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Your Kids Can Keep Active All Summer.


 Flin Flon Parks and Recreation, Arts Council and School Division are holding Summer in the Parks from July 4th to August 26th.  Supervisor Taylor Davidson says they’ll offer a variety of programs for five to nine year olds. She says she had the Norva Center approach her and she’s really excited to work with them and do different are projects for culture week. She adds they’ll be heading over to the SPCA again, the RCMP, Fire Hall and they’ll be doing greening and although she knows it’s Dave Prices last year for the project she’s excited they’ll have the opportunity to do that again and she’s also thinking towards team playing and good sportsmanship noting some times its hard for the kids to get involved and making friends so she’s happy to see them work through that.


Summer in the Parks will run Monday to Friday from 12 to 5 starting July 4th.  For information and to register call Taylor at the Recreation Office at 204-681-7542 or 271-3673.


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