime in.


You can get tickets online by going to showpass.com/bear-grease.

Flin Flon School Board Highlights From Last Night













You Will Be Able To Buy And Sell From Your Vehicle In June

The Flin Flon Inner Wheel will once again be holding their car, boot sale at the Victoria Inn parking lot.


This will take place on Saturday June the 10th between 10 and 1 pm.

The Inner Wheel’s Agnes Mills looks forward to bringing this popular event back to Flin Flon.


" It is a wonderful fundraiser for us, and we have raised thousands of dollars through out the years that I have been a member of this group. We got this idea for the boot sale from England. A member went over there and they were selling from the boot of their car which they call their car. We thought it was a catchy thing and we thought we would try it."


The Inner Wheel has raised thousands of dollars at this event throughout the years and have been able to make donations to the Gift and Life foundation, the new pool, local sick children and high school scholarships.


Hot-dogs, Hamburgers fries and drinks will all be sold at the event and you can contact Nora at 687-6188 or Agnes at 687-8204 for more information and book your spot.

Gospel Camp Coming To Denare Beach

Amisk Lake Church in Denare Beach is going to be hosting a 3 day gospel camp for all ages which will start this Thursday  and go right through Saturday.


Pastor Mark Ramshaw says they have a lot of fun activities planned:


" The team is going to be arriving on Thursday night and then on Friday after school  and Saturday at 4 o'clock they will be having a vocational bible school for the kids. The will have some games and bible stories and they will have pizza as well. Then later on that evening they will be holding a bible gospel gathering that everyone is invited to."


The Camp is free and you  can find out more information and sign up by contacting Pastor Mark at 306-240-5501.

Northern Juried Art Show Coming To Thompson

The 47th annual Northern Juried Art Show will take place in Thompson June the 19th to the 24th.


There will be lots of categories to enter including painting, watercolor drawing, print making, crafts, fibre art, photography, sculpture and a youth category.


The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt lets us know how you can enter:


" You can register for the Northern Juried Art Show by e-mailing northernjuriedartshow@gmail.com, you can also get more information from Andrea   Stevens at mall of the arts. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent as we know there is so much in Northern Manitoba."


There will be lots of awards up for grabs including a People’s Choice for $500.00 and a Best Of Show for $750.00.


The show will conclude with a Artist Reception and Art Show on Thursday June the 22nd.


The Town Of Creighton Is Looking Forward To Kicking Off Summer


The Town Of Creighton is excited about the summer season and have lots of exciting events planned over the course of the next few months.


One of those events is a Community Yard Sale which will take place on Saturday May the 27th.  Lindsay Shirran, the Creighton Rec Director says this will be a great opportunity to kick off the summer with a fun community event.


“The Town Of Creighton is promoting well being and a sense of community , so we are promoting our Community Yard Sale. This will be an opportunity where we have gathered addresses for local people to list their address,  and we will make a map so everyone will know where to go to attend the yard sale. It is a great opportunity to de-clutter, make the town clean and just get out and about.”


Lindsay also mentioned they will have maps posted on the town of Creighton website and their facebook page. They will also start to plant flowers in the community  next Saturday which is part of the Community In Bloom project.


For more information on any of these events you can call Lindsay or Tania at 306-688-3538.

A Committee Has Been Put In Place To Deal With Crime In Our Community

There is a newly formed Neighbors Of The North and Public Safety Committee  who has reached out to various groups and organizations in our community on a way to handle crime in our area.


Yesterday on the City Beat Show on 102.9 CFAR, Councillor Judy Eagle was in to discuss this new organization and how it got started.


“This committee was recently formed by council, and it is to help address concerns in Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach. We share similar concerns, drugs, drug use, social issues and all the crime that comes from that. We hear all over the place that everyone has these problems, and that is true,  but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t move forward in a long term and meaningful way to fix these issues. It is not a fast fix and it has taken a long time to really recognize these issues as they grow and grow.”


There has already been some progress made as the Friendship Centre has hired a couple of Outreach workers and the Freedom Outreach Adult and Teen Challenge  will be opening an office on Flin Flon’s Main street soon.


There next meeting is planned for some time in June and if you would like more information you can contact City Hall and ask to talk to Lynn Brown.

A Fun Camp That Will Involve Learning Is Coming To Flin Flon Later This Summer

WISE Kid-Netic Energy  will be hosting a Science and Technologies summer camp in Flin Flon from July the 24th to the 28th.


Julia Birnie who is the Logistics Coordinator says they have lots of fun themes planned for the kids this summer.


“We have 5 different theme days , Monday through Friday for our STEM Camp and our themes this year are Natural Disaster Day,Chemistry, Agriculture and Plants,Arts Meet Science and Technology and Coding. We try to get a vast array of topics for the kids. Each day has different science based activities that each camper will get to learn about earthquakes , codes and robots, make bouncy balls and there will be activities to get everyone moving as well.”


The camp will be open to kids 9 to 12 and registration is only $75.00 with limited spots available.


For more information and to register go to wisekidneticenergy.ca.

FF City Council Held Their Budget And Regular Meeting Last Night In City Council Chambers


In the budget meeting, Treasurer Lynn Brown broke down where most of  their revenue is generated from which includes Tax levy’s, Non  Government Grants, Sales of Goods and Services ,  Conditional Grants and transfers from Reserves.


Brown also mentioned that their biggest expenditures include Public Works, Rec and Culture, General Govt, Environmental Health, Protective Services and Development.


 The City Of Flin Flon continues to work on Diversification, Development and Attraction which will include affordable home ownership assistance, industry attraction and diversification  and community safety initiatives.


Mayor George Fontaine has declared June the 5th to the 7th as Pride Week in Flin Flon  and City Council will be participating in Pride Events including entering a float in the parade.


There will be no city wide clean up this year and the City has waved the tipping fees at the landfill instead which will start this Saturday May the 20th and go til June the 4th.


The newly formed Neighbors Of The North Community And Public Safety Committee have reached out to the Flin Flon and Creighton RCMP, Creighton and Denare Beach councils, Friendship Centre, School Divisions, Chamber Of Commerce and Play It Safer Network to continue to make the area safer to live and find solutions to help combat crime.

Manitoba RCMP Report a Drop in Crime Statics in the North in March.

              They report a decrease of 4 percent in calls for service in the north district in March from 6399 to 6113 compared to March last year.  That includes a decrease from 944 to 851 for common police activities with crimes against property down from 1249 to 1184, crimes against property down from 1249 to 1184, crimes against person down from 992 to 881 and drug enforcement down from 54 to 52.

              In traffic statistics fatal motor vehicle collisions in the north district in March were the same as March of last year with one and serious motor vehicle collisions were two up from one in March last year.

            Across the whole province traffic enforcement tickets issued went up 41 percent from 2239 in March last year to 3153 this year.

Cadets from 2-3-2-8 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Received Awards Last Night For Their Work Over The Past Year.

               Commanding Officer Captain Laurel Mymko presented awards to several Cadets.  The CWO Fisher Trophy for General Proficiency for a Junior Cadet went to Lance Corporal Ferguson Hill.  The Second Lieutenant M. Beauchamp Trophy for most improved Cadet was awarded to Lance Corporal Xavier Custer, the Major M.J. Naylor Trophy for Dedication and Commitment to Lance Corporal Axton Parker, the Army Cadet League of Manitoba Best First Year Cadet to Lance Corporal Jave McKay who received an engraved compass and the 2-3-2-8 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Best Attendance Award to Lance Corporal Xavier Custer who received a one hundred dollar gift certificate.  The Captain P. Popp C.D. Trophy for Rifle Team went to five Lance Corporals Xavier Custer, Hayden Fieber, Keston Kurbis, Jave McKay and Axton Parker.


              There are 36 Cadets in the Corp from Cranberry Portage, Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach.

You Can Nominate Post Secondary Educators for a New Saskatchewan Award.

              Post Secondary educator across the province will have the opportunity to be recognized annually through the new Lieutenant Governor Post Secondary Teaching Award. This is the first time Saskatchewan will recognize post secondary educators at universities, colleges and technical schools who excel in teaching and demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality education.  Recipients of the award will be recognized through the Distinguished Teaching Award, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Teaching Award, Indigenous Teaching Excellence Award and Innovative Teaching Award. All publicly funded post secondary institutions will be eligible to submit nominations until June 30th.


              To learn more about the award and the nomination process Google Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Post Secondary Teaching Award.

A Lithium Drill Program Has Been Completed Near Snow Lake.

Foremost Lithium Resource and Technology reports they have successfully completed a 24 hole three thousand meter drill program on its Jean Lake Lithium Project near Snow Lake.  The Company collected a total of 246 drill core samples and ten outcrop chip samples during the program and all samples have been shipped to Activation Laboratories in Ancaster Ontario for Lithium and gold assays with results expected to be released in the second quarter.


              Characteristics of spodumene mineralization in the B-1 B-2 pegmatite are observed to vary along strike with respect to the color and size of spodumene crystals.  The dyke appears to pinch and swell along its irregular strike.  The B-1 portion of the pegmatite was drilled between 6 and 61 meters with intervals of point five percent to twenty percent spodumene between 9.8 and 25 meters.  There was an appearance of gold mineralization with visible gold in the core.

The Northern Health Region Wants You to Be Aware of Job Opportunities in Health Care.

The Northern Health Regions Recruitment Manager Crystal Gregoire says they are holding a Health Career Expo under the theme Step Into Their Shoes in Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson next week……


“Students and the general public can come and they can learn about current opportunities that we have within the Northern Health Region.  It also provides a hands on interactive opportunity to learn about the different careers that we have in health care speaking directly with the individuals who work in the front line.”


The Health Career Expo runs from 1 to 7 Monday in the Roy H. Johnston Arena in The Pas, Tuesday in the Flin Flon Community Hall and Thursday in the Royal Canadian Legion in Thompson.



A Northern Healthy Food Initiative is Getting a Financial Boost.

Manitoba Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations Minister Eileen Clarke has announced the government’s investment of 1.3 million dollars toward the Northern Foods Initiative. Clarke explains these local and regional projects increase the supply and reduce the cost of nutritious food in the north and also increase community access to resources and opportunities which facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences.


Community based organizations delivering programming include Frontier School Division, Food Matters Manitoba and the Northern Association of Community Councils. Frontier’s gardening coordinator for the Grow North Program Brian Trewin explains projects such as our classroom hydroponics and raised garden beds provide activities for schools and community members which are building healthy food momentum for upcoming generations, promote food sustainability and create valuable learning opportunities.

Cheques Will Be in the Mail for Co-op Members Soon.

General Manager Randy Dumenko told the 78th annual meeting of the North of 53 Co-op it was another good year.  Sales in the food division were just over 26.4 million dollars and the petroleum division just over 11.4 million for total sales of just over 37.9 million dollars. He explained as the price of food rose they noticed consumer shopping patterns changed.  The higher price for fuel contributed to the higher dollar amount in sales.  Total liters sold did have an increase of 3.10 percent over the previous year with food having a slight decrease of .35 percent.  He noted as a result of local savings, Federated Co-op patronage and loyalty programs they are left with savings of just over 1.3 million dollars so the Board has elected to do an allocation of just over 458 thousand dollars to membership with cheques in the mail soon


Two Board members Del Ward and James Johnson were re-elected to the Board for three year terms by acclamation.

Mill Production is Improving at Hudbay Snow Lake Operations.

In their first quarter financial report Hudbay President Peter Kukielski noted the Manitoba team continues to advance a number of key initiatives to support higher production levels and metal recoveries at their Snow Lake operations…..


“The first phase of the Stall Mill recovery project consisting of new cyclone packs, state of the art Jameson Cells on the copper and zinc circuits and process control circuits is on track for commencing in May with ramp up to higher metal recoveries by mid 2023.  The Stall Mill processed 19 percent more ore in the first quarter compared to the last quarter.  The New Britannia Mill continued to achieve consistent production above the nameplate capacity averaging approximately 1590 tonnes per day.  We continue to advance New Britannia improvement with a focus on reagent and grinding media consumption.  These initiatives involve minimum outlay while further improving overall metal recoveries and copper concentrate grades.”


During the first quarter of this year the Manitoba operations produced just over 36 thousand ounces of gold, almost 10 thousand tonnes of zinc, just over two thousand tonnes of copper and over 150 thousand ounces of silver.



The SPCA Needs Your Support to Cover Their Expenses.

The President of the Flin Flon Creighton and Area SPCA reports they are holding their annual garage and bake sale on Saturday morning.  Heather Richardson says there will be a lot more that just garage sale and baking items……


“We’ll have an adoptable animal there. We’ll also have our t-shirts and our raffle tickets.  We have a ten thousand dollar draw coming up.  We’ll have a donation box if you want to drop off donations.  We are a charitable organization so any monetary donation of twenty dollars or over we can write a taxable receipt for.  Of course we’re always accepting dog and cat food and litter.  Basically we’re trying to raise funds for our annual operating costs which are 125 to 150 thousand dollars for the year, all of which comes from fund raising and donations.  Also this year we’re looking to replace our kennels and our flooring so the cost of the flooring and kennel replacement is around 50 thousand dollars and we’re going to be doing that with local businesses.  We’ve also reached out to groups locally to help out with that cost.”


The sale is being held Saturday from 9 to 12 in the Creighton Sportex.  You can drop donated items off there Friday from noon to eight.

Hudbay Continues Their Search for Ore in Snow Lake.

In their first quarter 2023 financial report Hudbay President Peter Kukielski reported good results in their drill program in Snow Lake…..


“Our Snow Lake exploration activities are prioritizing step out drilling for new discoveries to support future growth in annual production and mine life extension.  Our 2023 winter exploration program intercepted many occurrences of disseminated copper sulphides over two kilometers down plunge indicating the proximity of copper gold feeder zones similar to the deeper lenses of Lalor.  The Program included four drill rigs testing the down plunge gold and copper extensions of the Lalor deposit in the first step out drilling in the deeper zones at Lalor since the initial discovery in 2009.  While assays are still pending we’ll continue to analyze these results and perform additional geophysics to refine the next phase of drilling in 2024.  One additional drill rig in Snow Lake is testing the geophysical anomaly located within 400 meters of existing Lalor underground infrastructure.”


Regarding Flin Flon Tailings Hudbay is completing metallurgical test work and evaluating metallurgical technologies to assess the processing viability of the tailings.

An Alert Ready Test Will Be Held This Afternoon.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s Emergency Measures Organization is notifying Manitobans that the National Public Alerting System, Alert Ready, is scheduled to issue an emergency alert test message on multiple communication channels this afternoon at 1:55.

They report testing of all components is an important and necessary part of any public alerting system. It provides an opportunity to validate and improve the end-to-end performance and reliability of the system to ensure it operates as it is intended on TV, radio and compatible wireless devices. Test alerts also educate the public on what an emergency alert will look and sound like in the event of a life-threatening situation.

The test alert will be distributed on TV, radio and compatible wireless devices. However, not all Manitobans will receive the test alert on their mobile devices. This may occur for various reasons, including device compatibility, connection to an LTE network, cell tower coverage, and device software and settings.

For more information about the upcoming test alert visit www.alertready.ca.

The Last Escaped Inmate Has Been Arrested

Emergency Response Team officers, who were brought in to assist with the search for the escaped inmates, were conducting patrols in The Pas earlier this morning and located Kelly Castel near Halcrow Avenue. Castel fled on foot and additional police units including Police Dog Services, Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Unit (drone) and The Pas detachment members immediately responded to the area.


A police dog led officers to Castel who was hiding a short distance away. He was arrested and is now in custody.


Another escaped prisoner from The Pas Correctional Centre Xander Tardiff was arrested yesterday.

The RCMP Continue to Investigate and Remains Committed to Following-up on Any Information Received That May Help Locate Kelly Castel.

The RCMP are asking all residents in The Pas, Flin Flon and surrounding areas to stay vigilant, to check on their neighbors and to report anything suspicious to police. Motorists are reminded not pick up any hitchhikers in the area. 

In response to the three escaped inmates from The Pas Correctional Centre, the Manitoba RCMP deployed specialized police units and resources to The Pas, Flin Flon, and surrounding areas. This included the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team, Crime Reduction Enforcement Team, Police Dog Services, Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Unit or aDrone, and Air Services. A number of officers from surrounding detachments were also deployed to the area to assist in the search.

In addition, the Saskatchewan RCMP increased its presence in Cumberland and adjoining areas near the Manitoba border as one suspect was known to have connections to the region.

This extensive response resulted in two of the three inmates being safely taken into custody.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kelly Castel should immediately call The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6200 or their local police of jurisdiction.

Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Manitoba or Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

One Of the Escaped Inmates Has Been Arrested.

Manitoba RCMP report one of the inmates who escaped from The Pas Correctional Centre has been arrested.  They report Xander Tardiff has been located and arrested without incident and is now in police custody.  The RCMP Continue to search for Kelly Castel and anyone with information is asked to contact The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6200.


Meanwhile the Saskatchewan RCMP Dangerous Person Alert has been cancelled in relation to the escaped inmates in Manitoba.  Saskatchewan residents are still asked to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to police.  They advise in an emergency always call 911.


A Group Home Took Another Step Forward to Reality in Creighton Yesterday.

MLA Todd Goudy, Creighton Aldermen Colleen Stallard and Anita Rainville,Stefan Thomas.


The Christians Horizons held the sod turning yesterday afternoon for their future Group Home at 201 Collins Crescent in Creighton. Their Executive Director Stefan Thomas noted their mission is to work together with adults who experience disabilities to accomplish their goals and nurture communities where everybody belongs….


“We’ll provide services for adults with developmental disabilities.  That can look like residential support, helping people make meals, do their laundry, take some medications but also community supports, helping them get out, get jobs if that’s what they are interested in, contribute to the community and the big thing for us is helping people share their gifts as we all have gifts and we want to make sure folks we’re supporting have a way to share those gifts with their community.  We’ll also be doing some independent living supports which are for folks who have more skills for independence and might just need ten or so hours of support a week to get other things done and stay on top of stuff whether it be banking or other things.”


The group home will have five clients who require higher levels of support with 24 hour supervision as well as  the two self contained units for independent living programming.

Melfort MLA Todd Goudy added they are pleased to see Christian Horizons partner with the provincial government and Creighton for the benefit of the community.      

Harm Reduction Day Was Recognized Locally.

The Play It Safer Network is a local harm reduction network. Their Network Coordinator Tieryn Steele says harm reduction is a practice that reduces harms association with activities…..


“When we think about substance use we give out free supplies such as syringes, cookers, sterile water, tourniquets, pipes etc. to reduce transmission rates of HIV/Hep C but also to prevent other harms that come with substance use. Harm Reduction on a larger scale looks like breaking down barriers that stop people from accessing health services, combats the stigma surrounding substance use and examines how systems and societal structures cause inherent harm to people who use substances. Harm reduction looks like handing out free, new syringes, safe consumption sites and a safe supply of substances. But also advocates and promotes love, ceremony and connection to community. “


Steele adds the Network advocates for many systemic changes but also the creation of new social programs and resources to help our relatives who are struggling, housing first, shelters, good accessibility and better access to mental health supports to name a few.  The Play It Safer Network office is located at 29 Main Street in the old VA Plumbing and Heating office and Tieryn can be found on Main Street with a backpack full of water and snacks.


Manitoba RCMP Are Searching for Two Escaped Inmates Considered Dangerous.

 Manitoba RCMP are searching for two escaped inmates from the Correctional Centre in The Pas who are considered dangerous and a risk to the public.

The Mounties were notified that three inmates had escaped from the institution shortly before 7 last night.

A search involving additional police resources, including police dog services, resulted in the apprehension of one of the inmates, who was returned to custody.

RCMP are still searching for the remaining inmates, who have been identified as 19-year-old Xander William Tardiff and 21-year-old Kelly John Castel, both of whom police say have a history of violence.

Alert Ready messages have been issued for residents of The Pas, Flin Flon and surrounding areas in Manitoba, and Saskatchewan RCMP has issued a Sask Alert message to residents in Creighton and nearby areas.

Residents are being told to lock all doors and windows and to immediately report anything suspicious to the RCMP.

You Can Support a Home Away From Home With Your Purchase.

McDonald’s Restaurant in Flin Flon is joining a national celebration of McHappy Day Wednesday.  Wendy Galagan with Ronald McDonald House in Winnipeg says McHappy Day is their biggest fund raiser of the year when communities come together to support their mission to support families…..


“It really is a home away from home when families have to leave their community and their support systems to come to the city centre where there’s a Pediatric Centre of excellence to receive that necessary care for their child so we provide all the necessary services and essential support, accommodation, meals, transportation, programming, all those day to day essentials so that families can focus on what matters most and that is being together as a family with their sick child.”


McHappy Day runs all day Wednesday at the McDonald’s restaurant in the Walmart store in Flin Flon where a portion of proceeds from every food and beverage purchase all day long will help support families needing the services of Ronald McDonald House.


Charges Have Been Laid Following a Shooting Last Week.

An arrest has been made during an investigation into a shooting that occurred on Ross Street in Flin Flon last Thursday.  A 23 year old woman was transported to Winnipeg with life threatening injuries and a 28 year old man suffered non-life threatening injuries.


On Saturday RCMP arrested a 27 year old Flin Flon man in relation to this investigation. He was charged with attempted murder and a number of firearms related offences and has been remanded to appear in court at a later date.  Both victims remain in hospital in stable condition and the investigation continues.


A Survey Includes Tips for Upcoming Grads.

A recent survey finds post-secondary grads can expect multiple interviews, in-office time and questions gauging soft skills when entering the job market.


The report from Robert Half indicates there are hiring bright spots for those beginning their careers as long as grads increase their chances of finding work by exploring industries and roles with the most jobs available.


It lists software development, accounting, IT, public relations and human resources positions as examples.


One of the tips for senior regional director Mike Shekhtman has for new grads includes pinpointing priorities and being prepared to negotiate.


Flin Flon RCMP are Investigating An Attempted Murder.

At approximately 9:45 last night RCMP received a report of shots fired at an address on Ross Street in Flin Flon.

Officers immediately attended to the scene and located a 23-year-old woman from Flin Flon with life-threatening injuries. She was taken to hospital and was then transported by life-flight to Winnipeg where she remains.

RCMP received a subsequent update that an additional victim was identified, a 28-year-old man who suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. He remains in hospital.

Investigators do not believe these were random acts.

Anyone with information in relation to this shooting is asked to contact the Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1422, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or submit a secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com.

Flin Flon RCMP, along with RCMP Major Crime Services continue to investigate.

A Committee of Flin Flon City Council is Moving Forward With Indigenous Relations.

On CFAR’s City Beat program this week Councillor Steve Lytwyn spoke on the projects involving their Indigenous Relations Committee.  He noted their mandate is to promote and enhance cultural proficiency in the community.  He reported in June the Witness Blanket from the Manitoba Museum for Human Rights will be on display in Council Chambers in collaboration with NorVa. He noted other partnerships….


“Collaborating with the Social and Recreation sub-Committee with City Council looking at selecting a park in the Flin Flon area and the park is essentially a national healing forest which is celebrated across Canada and is something we’re looking to do here in Flin Flon.  Right now the City is committed to improving Indigenous relationships and the leadership team at the City has been taking cultural proficiency training so that’s a new initiative and that was sort of in partnership with the RHA.”


Lytwyn added as well they are looking to include a youth representative on their committee to get their point of view.


Spring Marks the Return of Motorcycles to Our Roads and Highways.

The Manitoba government has proclaimed this month as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  The aim is to promote motorcycle safety and remind motorists that safe driving and riding practices should be exercised and to always be on alert and share the roads with motorcyclists.


Transportation Minister Doyle Piwniuk states all road users have the right to travel safely on our roadways.  The President of the Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups Carolyn Peters adds it is not only important that motorists watch for motorcycles but as well that motorcyclists be reminded of their responsibilities to maintain that safety bubble around them by being visible, maintaining safe traffic separations and riding at speeds appropriate for the unpredictable spring road conditions.

The City of Flin Flon Has Received a Grant to Strengthen Asset Management.

The Federal government has announced an investment of 250 thousand dollars to help five Manitoba communities put in place innovative asset management strategies.  Of that total the City of Flin Flon will receive 50 thousand dollars to identify, catalogue and analyze the life cycle and capacity of each asset and to develop information on maintenance requirements, service levels and new asset needs.  This will result in an effective asset management plan and informed, cost effective decisions around levels of service.  All asset classes within the City will be looked at including facilities, roads, sidewalks, water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems and equipment.


Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal noted infrastructure is essential to local economies and for resident’s quality of life and these projects will help communities plan for their needs and find savings over the long term.

The Focus This Week is on Safety and Health.

The Government of Saskatchewan has officially proclaimed this week as Safety and Health Week in the province.

Labor Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan explains this week serves as an opportunity to renew our commitment to health and safety in our workplaces, homes and communities. He adds everyone deserves to come home safe at the end of the workday and together we can make this a reality.

Safety and Health Week, previously known as North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, began in 1997. This year's theme is together we can create safe workplaces and communities.

The week is observed annually in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The goal is to unite and focus on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

Visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety's Safety and Health Week website for more information and tools and resources for safety and health in the workplace.

Budget Bylaws and Spring Cleanup Were Highlighted at the Council Meeting.

At last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting Council passed on first reading bylaws related to their 2023 financial plan.  The bylaws set the mill rate for general purposes, school purposes and uncontrollable purposes, making a business assessment and levying of a business tax, setting a business fee of 100 dollars in lieu of the business tax, and setting the special services tax at 903 dollars. A public meeting to explain the details of their financial plan will be held on Tuesday May 16th at 6:30 in Council Chambers prior to second and third reading of the bylaws.


The City has announced the cancellation of tipping fees at the landfill from May 20th to June 4th adding City staff will provide regular garbage pickup only during this period.  The question was raised why there will be no spring curbside pick up this year noting not everyone has access to a truck to take their items to the landfill.  Mayor George Fontaine explained the city is down one million dollars from Hudbay’s grant in lieu of taxes and it is going to drop again in the future.  He says the pickup costs around 75 thousand dollars and takes three weeks of man time when the men are needed to work on water leak problems.  He noted they are opening up the landfill for two weeks later this month and are projecting to open it for two weeks in the fall. Residents at the meeting complained about garbage build up in some yards and were told to contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer as there are bylaws that will be enforced.

Hudbay Has Reached a Major Milestone Towards Achieving its 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets.

Hudbay Minerals has announced the signing of a new ten year power purchase agreement with ENGIE Energia Peru for access to a one hundred percent renewable energy supply to their Constancia operations in Peru.

The contract comes into effect in January 2026 with a ten year term. 


Hudbay President Peter Kukielski notes last December Hudbay committed to reducing its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent and achieving net zero by 2050.  He adds the signing of this ten year power purchase agreement marks a milestone for achieving Hudbay’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.


The new agreement ensures a consistent and guaranteed supply of renewable energy sufficient for Hudbay’s Constancia operation.  The contract functions on a consumption bases ensuring the company’s costs are variable based on actual usage with no minimum spend or penalty for usage below the contracted rate.


The Liquor Store Building in Creighton Has Been Sold.

Saskatchewan says its Liquor and Gaming Authority buildings in seven communities have been sold for just over two-million dollars.

The authority says it has accepted offers for the buildings in Esterhazy, La Ronge, Buffalo Narrows, Creighton, Carlyle, Humboldt and Moosomin.

Lori Carr, the minister in charge of the authorities, says selling the properties is another step in the process to wind down their retail footprint.

The authority owed 19 stores, five of which are to be repurposed for other government organizations, and the rest are to be sold in the coming weeks.

You Can Learn More About The Guidance Nursery School and Their Registration.

You’re invited to the Flin Flon Guidance Nursery School Annual General Meeting Monday night.  Early Childhood Educator Lisa Lies explains…..


“Flin Flon Guidance Nursery School is having their annual general meeting on Monday May the 8th at 7 o’clock PM at the Flin Flon Guidance Nursery School.  Board members are needed.  If anyone wants to register they can come to the Nursery School to pick up a form or they can call 204-687-5117.  Our fees have been reduced to five dollars a session due to the government reducing the daycare fees.”


Children two to six years old can be registered. The Flin Flon Guidance Nursery School annual meeting again is being held Monday night at 7 at the Nursery School at 9 Terrace.


The Flin Flon Credit Union Held Their 82nd Annual General Meeting Last Week.

President Darren Grant provided an overview of a dramatic year of changes for the organization from the impact of the closure of Flin Flon’s Hudbay operations to the investment in Flin Flon Insurance and the first ever cash redemption of 37 thousand dollars in previously issued Surplus Shares being paid to members.


General Manager Kory Eastman reviewed the details of a very profitable 2022 as the rapid increase in interest rates and the results from both insurance and wealth management saw the profitability of the Credit Union increase 154 percent to a net income of 601 thousand dollars.  Total assets of the Credit Union increased 7.5 percent to end the year at 77.1 million dollars.  Eastman added the wealth management area also increased to over 18 million dollars in assets under management in what was a very unusual market environment.  He noted although the Board did not allocate any new funds towards patronage in 2022 it was made clear that after the payout of all existing Surplus Shares, the Credit Union would look to regularly return excess profits to the 2306 active members.


Copies of the summary financial statements are available for download from the Flin Flon Credit Union website at www.ffcu.ca.


The Flin Flon Credut Union has Announced the Spring 2023 Recipients of its Community Enrichment Program Small Grants.

This year the program has 30 thousand dollars available for granting based on its goal of five percent of the Credit Union’s annual net profits to the program.


Beaver City Tours received 25 hundred dollars to assist with building a dock for tourists to safely gain access to the Beaver City site, Flin Flon Ski Club 25 hundred to assist with the McCrae Trail improvements addressing safety concerns, Kiddie Corner Daycare 25 hundred to assist with development of a sensory room, Leslie Beck one thousand to assist with local training for wilderness survival with increased use of snowshoe trails in the area, Main Street Revitalization Committee 25 hundred to assist with building a bandstand roof for shelter and better sound distribution at Pioneer Square events, NorthStar Quilting two thousand to assist with capital purchases and local quilting training classes and Regional Economic Development Commission 25 hundred to assist with funding for improved wayfinding signage for tourists to our region.


The next deadline for intake is October 1st with details available on their website www.ffcu.ca click In Our Community and them on Community Programs.

You Can Support Creighton Community School With a Cookie.

Tim Hortons in Creighton is joining others across the country in their annual Smile Cookie Campaign this week.  For the first time the charitable campaign is kicking off in the spring running from today to Sunday.  Every year the campaign sees Tims guests purchasing millions of hand decorated Smile cookies for a dollar fifty plus tax with 100 percent of the proceeds from each cookie donated to support over 600 local charities and community groups that are handpicked by restaurant owners.  Again this year money raised at the Creighton Tim Hortons location will be donated to Creighton Community School.


The Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign has raised over 92 million dollars since 1996 and last year restaurant owners raised a record breaking 15 million dollars.


They Gathered to Remember Friday Night.

The United Steelworkers Local 7106 held a ceremony at their monument to mark the National Day of Mourning. Health and Safety Co-Chair at Lalor Mine Mike Desjarlais says they are focused on safe working conditions…..


“We will continue to fight for improved safely and better workplace conditions for all workers everywhere in Canada. I’d like to thank the people who have the courage to step up when they see unsafe work being performed and to bring these unseen hazards or situations to the attention of the workers for their safety.  These conversations are not always easy to have and not always welcome by the workers but know the effort helps people go home safely and healthy to their families at the end of the day and that’s all that matters.  I’d also like to thank the health and safety reps and committees as I know their roles can often be thankless but I have some news to validate your efforts.  This year the list of Steelworkers who have lost their lives due to workplace accidents or illness in Canada is zero, so no Steelworkers died in the last year which is a real testament to our efforts.  I congratulate everyone.  Let’s work to make this a trend.”


Wreaths were laid by various union and community representatives.


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