Local News Archives for 2018-02

Local Students Will be Part of a Large Band Concert.


Flin Flon and Creighton School Division students are taking part in the annual Parkland NorMan Honor Band in Dauphin this weekend.  Band Instructor Kim Jones explains the students have two days of rehearsals, Saturday they have a dress rehearsal and then they perform a concert.  She says the awesome thing about Honor Band is they get to go and be in large bands like 50 plus students per band with students from Thompson, The Pas, Swan River, Dauphin and all sorts of smaller towns around Dauphin and Swan River and it gives a chance for the students in the north to interact with like minded students and they also get sectional instruction from people that are professional on their instruments and they work with really high level conductors.


Jones adds eleven students from grades 8 to 12 are taking part this year but they have 96 students taking part in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival in Banff in April.


There is Support Available for People Operating or Planning a Business.


Community Economic Development Fund Office and Credit Manager Leann Brown from Thompson spoke to the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  She explained their business loans program is under review but they also provide commercial fishing loans and are now looking at projects in communities centered around economic development such as youth initiatives, young adults who are looking for something to do, crafters groups, things of that nature so it they can come in and do some workshops, if they can do some initiatives if you’re currently a hobbyist, artist or crafter, on what you need to do for the next step to move yourself to self-employment or moving yourself in that direction.


Brown says Flin Flon has a very active business community and she will be visiting this area every six to eight weeks to provide one on one support to people looking to start, acquire or expand a business.  She can be contacted at 1-800-561-4315 extension 231 or email lbrown@cedf.mb.ca.


Some Things Are Working and Some Not With Our Health Care.


  Manitoba Liberal Health Critic Dr. Jon Gerrard held a health care discussion in Flin Flon last night.  He said they want to hear personal stories about what is and is not working in the provinces health care system that he will take back to the legislature when it opens March 7th. He says they will put this together in a report and it’s going to be very helpful in terms of what he’s learned and helpful to him to well represent people in Flin Flon as well as other areas of Manitoba.


Those attending told him what’s working includes the breast screening program. services at the Primary Health Care Center, telehealth which should be used more, some aspects of the Northern Patient Transportation Program, and the past Nurse Practitioners Program and what’s not working includes the need to go to The Pas to have a baby when the obstetrician isn’t here, the Manitoba and Saskatchewan health systems don’t communicate, long waits for appointments due to a shortage of doctors, surgeons and specialists and no walk in clinic resulting in the increased use of the emergency room.  Gerrard said in 2016-17 the government did not spend 115 million dollars that was in the health budget so we can afford better health care.

The Budget Has Moved Through the Next Step.

Fest du Voayageur


The Flin Flon School Board approved the 2018-19 budget last night as it was presented earlier this month at the public budget meeting.  It will be forwarded to the Public Schools Finance Board no later than March 31st. The Board will also submit the special requirement for this year based on the collected data in the budget to the City of Flin Flon no later that March 15th.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported on the French Immersion 3/4 first term provincial test results.  Our students are doing extremely well with excellent results.  The Division’s French program continues to shine on provincial standardized testing in both French language learning and in mathematics which is taught in French.  The Superintendent also had the opportunity to accompany the French Immersion field trip to Winnipeg for Festival du Voyageur.  The four day trip had students busy from 7 am to 11 pm for a variety of activities all in French.  McCleese said it was wonderful to spend time with the students and noted that at a particular event one of the organizers mentioned how impressed they were at how well the students conducted themselves.

You Can Learn More About Banned Books.


The Flin Flon Public Library is celebrating Freedom to Read Week this week. Their Administrator Courtney Campbell says they have set up a display of books that were banned in the past.  She says they have a really great display right where you come into the library so you can see all of the books that have been challenged for different reasons so you can check out what people were objecting to and see some of the titles because some of them are not things that you would expect.


Freedom to Read Week encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom which is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Log In and Help Creighton Win.



The Town of Creighton and Creighton Community School have accepted the Go Out and Play Challenge powered by Saskatchewan Blue Cross.  Recreation Director Channa Senyk says they are counting on residents, friends, neighbors and family members to get moving to win this year’s challenge from March 1st to 10th.  She says they’re asking people to go on to the website they have provided, do a profile of their family, you must log in every day and log the minutes that you go outside and play noting you can’t go back a day later and log in your time it must be done daily.  She says the community with the most minutes has the opportunity to win ten thousand dollars so log in and help Creighton win.


You can log on to their website to register and record your minutes and for more information at www.challenge.saskatchewaninmotion.ca.  Senyk adds they plan to put the 10 thousand dollars to good use by placing benches and recycling containers along with disc golf in the division three playground area.

Creative Manitoba is Helping Flin Flon Area Artists Grow Their Arts Careers.


Creative Manitoba is partnering with the Norva Center to bring a condensed version of their popular Art of Managing Your Career-Indigenous Perspectives Course to Flin Flon.  Their Indigenous Programs Manager Arlea Ashcroft says artists and crafters of all disciplines including beaders, fashion designers, photographers, sculptors, visual artists and others will benefit from this free course.  She explains often times artists forget about all the business aspects that come with being an artist so they’re hoping to share some knowledge about how to do your taxes, how to promote your business, how to apply for grants and get some money so you can continue to be an artist.                                          


The Art of Managing Your Career-Indigenous Perspectives will take place Friday from 10 to 4 at the Norva Center at 177 Green Street.  You can learn more or register at the Norva Center or online at www.creativemanitoba.ca/FlinFlonAMYC.



It Was a Busy Weekend At Denare Beach.



The 39th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival was held over the weekend.  Some of the event winners from Friday night include in the Kids Got Talent Contest Brielle Olson and in Turkey Curling the team of Holmgren and George were first, Butterball Bangers second and Yah Yah third.


In the Saturday events fishing derby winners included the biggest fish a 38 inch jack Ruth McGee, smallest fish Dave Krassilowsky a 15 and a quarter inch jack, oldest fisher Roly Chretien, youngest Axton Kinar and first fish Shane Madorash.  The boot hockey was won by the team of Owen Durette, Kaleh Lycan, Kwinton Lycan and Leeland Feuerstein. Saturday also included King and Queen Trapper events, horse drawn sleigh rides and bingo players filled the Denarplex for the afternoon.

Triple Seven and Reed Mines Are Affecting Manitoba Ore Production.


The Hudbay 4th quarter financial report we reported on on Friday noted Manitoba ore production as well.  President Alan Hair says production of all metal for 2017 were within the guidance range.  He reported ore mined during the fourth quarter of 2107 decreased by 8 percent compared to the third quarter as a result of ore production at Triple Seven while ore processed during the fourth quarter was in line with previous quarters as they drew on ore from the stockpile.  He noted Manitoba mine, mill and G and A unit operating costs were higher than the third quarter mainly due to the lower production at Triple Seven, the cessation of the capitalization of Reed development costs and the high cost at Lalor incurred to increase production to 45 tonnes per day in accordance with the revised mine plan.


Hair adds the focus for this year includes completing the ramp up of base metal ore production at Lalor near Snow Lake, commencing production from the Lalor gold zones with processing in Flin Flon as well as the gold zones at Pampacancha in Peru and moving Rosemont in Arizona through the permitting process into development.


Flin Flon City Council Has Received the Fire Chiefs Report for 2017.


 Fire Chief Chad Cooper says 2017 was an average year for call volumes with 74 calls of service noting the residential structure fires.  He explains the department responded to eight structure fires and an estimated 600 thousand dollars in fire damage adding as residents we need to remain vigilant in ensuring your home is fire safe and all smoke alarms are in working condition.  Cooper adds another achievement in 2017 was the department’s yearly average for fire response times.  He says this is taken from the time of the dispatch page to the first arriving fire apparatus pointing out the industry set standard is nine minutes and the Flin Flon Fire Department achieved just slightly over eight minutes which means fire crews are responding faster and arriving at your house quicker.


Cooper says 2017 marked a milestone 80 years of service to the community by the Fire Department.

Hudbay Showed an Improved Financial Picture in the Last Quarter.



 Hudbay released its 4th quarter results yesterday.  They report a net profit of 99.7 million dollars compared to a net loss of 47.3 million in the 4th quarter of 2016.  Production of zinc, gold and silver in concentrate increased due to increased Snow Lake Lalor Mine throughput and higher zinc grades at Flin Flon’s Triple Seven Mine while copper production remained consistent.  President Alan Hair reflected on exploration plans for this year. He says last year’s strong cash flow generation coupled with the higher metal price environment has positioned them to pursue a more aggressive exploration program in 2018. He says their 2018 exploration budget of 50 million dollars is more than twice that of 2017 and spending will be focused on exploration near existing processing infrastructure in Manitoba and Peru and on grassroots exploration properties in Peru, Chile and British Columbia.

              Hair added one of their main focuses this year is delivering on their operating targets.

According t The Northern Health Regions Medical Officer of Health this Current Flu Season has been Moderate to Severe.


Doctor Michael Isaac says that while the number of hospitalizations for the flu may seem high for the province the numbers in the north are low.  He says the most recent numbers that they have from provincial data are 348 people that were hospitalized since September 1st of 2017 noting when they look at the number from the Northern Health Region which would exclude residents who live on reserves they had less that 5 hospitalizations during that time period.


Isaac adds while influenza A peaked between Christmas and mid January influenza B usually peaks between February and March.

The Deadline is Close for Nominating People Interested in Manitoba History for a Special Award.



The Manitoba Historical Society is accepting nominations for the Lieutenant Governor’s Award.  The award recognizes people interested in the preservation and promotion of the province’s history.  The Society’s Gordon Goldsborough explains the award is intended primarily for people serving in the promotion of Manitoba’s history, so pretty much anyone who’s done things like writing books, various art projects, running museums, anything that has an aspect of preserving and promoting Manitoba’s history would qualify.


Nomination forms and more information are available on the websites of the Manitoba Historical Society www.mhs.mb.ca or the Lieutenant Governor at www.manitobalg.ca.  The deadline is Wednesday.



It Was Budget Night for the School Division.


The Flin Flon School Board presented their budget plans for the 2018-19 school year at a public meeting last night.  The Division has planned a budget of just under 14.9 million dollars for the year an increase of .52 percent from this year or just under 77 thousand dollars.


Provincial funding for the Division when compared to the actual dollars for 2017-18 is up .07 percent or just over 70 thousand dollars.


The Division is proposing an increase of just over 99 thousand dollars to the 2018 Municipal Revenue Requirement.  In 2017 they report they reduced their requirement by just over 213 thousand.  Because of the timing of revenue being paid across two calendar years the Municipal Special Levy will increase by 1.587 percent or just over 68 thousand dollars.  Due to a decrease in property assessments of just over 504 thousand and a reduction of 1 percent in the Division’s allocation of the Hudbay grant in Lieu this will result in an education mill rate of 21.46 an increase of .73 from last year.


  Some of the future expenses planned include technology upgrades, building maintenance and paving the Ruth Betts playground.  The proposed budget still requires approval from the Board at their February 27th meeting.

The Fines are in Place for Pushing Your Snow on the Road.

St.Mary's Church


At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council gave final reading to an amendment to the Traffic Bylaw to allow for the setting of fines for people pushing snow off their property onto the roadway so as to obstruct traffic. The fines start at 100 dollars for the first offence, 150 for the second up to 500 dollars for further offences. Councilor Guy Rideout said they hope this will get people thinking about what they are doing with their snow.


Mayor Cal Huntley reported discussions will continue with Bell MTS on getting high speed internet into Flin Flon.  He said he hasn’t received confirmation on a date when it will happen but it’s in the near future adding it’s embarrassing that it hasn’t happened yet.


And Council will prepare a resolution to rezone the former St. Mary’s Church property on Hiawatha Avenue from residential to educational as it has been purchased by and is now being used by Flin Flon School Division in partnership with the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank.


You Can Get Help Starting a Business.


The Community Economic Development Fund is presenting a Things to Consider When Starting a Business workshop Monday night.  The Fund’s Leann Brown from Thompson says she will help you on your journey to self-employment.  She says she is looking to try connect with members of the business community, those looking at maybe considering self-employment.  She adds while there are some challenging times in and around the north that we’re all aware of there are still plenty of opportunities to be had and this may be a great time for self-employment or even if its to start as a hobby on the side just to generate some supplemental income for your household, there’s lots of different options out there that can be considered.


The workshop is being held Monday night from 7 to 8or you can meet one on one with Leann Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. To register email lbrown@cedf.mb.ca or call 204-778-4138 extension 221.

Improvements are Coming to the Chemotherapy Room.



A successful fund raising event was held at the Unwinder at the Victoria Inn Saturday night.  It was held to raise money to improve the chemotherapy room at the Flin Flon General Hospital.  Organizer Tracee Reimer says it went really well.  She says there was a lot of people, about 150 people came out and they raised a total of six thousand and six dollars after expenses and she’s really happy and hoping for some new décor, paint and flooring in the chemo room.


Reimer adds she really appreciates all the volunteers and people who donated their time and money to help develop a more warm, comfortable, pleasing atmosphere for those receiving treatment in the chemotherapy room.             


The Museum is Looking For Increased Funding.


At their meeting last night Flin Flon City Council received a letter from the Flin Flon Museum Board requesting an increase in their annual funding.  They noted they have received 12 thousand dollars annually from the city for approximately the past ten years and would like that increased to 15 thousand.  The letter was referred to the Finance Committee.


Mayor Cal Huntley introduced the new Regional Economic Development Officer Eve O’Leary.  She has come here from Nipawin and will continue the work for Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach region started by the regions first Economic Development Officer Perry Trusty.


Council agreed to the appointment of Mary Wright as the Weed Inspector for the City of Flin Flon for this year.  This appointment is required under provincial legislation.


Its Festival Time in Denare Beach This Weekend.


  The 39th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival is coming up this weekend.  Recreation Director Mel Durette says Friday includes their Musher’s Supper, Kids Got Talent and turkey curling but Saturday is their busy day. She explains it starts out with the Firemen’s pancake breakfast, they’ve got the fishing derby, the horse sleigh rides will be around, the hot concession is open at 12, bingo starts at 12:30, boot hockey at 1, the King and Queen Trapper events start at 1 too and they have mini curling for the kids.


The festival wraps up on Sunday with the Snow Drags. For more information you can contact the Recreation Office at 306-362-2050.


The Liberal Health Care Check Up is Coming to Flin Flon.


Manitoba Liberal Health Critic Jon Gerrard is launching a series of public meetings across the province to listen to the opinions and needs of Manitobans regarding our health care system.


Gerrard says they are seeing an unprecedented level of concern with the impacts of the Pallister government’s cuts to health care and want to hear how they are affecting people’s lives.


They will ask Manitobans three questions, what areas of health care in our province are working - areas they need to preserve and build upon, what areas of health care are not working - areas they need to make changes to improve and what areas need improvement and investment.


The public meeting will be held downstairs at the Flin Flon Public Library Tuesday, February 27th from 6 to 8 pm.


Our Member of Parliament is Raising Unemployment Issues in Question Period.


  Member of Parliament Niki Ashton visited several communities including Flin Flon over the last couple of weeks.  She says one of the major issues facing these communities is unemployment and inequality stating our region has been ignored.


Ashton reports when Parliament resumed sitting she rose in Question Period to call out the decades of policies that are failing our region including privatization, job killing trade deals and foreign takeovers and a tax system that is rigged against working people and killing jobs.


In terms of the port of Churchill she has called for it to be re-nationalized and developed in partnership with First Nations and northern communities.  She adds we can take action to protect and enhance resource based jobs including promoting value added jobs, we can make the tax system fairer and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, we can ensure that more of the wealth generated in our region benefits northern and Indigenous people and this starts with them having a say over development in their communities.


It Was a Fun Festival Weekend.

Trivia night winners


The annual Bust the Winter Blues Festival resulted in a busy weekend.  The Committee’s Caitlin Bailey says they had lot of people out on their busiest day Saturday starting with over one hundred people at their pancake breakfast and at the afternoon activities. She says it was great with a lot of people at the Rotary Wheel, they had the Bombers come and join them, they had freezie mountain, sleigh rides with lots of kids out there having fun and they had about 140 to 150 attendees at the family dance.


Some of the winners from events included for the Kinettes Trivia Night the top team was made up of Mark Wendlandt, Jennifer Joa, Jen Davis, Cheryl Fezczyn, Leslie Fernandes and Eric Fernandes, the Border Explorers Poker Derby Winners included first Donna Slugoski, second Brent Burke, third Richard Klause and fourth Carla Wabick and the 50-50 draw was won by Marlene Craig receiving 124 dollars. The Family Fishing Derby was cancelled due to slush on the lake and weather conditions.


Alpha Invites You to Join Them Next Week.


The Alpha Course is starting a new session at the Flin Flon Alliance Church Tuesday evening.  One of the organizers Menno Giesbrecht says the Alpha Course gives you the opportunity to investigate and discuss the big questions of life that we may think about but never discuss like is there more to life than what we’re experiencing right now, if there is a God why is there so much suffering in the world and is there life after death.  He explains they start off the evening with a meal at six o’clock, they sing a couple of songs, watch a video and discuss what they watched in the video in a small group and they’re done by nine o’clock.


Alpha begins Tuesday evening at six at the Alliance Church with a celebration supper so you can learn what it’s about.  To register or for more information you can call the church at 204-687-8498.


Take Your Family Fishing This Long Weekend.


Manitobans and visitors to the province are encouraged to participate in a weekend of free ice fishing during this years Winter Family Fishing Weekend tomorrow through Monday.


Anglers will be able to fish without a licence province wide this weekend.  Conservation limits will apply and anglers are reminded to be sure conditions are safe before venturing out on the ice.  It is also important to let someone know where you are fishing and to wear appropriate clothing.  A federal fishing licence will still be required to fish in national parks.


For more information on fishing regulations you can view the Manitoba Angler’s Guide online at www.manitobafisheries.com.


A Night of Celtic Rock is Coming to Flin Flon.


The Flin Flon Arts Council is presenting a cabaret night of lively Celtic music Thursday.  The Arts Council’s Crystal Kolt sasy they’ll be featuring the Derina Harvey Band from Edmonton and their authentic east coast experience in a high energy show.  She explains it’s a group that plays Celtic rock music and it’s that real kitchen party kind of music that everybody’s been wanting to have in the community that they’re excited to bring here and they’re going to be doing up the hall in cabaret style so the people will be able to enjoy everything with that.  She says they can bring their own appetizers if they want for their table but they’ll have wine, ales and beer as well.


The show gets underway at 7:30 Thursday night at the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street.

Theres a Fun Weekend Ahead at a Flin Flon Creighton Festival.


The annual Bust the Winter Blues Festival is being held this weekend.  The Committee’s Channa Senyk says Saturday is their busiest day starting with a pancake breakfast from 9 to 11 at the Friendship Centre and a Craft Show at St. Ann’s Hall from 10 to 4.  She adds the Border Explorers are having their poker derby starting at noon from the Victoria Inn and then go down to the Rotary Wheel from 1 to 3 for their Family Fun Day with lots of fun, the horses are coming, bunk hockey with the Bombers, there will be hot dogs, marshmallow roast and hot chocolate and lots of games,  Whist is at the Creighton Seniors Centre at 3, fireworks are going off at the Creighton Soccer Field at 7 and the Mardi Gras Family Dance from 7 to 9 at the Creighton Community Hall.


The Festival wraps up Sunday with snow drags on Ross Lake starting at 1, Spades at the Creighton Seniors Centre at 3 and cribbage at the Friendship Centre at 6.The Sunday fishing derby has been cancelled due to weather and slush conditions on the ice.


You Can Enjoy Fishing in Saskatchewan This Family Day Weekend.


Saskatchewan’s free winter fishing weekend runs Saturday through Monday.  Saskatchewan residents and visitors can fish without a licence on any of the province’s public waters that have an open sport fishing season.


You’re advised to use caution and common sense when ice fishing.  Test the ice thickness with a minimum of 10 centimeters of good ice required for walking and 30 centimeters for light vehicle travel.  All other fishing regulations remain in effect for the free fishing weekend including possession limits and reduced limits on some lakes and rivers.  As well free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks and anyone planning to take fish out of province must purchase a licence.


More information can be found in the Anglers Guide wherever fishing licences are sold or online at www.saskatchewan.ca/fishing.

They Marched to Remember and to Call For Action.



In spite of the bitter cold the Womens Resource Centre held their annual Womens Memorial March and Red Dress Project last evening.  Speaking to the group of marchers at Pioneer Square the Center’s Executive Director Colleen Arnold explained the march and the hanging of dresses along Main Street.  She said they inform people who are not affected and create a space for people who are affected to have their voices heard.  She noted this event is organized by women because women especially Indigenous women face physical, mental, emotional and spiritual violence on a daily basis.  She adds the February 14th Memorial March and Red Dress Project is an opportunity to come together to grieve the loss of our beloved sisters remembering the women who are still missing and to dedicate ourselves to justice.


The group then left Pioneer Square and marched down Main Street to Church Street and to the Friendship Centre.

At Their Regular Meeting Last Night the Flin Flon School Board Discussed Past, Present and Future School Topics.


One subject of interest was a recent visit by Daniel Blair to Hapnot Collegiate.  Blair is one of the province’s rising stars in the technology industry.  Blair was at the school to discuss opportunities in computer science and related fields with Daniel Dillon and his students.  Dillon and his students work with virtual reality is part of a feature story in the January/February issue of the Manitoba Teachers magazine.


Superintendent Constance McCleese reported that earlier this month teachers at both Ecole McIsaac School and Ruth Betts were engaged in a variety of workshops to continue in improving the school curriculum. Secretary Treasurer Heather Fleming reported the summer Wise Kidnetic Camp has received additional funding allowing for another camp free of charge. The new camp is for students in grades 7 to 9 and includes coding, computational thinking and digital literacy skills. Both camps run out of McIsaac School July 30th to August 3rd. Board Chair Aimy Sapergia-Green reported 2018 has already been an exciting year and wished everyone a happy Family Day Weekend.


Good Results Continue to Come From a Drill Program Near Snow Lake.


Far Resources Limited reports that initial drilling has intersected wide zones of spodumene in Dyke One on their Zoro Lithium Property near Snow Lake.  The Company says they expect to drill a minimum of two thousand meters to test for the extension of high grade lithium below 200 meters in previously untested areas of Dyke one.  As drilling proceeds helicopter and drill pads are being prepared to provide access to additional high grade lithium dykes on the property.  They note surface outcrop sampling by field crews returned values of up to 6.35 percent lithium in these dykes.


Their President Keith Anderson says these initial wide intercepts of spodumene mineralization in deeper levels of Dyke One are providing them with confidence that high grade lithium mineralization can be traced to depth from surface and shallow levels in the Dyke and they look forward to the rest of the drill results including those on the property where little to no historic diamond drilling has been undertaken.

Your Children Can Help Name Future Police Dogs.



The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name thirteen German Shepherd puppies born at the Police Dog Service Training Center.  The Center’s Sergeant Chris Browne says the rules are simple.  He explains the puppy names must begin with the letter “L” and have more than two syllables and nine letters.  Anyone who enters must live in Canada, be 14 years of age or younger, only one entry per child can be sent in and entries must be sent no later than February 28th.


The thirteen children whose puppy names are selected will each receive a laminated 8 by 10 inch photo of the puppy they named, a plush dog called Justice and an official RCMP baseball cap.  For information on how to enter by mail or online go to your favorite search engine and type in Name the Puppy Contest 2018.


A Fund Raising Event Will Support Local Patients.



A fund raiser is being held Saturday evening to improve the chemotherapy room at the Flin Flon General Hospital.  Organizer Tracee Reimer explains as a patient she’s noticed they spend most of their day receiving treatment and our chemotherapy room is in need of some upgrades so she’s holding a non-profit benefit fund raiser for the cost of the upgrades needed to improve our chemotherapy room here in Flin Flon.


 Reimer adds last year Canadian Cancer Society statistics showed that one in two Canadians will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime so her idea is that patients receiving chemotherapy could relax in a more warm, comfortable, pleasing atmosphere while receiving treatment.  The fund raiser is being held at the Unwinder in the Victoria Inn Saturday from 6 to 9 with door prizes, healthy food draws, a 50-50 draw and music by Shotgun Monkey.  Tickets are ten dollars and are available at Northern Rainbows End on Main Street and Di’s Confectionary in Creighton.

Our Young Scientists Work Will Be on Display.



A Flin Flon School Division wide Science Fair is being held Thursday.  Science Fair Coordinator Kari LaBorde says it includes grades one to eight this year and they have a total of 109 projects and over 150 students registered.  She says judging is happening on Thursday at the Community Hall and they have their grade one to six students being judged in the morning and their grade seven and eight students being judged in the afternoon.


There will be public viewing of the Science Fair at the Flin Flon Community Hall Thursday from 4:30 to 6 followed by the awards presentation.


A Call Centre is Now Open to Help First Nations Children Access a Wide Range of Products, Services and Supports


The Minister of Indigenous Services Jane Philpott has announced the opening of a dedicated call centre at Indigenous Services Canada to help First Nations children access products, services and supports under Jordan's Principle which ensures equity for First Nations children by responding to their unmet needs no matter where they live in Canada The Jordan's Principle Call Centre provides families with direct access to agents who will start the intake process and connect them to the Jordan's Principle representative in their area. These regional representatives work closely with local Service Coordinators across Canada. Families of First Nations children who need access to services under Jordan's Principle can contact Regional representatives directly through the contact information posted on their website at www.canada.ca/jordans-principle or phone Principle Call Centre at 1-855-JP-CHILD.

We Can Gather to Remember Wednesday.



 The Women’s Resource Centre is holding their annual Womens Memorial March and Red Dress Project Wednesday evening. The Centre’s Colleen Arnold says they will meet at Pioneer Square.  She explains the Memorial March is to honor the lives of the missing and murdered women that we’ve lost and they’ll have red dresses hung around Main Street in the trees and over by Pioneer Square and the red dresses are an aesthetic response to all of the murdered women.  She adds they will then march down Main Street to the Friendship Centre where they’ll have speeches, the MLA will be there, they’ll have singing by Ann Ross, the drumming girls as well as jingle dresses and some bannock and refreshments.


The March begins at 5:15 at Pioneer Square on Main Street.


You Can Test Your Knowledge Friday Night.



The Flin Flon Kinette Club is holding their annual Trivia Night Friday.  The Club’s Diane Therien says it’s their 12th year for the event.  She says Trivia Night is just a fun social evening explaining you can have teams up to a maximum of six people, they have a general variety of trivia including sports, history, all kinds of categories and there’s five round of trivia with fifteen questions in each round and the highest score at the end of those five rounds wins 300 dollars and second and third place prizes are awarded as well.


The night begins at 6:30 with trivia starting at 7:30 in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available for 20 dollars at the Orange Toad and Gas Bar. There will also be an elimination draw for a Calm Air Flight to Winnipeg return and a weekend stay at the Victoria Inn as well as a 200 dollar Co-op gift card. The trivia is followed by music and a social evening.


An Information Session is Available on Dementia.



The Primary Health Care Centre is hosting a telehealth seminar Thursday presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  Their Program Director Norma Kirkby says this session will be Healthy Smiles Oral Health for People with Dementia.  She says they know that as people live with dementia often their skills and abilities change and they don’t understand the importance of having good oral care.  She explains it’s important to provide this group of people with the right products that will help them keep their mouth clean and it’s also important to get them to the doctor and dentist periodically so that the mouth can be checked for other possible lesions etcetera that can occur.


The session will be held at Primary Health Care Centre from 6:30 to 8 on Thursday.  To register online go to www.alzheimer.mb.ca email alzmb@alzheimer.mb.ca  or phone 1-800-378-6699.


Poverty Was the Focus of a Local Meeting.



At the Flin Flon City Council meeting Tuesday night Councilor Ken Pawlachuk reported he attended a local poverty workshop recently.  He says the Manitoba government upgrades their stand on poverty every five years and the workshop dealt with poverty issues, homelessness and sub-standard housing. He said the issue should be on everyone’s agenda to deal with it with Mayor Cal Huntley adding it’s not an obvious problem in our community so many people may not know we have a problem noting the Friendship Centre is providing assistance to homeless people. A report will come out of the meeting in six to eight months.


As well Council accepted the Fire Chiefs report for January indicating six incidents during the month. Councilor Pawlachuk noted the Fire Department purchased a rescue unit during the summer and have made good use of it as a warm location for Fire Fighters and others when dealing with incidents on the highway this winter.



You Can Support Our Community Leaders.


The Flin Flon Ministerial Association is holding a Mayors Prayer Breakfast Saturday morning for the Mayors of Flin Flon, Creighton and Denare Beach.  One of the organizers Harry Hobbs explains the idea is to recognize the people who give us leadership in our community and to pray for them and to feature a guest speaker who will talk about something always in a positive note and always with a little spiritual touch to it so it’s always a great event.


The Breakfast takes place Saturday morning at 9 at Northminster Memorial United Church at 250 Bracken Street with guest speaker Crystal Kolt from the Flin Flon Arts Council and Community Choir.  Tickets are ten dollars and are available from any member of the Ministerial Association, at the door or call Harry at 204-687-6647.


Fines are on the Way For Pushing Snow onto the Road.


  At their meeting Tuesday night Flin Flon City Council passed on first reading an amendment to the Traffic Bylaw.  It will deal with people putting snow off their property far out onto the road so motorists have to maneuver around it.  Fines start at 100 dollars for a first offence, 150 for the second on up to 500 dollars.  Councilor Guy Rideout added this is to encourage people to be careful where they put their snow as it is causing problems in some areas.  Council had praise for the city workers in their handling of all the snow we have had in the last while.


As well Spencer Payson of Payson’s Smoke N Vape who has applied to the province to be licenced to sell cannabis once it becomes legal reported to Council he has not heard about the licence yet but supplied Council with information on how he will handle the issue.  Mayor Cal Huntley said they know what they will be responsible for and will accommodate the business but they still are waiting for regulations to come from the federal and provincial governments as well as rules for law enforcement.

Watch for Slush Build Up on Lakes.


Local snowmobilers are reporting their machines are getting stuck in slush buildups on lakes and shorelines.  The heavy snowfall we have had this winter is affecting ice conditions resulting in the build up of slush.  One couple reported they were stranded for around 24 hours at Kisseynew Lake after their snowmobile became bogged down in slush.  Fortunately they were prepared for an emergency and kept safe until assistance arrived.


You are reminded to watch for slush when snowmobiling on our lakes and carry the proper supplies you will need in case you end up in an emergency situation.


OCN Is Preparing to Become a Marijuana Distributer.


Opaskwayak Cree Nation has put in a bid and a financial investment to distribute marijuana once it becomes legal this summer. OCN invested 3 million dollars with a Cannabis company through the Toronto Stock Market.

With this investment in the stock market their stock has climbed as high as a dollar 17 and they have quadrupled their investment in four and a half months turning their 3 million dollar investment into 12 million. Chief Christian Sinclair outlines what else they have done in preparation for marijuana legalization. He says they have a proposal in for the Manitoba government where they’ve issued a request for proposals that will allow for master licences to operate a number of retail outlets across Manitoba. OCN submitted their proposal along with 100 other companies and if they are chosen they have a plan in place to roll out and build Marijuana outlets across the province in first nations and urban environments.

Volunteers Are Needed to Help With A Festival.



The 39th annual Denare Beach Winter Festival is coming up February 23rd to 25th.  Recreation Director Mel Durette says they have early events with a children’s coloring contest now underway and an ice or snow sculpturing contest wrapping up on the 23rd.  She says Friday the 23rd includes their usual Musher’s Supper, Kids Got Talent and turkey curling but Saturday is their busy day. She says it starts out with the Firemen’s pancake breakfast,, they’ve got the fishing derby, the horse sleigh rides will be around, the hot concession is open at 12, bingo starts at 12:30, boot hockey at 1, the King and Queen Trapper events start at 1 too and they have mini curling for the kids.


The festival wraps up on Sunday the 25th with the Snow Drags.  You can volunteer to help out with festival events by calling the Recreation office at 306-362-2050.


Lobbying Continues for High Speed Internet.


At the Flin Flon City Council meeting last night Mayor Cal Huntley reported he has approached the province and Bell MTS regarding high speed internet for Flin Flon.  He says it was promised back in 2016 within five years so he has asked for an update on the schedule.  He says he will continue lobbying for high speed as its not only important for local residents but is important in attracting businesses to the community.


Council passed on final reading a bylaw dealing with fire inspections.  It sets rates charged for inspections by electrical contractors and the Fire Chief and also requires that smoke detectors be installed in all multi family dwellings.


Council also agreed to support an application by the Flin Flon Arts Council for a grant from the Northern Neighbors Foundation on behalf of the group organizing this summers Blueberry Jam Festival to help cover the cost of 50 thousand dollars to build a permanent stage at the Tourist Bureau site where the Festival will be held in August as well as for future events.

A Winter Festival Is Coming Up Early This Year.

Turkey slide


The Bust the Winter Blues Festival is coming up February 16th to 18th.  The Committee’s Channa Senyk highlights some changed events noting they have the Flin Flon Bombers coming out for a bunk hockey event with the kids and down at the Rotary Wheel they’ll be doing the turkey slide which was a real popular event for them last year.  She adds the family fishing derby on the Sunday is starting a little bit earlier this year so they’re going to have registration at 9:30 followed by the event from 10 to 12 and this year it falls on the free Family Fishing Weekend in Saskatchewan so it’s a great opportunity for all those parents and grandparents to come out with the entire family as no fishing licences are required.


Some other events include the Kinettes Trivia Night on the Friday, fireworks and the Family Fun Night Saturday and snowmobile events Saturday and Sunday. A complete list of events is on the City of Flin Flon website.


A Group of French Immersion Students Will Experience Culture and History.



The grade seven and eight French Immersion students from Ecole McIsaac School will be heading to Festival Du Voyageur in Winnipeg.  Vice-Principal Sylvie Dufour says they will visit the Planetarium and the Human Rights Museum but the main focus is to spend two full days at the Festival experiencing the site itself with one called The Treaty and the other one Metis Women so they are trying to give them a great opportunity to learn more about the Metis culture and also the history itself.


The students will leave for Festival Du Voyageur on February 19th returning on the 22nd with support from Flin Flon School Division, the Flin Flon Chapter of Canadian Parents for French and the students themselves.


A Complaint Will Be Heard on the Churchill Rail Line.


The Manitoba NDP has filed a complaint against Omnitrax Canada over their failure to repair damage from flooding to its northern railway.  The railway connects Churchill to the rest of Manitoba and has been cut off since last May.


In Winnipeg NDP leader Wab Kinew said the Canadian Transportation Agency will hear the complaint against Omnitrax with a hearing planned for February 15th.  If the Agency sides with the NDP Omnitrax could be forced to repair the rail line so service can resume.


The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent government regulator that makes rulings on licences and complaints relating to fares and services of transportation providers in Canada.


You Can Enjoy Free Parks and Fishing This Month.


The Manitoba Government has announced they will continue the tradition of offering free park entry for the entire month of February.  Vehicle permits are not required in any provincial park this month but SnoPasses are still required for snowmobiles using groomed trails in the parks and entrance fees still apply in national parks.


In addition to free access to provincial parks this month anglers are reminded they will not need an angling licence to try their luck during this year’s Winter Family Fishing Weekend from February 17 to 19. Conservation limits will apply and a federal licence will still be required to fish in national parks. Anglers are reminded to be sure conditions are safe before venturing onto the ice.  For more information on fishing regulations you can view the Manitoba Angler’s Guide at www.manitobafisheries.com.

You Can Support the Library with Music and Desserts This Weekend.


The Flin Flon Public Library is presenting Talk Wordy to Me: A Library Cabaret Saturday night.  Their Administrator Courtney Campbell says they’ll have a lot of local performers.  She says The Mix is going to play, there’s some singers doing some of their repertoire from the 50’s night at Johnny’s, they’ve also got a lot of local singers that usually sing at Johnny’s and some local writers doing some poetry readings and those are the entertainment aspect of the evening but they’ve also got raffles, a photo booth and a candy and dessert bar so it’s going to be a really good time.


The Library Cabaret runs from 8 to 1 Saturday night in the Flin Flon Community Hall with tickets available at the Library, Northern Rainbows End and the Gateway for 40 dollars. Money raised will go towards books and programming at the Library.

Millions of Batteries Continue to be Recycled.



The Flin Flon Recycling Centre collects used dry cell batteries which are sent to Call 2 Recycle Canada for recycling.  Call 2 Recycle reports Canadian consumers collected 2.6 million kilograms of batteries last year similar to collections in previous years with Manitoba collecting 92 thousand kilograms.  The Administrator at the Flin Flon Recycling Centre Deb Odegaard says battery recycling continues to go well here.  She says they’ve just caught up on all the batteries that came in over Christmas so last year they recycled just over 400 kilograms and they’ve already sent out 65 kilograms this year.  She adds they still need people to be sure to put them in a small plastic sealed bag or container so they can find them because they go to a different place than the rest of the recycling does.


Call 2 Recycle says they ensure that these items which contain valuable resources are responsibly recycled to create new batteries and other products keeping potentially hazardous materials from entering the waste stream.

The Deadline is Close to Nominate Deserving Volunteers.



Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon is requesting nominations for her Making a Difference Community Awards. The Manager of Communications and Outreach for Volunteer Manitoba Dawn Bourbonnais says there are eleven awards to be presented.  She says anyone who’s giving their time to their community for whatever reason can be nominated whether they’re working with young children or working in a shelter.  She explains there’s some specific awards that have changed this year so RBC is looking for anyone who volunteers to help young people prepare for the future and Investors Group is looking for volunteers who serve their time to help grow an organization financially and they’re just looking for anyone who is donating their time and want to recognize as many volunteers in Manitoba as they possibly can.


To nominate a volunteer or for more information and a list of all eleven awards you can go to their website www.volunteermanitoba.ca/awards.  The deadline is next Friday.


You Can Share Your Views on Electoral Boundaries.


  Individuals and groups in Manitoba have until March 16th to share their views on the current provincial electoral boundaries.  Public submissions are a key part of the review process which is carried out by the Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission.  Provincial law requires that the boundaries be reviewed every ten years in order to ensure effective representation for all Manitobans.  If a division has a significant change in population the boundaries for that division might need to be adjusted.


Information on making submissions can be found at www.boundariescommission.mb.ca or call 1-866-628-6837.


Children Can Get Out for a Fun Afternoon Sunday.


The Community In Motion Committee is hosting a Children’s Gymboree Sunday afternoon. The Committee’s Christa McIntyre invites children 2 to 8 years old out for a fun packed afternoon at the Community Hall. She says they’ll have a bouncy house, bopper balls, there’s going to be an area for toddlers, hoola hoops, skipping ropes and a bunch of different games, there’ll be some free snacks and it’s just an opportunity to get inside and let your kids run around and escape the cold.


The Children’s Gymboree is free and it runs from 1 to 3 Sunday afternoon in the Flin Flon Community Hall.

Its Getting Easier to Recycle Cardboard.


The Flin Flon Recycling Centre has announced that clean cardboard can now be recycled from the Flin Flon Landfill.  Administrator Deb Odegaard explains they saw a lot of cardboard coming to the landfill and basically because contractors didn’t have time to make the extra trip to the Recycling Centre so they decided to make it more convenient and purchased a trailer that is parked at the landfill that can take all sizes of cardboard with large doors that open.  She says the only thing is the cardboard needs to be clean and dry, it shouldn’t have paint or oil or a lot of dirt on it and if you can take the packaging out that’s best.


Odegaard adds the trailer will also collect electronics such as televisions and computers for recycling.


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