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They Are Ready to Choose Their Own Path.



Diplomas were presented to 38 graduates of Hapnot Collegiate last night along with 55 bursaries and scholarships.


The largest award the Hudbay W.A. Green bursary for 35 hundred dollars a year for up to four years was presented to Erin Sloboda who also received the Governor General Bronze Medal for highest academic standing with a 98 percent average. The Sparling Trophy for the student who contributes the most to school life while still maintaining a good academic standing went to Ariel Henderson who was also the Valedictorian.  She thanked parents and teachers for all they have done over the years.  She reflected on the past year sharing times with her fellow students noting you are now taking a big step in life and you are capable of anything and everything.


Guest speakers Corrie Pomeranski, one of their former teachers reflected on how special this group of graduates is speaking of each individually. She said each one has a special gift and will choose their own path adding you can make as many mistakes as you need to, own them and learn from them and you’ll be stronger and wiser for it.


Ariel Henderson Corrie Pomeranski






There Are Art Opportunities for Kids Next Week.



The Norva Center is offering a variety of classes for kids next week. The Center’s Meagan Dupas says they have classes for ages five and up in the morning from 10 to 12 and the afternoon from 2 to 4.  She explains starting on Monday morning they’re going to make some sock puppets and in the afternoon they’re going to have rock painting with Monique Rainville.  Tuesday in the morning they’re going to play with clay and in the afternoon Elaine Angelski is going to show how to make clay tiles.  Wednesday morning they’re going to do some papier mache building and in the afternoon they’ll have ceramic painting.  Thursday morning they’re tie dying and in the afternoon they’re going to do a mixed media collage and Friday morning they’re going to paint their papier mache and in the afternoon they’re going to do collagraph prints.


You can find out more about the classes and costs at their website www.norvacentre.com, call them at 204-687-4237or drop in at 177 Green Street.

Your Paddling Skills Can Be Put to the Test.


 As part of the Trout Festival weekend canoe races will take place Saturday afternoon on Ross Lake.  Greg East says you can paddle small or large canoes.  He says starting at 12 o’clock in the Stittco parking lot Rick and Pat Hall will be taking registrations for the canoe event and they will start at 1 with the small canoes on Ross Lake and there’s family events, mixed doubles and singles and anyone who’s down there can have a great time.  He adds the Voyageur canoes will be on the water and you can put between six and ten people in these canoes and its 100 dollars to register a canoe.


Proceeds from the Voyageur Canoe go to the Flin Flon and District Environment Council.  For information you can call Greg at 204-687-0754.


You Can Celebrate Canada Day in Denare Beach.


 Denare Beach Recreation invites you to join them for Canada Day celebrations tomorrow evening.  Recreation Director Jody Lyle says they start at 4 o’clock at the Main Beach.  She says they’re very excited that they’re having a triathlon and canoe races this year as well as bike, costume and sand castle building contests.  She says they have fireworks at 11:45 pm and they’re looking forward to those as they have some fantastic fireworks that shoot right out of the water.


Lyle adds tomorrow they will also have prizes, glow stick sales, free Canada Day cupcakes, food with the Sand Castle Concession and Hong Kong Express and cotton candy and caramel popcorn sales by Freedom Outreach. 


She also reminds you to watch for the sailing regatta at 1:30 and a geocaching hunt from 1 to 3:30 as part of Beaver Lake Day which runs on Sunday at the Denare Beach Fair Grounds from 3 to midnight sponsored by the Denare Beach Yacht and Cattleman’s Association.


Diplomas and Awards Highlighted a Celebration Last Night.


 Seven graduates from Many Faces Education Center in Flin Flon received their diplomas along with several awards last night.


The Governor General Bronze Medallion was presented to Zachary Chrisp who also received a Many Faces Alumni Award.  The Art Wahlenberg Memorial Award went to Stoner Francois who also received the Flin Flon Motorcycle Association Award and a Many Faces Alumni Award.  Chrystal Gratton received the Flin Flon School Division Award along with the Triservice Volunteerism Award and the Women’s Resource Center Award.  Jarrett Highfield received the United Steelworkers Local 7106 Award, Connor Henderson the UCN Scholarship along with a Many Faces Alumni Award and Tyller Sevold received a Many Faces Alumni Award.


The graduation ceremony was held last night at the Rotary Wheel.


They Are Going to Walk in High Heels.



The Women’s Resource Center is hosting Walk a Mile in Her Shoes tomorrow afternoon.  Executive Director Colleen Arnold says men have been collecting pledges and will be putting on red high heels.  She says right now they have 27 walkers and they’re going to start at Pioneer Square where there’ll be a few words and then they’ll march down Main Street to the Co-op, up to Hapnot Street, down Hapnot back to Pioneer Square.


   The walk begins at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon and money raised will help the operation of the Women’s Safe Haven.


A Fun Afternoon is Planned for Canada Day in Creighton.



Canada Day will be celebrated Friday at the Creighton Ball Diamond.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says it starts at one o’clock with opening ceremonies with the Royal Canadian Legion.  She says they have plenty of stage entertainment, family games, potato sack races, family tug of war, three legged race, face painting, the bouncy houses, tattoos and lots of Canada Day balloons so it’ll be a fun afternoon for everyone and as an added bonus the spray pool will be open for the afternoon.


  Senyk adds they will also have free Canada Day cupcakes and ice cream.


Several Students Were Recognized With Awards.


 Frontier Collegiate in Cranberry Portage celebrated their graduation Friday with 29 awards presented.  Awards for highest average were presented to William Taylor which are the Governor General Award and L. Krueger award.  He also received the FCI Attendance, R. J. Merrell, LUD Citizenship, Miner Memorial, and Jennissen Awards and shared the Arctic Beverages Award with Chad Ross and the FCI School Committee Award with Lexine Monias. Lexine also received the Roger J. Carriere Award and Chad also received the Power Mechanics Award.


The J.F. Orchard Award went to Tatyana Castel, United Steelworkers Clayton McFawn, Sakootchetaw Naomi Chalmers, Gary Wesner Award Madeline Dorion, Sherwood to Geoff Taylor, Adult Ed Achievement Goldean Hodgson who also received Adult Ed Honors, Cosmetology Devry Genaille, Opasquiak Preston Yellowback, Friends of Frontier Scholarship Reanna Colomb and Keeyask Leadership to Colby Wastesicoot.

A Fund Raising Walk Was a Success.


The Freedom Outreach Program in Denare Beach held their 4th annual Walk for Freedom at the end of May.  The Group’s Kandie Lagore says pledges are in and it went well.  She says so far they have raised 10,722 dollars and that’s from the three communities of La Ronge, Flin Flon and The Pas and so they want to say a big thank you to the businesses from Flin Flon and Denare Beach who sponsored the event being Alpine Convenience, Co-op, Big Dipper and Arctic Beverages.  She says there were 27 walkers, the youngest being 10 years old and so they want to thank all of them.


  Lagore also praised those who sponsored the walkers as well as the volunteers.  The walk is held to raise awareness of those afflicted with drug and alcohol addictions as well as to support their programs based at Denare Beach.


Graduates and Their Families Will Gather at the Whitney Forum Tomorrow Evening.


Hapnot Collegiate’s graduating class of 2016 will be celebrating tomorrow.  Grad Committee Chair Bobbi Willets says the evening starts with the banquet and speeches at 4 o’clock followed by the Convocation.  She says at 6:30 they’re going to start with the under grad awards and then the grads are going to come out right after that and that usually lasts until about 8:15 and then the walk down Main Street and the Grand March will occur around 8:30. Once that’s over the grads get to go home for a little bit, get changed and the Safe Grad Social this year is at the Community Hall and it starts at 10.


  There are 38 graduates receiving their diplomas tomorrow evening.

Your Kids Can Keep Active All Summer.


 Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Arts Council and School Division are holding Summer in the Parks from July 4th to August 26th.  Supervisor Taylor Davidson says they’ll offer a variety of programs for five to nine year olds. She says she had the Norva Center approach her and she’s really excited to work with them and do different are projects for culture week. She adds they’ll be heading over to the SPCA again, the RCMP, Fire Hall and they’ll be doing greening and although she knows it’s Dave Prices last year for the project she’s excited they’ll have the opportunity to do that again and she’s also thinking towards team playing and good sportsmanship noting some times its hard for the kids to get involved and making friends so she’s happy to see them work through that.


Summer in the Parks will run Monday to Friday from 12 to 5 starting July 4th.  For information and to register call Taylor at the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 or 271-3673.


Mid-day Flights and Direct Flights to Thompson Are Being Cancelled.


 Calm Air has announced the cancellation of their mid-day flights out of Flin Flon effective Friday with morning and evening flights continuing as scheduled.  Their Vice-President of Marketing Monique Chenier says they have cancelled the mid-day flights Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Thompson to Flin Flon to Winnipeg and Tuesday and Thursday from Thompson to The Pas to Winnipeg plus the return flights which also means there will no longer be direct flights between Flin Flon and Thompson.  She says they’ve been looking at reducing costs and those mid-day flights were not being used by the people in Flin Flon and area and there’s a lot of reasons behind it.  She says they met with community leaders and many acknowledged that they never really used those flights and they all understand the reasons behind it and do not see it has having a material impact on their ability to do business.


Chenier adds they are committed to the Flin Flon and The Pas areas and are constantly reviewing their market for trends and opportunities to increase their frequency in the future whether on a seasonal or permanent basis. 

Diplomas Will Be Handed Out Tomorrow Evening.



Flin Flon’s Many Faces Education Center will be holding their graduation tomorrow evening.  The Center’s Maureen Reagan says this year they have changed their venue and are moving over to the Rotary Wheel and they have cocktails at 5:30, supper at 6 and the ceremony is going to take place at 7:30.


Seven graduates will be receiving their diplomas during the graduation tomorrow.


Local Communities Need to Have Input in a Strategy to Develop The North.

Flin Flon Chamber President Dianne Russell and Manitoba Chambers President Chuck Davidson



The President and CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Chuck Davidson spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce last night.  He said they are an umbrella organization for the 69 Chambers in the province and work to support them and lobby the government on behalf of businesses in the province.  He said northern communities are nervous about their future and the Manitoba Chamber is lobbying the government to develop a northern strategy identifying what northern Manitoba has to offer, what are the challenges that might be holding certain communities back and developing a strategy that’s going to address some of those challenges, identify some of the issues in terms of infrastructure challenges, specifically in terms of what needs to be the focus so that’s what he is looking for, communities being part of the process and a strategy being developed that’s going address that issue and really make northern Manitoba prosperous.


  Davidson added there also has to be a tourism strategy that promotes the whole province with local Chambers working to make sure the community is ready for more tourists.


Drones Have Been Flying Over the Flin Flon Area.


  Co-founder of Aerial Imaging Resources Peter Dueck spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce last night about their local business.  He said their business has been operating for a year and a half and is licenced to operate unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Dueck said they have done some detailed geological images, land surveys, aerial images of the community and community events and showed examples of 3-D and panoramic images they have produced of this area using drones.  He said they would like to expand adding their immediate focus is on looking for bigger clients and large scale surveys but they are definitely focused on individuals, households, communities and stuff like that as well.


  Dueck says they can do this work efficiently, cheaper and safer using drone technology and if they could expand their business they could create opportunities for local hiring.


You Can Learn More About the History of Downtown Flin Flon.



The City of Flin Flon invites you to join Gerry Clark’s Main Street Heritage Walking Tour.  Clark says he developed the tour for his grade 11 history class years ago and thought it would be of interest to others.  He says the tour starts at Pioneer Square on Main Street and they’ll walk up around the Community Hall, circle across past the main gate, come up on to the fence between the Company and the parking lot by the open pit, come up the hill past the hospital, down on to Main Street then depending on different things they might come right up Main Street and finish back at Pioneer Square or they might go up toward the Cenotaph and then come along the lane behind the Legion.


The tour runs tomorrow morning at 11 and then next Friday and Saturday afternoons at 3, there is no registration, no charge and everyone is welcome.


You Can Register Your Children Now for Summer Fun at the Library.

Library Summer Students Mikayla Gawiak and Shannah Fisher


 The Flin Flon Public Library is holding a kick off to their TD Reading Camps on Tuesday.  Administrator Cindy McLean says it’s a good time to register for the camps.  She says the children are going to be filling out their passports to get them started on their journey, they will be participating in a lot of Olympic games, they’re going to be learning about the summer Olympics and making some fun Olympic related crafts.  She says there is no sign up required for the kick off, it’s going to be a perfect time to come in and sign up and get to know everything about all of the upcoming camps.


  The kick off is being held Tuesday from 1 to 3:30 behind the Library.  The summer camps begin on July 5th and run all summer.  There’s more on the camps on their website www.flinflonpubliclibrary.ca.


There Could Be More Sailing at Denare Beach.



  The Precambrian Sailing Club is holding a revival meeting tonight.  Myrna Guymer says the old sailors like Gerry Angell and Glen Campbell would like to get sailing going again.  She says they miss the camaraderie, the competition and just the whole fun thing of cruises and sailing especially out on Beaver Lake where they live.  She says the idea is to gather a lot of new blood if they can get it with the older experienced ones in there as well and just gather them together to see if they can’t rejuvenate the Precambrian Sailing Club.


  The meeting is being held tonight at 7 at 304 Centennial Crescent in Flin Flon. Movies of the old regatta will be shown along with discussion on plans for sailing out of Denare Beach on Amisk Lake and on the revival of the Beaver Cup Regatta.


Great Entertainment Can Prepare You For the Trout Festival.



The Flin Flon Trout Festival presents a Cabar-eh Friday, July 1st to support the Flin Flon and District Environment Council.  The Council’s Greg East says it will feature a great award winning entertainer.  He says Brent Perkins from Winnipeg will be there with his all star blues swing band.  Tables of 8 are 200 dollars with tickets 25 dollars at the door.  The doors will open at 7:30.  East says it is the best party in Canada if not the world noting this guy is a Juno award winning guitar player and brings a really great show as he is a great show man as well as a great guitar player.


East adds you should reserve a table now by calling him at 204-687-0754 to ensure the show will go on as planned.

A Flin Flon Student Needs Your Vote.



Grade four student Isabel Plamondon finished in the top ten at the Heritage Fair in Flin Flon.  She went on to finish in the top three at the Red River Heritage Fair in Winnipeg.  She has now produced a video highlighting her heritage project as part of the next level of the competition.  In her video she explains her project is on all the most popular desserts in every province and territory across Canada. She says there are a few ingredients in each dessert that makes it a part of the province or territory that it’s from.  She concludes by stating in conclusion Canada is very sweet.


   Isabel now needs your support.  You can vote for her video to help her win a trip to Ottawa to attend the Canada’s History Youth Forum.  The easiest way to vote is to go to www.flinflononline.com and click on the banner when it comes up at the top of the page.  The deadline for voting is July 6th.


A Community Celebration is Taking Place This Evening.



A Creighton Community Appreciation Barbeque is being held this evening.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk invites the community out to celebrate June as Recreation and Parks month.  She says they have stage entertainment with Imrie Anna Jones and Kevin Imrie, they have got face painting for the kids, Kids First North coming out to do some gross motor skills, the Creighton Firemen are coming and you can tour the new fire truck and don’t forget your lawn chair and bathing suit as the spray pool will be open.


  The event is free and starts at 5:30 this evening at the Lions Spray Pool in Creighton.

There is Some Good Advice From City Council For Local Residents.


  At last night’s Flin Flon City Council meeting Councilor Ken Pawlachuk said people using propane should have a propane detector in their home or garage.  He said the recent explosion at Stittco was the result of a propane leak and that could happen anywhere propane is used.


As well Councilor Colleen McKee reported a lot of people in the community are doing a good job in cleaning up their properties but there are people who still are not mowing their boulevards as required by a city bylaw.  She said the city should consider cutting the uncut boulevards and billing the property owners.


Council also authorized the Director of Recreation to apply for funding under the Canada 150 Infrastructure Program to help fund the R.H. Channing Auditorium washroom upgrades, engineering work on the proposed Aqua Center upgrade and electrical upgrades at the Tourist Park.


And Council submitted three resolutions to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to be brought up at their fall meeting dealing with a base tax, reducing the wait time as well as the cost to a municipality in obtaining Crown Land and requesting there be an official body established by the provincial government that municipalities can go to to deal with issues in unorganized territories such as cabin areas outside the city limits.


You Can Help Develop a Five Year Plan.


 The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation held their annual meeting Monday night.  Their Executive Director Laurence Gillespie says the main item was the start of a process to develop a five year plan through community consultation and part of that process is they need to set up a steering committee, a group to supervise the process and ideally this committee will also include some community members at large as opposed to just working from the board of the FFNRC.  He says the idea is to set up this committee as soon as possible so they can then proceed to engage and get the consultation process started in earnest adding they hope to have it completed by this fall.


If you are interested in being part of the committee you can call Laurence at 204-687-6972, drop in to their office above Pharmasave or email ffnrc@mts.net.

There Will Be Extra Eyes on Your Driving Habits.


  The COPPS or Citizens on Patrol Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Manitoba and its second year in Flin Flon.  The local Chairperson Sinclair James says along with their regular patrols they will be enforcing road safety in the community.  He says the Flin Flon Citizens on Patrol has been granted some funding from the Northern Neighbors Foundation to purchase a speed control sign that analyzes up to 200 thousand vehicles at one given point.  He says the sign will be moved from one location to another, possibly ten locations if funding is available to install the ten poles.


James says they can always use more volunteers. If you are interested you can call their cell phone at 204-271-4881, email ffcopp@hotmail.com or find them on the City of Flin Flon website or on the provincial website www.citizensonpatrol.mb.ca.



Flowers Are Coming Up All Over Flin Flon.


 Members of the Flin Flon Horticultural Society and other volunteers planted flowers around the city last week. After they finished up Friday afternoon President Harry Antoniw reported they had planted 950 dozen or well over 11 thousand flowers.  He says the first day wasn’t too bad with quite a few people. He says Thursday was a good one as they had ten people out and they planted a tremendous amount of flowers and Friday again they had nine people come out so they really did well and some of them came back in the afternoon to finish off.


Antoniw says some of the larger areas they planted in included the Museum, across from the Gateway, the Zoo, the Gordon Grindle Memorial Garden and the Duck Pond.


The Board Said Farewell Last Night.

Murray Skeavington and Blaine Veitch


  Blaine Veitch is retiring as Superintendent of Flin Flon School Division on July 31st.  Last night was his last School Board meeting and he thanked the Board for all their support over the years.  He said they were talking last night and he thinks there’s about 360 Board meetings over the years and lots of memories and lots of good discussions, some challenges and he thinks they’ve tried to keep focused on kids and learning and keeping schools in the forefront so he’s pleased the Division is in a good place and he knows they’ll go forward and do the right thing.  He adds it’s been a good career and he’s proud to have served the Division for this long.


Veitch worked for the School Division for 35 years, 14 of those as Superintendent.  He plans to spend time with his family, doing some traveling and will work part time as the Director of Education for Creighton School Division.  Board Chair Murray Skeavington presented Veitch with travel mugs on behalf of the Board for he and his wife to use in their travels. In his report Veitch reminded parents and students schools open for the 2016-17 year September 6th with classes starting on the 7th.

They Are More Than Ready For the Future.


 Thirty-three graduates received their diplomas as Creighton Community School held their graduation ceremonies Friday night.


  Forty-six bursaries and scholarships were presented with the top award the Hudbay Scholarship for two thousand dollars a year for four years going to Megan Nivon who also received one of the Fred and Pearl Schwaga Memorial Scholarships for two thousand dollars with the other going to Jordan Panagabko.  The Creighton Community School Scholarship Foundation Awards for one thousand dollars each went to Megan Nivon and Kelsey Farkus for academics, Tyler Williamson for athletics, Kaylee Ballantyne the Aboriginal award, Alicia Clarke for arts, Sarah Morrison the Bev McCrimmon Citizenship Award and Blair Peitch for Trades and Technology. He also received the Raymond Daneliuk Memorial Trades Bursary for one thousand dollars.


  Principal Jason Straille mentioned all the support the students received from their families and great teachers adding they are ready, more than willing and able to take on any challenges, the future is theirs.


Trappers and Hunters Can Discuss New Regulations.


 The Cranberry Portage Local Fur Council will be holding a meeting tonight to discuss proposed regulations on trapping in the north.  Barry Jahn will give a presentation on new government regulations that came in after two unleashed dogs were killed in a park.  He says one of the more difficult ones was any trap set had to be 150 meters from a trail, route or designated route and there’s various restrictions there.  He says that meant in checking every trap you had to walk in and back 300 meters and if you have 50 to 60 traps out that gets to be a long day. He says a lot of these areas no one uses in the winter, there’s no park people there.


Jahn adds they asked for changes but the government came back with a still complicated zoning plan, designated trail and canoe routes and associated portages as well as restrictions on firearms in parks making it almost impossible to trap off the Grass River in a park.


The meeting will be tonight at 7 in the Natural Resources warehouse in Cranberry Portage. He says they want to address this issue and take it to politicians on behalf of trappers and hunters.


You Can Celebrate at the Friendship Center Tomorrow.


   National Aboriginal Day is being celebrated at the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center tomorrow afternoon.  The Center’s Events Coordinator Jeremiah Hermann says they will have food and entertainment including the Youth Center drum group as well as Metis Singer Ron Burwash, their headliner this year is going to be Donnie Parenteau from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the Hoop Troop from Creighton and a traditional dance groups that’s new to the community from the Flin Flon School Division and Friendship Center as well as the Northern Lights Women Singers.


Hermann adds there will also be a free barbeque, raffles, a toonie parade and 50-50 draw.  It runs from 3:30 to 8 tomorrow in the Friendship Center parking lot on Church Street.


There are Fun Camps For Your Children Again This Summer.



Simon House Bible Camp is taking registrations for their summer camps.  Director Darrell Janzen says they have another great summer planned for kids ages 6 to 17.  He says they have lots of activities on the site with lots on the lake like stand up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, as well as other activities, games, a climbing wall, archery, all kinds of things for kids to enjoy.


Janzen adds their first camp starts July 10th which is a senior high camp and camps continue until the middle of August.


For more information or to register for their camps you can check their website www.simonhouse.ca or call them at 204-687-3340.

The Northern Neighbors Foundation Presented Almost 80 Thousand Dollars in Grants Last Night.



  Cheques were presented to the Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Association to upgrade the computer lab at the Employment Links Development Center, Town of Creighton for a bike skills park, Vocational Training Center for a stove top and wall oven, Ruth Betts Playground to resurface play areas with rubber mulch, Cranberry Portage Hiking and Ski Trail Association for trail grooming equipment, Flin Flon Minor Hockey Initiation Program for ice dividers, Women’s Safe Haven to replace fencing, Kiddie Korner Daycare to replace their carpet and seats and umbrella for the playground, Creighton Community School for repairs to the Oval of Dreams and playground revitalization, Flin Flon Public Library for reception and staff area renovations, Citizens on Patrol for a speed monitoring sign, the NorVa Center to make their washroom wheelchair accessible, Snow Lake Mining Museum for a computer and software, the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum for a highway sign and flags and poles, the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank for a computer and for the Ruth Betts Community School Pay It Forward Project.


Vacation Time for Northerners Often Means Camping.


  Nature has a lot to offer us if we’re smart about what to do when we’re out camping or hiking around the boreal forest.  Brian Barton with Sustainable Development prepares us for a couple of unwanted guests we could encounter. He says the biggest one we have up here is insects, mosquitoes and black flies and insect repellent and things like that are your best bet.  He says the next thing would probably be the black bear adding if you follow the tip of keeping your campsite clean and keeping your food away from your tent you’re generally not going to have any problems.  He say if you do encounter an animal like that you stay as a group, back away slowly, don’t turn your back on it, try to appear as big as you can and if the animal keeps coming then you start making noise.


Barton adds that bears typically want to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them.

You Can Be Part of a Mural Project.

Annie Bergen


 The Norva Center is inviting you to be part of their Community Mosaic Mural.  The Center’s Meagan Dupas says you can come to the Center at 177 Green Street between 10 and 5 Saturday.  She says they’ll be breaking up dishes and tiles to make small images that will be part of a large mosaic for the front of their building and you can get right in there.  She explains there’s going to be mortar and you can stick pieces on to the mesh so you can be part of the creative process.  She adds they’re also going to have Winnipeg artist Annie Bergen who is leading the mosaic project so you can meet with her and if anyone has ever wanted to do a mosaic project themselves like a table top she is going to be teaching how to make the mosaics.


  Dupas adds this will also be your last chance to see the high school art exhibit at the Norva Center.


Flin Flon School Division Unveiled Their First In Memory Multi Year Strategic Plan Earlier This Week.



The plan has identified the key areas where the Division would like to improve, focusing on academic success including literacy and numeracy, vocational and special education, student engagement, promoting social and academic success, increased aboriginal student engagement and mental wellness for the well being of staff and students. 


The Board received assistance developing their plan from Jamie Arnold with the Manitoba School Board Association.  Darcy Snyder was hired as a full time mental wellness worker and will start in September taking some pressure off the current resource teachers. The Division has set some broader goals for academic success with the new plan.  Trustee Angela Simpson said the plan encompasses everything the Board would like to see done by 2019. You can see the plan on the Division’s website www.ffsd.mb.ca.


Successful Drilling Continues Near Flin Flon.


Callinex Mines reports they have identified a high priority target near their Sourdough Deposit.

 They say the results from a drill hole have expanded the down plunge extension of the deposit located at their Pine Bay Project near Flin Flon.  President Max Porterfield says the mineralization encountered over a significant area indicates that the system is more robust than previously interpreted adding this highly conductive geophysical drill target located within favorable host rocks represents a compelling exploration opportunity.  The target will be drill tested during the upcoming summer drilling campaign.


Callinex reports the Sourdough area located about two kilometers from Hudbay’s past producing Centennial Mine has not been subjected to significant modern exploration.


Local Contractors are a Large Part of the Hospital Upgrade.

Sean Fehr


 An open house was held last night to give an update on the Flin Flon General Hospital Emergency Department Redevelopment project.


Chief Executive Officer Helga Bryant says this is the seventh open house, the first with construction activity on sight.  She talked about the temporary access at the back of the hospital noting they are working on improving it and welcome any concerns people have.


Contractor Sean Fehr of Fresh Projects Building says the goal is to open the new facility in December of 2017.  He says they plan to have the walls up and the roof on and water proofed before much snow falls.  Fehr says they have 25 people working on site and that will double shortly and two thirds will be local due to the number of quality people available here.


The total cost of the project is 24 million dollars with the local area contribution 2.4 million. Fund Raising Foundation Chair Brent Lethbridge says they are 68 percent of the way there at 1.623 million.  He presented a cheque for 200 thousand dollars from funds raised to the project.

Chamber Members Have a Variety of Ideas About Plastic Shopping Bags.


   It’s been suggested City Council consider banning the use of plastic shopping bags in our community.


  At the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce meeting yesterday Councilor Karen McKinnon who made the suggestion said the bags leave quite a mess at the landfill and add to litter.  She says many northern communities have already banned them.


Chamber President Dianne Russell says this is only in the initial stages and the Chamber doesn’t have an official position.  Denare Beach Mayor Carl Lentowicz says our three communities should get together on this decision.  He agrees they spread at the landfill and it’s costly to clean them up.  Co-op Manager Tom Therien says plastic bags are much cheaper than paper adding he could do without plastic but at the Co-op it would be a Board decision.  He says they pay people to bring their own bags and have kept more than 60 thousand plastic bags out of the landfill.


  Other members suggested making reusable bags that will fold to fit into a woman’s purse or easier to keep with you so you don’t forget, you will upset some of your customers who don’t bring bags, people may hesitate to change, there are biodegradable plastic bags available and there may be a way to recycle present plastic bags.

A Training Program in Creighton Has Been Successful for Students.



The Manager of the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Myrna Ewing told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday the Institute has been in Creighton for almost two years.  She says their strategic plan includes to champion student success, enhance institutional strength and foster strategic stakeholder relations. She says their role in Saskatchewan’s future is to create work ready achievers who appreciate the value of learning now and in the future, to equip their students with the skills they need to succeed and to provide First Nations learners with tools they need to play a vital role in Saskatchewan’s future.


Ewing adds First Nations are a growing and valuable resource since they will be 30 percent of the Saskatchewan population by 2030.  She says they have already had 456 students of which 73 percent are First Nations and 134 have found employment adding they are open to everyone.  You can find more information on their website www.siit.ca or call 688-1222.


Violence Awareness Programs Continue to Receive Support in Our Community.

  Colleen at the Memorial March and Red Dress Project 


At their 18th annual meeting last week the Women’s Resource Center’s Executive Director Colleen Arnold reported they continue to provide education and awareness.  She says they are pleased to see all the community support in their awareness events and in their efforts to end violence against women and girls.


Programs and events over the past year included support groups, Lunch and Learn, the V-Day production, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Domestic Violence Prevention Month, Take Back the Night, Candle Light Vigil, Women’s Memorial March and Red Dress Project, Jail and Bail and International Women’s Week. President Sheena Reed reported over the last few years they have increased their focus on youth in our community with a youth worker providing outreach in the schools.


Thanks were given to the volunteers, staff, board members and local businesses and organizations for their ongoing support.



Help is Needed to Beautify Our Community.


  The Flin Flon Horticultural Society will start planting flowers around the community tomorrow morning weather permitting. Their President Harry Antoniw says they cover a lot of areas.  He says there’s quite a large area by the Museum and also across from the Gateway and a really big area again is at the zoo.  He adds there are some small areas across from Northland Ford, at the Gordon Grindle Memorial Garden and a few planters at City Hall and the cemetery.


Antoniw says they’ll need a lot of help so if you can help bring a friend and meet them at 9o’clock tomorrow morning at the Flin Flon Station Museum.  Last year they planted 1050 dozen or just over 12 thousand flowers.


It is Special Olympics Awareness week right across Manitoba.


 The Regional leader for the Northern Manitoba Heather Chrupalo says in Flin Flon they are offering the community an opportunity to come and play bocce with their athletes on Thursday at 7 at Foster Park and they’re hoping that people will come out and join them and learn more about Special Olympics and what bochi is and let the athletes show them how to play.


Chrupalo also mentioned that they are looking for volunteers to help with a tag day this Saturday June the 18th between 11-3. You can call 204-271- 4774 or 204-687-7523, or just show up at the Flin Flon Community Hall.


Million Dollar Early Ball Sales

It is almost time for another 102.9 CFAR Tri-Service Million Dollar Hole In One fundraiser which will be taking place in Flin Flon July the 5th to the 10th.


CFAR Manager Dianne Russell explains where this years proceeds will be going.


“ We are pretty excited this year as we are past the early stage of planning with early bird sales starting next week. It is going to be back at the Phantom Lake Driving Range this year and that is where the proceeds will be going, which will be a very exciting thing. We are really hoping a lot of businesses out there want to support that sort of idea.”



Early bird ball sales will be available starting next week at  Pharmasave, Coutts, The Gas Bar, The Lions Trailer on Main street and the Phantom Lake Pro Shop.

Denare Beach Celebrating Rec and Parks Month

June is Recreation and Parks month , and Denare Beach is holding a big celebration this Sunday. Rec Director Jody Lyle talks about what they have planned.


“ We are having our celebration this Sunday 2 PM at the Denareplex and we are going to have a walking photo scavenger hunt. We are going to have our teams follow clues to locations around the community and take a team photo at each location. Teams can use their own cell phones if they wish and there are going to be lots  of prizes. We will have lots of fruit and water and again want to thank Saskatchewan Recreation and Parks for sponsoring this event.”


You can pre-register for this event by calling : 306-362-2050.

Wood N Wire

The final WoodnWire show of the season will hit  Johny’s Social Club on Saturday June the 18th featuring local band the Mix.


One of the performers Stacy Hyndman says they have a little something for everybody.


“ The Mix performs all kinds of rock from the 60’s, 70’s ,80’s 90’S all the way up to Uptown Funk, X’S and 0’S, everything from old school to new school anything we can get done.”



Doors will open at 7, show at 7:30 with part of the proceeds going to Ham Sandwich. The Mix consists of Mark Colt, Beaner, Dave  Gunn, Rugged, CC Trubiak and Stacy Hyndman.

Parents For French Fun Run

The Canadian Parents For French will be holding their fun run on Saturday at McIsaac school. One of the organizers Leah Stanley Jones says you can still sign up.



“ We are still accepting registration at McIsaac school Friday night 4-6 at room 113 and again Saturday morning in the gym before the race. The race is all about promoting French in the community and fitness and giving people an idea of what parents for French does.”



The 5 and 10 KM walk and run starts at 8 AM and the 1 KM walk will start at 10AM. There will be lots of door prizes including a helicopter scenic flight. Spectators are welcome and you can call 204-923-0271 for more information.

Cody Prevost In Concert

The Flin Flon Arts Council is very excited to bring 4 time Canadian Country Music Association Award Nominee Cody Prevost later in June.


Prevost gives us a preview of his show:


“ My percussionist plays all sorts of different instruments and he is so Canadian that he has a hockey puck drum which you will see that night. He also plays a spade shovel and a bunch of different things. It is a really cool unique show that is down home and intimate and  we are going to get everyone involved and rockin and a rollin.”



The show takes place on Friday June the 24th at the Flin Flon Community Hall starting at 7:30. Advanced tickets are $30.00 and can be picked up at Northern Rainbows End.

City Council Meeting

Flin Flon City Council held their weekly meeting last night at council chambers and one of the orders of business was to swear in recently elected councilor Guy Rideout,  who won a recent by election which was created by the resignation of Leslie Beck.



Rideout spoke about what he would like to bring to council.


“ For me personally I am hoping that I can bring something to the table that allows people to eventually be able to approach us to talk about matters that are important to them. The first night for me has been very interesting and I am looking forward to the challenge. All the councilors agree that there are a bunch of challenges that we all  have to work with and I don’t believe there are any quick  answers.”



Other topics which were discussed included the Copps program who reported that they received a grant to purchase a speed control sign and were asking council to help pay for poles to install the unit. The Flin Flon School Division also wrote a letter asking for improvements in signage , school cross walks and installation of speed bumps around all schools. Their requests were turned over to the traffic commission. Chad Cooper was also introduced as the new fire chief taking over for the retired Jim Petrie.

Jumpstart Barbecue


Flin Flon’s Jump start program will be hosting a fundraising  barbecue this Saturday at the Canadian Tire parking lot between 11-4. Tanya Benoit a local volunteer tells us why you should support this event.


“ For the local kids. Let’s give kids in this community a sporting chance, we had 280 kids last year that got their first chance to play sports for the first time or actually got a chance to play again because we have this program. So come out and support our youth in this community.




This barbecue has raised $16,000.00 the last couple of years and has also allowed more than 500 kids to play organized sports in our community. Hapnot will also be hosting a car wash with proceeds going to the Grad class of  2016. Jumpstart would like to thank all their sponsors for this event including: the CO-OP, Credit Union, FF Insurance and AJ’S Maintenance.

Norva Presents High School Exhibit

The Norva Center has opened up their high school exhibit and Meagan Dupas the gallery assistant talks about some of the different art they will have on display.


“It features the artwork of both Flin Flon  and Creighton students and they have done some prints and painted some ceiling tiles. They are also doing acrylic paintings on canvas and a mixed medium with a little bit of everything.”



The Norva center will be open between 10-5 Monday through  Saturday and features art from some very talented students in both Flin Flon and Creighton. You can call 204-687-4237 for more information.



Zoo Open For Another Season

The Joe Brain petting zoo on Green street is now open for the season. They have lots of new animals to go take a look at including a horse, pony, ducks,pigs,chickens, chinchillas and a snake.


Zoo manager Jessica Campbell says there are lots of  different ways you can interact with the animals


“ People can interact with the animals just by coming and asking questions and we can bring you into the horse cage and you can feed him. We also have outings and zoo partys which you can come here and  book the picnic area and we will be having pony rides the next couple of weeks. We will also have outings where we can bring animals to day cares and seniors homes so people can see the animals that way.”



The zoo is open every day 11-7, and you can follow them on their new facebook page and book an event by calling 204-687-6910.

Creighton Southern Exposure Trip

A group of Saskatchewan students took a week to tour the south. 25 students from Creighton school took part in the school’s annual southern exposure trip last week. Teacher Rod Walker says they covered a lot of ground.


“ The southern exposure trip is all about learning, respect and being independent. Not all learning takes place in a class room. We are very fortunate to have Creighton school let us do this trip for that reason. Lumsden is our host town and we really appreciate Lumsden where we travel to Regina, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. Some of our highlights were Batoche , the Western Development Museum, tunnels in Moose Jaw, the RCMP depot in Regina, the Parliament buildings and the Science Center.



Creighton has been doing this trip for 36 years and this is no.33 for Walker who also said the students were very good ambassadors for Creighton and Denare Beach.

David Bracken In Concert

The First Baptist Church in Flin Flon is presenting a concert this Friday. David Bracken who is a pastor/ musician from Winnipeg  will be appearing in Northern Manitoba for the very first time.


Pastor Jim Galbraith says that this is a show that everyone will be available to enjoy.


“He is a worship leader who does that roll in one of our churches in Winnipeg. He has released a CD and has been touring parts of the States and Canada, and I really like his sound and range and I am really looking forward to having him up here.”



The show will start at 7, and the Baptist church is located in the basement of the Lutheran church at 20 -2nd- avenue. There will be no admission but an offering will be taken in kind. Bracken will be playing his own music and contemporary worship music.

Flin Flon Has A New City Councillor

A by-election was held yesterday to elect a councillor who will serve until November of 2018.


Guy Rideout was elected receiving 335 votes, defeating Colleen Arnold who received 179 votes.


The vacancy on council was created by the resignation of Leslie Beck so she could run in the Provincial election.

Take the Time to Vote Today.


 A by-election is being held today to fill a vacancy on Flin Flon City Council. The polls are open until 8 o’clock tonight and are located in the R.H. Channing Auditorium at the Flin Flon Community Center and at the Northminster Memorial United Church. There are two candidates Colleen Arnold and Guy Rideout.  The vacancy was created by the resignation of Leslie Beck so she could run in the provincial election.  The winning candidate will serve on Council until November 2018.


When you vote you may be asked to produce one piece of government issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport or at least two other documents that provide proof of identification.



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