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Vacation Time for Northerners Often Means Camping.


  Nature has a lot to offer us if we’re smart about what to do when we’re out camping or hiking around the boreal forest.  Brian Barton with Sustainable Development prepares us for a couple of unwanted guests we could encounter. He says the biggest one we have up here is insects, mosquitoes and black flies and insect repellent and things like that are your best bet.  He says the next thing would probably be the black bear adding if you follow the tip of keeping your campsite clean and keeping your food away from your tent you’re generally not going to have any problems.  He say if you do encounter an animal like that you stay as a group, back away slowly, don’t turn your back on it, try to appear as big as you can and if the animal keeps coming then you start making noise.


Barton adds that bears typically want to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them.

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