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It Was Budget Night for the School Division.


The Flin Flon School Board presented their budget plans for the 2018-19 school year at a public meeting last night.  The Division has planned a budget of just under 14.9 million dollars for the year an increase of .52 percent from this year or just under 77 thousand dollars.


Provincial funding for the Division when compared to the actual dollars for 2017-18 is up .07 percent or just over 70 thousand dollars.


The Division is proposing an increase of just over 99 thousand dollars to the 2018 Municipal Revenue Requirement.  In 2017 they report they reduced their requirement by just over 213 thousand.  Because of the timing of revenue being paid across two calendar years the Municipal Special Levy will increase by 1.587 percent or just over 68 thousand dollars.  Due to a decrease in property assessments of just over 504 thousand and a reduction of 1 percent in the Division’s allocation of the Hudbay grant in Lieu this will result in an education mill rate of 21.46 an increase of .73 from last year.


  Some of the future expenses planned include technology upgrades, building maintenance and paving the Ruth Betts playground.  The proposed budget still requires approval from the Board at their February 27th meeting.

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