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Mid-day Flights and Direct Flights to Thompson Are Being Cancelled.


 Calm Air has announced the cancellation of their mid-day flights out of Flin Flon effective Friday with morning and evening flights continuing as scheduled.  Their Vice-President of Marketing Monique Chenier says they have cancelled the mid-day flights Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Thompson to Flin Flon to Winnipeg and Tuesday and Thursday from Thompson to The Pas to Winnipeg plus the return flights which also means there will no longer be direct flights between Flin Flon and Thompson.  She says they’ve been looking at reducing costs and those mid-day flights were not being used by the people in Flin Flon and area and there’s a lot of reasons behind it.  She says they met with community leaders and many acknowledged that they never really used those flights and they all understand the reasons behind it and do not see it has having a material impact on their ability to do business.


Chenier adds they are committed to the Flin Flon and The Pas areas and are constantly reviewing their market for trends and opportunities to increase their frequency in the future whether on a seasonal or permanent basis. 

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