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An Indigenous Version Of Grease is Coming To The North

Frontier Collegiate out of Cranberry is bringing an Indigenous version of the International play  and hit musical  of Greece.


This production will hit the Frontier Collegiate Gym on Saturday June the 4th with two different show times including 2 and 7pm.


Mercedez Cote who is the Drama teacher,  is really looking forward to this show coming to Northern Manitoba.  " Everybody I have  talked to is so hyped up and so excited to see something so familliar being turned into something totally different. It is a really interesting take and so refreshing to see this group coming to Northern Manitoba. This group has focussed on big city's and larger areas, so it will be nice to see all these people come together in Cranberry."


This version will include all the original characters but will be set in an Indigenous setting which will include songs in Cree, Traditional Dancing and a ten minute wrap with the audience given a chance to chime in.


You can get tickets online by going to showpass.com/bear-grease.

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