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City Council Meeting

Flin Flon City Council held their weekly meeting last night at council chambers and one of the orders of business was to swear in recently elected councilor Guy Rideout,  who won a recent by election which was created by the resignation of Leslie Beck.



Rideout spoke about what he would like to bring to council.


“ For me personally I am hoping that I can bring something to the table that allows people to eventually be able to approach us to talk about matters that are important to them. The first night for me has been very interesting and I am looking forward to the challenge. All the councilors agree that there are a bunch of challenges that we all  have to work with and I don’t believe there are any quick  answers.”



Other topics which were discussed included the Copps program who reported that they received a grant to purchase a speed control sign and were asking council to help pay for poles to install the unit. The Flin Flon School Division also wrote a letter asking for improvements in signage , school cross walks and installation of speed bumps around all schools. Their requests were turned over to the traffic commission. Chad Cooper was also introduced as the new fire chief taking over for the retired Jim Petrie.

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