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Past Struggles Have Given Them Strength.


The largest award the Hudbay W.A. Green bursary for highest average for 35 hundred dollars a year for up to four years was presented to Nathan Whitbread who also received the Governor General’s Medal for highest academic standing.  The Sparling Trophy for the student who contributes the most to school life while still maintaining a good academic standing went to Madelyn Lies.


Valedictorian Pearce Pardoski thanked the school, family and the community for their support over the school years saying the grads have learned a lot but most importantly working together no matter what their differences.  He added life is all about co-operation and the key to a positive future.


Guest speaker former Hapnot Librarian Corinne Mathews noted the grads have passed their first major milestone, a 13 year accomplishment. She reviewed the struggles students go through noting overcoming struggles on their own has given them strength but they also learned you can ask for help.  She told them to carve out their own path and see what they can make of it.


Pearce Pardoski    Corinne Mathews














Our Member of Parliament says Projects in the North are More Important Than a Pipeline.


MP Niki Ashton spoke to the Thompson Chamber of Commerce this week. She said instead of investing money in a 65 year old pipeline the federal government should face up to the challenges we are facing in the north. She noted having a federal partner at the table when it comes to dealing with what Thompson is dealing with, having the federal government take over the Port of Churchill, the railway and work with local people to bring it back into operation, having the federal government invest in housing and the national housing crisis that exists on so many First Nations in our region that we know have a very negative impact on the lives of many First Nations people in our north and the need to have sustained federal funding when it comes to ensuring that post secondary education is available to people in our north.


Ashton added these are tough times in the north and we deserve governments on our side.

You Are Encouraged to Join People Across Canada in Going Fishing This Summer.


National Fishing Week gets underway tomorrow sponsored by the Canadian National Sport Fishing Foundation for the past 17 years.  Their Communications Director Jessica Melnick says the idea is to encourage people to get away from technology and other distractions and start or get back to fishing.  She explains this year their theme is Join the Tradition adding as you may know fishing is a long time centuries old past time here in Canada, it’s part of our heritage and they’re encouraging people to get on board and find out what all the fuss is about.


National Fishing Week runs from tomorrow to July 8th.  For information on how to get started fishing visit their website www.catchfishing.com.


Diplomas and Awards Highlighted a Celebration Last Night.


Eight out of ten graduates from Many Faces Education Center in Flin Flon received their diplomas along with awards last night. Two were unable to attend


The Governor General’s Bronze Medallion was presented to the top student Trina Bear who also received the MLA Tom Lindsey bursary and a Many Faces Alumni bursary.  Other Alumni bursaries went to Sheila Aniscol, Payton Sewap and Raylene Spence.  Raylene Spence also received the Art Wahlenberg Memorial bursary and the Women’s Resource Center bursary.  A bursary from the Flin Flon Motorcycle Association went to Sheila Aniscol as well as one from the Health Auxiliary, from Flin Flon School Division for top average to Christina Mckay along with the Founders Bursary and one from the United Steelworkers Local 7106.  A bursary from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers went to Angelo Rizzotti along with a UCN scholarship and Payton Sewap also received the Tri Service Volunteerism bursary.


Speakers praised the grads for their hard work advising them anything is possible as you end one journey and begin another.






















An Open House and Fire Fighters Competition Take Place Tomorrow.


The Flin Flon Fire Department invites you to the Fire Hall tomorrow evening.  Fire Chief Chad Cooper says the Department will be holding the Beat the Chief Competition starting at 6 o’clock.  He invites everyone down to watch your local fire fighters compete in a grueling test of fire fighter fitness and beat the best time put down by your local Fire Chief.  He adds also this year they will be hosting the kid’s fire fighting skills and beat the chief with their time for those.  Cooper says they will be opening the doors to the public for tours of the fire station, the fire trucks and their fire life safety trailer in a great event for the whole family so come on down and meet your local heroes.


The Beat the Chief Competition begins at 6 tomorrow at the Flin Flon Fire Hall.


The School Board has Wrapped Up Another Year.


The Flin Flon School Board met for the final time this school year on Tuesday evening.


Linda Lowe, the Division’s Mentor Coordinator, thanked the Board for supporting the program and introduced two of the Division’s young mentors.  Ebony Ireland and Raycine Chaisson both mentored at Ecole McIsaac School and spoke of how they enjoyed going about their duties throughout the past year. Both young ladies got a bit teary eyed during their presentations as they spoke about working with the children on various subjects and forming bonds.  Both ladies took first aid and CPR training as well as other workshops, skills they can take with them in their future pursuits.  Superintendent Constance McCleese thanked the Board, staff and students for a wonderful year saying this is her dream job working alongside such creative people.


  Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green thanked the staff and volunteers for all their hard work and wished everyone a happy and safe summer.

A Northern Art Exhibit is Open at the Norva Gallery.


The Northern Juried Art Exhibition is open.  Organizer Ellie Spencer says entries went well. She says they have 40 pieces by 21 artists and they are from Cranberry Portage, The Pas, Thompson, Denare Beach, Creighton and Flin Flon and there’s going to be six categories of art work shown including painting, water color, photography, sculpture and ceramics, drawing and print making and fiber art.


The art works have been hung at the Norva Gallery at 177 Green Street and are being judged with ribbons being hung at 7 this evening.  The exhibit will run through July 1st.


Graduates and Their Families Will Gather at the Whitney Forum Tomorrow Night.


Hapnot Collegiate’s graduating class of 2018 will be celebrating tomorrow.  Grad Advisor Lana Nagy says they have a busy evening planned with supper at 4 o’clock at the Whitney Forum and then at 5:30 the toasts will start and at 6:30 is convocation.  She adds after the convocation around 8:30 is the grand march and hopefully the weather will co-operate and then the safe grad social will start at 10 o’clock at the Community Hall.


There are 57 graduates receiving their diplomas tomorrow.


The Grads will be holding their car parade through Flin Flon and Creighton starting this morning at 11.


Men Can Still Register for A Walk to Support Women.


The Womens Resource Center is again holding an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.  Executive Director Colleen Arnold says men take part to raise money through pledges as well as awareness.  She explains this year instead of marching down Main Street men are asked to join the float in the Canada Day Parade on July 1st and the parade starts at 11 and people are asked to be by the float at 10 am for judging.  She adds the float will be decorated ahead of time with signs and the big red shoe chair and you can walk or ride carrying your placards and wearing your Walk a Mile t-shirts.  Arnold notes it’s time to get pumped again and they thank all the brave men who signed up to help end violence against women and girls one man sized step at a time.


Pledge forms are still available at the Women’s Resource Center and they have men’s shoe sizes 9 to 14 in red high heels.  For information or to have a pledge form sent to you call 204-681-3105. Donations raised will support the Women’s Safe Haven.


The Resilience Projects has Come to a Billboard in Flin Flon.




The Norva Centers Karen Clark advises thanks to local funding from the Flin Flon Teachers Association and the Rotary Club Flin Flon has a work of art from the National Resilience Project.  It is located on a billboard on Third Avenue hill.


The Resilience billboard exhibition is a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report’s call for the integration of Indigenous history, heritage values and memory practices into Canada’s national heritage and history.  This project is an answer to that call by the Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art through creative art of reconciliation and public celebration and commemoration of the work of Indigenous women artists.


The billboard in Flin Flon is the work of Jaime Black an emerging Metis artist based in Winnipeg.  She has taught in Opaskwayak Cree Nation in The Pas and has long been involved in the Aboriginal writers and artist’s community in Winnipeg. In her art work she attempts to create dialogue around social and political events and issues through provocation or creating space for reflection.


Our MLA is Wondering Where Government Support Is.


In the Legislature last week Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey stated mining communities in Northern Manitoba are looking for leadership from their provincial government to address the threat of closures. He said Thompson needs help now and Flin Flon needs assurance help will be there in the future. He added the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pedersen doesn’t understand the purpose of the mining reserve fund.  Lindsey said its frightening but not really surprising that this minister has mischaracterized this fund that is there to help communities in times of crisis adding Saul Cherniak understood what it was for, previous Conservative ministers understood what it was for, it’s only this minister that doesn’t seem to understand what it’s there for.  The added worse yet is that the minister has put forward no plan to support Thompson from any source of funds at all.


Pedersen didn’t mention the fund but explained their mineral development protocol noting with this protocol we will have new mines developed all across northern Manitoba.


Diplomas Will be Handed Out Tomorrow.


Flin Flons Many Faces Education Center will be holding their graduation tomorrow night.  The Center’s Maureen Reagan says they are trying a new venue again as they’re going to be doing it in the bar at the Unwinder and Dave Brooks has gone above and beyond to accommodate their grad so the supper is at 6 o’clock and the ceremony is at 7:30 and the public is welcome if they know a grad at that time.


Ten graduates will be receiving their diplomas during the graduation tomorrow.

A Fun Afternoon is Planned for Canada Day in Creighton.


Canada Day will be celebrated Sunday at the Creighton Ball Diamond.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says it starts at one o’clock with opening ceremonies with the Royal Canadian Legion followed by other events.  She says they’ve got the bouncy house, a toddlers tent for the little ones and their parents to go and play and cool off, they have face painting, balloons, tattoos, games for the whole family so bring your grandma, grandpa, mom and dad out and take part in the three legged race, they have stage entertainment starting at one o’clock as well as food and lots of raffles.


Senyk invites everyone to come out to Creighton Sunday from 1 to 4 to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

The Co-op is Officially Open.

Mgr Tom Therien, Board Pres Dave Kendall, Board VP

                                                               Rob Schiefele


A ribbon cutting was held Friday to officially open the North of 53 Consumers Co-op Store.  Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey thanked the Co-op for showing faith in our community and its future a feeling echoed by Mayor Cal Huntley.  He said he certainly is very proud of what’s taken place here, it’s got a huge impact on our community, it’s obviously a corner stone business to the community and has historically always been.  He added he wants to congratulate everybody that’s involved, all the members that are going to support it going forward, it’s just a wonderful thing for our community.


Similar feelings were expressed by Creighton Town Councilor Dan Hilady, Becky Cianflone from the Chamber of Commerce and Federated Co-operatives Director Sharon Alfond.  The store opened for business on April 27th with a 40 thousand square foot store and a 189 vehicle parking lot.


A Memorial Has Been Rededicated.



A rededication ceremony was held in the Co-op store parking lot Friday for the Sapper’s Memorial.  Major Morley Naylor from the Squadron Historical Committee explained a Sapper is the lowest rank in the Canadian Military Engineers.  He said the origin came from the old days of castles and what not where people were sent in to dig and tunnel under walls, fortifications, destroying objects, making mobility difficult for the enemy while advancing yourself and that process is known as sapping and those who did it were often referred to as Sappers.


The memorial was placed in front of the Armories building in 1989 dedicated to the thousands who served in the 21 Field Engineers Squadron and units before them.  It remained there after the Squadron disbanded in 1995 until put in storage for the construction of the new Co-op and now has been rededicated in the store’s parking lot by Father Paul Bringleson who spoke on how it is a reminder of the importance of the sacrifices made by those who served in the armed forces.


There are Fun Camps for Your Children Again This Summer.


Simon House Bible Camp continues to take registrations for their summer camps.  Director Darrell Janzen says they have camps and fun activities planned all summer. He says as usual they have lots of lake front activities there, stand up pedal boards, canoes, kayaks and all those things and recently they introduced slack lining and as usual lots of fun games for large groups.  He notes they start at 6 with three days camps for 6 to 8 year olds and then 8 to 17 are all week long camps.


Janzen adds they have financial assistance through the Sunshine Fund for those who need it so all children have a chance to attend camp.  For information or to register visit their website www.simonhouse.ca or call 204-687-3340.


You Can Plan Your Upcoming Season of Entertainment.


The Flin Flon Arts Council is again offering their season passes for sale.  The Council’s Crystal Kolt says the passes will give a season of great entertainment.  She says first of all they’re going to be having just a bang up year between Mamma Mia, an international ballet company is going to be coming in providing a full ballet plus they have the InClines which is a Patsy Cline tribute band, they have Joanna Majoko who used to live in Flin Flon and is now going up the ranks in terms of a jazz singer who is going to be performing with the Community Choir, they have the Dirty Catfish Brass Band who was the hit of the jazz festival a year ago and wonderful Ham Sandwich so it’s going to be the most amazing year yet.


Kolt adds with a pass you also get to purchase your show tickets and one for a friend in advance this year.  The season passes are 150 dollars from the Flin Flon Arts Council office or at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.


A Walk Can Be a Learning Experience For People Interested in Flin Flon History.


Local historian Gerry Clark is again presenting his walking tours of Flin Flon starting tomorrow.  Clark says the tours are open to anyone interested and are free. He explains they have been starting at the clock at Pioneer Square walking them out to the Community Hall and then north around the Company gate and up to the open pit, back past the hospital and back down Main Street, kind of just a history tour of the city and some of the tourist attractions.


The walk will start tomorrow morning at 11 at the clock at Pioneer Square and will run every Saturday morning at 11 until the end of August.


The Northern Neighbors Foundation Presented Almost 94 Thousand Dollars in Grants to 15 Projects Wednesday Night.


The Foundations Chairperson Jane Robillard reported since launching in 1994 the Foundation has donated over 900 thousand dollars to local people, charities and organizations. 


This year cheques from their Community Foundation went to the Legion Seniors Housing for elevator repair, the Rotary Club for upgrades to the Rotary Court heating system, the Lords Bounty Food Bank for replacing ten windows and a room divider, Snow Lake Center on Family Violence for a color laser printer, Norman Community Services for shingles and roof repair, the Association for Community Living to purchase an automated external defibrillator, Denare Beach New Horizons Club for new tables, Kiddie Korner Day Care for area rugs, shelving and art supplies and the Friendship Center for their homelessness program, computer chairs and hostel furniture.


From the Joe Brain Foundation to the Curling Club for heaters and ceiling tiles and from the Smart and Caring Fund to the Public Library for a catalogue software upgrade, the Arts Council covered stage at the tourist park, the Pottery Club for three pottery wheels, Norva for a color laser printer and the Fireworks Committee for a Seacan storage unit.


Flin Flon RCMP are Looking for Missing Man.

        *Safely Located on June 26*


On June 19 Flin Flon RCMP received a report of a missing 31-year-old man from Flin Flon. The last time Skyler Bighetty was seen was on June 16, heading towards Creighton, Saskatchewan. It is believed he may have got on a bus or hitchhiked, making his possible whereabouts unknown.


Skyler is vulnerable and police are concerned for his well-being. He is described as Indigenous, with brown eyes and black hair. He is approximately 5’8” tall and 190 pounds.


Anyone with information is asked to contact Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com or text "TIPMAN" plus your message to CRIMES (274637).


Youth Can Learn More About Finding Summer Jobs.


As we told you Tuesday the Manitoba Youth Job Center in Flin Flon is open for another summer.  Youth Engagement Leader Melanie Krushelnyski says she’ll be holding an open house Friday to explain her job and their services.  She says she helps youth get jobs so if they need help with resumes, interviews or employment information she’s here for them and her number is 204-271-1493 and she has an email address at flinflonmyjc.gov.mb.ca.


The Youth Job Center open house will be held at Walmart Tomorrow afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30.

A Military Monument will be rededicated tomorrow morning.


After 23 years in relative obscurity the Sapper’s Memorial is being placed back into active service in Flin Flon.  In a release Morley Naylor and Frank Gira from the Squadron Historical Committee report the memorial which was originally dedicated in May of 1989 by 21st Field Engineer Squadron, Canadian Military Engineers, was placed in a prominent location near the main entrance of the Flin Flon Armory.  It is dedicated to all those that have served in the military in Flin Flon since 1940. They report the memorial remained standing in its original location since the closure of the Field Engineer Squadron in 1995 and was only removed for construction and parking lot preparations for the new Co-op store.


The memorial was stored over the construction period and with the support of the Co-op management, directors and staff has now been placed in a prominent location in their parking lot area with an official rededication ceremony taking place tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock.

A Popular Program is Taking Registrations.


The Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Center and University College of the North are offering a culinary arts program in Flin Flon.  The Center’s Executive Director Shelly Craig says it will run from this November to August and is designed to provide students employment in the food service industry.  She explained individuals or participants taking the course will walk away with fundamental skills of cooking obviously with emphasis on safe food handling, sanitation and nutrition adding the beauty of this course is there’s going to be a lot of hands on participation because they’ll be working right within the organization in the Friendship Center so basically they’ll learn the standards within culinary arts right from A to Z.


You can register for the program by calling UCN in The Pas toll free at 1-866-627-8500 or the Partners for Careers Program at the Friendship Center or Regional Coordinator Cindy Best at UCN Flin Flon.


Its Time to Celebrate Summer Flowers.


The Flin Flon Flower Power Festival will be held Saturday afternoon.  The Flin Flon Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation’s Laurence Gillespie invites you to Pioneer Square to celebrate the return of the Main Street flower baskets.  He says there’ll be a concert by Jen McLean and her band which is known as Jenster, there’ll be free ice cream treats to the first 100 or so kids and they’re also having a celebration cake available for children and adults.  He explains they have several flower related events where people can paint flower pictures, anyone who wants to come dressed as a flower there’s a prize of the best flower costume, best flower dancer, best flower poem and best flower song. They also have a flower coloring/drawing contest running all this week at the Library.


 Gillespie adds they are looking for a lot of participation in the events by kids and by adults in the Flin Flon Trivia Challenge.  The celebration runs from 1 to 4 Saturday in Pioneer Square.  The Main Street flower baskets are sponsored by the Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation, the City of Flin Flon and Hudbay.


Flin Flon City Council Continues to Look at Seniors Housing.


When asked about their application for funding from the provincial Mining Community Reserve Fund at last nights City Council meeting Mayor Cal Huntley reported they are looking at seniors housing.  He said they were originally applying for funding to modify the Flin Flon Hotel building for seniors housing but discovered it would be better to build new so they are redeveloping their application as we have a significant seniors population and would like them to stay.  He added the announcement last week by the provincial government on redeveloping housing on their property at 4 Hemlock Drive is a positive move.                           


Mayor Huntley reported the Dime Store Fishermen TV crew was in town and were taken fishing on Lake Athapap and Kissenew and it went very well thanks to local support.  The show is expected to be on television in February or March with Huntley noting it will be a good promotion for our community.



Students and Youth Will Again Have Help Finding Jobs This Summer.


Manitoba Youth Job Centers across the province are open for another summer including the Center in Flin Flon. The Youth Job Centers match local employers with qualified students and youth aged 12 to 29 for summer employment.  The offices are staffed by post secondary students hired as youth engagement leaders through the STEP Services student employment program.


The Center provides job search advice, resume preparation, interview assistance and information about workplace standards as well as posting employment opportunities free of charge. They also help youth aged 12 to 16 build work experience through the Odd Job Squad Program.


The Youth Job Center is open until mid August and you can contact them at 204-271-1493.

A Training Program Will Lead to Employment.


The Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology in Creighton is offering an Outdoor Power Equipment Repair Program from July 9th to September 14th.  Their Manager Myrna Ewing says it is open to any Saskatchewan resident. She explains it offers the ability to fix small motors whether it’s a boat motor, a skidoo or even a lawn mower.  She says it’s just to get people interested in this type of work and hopefully they’ll get into automotives from here or in some other trade.


Ewing says this training leads to placement in the workplace.  Grade ten with math is preferred and you require a valid driver’s licence.  The deadline to apply is June 25th by calling them toll free at 1-844-688-1222.


The Pas MLA Questions the Governments Interest in Northern Manitoba.


MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the Manitoba legislature last week about the economy of northern Manitoba and the community development fund.  She said over 1350 people have a job in northern Manitoba thanks in part to the fund.  She explained the fund helps people at risk when traditional lenders aren’t willing or able to provide financing.  She called it a success story increasing access to capital for tourism, forestry, construction and fishing yet the Pallister government cut its contribution to the fund by over 30 percent and the fund is now providing 2.6 million dollars less loans than it did just two years ago.  She asked why is this Minister doing such damage to our economy?

Minister of Growth Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pederson responded to these questions by saying Speaking of Damage, that would be the previous government’s economic development plan and we’ll have a much better plan coming forward.  He added that they will continue to work with the north as well as all of Manitoba.

You Can Celebrate With the Friendship Center at Rotary Park Thursday.


National Indigenous Peoples Day is being celebrated by the Flin Flon Friendship Center Thursday afternoon.  The Center’s Program Events Coodinator Vanessa Campbell says they have food and entertainment.  She explains they are planning to have it at Rotary Park from 3 to 8 pm with live and local performers.  She says they’re going to have Ron Burwash their Metis musician from Flin Flon, the Northern Lights Women Singers, the Nemihitowk Hoop Troop, Silver Evening Star Singers and the headliner Teagan Littlechief from the White Bear First Nation Saskatchewan and the Creators Dance Spirit Group from Opaskwayak Cree Nation will also be performing.


There will also be a 50-50 draw, penny parade and their barbeque raffle that includes a five piece patio set, a gift certificate for 100 dollars and a Pendleton blanket donated by Kleen All.


The Province is Seeking Options to Redevelop A Housing Project in Flin Flon.


Families Minister Scott Fielding has announced a vacant provincially owned property will be redeveloped to provide more housing in Flin Flon.  He says the province has issued a request for expressions of interest for options to be submitted for the province’s consideration.


The request is open to any organization or company interested in redeveloping the site at 4 Hemlock Drive.  The government deferred previous redevelopment plans as part of a review into the value for money of several projects.


Fielding says this is a fresh start on a project that Flin Flon has been anticipating for some time now so they expect there will be significant interest in this opportunity.  He adds they are looking for unique and innovative ideas that reflect the needs of the community, maximize the benefit of this property and improve access to housing for all Manitobans. Submissions are being accepted until July 26th.



Use Your Life Lessons Well.




Twenty-one graduates received their diplomas as Creighton Community School held their graduation ceremony Friday night.


Forty-seven bursaries, scholarships and awards were presented. Looking at some of the larger ones:  the top award the Hudbay Scholarship for two thousand dollars a year for four years went to Bailey Bjornson who also received the Creighton Community School Foundation Award for academic and their Aboriginal Scholarship.  Others receiving the Academic Award were Jade Ballard and Victoria Pedwell, for Arts Jeremy Tait, for athletics Bailey Eastman, the Bev McKrimmon Memorial Citizenship Award Magann Sutherland, Medical Victoria Pedwell and Trades and Technology Brady Farkus.  Each of the Foundation Awards is worth one thousand dollars. The Fred and Pearl Schwaga Memorial Scholarships for two thousand dollars each went to Tristan Stomp and Victoria Pedwell and the Town of Creighton Bursary of one thousand dollars went to Bailey Eastman.      Speakers urged the students to remember the lessons they learned in Creighton School and use these lessons wisely as they will last a lifetime.


You Can Enjoy Nature Around Denare Beach.


Denare Beach Recreation Director Mel Durette invites you to enjoy nature with a walk tomorrow afternoon. She explains it’s a nature walk scavenger hunt kind of thing and they will meet at the Rockyview boat launch and they’ll walk through the trail up to the camp ground and there they’ll cook a bunch of S’mores and there’ll be prizes for the kids.

              The walk begins at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon and if you need more information you can call the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.


Its Time to Enter Your Float in a Parade.


Planning is well underway for the Trout Festival Canada Day Parade July 1st sponsored by Northland Ford.  Festival President Melissa Richard says they are looking for entries. She says the theme this year is Casino Royale and Shaken Not Stirred so it kind of ties in with the Fish Fry and the James Bond theme they have going for the weekend.  She adds to register you can either come down to CFAR or go to Northland Ford or you can contact Sheena Reed to enter your float and the parade starts at 11 o’clock on July 1st.


Prizes are awarded for the best floats in both commercial and non-commercial categories.  For more information on the parade you can call Sheena Reed at 204-687-6157 or 271-2142.


Our Member of Parliament is urging the Prime Minister to Listen to Our Grads.


In the House of Commons Wednesday MP Niki Ashton noted a few weeks ago the Prime Minister spoke to the New York University grad in the United States.  She said while he philosophized in the United States here at home our grads are facing a challenging time and she wants to invite him to attend any one of our grads in the north here in Canada to hear their stories.  She explained Thompson is faced with the loss of the smelter and refinery, First Nations are facing continuing high unemployment and under funding of education and Churchill is still faced with the shutdown of the port and rail line.  She noted he could attend any grad in virtually any community across Canada to hear what young people are facing in terms of sky high tuition fees and precarious employment but she doubts if he will.


Ashton added she believes he doesn’t want to listen to young people who are concerned about the environment, growing inequality and their economic future leaving them to believe his government is not only not part of the solution but is increasingly part of the problem.


Phones and Accessories are Now Available at Home Hardware.

Lynn McMaster, Jordan Sharples, Ryan Kelly.


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Home Hardware yesterday to officially open the new Telus center location.  One of the reps cutting the ribbon was Ryan Kelly from Telus in Toronto.  He stated on behalf of Telus head office they are extremely proud and thankful to MegaCell their Telus dealer here in Manitoba adding they have six locations in Manitoba and they’re partnering up with Home Hardware to bring Telus to Flin Flon so they’re very proud of them, appreciate all the support and look forward to many years of Telus at Home Hardware.


Others cutting the ribbon were Jordan Sharples owner of MegaCell and local Home Hardware manager Lynn McMaster.


Flin Flon Young Musicians Will be in Concert This Weekend.


Music Director Susan Fulford will present a celebration of our talented young musicians in concert Saturday night.  Fulford says the concert is entitled Glorious and one of the featured songs is called Glorious and it just celebrates that everyone is creative and musical and has many talents and she thinks that’s what you’ll hear that evening.  She adds you’ll hear some young pianists and young vocalists and highlighted is the vocal ensemble Kaleidoscope and also you will hear Mikylo Odut on flute and she thinks many in the community have heard him before.


The concert takes place Saturday night at 7:30 in the Lutheran Church on Second Avenue with admission five dollars for adults and students are free.

The Best in Skateboarding Will be in Flin Flon.


SK8 Skates will be performing in Flin Flon Tuesday afternoon.  The group’s Collin Lambert invites everyone to come out for the show.  He says they’re going to be bringing some of the best skateboarders in Manitoba, some of the best in Canada and they’re going to come out and skate the Skate Park and help put on a show for everybody.  He adds they’re going to have somebody on the mike involving the audience and getting people to request tricks and fun stuff like that and he believes they’re going to do some lessons or try a little competition for locals so it’s going to be a good time.


SK8 Skates takes place at the Flin Flon Skate Park beside the Many Faces Education Centre at 5 Tuesday afternoon.  All ages are invited and it is a free event.


Student Projects Were Highlighted at the School Board Meeting.


At last nights meeting of the Flin Flon School Board Superintendent Constance McLeese reported on the projects art students have been working on.  The Treaty Affirmation pieces have been designed by students and will be displayed in the front entrance foyers of each of the Division schools.  Additionally the graphic arts students were also instructed to create pieces applying the studied principles of graphic design and those works will be used in the student’s portfolio for final assessment.  We Are All Treaty People posters can be viewed at flinflononline.com.             


The superintendent also reported that in preparation for the next school year in September the Division will be implementing a new leader mentorship program and have rewritten the new teacher mentorship program.  The Division will be welcoming eleven new young and energetic teachers in September.  Board Chair Amy Sapergia-Green congratulated the Hapnot track athletes and coaches for their recent success.  And she also gave thanks to Wings Over Kississing.  The aviation company will once again offer grade six students a unique and amazing fly over the city of Flin Flon.


Fish and Chips are Coming to the Trout Festival.


ACasino night will lead to a more exciting fish fry Saturday, June 30th during this years Flin Flon Trout Festival.  The Committee’s Crystal Kolt says they will be following the James Bond theme calling it Fish and Chips as in casino chips so for part of the fish fry they’re going to have a more high end dinner that’ll be happening just outside the Whitney Forum in a tent and it’s going to be a catered dinner and those tickets have to be purchased a week in advance so they know how much fish to purchase.  She adds inside the Whitney Forum they’re going to be having a fun type of casino where you can buy packages of play money and then there’ll be some great bands, the Mix, Usual Suspects, Big Shaker, the Whyte and Johnny’s Anti Social Band playing throughout the evening so it’s going to be fun for everybody.


Tickets for the fish dinner are available at Pharmasave and Northern Rainbows End while casino tickets are available at the Gateway, Di’s Confectionary and Orange Toad.


Hapnot Students Will Be Sharing Some Special Projects.


A group of grade nine students at Hapnot Collegiate taking part in a 20 Time Project want to share their ideas with you.  Teacher Daniel Dillon explains its project based learning for students in his technology class. He says they guide them through to develop their skills in regards to presentation, dealing with their stress, organization, outreach to the community, collaboration, listening and respecting others and he’s also teaching them the digital tools to work smarter and not harder through their data collection, research, journaling, their reflections and contacting people via professional emails.


Dillon adds this year’s projects are based around videography, photography, the medical field, learning languages, mental health, brain injuries, crafts, self driving vehicles and 3D printers.  Anyone interested can attend the presentation by the students Friday evening at 6 in the Hapnot Collegiate Theatre.


The Snowbirds are a Month Away from Coming Back to Flin Flon.


The Rotary Club’s Bill Jackson told the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday they continue to prepare for the return of the Snowbirds Air Show on July 11th.  He says the Snowbirds will arrive on the 10th do some fishing, attend a fish fry and visit the hospital and on the Wednesday the gates for the show open at 2 o’clock and they hope to have a few military aircraft doing some fly bys about 2:30 or 3 o’clock around that time, the entertainment is going to start at 3 o’clock and then the Snowbirds will fly at 7 o’clock sharp and they’re going to have food concessions out there.


The Rotarians encourage everyone attending to park at Walmart and ride the bus to the airport.   Show tickets are 10 dollars for adults, 5 for under 18 and can be purchased at Phamasave, the Gas Bar and online at www.flinflonairshow.ca. Funds raised go to the hospital emergency room expansion.  The Snowbirds were last here in 2016.


A Northern Representative has been Appointed to the Province's Municipal Board.


The Manitoba government has appointed eight new members to the province’s Municipal Board. Seven new members and a re-appointed member are from the Winnipeg Brandon area with one from the north Valerie Whyte from Pukatawagan. Whyte is a resource worker with the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation.  She has a certificate in counseling from the University of Manitoba and is currently completing a bachelor of social work and bachelor of arts at the University College of the North.  Her previous work experience includes serving as a community manager, mental health worker and youth program coordinator.


The Manitoba Municipal Board is a quasi-judicial tribunal under the Municipal Board Act that sets out the general provisions respecting the Board’s operations.  The Board recently launched an innovative new appeal management process to address the long term challenge of outstanding assessment appeals in Manitoba.


Options to Address Concerns About Main Street Continue to be Explored.


A meeting was held Friday to discuss concerns about developing unsafe confrontations taking place on Main Street.  Mayor Cal Huntley says it was a preliminary meeting that included the RCMP, Mayor and Council, a Chamber of Commerce representative and a Main Street business owner’s representative.  He says they discussed the concerns that have been surfacing with regards to Main Street and they discussed some immediate actions that the RCMP will be implementing and they discussed some potential, they believe, solutions but they want to do a little bit more research into them first that will impact the situation that’s causing concern on Main Street but it was a first meeting.


Huntley says they will meet again once they have further explored the options that are available.

Concerns about some activities on Main Street were raised at recent Chamber of Commerce and City Council meetings.


Years of High School Will Be Remembered in Creighton.


Twenty-one students will receive their diplomas as Creighton Community School holds their graduation ceremony Friday night.  Principal Janel Pearson explains they have their supper starting at 5 o’clock at the Creighton Sportex and the grand march as always led by Mr. Walker as piper, so if you want to come and see all the beautiful dresses they’ll be going between the school and the Sportex and then just down the street.  She adds their ceremony will be held at 7 o’clock in the school gym and everybody’s invited to attend.


The graduates will be holding their car parade through Creighton and Flin Flon Thursday afternoon starting around 2:30.



A Parenting Workshop is Coming Up Later This Week.


The Norman Regional Parent and Child Coalition is holding a two day parenting workshop Thursday and Friday.  The Coalition’s Marian Paul says it’s a free workshop and it’s a traditional parenting workshop so they’re going to talk about the swings, the cradle board, the different ways that parenting was done in generations past and how it’s different today.


The workshop will be held in the Flin Flon School Division offices at 7 Terrace Avenue Thursday and Friday from 9:30 to 3:30. For information or to register call Marian at 204-271-3814.


A Registration Deadline for Northern Artists is Approaching.


The Norva Center in Flin Flon is hosting a Northern Juried Art Exhibition June 28th to July 1st.  Organizer Ellie Spencer invites all northern artists to enter so any artist working and living north of the 53rd parallel can enter the Juried Art Show and the work all has to be new so work that was created since the last northern juried show.  She says they’ll have painting including acrylic, oil and water color, photography, sculpture, fabric art and small pieces like jewelry making and the sculpture category takes in larger pieces of pottery.


Spencer adds they also have a special category for all art forms called Tribute to Music.  Entry forms are available at the Norva Center at 177 Green Street and must be returned by Friday.


Fire Fighters Hit the Water Wednesday Night.


Members of the Flin Flon Fire Department demonstrated their new rescue boat Wednesday night.  The boat was purchased for the Fire Department by the Flin Flon Rotary Club. Fire Chief Chad Cooper says they’ll make good use of the boat as the RDC unit for water rescue is very versatile and they’ll be using it for water rescue, ice rescue and snowmobile rescue. He explains basically it’s an inflatable boat that is highly durable for all conditions and blows up in 30 seconds so they can quickly deploy it, head out on the water or out on the ice, rescue the person, bring them back to shore and get them to medical services right away.


Rotary Club President Colleen Arnold presented Cooper with a cheque for 6717 dollars to cover the cost of the rescue boat with Cooper noting partnerships like this are critical to improving services for our community.


A Flin Flon Artists Work Returns to The Pas.


The Sam Waller Museum in The Pas has a new temporary art exhibit that will be on display throughout the summer.  Museum Curator Sharain Jones says it’s called Out of The North and they are welcoming the exhibit of a pretty established Flin Flon artist named Lois Pederson and these are primarily scenery she has seen growing up in northern Manitoba.


This is the second time Lois has exhibited her work at the museum.  The paintings are for sale and the exhibit will be on display until September 27th.  You can call the museum for more information at 204-623-3802.

A Big Change Has Been Made to the Board at the Women's Resource Center.


At their 20th annual meeting last night the Women’s Resource Center passed a change to their constitution.  They will allow any person 18 years or older to become a full member which will allow them to vote at the annual meeting as well as seek election to the Board of Directors.  The change will now allow men to become full members with two seats on the Board available to men. As a result of that change Chad Cooper and Mark Svaren were elected to one year terms along with Sheena Reed. As well Margaret Head-Steppan, Sheri Pearson and Doreen Roman were elected to two year terms and Katie Kawerski to a three year term. Linda Eryou and Shelly Craig continue their present terms on the Board.


The change will also allow any youth below 18 years, male or female to become Associate Members who don’t vote at the meeting or hold a seat on the Board.


In her report Executive Director Colleen Arnold reported they continue to provide public education and awareness with their many annual events adding they are very pleased to see all the community support in their efforts to end violence against women and girls.



Praise for Local Residents was Part of the Flin Flon City Council Meeting.

Hunter in Romania


At the meeting Tuesday night Mayor Cal Huntley congratulated local wrestlers Carson and Hunter Lee on their success in competition around the world including Romania, Italy, Guatemala and the United States where they have proudly displayed the City of Flin Flon flag.


Mayor Huntley also congratulated Fire Chief Chad Cooper on becoming Second Vice-President of the Manitoba Fire Chiefs Association. Council accepted the Fire Chief’s report for May indicating 14 calls during the month including vehicle accidents and small trash and brush fires.


Councilor Colleen McKee reported she is amazed at the number of people who are out picking up litter around the community. She says we have to get the message out that it’s not okay to litter adding it shouldn’t be happening with all the garbage cans and recycle bins around the community.


The community of Snow Lake is preparing a community emergency plan and Council agreed Flin Flon will continue to be an evacuation site for the community.


And the TV Show Dime Store Fisherman will be in town to record a fishing show on Lake Athapap June 13th and 14th.


All Men Are Invited to Register Now for a Challenging Walk.

Walk a Mile 2017


The Womens Resource Centre is again holding an event called Walk A Mile in Her Shoes.  Executive Director Colleen Arnold says men take part to raise money and this year even more awareness.  She explains we know it’s the international men’s march to end violence against women and it’s a statement about men’s roles in ending violence and by wearing heels and acting in solidarity with women men want to show that they’ll do whatever it takes to make a safe world for everyone. Arnold adds this year instead of the march down Main Street they’re asking men to join their float in the Canada Day parade on July 1st when they can walk, ride or do both and the float will be decorated with placards and they can carry their placards and t-shirts will still be given to the men.


 Pledge forms are available at the Women’s Resource Centre and they have men’s shoe sizes 9 to 14 in red high heels.  For information or to have a pledge form sent to you, call 204-681-3105. Donations raised will support the Women’s Safe Haven.


Its Time For You to Register to be an Organ Donor.


The Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force has tabled their report in the Manitoba Legislature.  The task force was appointed to conduct an inquiry and make recommendations with respect to improving the rate of organ and tissue donation in Manitoba.  The task force recommends increased awareness toward organ and tissue donation by adding it to the compulsory health and science curriculum of all grade nine students in Manitoba, launching promotional campaigns and studying the feasibility of early detection surveillance for organ disease.


The committee notes organ donor signups surged in several provinces in response to the story of Logan Boulet whose organs were donated to six patients following the Humboldt bus crash that took his life. More than seven thousand Manitobans registered online for organ donation in the following week.  Manitobans are encouraged to continue registering their consent to donate online at www.signupforlife.ca.


The Best Mine Rescue Team in Manitoba is From Snow Lake.


The annual provincial mine rescue competition was held in Lac Du Bonnet May 25th and 26th.  The winning team in the competition was the Hudbay team from Snow Lake made up of Captain Bob Forsyth, Riley Eastman, Brandon Cook, Jenni Oleksuk, Vice-Captain Jordan Galloway, Director of Operations Brian Shapka, Technician Bernard Fourie, Coach Terry Hornyak and Instructor Dallas Henrikson.  Team Vale from Thompson finished a close second.


The two day annual event included teams from Hudbay Flin Fon, Hudbay Snow Lake, Tanco and Vale who took part in an underground and first aid mine rescue mission and written exam along with other tests and competitions. 


The Snow Lake team is now eligible to take part in the bi-annual Western Region Mine Rescue Competition in Fernie, BC in September 2019.  The 2019 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition will be hosetd by Hudbay Flin Flon on May 24th and 25th.


A Cup of Coffee Today Could Transform the Lives of Canadian Youth.


Tim Hortons in Creighton joins Tim Hortons restaurants across the county in celebrating Camp Day today.  One hundred percent of proceeds from hot coffee sales today at participating Restaurants across Canada will send young people from low income homes to a Tim Horton Camp for a life changing experience.


President and Executive Director of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Dave Newnham says Camp Day is their biggest and most impactful annual fundraiser.  He says they are incredibly grateful for the generosity of restaurant owners and their guests on Camp Day adding more than 20 thousand youth from low income families will attend a Tim Horton Camp this year and with each coffee sold they’re one step closer to building a brighter future for their campers and making a positive impact on their communities. Since 1974 the Foundation has provided over 257 thousand youth a camp experience.


Safety Issues on Main Street Were Discussed at Last Nights Flin Flon City Council Meeting.


At the meeting Council was asked about concerns being raised about developing unsafe confrontations taking place on Main Street.  Mayor Cal Huntley said they are aware of the problem but all he can say for now is they are looking at initiatives and meeting with the RCMP and other interested parties on how to deal with the issue.  He added they need to find the root of the problem and focus our resources there.


 In other business Council reported after discussion on the Pride Committees request for a rainbow cross walk in front of City Hall they could not put a permanent rainbow cross walk on a provincial highway but felt one could be put across Main Street. Councilor Colleen McKee said she was concerned about ongoing maintenance while Councilor Karen MacKinnon felt it would mean more if it was temporary and renewed every year during Pride Week.  The Committee’s Jordana Oulette agreed on a temporary one for this year and to look at it further as a permanent rainbow crosswalk would show that Pride is year round in Flin Flon.


Families Can Work Together on a Free Walking Stick Project.


The Norman Regional Child Coalition is sponsoring a free Fathers Day event with Richard Clark Monday and Tuesday evening.  Clark says they will have a meal and be working on walking sticks. He explains he’s going to have the walking sticks so a family will pick one, sand it and varnish it and he’ll have the varnish, the sandpaper and feathers and beads to decorate it as well as some leather straps for the feathers to hang on and there will also be two meals provided.


The free event takes place from 6 to 8 Monday and Tuesday evening at Ruth Betts Community School gym using the kindergarten entrance. You can call Richard at 204-271-2192 to book your spot.


A Parking Lot Full of Bargains is Available Saturday.


Flin Flon’s Inner Wheel Club is putting together its annual Car Boot Sale for Saturday. The Club’s Nora Fontaine says they already have over 16 people selling from the boot of their cars, their truck or on tables with more expected to book this week. She adds they are going to be selling as the Inner Wheel as well as the Rotarians who will be making homemade fries and they’ll be selling hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and water and it’s a party atmosphere with carnival like fun and people are out there looking for goodies.


The sale runs from 10 to 1 Saturday at the Victoria Inn parking lot and there’s still room for more sellers.  You can call Nora at 204-687-6188 to book a space for 15 dollars.


Girls Can Get a Free Introduction to Coding.


The University of Manitoba is holding a Wise Kidnetic Energy All Girl Codemakers Camp in Flin Flon this summer.  Jill Lautenschlager with Women in Science and Engineering says the camp is for girls ages 13 to 15.  She explains they are going to be introducing the girls to computer coding and computational thinking through a lot of fun toys, things like cosmos robots, Lego mind storms, little bits and the whole idea is to get girls thinking about career options that are related to this type of knowledge and they definitely are welcoming the people who don’t have any prior knowledge as the whole idea is just an introduction.


The camp runs at McIsaac School July 30th to August 3rd.  Registration is free and you can find forms online at www.wisekidneticenergy.ca.


A Health Facility is Needed in Cross Lake.


Last week, The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the provincial legislature asking if the province would commit to the construction of the Cross Lake Health Facility. She stated Manitoba’s tenth largest community Cross Lake is in dire need of a medical facility adding Cross Lake is one of the largest First Nations in Canada with a population bigger than The Pas, Flin Flon and Stonewall but it doesn’t have 24 hour in patient health care.  She says women in child birth and patients with acute care needs have to fly out of their home community to get the care they need.  Lathlin explained the 1964 agreement established that the province has a role in the delivery of health care for Cross Lake asking will the province partner with the federal government to bring forth this important community investment.  Minister of Health Kelvin Goertzen said they’ve recognized that there are many challenges when it comes to providing health care in the north and the Pallister government made specific efforts  when it comes to the federal government to get additional funding for things like chronic disease adding that effort was made on behalf of those living in the north and they have had some success.

A Lithium Project Near Snow Lake Remains on Track.


Far Resources has started preliminary metallurgical studies on drill core from its high grade Zoro Lithium Project near Snow Lake.  The program will determine the suitability of Dyke One lithium mineralization to produce marketable spodumene concentrate.


Their President Toby Mayo stated the initiation of this program represents a major milestone in the development of the Zoro Lithium Project.  He says this test work along with the ongoing technical report update and forthcoming maiden resource statement is a significant step in de-risking the project adding this combined with exploration programs on two high grade lithium projects and the recent new discovery on Zoro unquestionably places Far on track to become one of North America’s premier lithium companies.

The Governments Infrastructure Plans Will be Discussed at Only One Meeting North of Dauphin.


Manitoba Infrastructure has announced details on a series of open house sessions as part of the comprehensive review of its service delivery model.  Minister Ron Schuler says discussions will help shape Manitoba Infrastructure’s role going forward on projects such as roads, bridges and flood fighting and a new direction as they move forward to improve our infrastructure.


The only open house north of Dauphin is being held in Thompson on June 25th at University College of the North from 4 to 8 pm.


The Minister notes this review supports the government’s continued work as part of the plan for a public service transformation to deliver better outcomes for Manitobans, ensuring government spends smarter, streamlining service delivery, developing a long term capital plan and modernizing the way government buys goods and services.


Your Children Can Learn More About Science and Engineering This Summer.


The University of Manitoba is again sponsoring a Kid-netic Energy Science and Engineering summer day camp in Flin Flon July 30th to August 3rd at McIsaac School.  Jill Lautenschlager with Women in Science and Engineering at the University says they operate on daily themes and this year their theme days are Sports Science, Food and Nutrition, Extreme Engineering, Zoology and Ecology and Paleontology and this is for boys and girls ages 9 to 12 or grades 4 to 6.  She adds you can visit their website at www.wisekidneticenergy.ca where there are online forms and the registration fee in Flin Flon is 110 dollars.


They will also be holding a special coding camp for girls and we’ll have details on that on tomorrow’s news.



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