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It Was a Fun Festival Weekend.

Trivia night winners


The annual Bust the Winter Blues Festival resulted in a busy weekend.  The Committee’s Caitlin Bailey says they had lot of people out on their busiest day Saturday starting with over one hundred people at their pancake breakfast and at the afternoon activities. She says it was great with a lot of people at the Rotary Wheel, they had the Bombers come and join them, they had freezie mountain, sleigh rides with lots of kids out there having fun and they had about 140 to 150 attendees at the family dance.


Some of the winners from events included for the Kinettes Trivia Night the top team was made up of Mark Wendlandt, Jennifer Joa, Jen Davis, Cheryl Fezczyn, Leslie Fernandes and Eric Fernandes, the Border Explorers Poker Derby Winners included first Donna Slugoski, second Brent Burke, third Richard Klause and fourth Carla Wabick and the 50-50 draw was won by Marlene Craig receiving 124 dollars. The Family Fishing Derby was cancelled due to slush on the lake and weather conditions.


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