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Millions of Batteries Continue to be Recycled.



The Flin Flon Recycling Centre collects used dry cell batteries which are sent to Call 2 Recycle Canada for recycling.  Call 2 Recycle reports Canadian consumers collected 2.6 million kilograms of batteries last year similar to collections in previous years with Manitoba collecting 92 thousand kilograms.  The Administrator at the Flin Flon Recycling Centre Deb Odegaard says battery recycling continues to go well here.  She says they’ve just caught up on all the batteries that came in over Christmas so last year they recycled just over 400 kilograms and they’ve already sent out 65 kilograms this year.  She adds they still need people to be sure to put them in a small plastic sealed bag or container so they can find them because they go to a different place than the rest of the recycling does.


Call 2 Recycle says they ensure that these items which contain valuable resources are responsibly recycled to create new batteries and other products keeping potentially hazardous materials from entering the waste stream.

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